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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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and they will unite again, women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving been behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on the 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to return home, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian for again. this is that he is alive from doha, coming out to the next 60 minutes. oh,
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had ignore the biggest migrant caravan this year, sends a message to leaders beating in los angeles. to day we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action. they bore witness to the cottage and tara, of mass shootings in the u. s. and now they want politicians to do that job of act on gun control. a you and plan to one block ukraine's great exports faces. it's 1st hurdle during talks between russia and turkey. saddam's, military leaders of opposition affections hold. but 1st direct talks since last year's cool. and belgium's king offers no full apology to the congolese, but says he's, he deeply regrets his country's brutal colonial past and his full go far. phil mickelson says he won't be quitting north america's biggest tool that's despite his decision to see off the saudi arabian back to break away. compet.
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ah, thousands of migrants and refugees are making the way from southern mexico to the us. the journey comes as a regional summit of latin america and the caribbean gets underway in los angeles. top of the agenda of the summit of the americas is the issue of migration in the region, migrants, according for swift asylum procedures and the listing of trump era restrictions are applying for refugee status. u. s. president joe biden is on his way to attend the meeting, but many of the hemispheres key leaders, a boy coaching the sonnet after the u. s. refuse to include cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua, and above it, we'll hear from alzheimer's world rentals. who's at the summit in los angeles, but 1st, let's join out as you, as manuel rob below, who's with the migrants in southern mexico and what, where are you, what's happening? the adrian, not
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a lot has changed since tuesday, but this is now day 3 of a migrant caravan. we've been following their steps since they set out from the city of tampa, tula, early on in the morning. on monday right now, we are in a makeshift gymnasium, i'll give you a sense of what it's like where we are right now. on tuesday, the migrant caravan is sort of rounded to a halt. people worn out completely exhausted. the heat here in southern mexico really is quite extreme. these pictures that you're looking at right now are of several 100 migrants that have taken shelter in this public gymnasium that's been of refitted to accommodate as many as possible. many, many more do not have a roof over their heads. they though they are lucky if they have a carp a tar anything that they can sleep under. we spoke recently with representatives from the unicef, that's the un agency that looks over the rights of children who tell us that not just here at this point where the caravan has sort of stops to rest,
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but at different points here in southern mexico, it's estimated that there's around 3000 children, so and under very precarious conditions. they're also medical workers with an international n g o that are providing medical assistance, treating as many as 16 migrant, 60 migrants a day to to them for dehydration, for diarrhea, as well as several other elements there we are starting to get a sense that many of the people here at this camp are quite sick. it's been rating off on and off every single day between that the long links of walking and just the heat. people just seem very, very exhausted. nevertheless, they remain committed to continuing that journey north. now, earlier on wednesday, we heard from organizers within the care event who were giving an update, giving instructions to migrant, asking them to not grow desperate. many of them have already broken off from the group. so we expect this migrant caravan to actually be a little bit smaller next time it hits the road. i was with us manuel,
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below reporting live from southern mexico. many thanks to manuel. that's going to los angeles. been, i was just, you know, as well. reynolds is at the summit venue migration, of course, just one of the issues that will be discussed at the beating, but many countries in the region that affected rob a not even there. yes, that's right adrian. the button administration when it came into office, made a very public high profile commitment to addressing the so called root causes of migration. that would be corruption, poor government, gang violence, and environmental catastrophes. but as any one of our viewers who's watching can see from men wells excellent reporting from southern mexico, that hasn't work. we have the record numbers of migrate migrants coming north to the us border from countries in central america as well as haiti, cuba, and elsewhere. the focus from the american side has shifted away from latin
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america really and been forced to focus instead in foreign policy terms on russians invasion of ukraine and china's global ambitions. so while of the by did ministry? well, joe biden, for example, appointed vice president. com la harris as the point person to deal with migration from central america. the vice president has spent only 3 days in the region since you got that job 15 months ago. so that's kind of a sign of how much a pension is being played, paid to this, and you're right in, in response to of the, by the ministrations not including several countries like cuban nicaragua and venezuela. a key leaders are boy cutting the summit, including the president of mexico, men, well lopez, ober door, the president of el salvador kelly. now you book kelly, and even the president of honduras, 0, maine, a castro adrian. i'll just zoom reynolds reporting live from los angeles. rob,
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i'm sure will help much more from you in the us to come to the moment many thanks. deed. joining us from kingstown is the prime minister of st. vincent and the gravity and ralph consult us for minister. good to have you with so many thanks indeed, for joining us. why have you decided not to go to this summit in los angeles? a sudden amended e as in vincent and the grenadines is not attend in because of the failure and or refusal of the united states government to include all the countries of the americas, specifically cuba to believe here in republic of venezuela and nicaragua. it's called a, this summit of the americas. it is supposed to be inclusive, we need to have all persons, all countries, all governments, to address the important questions in this contemporary period. it faced in the
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hemisphere. and i don't see how you're going to have. i am his fairy conversation and exclude certain countries on this question. the argument by the u. s. authority is that they have lost the argument because overwhelmingly the countries in the caribbean and latin america in those funds is retired. and it is saying that you lose some, it should be inclusive and not exclusive. and that the reasons offered and not for exclude in cuba. venezuela and nicaragua, those reasons are not tenable in all the circumstances. no, if you would notice that important countries, well, several country is mexico. ama and bolivia and countries and central america alike on euros in el salvador and and,
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and am uruguay. they are not attend another level of heads in the case of grinning then seam gets an eve is the avenue elections coming up. and in the case of st. vincent and the grenadines because of the point which i've just made to you that this i'm, it needs to be inclusive. that if we are not moving in principal, i find it difficult for someone else to play, represent us or at a prime minister. in addition to yourself, then, as you say, the leaders of mexico, guatemala el salvador, honduras, ah bolivia, and lydia antigua and, and by buddha, up all staying away. but no, i don't either yet. i beg, please attend him. yes, but, but not as you say it, a metal plate to grenada and seen kit. okay. but what message do you think a prime minister that sends for the future of co operation across the americas?
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well, united states of america and st. vincent denny renee means we are very good friends and friends, should indicate to all each other when you think that an era has been made. and the united states government as me than era, it is true that they have ruled back recently. some of the more egregious follies and put in place by the trump administration in relation to cuba. but those were done unilaterally. and it don't even take us back to the obama period. and i was dare in by the mom when president rollercoaster of cuba was there. even when president trump was in office, cuba was invited to the summit in but rule no, we're rule in back to clock in, in a we, which we ought not to. we should have conversations
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a convert we as conversations with every one we can be fighting as president obama had said. oh, the 20th century battles in the 21st century. and certainly if you cannot win the argument on the principles of inclusion, the only thing which poses a left to suggest that the presidential congressional and gubernatorial politics are so florida i'm that that's dominant, but st. vincent granted is cannot predicate its policy okay on the presidential on gubernatorial or congressional politics of south florida. one final question, sir, the caribbean, through canada commerce had a strong position against the issue of sanctions on venezuela and cuba. or at least as far as this summit is concerned, is, is the region now divided? do you think?
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no, i think that it's, it's really what is a tactical approach. there are several heads of boardman from garrick hm. what gone there to los angeles and they will make their voice heard for the principle of inclusion. it's just that i think that the matter is so large a principle that we ought not to have gone rather than go in there and am in a sense, protest in the exclusion of cuba to bolivia and republic of venezuela and an, an nicaragua look. migration is about to be a big issue. how are you? good, and i have conclusions about migration when cuba is not there. when the president of mexico is not dead, when the president of honduras is not there, i don't see how that's possible. you'll have to have subsequent discussions. so what are you going to have in los angeles? a for to up and some general statements. look,
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this thing was wrong in the beginning to exclude is gotten trees. and is wrong to the end. it would be wrong to morrow. we have to include every one. and we have to resolve these old stanley in 20th century problems between cuba and united states of america feminist that we really appreciate your time. thank you so much for being with us, sir. that sir, of course, thank you very much sir. the prime minister of st. vincent and the grenadines a house committee in the u. s. has been hearing harrowing accounts from the survivors of recent mash shootings and from the parents of victims. all of them calling for gun reform. the committee is examining what it is called the urgent need for congress to pass common sense legislation, including a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. an 11 year old girl who survived the valdez shooting in texas 2 weeks ago was among those testifying the
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parents of victims of a supermarket shooting in buffalo. new york has also been speaking. you are elected because you had been chosen and are trusted to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th, it took a domestic terrorist just 2 minutes to shoot and kill 10 people and injured 3 others. if after hearing from me and the other people testifying here today, does not move you to act on gun laws. i invite you to my home to help me clean xavier's wounds, so that you may see up close the damage that has cost to my son and to my community . he saw a, i thought you didn't come back to route for good blood.
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i mean, what did you go for? so you say i am a teacher, you follow a need song. i whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. so today we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action. we seek a baron on assault rifles in high capacity magazines. we understand that for some reason, to some people, to people with money to people who fun political campaigns, the guns are more important than children. so at this moment, we asked for progress. we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18
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to 21 years of age. we seek red flag loss stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability immunity. wife out of capitol hill. i was there was mike hannah, is the mike, what are the committee make of this emotional and an oftentimes harrowing testimony? well, it's remarkable that even on a tragic occasion like this, this still evidence of the bi partisan divide. when it comes to gun control. the lawmakers could evidence from victims from the family of victims from the survivor. and yet, even so, there was still a massive divide between democrats on the committee and republicans, from democrats. you had a full throated support of some of those suggestions that were made by those giving evidence. for example, one of the mothers telling the committee that various messages should be instituted, such as raising the age at which a gun can be bought,
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a ban on assault weapons as we heard a ban on high capacity magazines. yet from the republicans we heard that there was a major issue. yes, but this is something that could be solved by improving security at schools and republican not to republican, saying that any major gun control would be an attack on american 2nd amendment rights. the rights to bear arms. so despite the harrowing evidence that we heard in the course of the morning, it's still. busy that divide to divide, reflected in the senate, where any tangible or effective gun cold troll legislation is unlikely to pass because it would require 9 republican votes to become law. so that is the situation . also with regard to evolve the there have been some developments. the attorney general holding a news conference to announce that the law agencies response to that shooting is going to be looked at by a 9 person team that is set up. that follows criticism of the delay in
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a response by law enforcement agencies following a 18 year old gunman running ranted through the school, out of harris, my kind of reporting live from washington. like many thanks. here with these al, from al jazeera, still to come on the program. oh, going green, the how mosques in indonesia are becoming more environmentally friendly in sport. a corruption trial involving the former head of wolf football hits an early problem. andy here with that a little later. ah, sedans, military rulers, holding direct talks with political parties and civil society groups for the 1st time since seizing power at october. the un secretary general has called for good faith effort to come to
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a consensus. protest as have been taking to the streets regularly since the qu, denouncing military rule out as he was here. morgan reports out from cartoon. while the special representatives of the un secretary general here and sudan made it clear that was he wants to see coming out of this, a sudanese own sudanese lead dialogue as he described it is some kind of agreement on a constitutional arrangement. now the constitutional has changed since the military took over power last october, and there is no current prime minister, a prime minister, ham duke who was deposed by the military during the takeover was reinstated back in november, but he resigned in january. so sudan right now is currently without a fully functioning government. and he says, one thing he hopes to see happening is for the political groups and the political parties and the army to reach some kind of consensus on how to appoint a prime minister, how to, i'll come to go to, to get to an agreement on a constitutional arrangement, but more importantly, how to manage the remainder of the transitional period,
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which according to the military should and by july 2023 with elections held. the military has made it clear that they support this effort may, by the un and the african union and the regional body, i guide. and that's if a consensus is reached, then they would handle the power to whichever government is formed or handled are during elections. so the outcome of these talks of laws to depend on the participants themselves, the army, the political groups. and it's worth noting that many political groups, how by called by quoted this talk saying that did the environment for the talks have not been conducive. and that until political detainees are released until the military are provides a conducive environment. they will not be participating in the talks. mercury. robbie better is a member of the sudanese congress policy, which didn't attend learners talk. she joined just our lives from courtroom, a good chevy with a shirt. why of you chose to stay away from these talks. thank you sir. i suppose is this possible addition that we have taken is not
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a new one. we have expressed the same political position when we used to be part of what was called then to the meeting slash. there are multiple reasons, but most importantly that we think that the approach have been taken by the lateral it can, it is a wrong one is a false one because it is based on a wrong analysis of the actual political prices instead of defining as a christ you resulting directly from occluded by a group of purchase which includes military leaders on civilian b. this the try to redefine the prices of the political prices between
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civilian factions, which is done which complies completely with the, with the position of the military genta who, who are working to suddenly decide the grip on our, on to legitimize this new dictatorship. so today's, the meetings are repetition of the same approach which will result in nothing because it didn't include ok. all the pro democracy forces that are now on the street that are now facing violence and oppression. ah, we see the, the meeting of the day we see does the, you know,
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an internal decisions between forces untie, democratic, okay. and that are supporting this and you are used to some extent on you. you said there are multiple reasons why you are not attending these talks, which you, some of which you, you've explained. but do you not agree? so that, that the only way to solve sedans, problems is through inclusive dialogue in which all of our, our aspects of sunni society takes part want. what would it take then for you to get behind that you know, to sit down on the table and, and, and start to work out a solution. you know, we really believe that getting to was some sort of a real democratic transition, sustainable one needs inclusion. this is a fact and we are working towards getting the largest
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political and social from that supports this transition to some sort of democratization. some of them are going to govern system. but the issue with, with the meeting of today is that it, it just included forces that are roll roll, but she forces these military components to lead the data and civilians who supported the school data and work with the military to prepare for it for a long long months, we were in the government for 8 months. and we, we have seen indication that this group of people, which includes military and civilian, have been preparing for all this for, for
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a long time. and we have been to defeat and we have, we are still doing that. what we are trying to do now, and we have submitted a complete vision of, of the lightweight to restore the us to us democracy. we think the 1st 3 gene, which is 3 games, has to meet preconditions that we have put to, to you know, to prepare the atmosphere, implies en, being the by, sir, what's the peaceful law the muster different states us in the streets are releasing her detainees, political detainees imprisons etc. a lot, a lot of on the shot that are not met every day. yeah. people die in the streets and, and this is clearly an indication that this regime is not serious about
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a real bad luck. it, it's really the goal is to put a puppet government and jamaica a some so okay. i'll probably become cosmetic only because process. yeah. i do to stay in cal, our phone or long long. yes. so i'm sorry to interrupt you. we're out of time. any thanks and day dr. robert, better in costume. thank you. the king of belgium has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. in congo, king felipe and queen mathilde. i've attended a wreath laying ceremony in can shop so the capital of democratic republic of congo . it's the 1st time that a belgian monarch has travel to the form a belgian colony. in more than a decade. it's a messy to lex webmaster, colonial power. the way it was was based on exploitation and domination. this institution was based on an unequal relationship that we can't justify. mark by paternalism discrimination and racism. donnelly is this pal generates extractions
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and humiliation semi who my 1st trip in congo here is on facing the congolese people to those who today are still suffering from it. i want to reaffirm my most deepest regrets for these past women's. belgium's king didn't offer a formal apology for his country's brutal regime in what is now democratic republic of congo. the atrocities which included forced labor torture amputations and rape began in $1885.00 under king leopold the 2nd around $10000000.00 congolese died. the king's rule was deemed so cruel that 23 years later he was forced to relinquish control to belgium's parliament. however, congolese was still unable to own land vote or travel freely before declaring independence in 1960. the congo become africa's richest quality, but you sing around 70 percent of the world's industrial diamonds. most of the prophets, however, went to belgium, brussels as acknowledge,
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some of the abuses carried out during its 75 year rule, but many argue it's public apologies of fallen shores. let's talk to tracy bib tunzia. a belgian, congo, least political scientist and activists. focusing on gender and race. it's really good to be with us. what did you make of the king speech? thank you. well, i thought it was any stories. the story speak it as speech, despite the fact that there was, there were no apology. he said some interesting things like, he's the 1st king to acknowledge the fact that colonialism was based on racism, discrimination, and paternalism. so that's very good. and i think he also in his speech, acknowledge the fact that these companies belgian diaspora are, is also has an added value in belgium. something that we as active is, has been think for a long time. so his speech was good. it was a stirring, but historic, but there is still more to do if you really want to get reparation. ok, so the speech was an historic step towards the recognition of the injustice done to
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the people of, ah, congo. i really though an apology is required, isn't it? when will vamp come and do you think it will? i think we'll still need some time to discuss what we want after the apology because an apology without reparation, there is no need for death. so i think that now we need to have this discussion on what is reparation. and i don't think that it's only a discussion for taking i think it's also a discussion for the belgium government and the catholic church and all the other actors that were involved during the belgian colonization. so do you think that the king didn't apologize because of the issue of reparations, of belgium does not want to pay them. i don't think, i don't know his intentions are. i think it's a good step for him, and i'm just happy to focus on what he said to the we will see. like i said before,
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he's not he that kings house is not the only responsible for colonization. there were different actors involved. and i also want to hear from these actors, it's been really good story manufactured aid to have been with us, tracy bro, tunzia that live in bry. thank you by. we're approaching a bit way points on this. these are still to come. ah, making the way for the tourist tray and thailand is taught, earning industry is reopening for business and juggling young dreams in the face of the israeli blockade. children in garza learn sucker skills from a troop of italian performers that his course will hear. what a strange world cup legend has to say about his country's chances of qualifying for this year's finals. ah
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hello, we've got some showers around for turkey, but elsewhere across the middle east really is more of the same as usual class guys . lots of hazy sunshine, and the heat very much ramping up back that 50 celsius, the 51 there. for q wait. although we will see the he just pushing a little further south was into our doha for friday. cut a seamless temperature getting up to around $47.00 celsius, driven in on an increasing breeza. so that does just stir up the year. that's why the temperatures come down a touch for baghdad, but they will pick up around the gulf, stays farther north. there you go. some showers around turkey, around georgia, around armenia elsewhere, dry, hot and sunny. some sit up as is the case across north africa. dry, hot and sunny pretty much everywhere. hey, particularly hot for cairo at 42 degrees celsius showers. now, showing the handle quite as widespread was heavy as they may well be. we'd expect them to be at this time of year, but they stretch all the way over towards the gambia now into senegal. and they
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extend into central africa course. again, not quite as wide, but as we would hope, some of those showers now cropping up to the east of the rift valley. you can to sing some showers quite as well as we'd like to see for kenya and also for samaria . a few showers into right mozambique, but try south africa. ah, it abandoned as a child by his own sa, cristella knows nothing of early life in the republic of hunger. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his back. and the most unexpected region witness. earlier on al jazeera ah al
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jazeera with oh, the de decide to do something for the 1st time. so that's the pay thing. the anything bigger we'll retake the come after that with ah, ah, scripts every with a slow adrian sort of hearing. so how that is all from al serra, the headlines a u. s. house committee here is hearing testimony from the survivors of recent mass
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shootings and the parents of victims. all of them calling for gun control. it's been convened to address the need for further legislation, including a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. saddam's military leaders are holding direct talks with political parties for the 1st season and october. the un secretary general has called for good faith efforts to come to a consensus, one of the main protest groups as boycott of those talks. they say they don't trust the military leaders. the king of belgium has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. in congo, king felipe is making hit the 1st trip by belgium, want to democratic republic of congo, in more than a decade. russia and ukraine, 2 of the world's largest grain exporters, are at war. a global food crisis is looming, but a un plans to restart. ukraine's grain exports was already met. its 1st hurdle
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rushes foreign minister as guaranteed. the safety of shipments from ukraine if cave removes naval mines from the black sea. ukrainian officials though have dismissed the comments as empty words. so gay love roth is in ankara for talks with turkeys. foreign minister turkey is making a diplomatic push to get the deal in place between moscow and keith road, so forth was the only piece skewed for those little skew. any vessel wishing to use these corridors, either for loading or unloading grain is free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on, but a few days ago mr. zelinski asked for weapons that can be used against russian ships. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are going on. but if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to, we're discussing the details with turkish defense units circle we're, we're, we're canada, gave me that. and then at then, we are talking about a plan that includes a mechanism and cooperation between our technicians,
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the russian federation, ukraine, and took in this regard, all including the issue of examination of ships as turkey. you find this land reasonable and implementable lots of you the same news conference, the russian foreign minister was challenged by a ukrainian journalist who accused russia of stealing, watching. okay, you may have just mentioned, no one has russia already managed to sell from everything that has been stored in ukraine side from green. so those are that you should have come again. so is what has russia already managed to sell from everything that has been stored in the green side from green, global at the tone give us you're talking about the yellow i'm a teacher. ukrainians are always so preoccupied with what you can steal and from where and you think that everyone thinks that way i will answer you. we are implementing the goals that have been now publicly you know, to read easton ukraine, the suppression of neo nazi regime. and that's what we're doing, and grain,
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we've explained day, the grain can be transported freely to its destination. russia isn't putting any obstacles in the way. this requires mrs. lensky to give the command come on if you're still in command of anything there, till our foreign and ukrainian ships to go into the black sea. all got off from santa is a special invoice for the ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs. she says, ukraine has little faith in russia's commitments. unfortunately, you grade doesn't draft the words of mr. lover off of mr. pudding, and we've seen already, many announcements, many such gander at the, i don't know enough the show statements and proposals are just really empty words. so read out more, more security guarantees. what the grant is afraid of october, the mining russia really can use with current doors for the attacking the ukrainian or so for the remarks. it can use it to a point. i can agree on costs,
9:38 pm
and i can completely understand the pragmatic interest of a jokey, the top 3 import. there's looks great and green, and green and green for almost 1 dollar last year to open the force and to have you bring in green. also, it's market on turkish markets, but again, we need more detail, land land growth, and we need a more security guarantees. and even maybe, as mr. lansky said, we need then some missiles which we'll be ready to attack corruption level. or if we will use this, that misuse their military and corridors in the ukraine mc, hundreds of civilians in the city of southern asking, eastern ukraine are reported to be sheltering in bunkers below a chemical plant. workers the as a plant of trying to secure the facility which stores highly explosive chemicals,
9:39 pm
rushes thought to capture most of the city, pushing ukrainian soldiers to its outskirts. iran says that it's switched off to cameras owned by the un nuclear watchdog that have been surveilling, one of its nuclear sites. it hasn't identified which facility. it's in response to a report from the international atomic energy agency criticizing. iran is transparency to ron, says the i ha, is politically compromised. the u. s. secretary of state has spoken about media freedoms ahead of the summit of the americas during a question and answer session and to the blink, and was challenged about america's response to the killing of al jazeera journalists. sharon, i will actually i deplore the loss of, of serene. and she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen, as you will know. and there too, we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what abner know they have not yet been. know they've, i'm sorry, with respect they have not yet been established. we're looking for now. they've not
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that we were looking for an independent credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead. it's, it's, it's straightforward, is that that is not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen. al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of saline abu, our clay and the occupied westbank. she was shot in the head by his ready forces while on assignments in janine, on the day of her funeral is ready forces stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. but didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international committee of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. chavez barkley was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine . after a tense week nigeria as governing party, the all progressive congress,
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has chosen a candidate for the 2023 presidential election. 70 year old bowler ahmed to new booth is a former governor of the commercial capital lagos al jazeera. i'm at risk reports from a boucher hola. i'm a terrible bit nigerian vice president for sitting governors and for my cabinet ministers to the ticket. critic say he's too old, but tenable walker founded the coalition that brought the old people's congress and president obama wiley to power 7 years ago. is hist is fit for the job. this is not. oh, good. me. oh, good. well, that isn't, you might okay, so the last to support it and it's on the phone has narrowed down mental delegates
9:42 pm
really company, marty and it's tentative will not have to, you know, and this is not my end of next is generally not till the boys from so the nigeria, i region many feel she produce the next president after body a northerner. her south doubt is 2 terms. there was confusion ahead of the election when some senior party officials, why accused of trying to force through another nominee prompting president bahati to address members. we must have one extra money element in the city of sports nation. lou, terrible support is believe they've got the right person, ill possibly have all the, you know, resolved, you know, skills that normally driven to comfort you know and help the country. you know, in all of the major talent you read that with hum. but political and only say this could be the man standing between table on the presidency. i. t club, worker one, the main or positions primaries at the end of me. run phone i just stepped off is 5
9:43 pm
times and describes his election as historic and his, he, which we believe will bring about fundamental changes in governance. and also in our political process in a book of support to say up to 8 years as the opposition. the peoples democratic party is ready to govern again. oh, with the apc primers law held just before the deadline for parties to register candidates for the february vote. and although the presidential hopefuls will be in the running nigeria will be watching the race between these 2 political chives degrees algebra. apple. j thailand is looking to rebuild its tourism into strength after losing billions of dollars during the pandemic with the government. now
9:44 pm
easing entry restrictions, visitors are once again flocking to one of the most popular market spot. tourism is still fall below. pre pandemic levels are zeros, cantaloupe has holla reports. a train squeeze us through this 500 meter stretch of railway, just west of bank hawk, about 6 times a day. and every time, hundreds of shopkeepers who set up a market directly on the tracks have to put away their tense, produce, and merchandise to make way. for locals, it's business as usual at the mike long railway market, even when the train is so close that hubbard are very ha, tourism is picking up again as thailand ease as it's coven, 19 entry restrictions. more people and money is a welcome change. and i don't know of the pandemic lead to a huge drop in customers. it was drastic, those who visited board less than usual. so i only managed to make
9:45 pm
a 3rd of what i made before coven 19. before the pandemic thailand saw nearly $40000000.00 visitors a year now the government is hoping for $15000000.00 despite the trop tourism can bring in roughly $18000000000.00 into the economy to attract more people, the market has safety measures in place. mainland hop on my egg, how? why, when we saw on the horn, the vendors know they must cleared their stalls off the rail track. every one is safe because the train slows down. so it's not coming at a full speed or it cruises through the market slowly. from inside the train. it's locals who are cruising through seeing how foreigners once again flocked to the market. it's been around since 19 o 5 shopkeeper se tradition is part of the traction. o, wind is only use umbrellas, not tends live is no electricity or water in the market than most people started to
9:46 pm
visit, said the number of mendez also increased as the government tries to rebuild its tourism. industry leaders, hope for traffic in this market will be part of a wider trend across thailand. katya locus of a young al jazeera mosques, indonesia going eco friendly, the country's largest loss because the world's 1st place of worship, certified for sustainable design. it's been recognized for its efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption. and that's led to smaller mosques attempting to do the same. jessica washington reports from jakarta. it was built in the late 19 seventy's to commemorate indonesia independence more than 200000 people can fit inside the stickler mosque. one of the capitals, most iconic buildings from the outside the mosque has looked much the same for decades. but sustainability was one of the main motivations during recent
9:47 pm
renovations. so damp out with the honda, this mosque is 42 years old and the equipment had not been replaced for a long time. as part of the renovation, solar panels were added to the roof. for now they only support a small percentage of the buildings, electricity consumption, and thanks to low flow chaps and treatment facilities. water usage has dropped by more than 30 percent. the is take law mosques, green initiatives aren't as good for the environment, but for its finances to since its renovation and it's switch to more energy efficient lighting, the mosques, electricity bills have more than hobbs in april. the mosque became the 1st place of worship in the world to receive certification for sustainable design from the international finance corporation. the renovation cost more than $35000000.00 paid for by the indonesian government. again,
9:48 pm
my number is the. we worked with the ministry of public works to realize our vision of an environmentally friendly mosque. on the outskirts of the capital worshippers at the small school started their own water saving initiative with a low cost innovation, which uses the souls of old shoes to create a stopper, to reduce the flow of water. and we have 650 children who study here about or they didn't go on. we had to get also environment from, from the beginning. the mosques management also collect rubbish from the community . so it can be recycled. people promised the boss like it, it is easier for us, the outdoor boy in front of them and go and look at them in several viet. we are you, i think people polluted and sinking fast. the indonesian capital faces many challenges, eco mosques are just part of the effort to help ease the cities environmental
9:49 pm
burden. jessica washington al jazeera to carter, still to come here. all that is a, it's sport. some awkward questions for the gulf has taken part in a new competition. that's already dividing the schools. ah.
9:50 pm
with whole ah ah. hello, got a group of italian circus artists is entertaining and training children in the besieged garza strip. it's part of the green hopes garza project funded by the italian government. i'll just say resume. the al fired went to meet some of those involved in the project. this is god's his 1st and only circus tent. it's the
9:51 pm
handiwork of a group of italian volunteers. circus performers, skateboarders and artists. their training, young palestinians, in various activities under a papa is known here as a possession. he and his trip are in high demand, their gods as received anyone in shameful. our goal is to come to garza and train the children because unfortunately they cannot get out of here. chavo rob. i will continue to come and bring the circus to them in the coming years until this land is liberated. wanted him of a palestinian people in general, and the gardens in particular, need to obtain their freedom, but live in humanity and obtain their rights. and pretty much i will continue to come because simply they can't lead. he taught me up a hi luke to juggle 8 years ago since then. this youngster has continued training on his on he dreams of touring the world with an international circus some day.
9:52 pm
although mana w unzipped when the italians come to gaza, we learn something new. every time because of the seizure we can't because or to learn these skills elsewhere, there's a lot more that i want to learn, like acrobatics, balancing and stilts. at the port, they built a skate park where both girls and boys are learning to master the board. it's not the 1st time these artists have visited godsa. their training sessions have become popular among young people as they offer a rare opportunity for the children of the beast in claim to play and have fun. the group is here to bolster sports and entertainment, which are restricted by israel's attacks. several facilities across garza have been destroyed in israeli bombing blowing the development of projects for children. everybody in the war. the can remember the end can see gods that just the ones that were not there any other moments. so we through our project,
9:53 pm
through our exchange on god's for the day, we want to show the people that they're coming here and want to meet today. all the people in all over the world. but many of these are to say the will keep coming back to god, to draw a smile on the faces of a young one. you may see it al jazeera, gotta an hour later gentlemen, without the aid of a safety net his. and if you don't know that 6 time i doing a film nicholson says he won't be quitting north. america's biggest gulf told us, despite his decision to sign up for a saudi arabian back breakaway competition, 48 players getting ready to take part in the all new live series. he's off in england on thursday. it's offering plays more money over a short season, and mickleson is reported to have received a $200000000.00 signing fate price in the shop. by when patrick read the latest big
9:54 pm
names set to join up north america's pga, toll is threatening to ban any pious who take part. i'm grateful for everything. the pga tour and the game of golf is provider for me and my family. i've also worked really hard to contribute and try to build and add value to the tour during my time there. and i worked really hard to earn a lifetime exemption and i, i don't want to give that up. i don't believe i should have to. well, the live series is being funded by saudi arabia and fronted by australian golf legend greg norman h. events since take place across the world. this year fargo would send rory macro among those who have spoken out against the series. so far, none of the world's top 10 players are involved. the $25000000.00 an offer at the 1st live series event is the biggest price fund. in gulf history. many, the sports,
9:55 pm
all the players have signed up, including english, in tulsa, all of those involved phase questions about cache and saudi arabia's human rights record. every week we play, we play of our sums of money. we always want to, to play for as much as possible. this is, this is no different this week. is there any way you wouldn't play on a moral basis if the money was right? is there any way you wouldn't play that question? well, many golf is not taking part in the live series, or instead competing in the p j's canadian opened in the last hour or 2 full time major will not really mcroy as reiterated his opposition to the wrong level competition. because she, him, that, that it's going to fracture the game. it's, you know, i think if anything we need to make this, you know, the professional game is the window shop into golf. and if the general public are
9:56 pm
confused about who's playing, where, what tournaments on this week and who's, you know, he plays there. oh, okay. and he doesn't get into these events and i just become so confusing. i think everything needs to needs to try to become more cohesive and i think it was on a pretty good trajectory until until this happened. oh, for my ears, 7th gymnast including 19 song world champion simone biles, have filed a $1000000000.00 lawsuit against the f. b i. the group of are and 90 claim it say that the bureau miss handle its investigation of former seam doctor larry nasa mattress serving decades in prison for sexually assaulting gymnasts the f. b, i is accused of failing to act when it 1st receipt allegations about nasa. illnesses delayed, a corruption trial involving the former head of world football, sat ball at sir blatt's, hold the court in switzerland. he couldn't testify because of chest pains. he and the former head of european football, michelle, pertaining are accused of fraud swiss prosecutors claim a $2000000.00 payment made by black at secrets any more than
9:57 pm
a decade ago was unlawful. the pear deny any wrong doing, but you will be able to be here tomorrow. both of you will morning. and then i repeat the opinion. what they think little of turned down a $37000000.00 bid for buying munich for their striker. a saudi, oman, the senegalese player has one year left on his current contract. on tuesday. mani was once again the winner. how much went for his country, senegal, beating one to one mill here in the africa cup of nations. qualified james here. the m b. a final starts in a few hours time with the best of 7 series. poised at 11. golden state warriors saw german green was widely criticized for his aggressive tactics indices. whenever the boston celtics on sunday, boston are back in the fans for the 1st time in more than a decade. and the tampa bay lightning be the new arranges to level our conference
9:58 pm
final series. it to a piece. the lightning are 2 time defending seneca champions. they were for one winners game 5, back in new york on thursday. the winner of this series will face the colorado avalanche in the championship. decide ok more for me like trauma, that is how we're looking at the main effects and a time for the team here. in doha, supposed to pass on to my colleagues in london, julie mcdonald here in just a moment before the day's news. i'll see you again. thanks for watching by phone. ah, ah, a jew on al jazeera as wash as invasion, is to play the coaches the 100 day moving. we bring you the latest from on the
9:59 pm
ground and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in europe in museums today. the g 7 m later hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to itself proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped to qualify. i'm male boys him over to the for countries to secure their support for cut out 2020 to june on al jazeera, joined the debate. wonderful as it is that the plan matic language. it really means nothing on the ground, on an or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations?
10:00 pm
do you see sports journalist i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this green analogies era how and why did hooton's become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, they merge them to me and i thought you didn't come back today. we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action.


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