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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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glades it really means nothing on the grounds, on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me, you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, the un warns of an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa. if the world doesn't act immediately to avert a famine. ah,
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lauren taylor, this is down to 0 live in london. also coming up, ukraine's president says stalemate is not an option. as his forces cling on in the ruins of the eastern industrial city of several donetta. thousands of refugees and migrants set off from southern mexico for the goal of reaching united states, south africa, and see course the swift extradition of the 2 group 2 brothers arrested in the u. e . who accused of looting state farmers plus a line under the issues. clues i want to talk about, bruised but undeterred britton's prime minister vows to get on with the job after narrative, surviving and no competence vote. the u. n. is warned, the world should widen its gaze from the warn ukraine and act immediately to
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prevent somalia from sliding into famine. 4 consecutive rainy seasons have failed and the horn of africa triggering the worst drought in more than 40 years. drought and disease have killed about 3000000 livestock over the past year. this is their families unable to rely on their herds for meet milk and trade. as the ukraine conflict pushes up global food and fuel prices. 7.1000000 people nearly half the population already going hungry with more than 200000. on the brink of starvation, 386000 children are an urgent need of treatment for life threatening malnutrition. in 2011, when famine killed hundreds of thousands of people, that number was only 340000. will you end is only a 3rd of the $250000000.00 needed to prevent a catastrophe has been raised. and if nothing is done, they say there will be an explosion of child death. lock web reports from the somali port city of kiss maya went to the law. he bully,
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have children, died of hunger and thirst. he says he was left with no choice. he abandons the only life he's ever known as magic heard, he says he was caught between the armed group al sure bob and worsening drought. most of the cows perished, told us he left the last animals to die and walked with his surviving daughter far dosa for 3 weeks to reach here. the camphor displaced people in the port city of kiss, my in somalia. my wife lost her mind that was after we were unable to get food for children. the last i heard she tried to walk to market, but then i don't have the strength to look for. i don't have shelter, i don't have anything to eat. i have nothing after law he and far dosa have joined thousands of people already in this camp. many of them lost their animals in
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previous drowns and haven't been able to restock their heads. more than half a somalis depend on hurting livestock turn. dry scrubbing to mill can meet that people have survived on for thousands of years, but the droughts are becoming more frequent and worth to the kansas city. like kiss my i grow bigger. many of the people here may never go back, guessing harder and harder for people to survive in the country side. this is another food fish in the sea. there were many decades of conflict prevented in southfield precinct. don't like many other parts of the world haven't been the law. he knew her moods as he would never have dreamt of eating fish when he was a harder than his sheep and goats were wiped out in a drought 5 years. again, he says he then struggled to survive in a camp and kiss my until the un food and agriculture organization bought him
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a boat and trained him to fish. there's a big difference. as a lifestyle keeper, life is always about struggling with drought and trying to recover from it. to fish in the ocean, you have to learn many things. a lot. the ocean itself is like a university. you need to study books up the law. he spent years learning and says he can now get a good catch of 5 days a week. his money he earns is enough to pay school fees for his children. the u. n says many more people could be helped in the same way that the crisis is also be coming out of by my vision crisis. and that it requires a ma did. i bought a solution by supporting that sector which was a huge partition, where they can diversify and improve their perspective new nutrition. it's not clear how the millions of similarities in the countryside will survive in a warm world or whatever. what may be some on is 3000 kilometer coastline
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and it's fish can help malcolm web al jazeera kiss, my somalia. ah, ukraine is president. religion and sky says stalemate is not an option, and his country will fight to recover all the territory occupied by russian forces . this is his troops battle street, the street to defend the eastern city of several jeanette sc. russia sent more troops to the area and attempt to encircle the city. local officials say ukraine is in control of several sc industrial zone and as aut chemical plant. while the rest of the city his for into russian forces are also bombarding the neighboring city of the c, shuns russia says it now controls 97 percent of new hands. province, president, he says russia may have the numbers in the dumbass region, but his side has every chance of fighting back. he is forces are using battle tanks
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to carry out quick hit and run attacks as part of their counter offensive. some ukrainian troops in the dumbass region were seen using a t 8 a tank. they said was captured from the russian army. cha, stratford isn't keith with more fighting, sir, than it scanned, neighboring lucy chance get the last 2 towns in the loo, ganske region that are not under full russian control and we understand, according to the ukrainians, they actually contradicting the russians and sang ukrainian forces are in control of the industrial area of that to city russians. the russian forces in control of the majority of the residential areas. ukrainian saying that up to 12000 civilians are still inside the city. now we don't know whether in fact they're trapped all they are refusing to leave. it's important to recognize that in our travels in that eastern region, going into frontline cities and towns like silver, their nets,
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the people that you do meet when even won't tell you on camera, but they are sympathetic to russian forces and to russia control in that area so simply are waiting for russians to arrive. we do know that the happening, evacuations today, earlier today, up from the neighboring town of lucy chanced. we know that there been some evacuations from there today. around 30 people only evacuated from there. we also know how dangerous it is, as you can imagine, trying to get civilians out of their ukrainians though, remaining optimistic. they saying that certainly over the weekend on reporting that the russians controlled around 80 percent of severed and that's ukrainians. now a saying that they have taking back control of around 50 percent of that, 80 percent that they initially admitted that the russians controlled. so yes, a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. the ukrainian government says it will only be able to afford $2000000.00 tons of grain a month if russia refuses to lift
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a blockade of its black seaport. if the blockade is lifted, ukrainian officials estimate it will take 6 months to demand the surrounding waters worsening. a global grain shortage. the criminal has 2 major ports on the sea of as of occupied by russian forces. are ready to resume great shipments. but ukraine must 1st de mine the coast with 20000000 tons of ukrainian grain is stuck waiting for export. present ski says this could rise to 75000000 by autumn arianna trego biz ahead of defense and new friends, independent anti corruption commission and was previously a director at the economic development ministry. she joined us from keith, thanks so much for being with us. so i'm from the tech has been involved in trying to negotiate opening shipping corridor was to, to get some of this great out to it in the midst of this global food crisis. what, what kind of progress do you think has been made and what are the problems that ukraine foresees with, with this ukraine clearly stated that happening graduation can only
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happen with the patient of ukraine. and we heard that turkey was communicating directly with russia. control of your screen is that russia, if you think of this now export to blockades in order to trade some, you know, just of listing sanctions. and then of course, the experts, korea does happen. russia may use it in order to attack, for example, dasha, and use it as part of the warfare. and that's where you're going to receive some security guarantees in order to be able to expert. and in terms of other options, i understand that the there are problems with the ukranian and railway network connecting with the rest of europe. how much, how likely is it that some progress can be made to sort of speed up re like sports most of our exports. now up to 90 percent,
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they were exported to ford just to see when it comes to grain specifically and yes, railway is target. it's hit on a daily basis and there are delays on a daily basis because ukrainians are repairing the damage infrastructure of the railway. so you have to wear some ideas. but none of this idea has worked out so far. talk to me about the kind of the broader picture was present just talking about the damage mary paul and several, jeanette, because the citizen was kind of being being dead. what, what is the likelihood that they can be rebuilt and do you think that's, is that even being addressed at this stage? well, of course, your greatness calculating its damages. right now we know that up to 100000000000 worth of infrastructure was destroyed, mostly in infrastructure in ukraine, and overall the damage, the destruction is related to the level of 600000000000. is the number of the
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school of economics and independent thanks. and there are cities near my my point itself that are almost completely wheels are going to like nevada, it's erased completely, and i don't know on the russian control. and what is what we hear the, the russians are not rebuilding it. the russians are now more slippers to fight with, you know, creating military base on all the territory that they managed to occupy. and they are not concerned about the recovery of the corner of the production capability. it's society recovery. they want this 30, not at the use of the military base, but they're in there. what about the financing of the, the rebuilding, how, how far as the country goes and securing international aid on a partners to try and rebuild afterwards. all the conversations about the marshall
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plan, although you should is that the level of different lateral organization. so partner nation right now, there still are conceptual states because we don't know when the war will end. and what is the point of rebuilding something if it can be heated by a me file. again, the only things that are now being rebuilt and your brain are temporary housing, or people who lost their home should you know, or putting me in the finance or had to leave their homes. and therefore many of them simply don't have to return on an attribute. thank you very much indeed. statement on georgia. thank you. thank you. now criminal critic, alexander vonnie has lost his appeal, challenging indecision by prison officials to label him terrorist or extremist. devonie argued that being registered as a person inclined to commit crimes of a terrorist or extremist nature, it is illegal. the russian court rejected him when he was arrested last year on
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returning to russia from germany to recovering from a nerve agent poisoning. she blamed kremlin who sent us to 9 years in prison, her fraud and contempt of course. so to come this off, our brazilian police nor a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous rights activists and purchase journalists in the atmosphere. and in a blow to abilene, you agrees all new mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, use the same kind of charger cable on 2024 a we've got a few waves of rain wobbling across europe. have one thanks for joining in. so the 1st pulling into france on wednesday, going to see some sundry down ports there. and then another band of rain stretches
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from the baltic, states straight down to the bulk in. so press play, see where all this activity goes and we will see some thunder storms bubble up here, some of which could be severe after the southeast corner right now, it is unsettled both for greece and turkey. same situation here are some showers and thunderstorms in the forecasts. now for the other side of the mediterranean, temperatures are gonna start to hot up in spots in spain. so look at seville 36 degrees on wednesday by thursday you're up to 38, but temperature is fall off in malaga as we've got that onshore breeze. here's another look at that rain cutting across france also just spinning around the islands of ireland and britain. and there is a batch of rain through the low countries. now if we go off to africa, we got some storms for guinea be south. and also southern sections include southern sections of nigeria, including lagos, on wednesday, southern africa looking dry plenty of sunshine here, except for say, a few showers central parts of mozambique. but look this wall to wall sunshine for
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cape town with a height of 25 degrees. that's a snapshot of your weather. ah, but alj is a real world meets 2 arabs, both built successful life glued pirate scholars have made enormous contributions to size such as a mathematics, astronomy on medicine, a cutting edge, dr. formulated h i b drug treatment in south africa and especially in engineering. science is changing lives in malays inches, but purify pollutant water and turn it into drinking water arabs. it brought the pharmacologist in the scientists on al jazeera ah ah, ah,
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or mandatory 0 now to 0. un says the world must act immediately, or they'll be an explosion of child deaths and the horn of africa. 14000000 people in somalia, kenya, and ethiopia, art risk of starvation in somalia, about 800000 people have left the countryside to seek help in camps. ukrainian government says it will only be able to export $2000000.00 tons of grain a month if russia refuses to lift its blockade of the black sea pools and efforts to d mind the surrounding waters or worsening of global shortage. russia says shipments can resume, wants ukraine, demons. the coast ukrainian troops are currently battling the street to street to defend the eastern city of several donetta. president barometers, zalinski says it stalemate is not an option for russia has sent more troops to the area in an attempt to encircled city. thousands of refugees and migrants. so
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set off from southern mexico, heading north towards the united states. most of them are venezuelans activist, say the group could be one of the regions largest migrant caravans. in recent years . between 4 and 5000 people left the border city of tampa schuler on monday. the time the departure to coincide with the summit of the americas this week. and a wrapper has been walking with the caravan. we're in southern mexico walking among thousands of migrants. the estimates that we've heard are anywhere between $4.50 migrants that are making their way from southern mexico with the end goal of reaching the southern united states. the vast majority of people that we've encountered are from venezuela. there are also people here from cuba, from countries and central america and elsewhere in the world. but again, one of the reasons that we're seeing such a mass mobilization of people is because of this idea that there are safety in numbers. there are immigration authorities that have been moving up and down the road throughout the course of the day, but they've, for the most part, simply allowed people to make their way north this migrant care van taking place
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right now also happens to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place in the city of los angeles this week. this is something that is very much on the minds of the migrants that are, that are walking in this, in this punishing heat of southern up of southern mexico. but again, unlike previous migrant caravans, this one is very homogenous, made up almost entirely, a venezuelan migrants, all of them saying that their goal is to reach the united states. brazilian police have opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous affair expert and a veteran british journalist inasmuch region of the amazon, putting up her air brazilian specialist on isolated chimes and a high profile supporter of the indigenous community was travelling with british reporter dom phillips and when are seen on sunday, on a boat in a part of the main forest where indigenous groups are under threat from inigo minus loggers and cocaine produces. and it is written
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a series of articles supporting the indigenous community activists say the men receive threats last week. honors there is michael young here. i recently traveled through the same region and worked with bruno parish. he joins us live from when his aries said, well, what's the latest on the search for the 2 of them? yes. well on. they have their, the navy is involved to of the federal police is involved, native trackers are involved searching for them. ah, i've just spoken to tom tribal leader battle my little boy who was a very close friend of a button up at it a we, we were together doing the same story. and our he said on that it was a little help to late and that they didn't mobilize of the army as they should have . all so are he says that, ah, there's been a rise in violence in that region. there's nobody valley is
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a region that has the largest number of un contacted diginero tribes in the world, and it's a bordering peru in columbia. and he said that there's been a rising violence also because the current government has given leeway to it's been defending. exploiting the amazon ar resources, so people feel pretty much of free to do whatever they want. also, they're understaffed in the, the organizations that are supposed to be patrolling and protecting the area. and you know, bruno para tennis a bit more about him. yes we were like ah, for like almost 10 days together we went on an expedition exactly similar to the one word dawn. our phillips was in awe, but in a bit era, he took it upon himself to train. ah, there shove id, people there, there of 5 are, indigenous tribes were a bit more to, to do their own police. satan's,
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so they had cellular apps. they had satellite information, satellite maps to map of these illegal fishermen and poachers that been going into their territory. and, and fishing and, and there was a lot of violence. we went out with the crews were all armed. ah, they had been shot at before. so a, it is a place where i mean if you disappeared, say vast land, it's like the size of morocco with almost no people there. so he was training these people just to find that to track these trespasses. ah, finding clues he really loves his job. ah, he's very, very engaged, he's a local among these indigenous tribes he's, he's their friend and they really respect him. so, and he is a very experienced person. that's why everybody was very worried because it's not like an adventure and a responsible thing that they did. they,
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they go very well prepared on all these expeditions. they just don't go on their own and disappear. so that's why people are worried, monica, you in a care. thank you very much. so, africa governing party. the african national congress is called for the swift extradition of rejection and actual gupta. after they were arrested in the united arab emirates, the brothers are wanted on chargers of corruption and fraud linked to their relationship with former president jacob, zoom it. it's an edge. they hand pate cabinet appointments and siphoned off billions of state funds before fleeing the country in 2018. i'm in a minute reports from transfer rejection i took to flit south africa in 2018 after being charged with fraud corruption and money laundering. although an interpol read notice has led to the rest of the brothers and to buy it may be some time before their extradited. presumably these, these a suspects will be brought before a court. and they will then utilize their rights to trying to
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resist the extradition. but it, is there a petition to stop the expedition is not successful. and we would expect to see that that request ratified by the relevant authorities and then for them to be physically put on a plan and brought back to south africa. but it could, it could take some time. the group does immigrated from india to south africa in the early 19 ninety's. their relationship with former president jacob summa is at the center of the scandal surrounding the family. zoom was forced to resign in 2018, falling pressure from within his party. it's alleged the good does influence government policy and the appointment of cabinet ministers and looted state funds and estimates $32000000000.00 was stolen during zoom as 9 years in office. the former president is facing a separate trial on charges of fraud, linked to a multi $1000000.00 arms deal of the group to family members and associates
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a currently on trial for allegedly siphoning off state funds meant for farming projects. the group to brothers also implicated many south africans have welcomed the arrest, but to political commentator, to say allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government may not be limited to the zoom administration current president obama ports as facing his own scandal. he's accused of failing to report the 2025th of up to $4000000.00 from his farm in the limpopo province from eda miller, i'll 0 johannesburg hours. artist, surviving and bruising confidence vote. british prime minister bars johnson has told his cabinet to get on with the job, with 41 percent of his own lawmakers voting against him. they're so big questions i over his future as challenging support from his cabinet. after a night, when boys johnson's political life faced its biggest challenge, yet the prime minister was eager to bash on with business as usual. thank you very
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much. you're very good to see you. and i think quite by everybody. all good work yesterday because i was a very gay because i were able now to draw a line onto the issues on the person's. i want to talk about a, we're able to get a little he, but what i think the people in this country was what we are doing to help them to take the country. oh, that is the point of the prime minister and his lawyer less want to push past the embarrassing result. where 41 percent of conservative m. p 's voted against him, hoping now the rest of the party and the public will let go of their anger about his transgressions. including the party gates saga, where johnson and many of his staff broke cove at 19 locked down rules, a downing street gatherings. the cut clearly back replied minister, think that he got a fixed penalty notice for coming to a gathering away. he was taken by surprise with
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a birthday cake. everyone knows the circumstances around his aunt's involved the suit grey report to parliament at length. he's overhauled the operation of attorneys apologize. i think a lot of people think it's time to move on. we've had that vote yesterday. we got a packed agenda dealing with the cost of living, cra, fighting crime. the leveling law firm regeneration bill will go to the house of commons, some of those who want him gone say they won't give up. others say they would accept their defeat. we had a vote. i voted against him. i lost. and now my duty is to accept the results, move on and try and put together with the personally conservative party policies, which will recollect with the public again, under current rules, johnson should be safe from another challenge for a year. but those rules can be changed by special parliamentary committee. some conservative, empty said they'll give the prime minister until the next party conference in october to prove he's fit to lead. the prime minister says the focus now should be on the challenges ahead facing the country. soaring energy cost inflation waiting
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times and medical treatment. the northern ireland protocol which aims to prevent a hard border after breaks it tough decisions for which he'll need his party and public on board. but polls suggest that trust may have gone. charlie angela al jazeera london, the days of searching for the right mobile phone charger could be coming to an end . the european union has agreed that by 2024, all new portable electronic devices must use the same kind of chandra. but i shall butler reports from paris with so many small electronic devices on the market. there's a constant demand for charges shops like this one in paris. so the 3 models that are available in the european union, but soon they'll only need to sell one. because under new e rules, manufacturers will have to produce the same standard charger refers wonder, it's a very good idea. if something works, there is better for us. we're here to sell homes on the new legislation means that
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across the european union, phone charges and small electronic devices, we'll all have to use the u. s. b c connector. that means that the micro u. s. b and the lightning become obsolete. u. s. tech giant apple had fiercely opposed the idea of a standard charger. the companies devices mainly use its cost to make lightning connector. apples said that a universal charger would stifle innovation and create waste as people would be forced to discard cables. but the, you says that the measure is aimed at reducing waste. this agreement that would each today is a very important equity amount, which is giving a fairly good deal to all at once you merge. but it is also giving a fair deal to our environment because ultimately we are producing between 13 to 15000 tons of electronic wastes of chargers that we barely ever use to block
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estimates. the consumers in europe spend nearly 3000000000 dollars each year on a variety of charges. so a standard model could make like cheaper, as well as simpler for most people available even an economically and environmentally. it makes that it suits everyone. it should be done. never like having you there sent. if there's a standard charger, we won't have to shop all the time for another one. it's a brilliant idea, and it'll save money on the kabuki val. it's taken the e u a decade to reach an agreement on the universal charger which will become mandatory in 2024. the block is now working on implementing a standard charger for larger electronic devices, including laptops. by 2026. natasha butler al jazeera paris. ah and one of the top stories around to 0, the horn of africa is experiencing it's worse.


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