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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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juveniles convicted of murder. 51 years behind bars on a jessica. ah . ah . al jazeera. with down to the pit. ah . this is al jazeera. ah. hello there. i'm julie mcdonald, this is the alger say we're news our live from london coming up. here. shaw,
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a city. i thought you will come back today. we stand for lexi and as her voice, we demand action, heart wrenching testimony in congress from a survivor of the vol. they, school shooting and parents. we've lost children to gun violence, pressure months on russia to end its blockade of ukraine's ports. it's accused of weapon, isaac, food supplies, and condemning to death. millions of people, whiskey, the home for a better life. the migrant caravan heading to the u. s. as leaders gathered there for the summit of the americas, ah, and belgium's king returns the 1st of some of the $84000.00 to fax, looted from the democratic republic of congo. during his country's brutal colonial rule. in schools, 16 major champion, phil mickelson, says he was,
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is be quoting north, america's biggest gulf. so that's despite his decision detail with a saudi arabian bank, breakaway competition. ah one welcome to the program. we begin in the us where you warehouse committee has heard harrowing accounts from a young survivor of the school shooting in you've all the texas and please for reforms from the parents of gun violence victims. the committee is examining what it's called the urgent need for congress. to pass common sense legislation including a ban on assault weapons and tougher background checks. my kind of reports now from capitol hill into lawmakers on capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. he saw a noise than i thought you didn't come back to room
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for the blood a because when i told her she said after her recorded testimony, the father of the 11 year old school shooting survivor told members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh, look to day i come because that girl of my baby girl she's that the same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything cuz she was there is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything not only for me, but her siblings and her mother. but i wish something were changed,
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not only for kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother of a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo, new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and are trusted to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th it a domestic terrorist, just 2 minutes to shoot and kill 10 people and injured 3 others can still see her walking windows toward the exit. this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in new faulty texas. so at this moment,
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we asked for progress. we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. basic red flag loss, stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian is an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. its time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is old to clear republicans weary of what they call an assault on the right to bear arms. calling for added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation to off to tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and
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we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for lack radical left wing policies or to tress their campaigns to get elected. a division reflected in the senate to when 9 republican votes would be needed to pass any meaningful legislation. boats that are likely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tepid of measures might kinda jazeera washington or serena rodriguez is national coordinator of the launch for our lives processed organisation, which was born out of the park and school shooting in florida. and she joins us live from washington, d. c. m. serena, thanks very much for joining us. i know that your movement is one that particularly involves young people and i'm trying to imagine being a young person growing up in the states right now and how deeply unsafe it must feel. yeah, absolutely. thank you so much for having me. but yeah, this is a terrifying time right now. you know what for, for everyone,
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especially students and young people who are coming out of getting back into school. and now having this either experience, it truly is terrifying. type right now, we heard the testimony today, which was extremely difficult to listen to, is the resend that the right people, the people who need to make changes are listening this time. i think so at this time, just really feel you know, it's so very about the students to share their stories. and i think the more we do that at the one that the protest makers have to listen and they have to do something. it's really nice value on our lives and it's still here and we have ever been before, so i feel confident the time is different and that something will be done. m 3. and
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it's something that i've always wondered, sitting here listening to that this sort of political commentary that comes out of time like this and in the face of such compelling and devastating testimony. and not for the 1st time we've heard over many, many years. now, how can voters and those against, you know, gun control home, so tight to what they see is as, as they're right, sitting here in the u. k that find that feels like something completely unimaginable. yeah, it's hard to read to roger how, how, you know, some people can really hold on to these constitutional rights when, you know, know what? no, where are they going to, the grocery stores more going on. and so it is observed to me how people can just hear the story and still hold true to believe that they have this right. and that it cannot be infringed on for whatever it is. but i think
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more, more recently, now you're seeing that, you know, there are on the owners are willing to give up certain things to, for the, for the common good. so i really have no, no reasoning for it. but i feel folks are coming around and they're wanting to do something because it is just, it's unimaginable here in the united states. what, what's happening? i do feel like this at this time is different now it folks are ready to make change . serena, if we think about the changes that could make that the biggest difference, is it increasing the age of gun on ownership for samuel to magic weapons, at least 8 or 8. i suppose gotten reform is actually bigger than that is more than just preventing another mass shooting it's it's, it's suppressing this kind of national health crisis. isn't it that that goes to every corner of a community? yeah, i think there's a number of things i think definitely starting with universal background checks and
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the on, on the assault weapons i'm but there's definitely probably more bipartisan than solutions like raising the minimum age. like you mentioned, to purchase these weapons or increasing the waiting period, you know, a few times now we've seen where someone can purchase a team and our leader can with this atrocious act. so maybe it is increasing that waiting period or of you know, increasing our mental health funding and getting more mental health counselors in our schools. i think there's a number of things, a great starting point, definitely just to pass universal background checks. but something majority of americans can agree on, and i think it's where we'll have the closest chance of getting something done. great. now serena rodriguez there coordinator of the march for our lives, serena, thank you. thank you so much. ah,
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ukrainian forces have pulled back to the outskirts of the eastern city of seaver, the next, which is now mostly under the control of russian forces. after weeks of fierce fighting, the governor of the hand screech and says large parts of the city of been seized thought to the industrial zone is still on the ukrainian control. sergei de russian forces have destroyed most buildings within range of their tongues and artillery seaford and ask, has become the focus now of russia's offensive in the east, and president brought him here. sir lensky says its troops have suffered major losses even the next year. that has remained the epicenter of $500.00 yard on vases at the end of the $100.00 and 5th day of the log scale wrong. we are defending our position and inflicting of the picnic and losses from the enemy to varied threats total and difficult to fight, perhaps. nor is one of the most difficult battle during these war. i am thankful to
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each and every one who is defending in this direction and to a great extent, the weight of the bus is being decided there. now people in the eastern don bass region continued to shelter in basements to escape near constant shelling. and despite office of evacuation, a ton of solar di time is near the front line of rushes, offensive in the east, and is near a crucial supply road, leading to the cities of civil. that's going listed chance that people say they have to cook con, improvise stoves, and the time has been without running water and power. now, for months. nothing new. we showed day and night. the shelling is ongoing. we stay in the basement almost all the time. the apartment is close, so we run the during the day during the night, we stay here more than a 1000 ukrainian soldiers who surrendered after a fierce battle to control the port city of mariel pool have been moved to russia
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to face an investigation he evans, requesting that all of the 2000 soldiers who defended the style still works behind it over in a prison as well. but russian lawmakers demanding some of the cranium fighters be put on trial, a wedding stay ukraine and russia exchanged the remains of thousands of soldiers killed during russia's invasion, including ukrainian soldiers who died fighting at the alpha style plant. one moroccan and 2 british fighters who were captured in ukraine may face the death penalty after pleading guilty in a russian back court. sean penner and brought him sedona pleaded guilty to court actions aimed the violence, seizure of power on aiden of lindsey, the guilty to a less of charge of possessing and using weapons and explosives. the trial is taking place in dulness, one of 2 ukrainian regions that russia recognizes as break away with public ukraine says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to allow the safe passage
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and export of millions of tons of the countries. great. that promotes a meeting in, unquote, trying to ease a global food shortage triggered by the war in ukraine. will they include russia's foreign minister, sir? gala rolled. he says, ukraine mos de mine the black sea before any grain can be shipped. the kremlin is also demanding an end to sanctions imposed after it invaded its neighbor. both ukraine in the west of accused moscow of weaponized includes supplies with russia, seizing large parts of ukraine's coast during the nearly 15 week war, so forth it will stay only, but it be skewed for those little skew. any vessel wishing to use these corridors, either for loading or unloading grain is free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on, but a few days ago mr. zelinski asked for weapons that can be used against russian ships. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. what if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to?
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we're discussing the details with turkish defense units. will ukraine place a crucial role and global food supply with many nations, depending on its grain and its oil? 90 percent of the country's exports usually from ports in the black sea, but all of those are now closed, and russia has seized or brocaded most of ukraine's coastline right now. cave says it's only able to export up to $2000000.00 tons of grain a month, and that's because of the blockade. more than 20000000 tons are still waiting for export. and president vladimir, sir lansky says that this could rise to 75000000 in the coming months. will moscow has been accused of stealing 600000 tons of grain from occupied territory. and the impact of this blockade is so severe the world food program says it could cause millions of people to die of hunger. well wrestle, sir dar is in the turkish capital and has more on the meeting. there hasn't been any conclusive result coming out of the meeting between the russian and the turkish
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water ministers in ankara today. however, both for the ministers are confirmed that the tours are going to continue in coming weeks in istanbul. and this time, the hope that you bring your site is also going to sent a delegation to attend to these meetings according to their preliminary scheme that they are working on, is to establish equitable mechanism consisting of russia, ukraine, turkey, and the united nation. so, at this equitable mechanism is going to, to, to, to open a safe corridor for the ships to carry the green and fertilizers from both ukraine and russia to the boss for us to be exported to the international market. one of the key issue here are, is there that the flawed in mines that had been left by the ukranian army in black see, to prevent russia one been at its coastal cities. and according to the scheme, add the ukrainian turkish and russian they were, forces are going to clear these minds to open a safe passage for their ships. once the ships are safe,
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guarded by the torch. naval forces, peel a boss for as the green on the fertilizers are going to be gathered in a center established in a stumble and from the center is going to be exported to the international market here. so, considering the fact that russia is number one and ukraine is number 5, our biggest green exporter in the world, it's going to be crucial to reach at deal for the at the did the global food safety until buchanan is an international human rights lion specialist in war kinds, and he joins that live now from banjo in gambia till the thanks very much for being with us. just how much pressure is there right now for both sides to make an agreement here. but i think from what we've heard, does a huge amount of pressure coming from a number of different sources of the turkey is trying to, to negotiate an agreement between 2 sites with the assistance of the un, because it is causing, causing crisis out of course,
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russia is using the opportunity as one would expect in a very disingenuous way to, to attempt to have sanctions removed effectively holding countries to ransom as, as a result of this crisis. and toby, if we'd sort of hypothesize minute as to how this could be put in place, i guess one of the key things that would be needed to make this corridor happen would be some sort of necessary security to be put in place. but, but which meant that she would carry that i know i'm probably getting ahead of myself and i'm just trying to imagine what it might look like. well, and i think that remains unclear as we had from the report as to whether the turkish naval forces aren't going to be provided security for ukrainian ships. obviously we've had that festival that needs to be a clearance of the floating minds that ukraine had put up for its own security. but the, the issue is going to be whether russia uses that attempt to target ukranian naval
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ships, non military naval ships under the guys that they're carrying weapons or some of the, for the metric talks as, as, as we might expect to. so i think the, the concern is whether those forces, whether they are turkish or that nato, again, to be providing security necessary, necessary security to those your friendships in then i'm trying to, to get necessary goods for humanitarian reasons out of ukraine. and told me just takes place for our viewers again, how important is it to make sure that this, this corridor can be opened? when it is in the center? we can, we can compare it to certain situations. but what we're not necessarily talking about is my tear and access getting into ukraine, although that is, of course, increasingly necessary. but obviously it's, it's,
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it's becoming an issue now because it's becoming a global crisis issue. because of how much the, the rest of the world depends upon these, these, these items, particular grain, an oil coming from, from ukraine. so but of course, the real issue is how you are going to secure that safely without putting ukraine or other states at risk, and whether nato in particular is going to gauge militarily in protecting those ships. so a lot of these issues are really, really unresolved, and we have to expect that negotiations are going to be going on some time. and of course, expecting that russia to use every opportunity they can to, to have sanctions taken down and actually use it as an opportunity to attack your brain. and it, toby, just to talk quickly about prisoners of war. we've seen a situation happen. we where some prisoners have been moved to russia. we're seeing what's being described as foreign fighters fighters who are not ukrainian,
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2 of them being sentenced to death. are we seeing a developing situation here where potentially the soldiers could be used as, as bargaining chips? yes, i think we are seeing that very clearly now, and they are very clearly going to be used as, as bargaining chips and in a different crisis that russia faces. and so what we've seen is $22.00 soldiers taken guilty to, to capital offense as the, the issue is that once russia arrests prisons of war and they have to hold them in accordance with the geneva conventions or 2nd requirements or they have to go through, they have to be treated well, and if they put on trial, they have to be put on trial through a, a proper process that respects federal guarantees. and if not, if they are putting individuals on trial through show trials, which is, which is what we are expecting to be seen seeing more of. and then that in itself
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constitutes a war crime. and it's especially on trial in such a circumstance that do not respect fundamental guarantees as the fair trial that passes ultimately executed. that is also an unlawful execution. and so these are very worrying trends that we're seeing toby cabman there until we thanks very much for joining us and giving us that additional context. thank you. thank you. coming up on this news are from london talk, same to at ending sedans, ongoing political deadlock, begin in the capital cartoon. one dead and several seriously injured after a man drives a car into a crowd in berlin before crashing into a shop. and is or will here wouldn't australian world cup legend has to say about his country's chances of qualifying for the shears finals. ah,
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in the coming hours, the summit of the americas will get underway in los angeles with migration, one of the main issues on the agenda. as the latest gather, several 1000 migrants are heading north through mexico, walking almost 2000 kilometers towards the connected states. manuel rap hollow met some of them as they traveled through mexico's she up a state a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group. rafael, a migrant from the dominican republic, says he feels lucky to be alive after falling from a freight trailer. go in. because when i'm going up and i was running as a truck was passing, i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab onto, but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group
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traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan, or from venezuela, despite coming all the way from south america and crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap. many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers. not roaming around, de la ma, medical like a 100 migrants refer to mexico as the house of tara. that is when we draw the cross a jungle a 1000 times than be here, we've been detained or arrested left without money. and if we go on our own cartels or something horrible. oh, look up in a hot water heater, who say is from venezuela and getting from bitter travelling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is a daily challenge. we de larosa. it's been painful, we've suffered hunger and thirst, our child cries because he needs a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration that they ha,
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the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat. in the weeks law river, it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border. every year manuel did apollo al jazeera g up as mexico is regionally dis gather for the summit of the americas. the biden administration has unveiled and you proposed economic partnership with latin america for brennan says at the summit in los angeles. his agenda has been overshadowed by discord over the guest this hi there, rob. so i believe some countries weren't invited and then others chose not to the 10. so is this summit likely to achieve anything?
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well that is remains to be seen. i. i don't think that anybody really who's participating here expects to see a any huge sweeping agreements, nevertheless, the by to ministration. and i should mentioned, president biden has just arrived a short while ago here in los angeles. they are promising what they call some deliverables, and that's sort of diploma speak for real concrete of achievements or real concrete amounts of money. pledge in the areas of food security in many countries as suffering from the disruption of food supplies. as we saw in the earlier report from ukraine, also a health care ad the climate caused migration. in other words, people on the move because of natural disasters in their country and also economic growth. and the president bide, is expected to announce his of framework for what the white house is calling
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a historic proposal to drive economic recovery and growth in the western hemisphere later tonight in the opening ceremony for this 3 day summit. but you're absolutely right. while migration is a very important issue and it's, it's looming large here and will be discussed. there are the good overshadowing the whole summit is this sort of sort of semi boycott by many of the most important leaders in latin america, particularly in those countries that are where migration is, is coming from where people are being forced to flee for one reason or another are the most important leaders that were referring to include the presidents of, of mexico, of el salvador, of honduras, all of them sending their foreign ministers rather than coming here in person. so why? because the by the administration decided in planning for the summit, not to invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela saying that those countries are and democratic on democratic and a,
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basically a dictatorships. ah, so they didn't want to have the leaders of those countries here on american soil for the summit. so, but, but then of the other leaders in latin america and some caribbean countries also took offense at this. so saying that, you know, if one group one leader is invited, all should be invited and it's not really a summit otherwise. so they, they have elected to stay home. and what many people are saying is that this kind of shows the decline in influence over the region in latin america in the caribbean, where the united states once held, such a gemini, a val said joining a set from los angeles, rob, when it flowed, seen, will happens thanks as lot smaller still to come this hour. the british government facing legal action over its plan to send undocumented migrant shawanda. and later in sport, the corruption trial involving the former head of worlds at ball hits early
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ah got a minute 15 to bring the up to speed with your weather for europe and africa. hello everyone. so we've got rain being whipped around all sides of the adria attic, see on thursday, particularly bad for that east coast of italy and western areas of the balkans. we're going to power up some thunderstorms, some of which could be severe, and some lively downpours and hungry, including budapest. there could be some flooding here, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for his stumble. once again on thursday, we take a peek at the next 3 days and showers and thunderstorms never really too far away. we'll see those winds pick up on sunday as walt not the winds, but temperatures that are picking up for southern sections of spain. so seville wall to wall sunshine, thursday, 30 degrees. here's your next 3 days, up to 44 on sunday,
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closing in on the june temperature record of 45 degrees. gloomy conditions for the islands of ireland. britain rate through into the low countries. some on and off again, showers to be expected. now here's the situation for africa. we've got our storms across the gulf of guinea, particularly bad for sierra leone and liberia, as we saw toward the south, plenty of sun here, but a few showers for that east coast of madagascar. looking to see some of those showers croup into and 10 and a revo on thursday that shot the see you soon. ah, al jazeera world meets 2 arabs, both built successful, nice glued pirates. scholars made normal contribution. the size, such as a mathematics, astronomy on medicine, a cutting edge, dr. formulating u h. i b drug treatments in south africa. and his specialist in engineering, science who's changing lives in malazan villages. but purify polluted water and
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turn them to drinking water. arabs abroad. the pharmacologist in the scientist on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity, water, and all this all alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, been never called an immigrant, the always known as next path. international filmmakers of world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet, and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera. ah ah, ah.
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a reminder of our current top stories here on al jazeera us housed committee has heard emotional testimony from a survivor of the vol, the school shootings, and parents of gun violence victims calling for gun reform. the committee is examining a ban on assault weapons and suffer background checks. the eastern ukrainian city of siever dimansky is now mostly under the control of russian forces. after weeks of fierce fighting, the governor of the lou, i'm screech and says large parts of the city of been seized, bought the industrial zone is still under you. crating control. and ukraine says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to live. the safe passage and export and millions of tons of its grain. diplomats have been meeting an encore trying to ease the global foot shortage triggered by russia's blockade of ukraine's course. iran has switched off surveillance cameras installed by the united nations nuclear watchdog used to monitor one of its atomic sites. the 2 dismantled cameras were
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being used to record the enrichment levels of uranium. it follows recent concern over iran's nuclear advances and lack of cooperation. atomic energy organisation of iran insists 80 percent of its cameras are still operational and compliant with the safeguards. meanwhile, a passenger train has derailed an eastern iran killing at least 18 people. it happened near the city of tba. se of the capital was an 80 people have been injured . some critically rescue helicopters includes were sent to the remote area, but initial report suggests the train collided with an excavator near the tracks train was heading from the holy city of mashhad t astor. belgium's king phillipe has returned the 1st of some 84000 artifacts looted from the democratic republic of congo during his countries. brutal colonial rule atrocities which included force labor, torture amputations,
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and rate began in $1885.00 under king leopold. the 2nd about 10000000 people died 23 years they to the king was forced to relinquish control to belgium's parliament . however, congolese were still unable to all land vault or even travel before declaring independence in 1960 congo had become africa's richest colony. but most of the prophets went to belgium. brussels has acknowledged some abuses carried out during its 75 year rule. and on his 1st trip to the d, r. c, the king reiterated his profound regrets, but stopped short of a formal apology. as malcolm web explains, king felipe is the 1st belgian monarch to express regret for his confidence passed in the democratic republic of congo. that his speech to the congress parliament in the capital kinshasa stopped short of apologizing for the violence and exploitation . belgium's 75 year colonial rule. let it like
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a violent act and humiliation on the occasion of my 1st trip to congo, right. your front of the commonly people and those who still suffer today. i wish to reaffirm my deepest progress for those wounds of the past. king felipe and his wife, queen matilda, are on a 6 day visit. the monarch and congress president felix to security. spoken about cooperation and development. they haven't mentioned the role of kings really great . grandfather's brother belgian king leopold. the 2nd he turned congo into his personal fif them. in 1885. he made a fortune from rubber which conquer leaves were forced to harvest from the forest. their hands were cut off if they didn't collect enough for their rulers. up to 10000000 people died. it was the black lives matter movement 2 years ago that prompted activists that the face statues of king leopold in belgium. some of the
12:36 am
statues were removed and king felipe expressed regret for the 1st time, the c as later his visiting democratic republic of congo for the 1st time, brought back a mask, one of thousands of artifact lifted by the colonialists. he said it's on a permanent loan from the belgian museum. some congolese, it falls far short of making up for the path. so the atrocity of the red rubber, the weeping, the repetitive munition suffer by our system. i will funding fathers and mothers should not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refused to formally apologize for president jessy. katy bring some international credibility. he took office 2 and a half years ago after elections that lead documents appeared to show were rigged, belgium's prime minister, who so on the visit was critical at the time. relations have since improved walker
12:37 am
pool. i had to be democratic. i believe that for the democratic republic of congo, and i have always said to the gateway to europe. i am talking about diplomatic and political europe. business in europe, belgium, belgians, rolling congo with one of the bloodiest out of european colonialism and one of its most profitable with vast amounts of wealth looted. but belgium has been among the slowest of european powers to either thought to acknowledge the author. malcolm web out, is there a sedans militia willis, a started direct talk for little policies in the capital. it's a 1st such meeting since the army took over power last october, but major opposition parties and coalitions are boy coughing it. hippa, morgan reports not from cotton for denise political parties and the army are coming together for talks. they haven't done this since the military took power 8 months ago. the participants say they want to end the political impasse created by the
12:38 am
takeover, which has left for them without a fully functioning government. and in political and economic turmoil, the united nations, the african union, and the regional body i got are facilitating the talks. or aim of this dialogue is to reach a consensus on the constitutional arrangements. agree on a prime minister, prepare for elections. the tripartite mechanism is only a facilitator. it's up to the sudanese who are the stakeholders to decide on the outcome. so dance transitional period was derailed when the military took power last october. it dissolved a 2 year government that was meant to lead to down to democracy after 3 decades of one man rule under president obama del bashir. it also sidelined the political coalition known as the forces of freedom and change with whom it had signed a perishing agreement. after bashir was forced out, the coalition was absent in wednesday stalks a group which split from it and had called for the military to take over attended. we've participated in this session to agree on how the transition should be and
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complete the transition period as well as prepare for elections. it is very important. we will also talk about how to form a government to lead during the remaining transitional period and implement the p steel signed. we don't want to side dine any one and hope those who are not attending will join. prior to the start of the talks, the head of the army issued a statement of unity describing it as a historic opportunity to achieve the demands of for the nice people walkable num go. you're not on my telephone. i request all the concern components to respond to this dialogue. i'm not stern as an obstacle in the pop of democratic change. i'm transition navarro. the people in the country deserve to be put above our differences job and we should place the unity and security of the country above political and personal desire. irish, i know, but the forces of freedom and change coalition is not the only group that is chosen not to attend the groups. one is resistance. committees which have been organizing regular protests for months are also absent from these thoughts. they've been vocal
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in their opposition to negotiate or compromise since the military took over last year. they were more protests on wednesday against the military's rule. more than a 100 people have been killed in anti military demonstrations and hundreds of others have been wounded since the take over those behind the protest fate. only when the military is removed from the equation. will they be ready to negotiate on how to dance, transition to democracy, should continue. he by morgan al jazeera hutton, and jr is running part is chosen form illegal, state governor ball arc med tenable to be its candidate for the 2023 presidential election. the current president mohammed do bar a will stepped down in february after leaving the country for the maximum. 8 years that's allowed by the constitution augment, edit report, snap from boucher. ah allah, i'm a terrible bit. nigeria, vice president for sitting governors and for my cabinet ministers to the ticket. critic say he's too old. but tenable full court founded the coalition that brought
12:41 am
the old peoples congress and president mohammed, hawaii to power 7 years ago, is hist is fit for the job. this is not, oh, good me. yeah. i mean, one of the decision maker on the most to support it and it's on the phone as narrow down the delegates. the company lottie, and it's tentative will not have to, you know, one moment please. and this is not my end of next, it's generally not to the boys from so the nigeria, our region, many feel should produce the next president after body. and old anna has hopped out, is 2 times. there was confusion ahead of the election when some senior party officials, while accused of trying to force through another nobody prompting president bladder to address members. we monica money and to maintain his city of sports,
12:42 am
nation. terrible supporters believe they've got the right person, ill possibly have all the, you know, results, you know, skills that not a driven to comfort you know and help the country. you know, in, on all the major talent, you know, that will come. but political and only say this could be the man standing between 2 to be on the presidency. i. t club. walker one, the main or positions primaries at the end of me is run phone i just up off his 5 times and describes his election as the story is he who is, we believe will bring about fundamental changes in government and also, you know, appointed to go processes of walker support to say up to 8 years as the opposition, the peoples democratic party is ready to govern. i game i,
12:43 am
director review with the apc primers law held just before the deadline for parties to register candidates for the february vote. and although the presidential hopefuls will be in the running nigeria will be watching the race between these 2 political chives, degrees algebra, a boucher here in the u. k. an act of a scoop care for cali has launched a legal challenge against the government steal to send undocumented migrants to lawanda. dean baba is near a detention center in southern england, where some of those who may be sent to lambda are being held. who cares? kelley say that they have been in touch with more than a 100 people who've been told that they're going to be sent to rwanda. to have a asylum claims assessed there for eventual a settlement in ra wonder. it should be pointed out. now the charity say that many of them are suicidal. they've said that 2 of them are in touch with have recently
12:44 am
been assessed as being in their early twenty's when they are in fact, just 16 years old. now this 1st group who been put on the list or a young men or who are, who come here on their own as the government puts it illegally by a getting across the english channel in small boats. one man from syria had said that he wanted to join his brother here in the u. k. and if he center a wonder, he will do everything he can to get out of rwanda to try to come back here. now recently a group who were being held at the brook house detention center not far from gatwick airport here. staged a 5 day hunger strike. they were so desperate. after being told, they were going to be said to re wonder the home office says that this is legal and that they will stick to their time table. some lawyers suggesting that the legislation allowing them to send people to ro under won't be in place in time for the 1st flight, which is scheduled for next tuesday. at the turns been carol,
12:45 am
and at least a dozen were people injured in killing children. after cargile inter cried in berlin shop, industry attention annual man was arrested at the scene. tom that came as more this was the scene that confronted the emergency services. an incident in the heart of the city on a busy morning in broad daylight and good weather. one that's going to in order i a man drove his car into a group of people's in there at town, since dresser at $1030.00 local time dollars in drink several people. the man then returned to the road, then came to stop the shop window. some of the casualties were children and teachers from a school in the western german state of history. the driver of the car was held by onlookers until police could arrest him. he is described as being 29 years old, with dual german and armenian nationality and lives in berlin. i saw an icy gets mckenna side and keep destination. there is no real confession later. what we are doing now is examining the carnival. apparently there are posters in aside shops,
12:46 am
he's absent because in haven't seen them myself. but apparently there were posters where he talks about 30 horses forensic investigate as of examined, the scene of the incident trying to build a picture of the exact sequence of events. seems like these bring back the memory from many people of what happened near here. back in 2016, when a man hijacked a truck and drove it into a crowd of people at the christmas market that's usually held in this area. in that incident, 12 people died and 56 more were injured. casualties on that scale have been avoided in this incident and to police were able to take this driver into custody. dominant came al jazeera berlin, 8 people have appeared in court in paris, accused of stealing a work by the graffiti artist bank c. back in 2019. the artwork had been sprayed on to an emergency door at the batter clamp theater in paris. to honor the victims of
12:47 am
the november 2015, a tax there will the 7 french dependence and one italian are suspected of removing the metal door from the building and taking it to italy. the door was found in a farm house by italian police and given back to france, former us president donald trump and his children donald trump, junior and yvonne co have agreed to testify in the new york state investigation into his business practices. the agreement came after an appeals court denied their bid to avoid giving testimony. the state attorney general says her investigation is find evidence that the trump organisation which manages will tales, golf courses, and other real estate misstated asset valuations to get benefits such as loans and tax breaks. trump has denied any wrong doing. still had this news. our o indonesia is eco friendly mosque. we look inside the world's 1st place of
12:48 am
worship, certified for sustainable to find and in sports, some awkward questions with a golf was taking part in a new competition that's already divided the sport ah. castle airways official airline. the john
12:49 am
mm pool and fish and line of the join. lou ah, indonesians capital ger casa is one of the most popular polluted cities in the world. but the country's largest mosque was become the world's 1st place of worship . to be certified for sustainable design, for its efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption. that's encourage
12:50 am
smaller mosques to do the same as jessica washington reports that from jakarta. it was built in the late 19 seventy's to commemorate indonesia independence more than 200000 people can fit inside the istic la mosque. one of the capitals, most iconic buildings from the outside the mosque has looked much the same for decades. but sustainability was one of the main motivations during recent renovations. so damp out regret that honda, this mosque is 42 years old and the equipment had not been replaced for a long time. as part of the renovation, solar panels were added to the roof. for now they only support a small percentage of the buildings, electricity consumption, and thanks to low flow chaps and treatment facilities. water usage has dropped by more than 30 percent. is tickler mosques. green initiatives aren't as good for the environment, but for its finances to,
12:51 am
since it's renovation and it's switch to more energy efficient lighting, the mosques, electricity bills have more than harvest. in april, the mosque became the 1st place of worship in the world to receive certification for sustainable design from the international finance corporation. the renovations cost more than $35000000.00 paid for by the indonesian government human. massive is the law. we worked with the ministry of public works to realize our vision of an environmentally friendly mosque on the outskirts of the capitol worshippers at this mosque started their own water. saving initiative is given me with a low cost innovation, which uses the souls of old shoes to create a stopper, to reduce the flow of water every every $650.00. ah, children who will study here about are they didn't good on. we educate also environment from, from the beginning. the mosques management also collects rubbish from the community,
12:52 am
so it can be recycled. people promise to watch like it is easier for us to go in for them. and so, and look at them in setup. we are, i think people polluted and thinking fast, the indonesian capital faces many challenges. eco mosques are just part of the effort to help ease the cities environmental burden. jessica washington al jazeera chicata. now he's andy with all the day sports. nice. thank you so much. julie will 6 time major went to phil. mickelson says he won't be quitting north. america's biggest gulf told us, despite his decision to sign up for a saudi arabian back to break coil competition, 48 players getting ready to take part in the all new lives series. he's off in england on thursdays, offering plays more money over a short season, and mickleson is reported to have received a $200000000.00 signing on fi pricing,
12:53 am
shanda, and patch it read the latest big names set to sign up north america's page. a tool is threatening to ban any players who take part. i'm grateful for everything. the pga tour and the game a golf is provider for me and my family. i've also worked really hard to contribute and try to build and add value to the tour during my time there. and i worked really hard to earn a lifetime exemption and i, i don't want to give that up. i don't believe i should have to. well, if series is being funded by saudi arabia and fronted by australian golf legend greg norman h events a set to take place across the world. this year. tiger woods is among those who spoken out against the series and none of the world top 10 players are involved. the $25000000.00 on offer at the 1st live series event is the biggest prize funding,
12:54 am
gulf history. many of the sports, all the players have signed up, including england's impulse or all of those involved have faced questions about cash and saudi arabia's human rights record. every week we play, we play football, sums of money. we always want to, to play for as much as possible. you know, this is, this is no different this week. is there any way you wouldn't play on a moral basis if the money was right? is there any way you wouldn't play that question? well, many golf is not taking part in the live series or instead competing at the p g a canadian open, including full time major. we're not really macros. speaking a few people yesterday, and one of the comments was anything, any decision that you make in your life that's purely for money usually doesn't end up going the right way. obviously, money is a deciding factor and
12:55 am
a lot of things in this world. but if it's purely for money, it's not never seems to you know, it never seems to go the way you wanted to. i think, and i know that the pga tour is the, is the best place to play in the world. and you know, it's just that the decision is there and it is what it is, but i just, i wish that it would take away, or i wish it wouldn't be taking away from the great story lines and things that are going on on a tour that's been around for a very long time. now, the former usaa limping gymnast, including simone biles found a $1000000000.00 lawsuit against the f. b i. the group of, or 90 claimants say that the bureau mishandled its investigation of former seam, dots at laurie nasa. nasa. now serving decades imprison sexually assaulting gymnast the f i s b i is accused of failing to act when it 1st received allegations about us. now straightly are getting ready to play peru in
12:56 am
a when it takes all well cut play off on tuesday they beat the a t one in a final qualifying of next week's game against peru. we've been talking to same k hill. he played in full well cuts with australia and now i'm passing the castle 2022. 1 thing i do know is the boys list everything on the pitch. and that's the most important thing. whether you win win or lose is that you give everything for the country. been a very, very happy because it's the 1st part of the 2 games. and this is sort of sometimes the hardest spot to get over the line. and you know, you get to regroup, recover and prepare for the for the biggest games. many of these boys cruise, i think in the forward cup side played in. it was different and had its own flavor . but i don't want to strive to mrs. woke up because i live here, you know, i work. i've seen the development since 2010 as a player. and now as an executive working in football,
12:57 am
hopefully we can invite them to play in these amazing stadiums because they've been blown away as, as the federation. and so has many others. i think for the change experience will come 1st of it's kind miss region. they are region middle east, so i'm very, very excited to welcome them at the same time. realistic that it's going to be a big task. and i almost delayed a corruption trial involving the format of world full set, black sir black telling according switzerland he couldn't testify because of chest pains. he and the former had of european football. michelle, for tenure, accused of fraud swiss prosecutors claim a $2000000.00 payment made by black at super seni, more than a decade ago was unlawful. the pat deny any wrong doing. okay. that his house for is looking for now. let's get back to julie in london. andy, thanks so much. authorities in mexico, i've uncovered a tunnel running under the border from to wanna to the u. s,
12:58 am
which they say was used for drug trafficking. the tunnel is around 242 meters long and equipped with rails lighting and a ventilation system, it's the 2nd tunnel found in the area in less than a month. that's it for me. chilling with donald, this nice out the back in a moment though with much more of the days new. see them ah ah and a outside of the conflict can you crave? how concerned should we be about this on to build up,
12:59 am
we bring the stories in different months that are rapidly changing the world we live in, because the want become roches new dollars, it becoming rushes new dawn, counting the coast on al jazeera, how to states control information, how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism we framing the story? be it on line on an imprint. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah
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ah ah, ah ah ah. i see. i thought you come back today. we stand for lexi and as her voice we demand action.


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