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tv   Africa Direct Diggers and Merchants Settling  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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life cheaper, as well as simpler for most people are not even an economically and environmentally it makes. thank you. it suits everyone. it should be done, never covering you there. so if there's a standard charger, we won't have to shop all the time for another one. it's a brilliant idea and it'll save money. kabuki val, it's taken the e u a decade to reach an agreement on the universal charger which will become mandatory in 2024. the block is now working on implementing a standard charger for larger electronic devices, including laptops. by 2026. natasha butler, al jazeera paris. quit. and when you can catch up any time on our website address that is out there a dot com. ah, armando, the top stories on our 0, the u. n says 14000000 people in somalia, kenya,
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and ethiopia are at risk of starvation in somalia, about 800000 people of left the countryside to seek help in camps. they joined hundreds of thousands of people who were displaced by previous drought. 4 consecutive rainy seasons have failed, and the horn of africa is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years. ukrainian government says it will only be able to export $2000000.00 tons of grain a month. if russia refuses to lift its blockade of the black sea ports, if it is lifted, ukrainian officials estimate it will take 6 months to de mind the surrounding waters worsening. a global grain shortage. russia says shipments can resume once ukraine demands the coast. and thousands of people have set off from southern mexico, heading north towards the united states. first of the mer, venezuelans act of a say it could be one of the regions, largest migrant caravans in recent years. i forget direct is coming up next. but 1st we leave you with memories about colleague sherry. absolutely.
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a shooting avita ah, building a new life on any dilly beach living of the sea and the like a dream shared by so many, but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a remarkable woman with a flare for cooking and desist for living. my tunisia, island kitchen on al jazeera.
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get back. a dan a she to gotten little number is our, my pin is down down some of our nissan of a crazy day when i went to work to minister to couple. lemme be kick willingham when i say my name, if you did it my call virginia mccomb. flea of alameda tusa sheet, and i will remember your login, and i will for my leave 8 typography nigel glove. each. ju moray k. miley means joe gabriella. she is now being in a wolf casa, at ab about the neighborhood. we get her moved on over for she i get to meet tuana lip. i'm my voice, you know chromosome we open up a week and while i try to locate that even a she my she to have
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a demo crazy in municipal crazy and i've been doing fine. you both sat listening to what weight went up in the way league was. you know, for me to one lady she get a will not villain me much more in a row by make. well, why didn't obama to was asia be that is our neighbor. he didn't want to keep warm ah, where burger annual holy. they are by mesa. woolly blue the day i got the aid. ne billy my i thought the amy guinea big woman,
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now by there will now koya about his pig daily. why shippable there? when i see him, joyce, i would see till we are 9. as we are been nice, cities are becoming more for the reach so if there was, it's nice to see if the timber city where people are equally celebrated even
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created. maybe it would feel nice. ah ah maybe you will all agree or disagree with me that things look very different from inside than they look from outside. right? because since i was the little girl i wasn't into girls play at all. i felt really agitated when i saw little girls playing with doors or cooking against her when i
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was a student at the university of narrow b, kenya in the 1st year floss was the load that defies students. and that was, that did 3 boys and just 2 girls. so there was also no female lecture at the university about pen. i never saw if he metal i could dig, stand in front of me so that he's also the background of me wanting to, to be the lecture in the future. you know, to be that shoulder, that goals can lead on. and to be just that example that architecture so, so for girls, even as we make dimensions for this informal housing indicator, got, the idea will be not sitting here looking at all the photographs or, you know, aka, by a 0 deductible, actually going, they're thinking good. his people understanding their needs, their problem is end starting to make interventions. of course, let me have one last reflection from the group that was here. again. rose and i you been la? la again. oh, this name's always been not ok,
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but you look like you have to agree with this. ah, and my 1st born daughter and i say one famous voice would be a musician and then there the time she was with via budgeting. it has changed over 7 times now. right now i think she was to become a lawyer and i just say yes to everything because i think it's still too young. blister griffith as we have it in 2000 and mm hm. okay. and joy. i went to a good high school in kenya, and it up into i've been stem oriented school saw from the 3rd year our teachers would come to class and, and tell us what tim korea existed. so when that what i could take there was measured by, you know, it got me excited that maybe this is what have been chasing and feel now going to
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the household college. in fact, pinch in the 2nd quarter. i don't know how to find good things in here. so no, no, no. did you feel huge wound in the latitude? so just to give, go to why asked use you so maybe wisely you might surprise yourself. ah, i am canyon. i grew up in january, so how does this kenyan find themselves so comfortably, you know, living in rhonda or why did they come to run? okay, respect you lot. hm. mm
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hm. in my 3rd year, at the university of nairobi, i lost a sister or a girl that was very close to my hut. and so i was struggling to, you know, to make peace with myself when my mind was completely shattered. i was almost beating architecture school because i was not seen the reason why i should be in class today. i could take over interest in it was when my sister, you know, was not there any more. so and, and so the question at that time was she is death. that's trying to act as a barrier between myself and the future myself and hearing something called architecture that i'm very passionate about and understand what is the connection between death and i can picture. and so one of my lecturers tried to lift up my mood and you mentioned something that went straight, you know, into my head late josephine. we know how close you were with your system and how would you figure out on the context in your underwear? in 1994 juno said someone last you know their entire family,
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all their friends or their relatives are these people have moved on. and so through the 3rd day down in counseling from my lecture, other time i got a bold, you know, idea in my head. i will go to rhonda, ah ah ah, so they will be happy to swap the fringe. one bedroom with jack in there's you know, anybody want good in it in that room with w william one wholesale tradition dorothea. but she did or did you already in there? well have you heard here really in was there no clear news person lasha to do it?
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you can reach out, don't pan garage. it is up. yes, i didn't. it didn't sadly and fresh and quote, how are you sure. now she did to run out of one there. i did that, did it. and i was quoted in dhl where i'm making this rocket i host i did call him guy mucosy into it had cd and when that ms. edwards, and okay, did i gotta go christian, emily, context web will go with the, you know, z, attic to feel like you know. and what about when you caught up on a couple of i wanted to say is that to go to city or over 70 percent in for more. but that information to be described really a thin, informal we're not through this calling them slums or anything. but i mean in formalities davis but the summer that they're living is not a standard that is prescribed by the math of them. and informality he happens to be disabled, the phases of their houses, the materials that are being used,
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not more of a banana, illegal set up like it is in other countries. and for me, just that sent in that early 70 percent informal, you know, got me thinking, so what, where are the solutions other solutions going in people producing new housing for people or is it about re housing? so t housing, meaning that you actually observe people where they stay and then you suggest interventions that help people to stay where be staying or you were adding company or low money singapore, when they're mazacco master plan bought now, well navigable. how are you goal practices? most julia, what could i do? click on that visually and that night irons 9, it is invalid. corporate national nashik totaled by mentioned when will you quote to expose equity equity who i'd like to see could teach the on call to come talk to
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these. did all have jan. i won't call each session. i know your and to crowd back was a how i whole back to see question i want one with a new teacher is a dell had had a whole ammonia, did it for me. what to do with teachers of doubt. when i teach 1st with your classes, i try to make them participatory. i don't let students look for programs and solve them in the classroom, but i put them in the context. i put them in the communities and then they, they will try to formulate the problem and then eventually cod consolidate at people going out. yeah, i'm a put a lady by the corner on but right now, but i have no idea because you know, i don't get and i just will begin to embed again, i did not do the hand on anybody, but if i do one thing, what do i go by that but but with the my laid off,
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i said i had to put any i was the i was the minute don't own their own little group that we will guy did is now a doctor. your of it was a, i was in my utah is one of the oldest people, probably this label, but i had no idea about a, a thing. so the idea was to let the students actually must themselves into the field to measure those houses. because in measuring that informality they understand it better. and then after that we had concrete, an intervention. but we managed to sit outside in the gardens, alongside the reba and in our let the students and community members the 180 people can. and so we had to have this conversation, i don't know what telling i they 15 housing and they're what on her since old lady comment and that creates, you know, a deadlock, it becomes more of an ethnographic, you know, investigation where you feel like you actually go to understand these people in
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a much more fulfilling way. i'm not looked at, i'm not marianna, i owe money or who have you personally or sharon, a problem. and with a new hard to guard barrett when i, when i go home or go room show room brochure rooms. euro martha, this room ah, if you more from nairobi took exactly the moment you start speaking to people and the moment you start seeing the report trained to not to forget the past, but learning from me and racing from the ashes of these,
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the atrocities poured. i told myself that there was never going to be any of his own or the law letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you can always step on it and jumble for it. and so that is what made this little intimate connection between myself and rhonda with ah, do on al jazeera as was invasion of cream approaches, the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art
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funded by colonialism and still housed in europe in museums today. the g 7 m later hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i'm male biting oppertunity for countries to secure their support for cut our 2020 to june on al jazeera. you had a white judge why prosecutor white cops and his black head 16 when it happened, gets nailed. i've been in prison more years than i've been free on the street. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born bad. for climes travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on
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a judge 0. across the world, young ac, the basement organizes are on the move. need, you know what i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem. network wires, a systemic solution. generally he chains on al jazeera ah 2 warnings of spiraling starvation in the horn of africa where diet, food supplies are dwindling further because of the void ukraine. inside ukraine,


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