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ah, outside of the conflict in the crate, how concerned should we be about this on to build up? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. has the one become roches new dollars? it becoming rushes new dawn, counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, today we stand for lexi. and as her voice we demand action, they bore witness to the carnage and tara of mass shootings in the us. and now they want politicians to do their job and act on gun control.
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ah, hello, i'm adrian cunningham. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up a u. n. plan to unblock ukraine's great exports faces its 1st hurdle during talks between russia and turkey. so don's military leaders and opposition factions hold the 1st direct talks since last year's qu. oh, and had ignored the biggest migrant caravan this year, sends a message to leaders beating in los angeles. ah, house committee in the u. s. has been hearing harrowing accounts from the survivors of recent my shootings and from parents of victims. all of them calling for gun reform. the committee is examining what it is called the urgent need for congress to pass common sense legislation, including
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a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. and 11 year old girl who survived the u. valdez shooting at texas 2 weeks ago was among those testifying. he saw i, i thought you didn't come back to room for the blood heavy. i mean a what did you thank you for your self esteem? i teach you follow away needs on hold for allowing me to you are elected because you have been chosen and are trusted to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no
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citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday, may 14th. it took a domestic terrorist just 2 minutes to shoot and kill 10 people and injured 3 others. if after hearing from me and the other people testifying here today, does not move you to act on gun laws. i invite you to my home to help me clean xavier's wounds, so that you may see up close the damage that has been caused to my son and to my community. so to day, we stand for lexi. and as her voice, we demand action. we seek a baron on assault rifles in high capacity magazines. we understand that for some reason to some people learn to people with money to people who fun political campaigns that guns are more important than children. so at this moment,
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we ask for progress. we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag lol. stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. 5 out of capitol hill l just here as mike hannah, is that for us? mike? what does the committee make of that? harrowing, emotional testimony, certainly it presented. the human face of the massive impact that gun violence has on everyday life for ordinary people throughout the united states. the session is continuing and under discussion precisely those measures that we've heard from the, from one of the mothers of one of the victims raising the age of which one can buy a weapon from 18 to 21. 14 a red flag. it measures, in terms of looking into a would be bias, passed a ban on assault rifles, a band on high capacity magazines. now these are measures that have been discussed
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in congress in recent days. and in fact, may well be part of a bill that's likely to be passed in the house later on in the day. but that does not mean that such a bill would become law because it's highly unlikely that it would go through the senate in the senate. they need some 11 republican boats to parts any form of meaningful gun measures. now, republicans in the senate made very clear that they are opposed to anything but the most tempted of measures. and that is being discussed behind closed doors in an attempt to find some kind of bipartisan gotten control laws. but that is the upshot talk, a harrowing session, such as be heard, they're hearing from victims and their relatives and survivors. and yet, it does appear that the congress is incapable of passing meaningful measures because of the republican opposition to them. they may well be an increase in the age of those who want to buy weapons for sample. some republicans,
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excepting the argument that an 18 year old can buy, cannot buy alcohol and yet is able to buy a weapon. now that type of measure may be introduced, but for those who want real gun control introduced, including those that we heard from this morning, these measures are just not enough of 0. my kind of reporting lines are from capitol hill in washington. mike, mary, thanks and it russia and ukraine, 2 of the world's largest grain exporters are at war, a global food crisis looming. but a un plans restart, ukraine's grain exports is already met. its 1st hurdle rushes foreign minister has guaranteed the safety of shipments from ukraine. if care removes naval mines from the black sea, ukrainian officials have dismissed the comments as empty words. so gala offers in anchor of a talks with turkeys. foreign minister turkey is making a diplomatic push to get the deal in place between moscow and cave,
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both so forth. posterior only produce q to put those rules q. any vessel wishing to use these corridors, either for loading or unloading grain is free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on, but a few days ago mr. zelinski asked for weapons that can be used against russian ships. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. but if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to, we're discussing the details with turkish defense units circle the book on that gave me that. and then at that, we are talking about a plan that includes a mechanism and cooperation between our technicians, the russian federation, ukraine, and took in this regard, including the issue of examination of ships as turkey. you find this man reasonable and implementable. at the same news conference, the russian foreign minister was challenged by a ukrainian journalist who accused russia of stealing from his country. but okay, you may have just mentioned,
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no one has russia already managed to sell from everything that has been stored in ukraine side from green. so those are that you should have come again stories. what has russia already managed to sell from everything that has been stored in the green side from green, global at the don't give us you're talking about yellow. i'm a teacher. ukrainians are always so preoccupied with what you can steal and from where and you think that everyone thinks that way i will answer you. we are implementing the goals that have been now publicly, you know, to read eastern ukraine, the suppression of neo nazi regime. and that's what we're doing, and grain, we've explained day, the grain can be transported freely to its destination. russia isn't putting any obstacles in the way. this requires mrs. lensky to give the command come on if you're still in command of anything there till our foreign and ukrainian ships to go into the black sea. all good profit, sarah, is special envoy for the ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs. she says that ukraine has little faith in russia's commitments. unfortunately,
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you grace doesn't draft the words of mr. lover of, of mr. pudding, and we've seen already many announcements, many such that the, i don't know enough the, so the statements and proposals are just really empty words. so read out more, more security guarantees. what the grant is afraid of after the mining russia really can use with current doors, for the attacking the ukrainian or so for the remarks are going to use it to a point. i can agree on costs, and i can completely understand the pragmatic interest of a jokey. you choose the top 3 or import. there's looks great, and green, and green and green almost belong dollar last year to open the force and to have you bring in green. also, it's market on turkish markets,
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but again, we need more detail, plenty of land growth, and we need a more security guarantees. and even maybe, as mr. lansky said, we need then some missiles which we'll be ready to attack corruption level. or if we will use this that misuse their humanitarian corridors in the ukraine mc. hundreds of civilians in the city of southern african east and ukraine are reported to be sheltering in bunkers below. a chemical plant work as the, as a plant trying to secure the facility which stores highly explosive chemicals, rushes thought to capture most of the city pushing ukrainian soldiers to its outskirts sedans, military rulers, are holding direct talks with political parties and civil society groups for the 1st time since seizing power in october, the un secretary general was called for good faith effort to come to a consensus for testers, have been taking to the streets regularly since the cood denouncing military rule
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out a 0. have a morgan has been following that meeting and cartoon while the special representatives of the un secretary general here and sudan made it clear that was he wants to see coming out of this, a sudanese own sudanese lead dialogue, as he described. it is some kind of agreement on a constitutional arrangement. now the constitutional has changed since the military took over power last october. and there is no current prime minister, a prime minister ham duke who was deposed by the military during the takeover was reinstated back in november. but he resigned in january, so sudan right now is currently without a fully functioning government. and he says, one thing he hopes to see happening is for the political groups and the political parties and the army to reach some kind of consensus on how to appoint a prime minister, how to come to go to, to go to an agreement on a constitutional arrangement, but more importantly, how to manage the remainder of the transitional period, which according to the military should and by july 2023 with elections held. the
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military has made it clear that they support this effort made by the u. n. and the african union and the regional body i got and that's if a consensus is reached, then that would handle the power to whichever government is formed or handled are during elections. so the outcome of these talks of laws to depend on the participants themselves. the army, the political groups, and it's worth noting that many political groups how, by called, by quoted this talk saying that did the environment for the talks have not been conducive. and that until political detainees are released until the military provides a conducive environment. they will not be participating in the talks. we're going to weather update bacteria. now sarah burn can to leap or is in kinshasa, 1st visit or belgium morrow. and over a decade and, ah, during grade, how most should indonesia becoming environmentally friendly? ah
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hello, we've got some showers around for turkey, but elsewhere across the middle east really is more of the same as usual. clear skies, lots of hazy sunshine, and the heat very much ramping up back that 50 celsius. the 51 there. for q wait. although we will see the he just pushing a little further southwards into our doe half or friday kata, seen those temperature getting up to around 47 celsius driven in, on an increasing breeze there. so that does just stir up the year. that's why the temperatures come down a touch for baghdad, but they will pick up around the gulf, stays farther north. there you go. some showers around turkey, around georgia, around armenia elsewhere, dry, hot and sunny. some sit up as is the case across north africa. dry, hot and sunny pretty much everywhere here, particularly hot for cairo at 42 degrees celsius showers. now showing the head not
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quite as widespread was heavy as they may well be. we'd expect them to be at this time of year, but they stretch all the way over towards the gambia now into senegal. and they extend into central africa course again, not quite as wide, but as we would hope, some of those showers now cropping up to the east of the rift valley. you can to sing some showers quite as well as we'd like to see for kenya and also for samaria . a few showers into mozambique, but try south africa. ah, you had a white church, white prosecutor, white tops and black kids, 16 when it happened. it's neil, i've been in prison more years than i've been free on the street. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they not believe that they're born, that full time travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the us for juveniles convicted of murder,
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51 years behind bars on a jazeera lou . ah, hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main nearest the saw a u. s. house committee is hearing testimony from the survivors of recent mass shootings and the parents of victims. all of them calling for gun control reform. it's been convened to address the need for further legislation, including a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. russia has guaranteed the safety of grain shipments from ukraine. if keith removes naval mines, foreign minister saga law office and are incorrect, it created officials those dismissed comments as empty words of saddam's military
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leaders holding direct talks with political parties for the 1st time. since seizing par and october, the un secretary general has called for good faith efforts to come to a consensus in mexico thousands of migrants. so making their way north towards the united states that mostly from venezuela. and that journey is time to coincide with the summit of the americas in los angeles. l 0 manuel will not blow as with the group reports now from mexico's chiapas state a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group. rafael, a migrant from the dominican republic, says he feels lucky to be alive after falling from a freight trailer. oh wow. got in though it was when i ran golem, i was running as a truck was passing, i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab onto,
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but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan or from venezuela, despite coming all the way from south america and crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap, many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers. not roaming around the la mama medical like a 100 migrants refers in mexico, is the house of terror. that is what we draw the cross a jungle a 1000 times than be here, gambling we'd been detained or arrested, left without money. and if we go on our own one, cartels or something horrible. oh, look up any hot water. jose is from venezuela and get that in from biddy traveling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is a daily challenge. we de larosa. it's been painful. we've suffered hunger and thirst. our child cries because he needs a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration. they ha,
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the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis, playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat in the weeks law river. it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border every year. and then while he is following the current that he ga, live from southern mexico and where are you? what's happening there? right now, adrian, we are in the town of weeks in southern mexico, we're about 60 kilometers north of mexico border with water mala and not a lot. it's changed since tuesday when migrant,
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when the migrant care events sort of kind of grounded to a hold. want to give you a sense of where we are right now. this is a make shift gymnasium going to step out of the way, but i want to be very careful because we are literally surrounded by migrants who are laying down on cardboard boxes on sheets. anything that they can find to essentially turn into a bed where they can read their underneath this gymnasium, which is one of the few places here and found that offers enough shade for what i would say. anywhere between 20500 migrants and justice place, but we are talking about thousands of people who have been traveling in this migrant care. been the vast majority. these folks are from that as well that, but we've also encountered people from our, from cuba, from central america, from countries in africa. there are also representative here from eunice up, you an agency that looks over the human rights of children. there are paramedics and that are, are treating migrants. they've told us that they're treating about 60 people
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a date with several different elements, including fevers, dehydration, diarrhea. so this is quite a precarious condition for many of these people, especially the women and children. this group has stopped for, for several reasons. one is the punishing heat of southern mexico. the 2nd is that the group can only travel as fast as the slowest members of the group. and again, there are many women, many of them pregnant. there are many young children that are traveling with this group. there were members, there were organizers with the care of the caravan that were here earlier on wednesday, who were getting updates and giving instructions to members of the caravan, asking them to wait for transit be that these are be humanitarian. b that, that allow migrate to move about freely across mexico without those transit fees as migrants run the risk of being detained and sent back to the city of sup, actually, near the border of mexico. and in guatemala, the organizers russell warning migrants not to grow desperate. if you saw those
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images from the report that we filed, many people have grown desperate and just sort of climbed aboard, passing trucks on the highway. there have been several injuries. unfortunately, we can also report that at least one person has died. we saw the body of a migrant underneath the, the wheels of the same of a semi tractor trailer just on the, on tuesday afternoon. so they're asking people not to get frustrated, not to get ahead. with that said, at least 2000 people have already broken away from this group, making their way north again toward the u. s. southern border just about every single person that we've talked to today has said that regardless of whether or not they get those transit visa, they will continue to march north, probably on thursday, making their way toward the u. s. southern border house. as manuel followed a passing life from southern mexico, manuel many things the us secretary of state have spoken about media freedoms ahead of the summit of the americas. during a question and answer session,
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answer the blanket was challenged about america's response to the killing of al jazeera journalist showing our claim. i deplore the loss of assuring, ah, she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen, as you will know. and there too. we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what abner? no, they've not, you haven't know they've, i'm sorry with respect. they have not yet been established. we're looking for now. they've not that we were looking for an independent, credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead. it's it's, it's straightforward. is that that is not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen out is there, a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of children of our clay in the occupied west bank. she was shot in the head by as really forces one on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is really forces stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pool bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of
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palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the instructional community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. shaheen abil ugly, was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. an activist group in the u. k. as lost the legal challenge against the government's plan to send undocumented microns to, to wound up the controversial immigration deal was signed in april of 0. natasha butler is in san gat on the golden coast of france. and there she spoke to the group that's taking the u. k. government to court, or the partition of volunteer lead charity care for calais, says that the you case, or rwanda asylum policy is unlawful. and that is why they've decided to lodge legal proceedings against the u. k government mainly to try and stop a 1st flight or oversight mc cars from the u. k. to wander, but
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a shed yield for next week, or joining me from the charities warehouse in northern france and the puerto a calais is claimed mostly the founder of the charity class. thank you very much indeed for joining us. tell us a bit more about these legal proceedings of the charity has decided to launch. and we're, we're working with around about a 100 of the people who are in the detention centers. and the thing about refugees is that terrible things have happened to them. by definition, they might have seen family members killed. they might have been beaten or tortured . there's good reasons why they've left the haines and a lot of them are incredibly traumatized. and now they're in detention, that being threatened with century wonder, they don't understand why they're incredibly fearful. it's really deeply shocking that our government is considering doing this to them. and we feel it before. anything like this can happen. it has to be careful examined in court whether it's lawful that the policy can go ahead. am aaliyah's tallahassee, could cont,
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contravene international refugee law. it might contravene international human rights law. and the say many things that we have to know about under before we could consider doing it. so we think it's incredibly important that the policy is properly scrutinized. the king of belgium was repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. in congo, king felipe and queen mathilde have attended a wreath laying ceremony in kinshasa in the cap, the capital of the democratic republic of congo. it's the 1st time that a belgian monarch has traveled to the former belgian colony in more than a decade or belgium imposed a brutal regime in what is now democratic republic of congo. the atrocities which included forced labor, torture amputations and rape, began in $1885.00 under king leopold the 2nd. around 10000000 congolese died. the king's rule was deemed so cruel that 23 years later he was forced to relinquish control to belgium's parliament. however, congolese was still unable to own land vote or travel freely before declaring
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independence in 1960, the congo had become africa's richest colony producing around 70 percent of the world industrial diamonds. most of the prophets, however, went to belgium, brussels as acknowledged, some of the abuses carried out during its 75 year rule, but many argue that it's public apologies of fallen shores. marie claire fe is a human rights defender. she says that belgium owes the democratic republic of congo an apology for its colonial past. the congo used to be on by your team for do so the mon, actually the belgian monarchy. and then he puts back to the belgian states at the government. so really, that's been a lot of suffering and it is really unfortunate that the king, the current king of belgium, has never formerly appointed a giant, even though he has expressed regret. but he has never,
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formerly apologize and never discuss reparation, all and also the return of the off the fact that were stolen from the congo. because a lot of companies will actually want to reach the or the artifact and thinking and i was, can we teach them to reach that was stolen by belgian call tonight? so, call colonizer, because they say they said that there was no cv, these ation here in the course when they arrived, even though they were all 450, tried with their own, c, v, the ration they're only 2 weeks, and some of them their own writing and so or this was wiped away because of the exploitation that the belgian impose on the colony has reduced it and they continue to raise it to the state. so the atrocity of the red rubber, the weeping, the respect is to suffer by our system. i will funding fathers and mothers as she
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will not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refuse to formally apologize even though they recognize they have just recognized the broad, the suffering of the companies. but they have refused to apologize. and this is not acceptable mosques in indonesia, a going eco friendly. the country's largest mosque is the world's 1st place of worship, certified for sustainable design. it's been recognized for its efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption, but sled to smaller mosques attempting to do the same. jessica washington reports from jakarta. it was built in the late 19 seventy's to commemorate indonesia independence more than 200000 people can fit inside the istic la mosque. one of the capitals, most iconic buildings from the outside the mosque has looked much the same for decades. but sustainability was one of the main motivations during recent
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renovations, so damp out regret, the one good. this mosque is 42 years old and the equipment had not been replaced for a long time. as part of the renovation, solar panels were added to the roof. for now they only support a small percentage of the buildings, electricity consumption. and thanks to low flow chaps and treatment facilities. water usage has dropped by more than 30 percent. the is take law mosques, green initiatives aren't as good for the environment, but for its finances to since its renovation and its switch to more energy efficient lighting, the mosques, electricity bills have more than harvest. in april, the mosque became the 1st place of worship in the world to receive certification for sustainable design from the international finance corporation. the renovations cost more than $35000000.00 paid for by the indonesian government human unless it is the law we worked with the ministry of public works to realize our vision of an
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environmentally friendly mosque. on the outskirts of the capital, worshippers of this mosque started their own water saving initiatives with a low cost innovation, which uses the souls of old shoes to create a stopper to reduce the flow of water. and we have 650 children who will study here about a leading good. we do get also environment from, from the beginning. the mosque management also collect rubbish from the community, so it can be recycled. people promise to watch, like if it's easier for us to go in for them and look at them in setup, we are, i think people polluted and thinking fast, the indonesian capital faces many challenges. eco mosques are just part of the effort to help ease the cities environmental burden. jessica washington al jazeera chicago.


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