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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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size, do you see sports journalist i look like me, you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard and when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this green analogies era how and why did who can become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, i said, i thought you didn't come back today. we stand for lexie. and as her voice, we demand action, heart wrenching testimony in congress from
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a survivor of the you've all day school shooting and parents have lost children to gun violence. ah, hello there, i'm julie mcdonald, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up pressure mines on rochelle to end. it's located of ukraine's ports. it's accused a weapon, ising food supplies, and condemning to death. millions of people risking their lives for a better life. the migrant caravan heading to the u. s. as leaders gather their for the summit of the americas and belgium's king returns the 1st of some 84000 artifact looted from the democratic republic of congo during his countries. brutal colonial rule. ah.
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hello there. good to have your company. we begin in the u. s. warehouse committee has been hearing harrowing accounts from the survivors of recent mass shootings and parents, victims, calling for gun reforms. the committee is examining what it's called the urgent need for congress to pass common sense legislation, including a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. and 11 year old girl who survived the you've all day shooting and texas 2 weeks ago was among those testifying. he shaw assume i thought you didn't come back to route for go learn the own is what it is you guys can you put a longer so you see a teacher he follow with
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a song i whoa, whoa, whoa. she soon please. the mother of lexie rubio, one of the 10 you old victims at rud elementary school described searching for her daughter and demanded action. we focused on finding lexie bus after bus arrived, but she wasn't on board. we heard there were children at the local hospital, so we drove over to provide her description. she wasn't there soon after we received the news that our daughter was among the 19 students and 2 teachers that died as a result of gun. but we don't want you to think of. lexi is just a number. she was intelligent, compassionate and athletic. she was quiet shy unless she had a point to make which you she was right. she so often was,
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stood her grandmother. she was firm direct voice unwavering. so today we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action. well, mike, hannah is lie for us from capitol hill. hi there mike. what's being made of this very moving testimony? well, lawmakers got to see the human face of the violence that has played american cities and towns. so a long period of time listening to testimony from the parents of those killed of those injured and also listening as well to tiffany from expert discussing ways in which to approach legislation to come. but they also heard full from a pediatrician, a man in new bobby who has lived there most of its life and who's treated many of those children who have known since infancy. he talked about treating those
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children and also seeing the dead i had heard from some of the nurses that there were 2 dead children who had been moved to the surgical area of the hospital. as i made my word there, i pray that i wouldn't find her. i didn't find a line. but what i did find was something no prayer. whatever relief to children whose bodies have been pulverized by bullets fired at them. the capitated whose flesh had been ripped apart, but the only clue at their identities was a blood spider and cartoon close to clean to them. now the committee also her tangible measures from some about what should be contained in the gun legislation. the suggestion that the age at which a gun can be bought to be raised from $18.00 to $21.00. they should be a ban on assault weapons and a band on high capacity magazines. red flag procedures need to be improved now.
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many of these details are in the legislation that may be passed in the house later on in the evening. mike, there's a lot going on, isn't there behind the scenes as democrats seek to, to tighten these gun controls? tell us a bit more about that. well, it's a little bit shocking that even on an occasion like this, given the heart wrenching testimony that one heard the bi partisan, the partisan divide was all too clear. you had democrats within the committee saying that the suggestions by those giving evidence should be accepted. they should be tangible and strong. can control measures institute. yet, on the republican side, you still had to push back against that. you had republicans insisting that gun control was a left wing attempt. is one member put it on the 2nd amendment on the right to bear arms and calling instead of meaningful gun reform for added security in schools. so
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that is the massive partisan divide. now the house is going to promise that legislation because there is a democrat majority in the house. however, it's very different in the senate. senators have been talking behind close days in a way to try and hack out a bipartisan deal that everybody can agree to. it would never pass the legislation that's being envisaged by democrats in the house because there are 9 republican votes needed in the senate to pass any legislation. that's not going to happen on the title ideas that the democrats won. so instead, what you may get in the senate is some kind of watered down, tepid thing with, for example, maybe increase the age of buying a gun from 18 to 21. many members pointing out that in the us it's illegal to buy alcohol until you're $21.00, but not to buy a gun. so these are the type of meshes that are being discussed in the senate, but this would fall far, far short from those who shared their testimony with the american public and
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lawmakers in the course of the day. cannaday. i live from capitol hill, mike sanky, ah, ukraine's ambassador to turkey says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to allow the safe passage and export of millions of tons of the countries grade. diplomats and meeting in ankara trying to ease a globe and stood shortish, triggered by the war in ukraine. they incurred russia's foreign minister, sir laval, who says ukraine must de mine the black sea before any green can be shipped. the kremlin is also demanding an end to sanctions imposed after it invaded its neighbour. both ukraine in the west of accused moscow of weaponized in food supplies with russia, seizing large parts of ukraine's coast during the nearly 15 week war roots of border blue was the only produced beautiful the roseville st. any vessel wishing to use these corridors,
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either for loading or unloading grain is free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on, but a few days ago mr. zalinski asked for weapons that can be used against russian ships. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. what if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to? we're discussing the details with turkish defense units. while the russian navy controls nearly all traffic through the northern part of the black sea, and since the invasion february, russian forces have blockaded ukrainian ports, including the largest, which is odessa. and that's been bombarded by russian missiles for weeks. now, blocking millions of tons of grain, the fighting is put other ports like tomorrow's and use me out of operation on the see of as of 2 major ports. barragan's. can mario paul are ready to resume green shipments that the kremlin and says key of needs to remove naval mines from them, even though mario paul is already under russian control?
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will the save ourselves shallower than the black sea and its ports are only accessible to smaller vessels? will turkeys, foreign minister says the country is ready to facilitate the safe export of grain. if all parties corporate there will canada again later than it than we are talking about a plan that includes the mechanism and cooperation between our technicians, the russian federation, yet ukraine, and took in this regard, including the issue of examination of ships as turkey. you find this land reasonable and implementable have to do well, wrestle, sir, die in the tech is capital has more on the meeting. there hasn't been any conclusive result coming out of the meeting between the russian and the turkish foreign ministers in ankara today. however, both for the ministers are confirmed that the tours are going to continue in coming weeks in istanbul, and this time the hope that you bring your site is also going to send a delegation to attend to these meetings according to their preliminary scheme that they are working on is to establish equitable mechanism consisting of russia,
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ukraine, turkey, and the united nation. so, at this equitable mechanism is going to a to, to, to open a safe corridor for the ship to carry the green and fertilizers from both ukraine and russia to the boss. for us to be exported to the international market, one of the key issue here are, is there that the float in mines that had been left by the ukranian army in biloxi to prevent russia one been at its coastal our cities and according to skimmed at the ukrainian, turkish and russian naval forces are going to clear these minds to open a safe passage for their ships once the ships are safe, guarded by the torch. naval forces peel a boat for as the green on the fertilizers are going to be gathered in a center established in istanbul, and from the center is going to be exported to the international market here. so, considering the fact that russia is number one and ukraine is number 5, our biggest green exporter in the world,
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it's going to be crucial to reach at deal for the at the did the global food safety more than a 1000 ukrainian soldiers who surrendered after a fierce battle to control the port city of mariel, paul had been moved to russia to face an investigation he of is requesting that all the 2000 soldiers who defended the as of styles still works be handed over in a prisoner swap, a russian law makers, the demanding some of the ukrainian fighters be put on trial. on wednesday, ukraine and russia exchanged the remains of dozens of soldiers that were killed during russia's invasion, including ukrainian soldiers who died fighting at the ass of staff plant. or one moroccan in 2 british fighters who were captured in ukraine may face the death penalty after pleading guilty in a russian backed court. sean pinner and bry him, sir, doom pleaded guilty to actions aimed at violence, seizure of power, while aden osland pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of possessing and using weapons and explosives. the trial is taking
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place in dawn asked one of 2 ukrainian regions that russia recognizes as break away republics. the eastern ukrainian city of several de anesco is now mostly under the control of russian forces. after weeks of fierce fighting, the governor of the lou hands squeegee and says large parts of the city had been seized, but the install street zone is still under ukrainian control, sir, good, good. i says, fighting continues on the city streets with russian forces destroying most buildings within range of their tanks and artillery. strategically important, civil don't ask, has become the focus now of russia's offensive in the east mustang. isn't it down the road to dig in? it will you via g in recent weeks, there has been active fighting on the city streets. but friends, we must understand that the situation is very dynamic, said neighbourhood can change hands to vienna. the next is not a small city. there are more than 18 neighborhoods. it is probably not appropriate
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to ask what percentage of the territory we control, what percentage the russian army controls. because the situation can drastically change in a few hours with inspection still to come this half hour. britain's government facing legal action over its plan to send undocumented migrants to lawanda and one dead and several series. the injured after man drives a car into a crowd in berlin. before crashing into a shall ah got a minute 15 to bring you up to speed with your weather for europe and africa. hello everyone. so we've got rain being whipped around all sides of the adria attic. see on thursday, particularly bad for that east coast of italy and western areas of the balkans. we're going to power up some thunderstorms,
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some of which could be severe and some lively downpours and hungry, including budapest. there could be some flooding here, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for his stumble once again on thursday, we take a peek at the next 3 days and showers and thunderstorms never really too far away. we'll see those winds pick up on sunday as walt not the winds, but temperatures that are picking up for southern sections of spain. so seville wall to wall sunshine, thursday, 30 degrees. here's your next 3 days. up to 44. on sunday, closing in on the june temperature record of $45.00 degrees, gloomy conditions for the islands of ireland, britain rate through into the low countries, some on and off again, showers to be expected. now here's the situation for africa. we've got our storms, the gulf of guinea, particularly bad for sierra leone and liberia. as we saw i toward the south, plenty of sun here, but a few showers for that east coast of madagascar. we're going to see some of those showers creep into and tan an arrival on thursday that shot the see you soon.
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ah, it abandoned as a child by his own sa cristella. whoa, no, nothing of early life in the republic of congo. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his back and the most unexpected re union witness. it were on al jazeera blue. ah,
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welcome back. a quick remind deny of our current top stories here on al jazeera, a u. s. house committee has heard emotional testimony from the survivor of the you've all the school shootings and parents of gun violence victims calling for reform. the committee is examining a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. ukraine says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to allow the safe passage an export of millions of tons of its grade. diplomats have been meeting an encore, a trying to ease the global food shortage triggered by russia brocade of ukraine's and the eastern ukrainian city of cbr. donetta is now mostly under the control russian forces. after weeks of fierce fighting, the governor of the lou ham squeegee says large parts of the city of been seized. the industrial zone is still under ukrainian control. in the coming hours, the summit of the americas will get underway in los angeles with migration, one of the top issues on the agenda. as the leaders gather,
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a caravan of several 1000 migrants is heading north through mexico, walking almost 2000 kilometers towards the united states when manuel report is with them and southern mexico. hi there, manuel. this, this caravan is time to can site, isn't it? with the summit, what message are organisers trying to send? that's right, julie. this is now day 3 of this caravan that departed the city of sup, actually in southern mexico. right next to mexico's border. with guatemala, we've been following the steps of the migrants every day since. not a lot has changed since tuesday. they've sort of stopped and i'd have been waiting for instructions from the caravans organizers. as you mentioned already, this is a caravan that was organized to coincide with the summit of the americas, the message from the activists, the migrant rights advocates, and the event organizers, the care of and organizers. it's quite simple. it's a shine, a light to draw attention on the plight, not only of migrants that are stuck here in,
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in southern mexico. some have been here for weeks. so have been here for months, but to really highlight a larger migrant crisis that's playing out across all of latin america. i want to show you just very quickly where we are right now. this is a, a central pause in the city of weeks la, about 60 kilometers north of mexico's border. with guatemala, you can see the conditions that many of these people are, and there's rain in the forecast is bad weather coming. there are quite a bit of children units up the u. n. agency that looks over the human rights of children. estimate that would be around $3000.00 children that are part of several different migrant groups scattered throughout the south of mexico. one thing that, that the caravans leaders are asking and warning migrants is to not get frustrated, not to get desperate to, to try to break away from the larger care of and because of the many risks that they run. but nevertheless, many of them have broken away many of them jumping on the back of freight cars where they also run the risk of losing their lives. if they fall off, have
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a look a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group. rafael, a migrant from the dominican republic says he feels lucky to be alive after falling from a freight trailer. joe alcorda and though it was when i am gone by me, i was running as a truck was passing. i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab aunt, but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan or from venezuela. despite coming all the way from south america and crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap, many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers. not roaming around,
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gallagher. mamma may go like a 100 migrants for foot. mexico is the house of terra. that is when we draw the cross a jungle a 1000 times than be here, gambling we've been detained or arrested, left without money. and if we go on our own cartels or something horrible. oh, look up in a hot water heater, who say is from venezuela and getting from bitter traveling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is a daily challenge. we de larosa. it been painful, we've suffered hunger and thirst. our child cries because he needs a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration. the dad are you ha, the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis. playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat. in the week's la river, it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this
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may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border every year. manuel, i know that this caravan was specifically timed to coincide with the summit, but normally, how are these caravans organize? how the people join them? julie, there are a number of reasons why we keep seeing these mass mobilizations of migrants from southern mexico year after year. on the one hand, the reasoning is because there's a sense that there's safety in numbers. so they come together when things, when migrant start to pile up in southern mexico and then they move together as a group. the other reason is because of a policy that's being enforced by mexico in the south, which is a policy of containment, which creates this pilot. it's actually created one of the largest bottlenecks for migrants on the american continent when resources are stretched thin,
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when migrants are left with no other place to sleep, they're left sleeping out on the street. the similar to what we're seeing play out here in the, in the town of weeks. well, they have no other option than to, than to hit the road and continue to make their way north, which is what we're hearing from the vast majority of migrants here who are from many different countries. overwhelmingly there from venezuela and just about everyone that we've spoken to says that it doesn't matter what sort of barriers are obstacles or police in their way. they are committed to reaching the u. s. southern border manuel report. they're joining us with the latest manuel. fine, q u s. secretary of state has called for an independent investigation into the killing of al jesse return, assuring. actually, it was challenged about america's response to the killing during the question and answer session ahead of the summit of the americas. deplore the loss of serene. she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen,
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as you will know. and there too, we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what happened. i know they have not yet, but know they've, i'm sorry with respect they have not yet been established for looking for they've not that we are looking for an independent credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead it's, it's straightforward is that that is not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen. i'll just say, or a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its turn list in the occupied westbank showing that actually was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in june in on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession started beating mourners, causing pole bearers to almost drop her casket. members of the international community of condemned to killing and continue to call for an investigation. i actually was without dra 0 for 25 years, covering the story. these really occupations she was known as the voice of palestine. saddam's military leaders are holding direct talks with political
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parties for the 1st time since seizing power amid a boy called by key pro democracy good. will the army to control in a qu last october, and the military protests have taken place regularly since then, which around a 100 people have been killed and thousands injured by security forces. civilian groups are angry over the continued police crackdown. the u. n. has urged all sides to negotiate in good faith. belgium's king philly has returned the 1st of some 84000 artifacts looted from the democratic republic of congo during his countries. brutal colonial will. the 1st time a belgian monarch has traveled to the d. r. c. in more than a decade, king fleet reaffirmed his deepest regrets for the exploitation racism, and acts of violence during the countries 75 year rule, during which up to $10000000.00 congress. these people were killed. but he again
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stopped short of apologizing. for my 1st trip in congo here, as i'm facing, the cumberland people to those who today are still suffering from it. i want to re offend my most deepest regrets. for these past women will marry claire for re is the human rights defender. and she says, belgium old d r c, a formal apology, the congo used to be on by your team for do so them on actually the voucher monarchy. and then it was faxed to the belgian states at the government. so really, that's been a lot of suffering and it is really unfortunate that the king, the current king of belgium has never formerly apologized even do. you has expressed regrets, but he has never for money apologize and never discuss reparation or,
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and also the return of the office park that was stolen from the congo. because a lot of companies, people actually want the china or the artifact and painting and all our heritage and he's to reach here in the u. k. the actually, the script care for cali has launched a legal challenge against the government's plan to send undocumented migrants to rwanda. it in baba is near a detention center in southern england, where some of those who may be sent to wonder are being held. who care for kelly say that they have been in touch with more than a 100 people who've been told that they're going to be sent to rwanda, to have a asylum claims assessed there for eventual a settlement in re wonder it should be pointed out. now the charity say that many of them are suicidal. they've said that 2 of them, they're in touch with have wrongly been assessed as being in their early twenties when they are in fact, just 16 years old. now this 1st group who been put on the list or
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a young men who have come here on their own as the government puts it illegally by a getting across the english channel in small boats. one man from syria had said that he wanted to join his brother here in the u. k. and if he said to rwanda, he will do everything he can to get out of rwanda to try to come back here. now, recently a group who were being held at the brook house detention center not far from gatwick airport here. staged a 5 date hunger strike. they were so desperate. after being told they were going to be said to rwanda. the home office says that this is legal and that they will stick to their time table. some lawyers suggesting that the legislation allowing them to send people to ro under won't be in place in time for the 1st flight, which is scheduled for next tuesday. a teacher has been killed and at least a dozen more people injured, including children after car drove into
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a crowd in berlin shopping district, and 29 year old man was arrested at the scene dominant came as more this was the scene that confronted the emergency services an incident in the heart of the city on a busy morning in broad daylight and good weather. one is going to in order i a man drove his car into a group of people's in there at town since dresser a $1030.00 local time dollars in drink several people, the man then i turned to the road then came to stop in a shop window some of the casualties were children and teachers from a school in the western german state of history. the driver of the car was held by onlookers until police could arrest him. he is described as being 29 years old, with dual german and armenian nationality and lives in berlin. i saw an iceberg as finance side and keep destiny st. is no real confession later, what we are doing now is examining the car. apparently there are posters inside axis absence because in haven't seen them myself. but apparently there were posters
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where he talks about turkey high set forensic investigators of examined the scene of the incident trying to build a picture of the exact sequence of events. seems like these bring back the memory for many people of what happened near here. back in 2016, when a man hijacked a truck and drove it into a crowd of people at the christmas market. it's usually held in this area. in that incident, 12 people died and 56 more were injured. casualties on that scale have been avoided in this incident, and police were able to take this driver into custody. dominate came al jazeera, berlin. ah, a reminder of our current top stories on al jazeera us house committee has been hearing harrowing accounts from the survivors.


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