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tv   My Tunisia Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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to block estimates the consumers in europe spend nearly 3000000000 dollars each year on a variety of charges. so a standard model could make life cheaper as well as simpler for most people are not very big when an economically and environmentally it makes that it suits everyone. it should be done. no, but i can either send, if there's a standard charger, we won't have to shop all the time for another one. it's a brilliant idea and it'll save money. you can keep all, it's taken, the e u a decade to reach an agreement on the universal charger which will become mandatory in 2024. the block is now working on implementing a standard charger for larger electronic devices, including laptops, by 2026. this is latasha butler, al jazeera paris. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories that the u. n says the world must act immediately, or there'll be an explosion of child death in the horn of africa. 14000000 people
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in somalia canyon ethiopia are at risk of starvation as the region that deals with the worst drought in 40 years. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the eastern industrial city of savannah on the us. russia has sent more troops to encircle the area, but ukraine's president remains defiant, saying his forces will win back all occupied territory. that was in response to suggestions that ukraine may have to see that some territory to end the war. activists say, one of the largest migration movements in recent years is underway as thousands of people escaping violence and poverty. moved through mexico towards the u. s. border . most of the refugees and migrants in this circle caravan or from venezuela cuba, haiti, under guatemala, is coincides with the regional summit where migration will be discussed. well, those all the headlines. the news continues here and i'll just hear that's after my
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to see the no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. this is i don't need to be here with you the mac, and i'm just gonna put them on your team yet. and also you can just, you know, leave you a message. can you open at the home and the yah today and we're going to give you what we said, well they sent me a lot of money out of them at the hospital gave me yeah. when i know, i mean, i mean,
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i shooting off the edge of the how and why did it become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i rip this deal apart, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah ah, haulage oh oh. ready loons,
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he in the sun, i'm da torn this hey, yeah, and but funny in the thought i'd be had defeat thomas thomas. he yet in awe and see him beneath him. she in a fee, if and left a message in miss celia there with steve, i am as at a beer on a huge phony acc, liam nominal anesthesia. ah, yes it is. you know, i've been dish the dish a loose. the bobo shirt has been at the will that do you this one which we know i'm
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not though it has been how good of us a day. it mission said domain scissors deep. correct. said de glad to by the ambition heathen, bish, nominal which no 2 hosted they but in the district and the number he kick ellerby sincere though or actually had a mother shift. please help me. and i have been at donahoe's minneapolis by now out of an urban center. on dio lewis the g. honey, he is that into the al saturday and the sub, an extra methadone for sylvan and gibbs nelson suv. we have one of now has it go up, is it on the 13th and then send me a motion and i must have seen can allen mr. jonathan, give kids that way. lost his emotionally ladder. ah
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and i might have been may be a did i live? i'll cousin sat on a syndrome that there was no masters and the only yes ma'am, and i push it to my own in and play money a little different from me, hickey, i'm on here, but it's going to maggie hasn't had the new media wants to do my 1000000 in heaven and have also that of larry. i think i'm in hancock and i'm a creature. have both been in the market above a little while. i do not miss abbas about layla. if the women don't, with dork, that hasn't been done in mclean glen my loaded up and went from our little clayton
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position alva and those other. so the family must fit, i had put in good credit, could not get him to bed. let them come to become a little gray looking. tis neil contin halfmoon hampshire. the ab has it was clear cry little ah are they as you know it faster than i am at? i am not allowed to play with unheard. my own will be led to believe it came out still because i know how it began. nora, good them. they muffled possibly. could it in missouri, news had it turned them in celia and sin and yet a month to month. and the modem among muscle. though an aversion be found
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pleasure and i took from i had been there in the theater. you asked me as agent o. d a? have you quoted mana hadn't rossa? if you can, with the luminous l o me, said them one of the computer and the timeliness so glad to be ziki fish. now look at what the condition the holy game allowed to be now will be. however, i cannot understand talent, tyler only monahan, lower middle claims, the m cynthia. and should that affect human to the steve? your versus should the given to the sooner and then i will be. so megan habit, nevada with huffman and ethan, but i am, am la with the health insurance. ah.
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couldn't see berkeley really? you know, so i lived on that control form with joining him. sheila from shelton is playing lucy, looking should seller selling probably atlanta had done that. he said well ah ah, oh boy, hold off to life. a god with chrisman with s as in relationship on so been managing
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a lamb. la fleur. i'm digit that way with the bill and hash. got it. no matter who i am here, deborah, i'm a harmless way in hun. but ma'am, do i send the mulish heavy to believe that i put in the tune a fleet vehicle was that i've been without them. how you a morbid greasy for them when we say mclee hit then for that and i would normally out about national arbitration. snip did not open that up though i already arranged a deep left lemon law. undo snoozed. it is now innocent. nina, that incident williams, character of tina, some other sienna. those simply somehow did the google queue from militia the,
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the bus on i to live by direct, uglier. her mom, my only only found with our own, got the inner optimizon as a day, a man have any serve, manish was and bench way vision. her mission that dal moore's for 400 earth haber happened on that abstract hamster when you had the deform medical more by the and, but i lived out of to say, well, i think i live many though not, not a clear the hash on artistic idabel, oklahoma in how an unlawful of the world, how to an un designers g. that when you don't ever look sonata i've had this has had the, the no one is my god begged. mm hm . i came to alarm my letter again. she marlowe, the sower. amish alarm. only had one daughter hematoma. when his newest son move her, i couldn't philippines. call miss clinton miss til law him here. the eminence from
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monday, himself. right in the doctrine of she, when she said them, nora had better be with their own. g pensioner. well, now i'll cut them has some should teach them me. ah good, i'm here so bad with hardly 15 with dr. were library. you have yourself, god, do to live and all that kind of get how would in better condition with my to how to home me a w good lord and madame ever and left her a blue light at that. but mom can my name or the back of the clearly
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monkwood either. no, and medically we were actually domain emma a domain here, but luck that would come with those man if you but the next one was the article that let's go back to what i mean. little mother heard this is on her mom. mother should huddle as of you might have to fish as far the table because t just miss sarita shakafur that art on her. so if we're, if we're near dd vickery, i am as leona choker my committee dick burton couldn't have been had publish. and papa so, but, ah, i'm a clever little has seen at the sky. they, if they had for,
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for soon at the could in hellish weight. and ha, ha, exit m coolant had been in school school. andy bahama had online. ah, who is the mother of the his here with us and you will get good missouri on the year or is that the i'm the new so we're here with the i'm and michel man that the dominant. that room . so not the one with
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little from why did but a bit new for commit to the whole work with, you know, i live with home and i live the seller to confirm that up one yet. second thing was that absolutely. i can what had to do with what we me so her tony. i have to facility net. mr. henley. a so zullie, i'm the control i left. i go with the good the stolen one machine think well, let me just a are
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you there he may he article mr. ha shelby you been a customer? they don't have control. persuade thumb. moment handles love to tear prisma her. sure. your mom is a british way to let an additional showing that he did have to show you looked his or not had that the hm. good gibberish. done that with the push ali and him she manifest. lucy and you've done with the boy they came to will be they did, it was very difficult for his sake with him on that model for me. that'd be about how much unsafe was that'll be a bunch of us that will kick because he has been ah
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ah you some will not. he missed his bus. pass you to leon to your letter showed good michelle, a niche and that could happen. so nick, should linda and i'm sure has he, luna, management government and all of the it's a been a very heavy oh it's a male assessment. should give a try. how to read the 15th the beer should pad the curvature. is there be a
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metal if you cannot do it the actual badly unlikely when i had the finances it alone hadn't thera ghost a hazard? the bad and did my renewal on time on it. but on and honey and home garage they, they call one of my more failures. and he and he, she, i only was crazy. i think a bit has, has her and her or i'm a been in sydney. i'm gonna kick them for mr. m. had them at that commission museum absorbed, stabbing money in the paint and modeling on a home in st. louis, i'm and i'm gonna hammer that up. he said look, when i'm home alone. ah, it's me. i didn't with that hannah official though that about the 3. 0, one of them, sagamore, unprofessional, m. i n a mm hm. a for her
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to be let alone with. ringback ah, new math and seekers went to the lunch of mission, cowboy victim with the time came in the bush windshield. they will go as soon as you can and quickest. ah a smith when none of them haven't though her with one cask. so men who me happy wouldn't own and am now normally my fellow mother and see by the column had i had the guests on them. but you know what?
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i owe her acoustic ceremony, which i knew the law, her daughter, you'd wanna your, with one that with a semi deep can it not pain message a, a habit it via the figure without a good entrepreneur? but with the mclaughlin, i have to be there to be a blue, nice national hard money, a month i would miss on it. and i know you can do that and then you gave it to him and how come as they were all my i'm a as in a rush nails with. ringback
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ready i have them still have a sure don't, has the 100 but some of the let's i been here just one of my monday. can you little bit of risky? pretty good hedgehog. if you could please, obviously be in the pattern. i'm catching down. ox doesn't look like that because i
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had not been led up one of whom are rough, but oh no ah, polish could be along the what us b b m a is a big which made so says she didn't though minish nag the other day because bridge and you need to put a mom kima on me and her, but it's via bush, a hash it say, hey, listen, shuffled denoted the brain r m a tough cut, a cookie, hasha lad, it with the money that good. because been i later back into my home i had they became much, ma'am. hold on. no, no rush way. yeah. what another do you my hello come home and you had told me that if no money has, hey, i was gonna take her as either. uh luca to my mom. 2
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ah, this main you know, but this one is still, are they still a debit? so as neighborhood a vehicle was to pinnacle bank they don't con, scala. elizabeth lisa health. yeah. now under thought that if you didn't really good media ever thought about again, madison malika. i mean, is there monday marconi economies? you see her coke. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. oh,
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here with with a model with a machine. ah,
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the image is the model. could say a monthly interior for what in me, shit, cause for model. not the modem back when i had fun. oh, lap homeless shaleeko. mercedes is shonda, a g o n e n o l. a format is on a, in a a, a, a m, a c. i a, a model with
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a 3 and have a year as a william, he come to live. i matched a back in the day that he just paddled. no one when i'm starting to check
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with a much with a law numb with god, a big humana coming to have a good day bye. we can use to miss a oh. ringback any men twin handy, much, and a 1000 of them in his efficiencies,
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it had the 23rd from you and you said he gave them a b. m. and a half day in old age, him and his to fair and only they held him gay only to mine. ah, ah, i see. and with whom he yeah. lydia, will he im, stanley in owens in. ready ah, tunes unit ah, building a new life on any tylic beach living of the sea and
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a like. a dream shared my so many, but so few make it to the end of a family business led by a remarkable woman. with a flare for cooking and desist for living, my tune is yet island kitchen. on al jazeera, june on al jazeera as wash as invasion of cream approaches, the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, funded by colonialism and store housed in european museums today. the g 7 am nato hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and cost of living crises. this wants to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty,
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equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for katara 2022, june on al jazeera, vulnerable filipino workers. he's with a big explosion by landlords who make the pay exorbitant prices to leave over crowded b one o one ace, makes the victims and exposes the business on al jazeera. what we do at al serra is try to balance this story and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah, warnings are spiraling starvation and the horn of africa where scarce food supplies are dwindling further because of the war in ukraine. meanwhile, inside ukraine, the president declares stalemate is not an option as his soldiers fight from eastern industrial city.


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