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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go security community. a government has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, you know, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, i'm learn taylor, this is the outers here and use our life from london. coming up,
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the un warns of an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa if the world doesn't act immediately to avert the famine. ukraine's president says stalemate is not an option. as its forces cling on in the ruins of east an industrial city of several donates thousands of refugees and migrants set off from southern mexico with the goal of reaching the united states. and in a blow to apple. the ear agrees all new mobile phones, tablets and other devices must use the same kind of charger cable by 2024 in sport, australia, or just one game away from reaching the world cup in cats, austria, beating the united arab emirates who want to set up a final playoff with her
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the u. n. has warned the world should widen its gaze from the warn ukraine and act immediately to prevent somalia from sliding into famine. 4 consecutive rainy seasons have failed in the horn of africa, triggering the worst drought in more than 40 years. drought and disease have killed about 3000000 livestock over the past year. this is, our family is unable to rely on their herds for meet milk and trade. as the ukraine conflict pushes up global food and fuel prices. 7.1000000 people nearly half the population already going hungry with more than 200000. on the brink of starvation, 386000 children are an urgent need of treatment for life threatening malnutrition. in 2011 when famine killed hundreds of thousands of people. that number was 340000 . of us is only a 3rd of the $250000000.00 needed to prevent a catastrophe has been raised. and if nothing is done, there will be an explosion of child death. welcome web reports from the somali port
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city of kiss maya went to the law. he bully, have children, died of hunger and thirst. he says he was left with no choice. he abandoned the only life he's ever known. as magic heard, he says he was caught between the armed group al, sure, bob and worsening drought. most of the cows perished, told us he left the last animals to die and walked with his surviving daughter far dosa for 3 weeks to reach here. the camphor displaced people in the port city of kiss my in somalia. one of my wife lost her mind that was after we were unable to get food for children. the last i heard, she tried to walk to market, but then i don't have the strength to look for. i don't have shelter, i don't have anything to eat. i have nothing. after law, he and far dosa have joined thousands of people already in this camp. many of them
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lost their animals in previous drowns and haven't been able to restock their heads . more than half a somalis depend on hurting livestock turn. dry scrub into mill can meet that people have survived on for thousands of years. but the droughts are becoming more frequent and worth to the kansas city. like kiss maya grow bigger, many of the people here may never go back. harder and harder for people to survive in the countryside. this is another place to fish in the sea. there were many decades of the preventative field fishing. don't like many other parts of the world . they haven't been picked up the law. he knew her mood says he would never have dreamt of eating fish when he was a harder than his sheep and goats were wiped out in a drought 5 years. again. he says he then struggled to survive in
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a camp and kiss my until the un food and agriculture organization bought him a boat and trained him to fish. there's a big difference. as a lifestyle keeper, life is always about struggling with drought and trying to recover from it. yeah, deficient the ocean, you have to learn many things. a lot. the ocean itself is like a university. you need to study books up the law. he spent years learning and says he can now get a good catch of 5 days a week. his money here and is enough to pay school fees for his children. the u. n says many more people could be helped the same way. they had to be crisis is also be coming out of by my vision crisis and but it requires more did i bought a solution by supporting the fish i did, which was a huge partition where they can diversify and improve their perspective new nutrition. it's not clear how the millions of similarities in the countryside. they'll survive in a warmer world. war won't, they'll eat what it may be,
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some on is 3000 kilometer coastline, and it's fish can help. malcolm web al jazeera kiss, my somalia. pedro wilton is the head of communications for you and well fried program in smiling, joins us now from nairobi, and kenya just took us through some of the, the figures and what it means on the ground. there are staggering fees on a for somalia in particular and i thank you very much. now they are staggering. mean as we just heard, 7100000 people facing critical food insecurity. that's almost half the population. $200000.00 plus of those are looking at really catastrophic food insecurity, right on the edges. foundation back somalia, amongst the worst congo in the world. when you go on the ground, when you're in the field, you see what my friend is really mean in practice. some of those are, most camps are internally displaced. persons i think,
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seeing they are growing day by day week by week. they look like cities and they keep increasing in size. i've just come back from mission is malia. i've been to a temple if didn't and but there a while me with the through the entire day a stream of people were just like in a setting interval. carrying them possessions with them, with a couple of animals in some cases, but that children desperately searching for monitoring system. this is a country on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe, on the brink assignment. but it is not too late to, to turn this around. what kind of a deaf it's aw, are me mentioned the cam so many? yeah. what are the, what's the effort required? you say it's not, not today to turn it around. how can it be done? so the world food program and indeed the broader united nations. we all know in some in prevention mode, just for example, the w f p. we are scaling up,
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we're aiming to reach 4100000 people with like saving food and nutrition assistance . when prioritizing those most at risk in this is race against time to stop performance and i know other un agencies are doing the same. but right now the issue is resources. we don't have enough, we don't have what we need. i think we had at the outset, wsp alone is looking funding gap, $274000000.00 across the next 56 months to keep the scale of going. and i think other agencies are in a similar position. so that's the gap that we have to sell right now. the catastrophe, and how much is the worn ukraine and the global food process problem affecting somalia in particular? are to great question. so the important thing to realize is that the price is in somalia, the crisis insur malia was already disastrous. rarely from the start of the year
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before the ukraine process. food prices were already soaring. you've got line stock dying, serial, sailing way below long term averages. now the concern is that the ukraine crisis will just exacerbate partly because of imported prices, somalia release all week, mostly on the back say week is one of the staples, not the only one in somalia and parts is going up, but also asian fuel pumps are increasing international shipping costs are increasing. all of these could, comparing the existing price rises and just destroying purchasing power in somalia . particular concerns the w. s p because most of our systems is cash based. we're giving cash so people can buy the food they need from local producers and local retailers. anything. so to store the prices and purchasing power is a huge concern. perpetual wilson. thank you very much indeed for doing your thank
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you. thank you. ukrainian government says it will only be able to export $2000000.00 tons of grain a month if russia refuses to lift the blockade of its black c port. if it is lifted, ukrainian officials estimate it will take 6 months to d. mine the surrounding waters worsening. a global grain shortage gremlins as to major ports on the sea of as off occupied by russian forces are ready to resume green shipments. but ukraine must 1st d mine the coast. more than 20000000 tons of ukrainian grain, a stock waiting for export. or is that, is it any cases this could rise to 75000000 by alton or ukraine's president lance. he says, stalemate is not an option and his country will fight to recover all territory occupied by russian forces. this as his troops battle street to street to defend the eastern city of several 2 nets. russia sent more troops to the area to try to
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in circle for city. local officials say ukraine is in control of severed or nets, industrial zone, and as ot chemical plant. while the rest of the city has fallen to russian forces, who are also bombarding the neighboring city of lucy, chanst. russia says it now controls 97 percent of new hunts. province of presidents, this is russia may have the numbers in the dumbass reach him, but his side has every chance of fighting back keeps forces or using battle times to carry out quick hit him run attacks as part of their counter offensive. some ukrainian trips in the dumbass region were seen using a t h tank. they said was captured from the russian army. cha, stratford isn't keith whitmore in the fighting. over the next a neighboring lucy chance. got the last 2 towns in the lou ganske region that are not under full russian control and we understand according to the ukrainians, they actually contradicting the russians and sang ukrainian forces are in control
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of the industrial area of that to city russians. the russian forces in control of the majority of the residential areas ukrainian saying that up to 12000 civilians are still inside the city. now we don't know whether in fact they're trapped all they are refusing to leave. it's important to recognize that in our travels in that eastern region, going into frontline cities and towns like silver, their nets, the people that you do meet when even won't tell you on the camera, but they are sympathetic to russian forces and to russia control in that area, so simply are waiting for russians to arrive. we do know that the happening, evacuations today, earlier today, up from the neighboring town of lucy chanced. we know that there been some evacuations from there to day, around 30 people only evacuated from there. we also know how dangerous it is, as you can imagine, trying to get civilians out of their ukrainians though,
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remaining optimistic. they saying that certainly over the weekend on reporting that the russians controlled around 80 percent of severed and that's the ukrainians. now, a saying that they have taking back control of around 50 percent of that, 80 percent that they initially admitted that the russians controlled. so yes, a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. dozens of radiation detectors in ukraine's turnover nuclear power plant back online and showing normal levels for the 1st time in more than $100.00 days. the radiation monitoring network was cut off off the russian forces took control of the site. in the 1st days of the conflict, they held it for 5 weeks. most of the plants, critical data has been recovered with almost all the 39 detectors. now, transmitting information from the exclusion zone experts say the radiation levels receive so far are in line. with those before the conflict. curlin critic alexander volley has lost his appeal, challenging a decision by prison officials,
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to label him terrorist or extremist. yvonne, he argued that being registered as a person inclined to commit crimes of a terrorist or extreme if nature is illegal. the russian court rejected his bid. devonie was arrested last year on returning to russia from germany after recovering from a nerve agent poisoning, which he blamed on the kremlin. he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for fraud and contempt of court. coming up on this news out from london, brazilian police launch a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous rights activist and british journalist last scene in the amazon, south africa's and see calls to the swift extradition of the 2 got 2 brothers arrested in the u. e, who accused of looting state funds and his sport, a costly mistake at the finish line in this cycle race. and able to hear that story . ah,
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thousands of refugees and migrants of set off from southern mexico, heading north towards the united states. most of them are venezuelans. accuracy. the group could be one of the regions largest migrant caravans in recent years. between 4 and 5000 people left the border city of tampa trula on monday. they time the departure to coincide with the summit of the americas this week. under rep, hello, has been walking with the caravan. we're in southern mexico walking among thousands of migrants. the estimates that we've heard are anywhere between $4.50 migrants that are making their way from southern mexico with the end goal of reaching the southern united states. the vast majority of people that we've encountered or from venezuela. there are also people here from cuba, from countries and central america and elsewhere in the world. but again, one of the reasons that we're seeing such a mass mobilization people is because of this idea that there are safety and numbers. there are immigration authorities that have been moving up and down the
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road throughout the course of the day, but they've, for the most part, simply allowed people to make their way north this migrant care van taking place right now also happens to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place in the city of los angeles this week. this is something that is very much on the minds of the migrants that are, that are walking in this, in this punishing heat of southern up of southern mexico. but again, unlike previous migrant caravans, this one is very homogenous, made up almost entirely of venezuelan migrants. all of them saying that their goal is to reach the united states and newly restored pedestrian bridge. and mexico has collapsed. during its reopening ceremony, the mare of aquiner vodka, his wife and dozens of council members were walking along the suspension bridge. for the 1st time when it fell away, i plunged about 3 meters on to rocks and he's 25 people were treated by paramedics for minor injuries. brazilian police if opened
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a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous affairs expert and a veteran british journalist in a remote region of the amazon, bruno panera, a brazilian specialist on isolated tribes. and a high profile supporter of the indigenous community was travelling with british people to don phillips. and when are seen on sunday, on a boat in a part of the rain forest. where indigenous groups are under threat from illegal minors. logos and cocaine produces phillips is written a series of articles supporting the indigenous community act. miss save. men received threats last week and as there is monica yankee, have recently traveled to the same region and worked with bruno ferrera. yes we were like ah, for like almost 10 days together, we went on an expedition exactly similar to the one word dawn. our phillips was in awe, but in a bit era, he took it upon himself to train. ah, there shall body people. there are there of 5, i indigenous tribes were
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a bit more to, to do their own police. satan. so they had cellular apps. they had satellite information, satellite maps to map of these illegal fishermen and poachers that been going into their territory and, and fishing and, and there was a lot of violence. we went out with the crews were all armed. ah, they had been shot at before. so a, it is a place where, i mean if you disappeared, say vast land, it's like the size of morocco with almost no people there. so he was training these people just to find that to track these trespasses. ah, finding clues he really loves his job. ah, he's very, very engaged, he's a local among these indigenous tribes he's, he's their friend and they really respect him. so, and he is a very experienced person. that's why everybody was very worried because it's not like an adventure and a responsible thing that they did. they,
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they go very well prepared on all these expeditions. they just don't go on their own and disappear. so that's why people are worried south africa's governing party, the african national congress, has cooled for the swift extradition of register and actually gripped her after they were arrested in the united arab emirates. the brothers are wanted on charges of corruption and fraud, linked to their relationship with former president jacob. zoom it. it's alleged, they hand pate cabinet appointments and softened off billions of state funds for freeing the country in 2018. i'm in the mina reports from johannesburg. rejection i took to flit south africa in 2018 after being charged with fraud corruption and money laundering. although an interpol read notice has led to the rest of the brothers and to buy it may be some time before their extradited. presumably these, these a suspects will be brought before a court and they will then utilize their rights to trying to
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resist the extradition. but if they're petition to stop, the expedition is not successful. and we would expect to see that that, that request ratified by the relevant authorities and then for them to be physically put on a plan and brought back to south africa. but it could, it could take some time. the group does immigrated from india to south africa in the early 19 ninety's. their relationship with former president jacob summa is at the center of the scandal surrounding the family zoom, or was forced to resign in 2018, falling pressure from within his party. it's alleged the good does influence government policy and the appointment of cabinet ministers and looted state funds and estimates $32000000000.00 was stolen during zoom as 9 years in office. the former president is facing a separate trial on charges of fraud, linked to a multi $1000000.00 arms deal of the group to family members and associates
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a currently on trial for allegedly siphoning off state funds meant for farming projects. the group to brothers also implicated many south africans have welcomed the arrest, but to political commentator, to say allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government may not be limited to the zoom administration current president obama ports as facing his own scandal. he's accused of failing to report the 2025th of up to $4000000.00 from his farm in the limpopo province from eda miller, i'll 0 johannesburg, a spanish judge wants to question the ceo of the israeli firm behind pegasus spyware. over the hacking of phones belonging to spain's prime minister and defense minister judge jose louis kalama has requested to go to israel in person to get witness testimony from the ins. esso groups. chief executive, shelly hulu. israeli authorities must approve the request before it can happen. the n a so group says the software is only sold to government agencies to target
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criminals and terrorists. days of searching for the right mobile phone charger could be coming to an end. the european union has agreed that by 2024, all new portable electronic devices must use the same kind of charger. but it's a major blow to apple as natasha buck reports from paris. with so many small electronic devices on the market, there's a constant demand for charges shops like this one in paris. so the 3 models that are available in the european union, but soon they'll only need to sell one. because under new e rules, manufacturers will have to produce the same standard charger for firm wonder. it's a very good idea. if something works, though, it's better for us, we're here to sell one. with all the new legislation means that across the european union, phone charges and small electronic devices, we'll all have to use the u. s. b c connector. that means that the micro u. s. b and the lightning become obsolete. u. s. tech giant apple had fiercely
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opposed the idea of a stand a charger. the company's devices mainly use its custom make lightning connector. apples said that a universal charger would stifle innovation and create waste as people would be forced to discard cables. but the, you says that the measure is aimed at reducing waste. this agreement at what age today is a very important equity meant, which is giving a fairly good deal to all at once you merge. but it is also giving a fair deal to our environment because ultimately we are producing between 13 to 15000 tons of electronic wastes of chargers, debt we barely ever use to block estimates. the consumers in europe spend nearly 3000000000 dollars each year on a variety of charges. so a standard model could make life cheaper, as well as simpler for most people available even an economically and
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environmentally. it makes that it suits everyone. it should be done coming, you got sent. if there's a standard charger, we won't have to shop all the time for another one. it's a brilliant idea and it'll save money. you can keep, it's taking you a decade to reach an agreement on the universal charger which will become mandatory in 2024. the block is now working on implementing a standard charger for larger electronic devices, including laptops, by 2026. natasha butler. just sarah paris. at b, as in the global chief, the online publication tech radar, he joined us by skype from london practice. what will this mean in, in the short term for customers? well, very little in the short term. the big question is whether apple will adopt the standard across the whole the globe, or they will have to spend the make specific phone figure specifically. but in the next year or so, you'll see very little difference. and why is it taking so long for you to,
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to get to this point? well, there's been lots of reasons why they've been speculated upon. but previously, when there was discussion started, we had a very different standard. it was micro us b, which wasn't quite as powerful as what was out that today. the u. s. b c has a lot more advantage is a can, they can get false, is faster dated through. it could do better charging. so basically the standard is not ready for a multitude about tronics. do, do you think it is a good thing for reducing electronic waste? is i do think that will happened in practice. absolutely, because this isn't just the phones, as you said, laptops, but headphones and computer game consoles, etc. and so people won't be forced to have maybe 3 or 4 different charges around the house. they can get away with just one or 2 perhaps. and therefore, they will need to, i so much and u. s. b c also has a slightly longer lifespan, as well as of the charges themselves will hopefully last a bit longer. and then you mentioned, it depends what, what apple does. i mean, what, what do you think of apples argument that it will stifle innovation? well, it's now given that's being used for many years now. and while lightning is apples,
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proprietary technology and has built a very strong ecosystem on this. so therefore, as a lot of consumers work with different devices that they, they already paid for and they want to use their i phones going forward don't have to upgrade. an apple is starting to adopt the use the standard across things like it's i pads, it starts to remove them from things like, for instance, this year. so it does see the benefits and room is all that is testing a us be the phone for this very reason as well. and if companies have to make changes and how much of that will be passed on in terms of cost to, to, to customers. what again, if we look at the, the cost of the i pads, we don't get very little because while it does need to be a design change and innovation does come through the design internally as well as externally. there's a good chance. this is a fatty ubiquitous port standard and it shouldn't bring to much more of a change to consumer thing as cost. and do you think that this is something that you said that the possibility that this might be you can change globally slightly.
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we exactly, because this is a mandate. so there's a theory the apple could make lightning vash and certain parts of the globe and in the us be a reality is like it was one single standard across the globe that the cost efficiency. but also if it can get us b c, working in the same way that does with ipods, for instance, then it would just pay with a jump for us all of its products guarantee the thank you very much indeed. thank you. oh still to come this out. the the same green. com burst on her feet, it turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting match. i timothy mccormick, he makes an impassioned plea for better gun controls after the valet school shooting devastated his hometown. thus a lie. i'll do the issues. i want to prove that undeterred buttons, prominent vows to get on with the job, to now i surviving and no competence made and is what we'll have actually from the
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match between 2 companies, hoping to make a big impact at the cut and won't come. ah, we've got a few waves of rain wobbling across europe. however, one thanks for joining in. so the 1st pulling into france on wednesday, going to see some thunder down ports there. and then another band of rain stretches from the baltic states straight down to the balkan sold press plays, see where all this activity goes. and we will see some thunderstorms bubble up here, some of which could be severe off to the southeast corner right now. it is unsettled both for greece and turkey. same situation here are some showers and thunderstorms, in the forecasts. now for the other side of the mediterranean temperatures are gonna start to hot up in spots in spain. so look at seville 36 degrees on wednesday
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by thursday you're up to 38, but temperatures fall off in malaga as we've got that on shore breeze. here's another look at that rain cutting across france all so just spinning around are the islands of ireland and britain, and there is a batch of rain through the low countries. now if we go off to africa, we got some storms for guinea be south. and also southern sections include southern sections of nigeria, including lagos, on wednesday, southern africa looking dry plenty of sunshine here, except for say, a few showers, central parts of mozambique. but look, this wall to wall sunshine for cape town with a height of 25 degrees. that's a snapshot of your weather. ah. but how do states control information in china local go? if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. the headline died and that allowed the children to continue to die
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to how is status in gen. listen, we framing the story. i'm here to duck you man. the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera cutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted cuts out needed to oakland and development. international shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and money skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou
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ah, one of the top stories here, not 0. the un says the world must act immediately, or there will be an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa. 14000000 people in somalia, kenya, and ethiopia are at risk of starvation in somalia. about 800000 people have left the countryside to seek help in camps. ukrainian troops are currently battling the street to street to defend the eastern city of santa road. or next, russia has sent more troops there to win circle a city. at presidents events, cases stalemate is not an option. and ukraine will win back all its territory. and thousands of people have set off from southern mexico, heading north towards the united states. most of them are venezuelans, activists. it could be one of the regions, largest migrant caravans in recent years. of the caravans set off, just as regional leaders are traveling to los angeles, the summit of the americas,
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which will be discussing migration. united states has been focused on rallying international condemnation of russia's invasion of ukraine. but many latin american and caribbean nations have not taken a strong position on the war as rob reynolds reports. on the agenda at the los angeles meeting are stemming the flow of migration to the us and other countries. trade relations which have not progressed as far as the us had hoped. and what us officials call. busy strengthening democracy, as well as other issues the war in ukraine, which has gripped the world's attention and arguably scramble the whole system of international relations is not on the list. that's because in many respects, latin american countries are taking a wait and see attitude, the summit will show the level of polarization and division among, let them americans let in. the americans are very well aware that the,
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the wall dis, living through a very important changes on the international system as we knew it before the war in ukraine. it became no more. so let, an americans would be very interested in learning a what is the offer by the united states to live in america and this new context. russia has friends in the region, notably cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, which declined to condemn the invasion and were not invited to the summit. brazil is russia's biggest trade partner in the region in many south american countries by arms from moscow. but latin american ambivalence over ukraine has more to do with the u. s. is historic role in the region than russian ambitions there as significant park of fer, let them americans precisely see. and these kind of law tensions between the united states, between the west and russia, from a position at that, that the united states did a lot of bad things to ross. so why should we support the united states when
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something has happened in the ukraine? historically, latin america and the caribbean have been ponce 1st in european imperialist schemes . then under american hegemony, and as proxies in the cold war, experts say they have not developed the capacity for an independent foreign policy . the challenge for the us is to rebuild and then maintain its influence in the region while blunting that of russia and china. that will take more than a 3 day summit here in los angeles. but these meetings could be a start. rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles aunt to mattie mc on hey, has met us president joe biden and made an emotional plea for congress to take action to stop gun violence. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed last month in a mass shooting at an elementary school in new val de texas, which is macanna hayes hometown. i think i'll hang jones is now from washington dc
12:35 am
. patty, what did he say? it really was an extraordinary, more than 20 minutes. basically in discussion, he said that he and his wife had gone to this town to talk to the victims, families and over the last couple of days. and he felt that they needed to have their stories told that he could use his platform to in fact, tell their stories. he talked about one little girl who wrote to college and me, keep in mind, these are like 10 year old kids wrote to college that i want to be a marine biologist at your school. one day talks about another who is very excited to go to church on wednesday and read a bible verse. talk to another little family of a little girl who planned to study art in paris. he was very emotional at times hitting the podium really going through the hor, that this community has been experiencing, and really bringing home just what is the last? let's listen. may day war green,
12:36 am
high top converse with heart. she had hand drawn on the right toe because they represented her love of nature. camilla got these shoes. can you show the issues or these everyday be the same green con burst on her feet. that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting have that can both size rise above can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands. so what does the actor want? he wants congress to pass laws raising the minimum wage to buy an assault weapon. those are been used in the recent shootings. those air fifteens from 18 where it currently is to 21. he wants to see universal background checks. yes or one,
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something like that, it's called the red flag law basically that allows people to report to police that they think somebody with guns is a danger they can go before a judge and a judge could have those guns removed for a time. so he is calling for that. he has been on capitol hill for the last 2 days . he met with the president. he doesn't need to sell president joe biden. that's exactly what president joe biden has called for. in fact, he's even gone further. say there needs to be an assault weapons ban, but mckayden, hey, also pointed out that he's got the american public on his side and that has been i think, one of the more confounding things for gun rights. good gun control advocates in this country is if you look at poll after poll, american say they support more gun control measures. it just never seems to resonate with members of congress. but mccadden, hey, using his platform here to try and get these stories back in the news because when it fades from the news, sometimes that's when congress stops talking. and patty, on wednesday, congress is due to him all powerful testimony on and the impact of the vote issued
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he it is going to be absolutely remarkable. and we have to hope not more traumatizing. there was a little girl in the classroom. remember the police, we believe well, stayed outside the classroom for an hour at with the gunman in there with students . she, the story is that she didn't know the police were coming to help. so she took the blood of her little friend next to her and rubbed it all over her body and played dead for that entire time. while the police were outside, that little girl is going to testify before congress, along with to parents who lost their child to that school shooting. so that it's going to be very emotional. will it be enough emotion? well, the house is likely going to pass a bill that does a lot all of those things. mcconaughey said that he thought needed to happen. the problem is the u. s. senate. and so right now what we have is a small group of us senators, they're trying to come up with a compromise. the both sides could agree to,
12:39 am
and it's not going to come at least according initial reports, anywhere close to the, the demands, the mechanic, hey, met, and others have said they might say to states, let's make it easier for you to do red flag laws. we might want to do more of a background check on 18 year olds wanting to do by an assault weapon. but it's not going to be bad assault weapons law, low large capacity magazines. it doesn't look like they're going to any they that they might have a mental health piece to this. and it's not even clear that that is going to pass. so senator say they're working on it and they were hoping to have something announced by the end of this week, but now they're starting to down play that even those measures would be enough to get this u. s. senate to act petty kind. thank you very much. indeed marley's military has proposed a 2 year timeline for return to civilian government. as part of negotiations with west african block echo us to lift economic sanctions. your organization wants marley's military rulers to review its transition period. the army previously
12:40 am
failed to deliver on a promise to hold elections in february of in to military coups there since august 2020 israel's coalition. government has suffered a major setback. it's failed to pass a bill, extending protections for israeli settlers in the occupied west bank. emergency regulations which expire at the end of the month have been in place for decades. they allow israelis living in illegal settlements to enjoy the benefits of citizenship while palestinians live under military rule. israel's justice minister has warned that the governing coalition is not risk of falling apart. as well as government is made up of 8 ideologically distinct parties, including rum, a palestinian group that made history as the 1st arab party to join an israeli coalition. together they have exactly half the seats in parliament. the vote was defeated by a 58 to 52 margin opposition. hardline parties that support the settlements voted against the regulations. in order to weaken the government,
12:41 am
the nationalist new hope party is already threatened to quit the coalition. if it can't pass the measure. that would give the opposition enough votes to trigger new elections or form a new government around con, as in wester is lemon. explains what this vote means for the israeli government. this should have been a simple procedural vote. it happens every 5 years since 1967, and it's always been passed without a hitch. this time around my was a hitch and it didn't pass. the reason for that is because left telling, bennett ah presides over a very fragile coalition, the prime minister himself rules over a party or is and part of a party that includes is really palestinian. m. kay's also includes far right m kay's as well new real reason that coalition came together is because they all agreed that they wanted benjamin netanyahu out and that's why they came together after these railey palestinian em case voting for the snow would have been voting for a continuation of the occupation, not simply something they couldn't do it,
12:42 am
thrown the government into a complete tailspin. now there are 3 likely scenarios. the 1st one least likely is that the government simply staggers on until the end of the summer recess, hoping that something might change. that's the least likely similar scenario. the 2nd scenario is that there is a vote of no confidence in the government that could come as early as wednesday. meaning that they'll be early elections again in israel. i is also in a number of elections because of this coalition. building, we will, over the last 3 years, but elections are unpopular with the electron mixing for too many of them in faulty shorter space. so it could well be that under the current can asset a new coalition could be formed not paved the way for somebody like benjamin netanyahu to come in and actually become part of the government. once again, al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied
12:43 am
west. bank. sharing network lay was short of the head winds early forces while she was on assignment and jeanine. on the day of her funeral is ready forces stormed the procession, started beating. mourners, causing pull bears almost to drop her casket. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to cool for an investigation. i work lay was without his era for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine as well as otter surviving and breezing confidence vote. british prime minister bars johnson has told his cabinet to get on with the job, but with 41 percent of his own lawmakers voting against him. there are still big questions hanging over his future. charlie angela reports from london for support from his cabinet. after a night, when boris johnson's political life faced its biggest challenge, yet the prime minister was eager to bash on with business as usual. thank you very much. you're very good to this to see you. all right,
12:44 am
i'll be good. quite berlin oil good work yesterday because i was a very gay because i were able to draw a line onto the issues on prudence. i was told by a we are ready to get a little he but while i b people, this country was what we are doing to help them on to take your country. oh, what is the point of the prime minister and his lawyer less one to push past the embarrassing result? where 41 percent of conservative m. p. 's voted against him, hoping now the rest of the party and the public will let go of their anger about his transgressions. including the party gate saga, where johnson and many of his staff broke cove at 19 locked down rules, downing street gatherings, the cup clearly back the prime minister. think that he got a fixed penalty notice for coming to gathering away was taken. i surprise the birthday cake. everyone knows the circumstances around. he's answered. father su gray report to parliament at length his overhauled the operation opportunities
12:45 am
apologize. i think a lot of people think it's time to move on. we had that vote yesterday. we could have packed agenda dealing with the cost of living, cra, fighting crime, the leveling, lot from regeneration bill. go to the house of commons, some of those he won't have gone say they won't give up. others say they will accept their defeat. we had a vote, i voted against him, i lost. and now my duty is to accept the results, move on and try and put together with the rest of the conservative party policies which will reconnect with the public again. under current rules, johnson should be saved from another challenge for a year, but those rules can be changed by special parliamentary committee. some conservative mp said they'll give the prime minister until the next party conference in october to prove he's fit to meet. the prime minister says the focus now should be on the challenges ahead facing the country. soaring energy cost inflation waiting times and medical treatment. the northern ireland protocol which
12:46 am
aims to prevent a hard border after breaks it tough decisions for which he'll need his party and public on board. but polls suggest that trust may have gone. charlie angela al jazeera london, the family of the writer whose article inspired the movie top gun is suing at film studio paramount pictures for copyright infringement over its new sequel. they say the studio did not have the right to who had janese 1983 story before it released a sequel top gun. maverick last month. the film and nearly half a $1000000000.00 at the box office is in its 1st 10 days. driving back now to the head was news out. the circus returns to gaza training children in the performing arts and play. and the new competition that's shaking up the established golf world . and he said that story. ah. i saw airway official ally of the journey
12:47 am
with with pull away issue and line of the journey.
12:48 am
lou ah, a group around 70 circus artists are entertaining and training children in the besieged gaza strip. as part of the green hopes garza project funded by the italian government, you know, so i had went to meet some of the artists and youngsters involved in the initiative . ah, this is god's, his purse, and only circus tent. it's the handiwork of a group of italian volunteers, circus performers, skateboarders and artists. their training, young palestinians, inquiries activities. under a papa is known here is objective. he and his truth are in high demand. are gods as
12:49 am
received. anyone in chief, paul, our goal is to come to garza and train the children because unfortunately they cannot get out of here shovel. i will continue to come and bring the circus to them in the coming years until this land is liberated, wanted him a palace to the people in general. and the gardens, in particular, need to obtain their freedom that live in humanity and obtain their rights. and pretty much i will continue to come because simply they can't leave official. he tucked up a hi loop to juggle 8 years ago since then. this youngster has continued training on his own. he dreams of touring the world with an international circus some day. although manor williams, even when the italians come to gaza, we learn something new every time i'm in the house because it will see each other, we can't because to learn the skills elsewhere. there's a lot more that i want to learn more about sex balancing and still at the port. they built a skate park where both girls and boys are learning to master the board. it's not
12:50 am
the 1st time these artists have visited godsa. their training sessions have become popular among young people as they offer a rare opportunity for the children of the beasts east in claim to play and have fun. the group is here to bloss 2 sports and entertainment, which are restricted by israel's attacks. several facilities across garza have been destroyed in israel. barbara slowing the development of projects for children. everybody in the war the can remember and can see gods the just the when there is a war. not the in any other moment that thought we there through. i was project through our exchange on godfrey sty, italy. we want it to show all the people that that are coming here and want to meet the day. all the people are in all over the world, but many of these artists say that they will keep coming back to garza to draw
12:51 am
a smile of the faces of its young ones in the theatre, elsie's 0 gossip or his andy with his foot. thank you so much. lauren. well, australia has moved a step closer to qualifying for the world cup. in cat fall. they beats the united arab emirates to want in a playoff this much being played in so heart, one of castles woke up stadiums, the winner schooled by on her stitch australia will now play her room. and the winner a back game will qualify for the final across from joining a real sca was watching the action, which i probably don't. australia always said that they play best when their backs are up against the wall, and the united arab emirates certainly made sure that in this well cup qualify in doha. on tuesday, they left australia frustrated in the 1st half and we didn't see any goals until the 2nd half jackson of wine scoring for the suckers midway through. but just minutes later, the united arab emirates with equal when kaya kennedy scored for them,
12:52 am
and it was 11 putting more pressure on the soccer roof. but then agent switch school again for putting them through to one into an intercontinental playoff again, for next week. as they seek a 5th trait, world cup finals, suddenly for the united emerett, this is the end of the road. they won't be able to end that 32 year wait for return to the world cup. now see countries where is hopes of winning that well cut met in munich in the wife and nations league. jeremy drawing one more with england hunting, taking the lead there through uranus hoffman says he's the 1st match between the same since england beat their own roy was at last his european championship a late harry came penalty level in the matcher. johnson, that was his 50th international go in history. yeah. the game in his group. so
12:53 am
italy, beating hungary to one gallons of agree with me. second, neither of these seems though have qualified, overwhelmed former gulf well number and austin johnson has resigned from north america's biggest gulf towards the plane. the 1st event of a new saudi arabian back competition. the american will feature in the $25000000.00 live series events in england, staying up on thursday bosses at the pga and european souls of wand. those taking part in the break oil saw could face sanctions. johnson, when his report to be being paid a $150000000.00 to take part in the series. you know, obviously the ryder cup is unbelievable and it's, you know, something is definitely been a lot to me in the old prouder to say that i played and represented my country and they are hopefully all you know, get a chance to do that again. but, you know,
12:54 am
i don't make the rules so inevitably, people say in, on social media and even in here that you've chosen many of your country, what would be your reply to that? um, i chose was best for me and my family. you know, we're no politician soma. i know you guys said that expression, but we're really not unfortunately, and you know, we're professional golfers or you know, if saudi arabia wanna use the game a golf as, as a, as a way for them to get to where they want to be. and they have the resources to accelerate that experience. you know, i think we're, we're proud to help them on that journey. while it's total of $48.00 players will be competing in this 1st tournaments, including 6 time major champion. phil mickelson, the 51 year old, hasn't played since february after making what he described as reckless comments about saudi arabia while we've been talking to. you k,
12:55 am
a gold fried set now mcclellan about the impact the new series is having on the established goal for it's a huge device. it's got opened up in gulf and it's just going to get worse. so what's happening this week is the 1st event of the saudi lives theory, the living, the invitation series. saudi money fronted by greg norman. so what's happened? there's this 1st event of a this year that they affect to be a break away. leaks are being paid of parents the to the biggest names are phil mickelson this week and the husband johnson to play in this had been also names like lee westwood impulse. the issue is that these plays have been told if you play in this event, you will face sanctions from the d p, well, to european or the p g. so what happened is justin johnson, for example, that you resigned on the pga tour for boy doug sanctions and were basically just gonna see what happened. the golf stopped, isn't oldham just outside london on best buy. but then the political ramifications going to get even bigger. it's just the sheer weights of money that's been thrown at these players convince. for example, just in johnson who in february plan,
12:56 am
he's full commitment to the p. j. e mail. have he's mind change. we said he felt that i was not about the money, but he's in the report to be paid over a $100000000.00 just as a parent. so this is what can be very interesting. what's gonna happen this year next year and the year off, the how many players is a power struggle between established and this new to the saudi to the lives. so i'm going to throw so much money at play as it's going to be difficult, but the other players and if $6.00 success carry on, the other problem is not an applies. do go on the left, so it's not a success player one. so we're really at the start of a huge developments in gulf. we'll toggle, it says can sunday won't be taking part in next week. us open injury force. what's to withdraw from last month's u. s. p. j championship after 3 rounds. the 15 on major champion was played in, i need to told him, and since a serious car crash last year in a statement, he said his body needs time to get stronger. for major championship golf the
12:57 am
colorado avalanche i had in sydney stanley cup finals for the 1st time since 2001. they beat host the edmondson on a $65.00 to complete a 4 games suite and thinks the western conference title of face. either the new york rangers or suits of any champions, the tampa bay lightning in the finals and a big mistake cost a ride at a stage. victory at the criteria do go far. race in france, belgium's wilderness in the green jersey started celebrating just before the finish and it cost him that go do sneaking in said tape the when instead. okay, that i say for is looking for now let's get back to lauren in london. andy, thank you. now and advised that threatens to challenge the household authority of parents everywhere. the won't health organization has dismissed the 5 2nd rule. to mark world food safety day, the w h o tweeted, but food dropped on the floor for 5 seconds or less is not okay to eat,
12:58 am
as microorganisms can transfer to food immediately. it also advise that you can't tell if food is safe to eat. i, it's look and smells, or the bad ones, their response. that's it from meter and tailored for the snoozer. on the back in a moment with another for wound up. today's news thanks very much. need to watching lifeline. ah ah. and a soda of this series exposed the imperial origins of the drug trade. commerce was good wire,
12:59 am
empire was good for the former. so these things very much want to go and opens passage from the far east to europe and the united states. guns need money. any money in these mountains is open drug trafficking, politics and power. the era of empires on al jazeera when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bent of radicalism, you have to fight to defy stereotypes of the english on the stories we don't often hear told by the people who left them. no missouri, what lead when they when they go by massage which are long. sama the book seth. this is year on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord, during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting
1:00 am
a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with treat children, it has attracted their help like sin and as protected and in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country ah, the un warns of an explosion of child deaths and the horn of africa. if the world doesn't act immediately to avert a famine. ah.


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