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this plan said 16 when it happened, gets nailed. i've been in prison more years than i've been free on the street. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born bad. full times travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a jesse era. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report i, we brave bullet and bomb, and we always include the views from our sites. ah, the only wrenching testimony from a mash shooting survivor. as the u. s. house passes a new gun control bill, but it stands no chance of becoming law.
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ah, milan, darn jordan, this is out as they are alive from de. also coming up, opening the america summit. us president joe biden pitches greater corporation on migration, deeper grant, but still not apology belgium's king, for sure of what many congolese are demanding and atoning for a brutal colonial passed on the return of thrill seeking visitors to this railway market signals, things a back on track for tourism in thailand, ah, an 11 year old girl has described how she smeared herself with classmates blood to avoid being killed during a school mast shooting. it was part of testimony but horrified us politicians. after 19 children were shot dead at a school in a valley, texas. the attack was the worst of a spate of recent gun massacres. as my county reports from washington into
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lawmakers on capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. t. i n a i n i e g o. because when i oh, off to her record a testimony, the father of the 11 year old school shooting survivor told members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh, look to day i come because their career lost my baby girl. she's that same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything
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cuz she was that is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything not only for me, but her siblings and her mother. but i wish something were changed, not only for our kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother up a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo, new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and are trusted to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th, it took a domestic terrorist just 2 minutes to shoot and killed, and people and injured 3 others can still see her walking windows toward the exit.
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this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in you vol, the texas. so at this moment, we asked for primers, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag loss stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian needs, an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. it's time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is all to clear republicans weary of what they call an assault
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on the right to bear arms. calling for added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation to after tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for lack radical left wing policies or to beatrice. their campaigns to get elected a division reflected in the senate to where 9 republican votes would be needed to pass any meaningful legislation votes that are unlikely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tepid of measures. mike hanna, outages era, washington and the me hours after that hearing the house of representatives passed a sweeping package of gun violence prevention measures just a handful of republican party members, joined democrats in approving the bill, which has little or no hope of getting through the senate article here in washington dc explains what the bill aims do laid on wednesday, the us house of representatives past what is easily the most aggressive gun control
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legislation in years if not in decades. some of the things that the house passed basically raise the age for someone to be able to buy an assault weapon from 18 as it is now to $21.00. they want a band, the sale of large capacity magazines. basically, if a clip can hold a 15 bullets or more, they want to get rid of that. they also want to create safe storage requirements for people who keep firearms in their home legislation, but also ban goes guns. those are basically guns that can be made from kids. they're pretty much untraceable and they want to band bumps stocks. those are tools that can turn basically a rifle into what appears more to be a machine gun. the vote was fairly partisan. 5 republicans voted with democrats. 2 democrats voted against it so easily pass the house of representatives, but it is not going to become law the vast majority. if not all the republicans in the senate have said that they are opposed to this kind of strict gun control
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legislation. so it will it pass the house. it will not pass the senate and it will not make it to the president for his signature. yes, president joe biden has opened the summit of the americas in los angeles. he wants to use the event to re engage with the regional leaders. many though aren't attending anger that washington refused to invite cuba, venezuela and nicaragua. that leads it unclear how much progress will be made on the u. s. top priority at the summit, curbing high levels of migration, reynolds has moved from los angeles in a speech opening the summit of the americas here in los angeles, president joe biden challenge the participants here to work together on a long list of initiative. everything from improving health care in the region to ensuring food security, disrupting criminal gangs, and ensuring up democracies in the region. by far, of course, the top issue here is migration. there's record numbers of people seeking to go
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into the united states, fleeing problems in central america and elsewhere in the region. here's some of what biden had to say about that. safe and orderly migration is good for all of our economy, including the united states. it can be a catalyst for sustainable grow. what all law, lawful migration is not acceptable. we will enforce our borders, including the renovated coordinated action with our regional partners. we've come a long way together, says united states hosted the 1st summit of the americas 20 years ago. there is no reason why the western hemisphere shouldn't be secure, prosperous and democratic from canada's northernmost ridges to the southern chips of july. now this summit meeting is overshadowed by the fact that several leaders from mexico, from honduras, guatemala el salvador and elsewhere are countries that are actually essential to figuring out the a solution to the migration problem. boycotted the summit,
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they sent their form foreign ministers instead. that's because the, by the ministration did not invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. nevertheless, biden said that the people who are here, the leaders who are here will by the end of this summit of this week sign what he called the los angeles declaration. that is a attempt to manage in an orderly way. he said, ah, the flows of refugees and to increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration, while at the same time, a disrupting gangs of criminal traffickers. human traffickers who pray on desperate people. manual rapid reports. now from mexicans, chiapas state where thousands of refugees and migrants i heading north towards the u. s. a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's
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a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group, prof i in a migrant from the dominican republic says he feels lucky to be alive after falling from a freight trailer. oh wow. good in the bus one and i'm gonna, i mean, i was running as a truck was passing, i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab onto but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan or from venezuela, despite coming all the way from south america and crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap. many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers, nor the grommet oncology. i'm a mom, a go like a 100. migrants refer to mexico as the house of terrorism. we draw the cross, a jungle, a 1000 times. them be here, gambling we've been detained or arrested, left without money. and if we go on our own, the cartels is something horrible. oh,
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look up in a hot water who say is from venezuela and gathered in from biddy, travelling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is a daily challenge. we de larosa. it's been painful, we've suffered hunger and thirst, our child cries because he needs a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration. the dad are you ha, the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis. playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat. in the weeks law river, it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border every
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year. manuel it up hello al jazeera g up uh mexico. al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral. israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pul barrows to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. a barclay was without a 0 for 25 years. having the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. lot more so to company are not as they are including push amounts on the russia to end its blockade, and the cranes horse is accused of weapon ising food supplies, plus ah anger on the streets of cynical loved opposition.
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candidates are rejected for parliamentary elections. marlon status ah with those temperatures are shooting up across the desert southwest. everyone, thanks for joining in. so on thursday, vegas 42 and phoenix 44. both of these places are under heat alerts and that stretch of hot weather will really continue for the next several days. lively downpours emitted land take stretching right into the northeast. we're going to get so walloped with rain for new york, with a hive 22 degrees on thursday. next round a pacific rain is moving in to western canada. i suspect vancouver will probably have a rainfall warning in the days to come. things have quieted down across the u. s. calls stayed some showers here, but heavier bouts of rain really across louisiana. and that border with mississippi
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on thursday, western areas of mexico been really down with rain over the last so bit including aka poco. this stretches all the way into costa rica and panama meeting up with that. what, whether toward the top end of south america. and then we've got some storms bubbling up here as we looked toward bolivia stretching right into that southeast corner of brazil. so we go in for a closer look here and the rain not too far away from sao paulo and rio de janeiro, those downpours anyway, but calmer conditions in by jablonka that suns out with a high of 12 degrees on thursday. thanks for your company. ah. the african narrative from african 1st available. now we're about his big dealership for the short documentary by african filmmakers from the democratic republic of congo. and wanda,
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there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. he fled is what made with intimate connection between myself and wonder diggers and merchants, and certainly africa direct on al jazeera lou . ah, welcome back. a good reminder about top stories here. this our us politicians of her harrowing testimony from an 11 year old survivor of last month's school shooting and texas house of representatives later passed gun control measures which are unlikely to be approved by the senate. percentage of the americans has begun in los angeles is u. s. president joe biden is hoping to make progress on clothing high levels of migration, but
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a boycott buy separately does as of the shuttle events. on the summit coincides with the movement of thousands of migrants heading north through mexico towards the us. many of from venezuela central america, i'm currently now on thursday a u. s. congressional committee will begin public hearings into the capitol hill riot in january last year. supporters of then president donald trump storm the building and courage by his false claims that election he lost was stolen. how does your caster report, ah, a congressional panel led by democrats has been investigating the january 6th right now after conducting nearly a 1000 interviews and collecting 250 terabytes of data. the panel will finally begin to reveal its findings to the public. trump was prepared to seize the presidency and likely to invoke the insurrection act and declare martial law. so we're going to tell the whole story of everything that happened. thursday will be
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the 1st of several public hearing. will featured my witnesses in previously unseen videos from january 6. i think people would want to see some new information and particularly new striking information, a tramps, involvement videotape depositions of trumps daughter and son in law may be shown at the hearings, but from himself is not expected to testify. we fight like hell, and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. last year he was impeached for inciting insurrection, but was not convicted among the answers that may be revealed. what trump was doing as the supporters storm the capital and why he waited 3 hours to call them off. you have to go home. now. we have to have peace. trump has not faced criminal charges or whether that changes after these public hearings is uncertain. the hearings will also del further into security failures in the days ahead of january, 6th,
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and efforts by trump and his aides to overturn the election. january 6th was a very dark day in america's history. i think it's important to have a full accounting of what happened and making sure that through these hearings we ensure that it doesn't happen again. oh, republicans call the democrat lead investigation, a sham. a recent nbc news paul shows the percentage of americans who believe trump was responsible for the riot, has dropped to 45 percent. and it's unclear how many people will june into this round of hearing's law. but democrats are hoping for another chance at a public reckoning that may help the party in november's midterm election. how did your castro al jazeera washington former usaa olympic gymnast, including simone biles of fall to $1000000000.00 lawsuit against the if the i around 90 claimants say the bureau miss handle its investigation. a former teen
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doctor, laurie naso, he studied decades in prison for sexually assaulting gymnastics the f. b. i z accused of failing to answer when it were 1st received allegations about nasa. the eastern ukrainian city of sabera donnette is now mostly under the control of russian forces after weeks of heavy fighting. but the governor of the, your hands regions says the cities, industrial zone is still held by ukrainian troops. so gay, gay dies, says battles continue on the streets, and accused russian forces of destroying many buildings. satellite imagery for max, our technologies, show significant damage, insight, aradonda, asked, and a neighboring city. even the next key of out of the net has remained the epicenter of fighting dumb boss at the end of the $100.00 and 5th day of the large scale war . we are defending our position and inflict ink of the ignition losses on the enemy,
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said lucia for still is very dreadful and difficult to fight. perhaps now is the one of the most difficult battles during these war. i am thankful to each and every one who is defending in this direction. to a great extent, the fate of dumbasses is being decided there. now, ukraine says russia demanding unreasonable conditions to allow grain exports. turkey has hosted the russian foreign minister for talks on resuming shipments of grain trapped at ukrainian ports and on restarting stalled peace talks. ukraine is one of the world's biggest export, as in many countries depend on it for their food supplies of them. so they elaborate as rush as happy for ships to sail freely. as soon as ukraine de minds, the black sea and western sanctions end or wrestle sir dar in turkeys capital, says it's hope ukraine will get directly involved in the talks as they go on. there hasn't been any conclusive results coming out of the meeting between the russian and the turkish water ministers in ankara today. however, both for the ministers are confirmed that the tours are going to continue in coming
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weeks in istanbul. and this time, the hope that ukrainian site is also going to sent a delegation to attend to these meetings according to their preliminary scheme that they are working on, is to establish equitable mechanism consisting of russia, ukraine, turkey, and the united nation. so at this equitable mechanism is going to a to, to, to open a safe corridor for the ships who carry the green and fertilizers from both ukraine and russia to the boss for us to be exported to the international market. one of the key issue here are, is there that the floating minds that had been left by the ukranian army in biloxi to prevent russia, a bomb bin at its coastal cities. and according to skim, add, the ukrainian turkish and russian they were, forces are going to clear these minds to open a safe passage for their ships. once the ships are safe, guarded by the torch. naval forces. peel a boast for as the grain on the fertilizers are going to be gathered in
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a center established in the stumble and from the center is going to be exported to the international market here. so considering the fact that russia is number one and ukraine is number 5 biggest grain exporter in the world, it's going to be crucial to reach at deal for the at the did the global food safety thousands of protesters and senate goals capital of come out to support the opposition clinician, they're angry about the electoral commissions rejection of candidates the next month. local elections. it means that main opposition figures lycos mount sancho won't be able to run. lucas hawk has more from back up up until the very last minute. there was fear that this demonstration of this protest would not take place . there was a sense from the opposition that the government would yet again bound this demonstration. but the police of the car allowed it to take place. there is heavy security surrounding the vis,
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protest and authorities here did not expect the number of demonstrators and protesters that are taking to the streets to day thousands of people have gathered in protests to the decisions taken by both the election commission and the constitutional court that is not allowing the list of candidates from the opposition to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election. why does this matter? because it is a test of legitimacy for president marquis self, who's come under increasing pressure whilst the economy is booming. for some, for many here, they feel that their lives are getting worse than they're struggling to pay for bills. and then there's the rising cost of basic necessity, whether it be cooking oil or sugar. the prices have doubled here. and that's why we're seeing so many people out on the streets. the political opposition led by it
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was months on co accused president mikey sell of using the courts the institution to eliminate the opposition ahead of this parliamentary election that's expected to take place on july 31st. belgium's king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past and what is now the democratic republic of congo. but king felipe who was in a state visit to the d. r. c stopped short of a formal apology. historians estimate 10000000 colonies were killed during belgian rule, malcolm wait reports. king felipe is the 1st belgian monarch to express regret for his country's past and the democratic republic of congo. that his speech to the congress parliament in the capital kinshasa stopped short of apologizing for the violence and exploitation. belgium's 75 year colonial rule. let them in it like a violent act and humiliation on the occasion of my 1st trip to congo right to your
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front of the commonly people and those who still suffer today. i wish to reaffirm my deepest progress for those wounds of the past. king felipe and his wife, queen mathilde, are on a 6 day visit. the monarch and congress president felix 2 security, had spoken about cooperation and development. they haven't mentioned the role of king fleet, great, grandfather's brother belgian king leopold. the 2nd he turned congo into his personal fif them. in 1885, he made a fortune from rubber which conquer leaves were forced to harvest from the forest. their hands were cut off if they didn't collect enough for their rulers. up to 10000000 people died. it was the black lives matter movement 2 years ago that prompted activists to face statues of king leopold in belgium. some of the statues were removed and king felipe expressed regret for the 1st time, the c as later his visiting democratic republic of congo for the 1st time,
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brought back a mask, one of thousands of artifact lifted by the colonialists. he said it's on a permanent loan from the belgian museum. some conquer liza fall short of making up for the path. so the atrocity of the red rubber, the weeping, the repetitive munition suffer by our system. i will funding fathers and mothers should not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refused to formally apologize. the president is a caddy. it brings some international credibility. he took office 2 and a half years ago after elections that leaked, documents appeared to show were rigged, belgium's prime minister who's also on the visit. it was critical at a time. relations have since improved about the walker. paula, if you read them on kathy google, i believe that for the democratic republic of congo, and i have always said this,
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the gateway to europe above. i am talking about diplomatic and political europe business in europe. his belgium, belgium's ruling congo, was one of the bloodiest chapters of european colonialism and one of its most profitable with vast amounts of wealth looted that belgium has been among the slowest of european powers to even start to acknowledge the past. malcolm web al jazeera, a large wildfire and southern spain, as forced evacuation of dozens of people. more than 100, firefighters supported by 15 aircraft have been deployed to put out the blazed may popular tourist region of malaga. strong winds are fanning the flames. 8 people have appeared in a french court accused of stealing a mural by the famous st artist bank, c. in 2019. it was painted on an emergency door at the batter gland theater. honoring victims of the 2015 paris attacks, prosecutor say, the defendants removed the door and took it to italy, where it was found by police in a farm house in 2020. it was then returned to france. tolerant is rebuilding its
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tourism industry up to losing billions of dollars during a pandemic with the government. now easing entry restrictions, visitors once again flocking to one of the world's most popular destinations, of things are still far below pre coded levels of catalogue has had a young revolt. a train squeeze us through this 500 meter stretch of railway, just west of band cock, about 6 times a day. and every time, hundreds of shopkeepers who set up a market directly on the tracks have to put away their tense, produce, and merchandise to make way. for locals, it's business as usual at the mike long railway market. even when the train is so close that hubbard are very ha, tourism is picking up again as thailand ease as it's coven, 19 entry restrictions. more people and money is a welcome change. and i don't the pandemic lead to
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a huge drop in customers. it was drastic. those who visited bought less than usual . so i only managed to make a heard of what i made before cove. at 19, before the pandemic thailand saw nearly 40000000 visitors a year. now the government is hoping for $15000000.00. despite the trop tourism can bring in roughly $18000000000.00 into the economy. to attract more people, the market has safety measures in place. mainland quantity. hi, how, why, when we sell the horn, the vendors know they must clear their stalls off the rail track. every one is safe because the train slows down. so it's not coming out of full speed or it cruises through the market slowly. from inside the train, it's locals who are cruising through seeing how foreigners once again walk to the market. it's been around since 19 o 5 shopkeeper se tradition is part of the attraction. oh,
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hello. well, wind is only use umbrella is not tense. there is no electricity or water in the market than most people started to visit, said the number of mendez also increased as the government tries to rebuild its tourism industry leaders, hope foot traffic in this market will be part of a wider trend across thailand. katya lopez, so the young al jazeera brazilian activists afford what they're calling a giant hug. gun rio de janeiro was cut back up on a beach to mock world ocean's day. more than 5000 volunteers held hands along the coastline. uncollected rubbish organizers say the project aims to raise awareness about the impact of pollution on the ocean. ah, directly check the headlines here with al jazeera, an 11 year old girl has described how she smeared herself with a claw.


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