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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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with juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was turned off this fall alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path. international filmmakers, a world class journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, ah warnings of spiraling starvation in the horn of africa where scarce food supplies that dwindling further because of the war and ukrainian. meanwhile, inside ukraine, the president declared stalemate is not an option as his soldiers fight from eastern industrial city.
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dub hall, also coming up be the same green. com verse on her feet. it turned out to be the only clear evidence that could i did to buy her at the shooting. the out to matthew mcconaughey makes an emotional please, a tight, a gun control the white house. and a huge movement of people through mexico illustrates the challenges of migration for regional leaders. ah, the world is being warned of a worst case scenario unfolding in the horn of africa, where the un says starvation is exploding into famine for straight rainy seasons of failed, causing the worst drought and 40 years. 1.7000000 children in the region are suffering from acute malnutrition. somalia alone used to import 92 percent of its weight from
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russia and ukraine, but supply lines and are blocked by the war. our to 0 is malcolm web reports from the somali port city of his mouth went to abdullah. he bully, have children, died of hunger and thirst. he says he was left with no choice. he abandoned the only life he's ever known as magic heard. he says he was caught between the armed group, asha bob and worsening drought. most of the jokes and cows perished, told us he left the last animals to die and walked with his surviving daughter for dosa, for 3 weeks to reach here. a camp displaced people in the port city of kiss, my in somalia. my wife lost her mind with that was after we were unable to get food for our children. the last i heard she tried to walk to market issue, but then i don't have the strength to look for. i don't have shelter,
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i don't have anything to eat. i have nothing. after law he and far dosa have joined thousands of people already in this camp. many of them lost their animals in previous drowns and haven't been able to restock their heads. more than half a somalis depend on hurting livestock turn. dry scrubbing to mill can meet that people have survived on for thousands of years, but the droughts are becoming more frequent and worse. so the camps in cities like kiss maya grow bigger. many of the people here may never go back. guessing harder and harder for people to survive in the country side, this is another place to fit in the sea. there were many decades of conflicts or prevented in stuff. field fishing don't like many other parts of the world. they haven't been picked up the law. he knew her moods as he would never have dreamed of
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eating fish. when he was a herder, then his sheep and goats were wiped out in a drought 5 years. again. he says he then struggled to survive in a camp and kiss my until the un food and agriculture organization bought him a boat and trained him to fish. this a big difference. as a lifestyle keeper, life is always about struggling with drought and trying to recover from it. to fish in the ocean, you have to learn many things. a lot. the ocean itself is like a university. you need to study out books, have the law. he spent years learning and says he can now get a good catch 5 days a week. his money he earns is enough to pay school fees for his children. the u. n said many more people could be helped in the same way that the crisis is also be coming out of by my vision crisis. and that it requires a ma did i bought a solution by supporting that. usually it's like a huge partition where they can diversify and improve their perspective new
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nutrition. it's not clear how the millions of similarities in the countryside will survive in a warmer world war war. what may be simone is 3000 kilometer coastline and it's fish can help malcolm web al jazeera kiss, my somalia. mean all the cranes government says grain exports will remain at a trickle $2000000.00 tons a month. if russia doesn't lift its blockade of black seaports. russia meanwhile says the ports it occupies bird young and matthew polt. i ready to resume export, but ukraine says that what amount to looting its thought of these 20000000 tons of grain still stuck well on the eastern front lines. ukrainian or russian forces are engaged in street to st. battles in the city of civil don't ask. russia is trying to surround it, and the cranium soldiers are struggling to hold their ground. speaking on tuesday, the president lensky said his forces were trying to recover all areas occupied by russia. that was in response to suggestions that ukraine may have to see some
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territory to end the war. from steve jobs, traffic reports on developments across the east. sarah, the next and neighboring lucy chance ga, the last 2 towns in the loo, ganske region that are not under full russian control. and we understand, according to the ukrainians, they actually contradicting the russians and sang that ukrainian forces are in control of the industrial area of that to city russians. the russian forces in control of the majority of the residential areas ukrainian saying that up to 12000 civilians are still inside the city. now we don't know whether in fact they're trapped all they are refusing to leave. it's important to recognize that in our travels in that eastern region, going into frontline cities and towns like silver, their nets, the people that you do meet when even won't tell you on the camera, but they are sympathetic to russian forces and to russia control in that area so
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simply are waiting for russians to arrive. we do know that there have been evacuations today earlier today up from the neighboring town of lucy champs. we know that there been some evacuations from there today. i'm around 30 people only evacuated from there. we also know how dangerous it is, as you can imagine, trying to get civilians out of their ukrainians though, remaining optimistic, they saying that certainly over the weekend on reporting that the russians controlled around 80 percent of severed and that's ukrainians. now a saying that they have taking back control of around 50 percent of that, 80 percent that they initially admitted that the russians controlled. so yes, a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. the former german chancellor, anglo merkel says she has no regrets about had dealings with russia and ukraine during her 16 years in office. in her 1st interviews and stepping down in december, michael said she was right to block keith from joining nato in 2008. to avoid
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further escalation with moscow. michael says the failed mince accords, which am to en, fighting in the don bass region and given ukraine 70 years to strengthen its military and his democracy will keep the mighty establish vinzini killing. diplomacy is not wrung. if it doesn't succeed, i don't see that i should say now that it was wrong, and i won't apologize. but you have thought to matthew mcconaughey has made an emotional appeal to congress to tighten gun controls following last month's school shooting in his home town in texas. he met president biden at the white house where he also spent the journalists article. he knows more now from washington. familiar, but her re 16th school children run to safety. and you've all the texas as a gunman, murdered 19 of their classmates and 2 of their teachers inside. after this gun control advocates at this time, it would be different. after matthew connie, he came to washington to meet with lawmakers, the president, and then the press to try and make sure that is true. may day war green,
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high top converse with heart, she had hand drawn on the right toe because they represented her love of nature. camilla's got these shoes. can you show the issues or these every day, bring converse with a heart on the right to be the same green converse on her feet. that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting that he was born. and you've all day and he spent the last week there talking to families of the victims, bringing their stories to washington and pleading for change mechanics, calling for raising the legal age where you can buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21 . you want to see increase background checks, new laws that make it easier to take guns away from people. considered unstable. there is a bipartisan group of senators working on proposed legislation, but it is not expected to go anywhere close to as far as that the house is taking
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of legislation to do those things. but 1st, they will hear on wednesday from a little girl who was here in the classroom. she took blood from her murdered friend and spread it all over herself. in order to play debt, it would likely be shocky, hard to listen to testimony from a traumatized child. another attempt to make sure this time it actually is different. particle haine, al jazeera washington, several 1000 refugees and migrant saw continuing their journey north through mexico and authorities are showing few signs of stopping them. most have come from venezuela, cuba, haiti, and guatemala activist. say the group traveling what's referred to as a caravan could be one of the largest migration movements can recent years. while they left the mexican city of tampa, chula on guatemala border on monday, covering as much ground as possible during the mornings to beat the heat of the day when he was spoken of getting themselves and their families to safety in the u. s.
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and finding work that i filled out with this journey has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got physically and verbally attacked. we had to cross the darian gap and trails through menus. and if will be countries in some others, people are nice to us, but a lot of thing has happened in this journey. lady again, i tell global lead is that this has been a very difficult journey, but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families and a better future. will. a caravan is providing a live illustration of the challenges governments face and managing immigration flows as a regional summit is held in los angeles. rob reynolds is there on the agenda at the los angeles meeting are stemming the flow of migration to the us and other countries. trade relations, which have not progressed as far as the us had hoped. and what us officials call strengthening democracy, as well as other issues the war in ukraine,
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which has gripped the world's attention and arguably scramble the whole system of international relations is not on the list. that's because in many respects, latin american countries are taking a wait and see attitude, the summit will show the level of polarization and division among, let them americans let and americans are very well aware that the, the wall dis, living through a very important changes on the international system, as we knew it before, the war in ukraine, it became no more. so let and americans will be very interested in learning a what is the offer by the united states to live in america and this new context. russia has friends in the region, notably cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, which declined to condemn the invasion and were not invited to the summit. brazil is russia's biggest trade partner in the region, many south american countries by arms from moscow,
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but latin american ambivalence over ukraine has more to do with the u. s. his historic role in the region than russian ambitions there. as significant part of fer, let them americans precisely see and these kind of law at tension. so between the united states, between the western russia, from a position at that that the united states did a lot of bad things to us. so why should we support the united states when something has happened in the ukraine? historically, latin america and the caribbean have been ponce 1st in european imperialist schemes . then, under american hegemony and as proxies in the cold war, experts say they have not developed the capacity for an independent foreign policy . the challenge for the us is to rebuild and then maintain its influence in the region while blunting that of russia and china. that will take more than a 3 day summit here in los angeles, but these meetings could be
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a start. rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles, los not so to come here now does air, including the mystery of the missing indigenous rights activist, was an east launch, a criminal investigation, and australia, just one get away from leaching, the quickly will come mom that he, it's continues across the middle east. hello everyone, hear some of that prove so. and alger har, q weights. now the high temperature so far registered in 2020 to 52 point one degrees. this still needs to be verified, but that was the reading that we had the other day. so looking ahead on wednesday, oh, his box ed could head up to 50 degrees. cue weight at $48.00, and your time will come in while temperature is coming up and that humidity is
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going down over the next few days. so this up to 47 degrees on thursday and already by wednesday, you'll notice that the humidity that is bad is what it's been as of late. also got some high temperatures still, of course in pakistan, jacob bad at 47 degrees. the hor, likely to see some sand and us there at $45.00, and look at this tater on $3940.00 degrees possibly on wednesday, so that could be a record temperature for the month of june. unfortunately, it's a picture of showers and thunderstorms across parts of turkey will see those showers dance into its stumble with the high 27 degrees. and for that north or an edge of the democratic republic of congo, showers in storms. here we press place where they go, they some further toward the south. now for southern africa, it's mostly dr. picture looking good in cape town with a high of 25 degrees on wednesday. enjoy. ah, overnight success story at night often might
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be any way invest in consistency and then she investments how to states control information. how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism we framing the story? be it online, on an or in plains, listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. a picture might about top stories here. this out un says the world must out to mediately, or there will be an explosion of child debts and the horn of africa. 14000000
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people are at risk of starvation, as a region deals with the worst drought and for to years. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the east of industrial city of savannah, don. yes, russia some more troops. drum circle the area, but you cranes, president remains defiant, saying his forces will win back all territory. and us talk to matthew mcconaughey has made an emotional appeal to congress to tighten gun controls which follows last month's school shooting in his hometown and texas. 19 children of 2 teachers were killed in their tuck in valving. recent brazil opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous expert on a british journalist. family and friends are worried about their safety, but president jebel, from arrow says the 2 were on a dangerous adventure, and okay, your market reports miss brazil's navient army are helping the federal police. look for british journalist dom phillips in his guide. indigenous expert bruno bit eda,
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they were both in their shove id valley, a remote indigenous reservation. the size of morocco when they went missing. the area is home to the world's largest number of un contacted tribes. video who knows the region intimately sent an audio message on sunday, saying they were headed down the river to what the liable nazi, a small city, 2 hours away from where they were last seen. the indigenous expert has recently been organizing expeditions with local tribes, training them to you, satellite images and cellphone apps, to track down the legal fisherman and poachers. we followed bit era in that same region several months ago. he told us then that he had already received many threats, tribal leader battle my little boy who has worked closely with biddy, ada, says the legal fisherman and poachers work for criminal drug, cartels laundering their money. you know, i, you,
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i can't imagine them being lost. pity knows the region to well, we think though it ambushed violence and the java, the valley and bristles indigenous territories in general has risen since president gyal senari was elected almost 4 years ago. his openly defended the commercial exploitation of protected lance and his cot, funding to organizations created to protect them. biddy at i was still being threatened when he was accompanying phillips, who was investigating the region for his book on the amazon. when both men failed to arrive at the liable nacia on sunday afternoon, native trackers started searching for them, fearing for their safety. the journalist brazilian wife and english sister have made public appeals to brazil's authorities or for buffet. i want to make an appeal to the relevant authorities to intensified the such. be still have some hope of finding him. even if i can not find the love of my life alive. he must be fond
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lease, intensified to such if anyone can help scale up resources available for the search . that would be great because time is crucial. brazil's president able sonata, who is up for reelection in october, said both men were on a dangerous adventure. anything can happen, they could have been lost or executed. we pray they are safe. he said. former president laziness sula, the silver was running against bull. so narrow tweeted, i hope they are found soon and are safe and well. meanwhile, in their job id valley, this search continues monica, and our give i'll jazeera, the receptive state has spoken about media freedoms at a pre summit event. during a question of answer session, antony blinkin was challenged about his country's response to the killing about his era journalist. sure. in other other i deplore the loss of serene. she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen,
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as you will know. and there too, we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what happened. i know they have not yet, but know they've, i'm sorry with respect they've not yet been established for looking for they've not that we are looking for an independent credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead. it's it's, it's straightforward is that that is not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen. now to 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of sharina clay in the occupied west bank. she was shot in the head by ready forces while an assignment in jeanine. on the day of a funeral, israeli forces stone the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull bearers to almost drop her casket didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied eastern islam to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. i blocked a was without 0
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a 25 years covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. the policy no authority says it still can't afford to pay full salaries to most of its employees. the finance people will get 80 percent of what they're owed. it's been unable to cover full salaries since november, blaming israel. so withholding tax revenue it collects on behalf of palestinians. some of that money is now coming through, but the wage cut comes at a time of anger over rising prices. and even what we only get 80 percent of the salaries and this salary is barely enough. the cost of living are increasing every month rather than every year. this salary is not sufficient for our monthly or daily needs. people don't know how to pay their bills, whether they are loans, rent, or utility bills, 80 percent of the salaries. it's not enough. a train has derailed and east iran getting at least 13 people. it happened 50 kilometers outside the city of tobaz.
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more than a dozen people have been injured. some critically rescue helicopter has been sent to the scene. initial report suggests the train collided with an excavator. my dear as governing party is holding its primaries to choose a candidate for the presidential election next year. more than 2000 delegates and the all progressives, congress are meeting in the capital of buddha resident model, bihari stepping down next year. at the end of his 2nd term, main opposition parties selected it's nominee last week. now, scandal surrounding past and present some african presidencies are back in the spotlight. it follows the rest of 2 brothers who had strong ties with formerly to jacob zoom or the miller miller reports. from johannesburg. rejection i took to flit south africa in 2018 after being charged with fraud corruption and money laundering. although an interpol read notice has led to the rest of the brothers and to buy it may be some time before their extradited. presumably these, these a suspects will be brought before
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a court. and they will then utilize their rights to trying to resist the extradition. but if they're petition to a stop, the expedition is not successful. then we would expect to see that that request ratified by the relevant authorities and then for them to be physically put on a plan and brought back to south africa. but it could, it could take some time. the group does immigrated from india to south africa in the early 19 ninety's. their relationship with former president jacob summa is at the center of the scandal surrounding the family zoom, or was forced to resign in 2018, falling pressure from within his party. it's alleged the group to influence government policy and the appointment of cabinet ministers and looted state funds and estimates $32000000000.00 was stolen during zoom as 9 years in office. the former president is facing a separate trial on charges of fraud, linked to
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a multi $1000000.00 arms deal of the group to family members and associates a currently on trial for allegedly siphoning off state funds meant for farming projects. the group to brothers are also implicated. many south africans have welcomed the arrest, but to political commentator, to say allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government may not be limited to the zoom administration. karen presidents reports as facing his own scandal. he's accused of failing to report the 2025th of up to $4000000.00 from his farm in the limpopo province from eda miller, i'll 0 johannesburg sometimes painfully has landed in democratic republic of congo for a 6 day visit. it's the 1st time my belgian monarch has travelled it in more than a decade. but many come velisa, calling for an apology for his country's brutal colonial rule. millions are believed have been killed from the late 18 hundreds, the early 20th century. can felipe, as previously express regret over the suffering inflicted during belgian rule,
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but he's not issued a formal apology. the british prime minister, scrambling to patch up his damaged authority after surviving an attempt by colleagues to push him out of office for his johnson told his cabinet to get on with the job of charlie angela reports from london support from his cabinet. after a night, when boys johnson's political life faced its biggest challenge, yet the prime minister was eager to bash on with business as usual. thank you very much. you're very good to see you. and i think quite by everybody. oil good work yesterday because i was, was a very important day because i were able now to draw a line onto the issues that are perkins. i was told by a we are able to get a little he but what i think the people in this country was what we are doing to help them to take the country. oh wow. that is the prime minister. the prime minister in his loyalists want to push past the embarrassing result. where 41
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percent of conservative m. p 's voted against him, hoping now the rest of the party and the public will let go that anger about his transgressions. including the party gates saga, where johnson and many of his staff broke coven 19 looked down rules at downing street gatherings. because clearly back replied minister, think that he got a fixed penalty notice for coming to a gathering away. he was taken by surprise of the birthday cake. evelyn those the circumstances around his aunt's advice, the suit gray report to parliament at length. he's overhauled the operation of tony's apologize. i think a lot of people think it's time to move on. we've had that vote yesterday we got a packed agenda dealing with the cost of living, cra, fighting crime. the leveling law regeneration bill will go to the house of commons, some of those he won't have gone say they won't give up. others say they will accept their defeat. we had a vote, i voted against him. i lost. and now my duty is to accept the results,
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move on and try and put together with the rest of the conservative party policies which will reconnect with the public again. under current rules, johnson should be safe from another challenge for a year, but those rules can be changed by special parliamentary committee. some conservative mp said they'll give the prime minister until the next party conference in october to prove he's fit to lead. the prime minister says the focus now should be on the challenges ahead facing the country. soaring energy cost inflation waiting times the medical treatment. the northern ireland protocol, which aims to prevent a hard border off to bricks. it tough decisions for which he'll need his party and public on board. but polls suggest that trust may have gone. charlie angela al jazeera london, shall anchors looking for $6000000000.00. an international financial aid to stay afloat is negotiating with the international monetary fund after sinking into severe economic crisis. the animations 22000000 people are faced months of blackouts and shortages of few food and medicines. government,
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a short on foreign reserves putting inputs out of reach. so sports news now in australia had moved a step closer to qualifying for the football world, cup and cutoff. i people united arab emirates to one and a clay off in doha. this is next week and then when a back game we'll go through to the world cup which picks up in november. sports correspondent, john, i guess oscar was watching the action. australia always said that they play best when their backs are up against the wall, and the united arab emirates certainly made sure that in this well cup qualify in doha. on tuesday, they left australia frustrated in the 1st half and we didn't see any goals until the 2nd half jackson, irvine scoring for the suckers midway through. but just minutes later, the united arab emirates with equal when cairo canada school for them, and it was 11, putting more pressure on the sa cruise, but then aden, hostage school again for australia,
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putting them through to one into an inter continental player against peru next week as they seek a 5th strike, well cup finals, sudley for the united arab emirates. this is the end of the road. they won't be able to end that 32 year white for return to the world cup. columbia navy has released the best images, yet of a famed shipwreck, believed to be carrying billions of dollars worth of treasure, the spanish gallium, the san jose, sunken 70 no late and was located in 2015 gold coins. and cannon can be seen next to the whole of the vessel, columbia. i'm spain both insist the treasure is, there's 2 additional ricks have been discovered nearby. ah, i've a quick check of a headlines here on out here with you and says the wilma act immediately or there will be an explosion of child deaths in the horn of africa. 14000000.


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