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tv   The El Masri Case  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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h i v drug treatments in south africa and especially in engineering science is changing lives in malazan villages, purify pollutant water, and turn them to drinking water arabs abroad the pharmacologist in the scientist on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world so no matter what you call hand out you 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie out is there a, i'm carrie johnson window on the top stories here in al jazeera, the un that says the world must act immediately, or there will be an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa. 14000000 people are at risk of starvation as a region that deals with the worst drought in 40 years. the problem is being made
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worse by the worn ukraine. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the eastern industrial city of severity on the exc. russia has sent more troops to encircle the area, but you cranes, the president remains defiant, saying his forces will win back all occupied territory from key of charles stratford reports on developments across the east. sarah nights and neighboring least chance got the last 2 towns in the loo, ganske region that are not under full russian control. and we understand, according to the ukrainians, they actually contradicting the russians and sang that ukrainian forces are in control of the industrial area of that to city russians. the russian forces in control of the majority of the residential areas ukrainian saying that up to 12000 civilians are still inside the city. now we don't know whether in fact they're trapped all they are refusing to leave. it's important to recognize that in our
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travels in that eastern region, going into frontline cities and towns like silver, their nets, the people that you do meet when even won't tell you on the camera, but they are sympathetic to russian forces into russia controlling that area. so simply are waiting for russians to arrive. we do know that the happening, evacuations today earlier today, up from the neighboring town of lucy champs. we know that there been some evacuations from there today. i'm around 30 people only evacuated from there. we also know how dangerous it is, as you can imagine, trying to get civilians out of there. the ukrainians though, remaining optimistic, they sang that certainly over the weekend on reporting that the russians controlled around 80 percent of severed and that's ukrainians. now a saying that they have taking back control of around 50 percent of that, 80 percent that they initially admitted that the russians controlled. so yes, a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. activists say one of the largest
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migration movements in recent years is underway. as thousands of people moved through mexico towards the us border, many have spoken of getting themselves and families to safety. i see a little way this journey has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got physically and verbally attacked. we had to cross the darian gap and trails through menus xenophobic countries. in some others, people are nice to us, but a lot of things happen in this journey. lady again, i tell global leaders that this has been a very difficult journey, but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families in the better future. police in brazil have opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of 2 people in the amazon rain forest. bruno pereira, a brazilian specialist on isolated tribes, was with british journalist don phillips. he was on a reporting trip. they were in an area where indigenous groups are under threat
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from illegal activity reports. his sister is pleading for their safe return. we are really worried about him and urged you authorities in brazil to do all a cath search the roots. he is following. if anyone can help scalar resolves this available for the search, that would be great because time is crucial. near in the u. k. my other brother and i are desperately worried. we love our brother. and once he and his brazilian guide, bruno herrera found every minute counts. nigeria as governing parties holding its primaries to choose a candidate for the presidential election next year. or then 2000 delegates from the all progressives, congress are meeting in abuja. the main opposition party selected it's counted last week. australia has moved a step closer to qualifying for football. well coping cutter, they beat the united arab emirates to one in
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a playoff australia nancy through next week. when a qualifying for november's world. it was all the headlines, the news continues. hero notice here, that's after the l was re case. ah ah, in 2004 calendar must freeze arrested during a trip to macedonia. his interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare. about 5 months later, he is released in a forest and that they dump, investing through the stems over this will dusty cross both and see on darkness.
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we'll get certain with the nurse. so mind miss charlan, so these are far keen excuse will be drunk, obstruct. that's she, since the image on hand, which was finished, would've been su susie from the calling i'm asked. we case basically revealed the entire underbelly of the secret american torture and prison system. ah, canada must be made into national headlines for years. he fought in vain for explanations, injustice. he felt abandoned by his own government. as dar josh dot spoke idea, agnes did fallen short step one is liberating, dodge, london. they are big yo yo adair themes filled the west indies. ah
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ah cut it, it must resume to live in the every elf when i have know him since 2007 even then i wanted to make a film about him. but then his case took a bizarre 2 years after the kidnapping. he committed several disturbing crimes and in 2009 eat up the may of lloyd when. how did he come to this one who was probably most deeply involved in this story. was the lawyer mind for it needed from when he 1st met kal it in my 3 in 2004
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done sentence. i'm in ocean direct for the counselor to you'll lung holly baltic mine. i know how to cigars on longest gib and, and on the latter, your quote was worthy. it's for me now than seaford, irvine, and, and her voe to me. i cleared fuss agnes for defiance. i insulted that out. and monsieur anger fung 13 on had tickets. actors interviewed ordinance phenomena. can i get fulton, alice? i'm her. hey, here at this is rob's debbie now as her bus white. your foot meal. when done, had i miss and passcode site. now, when seneca, she still via d as, as deutschland, not mad said on in give her a denver statically saw that. and i know isaac and bill hutton nador im are can os high assistant but a done not an o sizes temple from i banyan d on got to school concerts for nancy dorian. i banyon. would that come out so
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he will legal now. yeah. vin does. alyssa, vo pistole, is ya, good, done. most of his most living her as or august get money shows ian order up as far there. ah it about the same time as one foot to needed to new york times became aware of the case. so it may, can it, it just started working here. she was still living in germany at that time. as vine or on the continental miles continues, little banished on church nom up once i had to, i had city, gosh to mom, and then enter the state of forms or damage of abas tractor is dusty. john understands what mechanics on firm and practice based start at yarbrough is in c,
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ond danforth far of ash. my name is hyatt. i must vh been vanessia in for it. one is friday mission aus zana shimmer does vine. and i dings worcester. he all does this anal? zach also bushed esynthier as there goes actually won't gigging dca. i'm just as i'm director and griff getting in a mechanic guy midst barnes and thus far from ish source. i shall say no, i get us. but he's missing part of aisd. he's a martin. this is a hot it. i must wait on volumes or to ask. i said, you see a eden a true tom. ah. the 911. the take of 2001 shot. the rest of the us was determined to use all its power to fight that had the backing of its allies
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behind him. icon is because again, judge bush on anger. thank consolidated. thought francis organization ah, colors from lebanon when the civil war began in 1975, he was 12 years old. 10 years later, he managed to flee to germany. ah, in 1994 colored became a german citizen. he wanted to build up something in the country that had granted him asylum. he tried to trade cars. 1996. he got married. in 2002, he moved to a village near. at the time he lived with his wife and children in
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a 30 square meter basement. at the end of 2003, several problems at home, keller decided to take some time off. he booked the cheapest ticket, he could find a bus trip to macedonia for about a $150.00 euros. a disturbing macedonian border, something bizarre happened. he had to leave the bus hours later, he was taken to a hotel in scorpion. then we'll do it so much flow with despite him filled the stockton admission throwing mano cindy, by me, it would seem arguably been done. i was shocked. fraggle push for half when i started as he opened wire shalean or dog and brush or vincent bill. oh, probably been on the floor dries forensic dog new bill,
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fiscal is thought earnest telephone even although open pressure contact opened for him on this was finished by almost over ski boylen and i was shocked. okay. and the list contacts with auto bought shaft for another start about the door trembling with image depression. when belt it is say, and a get done on my by site, the finished are gonna run by scrutiny. finish august london sucked, that ski sh. on done cindy and stay longer dragon and dom home had an error button gets open this sewing machine combat t little does he she st. on these fussy on baba leash answer for the excuse he another dumb been stolen. i often bet ah
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include coffee health is justina. when i knew i sustained, yes, nancy and i know you been longer. brock dorothy robins here. oxley shall, closer to the t of a tool on gumby coleman schlagel from allen. satan on the desk and there traffic didn't stand. they hadn't the mission to play it dazzle, minor minor clermont and vic construct demarcus work on sna own dunwoody ish in an blue cloud on shore, spoke unsure, been on survivor on influence. so companies often wouldn't give often or doesn't run big amish, but seldom shorter. gone by, spoke to police 1st, learned about the abduction in june,
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2004 about 2 weeks after the master is 32, they checked his stories step by step and even made a hair analysis and duck hunterman and going to be standing afternoon. not on small another mistake him or would our billing to isn't would have his master thinking, but it's only my aiden hayden quantum on emergency bow. these are our song without house thoughts. i'll meet the romans who are gonna be stating, ah, as well. no, i'm just wanting to be some better met and via the non blank of the. so the intestine hot in the oven is fabulous. announcements in does the, the, she stay in school. i'm assuming he's unclouded, it looks better than ham zucker. let it as he pull it's i it was only i just had she had good kick up enough. i'm of what it is. she did
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a speech pass he had i didn't want to play with him. starts, am i to decide to me or done? is globe. it does so give huge cost us assist us dobson or to dish and your fun bison super steam. that was put the tissue bal, archivist, ah, still months of research by so what the can it to new york times finally decided to publish the story or escalating dance, ayatollah officer, but as ca on ethan. he says, my negotiations wise went. i saw an all lovely sad to hook on then comes he legacies to come house s desire to new york times one to naturally
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shine the sunspots soup. advancing out by d, as in sure nothing you can ship to host come is rubbish for them to. to follow dimension zzzz, rudolph. gov. i to dusty ca on id west when you, when calls come ones on. didn't we have taps looped? associate an issue. ah. when i was working at the german television show, panorama, a and when the story came out in the new york times, that sir kennedy had done about the kidnapping. i remember feeling am shameful. that here was a case of a ca, kidnapping, of a german citizen. and you know, you have to ask yourself why we even exist in
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2005 journalists discovered the flight routes of cia jets and us also the atmosphere flight tough gun is done to spanish police were able to ascertain to camouflage names of the c. i a hijackers who had made a stop over in my yorker with this information, john gets scored a call. he identified the addresses of the c i. e attacked us in the united states . good morning. so we wanted to ask you would modern the emissions enough to in fuel on college? i must be fog, get it. been john goods from dodge and found in you know, what we're talking about. this is eva juanita sir. want to talk about the the kidnapped by satellite, some kidnapping on college. i must be macedonian. you know what i'm talking about, sir, sir? sir?
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ah, the involvement of this year was already known by journalists alexander bush enough in early 2004, shortly after the abduction. mosley, whose name was on the if a list of most wanted people tied with a 911 attacks. however cult oh my studio looking for was a spanish citizen and this this cult l. mosley with the same name. same surname is a german citizen. so he arised in one of 2 border studies, serbian border for policeman. you said to move it to scott here in the hotel scope sky america. this like hotel who was please just behind the u.
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s. embassy, the old place, the use emerson's cop, didn't wait. any information from leon, france, seat of interpol to find that is the passport is generally not, not. you start the informed. the u. s. embassy is copier and the form, i guess washington or there are superiors over there who send the airplane to, to the mosque. my source officer in the military intelligence, i think that the children were too excited. there was the believe that if check to the big fish, they do become internationally famous by capturing one of the organizers of 911 attacks. it was just too big thing to keep. ah, to keep quiet or mm. oh, good fun. i wish you the i knew london all
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gunman bushing factor, this is thinkin than i them inside under a care. i met plastic flasher is so funder drinkin. now it seems like this, this is for us on this. it's always been of except and fear the thus order gets the garnished with. with other though, my spirit in the not common barlow at the i live in spiteful moment. amish de fair, certain at hand cheering kitten anzuedo on gifford and death for hill home. but
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d hum sucked. duke m. c. a. nicholas as owen's consechi, articles 3 misquote, a i n o somalia adamos to ha felicia and, and on. boy i thought the photo told the on the front of miss beyond outside of the of been bus done. hm. except bulky. it did not in home gushed rom doesn't and under oh, skin mark now bought garger clinton, the under initial mio, dunn houghton, d, off the hook combination. the bleedin would come home. gosh, strike rollin,
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talk it sold thing in new york in 2000 and fife. human rights organization, a seal you became aware of culottes case. they specialized in checking to see i ace abduction program. college account of what happened to him was a credible story about united states involvement on the sea ice involvement. specifically, am in this program of transporting individuals to secret attention and torture. despite the fact that this was the home of his torturers college nonetheless got on the plane with man fred, his lawyer,
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even given no set for city, the city of the country, mcgill, interleaving, devotedly, but at least 2 of these inch would you wanna come with kelly there must be a how did you keep that up with you? about francois you hoping your stuff this the office? that's the book also. but the 2 pis less successful than anticipated. the courts refused to accept palatine masters case for reasons of national security . at least he can testify in the country of his subject us i'm so proud to be able to introduce my clients. colorado missouri is food as dfcs garcia, foolish with. and what i really want is that they admit to me that an injustice was done to me, is who i know of level phones ins. and she'll dig,
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ah, ah, how to control information in china local go. if you try to search the word tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. the headlines died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is citrus in journalism we framing the story. i am here to duck you man, the war crimes committed by whitting and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. the you've all the town square features, $21.00 white forces, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. with detail coverage are only
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a few. his wife colleagues by a huge variety over his, his writing was simply overwhelmed from around the world with gathered here. they will read, you know, demand of go to go home, remains unchanged. episode of this series explore the imperial origin of the drug trade. commerce was good. fire, fire was good for commerce. so these things very much want to get an open passage from the far east to europe and the united states. the guns need money. any money in the mountains is open. drug trafficking wanted to come power. the era of empires out there on in just under a year's time, capsule is our bait stadium. will host the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup,
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but many friends were already counting down to the big kick off next november 10, 22. as this tournament on fall over the coming days will play a key role, but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. the biggest ever sporting event next year. for the castle national team like it used to playing in front of expect and home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fan and themselves so they really are ready to take on the world. ah and carry johnson in the top stories on out here in the us that says the world must act immediately. or there will be an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa. 14000000 people are at risk. hist aveson as a region deals with the worst drought in 40 years. the problem is being made worse
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by the worn ukraine. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the eastern industrial city of sabera on the esc. russia has sent more troops to encircle the area. ukraine's president remains defiant, saying his forces will win back all occupied territory. radiation detectors in the exclusion zone around ukraine's defunct, which a novel nuclear power plant back on line had gone dark after. gotcha seized the area in february at the start of the war. the u. n. nuclear watchdog says radiation levels are normal activists say one of the largest migration movements in recent years is underway. as thousands of people escaping violence and poverty move through mexico towards the u. s. border. many have spoken of getting themselves and their families to safety. i feel like this journey has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got physically and verbally attacked. we
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had to cross the darian gap and trails through menus and for the countries in some others, people are nice to us, but a lot of things happen in this journey. lady again, i tell global leaders that this has been a very difficult journey but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families in the better future. at least one person has been killed and 2 people are missing after landslide. in southern argentina's patagonia region, more than a day and a half of non stop rain caused the landslide next to a hotel. marley's military rulers have delayed the transfer of power back to civilians by 2 years adjourned to had previously promised to hold elections in february. but says more time is needed for rival size to negotiate. regional block echo us expressed regret at the today. the u. k. has designated that monkey parks as a notifiable infectious disease starting on wednesday. it means doctors will have to
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inform the local authorities when they suspect the patient has the virus. monkey pox spreads through close contact, causing body sause and fever, but is rarely fed. can use continues here on al jazeera after the elementary case. a recent study shows that this preventable disease accounts 15 percent of all debts of children under with production was rob, with early childhood education, with
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ah, in 2004 color that must freeze, arrested during a trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare. about 5 months later, he is released in a forest in albania. kellyville must remain international headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations and justice. he felt abandoned by his own government. in europe, d. n. masri case became a topic in 2005. former says public prosecutor,
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dick marty, member of the council of europe was made chief investigator against ca, activities in europe. colored than musky e lay a polar se boulder book a door tie up as kya and not my mother, beth son. joy did that new up or back door. a courtly kill and have it, you know not to rule or can pose. dick. marty proved that the c i. e kept secret. prisons in poland and romania says i live more expressly. dca so did despise shikes. kazi, this year she saw these act kimmy nell safe and said why he followed your house. what so saw these act? kimmy men in burly at the end of 2005, the political bomb exploded. it turned out that the interior minister, or till she had long since known about the kidnapping,
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on which monday, 20042 days after must receive returned from afghanistan. u. s. ambassador daniel codes had informed tv about it. what was he had kept silent for more than a year and a half isde born as the gills and dodger boone, and in and out on by the indian insurance file involve yet slides, vegas with arms the under normal twenties, also invite americans, sherburne, in decent films, while in woodson, asking to have it out of our kind of kindness a season corner country notified and so i tried to find it soc ah the government knew in 2004, the head of the german chancellor reef was frank fighter shine maya. it wasn't until the pressure got too big that he went public each other
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in uni spy, a 1000 on fear duration and that's fine, was balloons and constant damage and the gunners fundies and file a 1000 yeah, decent ah man, nuff these fletchley she bed eat this are the us trim of commodity cup forced air a step. my daughter come off pet than yet dodged. i bob thompson doesn't or do you buy i've ordered a true sign negotiation to asthma, which still know it's an advocacy. mm. mm hm. me
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to estimate voltage from that seller on a hunt chin on the alice. so for english from the to the broken to for her home i'm dish thought says i enter on the scrap cake. sealant deer on it's leash. she pushed them at me. a dodge dessert. their song duncan, the volume diamond often. yeah. her dad is dish often. she the some are going to be was finished for i'm finding so charming. perfect. yes. i respect him. i saw the soul in salmon, and then i said thoughtfully,
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then i searched out the cindy, it's here, alignment, and under become yes with my number so we can do can see a horse abdullah a victim to him miss. so i am far as feared bessler lingered, the one own, dangled tunnel. vol. in mission. does human varies castile here vast? ah! in the midst of the rising suspicion against the fisher staying my uncle. and turning benefit, needed to receive the compelling message. a photo of sam might have surfaced satin is massey, i understand it now on gus foot anguish, obstruct as it said. the man who called himself sam made gad, an official of the german federal criminal agency carried out delicate missions. at
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that time, his existence was top secret. unexpectedly, montfort needed and his client were summoned by the policing note when it had prepared to line up the day. suppose it's ann hey, the german policeman worked with the americans to him to kidnapping sam had to celebrate be begun. google might be the in afghanistan. bon, often, these estate on. so on be out there to spoken at this marvelous ania, an antibiotic faith. emma, is she in up unsafe? gives him up. i will open the herd. teach the scaffold that it be slower or destructive. albany shall go complete. i will say accent, faint for howlton st. division can be a thus far,
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sam. ah, is the science of miss you? the 2nd is the 20 you were says in law for the are clear long in nissan seen it doesn't in this also didn't work in kind of eyes it. so yes, i'm as he thought it be shifted or i'm finished and see what have been hunsicker yet and save her some of my clot, 1 o'clock, his face morgan. when dollars him saw that the applause is all clear on an emission as a see trouble that con shante off itself a lot. well, the starts involved shaft lift a kind that he will have the boy the twin as it does hobbies? not necessarily. it can criminal, for in the meantime, weaknesses had emerged in macedonia. air statements cast another, questionable light on the german government, and kept a scanner in macedonia. and, oh,
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honey gift des acton nat deduction burton banning from yet she. hum you martin, i'll stay on ferry dental hygiene or chaffed daddy post michelle for miss vidas on gal, please contact me. i just need what? 4 standards, that's just a student wanted boffin via da mice office asked me to steal malisha, the star children. i silent and fish demolished. i am the sub managed others. you presume a danish violence act of is further understand her. this is unfair to us. my. it's mistaken, or what lot about it on the last day, dizzy she did. miss thorpe pursued contact gets me cause it is must really slow to danger. is released in a forest there a little later is picked up by albanian officials. and without further ado,
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they put him on a plane to germany. and from fort wish on. com on the controller trotter on i succumb to trenton, august. build that a sean maria, spelled r y c out us while yourself versus others. her beer bill, paul holmes, you must under listen. do you, do you feel shame? whoa. oh, suasion both make you shake him. rusty stopped by happening for k rentals fishkill solias lumsden shogun, a home on call. michelle also she is dusty
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it must risa duction lasted to 5 months. almost 2 years later, the questions were so serious that a committee of investigation was set up in berlin in march, 2006, which rose did the german government play tell it it must be, can tell his painful story on the grand stage. but the politicians turn a blind eye, no one approaches and must re, slowly the wind begins to turn. suddenly and mastery is openly suspected. that home here, thus has often to hand them that went a zulu ostrich invincible. yet he affording up gordon. it's not a mastery but toilet as i go and lord kit kit left lord harbor that somebody had
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originally been knees and was lima and gloves, though inter sent fiddy with awe via is charlotte. a massey is a mastery knew i and an exclusive offer. there must be, is philip oper our best mitzy ahead of and it was under peasant in be fleshed out you some misunderstand? does a man is mischief village. oh, in the sodden quotes emily continental spirit. ah but has e po would see it was still katy still leaking, the metal clutched dab work if would touch it would epilepsy upwards he had said to dusky, so loud whenever the ill tune him in school and weaker douglas hooper, since he blew onto the know how to specially out or does it can easily devotee become full time start on earth. does a leaky in and shut feed up. i will not it. he has on able to this inside the hinder name in on may the 27th,
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2007 car little must re set off for a wholesale market in night with him where he intended to do as much damage as possible. he gained entry by force. he started a fire colored snipped because of a trifle. he complained about a broken mp 3 player. he felt provoked treated condescendingly ah, well, it's entries. these ost laughed it. dear. dear ali and good site that he lost was new fisher, dean condominiums, usher, half to half more drama. after the arson,
4:47 am
a tech and masri had to stand trial. the judge was understanding and her mouth rivers given just a suspended sentence. then something remarkable happened to munich public prosecutor's office, requested a warrant for the arrest of 13 cia agents. the german government refused to even send the arrest warrant to the united states. they issued the arrest warrant for every country in the world except for the place where the kidnappers lived. the reasons that the german government best firming became clearer when vicki leaks released a document from that time in 2010 u. s. and void don conic made it clear to his german counterpart that forwarding the arrest warrants would have
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a negative influence on did bilateral relations. the intention was not to threaten germany, but rather to urge that the german government way carefully at every step of the way, the implications for relations with us. ah, in the same year, 2007, the u. s. supreme court ruled to better the atmosphere case would be admitted to court. the highest american court declined ah, a friend had given colored and neglected property. throughout the sum of 2009, he worked to turn it into a garden. ah,
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this was the last time that i met him. ah, in september the 11th 2009 calendar must read together that 3 of his sons entered the town hall in night, woom stormed into the office and physically attacked. may i get a new one back? the 2nd comes out of the blue for evelyn lulu. no one back was only slightly injured from shock for life. she misses them on kung. as noted, bonded nothing on to use teeth to do to pay the kid. the boys need stored. mm mouse for time to go hobbling. i trudged mahash
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boom under 6 toto. ah, canada missouri was in prison for 5 years. as soon as he was released in 2014, he went to the airport and disappeared. the secret ca report and his abduction became public in 2016. he sold some of the mysteries of these abduction others to remain open. plus, there was a clear conclusion with
4:51 am
whom was his devastating testimony. callous innocence was finally proven, but the public heard nothing about him. his case was versus mm. yet his story didn't easily 8 years after our last meeting, i finally found him in austria. after his detention color tried to find work in different countries in vain, germany was no longer an option for him. does it decided to trade arab goods in
4:52 am
austria? a morgan or 17 years has passed since colored abduction. it had also been a nightmare for his wife asia when he disappeared without a trace. on december the 31st 2003, she took her 4 children and returned to lebanon. in desperation than the heron, she had asked less an under for alden a hierarchy, although in boston, so as nist, when only scant than keys are now hardly one display when his mer here, van san savage, vedic for admission in by any can touch it
4:53 am
up, can make, does it a mother answer the heart flushed e mentor in fault on to what had angst her feel owns than kenneth. we kinda vanished elaine gain or donna and can fuss martin m i think cancer. so i think sales to our it done. net wilner, our vine. and although the dance lout said i am other in fossil yeah on. tess must awfully miss said miss aunt medford meineke in that. oh yeah, in 2009. when colored went to prison, the family were separated again. this, if it wasn't already tough enough, or you shall got into a disagreement with the authorities. they wanted to convince her to put some of her
4:54 am
children into foster care. in 2011, the situation escalated in panic. asia fled to lebanon again. i mean by a show her 17 years old at the time, completed an apprenticeship in vienna. we're vetoed, selection comes into for ended for 1000 session and the version from your lot on my father thought under rules rules you both of us are here for by the are well booked. this is our learning use on johnson lamp wood on dish cynthia, florida. mm. hm and father them, but the other people would be by the city just to go and fight the nozzler. that's i didn't you seeing us, of course to
4:55 am
help us fish as well so long as i thought was so much market basil outcome all ah
4:56 am
almost 2 decades have passed since the abduction. the tragedy has not been forgotten. ah, the senate investigative report dearest had explained parts of the ca, abduction program. they never apologized. mm. last semester. don't you know? the other hand, not only paid 60000 euros and compensation in 2018. the small countries formerly apologized. ah,
4:57 am
germany close the case in 2009 that to you the committee of inquiry present at its conclusion. 3 years after 2 begun. ah ah ah ah,
4:58 am
ah ah, ah ah, let's go with your weather update for the americas here. everyone, thanks for tuning in, so a lot of activity around the mid west pushing into the great lakes. we're going to see some thunderstorms bubble up here, some of which could be severed. next stop. i want to take you to the west coast, a few showers swirling around western canada just into the pacific northwest, but mostly cloudy pitcher here. and he got to prepare for it because those temperatures in the desert southwest are about to shoot up in the days to come. already we see signs of it in vegas in phoenix. $40.00 to $43.00 degrees on wednesday. now here's your extended forecast and look at this. you're up to 46
4:59 am
degrees. it's not going to be record breaking stuff for the month of june, but your temperatures are well above average. then we got a lot of rain in this area pretty much stretching from oklahoma, right through to georgia, up through tennessee, and kentucky and the risk of seeing some flash flooding here. the rain is still coming out shows we look toward the bahamas parts of cuba, and really what weather stretching all the way from acapulco right through to panama city. of course that meets up with all the wet weather toward the top end of south america. and is the side further toward the south? we do have some storms just popping up around northern parts of paraguay, 14 degrees, a high for you and montevideo on wednesday. ah, when you're from a neighborhood known as a that of radicalism, you have to fight to define stereotypes. i am going to shop join
5:00 am
the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them with no money show you what. let me take a look at some of the boxes. this is year on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with all warnings of spiraling starvation in the horn of africa, where dog food supplies the dwindling further the cause of the war in ukraine. inside ukraine, the president declares stalemate is not an option as his soldiers to fight for.


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