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tv   Al Jazeera World Arabs Abroad The Pharmacologist and the Scientist  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 4:00am-4:56am AST

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who is making these mistakes? they don't believe that they're born bad for climes travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a just 0. 1 day i might be covering politics. i mean, i just, i might hear by protesting from serbia hungry. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here at al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, i'm carry johnston into the top stories on al jazeera. the summit of the americas is getting underway in los angeles. u. s. president joe biden hopes to use the gathering to re engage with regional leaders. several have boycotted the event anger that washington refused to invite cuba,
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venezuela and the curriculum that leaves it's unclear how much progress will be made on curbing high levels of migration. one of washington's top priorities, the timing of the summit to coincides with the movement of a migrant caravan that's heading north through mexico towards the us. i'll just here is rob reynolds is at the summit. he says the bible administration wants to address the root causes of migration from some latin american countries. the life of, of an average person is marked by poverty by gang violence, lack of access to health care. sometimes environmental disasters call cause people to flee their homelands. so the bite and idea is to make it a decent life for everybody decent enough so that people won't have to leave their homes and go to the united states or another relatively well to do country. but again, there's been a cloud over this summit because of this boycott by some of the key leaders in the
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region. and especially with regard to migration. most of the central american leaders from el salvador, from honduras, from guatemala and the president of mexico. busy as well are all boycotting is why, because the by the administration decided not to invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela thing. those countries are anti democratic and they don't have a place at the table here. that turns out to created more of a storm, probably, than the administration was counting on. and the fact that these, these nations snubbed the regions a long time, superpower is perhaps a sign of how much us influence has waned in the region and how, how little trust remains between the u. s. and some of the countries in the region and 11 year old girl has described how she smeared herself for the classmates blood
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to avoid being killed during the school mass shooting. it was part of a testimony presented to us, congressional hearing 19 children, and 2 teachers was shot dead at the school and found a texas last month and i thought back to route to the only what it is you are so i don't know. oh and then the hours after that test to me, the house of representatives voted in favor of restricting the purchase of semi automatic weapons to people age 21 and over. they also want to ban the sale of some
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ammunition magazines. the capacity of more than 15 rounds, for the measures have no hope of becoming law as they went overcome opposition in the senate. the eastern ukrainian city of it's very done yet is now mostly under the control of russian forces. after weeks of fierce fighting, but a local official says, ukrainian forces are still holding on to the cities industrial saying a man has driven his car into a crowd of people in berlin, killing a teacher and injuring 14 of her students. police are still trying to work out a motive. the german official has suggested, the suspect suffers from mental illness. police are questioning a suspect of the disappearance of high profile brazilian indigenous expert, bruno pereira, and british journalist dom phillips, a pair were filming in the remote part of the brazilian amazon. when they went missing on sunday, local media say the detained man had been threatening indigenous inhabitants
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involved in the search party. president tribal scenario has been accused of failing to scale up efforts to find them. those are the headlines. news continues here. after hours they were well a ah ah,
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cape town is the southern no city is south africa except vibrant place with a diverse population made up of many new cities and nationalities among them are some of the arab diaspora, like many others, are attracted by both opportunity and in the mixed cultural environment, like dr. muhammed aroma, he's originally from libya and he's now professor alter clinical pharmacology in johannesburg. but he began his journey here in cape town. ah, decided harder to fulfill the view, cadillac than myself. oh, what m atkin awkward? let us up fi roblis at the county and in case he had been as bailey
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the more. and thus bartleby was, i had a little about that flam here. and with that, said he off about how it lops awfully at the wilkinson wisdom up and hate them fear that a still baccalaureate was 0 harbinger if you had found a lot about the more complicated than empty as what he had shot at abilene federal company. i wonder about that in philippines, who's in cape town, the financial minister plot. why that if the canal, but how much did i think the cape town didn't was over here. let me ask you how many baths i hope i live at the puddle,
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will do me a 1000000 kept up. well, let's look at photography and all this out. but i didn't see shar this out. how that up in the field i didn't than he kept on as the motor to look at the thought you had thought of the fall out, professor. good martin. what kind of off the how, why leon had had the last month. somebody is customer clinical pharmacology, peach. care town will be had it in my home with him and oracle laguna beach and then locked the door, locked up. each individual is a special character. mohammed's special features that endeared him to all of us. here was his incredible enthusiasm. he would throw himself with great enthusiasm to each task that we gave him, his hunger to learn and his ability to absorb things and then teach in his own right. so he was just a wonderful person in that respect. ah
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ah, what i'm what i'm going to see. boy, i will mechanism for that and i'm on the mountain, but it will also be and that can happen from a suckling child, but the color of the sufferer, what i feel about not see, not for general. let me go because what i mean, i just follow libya can estimate them and left me to kilometer and was up to can the seller valeca biotech of the letter. why and also another cannot let a bother my lou, my mother, my telephone possible santa ben marie. she jenna been merely as in
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a bit higher than agenda. but i mean what i can help i don't know about that. you had a lot of solid thought. i hadn't ordered that that sheep was didn't know, i saw yet. it's let me or i was land, our me what be mother would quit. let us, let me, if you kept on, let me put you off with me on saudi when loan and jill had them in like a lower corner, the column and ought to be de 103, bob lease. i'll see in lab don't. can you see that these are enough in the car feet had the knocked off the car. the flip you, the lice was the command shorted me was a decision i'm afraid to limit limit, fighting with any sub sub will
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mock the layman for my be set up subtle socket bottom and then the month up in june . about a couple of days and i just had thought that i had to conduct them to be at the back of the school and how you me it lesson tiffany: been at the bar that i'm here. what the the woman had more had liam to lead them wadi very time me let me let him as well. hi. you guys are z. how you need them out and head will suddenly you with a really highly aimen bailiff. i'm moving to south africa was a big step for dr. homer. instead of 1st working in general practice, he decided to train as a clinician, i tell leading university. that decision was inspired by
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a famous south african doctor christiane bernard pool pioneered heart transplant surgery. in cape town, in the 19 sixty's generic kept out on model city. he had out jimmy, i've feel free up here. how do you not have an awful lot? i'm mike. i still had to be had him in my account. should it be when i'm ready? it's out of florida. yeah, i'll put some us about 15. will as a 100 off isn't a fit they most healthy chris timber, not one of the medical and just had that was in the had it ingest, that he had to get genuine hello. have to care the love that was it was above, but that was done yet. and then how will i miss added that if in just me shannon
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off ah ah, in that that fish this off i've been washed up. luckily s s o, but it was hot on the let model to be had the be a fee and i'm a single national authority. there are, there are stuff he kept on min. what had noticed that federal dash, what had the mean september 10th dash on that the lead, the fact that dash can committee i've had the at the had the could all kind of test them out. i thought was the thought one other and in the just in the chat
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a sec i'm going to sob. it's bet monsieur, to me as jenna my thought on the 5th because i thought i had my dentist yet well had time. i didn't think that between us, how many extra mon may think limited be comes, i'll set it as heavy as saturday yet to us. oh my. yes, about how about for the sort of law to kind of electronic what a left hand kind of had to have and by the law that he said we should have. what are you some of them? what are the been the other handy problem without the a still conflict that i can get all of the doctors who come in to specialize. we give support to not just me, it's all of our staff. so we didn't give them a home. it's michelle attention more than we give other registrars. but i
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think when it comes to supernumerary registrars like mohammed, there is a need for more support. ah, rush fish out about. it doesn't come on measure out of the office or not the hustles thought and kind of wanted to swap and had spanish action. but when an attack shot up can be had an empty hands behind the clinical pharmacology measures stop after the fact that i'm a been a fan of marsh any higher. and what about bus gm and most would be a thought of it all fit in a box. but for all of them,
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i mean kind of embedding the hospital that that is at the mph, or master of public health, but just testify financing center, hassle dollar, a diploma. earlier off of the b. why is that a diploma already f. f e m, i left the subject to be out of health economic. why didn't affect them? and then i said, that's why. yeah, i mean just for them to be out of an inmate for the hospice. and if i'm a college one of the field and the headman in, jesse, if he show how to sit and watch but can't had any high intimacy already. fee chimera kept on
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in in doctor i home, i decided to specialist. so he moved from cape town to south africa, the largest city johannesburg with i also see what the house us mo, somebody clinical pharmacology, our tardy for hawaii about and bought them at our aluminum do a saturday and we'll have at the house and get them on with the house that had either female arnold patina.
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ah, had they filled up the houses a maddest manner to look at vinegar pharmacology? i was there, but i did it as 3 of the men done that the had the athletic medicine here in the corner of the of the mother of elijah. malia laughs upon b and cannot that are shaman adelaide lashonda from at. and lisa faulkner elijah monassa lee model than when i said like a minute column and a 102 are collected. but then they had an alum and had a money. it's a little money. our money. yes. my lab it that i would had an extra me i had at the hospice who i knew we had female also may be a little box out to you. we have had to make some be decided to be out.
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my other half of the analysts. i see, and on the salt and leisure for muscular in a leisure halley and thought that they had be bothered mark of to be out in a lash. the why you let me sh, tell cobra he him and say it's dr. clifford had it as the us and the $1.00 fee as well. while i'm on the nasa for the hassle for the pinnacle pharmacology. oh, bottom that i do. he said he yep. had fema one of the english. get an asset my fema melinda. but 1st of all, there was no proper clinical pharmacologist. ok in the, in, in i, pitts. so mohammed brought that to today, universe with foxes around here you have somebody was really specialized who's really knows what he's doing, understands how medications have to be monitored when it is administered to the body. he understand to be a drug interactions that the patient,
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the people when they take medication, have to undergo he understand the various diseases that can affect drugs in their body. and that's kind of skills that mohammed brought an ident thought as we get more of a sudden and on look this up, i'll be honest. but miss bailey and i see you had what the had and which go off. he had a minute, lisa thought, see, let me do it every leisure and which can happen money. the lady at the office level in kenny at the very last you thought was, may not be either meliss, teach ever our resistance. well, there is, i'm in missouri who will and can you see if she saw the other effect the fee? so for the leader model, solomon, i'm a for $70.00. when i can not tell you how casey and i said that either i was
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a little object either. i'll visit me, i don't use it either. what is i thought the had been? what i could know and just how it looked up. i be, is it up what i thought it did? i think if he's m as p, tom. ok. or do me, i'll tell you to these present markovich visual handspring finance. i felt much the house on a back to how the setup on the 30 i'll go back to center pm. i kicked off. i'd say, what about the us? the mentioned in the video, the heavy criminal measurement of pretty normal at we up a so, but here, well, it can be kept and also thought by the saudi finally must also have these them with the academic and min route. but how that one professor our well enough the center
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has not changed, it worked or sort of the after back fee for them. and that's about, well not of what kind had a general of the at the huffman i had the media going account with us has been a general awfully fee. why? how do you know when the left hand was over on the not had a head of the math, but even if the ology is, i think had an i mean jam are going to vision of the flip. you as that older heal of them was at the i'm and subtle. so bosch, i'm a jason lockwood, if he has a that may, some may be awful. in jess, minimal cut him at the mathematica. odl shot off he covered on board the somebody key to the whole salt. it had to be asleep. ah,
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dr. oklahoma is married with a young family that children are now well settled in south africa. but the family had to take some tough decisions in their adopted country. ah, facilities on the buffy of coffee united. i'd fennel washoe a lot that come on the i don't know. admitted can normal house i'm a venomous. oh walter man, manambra holiday, plethora, extreme chalk. all boxed on a thin header minette fennel mush. and so the father not of an official, had he and i had fiddled mush about the had to can negotiate. i'll be back count gas i had and he had a family. libya would suffer my because osha least just the battery if he's, you know, before you had any kind of caught up for him in the country. norman saw
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about the bottle and confusion on that. had the management be say you measure the half or so i'm a little more so something in this very much less on the object. then let's have a said in mac citizen. and also i said i was not the hope i didn't corn feel big lisa, she is the head and i'm how much are the when the models and the people who are you out of the actual look shape madison thought the actual look at the quiz and walked by 8 feet on and have a warm, how much of the caught up on one of them had they haven't been hospital sub, i'm an old you know, some of the city of a can in the had the and the that the mom stomach very much to my very
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bless of mcnair here to lava, almon. i had a deep but had a ladder to saw. but once, when the daughter of a fleet looked her countrymen door and mature. 11 contingency, her julia thought to be puddled up over. that would do it. bad. to the dns, i dumped out the ball if you could just let me know if he had can what had the not any lighting, not uploading. and then after the oh and i've known jeff how much the fuel, hundreds and hundreds, i can safely say that he has been of absolute benefit to the community. 100 regularly runs clinics that are free of charge where individuals can go for tiles. look at the results, etc. and then he projected in
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a manner that was in charlo from maine. charla allow for better condition of health . that is just a brilliant idea that has come up with you was serving in the cape on area where they did the similar thing in terms of providing clinics and facilities. so took him home and said, let us look at something that we can do in this area. and i said to him, you know, we need to look at providing a service or services of this nature. perhaps in areas where the services of the site are not readily available. i i in part to chemical engineer who specials in malaysia and has changed life by creating an innovative water purification system for a minute. when they sell
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a home for me, i do on al jazeera as watches, invasion of cream approaches, the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, funded by colonialism and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 m nato, hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualified by mail blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for katara 20,
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22 june on al jazeera african narratives from african perspective. now, but now we're about his big daily. my shift, a short documentary by african filmmakers from the democratic republic of congo, and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. that is what made the intimate connection between myself and join the diggers and merchants and settling africa, direct on al jazeera across the world. young activists and organizers are on the move. i do the work i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem. network wires,
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a systemic solution. generally you change on out with the answer was an arabic. my name is howard, i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by garcia. they came up with me into a new documentary, tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent deal mastery case. on al jazeera m each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a . we could do this experiment by diversity could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would
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become a magnet who is incredibly rough species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in jenny, these people because this a extremely important service they provide to the city. why do we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can love beyond lou? i'm carry johnston into all the top stories here and i'll just hear the summit of the americas is getting underway in los angeles. u. s president joe biden is hoping to make progress on curbing high levels of migration. but a boy caught by several leaders as overshadowed the event that angry that
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washington refused to invite cuba and its weight. and nicaragua. the summits coincides with a movement of a migrant caravan that's heading north through mexico towards the us. the bible administration wants to address the root causes of migration from some a latin american countries. an 11 year old girl has described how she smeared herself of the classmates blood to avoid being killed during a school mash shooting. it was part of testimony presented that a u. s. congressional hearing 19 children and 2 teachers were shot dead at the school in your valley, texas. last month he, i, i, i, i, i, i don't know what it is you guys for. so i really
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need on hold for me. and in the hours after that testimony, the house of representatives voted in favor of restricting the purchase of semi automatic weapons to people aged $21.00 and over. they also want to ban the sale of some ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. the measures have no hope of becoming law as he went overcome opposition in the senate. the eastern ukrainian, the city of the severity on the exc is now mostly under the controller. russian forces, after weeks of fist fighting. but a local official says ukrainian forces are still holding on the cities, industrials or the belgian king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. what is now the democratic republic of congo?
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but king philippe who's on the state visit, stopped short of a formal apology, an estimated $10000000.00 congolese were killed doing belgian roof. news continues hair on al jazeera. let's after i'll just have a wild in in asia, stretches it from the condensed to east militia on the island for new york. it's a country over huge ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity. islam is the official religion and about 60 percent of the population almost lambs. but there are also large buddhist christian and hindu communities professor will have much hated, you know, why has been in militia for almost 30 years. he's
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a scientists and engineers and in and as a her i don't was, i mean, how about with many donors at the house because they said give me, oh, you mean the gym and mad and want to see it again. so in this sense, i mean some with many in november, i mean it was my name that there was a lot that the know see when and where my sister the loom said my where i met with him and with many so much to look at it said dr. young so us as
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a say and had yeoman. oh really? i don't feel that might be the highest and my leave much african me that i live in a so when i was yes i east tennessee, atlanta where that bates where the lower base s t v comes as an hour or better ha or hm. at d e a, d was about midnight when kennedy in call me, this is my, i want to marry your daughter. okay, fine. no problem. if you wish you both agree, then go go ahead and stream i as well as my la am. hi. i
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have been below the dad's hand. while i'm doing that. i share the bait the dab. i'm a i met with katie and i tell him everywhere. lou for the job, i was doing all that. i do him to see one professor, one college, another college, not game. then we will be in all around for a job for him, but i've got 2 more hand and then i'm going with dennis. jeremy. well, i will not go so, but i will a lot and i think i'm in english like and melissa lesson was i was in the the somebody's able english ia well, my little molly. well, but they said that she was short and that was not enough. she said it
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can, i've had that so so so when i was out, i'm doing a public official or the house out the i let you know you're mad. my lawyer for customer have, give me professional teams persistence, pay jobs, and graduating senior positions at 2 of malaysia as universities. the 1st was at the university on or u. m. the oldest in malaysia. you and has a large campus in the south, west of the city of cornell. lumper looked at it and the case was yeah, i've been, i've been on this, i'm not, i any. i mean, i had the, did i settle all the jeremy my laya has out of and
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i will be you have to have the medical as jeremy all, if you my leisure, my life you see the newest layer where we came from. i was a vice dancer for 5 years. we needed, i was standing, we put academically. and when we saw his qualifications and what he has done clearly to us, he's one of those brilliant to get a weeks. so we are right to take him in and he has contributed significantly to the university in terms of helping to bring up quality research and university ranking for us. the most important criteria is the percent achievement and accomplishment what we saw in pro 5 and in the standing academic credentials is very high research accomplishments.
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back say well most i think i left the way that he has a measure of has any kind of bone. what really top will feed michelle. well, michelle, if any in may, we're going to be the media and what we really shots on how to shut off. what i'm the started when i've had to my way where
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you didn't get me. i knew professor, in a long time we were in the same group together doing research on air pollution in there was fear. he's a very smart person, very dedicate that and also very conscientious in doing his work. so i think, you know, in terms of, you know, as a leak, he's a very valuable member of the university. very helpful in, you know, where we have problems in solving problems. particularly when we were in the same research team together. and, and i think, you know, he's also been very good and the street because he was also
4:41 am
at one point the deputy dean for graduate school in the unity layer. and i guess as a mental and advice that the students or supervisor the students, he's also been quite well he's actually i think produce number of, you know, ph. d students and one of the money they with that i want to give me what you want to give me then and tell me that that would, that would decide the little step was actually he's very knowledgeable and very respectful person and he really supported me during this 5 year and both side,
4:42 am
not knowledge and my supervision about my chose is. i love her to my similar i am. with us. the shut off he by the by the gym at my layer. look at the doctor and my sister. feel my life. we are very keen to keep him here with us because of his contribution. he's very active in research and he has actually a product that, you know, he has developed through his research, which is with the university in layer and research for me. this last so he continue working on his research area in unison with our researchers and the students here and continue developing a for these products in his lead its way, you know,
4:43 am
we actually are very keen to have hired in use and i as the professor oh, i i use i like that side of my or for her to the kia literacy. it took me and let the just talking to me at the moment show that in my last name is malaysia. them and them out away. ah
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oh. and then the audio pong to buy that up when i bought that other side of the piano. so we're little grand afily and few militia as much when at last me, at least for them to be my layer less. so mom's than i look at the families logan for a minute, l flow min caught us with lisa home. i me, myself for you.
4:45 am
but i didn't as been with this with the years. i mean, working with me will maybe 15 years, but institute that he is where he's got so many. he says, and of course he's a brilliant researcher in terms of he said, what is than a lot of what is probably a lot of papers going to issue next that 50 next. so in terms of ex, split these and separation is one of the was sufficient. explain, and this is another project where we can show his contribution to the public. and so then we can add, this is a clear indication of the research he has done. and it's got a lot of benefits for the community as yet. if he had done the, the key as to how, cuz he had that came yeah, yeah. i know how he them. yeah. has a l m. yeah, sure. hello, sure,
4:46 am
be hannah. i get them. well, so can i, can you show a little, matthew? i'm going to hear any muscular a much better beer, marcella. dr. senate alfie. what about a lot about ash? well i can about to fire. then i had to let the militia was it, and then i had that she has dr. didn't melisha. so a n a i lou in america had ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, i'm, that's it, that's it. i jesus a lot about the was militia,
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whether we're headed, men. oh mm. in 2017 professor favorite team. move to son will university a private college close to quite a lamp or to move offered in opportunity, both to teach and to develop his ground. great. can you research associates in math, maliah the son away from the embassy galleria. historically, arab scholars have made enormous contributions to science, particularly to fail,
4:48 am
such as botany, mathematics, astronomy and medicine. and of course, algebra was created in the world and indeed the world has now real quick origin. and today that tradition continues with many our scientists making as standing contributions. and we're delighted to have professor carradine here with us in some way university, malaysia. he originates from to news here, but he's been doing amazing work and helping us build the profile of our university at 100 about us. he said that my life was timely and just get a minute is at. and we had to have the last day will out with many and my color help me do me does is it that the nation
4:49 am
as i have to share to be i sit at ls mother, what handler they just cabbage and faith does it for you? i'm sorry, she's had a few my job, but i'm a female disease and i have to her a know she did what i should be entitled. mr. joel shall effy well home. i'm in the middle. there'll be a will and having to do a dual hunter, sister feed her grandpa home, and then i look at the for the fee for my lease. if that sharpie professor carradine worked up the interface between material science, chemistry,
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and engineering. and he applies his research to real world problems. for example, he's been doing some very interesting work on providing high quality drinking water to poor rural communities. he's also been working on climate change and looking at common capture technologies and techniques. ah, professor hated dean games, cognition for his work, both and didn't nurse and in the mainstream mandation media and mission engineer was, you know, warranted for his achievement. ah, let, i let him in as early as i didn't in the me, i don't really look at us and had them and that's in in fi math maliah. where is it?
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that are, is jim math, maliah elliptical was, is it them, if me ah, professor g mitch his wife right now, when they were both students. i asked her to be moved to militia. he kept marriage closing column, poor star to the family. ah, them in a minute. we did sophia lowe. she's gonna get emma as she is and
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we're in a shed. ya, somebody center in the beginning of our lives together raising children. it was very simple. i have i calculate everything very accurately. so i decided to get married to need to finish giving birth at 30 my current job. now i'm the head of copper communications for the malaysian development bank. it's not been easy for me to reach where i am today raising the kids and having to coke having to wash floats, et cetera, et cetera. so you need a lot of calculation. you need a lot of strategic planning from the very beginning. but carrying plate very be role in also raising the kids because he knew that, you know, he had to do all the driving around. he had to do the running around, he had to do all the groceries. he had to do all the writing to the clinics, to the school, taking report cuts, etc, etc,
4:53 am
because because he's more flexible in his university life. so that's how we actually divided our time in raising the kids to my last comment. and i bought it or more lead to my 2000 and the power and i'm, i've been there better been at the motion directly at the, at the hotel near atlanta and hi leah, alexis, i didn't need and be bennett d. my dad has been very supportive from the beginning like ever since i was young. and until now he shows me his apart and everything that i do. and he really
4:54 am
my that is into science as you know. and i'm not really like a science student. i prefer doing wal like like art stuff, you know, so he has been showing me a lot of encouragement in terms of doing things like my musicals and yeah, he's not, he doesn't pressure me in terms of studying him by that is center where it is. yeah. and now much of a had a few malays, him positioned to nick if even the downward for us fish or look at the higher you know, new $100.00. ah
4:55 am
ah a filipino with a being exploited by landlords to make them pay exorbitant prices to leave overcrowded . b one o one ace makes the victim it exposes the beat on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. we've all the towns where features $21.00 white crosses one for each of the victims of today.


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