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tv   Witness Trouble at Home  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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a mushroom case on al jazeera, used from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app. is that the, this is where we dissects, analyze it from algae. there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still just set for it and tapped on the new app from out to the new at you think it it ah hello, i'm down, jordan, go out with a quick reminder at the top stories here on al jazeera, the u. n. says the world must act immediately, or there will be an explosion of child deaths. no one of africa. 40000000 people are at risk of starvation, as a region deals with the worst drought in 40 years. the problems being made worse by
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the war in ukraine. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the eastern industrial city of sabera done yet. russia sent more troops to encircle the area, but you cranes, president remains defiance and his forces wouldn't back all occupied territory from keep charles truck but reports on developments across the east. several minutes and neighboring least chance got the last 2 towns in the loo, ganske region that are not under full russian control. and we understand, according to the ukrainians, they actually contradicting the russians and sang that ukrainian forces are in control of the industrial area of that to city russians. the russian forces in control of the majority of the residential areas ukrainian saying that up to 12000 civilians are still inside the city. now we don't know whether in fact they're trapped all they are refusing to leave. it's important to recognize that in our travels in that eastern region, going into frontline cities and towns like silver,
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their nets, the people that you do meet when even won't tell you on the camera, but they are sympathetic to russian forces and to russia controlling that area so simply are waiting for russians to arrive. we do know that the happening, evacuations today earlier today, up from the neighboring town of lucy champs. we know that there been some evacuations from there today. i'm around 30 people only evacuated from there. we also know how dangerous it is, as you can imagine, trying to get civilians out of their ukrainians though, remaining optimistic. they saying that certainly over the weekend on reporting that the russians controlled around 80 percent of severed and that's ukrainians. now a saying that they have taking back control of around 50 percent of that, 80 percent that they initially admitted that the russians controlled. so yes, a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. optima say one of the largest migration
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movements in recent years is now underway as thousands of people march through mexico towards the u. s. border. many have spoken of getting themselves and their families to safety. so i did a little with this journey, has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got physically and verbally attacked. we had to cross the darian gap and trails to menu xenophobic countries. in some others, people are nice to us, but a lot of thing has happened in this journey was lady, i tell global leaders that this has been a very difficult journey, but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families in the better future. a train has derailed and east and rom killing at least 13 people. it happened 50 kilometers outside the city of to bus. more than a dozen people have been injured. some critically rescue helicopters been sent to the scene. initial reports suggest the train collided with him. excavator police and brazil have opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an indigenous expert in which
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his journalist and the amazon rain forest. there were in an area where indigenous groups are under threat from illegal activity. we are really worried about him and urged you authorities in brazil to do all i can search the roots. he is following. if anyone can help scalar resources available for the search, that would be great because time is crucial. near in the u. k. my other brother and i are desperately worried. we love our brother warranty and his brazilian guide. bruno pereira found every minute counts. nigeria as governing party is holding its primaries to choose a candidate for the presidential election next year. the main opposition party selected it's nominee last week. and sport australia have moved a step closer to qualifying for. they will cut and cut all that deep united arab emirates to one player. much is played in doha with stadiums,
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australia phase for next week, with the wind up going flu members. so those were the headlines and he's continues on al jazeera after witness station consortium life enough. ah, a butchered edge color. she had mute old nissan and she let us match. i some it what
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i know you get a shirt nissan. one shit at match. i some it put a leg, you know, a yes why didn't eat chose you know, men tend to be built in really ham blind. ne partition can be divided into modeling bdc. good. now with a little but so condescending jennifer, them on with financial dependent on learning the been in the media and she said them, i've been said to sharon, a she knew of done if i could come up with a large little circle them to get it done may, could i back to a
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flood? i think with a much she indicated nearly just you'll probably be a little bit done. so know what those did you me up until all those did you get up on him? him at the bottom. let me talk a little mistake. make sure, did you get those kids in the element of them? well, most of them, that's it. to me, if i take take such as well as well, and then it will only all be gentle on berlin, which the one level could you me said, what did you say? i don't get a name of them on the 30. good luck miss. if m a meeting,
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i miss you suggested i give you sort of again, a little beginning about them deserve the yeah. oh yeah. oh no, they didn't do them, but they do it on the go avoid is asking me questions because
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i'm not even providing more than he's mine the only issue that he's why because you told me that's my question is and see how long coffee i will give because if you have to move in just a customer, he has something to do. i like to know with what you said
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a lot of these are some of them. so car payments. okay. on a with him and we'll head again with them all together. ah
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ah ah will it be there? at the little m. dia, home loans shows the liquid asi will as soon student sit in the room at plaza, alone, in cream at dinner, shaggy day and day from shifter, leon, so he shall many me. what was fam bus? one of us been a while to more it alpha al reserves affiliate k mill
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road. doug lee. oh, me. oh ha. ah ah, with. with
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loosens in a district didn't give you to me. i'm in the middle of, i'm going to go with her that there's an article that who read misty so, but as i've been living in via jones, i was event hottest housing postal code or something for will. could you read a nancy young listen good sheesh. it's just a middle middle market you question the given m m . as in of you you don't miss it. us going
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with that those up as soon as the food is then better buffy andrew in iceland with
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minucci unable on would i get make by one the mobile me can i'd best make the get a kiss it it doesn't look the problem while i must have some other children shudder . so trish, go then would the shallow they can they will have an electric you know, that takes me of in me me and then the minimum name is the new side to me as a new search box. mom. again, my name is john,
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talk to somebody new father and i let me do it all should give me some bidding me latrice on the marriage and some of the bazaars. absent. but other than that, as soon as you get ready to pull all to the island, i think be they be me that colors gcs, lose the of them all. the more will probably cool. shouldn't mccovie look on the should the elk on the shoot, the bullying does all be shrunk, pixel name johnson. what will you accept your monster gets nearer able. most customers, your kid is able. that was bull mother could tell us to tell some of that. but the mom was terrible to get it and all she knew he did his
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best leave it and look at history book, it gets written down in a bin and we have to share with me i'm saying conceptually wanted to consume extends down the course. 60 will, i'm in conflict if you nicholas ever living in didn't chewing in excel shaneka because there for brooklyn, began to savage on the nicholas took that kind of okay. do i like it in the counselor funny in the either be her mom she can either be or john smith and soda machine info and what we should and a been in in does any molars. stem,
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georgia molars. pled senior, the minimum amount and im nickerson sherman cinemas saved him visual senior flane entered plenty and nimble them took, stood a well known as us all the authorization, bend them closer to savages, check them again. they have done that to send a change to wisdom. gonzalez damages needed
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to look closer, sanky, which video will lead to get it. in addition, let us do the chink salvage the lot. i can do my money. the money there, where you go. ally, the only luck with us. and i don't know because let's go over there and then you know what you mean when you
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when i haven't seen it yet, but it was, you know, of it does a lot more like a look is easy and they never want to talk to him. it took me out of your love not i will never look hasn't good. it has some of the concerns. most of most of us know who should have been monkey goose. there was one of them. and they said they said all of them, i don't know. there's nothing on the look at the list. look because i'm moving to her as she has
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run the place they have to do a man inviting a car for the machine to do that just to that he who uses in do they do they do that. they help us investigate, i like to know how to do. and then if you haven't talked about doing, you know,
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the end of it, is it 10 ram? oh god, i meant about that. i know we did a deal with, well, i didn't have you know, small of a 2 week. i have not having this one. don't have yet to look that along with the to come now i'm talking you street, i'm thrown away from you. so you're gonna fool listing it and another make much of a fishing is, you know, not happy with. and you can either to have that the way you have that with a younger 7, a shell like they don't have children now. well, no, the said, and how long a go. macy school
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monitor that has a legal, a body and if you need to can mechanic deed the classroom, them some 3 need to hire, use them in which shouldn't matter because then i'm clinical them. so he says, if you wanna do it a shot, i did a ship with sugar 2 inch and it could, you just can, i can get caught you joseph. s. any just really what i can get out of it to me and then um i live in lincoln plan. she can, she does someone eli up is another one. nelson consensual for la couldn't and
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other than to send him the most on the job cuz it might be my name again. missy oliver simone in w. flexible is sorry, tunable. could you please amendment on nick we can get him a job in mid which. ok. ok, fido, that student who has a little bit of money and the one with
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the students, if you grew up with with
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m, i would need to use a customer to read his. i took it either, so elected ortho shot on addition on additional project. mish bush wanted a bank amended, i am sure that initial muscle nikoto. mm
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gillian. the debate. wonderful. i think this diplomatic language, it really means nothing on the ground on an online ad, your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera, the 1st episode of this series expose the imperial origins of the drug trade. commerce was good wire. fire was good for the former, so these, thank you very much. want to go and opens passage from the far east to europe and the united states. need guns need money. only money in these mountains is open drug trafficking, politics, and power. the era of empires on al jazeera the
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great thing about being amused present, so the net bookmark don't 0 is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here. you've seen news from pops of the world, but other networks just don't cover your getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, phone books in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera lu . i'm norah kyle and know how these the top stories on al jazeera, the u. n. says the world must act immediately, or 1700000 children could starve to death in the horn of africa. 14000000 people in somalia, kenya,
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and ethiopia are facing acute malnutrition. as the region experiences it's worse drought in 40 years. ukrainian troops are battling to defend the eastern city of several. don't ask. russia has sent more troops to encircle the area, ukraine's president says his forces will win back all occupied territory. activists say, one of the largest migration movements in recent years is underway and there's thousands of people moved through mexico towards the u. s. border. many have spoken of getting themselves and their family to safety and coincides with a regional summit where migration it will be discussed. this with this journey has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got physically and verbally attacked. we had to cross the darian gap and trails through menus xenophobic countries. in some others, people were nice to us, but a lot of thing has happened in this journey. lady again, i tell global leaders that this has been a very difficult journey,
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but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families in the better future. a trained derailment in easton iran has killed at least 13 people. it happened 50 kilometers outside the city of tabasco while than a dozen people have been injured. some of them critically and rescue. helicopter has been sent to the scene. initial report suggest the train that collided with an excavator. at least one person has dies and 2 people are missing. following a landslide in southern argentina's patagonia region, more than a day and a half of non stop rain caused the landside next to a hotel. the pass in all thirties as it still cannot afford to pay full salaries to most of its employees. finance ministry announced people get 80 percent of what the owed has been unable to cover full salary since november. let me israel for withholding tax revenue it collects on behalf of palestinians and columbia. navy has released the best images, yet of a famed shipwreck believe to be carrying billions of dollars worth of treasure. the
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san jose galleon sank in 17 o 8 and was discovered in 2015. spain and columbia both insist the treasure is that, as those are the headlines, i'll be back with more news off to witness do on al jazeera, as watches invasion, the screen, the coaches, the $100.00 day mark, we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, clumsy by colonialism, and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 m. nato hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of fall, right? politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for katara 2022. june on al jazeera.
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and i think that is, am i going to so fair that the legacy august is up and i get it in. and then i need to align with him. unless i like even math. you will study. but as you shift my me with a i will give you a make was very i hope you will look like i happy. i love to be headed or shelly and i do 1st read the maggie i know was that i live in an am will be another number with i know of and kind of, you know, is, were less our i'm with hiding it. my wife. i both
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the take one to show that they show that it is taken by the name of the senate to be nicholas.
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ah, that is because i did, i need to talk to someone in the i the oh yeah, i listen.
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i will save another was in me. i did it with like with a talk while mom with a bunch of movie, you know, the into my mouth dashing deals with are more of a, a like i like i said, a new chevrolet. this is
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a shave, a, a, as you said, yeah. good with the i will do it over the phone. i said ill, its bedroom for 2nd loaner mazda. oh, is that the like? like, just to ally, allay farms down with no height of it. mm hm. i could check and put up the for that and get a chance half. it's a little while here, but i'm to clean the sheet. new teeth won't be doing that. she couldn't. and when and when i put she a hipaa supplies, she need to wash with the lady.
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why do you need to buy a house? they have they take the day with him. he met the chair with lead. hello. yeah. alicia m a m. i couldn't make me play it. okay. let's see. i hate it often enough and him now i'm done with her and he'll close in between. let us take ever had a quote from a line in the, in a smug who's in i'm
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a techie instead of okay. he bought them at the life of us. we the have big love to the subdivision. and he started with me in the sense, well, who has a lot of like massage with some of them with about hello. it was a kid that i only been there with the whole game of thrones. which one do you have
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a lot of the one that is all done with the one that has always i know this isn't with yeah, well i got a. 2 good, a big, big a big
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so i think that they've ever been out with a little after you have to look over the affiliated with. mm hm. ah
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ah a i had the hockey r a e d. and i walked over by then head with a couple of freshmen to help, but he was so as you know, had they are with us. i will ship it in tomorrow. go immune shannon baker. mean b as in the last name, it's already she did buy one or there. did she find them on the os? i'm sorry to help them on those i so so they never asked and i said they get mud.
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doug smith in by 9 am to have know, had a a buffer source with la unless you collaborate, they'll see it had a, a mature medina club. and i said, i left a message. you can learn a little foggy, and i really did all my really don't know if you had there. are you imagine colonial look helene, you got an ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha spent the me know, i have no way of day. i'm gonna be do with here. i am not gonna lose my mama most you by law barbara, them you happening show gotten a go as i with them. you happy actually. so in the low got a notice of hearing the little girl who live not my will the manual there. no,
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no lose. i will admit my hi my you know find out i i vehicle. is this not be in a law only? i mean, how can i find, i mean, although not a so a bunch of yeah, i want to put them on a monday. she has nothing she. when can
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i think oh wow. mm ah a huh. so yeah, hold on. sure. dina and sending that in j, or whether he's ha, ha, that is selma, then al mr. though we can assume that all miss. thank you,
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bought the apple, mr. hunt that down to admit him yourself. hunting is no. send an essay cam. hi chanelle. i went down to the 1000000, sure how that the what i was lucky to what i wanna use this and newson m as in apple, down there question the mother and her him. so my then on which is how they have machine. think you bought a damage to member, get a kiddo making sure. so you were cutting down dolly salad. you're sick of the one kind of nuns be sickened do between. so to mend buster, mother and berlin here she although young so mother of them will not cut love storm doesn't beat taliban because i'm at if you're out of the book other than say, cosby met anybody who called in to sell it. you buy out of them, joe, or muslim blue shoe, i'm the only suit you. your son is just food seine on a cell membrane savage. i think it was on that on to get assembled about one to that was didn't want to just me whole name that will not only jim, you've got to the took me a
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1000000 bottom of them begin meeting with a shout that i see. the daughter is how we kind of joke. so that's my give you a nice bit of a going to new york, and then we can use on the, on the home. are you doing good? and then the call mother me a just a mom was just, i need a little but not be a sunbeam. a lot of been a metal bed. i'm afraid if it takes too much of the shoot you, i'm good. i will not the loser with a g.
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a sunny sent them and i had a smile with both of them, but i wasn't gonna bother. some of them tell you. and monica unfair. you do end up calling it. he does not feel a lot in the she's going to actually look at the coupon house. i show nearly all i had. i will see horner. i think you have seen him. so you have any book of don't have enough that you don't wish to look. you up in your mother's medicine. the movie was almost with miss
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young with the mothers in korea because i thought, surely i knew what she said. maybe she could be huge in them. do some particulars take missing of him to death and get missing it. just lose a little while they sitting there, there was the stuff in the new jumps in the
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corner, literally sank on his duramax in the note him mega nicholas. and that is gonna need ms. meadows standard going shows that reduced lunches. and the question is in miss nope, to, to get a couple of them make, they will know about me. the band
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surgeon was a message and that was all my considered within a couple of really big companies in japan. get addicted to the package that goes to them came in the comes from getting closer and sent them both and under the circumstances, i mean maybe they get it goes on another day think they they think they do not get them to live some of that month and my name said, cut the son bonded and saved on the bus and had to leave them, so let him in and then and then i did it and it's been almost the same as him. him a monitor if the news, any of those have to
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injure plumes against him sooner the better plan of getting a mixture of humanism in which we think she don't know that mitch bunch of someone get him to meet with the mother. she'll do mother should not be mckinney will not be in the dog. couple of the children, the basketball loan if needed to get the results at home. i go to trisha, lindsey, shut the modem to understand her shield. you could let ms. new nation know she's shedding, and that's not pretty much mom to get him to school to,
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to thing in the much. ok, think nature and tricia will much. ok. because in addition to jersey let me see how this shall militia all this caliah me. one minute let me
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i i i me me pull up our she may come in with me, let me about limit up in 310 in the summertime. ah,
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i know a job in detroit wanted me to home. it shows p o stay sure. there's no clue grandma cardiac me dog tony's kicker i slash appear ridge ah
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yes. abandoned as a child by his own cristella and nothing of the early life in the republic of hunger. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his bath and the most unexpected. re. whitney ella on al jazeera. ah, but he, it's continues across the middle east. hello, everyone, hear some of that prove so and alger har, q weights. now the highest temperature so far registered in 202252 point one degrees. this still needs to be verified, but that was the reading that we had the other day. so looking ahead on wednesday, oh, this box i could get up to 50 degrees q weight at $48.00, and o ha,
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your time will come as while temperature is coming up and that humidity is going down over the next few days or this up to 47 degrees on thursday and already by wednesday, you'll notice that the humidity that is bad is what it's been as of late. i've also got some high temperatures still, of course in pakistan, jacob bad at 47 degrees. the hor, likely to see some sand in dust there at $45.00, and look at this tater on $3940.00 degrees possibly on wednesday, so that could be a record temperature for the month of june. unfortunately, it's a picture of showers and thunderstorms across parts of turkey. we'll see there, showers, dance into is stumble with a height, 27 degrees, and for that northern edge of the democratic republic of congo, showers in storms. here we press play super. they go, they some further toward the south now for southern africa, so well, so dr. pitcher, looking good in cape town with a high of 25 degrees on wednesday. enjoy. ah,
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the african narrative from african perspectives now, but now we're about his big daily. why shift blue, short documentary, by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo, and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. he fled is what made the intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and matching and certainly africa direct on al jazeera. ah . ready ready as the fi saying in ukraine threatens a global food crisis, a diplomatic pushed by turkey to lift the blockade of grain exports. we report from somalia where food shortages caused by the ukraine will.


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