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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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living with the hardy, of losing my son on a daily basis. i believe it is our god given right to defend ourselves from any act of violence. making it more difficult or even more expensive for me, and people that look like me and other law abiding citizens will not make us safer . it will em, bolden, but criminal's gun owners are not the enemies. and these gun control policies are not the solution. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you all for your powerful and meaningful and gut wrenching testimony. ah, we will now pause, sir, you are excused, and we will pause while we seat the next panel for their testimony.
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this is al jazeera, it is now 1500 hours g and t alo, adrian finnegan, down here in doha for the last hour. so we have been listening to well, as you heard the powerful and gut wrenching testimony in the u. s. congress where survivors and parents of victims of recent my shootings have begun a day of from well, emotional testimony. we heard the final speaker was lucretia hughes from the teach dc project women for guns, right. she says that a gun owners are not the enemy. education is key to safety and not ineffective gun laws. alzheimer's mike hannah is up to the u. s. congress and was listening to that testimony. mike, what do you make of what we heard? no, that was got drenching at test me that we heard from family members of those who've been killed in this fate of school shootings in the united states. parents talking about dropping off their children at school in the normal course of events. baron's
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talking about suddenly receiving a phone call that the child was dead. we heard from the pediatrician who described the scene as at the hospital and you've all the when young children were being brought in. some of them did some of them severely injured. a pediatrician who had been working within the community for a long period of time. what we've heard as well, is repeated calls there for improved gotten controls, a tangible suggestions from some of the families, among them raising the age at which you can buy a weapon from $18.00 to $21.00. a ban on assault rifles, high capacity magazines. but we've also seen, even in a situation like this, the partisan differences that occur. there was a kind of exchange at the beginning of the session between the democrat chair and the senior republican representative on the committee in which he insisted that the issue was not just about guns. fact there's
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a mental health issue that schools need to be secured. the chairman saying very clearly that she believe that gun legislation was essential, stringent gun legislation was essential. so even on an occasion like this, you get these partisan differences. which to date had stopped any meaningful gun legislation from passing through the senate. in the course of to day, the house is going to be passing gun control legislation, which does has some teeth increasing the age of which you can buy a weapon. banning a assault rifles, however, this would never get through the senate. the senate itself is discussing behind closed doors, a watered down version of this. but meanwhile, what we are hearing is testimony from the victims. arguing very strongly that to blame for this. all the politicians, the politicians who repeatedly over many, many years have declined to pause. meaningful gun legislation continued to allow 18
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year olds to buy assault weapons with no proper writ flag checks with no checks into their background. so we heard here the, the pain and as well as the anger of those who directly been impacted by gun violence. and just to mention as well, adrian, that we are speaking about the my shooting in buffalo, new ball the in those particular sessions. but just this past weekend alone in the united states, 17 people were killed in gun related violence. in all there were a dozen mass shootings in which 4 or. busy people were killed or injured. so even as we sit here is just days away from yet another mass shooting 17 people killed in one weekend just this past weekend. this in the wake of those incidents that are being discussed in this committee meeting. and mike, the committee is in recess as,
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as we speak, what's due to happen when the commission on oversize and, and reform a comes back from recess. well, what is happening at the moment is that they are switching the panel. they are a series of panels that will be happening. we heard there from the 1st panel now there will be another 5 people seated, which includes as well, some experts in terms of gun control suggestions as so we will hear more about this ongoing debate. as the committee continues to hear the testimony of those who survive the testimony of those who blas loved ones and will also be hearing from those. busy who are experts, as you put it in again, control methods. that discussion is going to be happening. the committee will at one stage begin to ask a questions, but they will still be hearing out this next panel, which will be discussing once again the impact on the survivors on the relatives,
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as well as what tangibly should be done about it. or i'd like for the moment, many thanks don't 0, mike. hannah reported that live from washington dc. ah, russia and ukraine, 2 of the world's largest green exporters, are at war. a global food crisis is looming, but a un plan to restart. ukraine's great exports has already met its 1st hurdle rushes foreign minister has guaranteed the safety of shipments from ukraine. if keith removes naval mines from the black sea, ukrainian officials though have dismissed the comments as empty words. so gay lover of his in ankara for talks with turkey's foreign minister took his, making a diplomatic push to get the deal in place between moscow and cave, wrote so forth was they only put it be skewed for those little skew, any vessel wishing to use these cartilage either for loading or unloading grain is
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free. do so. we also have some de mining activities going on. but a few days ago, mister lensky asked for weapons that can be used against russian ship. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. but if you crane is ready to start the mining activities, then we are to we're discussing the details with turkish defense units. the book on the gimme that and then at that we are talking about a plan that includes a mechanism and cooperation between our technicians, the russian federation, ukraine and took in this regard, including the issue of examination of ships as turkey. you find this man reasonable and implementable? well, at the same news conference, the russian foreign minister was challenged by a ukrainian journalist who accused russia of stealing from his country. watching okay, you may have just mentioned, what has russia already managed to sell from everything that has been stored in ukraine side from green. so those are the you should have come again. so what has russia oddity managed to sell from everything that has been stored in
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your, your green side from green gala but it doesn't give us you're talking about the yellow i'm a teacher. ukrainians are always so preoccupied with what you can steal and from where and you think that everyone thinks that way i will answer you were implementing the goals that it been now publicly to read ethan ukraine, the suppression of neo nazi regime. and that's what we're doing, and grain, we've explained day, the grain can be transported freely to its destination. russia isn't putting any obstacles in the way. this requires mrs. lensky to give the command come on. if you still come out of anything there till our foreign and ukrainian ships to go into the black sea. we'll talk, he's a member of nato, and she has a c border with, with russia and ukraine. in the black sea, the russian navy controls nearly all traffic. so the northern part of the backseat . and since the invasion at february, russian forces a blockaded several ukrainian ports including ukraine's largest odessa,
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which has been bombarded by rushing vessels for weeks blocking millions of tons of grain. the fighting has put other ports like china mosque and usually out of operation on the same as off 2 major ports, already resume green shipments. but the criminal says that keith still needs to remove naval miners from buddy and mario paul. see if as of his shallower than the black sea at its forts only accessible to smaller vessels. let's talk to olga for a fence about her was in key if she's a special invoice for the ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs and is responsible for promoting ukraine's food at agricultural exports. good to have with us. can i ask, why was ukraine not present at these talk today? i good afternoon. yes, that's a good question and mary would like to know that says that one of the our poor and so worry because we are not invited in fact. and mr. laskey, our resident also mentioned to in the reaction of the show or action to the dogs
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between toki and russia in assemble. today, we are very thankful to turkey for the initiative. we feel quite chemical about what is proposed for today as a solution. ok. what would you cream like to see as a solution then to get gray and moving from these ports, once again, to avoid an international food crisis? well, which is absolutely clear for us that solution would need to drop her off. you're pushing back to the russian through, including then to the russian borders and to step back to the situation of the 24th of february. yeah, but we don't see from the russian side in readiness to do that. as for the proposed plan by the turkey or discuss the united nations plan,
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we don't know all the details, but what do we hear from all these negotiations? it's not enough for us to let em. you seem to be even a breast statement of mr. law girl, i only can come from, but unfortunately you grace doesn't draft the words of mr. lover off mr. pudding and we've seen already many announcements, many such kind of the, i don't know enough the show statements and proposals that just really empty. read more, more security guarantees. ok, so you don't trust mr. lab wrong, but do you trust the un we trust you in about here is a problem and you will, you had also the question, what the brain is afraid of october. the mining russia really can use the current doors for the attacking the ukrainian for so for the germ remarks,
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it can use it for free and cost, and i'm not quite sure that for instance, if you should even mandatory all turkish metal, military would be ready to go into direct military interaction with the russian to i think you are they agree on for? so you're saying that ukraine wasn't invited to these talks or others to say that ukraine was invited but, but didn't show out. but it's clear that nothing is going to happen. until ukraine is included in these negotiations. absolutely, absolutely. that's one of the rules, in fact, reach me or seen in the last time different on this is and i'll talk about ukraine results your grades. we're talking here about the korean grain and ukrainian force . and again, i can completely understand the pragmatic interest of turkey, the top 3 of import, there's looks great and green and green on green for almost 1 dollar last year
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to open the force and to have you ready and green. also, it's market on turkish market, but again we need more detail land land, and we need a more security guarantees. and even maybe, as mrs. alaska said we need then some missiles which we'll be ready to attack corruption metal or if we will use this misuse this there military and corridor. you see. okay, good talk too many thanks to deed for being with us. olga crawford saver in kid. thank you very much. hundreds of civilians in the city of savannah. the gnats can eastern ukraine are reported to be sheltering in bunkers below a chemical plant workers at the as a plant, a trying to secure the facility which source highly exclusive chemicals. russia is thought to have capture most of the city according to a us think tank, the institute for the study of what has been monitoring the battle for control of
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the key eastern region of to hans, hear the news out from al jazeera still to come on the program, one dead 30 injured, will be on the scene in berlin, where a car was driven into a crowd and making way for the tourist train. thailand's top earning industry is reopening for business. also, in sport, will have action flow match between 2 countries that are hoping to make a big impact. at the cutoff world come ah, saddam's military rulers, holding direct talks with political parties and civil society groups for the 1st time since seizing power in october. the un secretary general has called for good faith, a good faith effort to come to a consensus, protest us have been taught taking to the st. regularly since the coud announcing
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military rule. let's go live now to, well cartoon. i'll just, there was hip morgan is outside the place where these talks are underway, him up. what if anything, can we expect to come out of these talks? wallace special representatives of the un secretary general here and sudan made it clear that was he wants to see coming out of this, a sudanese own sudanese lead dialogue as he described. it is some kind of agreement on a constitutional arrangement. now the constitutional has changed since the military took over power last october, and there is no current prime minister, a prime minister, ham duke who was deposed by the military during the takeover was reinstated back in november, but he resigned in january. so sudan right now is currently without a fully functioning government. and he says, one thing he hopes to see happening is for the political groups and the political parties and the army to reach some kind of consensus on how to appoint
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a prime minister, how to come to go to, to get to an agreement on a constitutional arrangement, but more importantly, how to manage the remainder of the transitional period, which according to the military should and by july 2023 with elections held. the military has made it clear that they support this effort may, by the un and the african union and the regional body, i guide. and that's if a consensus is reached, then they would handle the power to whichever government is formed or handled are during elections. so the outcome of these talks of laws to depend on the participants themselves, the army, the political groups. and it's worth noting that many political groups, how by called by quoted this talk saying that did the environment for the talks have not been conducive. and that until political detainees are released until the military provides a conducive environment. they will not be participating in the talks. and what about the protests, the regular protests that we've seen, some of which have been violent of late. i mean it's of these talks likely will
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fact i'm the opposite of people to come out on the streets. are they less likely to protest or more likely, wiley's talks are going all while the process that are happening regularly since the military takeover is being led by some bodies or groups rather known as resistance committees. and since the takeover, they've made it very, very clear that they don't want any go see it or compromise with the military saying any form of negotiation or compromise with give legitimacy to the military takeover. so they're not part of the groups that are participating in today's talks . they have spoken to the you and have met with the united nations here with the african union and the regional body. i got the tree, the 3 bodies that formed the mechanism that is facilitating these talks and they've made it clear asper the un. these bodies have made it clear that they don't want to sit down with the military under direct talks, or even in direct talks. it's worth noting, adrian, that as these talks are happening on wednesday evening, they are protest in several cities in the capital, hot assume, protesting, not just the military rule,
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but the fact that they are political parties currently compromising and negotiating with the military. so it looks like whatever the outcome of these talks are, as long as the military, as part of the, of the talks as part of any solution that comes out of it. as long as they are in the equation, the protests will continue asper the resistance committees that have like, wanted the talks of zeros. hebert morgan reporting live from khartoum about many francs entered and mexico. thousands of migrants continue to make their way north towards the united states. mostly from venezuela and the journey is time to coincide with the summit of the americas on to zeros. manuel rob, hello. as with the group report style from mexico's chair prostrate, a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group. rafael, a migrant from the dominican republic says he feels lucky to be alive after falling
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from a freight trailer. joe got in though it was not, i'm gonna come, i was running as a truck was passing. i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab onto but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan or from venezuela. despite coming all the way from south america and crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap, many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers. not roaming around the la mama medical like a 100 migrants refer to mexico as the house of tara. that is when we draw the cross a jungle a 1000 times than be here, gambling we've been detained or arrested, left without money. and if we go on our own one with cartels or something horrible . oh, i had water who say is from venezuela and get that in from bay do travelling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is
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a daily challenge. we de larosa. it's been painful, we've suffered hunger and thirst. our child cries because he needs a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration. they ha, the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis, playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat. in the weeks law river, it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border every year. and manuel is with us now live from southern mexico. many. where are you? what's happening there right now?
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we're in the city of weeks somewhere between 50 and 60 kilometers north of mexico border with water mala. not a lot has changed since tuesday, when the micro caravan arrived here in the city is now day 3 since they've, since they've been on the move, want to give you a sense of where we are right now. this is a, a, make a gymnasium, a public gymnasium that's been sort of refitted to accommodate the thousands of migrants that are part of the care of. and we're talking about people really from all over the world. but the overwhelming majority are from venezuela. the reason why the caravan has sort of ground to a halt until now is because organizers of the care events have been negotiating with the government, hoping to secure transit be that these are humanitarian visas, that allow migrants to move really through the country without these visas migrants run the risk of being sent back to southern mexico,
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back to the city of back to the city of stuff i chewed up. the overwhelming majority are willing to wait for those. these are the, there's quite a phrase that if they are unable to attain them, that they again run that risk of being a being sent back to the southern mexico. one of the things that the organizers were telling people is to not grow desperate. yesterday on tuesday we saw many, many people as you saw in our report, sort of jumping on the back of these great trucks. we saw injuries of people falling by the end of the day. unfortunately, we also saw one man who ended up under the wheels of a semi truck. so there warning people not to grow desperate. they're the announce somewhere around 2000 people have already left the caravan. again, growing frustrated with the slow pace this group can only move as fast as the slowest members of the group meeting women and there. and there are quite, quite a few families that are tribal traveling is part of it's part of this care events. what we've heard is that somewhere around $650.00 of these transit pieces have been
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issued, the government is promised to issue $500.00 at a time. but we are talking about thousands of people. this is not the largest care event today, but it's certainly the largest one that we've seen so far this year. we're also hearing from people, is that regardless of whether or not they are able to receive their transit business today or tomorrow, they're going to continue to walk. we spoke to an elderly woman in her seventies from nicaragua, who told us that she's tired of waiting. she doesn't want to wait for a transit visa, she's going to go it on her own. this is something that is not recommended for migrant traveling. the sense is that it's better to travel, is a group. they run many, many risk on their way to the northern border, and everyone here is saying that they are committed to reach the us southern border . how serious medical rep, hello, reporting live from southern mexico. many thanks to deed a car has driven into a crowd in berlin, killing one person,
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according to the fire brigade. another 30 people have been injured. police say that the driver has been taylor detained. let's go live to berlin out as the rest on it . kane is the domain. what. what do we know about what happened? this is about as close as i can get to the scene of the incident. adrian, you can see the police couldn't hear what you can see behind me. there. in the distance is where the car finally came to a halt, waged into the shop front window, viewers who have seen the agency pictures that have been filled over the course. the last you are showing quite how the car, the force it had. it was necessary to jam it so close in to that shop front window . and then if we pan our camera black along, you'll see the trajectory of the root. and you can see the forensic investigation tense and cordons and that sort of thing. and where you're looking now, that is where at least one of the casualties,
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the fatality in this incident where that happened. what is clear as having happened is that the car came at great speed down this road 20 inch vasa, which is right in the center of west berlin. hit a crowd of people then carried on through about a 150 meters, the say 200 meters and then became wedged into the shop front window. the interesting thing is that the driver of the vehicle a 29 year old berlin resident with german and armenian nationality. but it is said that inside the car, which he was driving have been found posters and placards that he had written about turkey. now, it is worth also making the point that nobody in the police yet has said they know what the motive for this incident is that it is worth making the points that 10 casualties. one of them dives
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a teacher from the western state hessen. she has been here in berlin with a group of school children. several of them are also injures, and clearly this investigation is going to be going on for some considerable time out there as to what it came. reporting live there from berlin. dominic many thanks . and it iran says that it switched off to cameras owned by the un nuclear watchdog that have been surveilling, one of its nuclear sites. it hasn't identified which facility. it's in response to a report from the international atomic energy agency criticizing. iran's transparency tech, ron says, the i e a is politically compromised as an amadi and is a professor of middle east studies at the university of tech ron. he says that the iranian government believes it's been treated unfairly by the nuclear watchdog. they see it as opposed to call as not really, you know, a technical beyond technicals that they said that
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have been provided to the a. so they are retaliated basically. and as far as transparency goes, iranians are saying, and that was the argument basically is that transparency was traded for sanctions release and the j a ron nuclear deals. and now the e city last, the stakes are demanding iran transparency without sanctions really. so moving beyond the j c. p a and trying to put pressure on iran to basically bring up or give transparency without what it was promised in that nuclear deal. that's why one is switching off cameras that are beyond the safeguards, basically the safeguards cameras that are that yvonne is legally buying by is, are still operating and will still there have been cameras installed beyond the
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safeguards as part of other agreements including iran, nuclear deal, unions are saying not only they will provide more transparency, absent the nuclear deal, they will basically decrease that transparency demanded by the most politically, as it is argued here, the u. s. secretary of state has spoken about media freedoms ahead of the summit of the americas during a question and answer session. and the lincoln was challenged about america's response to the killing of al jazeera journalist. surely all of our claim i deplore the loss of, of serene. ah, she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen, as you will know. and there too, we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what abner? no, they have not yet been no, i'm sorry with respect they have not yet been established. we're looking for now. they've not that we were looking for an independent credible investigation. when
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that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they leap. it's, it's, it's straightforward is that that is not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen. i'll 0 media network continues to demand a rapid independent, transparent investigation into the killing of surely in auckland, the occupied west bank. she was shot in the head by his really forces while on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is ready forces stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pull barrows to almost drop her casket. but didn't stop 1000 to palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the instructional community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. showing barkley was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine still to come here. all that is art king felipe seeks reconciliation and can shut up the 1st visit by a belgian monarch in over a decade. and ah,
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going green mosques and indonesia are becoming more environmentally friendly. as for the corruption trial involving the film ahead of world, full full hit, some early problem and be here with that a little later. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. hello, we've got some showers around for turkey, but elsewhere across the middle east really is more of the same as usual. clear skies, lots of hazy sunshine, and the heat very much ramping up baghdad. 50 celsius, the $51.00 there for q weight. although we will see that he just pushing a little further southwards into dough, half or friday, cut a seamless temperature getting up to around 47 celsius,
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driven in on an increasing breeze there. so that does just stir up the year. that's why the temperatures come down a touch for baghdad, but they will pick up around the gulf, stays farther north. there you go. some showers around turkey, around georgia, around armenia elsewhere, dry, hot and sunny. some sit up as is the case across north africa. dry, hot and sunny pretty much everywhere here, particularly hot for cairo at 42 degrees celsius showers. now showing the hand not quite as widespread was heavy as they may well be with expect them to be at this time of year. but they stretch all the way over towards the gambia now into senegal . and they extend into central africa course again, not quite as wide, but as we would hope, some of those showers now cropping up to the east of the riff valley. you can to sing some showers quite as well as we'd like to see for kenya and also for samaria . a few showers into mozambique, but try south africa. cats are airway official airline of the journey. frank assessments,
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it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs and use of contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions is not on the goals. students can use the government has knowledge in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back. no, it's actually a 2 members inside story. al jazeera, a, a with, with
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ah, again, adrian sitting here in doha, but that is al, from al jazeera, the headlines, the russian foreign ministers guaranteed the safety of much needed grain shipments from ukraine. if keith removes naval mines, so gay, love ralph is in ankara for talks with a turkish foreign minister. took his, making a diplomatic push to free up great exports. as a global food crisis, lose. a car has driven into crowd and berlin, killing one person, according to the fire brigade, and all of 30 people were injured at the scene. police say the driver has been detained at saddam's military rulers, holding direct talks with political parties and civil society groups for the 1st time since seizing par and october. the un secretary general has called for
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a good faith effort to come to a consensus by jerry as governing party as chosen. former lego state governor bowler to new booth as its candidate for the presidential election next year. to lubo is a former businessman of the national leader of the party since it was created in 2014 president bahama to bahati is stepping down next year. at the end of his 2nd term, the main opposition party selected. it's nobody last week an activist group in the u. k. as last, a legal challenge against the government's plan to send undocumented migrants to the wound up the controversial immigration deal was signed in april out as here as natasha butler is in san got on the st goth rather on the northern coast of france . she spoke to the group that's taking the u. k. government to court, while the partition of volunteer lead charity care for calais says that the you case are wonder asylum policy is unlawful. and that is why they've decided to lot
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legal proceedings against the u. k. government mainly to try and stop a 1st flight oversight mc cars from the u. k. to wander that a shed yours for next week, or joining me from the charities warehouse in northern france and the puerto a calais is claim mostly the founder of the charity cloud. thank you very much. indeed for joining us. tell us a bit more about these legal proceedings of the charity has decided to launch and we're, we're working with around percentage of the people who are in the detention centers . and the thing about refugees is that terrible things have happened to them. by definition, they might have seen family members killed. they might have been beaten or tortured . there's good reasons why they've left the haines and a lot of them are incredibly traumatized. and now they're in detention, that being threatened with sent to rolanda. they don't understand why they're incredibly fearful. and it's really deeply shocking that our government is considering doing this to them. and we feel it before. anything like this can
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happen. it has to be careful examined in court whether it's lawful that the policy can go ahead. i'm all lawyers tell us they could cont, contravene international refugee law. it might contravene international human rights law. and the say many things that we have to know about are under before we could consider doing it. so we think it's incredibly important that the policy is khaki, scrutinized more from san got to the other side of the channel out here as the d. burbock is now a detention center in solid england, where solvers, who may be sent to remember being old. who cares, kelley say that they have been in touch with more than a 100 people who've been told that they're going to be sent to rwanda, to have her asylum claims assessed there for eventual a settlement in ra wonder. it should be pointed out. now the charity say that many of them are suicidal. they've said that 2 of them are in touch with have recently been assessed as being in their early twenties when they are in fact, just 16 years old. now this 1st group who been put on the list or
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a young men are who are, who come here on their own. as the government puts it illegally by a getting across the english channel in small boats. one man from syria had said that he wanted to join his brother here in the u. k. and if he center a wonder, he will do everything he can to get out of rwanda to try to come back here. now, recently a group who were being held at the brook house detention center not far from gatwick airport here. staged a 5 day hunger strike. they were so desperate. after being told they were going to be said to rwanda. the home office says that this is legal and that they will stick to their time table. some lawyers suggesting that the legislation allowing them to send people to ro under won't be in place in time for the 1st flight, which is scheduled for next tuesday. the king of belgium has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. in congo, kings, felipe and queen matilda attended a wrestling ceremony in kinshasa,
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the capital of democratic republic of congo. it's the 1st time that a belgian monarch has traveled to the former belgian colony in more than a decade or belgium imposed a brutal regime in what is now the democratic republic of congo. the atrocities which included forced labor torture amputations of rape began in $1885.00 under king leopold the 2nd. around 10000000 congolese died. the king's rule was deemed so cruel that 23 years later he was forced to relinquish control to belch is parliament. however, congolese was still unable to own land vote or travel freely before declaring independence in 1960, the congo had become africa's richest colony producing around 70 percent of the world's industrial diamonds. most of the profits, however, went to belgium, brussels as acknowledged, some of the abuses carried out during it's 75 year rule. but benny argue that it's public apologies of fallen shores, but he clarified a is
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a human rights defender. she says the belgium owes that the r c, an apology for its colonial past. the congo used to be on by year gene are due to the mon, actually the voucher monarchy. and then he puts back to the belgian states and the government. so really, that's been a lot of suffering and it is really unfortunate that the king, the current seeing of belgium has never formerly f one, which i, even though he has expressed regret that he has never formerly apologize and never discuss reparation all and also the return of the office that were stolen from the congo, because a lot of companies will actually want the return of all the artifact and painting. and i was heritage and history that was stolen by belgian
6:40 pm
court tonight. so court colonizer, because they say they safety, that there was no c, v. these ation here in the corner when they arrived, even though there were 450, tried with their own civilization, they're only 2 weeks and some of them, their own writing. and i saw it so or this was what to wait because of the copy of exploitation that the belgian impose on the colony who has reduced it and they continue to raise it to the state. so the atrocity of the red rubber weeping there was bread immune to suffer by i'm sick so i will funding fathers and mothers as she will not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refuse to formally apologize even though they recognize they have just recall the brought the suffering of the what he but they have refused to apologize and this is not acceptable. passenger train this derailed in eastern iran, killing at least 17 people that happened near the city of top us southeast of the
6:41 pm
capital to have ron more than 50 people injured. some of the critically rescue helicopters of emergency crews of arrived in the remote area. initial reports suggest the tray and collided with an excavator. it was operating near the tracks. the been demonstrations outside the court in bolivia, where a former intern president is on trial jeanine on as has been held in pre trial detention since march last year. she's accused of orchestrating the overthrow of her predecessor able morales on, as says that she's a victim of political persecution. she faces up to 12 years in prison, if found guilty. diplomats from the u. s. south korea and japan, i gathered in sol to discuss north korea's latest weapons tests. they want to coordinate their response. north korea has launched 18 ballistic missiles in recent weeks and is expected to conduct a nuclear test. soon. thailand is looking to rebuild its tourism industry after losing millions of dollars during the pandemic of the government. now easing entry
6:42 pm
restrictions, visitors once again flocking to one of the most popular markets, the tourism is still fall below pre pandemic levels, al jazeera, katya lopez, hot. i am reports a train squeeze us through this 500 meter stretch of railway, just west of bank hawk, about 6 times a day. and every time, hundreds of shopkeepers has set up a market directly on the tracks. have to put away their tense, produce, and merchandise to make way. for locals, it's business as usual at the mike long railway market. even when the train is so close. back about our day ha, tourism is picking up again as thailand ease as its coven 19 entry restrictions. more people and money is a welcome change. and i don't know of the pandemic lead to a huge drop in customers. it was drastic. those who visited board less than usual.
6:43 pm
so i only managed to make a 3rd of what i made before coven 19. before the pandemic thailand saw nearly $40000000.00 visitors a year. now the government is hoping for $15000000.00 despite the trop tourism, can bring in roughly $18000000000.00 into the economy. to attract more people, the market has safety measures in place. mainland hop on my egg how? why, when we sound the horn, the vendors know they must clear their stalls off the rail track. every one is safe because the train slows down. so it's not coming at a full speed or it cruises through the market slowly. from inside the train, it's locals who are cruising through seeing how foreigners once again flocked to the market. it's been around since 19 o 5 shopkeeper se tradition is part of the attraction. oh, wind is only use umbrella. not tends. there was no electricity or water in the
6:44 pm
market, then more people started to visit to the number of mendez also increased. as the government tries to rebuild its tourism industry leaders, hope foot traffic in this market will be part of a wider trend across thailand. cats, yellow missile, the young al jazeera. we're going to take you live now to anchor venezuela's leader nicholas my judo is so there in turkey for talks with president wretch uptight, berda, one. the 2 leaders are giving a news conference. let's listening for a few moments. once again, i would like to say welcome to turkey to all of them because they're cutting that bogus in dickey and an mg or tucked them them. they are one of our most important partners assembly shows in latin america and the curves on bush them was done mid semester. so you did you say i was fine. they showed a great degree of solidarity when we suffered the incidence of the 15th of july and
6:45 pm
august, and then the treacherous attempt to carry out a qu, kid again beat took place on that day to end. the venezuela was one of the 1st countries to support us all couldn't youngel. and we in turn have been there to support the venezuelan people turkish interpreter speaking the sound has. we seem to have lost the, the picture to ankara the moment and where we're going to move on anyway from other we'll come back to it if we, if we get it back up, bear with us. now, mosques in indonesia are going eco friendly. the country's largest mosque is the world's 1st place of worship, certified for sustainable design. it's been recognized for its efforts to reduce water that electricity consumption. and that's led to smaller mosques attempting to do the same. jessica washington reports from jakarta. it was built in the late 19 seventy's to commemorate indonesians independence,
6:46 pm
more than 200000 people can fit inside the istic la mosque. one of the capitals, most iconic buildings from the outside the mosque has looked much the same for decades. but sustainability was one of the main motivations during recent renovations. so them, but regret that wound up this mosque is 42 years old and the equipment had not been replaced for a long time. as part of the renovation, solar panels were added to the roof. for now they only support a small percentage of the buildings, electricity consumption, and thanks to low flow taps and treatment facilities. water usage has dropped by more than 30 percent. the istic law mosques, green initiative on just good for the environment, but for its finances to since its renovation and its switch to more energy efficient lighting, the mosques, electricity bills have more than hans in april. the mosque became the 1st place of
6:47 pm
worship in we'll come back to that report from jessica washington a little later, but we're going to go now back to ankara and listening once again to that news conference where the presidents of turkey and venezuela are speaking after their meeting 2020 and then next year, the year after that, it's tripled notebook. the gym said this current figures showed that we will be able to reach a trade volume of $1000000000.00 comfortably this year. our hope is that this figure shall be increased to $3000000000.00 as soon as possible. in our discussions, when talked about what can be done, these are the same sit in the memorandum of understandings which are assigned to day. you have a photo reinforced to the legal infrastructure of our relationships on that. yet a among the topics of our relationship across many different topics to
6:48 pm
discuss what kind of a 3rd school will be open to encourage us. we're going to this took place during the visit of our foreign affairs minister saying runs were given to $7.00 to $6.00 veneers. william young people get going to study in our country and a number of such students will be increased in for 2 years. the eunice emory institute shall opened a branch in venezuela and our efforts will increase in disregard. we also feel it is important to increase developments in terms of agriculture, health and agriculture. ownership or the 20 approximately 20 projects have been carried out medication. it also has to go
6:49 pm
a little the eunice emory institute will form a sensor for this one yet. i thought it was, if you go to make this, there will be 7 flights taking place between stumbled and car cuts on a weekly basis, which will form a veritable bridge between the 2 countries. for part from the by the tro relations bank, we also exchange thoughts and ideas about global issues. in terms of the international situation, we have similar views on many topics. we are against one sided sanctions and i shared my views and disregards once again with the honorable presidents related to i underlined our principal approach, sort of the dolphin. and just as it has been before, the next in the future, we shall remain in support of our friend and his willa. and
6:50 pm
in july, we are hoping to carry out a visit to venezuela more than a month. and this will also provide an opportunity for some of our ministers to meet their counterparts and further reinforce our relations so well come once again, i would like to say to the honorable president and hope that his visits is a successful one. proceeding on president nathan chancellor la emma or celebration of the sweeter ambassadors the people. but i sent a really tough maybe and when he got all the team present,
6:51 pm
the press communication from the, from his way learn to national media. i think president ted on its own wrestling from summarized very, very fully he matters that we discussed entering and the cooperation between our 2 countries. i would only add my crescent shoot off the people have been swayed to you or to president because he got a lot on the most difficult moments. and the uncertainty due to the endemic turkey was always there next to us in all, in order to support us in all the process necessary made out
6:52 pm
of hail for health. and in order to overcome the panoramic for him. as we have managed to do, even the years, 2020 and 21 difficult years, all got a lot of that shown in the exemplary character between venezuela's turkey. once again, my country goes in. it's in the process of recovering little middle class. on the 2021, we saw the 1st steps of the stability of the economy and the political and social stability and one re,
6:53 pm
bertha venezuela. when you went to venezuela in 2018, many we were in the center of the heroine of see, you know, true measures taken. i mean, i and then the avalanche of sanctions and threats of invasion, attempts to kill me. 2018. 1918. 19 and 20. the pandemic could have been arrived the cup perfect crisis, as they call it. the tim, the perfect tempest in this well conceived people have been asleep with their ability to resist and to overcome with what is morally then and the example which are the, the example of our liberation semen believer. and you gave way
6:54 pm
that we have someone to come to the 1st symptoms of signs of recovering this year. 2022. you might have been a better $1.50 billed. and really that everything has been very positive. and the reality, there is a growth of commerce and economy has been active economy from the countryside, which has never been seen in a 100 years of the agricultural production, industrial and new found new sources of wealth. and at this time, we have main lady to come to turkey embarrassment. this is the moment when the president said the investors have said that this is the moment that the investors
6:55 pm
of turkey inventory weighed in order to come for tourism mining in dusty law. didn't it just to throw you in? the bank and gas companies were going to silver. this is the moment, the guarantees, they're the legal ones, political ones, economical ones, all of the guarantees you don't present a lot of in order to have a process of expansion between both countries or processes for expansion, the air connections, those are an air bridge up and is some blue collar costco, across the stumble,
6:56 pm
and is growing and growing and growing employee stuff. this is what i have for the tourist. every hot venezuelan, the 1st to travel to istanbul, via istanbul to asia, africa, and europe and other destinations prefers to come from tourism to turkey. and this is rick up. i'm being unique for getting bigger gift tourism from turkey and moon operation to venezuela. now more it's also possible we have a special love for the history of turkey. and for the character of this noble country, which we also consider our country. you know, we have a math corporations more than $56.00
6:57 pm
agreements which are being developed. we have just signed 3 very important agreements of tourism, of agriculture and of finance. my. so we completing the mat of corporation. i just formula, fanny venezuela, arturo. he'll dislike the phoenix a rising from the ashes gain venezuela. and you can be assured that in venice whaler a lot you have it loyal friends, old old nick worked hard and they're sure this has been a great success both to the climate of thought, friend, friend, nurse, and proximity. i thank you, rhonda or abby, we're going to lose,
6:58 pm
we're going to leave that that the president of a turkey and venezuela speaking after their meeting an anchor president had one pledging an ongoing support took his ongoing support for took his friend the venezuela and a president but douro, thanking turkey for its continuing support. the interesting thing, though, is that the jurors in turkey were other leaders from his region or in the u. s. at the summit of the americas to which he wasn't invited on years on al jazeera in just a few months. ah, ah, along with how and why did it become so obsessed with this law through giving them
6:59 pm
a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. talk to al jazeera, we ask you be more specific. how many pills are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, ask the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump and joe bite for them, it's fine. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stall restock matter on al jazeera. ah, each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our personal space for the mirror with we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just
7:00 pm
a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. and jenny, these people pick up the collect, the thing it says, the re saying mr. extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we, we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can left behind. lou, today, we stand for lexi and that's her voice. we demand action. they bore witness to the cottage and tara, of mass shootings in the u. s. and now they want politicians to do their job at act
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