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customers buy a cover charge to sit in the cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals, but its businesses compete for customers. the speed disturbing shift to ever more exotic species. we want to find out more about how offers have been taken from the wild and sold. justine gar, a market is a spalding hops, the animal trade, a plethora of exotic species seats and tiny metal cages. distressed and sweltering under the hot sun. ah, the only wrenching testimony from a mass shooting survivor as the us house passes, a new gun control bill, but it stands no chance of becoming low. ah,
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hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, opening the america summit, us president joe biden pitches greater cooperation on migration. deeper grant, but still no apology. belgium's king, for sure to what many congolese are demanding and atoning for brutal colonial passed on the return of thrill seeking visitors to this railway market signals, things are back on track. the tours in in thailand ah, an 11 year old girl as described how she smeared herself with classmates blood to avoid being killed during a mush shooting in the us. it was part of testimony that horrified politicians last month 19 children was shot dead at school in val, the texas. the attack was the worst of a spate of recent massacres as my kind of reports from washington. lawmakers on
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capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. t. i n a i n i e g o. cover wayne i oh, yes. after her record a testimony, the father of the 11 year old school shooting survivor told members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh, look to day i come because their career lost my baby girl. she is that the same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything
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cuz she was that is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything not only for me, but her siblings and her mother. but i wish something will change, not only for kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother up a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo, new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and our trust it to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th, it took a domestic terrorist just 2 minutes to shoot and killed,
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and people and injured 3 others can still see her walking windows toward the exit. this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in you volley, texas. so at this moment, we asked for congress, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag loss stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian needs, an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. it's time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is old to clear republicans weary of what they call an assault
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on the right to bear arms. calling full added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation too often tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for law radical left wing policies or to beatrice. their campaigns to get elected a division reflected in the senate to where 9 republican votes would be needed to pass any meaningful legislation. votes that are unlikely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tepid of measures. mike hannah, ouch is era washington. and in the hours after that hearing the house of representatives passed a sweeping package of gun violence prevention measures just a handful of republican party members, joined democrats and approving the bill, which has little or no hope of getting through the senate article here in washington. d. c expands while the bill ange, that is your philosophy till late on wednesday. the us house of representatives
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past what is easily the most aggressive gun control legislation in years if not in decades. some of the things that the house passed basically raised the age for someone to be able to buy an assault weapon from 18 as it is now to $21.00. they want to ban the sale of large capacity magazines. basically, if a clip can hold a 15 bullets or more, they want to get rid of that. they also want to create safe storage requirements for people who keep firearms in their homes. the legislation, but also ban ghost gardens. those are basically guns that can be made from kits. they're pretty much untraceable, and they want to ban bumps stocks. those are tools that can turn basically a rifle into what appears more to be a machine. the vote was steadily partisan. 5 republicans voted with democrats. 2 democrats voted against it so easily passed the house of representatives, but it is not going to become law the vast majority, if not all the republicans in the senate have said that they are opposed to this
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kind of strict gun control legislation. so it will it pass the house, it will not pass the senate and it will not make it to the president for his signature. yes, president joe biden has opened the summit of the americas in los angeles. he wants to use the vent to re engage with the regional leaders. many though aren't attending anger that washington refused to invite cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, that leaves an unclear how much progress will be made on the u. s. his top priority at the summit, curbing high levels of migration, rub reynolds as more from los angeles in a speech opening the summit of the americas here in los angeles, president joe biden challenge the participants here to work together on a long list of initiatives. everything from improving health care in the region to ensuring food security, disrupting criminal gangs, and ensuring up democracies in the region. by far, of course, the top issue here is migration. there's record numbers of people seeking to go
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into the united states, fleeing problems in central america and elsewhere in the region. here's some of what biden had to say about that safe and orderly migration is good for hallmark. connery including the united states. it can be a catalyst for sustainable grow. what all law, lawful migration is not acceptable. we will enforce our borders including renovated, coordinated action, where the original partner. we've come a long way together says united states hosted the 1st summit of the americas 20 years ago. there is no reason why the western hemisphere shouldn't be secure, prosperous and democratic from canada's northernmost riches to the southern tips of july. now this summit meeting is overshadowed by the fact that several leaders from mexico, from honduras, guatemala el salvador and elsewhere countries that are actually essential to
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figuring out the a solution to the migration problem. boycotted the summit. they sent their for foreign ministers instead. and that's because the by the administration did not invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. but nevertheless, by and said that the people who are here, the leaders who are here will by the end of this summit, this week sign what he called the los angeles declaration. that is a attempt to manage in an orderly way. he said the flows of refugees and to increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration, while at the same time disrupting gangs of criminal traffickers. human traffickers who pray on desperate people for thousands of refugees and migrants heading north through mexico towards the united states. but as manual rapid report, some champ estate, crowding and extreme heat are creating dangerous conditions. ah,
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a public gymnasium in southern mexico has been temporarily transformed to house thousands of migrants and asylum seekers. it's crowded and many people here are starting to get sick. in that medics from a humanitarian group say they're treating hundreds of people every day, but they can't tend to everyone northeast and it's not enough. the flow of migrants is constant and it's big. we always need more support, more hands, more resources. conditions at the camp are also unsanitary. the risk is especially high for children. observers from unicef. see the situation here is extremely precarious offense. what imbed i gain more tests my phone with me. you can see there are many people here. money, boys and girls are sick, they have fevers, their bodies covered with insect bites, and the heat is affecting small babies and particular adamant that migrants rights,
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advocates organized this caravan to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place this week in los angeles. hoping to call attention to the plight the thousands of migrants who have been stuck in southern mexico for months. while most people here seem unaware of the political motivations of the caravans organizers, many or hopeful, the u. s. government will open its doors when they eventually arrive at the u. s. border. hello, fame. and i do. we're asking them to help us to be allowed to pass without so many obstacles without having to spend so many days sleeping on the floor. we would do anything for them to help us. there's rain on the horizon. adding to the worries that more people at the camp could also become ill. the day is coming to an end here in southern mexico and migrants are starting to look for space among the crowd to get some rest. but there are simply too many people here and not enough room to accommodate them all. it looks like many others will be forced to spend another
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night without a roof over their heads. though hundreds of migrants have broken away from the caravan and continued north on their own, it could be several weeks before this group reaches the us border. organizers have asked them not to grow desperate and leave on the road. adding that there are worse dangers in mexico. been getting sick. manual wrap a little al jazeera weeks, la mexico. brazil has deployed helicopters to a remote part of the amazon to search for an indigenous expert, butch's journalist who disappeared on sunday the government, but under pressure to step up efforts to find bruno pereira and dumb. phillips herrera had received death threats for his work, helping to protect indigenous groups, a man's being questioned in connection with their disappearance. but officer say they found no evidence yet. of a cry out is there. a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and occupied
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westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was an assignment and jeanine on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession. and started beating mourners, causing whole barrows to almost drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned killing and continue to call for an investigation. a barclay was without vizier for 25 years, covering the story of these ready occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine . lots more so to come here now does ear including crush amounts on russia and the blockade of ukraine's ports is accused of weapon ising food supplies, plus ah, anger on the streets of synagogue, while the opposition candidates are rejected. the parliamentary elections, marina ah,
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for the 2nd day in a row alger har and she waits registered the highest temperature in the world. this science 52.7 degrees. and we really have this plume of heat stretching from baghdad right in to the arabian peninsula. so we'll go in for a closer look that's on thursday, because as temperatures will come up, humidity will go down and the winds will also be blustery at times. here's our shamal when that's gonna stir around that sand and dust in q 8. knock back your temperature a bit of also for the eastern province of saudi and in doha $47.00 degrees, but your winds will gust up to about 60 kilometers per hour. on friday, the seabreeze is picking up for a karachi so that spinning around some sand and dust elsewhere in the country to could even get it picked up the sand and dust that is in spots like low hor on thursday, with a high 45 degrees temperatures have come down a bit in tater,
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on to 36 degrees and showers thunderstorms in the forecasts. once again, 4 is stumble on thursday. 27 degrees off to africa. we go got our usual plentiful rain and storms popping up in this region more so for eastern portions of the democratic republic of congo as we slide toward the south. plenty of sunshine to be found here, but some showers for that is coast of madagascar. some of that, what weather may leak into an tenant arrival on thursday night, and it was an arabic. my name is jose. i was abducted by the cia in 2004. the german citizen was kidnapped to should pharmacy. i came up with me into interpretation and you documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent deal must re case on al
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jazeera lou. ah welcome back to remind about top stories here at this hour us politicians have had harrowing testimony from an 11 year old survivor last month's school shooting and texas. the house of representatives later passed gun control measures which are unlikely to be approved by the senate. the summit of the american south begun in los angeles years president joe biden was hoping to make progress on curbing high levels of migration. but avoid caught by several leaders as of the shot as well as some it coincides with the movement of thousands of migrants heading north through mexico towards the u. s. many from venezuela central america on the country.
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now on thursday, a u. s. congressional committee will begin public hearings into the capitol hill attack and january last year, supporters of then president donald trump stormed the building. encouraged by his false claims that the election he lost was stolen on as your castro report, ah, a congressional panel led by democrats has been investigating the january 6th right now after conducting nearly a 1000 interviews and collecting 250 terabytes of data. the panel will finally begin to reveal its findings to the public. trop, was prepared to seize the presidency and likely to invoke the insurrection act and declare martial law. so we're going to tell the whole story of everything that happens. thursday will be the 1st of several public hearing. will featured my witnesses and previously unseen videos from january 6. i think people would want to
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see some new information and particularly new striking information about tom's at all. mat, videotape depositions of trumps. daughter and son in law may be shown at the hearings, but trump himself is not expected to testify. we fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country any more. last year he was impeached for inciting insurrection, but was not convicted among the answers that may be revealed. what trump was doing as his supporters storm the capital and why he waited 3 hours to call them off. you have to go home now. we have to have peace. trump has not faced criminal charges or whether that changes after these public hearings is uncertain. the hearings will also del further into security failures in the days ahead of january, 6th, and efforts by trump and his aides to overturn the election. january 6th was a very dark day in america's history. i think it's important to have
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a full accounting of what happened and making sure that through these hearings we ensure that it doesn't happen again. oh, republicans call the democrat lead investigation, a sham, a recent and b. c. news poll shows the percentage of americans who believe trump was responsible for the riot has dropped to 45 percent, and it's unclear how many people will june entered this round of hearing's law. but democrats are hoping for another chance at a public reckoning that may help the party in november's mid term elections. how did your castro al jazeera washington, former us olympic gymnasts, including simone biles of fall to $1000000000.00 lawsuit against the f. b. i around 90 claimant savvy bureau, mishandled it's investigation of former team, dr. larry nasa. he's serving decades in prison for section assaulting athletes. one f. b. i is accused of fanning to us when it 1st received delegations about lisa
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the eastern ukrainian city of savannah. don ask is now mostly under the control of russian forces after weeks of heavy fighting. but the governor of the landscape region says the cities industrial zone is still held by ukrainian troops. so guy guy day says battles continue on the streets and accused russian forces of destroying many buildings. satellite imagery from maxwell technologies show significant damage in sarah danielle and a neighboring city. she had a de niche clear that a donnette has remained. the epicenter of fightin don bus at the end of the $100.00 and 5th day of the large scale war. we are defending our position and inflict ink of the ignition losses on the enemy, said lucia forestall is very dreadful and difficult to fight. perhaps. now is the one of the most difficult battles during these war. i am thankful to each and every
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one who is defending in this direction. to a great extent, the fatal don't bus. this is being decided they're now. ukraine says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to allowed grain exports. turkey has hosted the russian foreign minister for talks on resuming shipments of grain trapped at ukrainian ports and on restarting peace talks, ukraine is one of the world's biggest exporters, and many countries depend on it for their food supplies. so they lab rob says russia is happy for ships to sail freely as soon as ukraine de minds, the black sea and western nations with their sanctions. question, so let me look at you and efforts to help strike a deal on ukraine's ports. the on secretary general has been attempting to help broker a deal between russia and ukraine to bring more grain and fertilizer to market. noting that the number of severely food insecure people in the world has more than doubled in the last 2 years. at 1st it was covered and now it is the conflict as
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well. the fact that so much ukrainian green remains stuck in silos, unable to leave port. it's not just food prices that are going up, it's also fertilizer and fuel prices as well. un is warning that more than half of the developing world isn't debt the stress, but even rich countries are feeling the pinch. now at a time when they're being asked to contribute more humanitarian assistance. i think western diplomats for worried that the global coalition of countries that originally condemned russia's aggression will fragment. and we're definitely seeing arab countries in african countries tending to step back and avoid condemning russia now because they are very concerned about what the conflict means for that. recall to me there's also a lot of concern that western aid is going to dry up because a money is being diverted to ukraine. and in some countries, these economic factors could actually lead to social unrest. now,
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russia's blamed sanctions for the price increases. the west points out that there are no sanctions on food or fertilizer. thousands of protesters and cynical capital of come out to support the opposition coalition. angry about the electoral commissions rejection of candidates for next month's local elections. it means main opposition, figures like last month, sancho won't be able to run on to zeros. nicholas hark has more from the capital duck up until the very last minute there was fear that this demonstration or this protest would not take place. there was a sense from the opposition that the government would yet again bound this demonstration, but the police of the car allowed it to take place. there is heavy security surrounding the vis, protest and authorities here did not expect the number of demonstrators and protesters that are taking to the streets to day. thou was as if people have
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gathered in protests to the decisions taken by both the election commission and the constitutional court that is not allowing the list of candidates from the opposition to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election. why does this matter? because it is a test of legitimacy for president marquis self, who's come under increasing pressure whilst the economy is booming. for some, for many here, they feel that their lives are getting worse than they're struggling to pay for bills. and then there's the rising cost of basic necessity, whether it be cooking oral or sugar. the prices have doubled here, and that's why we're seeing so many people out on the streets. the political opposition led by it was one sancho accused president mikey sell of using the courts the institution to eliminate the opposition ahead of this parliamentary
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election that's expected to take place on july 31st. belgium's king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. and the what is now the democratic republic of congo, a king felipe, who is in a state visit to the d. r. c stopped short of a formal apology. historians estimate 10000000 congo leaves were killed during belgian rule. odyssey was malcolm with report. king felipe is the 1st belgian monarch to express regret for his country's past and the democratic republic of congo. that his speech to the con, the lead parliament in the capital kinshasa stopped short as apologizing for the violence and exploitation. belgium's 75 year colonial rule. let it like a violent act and humiliation on the occasion of my 1st trip to congo, right? your front of the commonly people and those who still suffer today. i wish to reaffirm my deepest progress for those wounds of the past. king felipe and his wife,
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queen mathilde, are on a 6 day visit. the monarch and congress president felix jessica. he had spoken about cooperation and development. they haven't mentioned the role of king fleet. great. grandfather's brother belgian king leopold. the 2nd he turned congo into his personal fif them. in 1885, he made a fortune from rubber which conquer leaves were forced to harvest from the forest. their hands were cut off if they didn't collect enough for their rulers. up to 10000000 people died. it was the black lives matter movement 2 years ago that prompted activists to face statues of king leopold and belgium. some of the statues were removed, and king felipe expressed regret for the 1st time, the d, as later his visiting democratic republic of congo for the 1st time, brought back a mosque, one of thousands of artifacts saluted by the colonialists. he said it's on
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a permanent loan from the belgian museum. some conquer liza fall short of making up for the path. so the atrocity of the red rubber, the weeping, the repetitive munition suffer by our system. i will funding fathers and mothers as should not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refused to formally apologize for president . she said kitty, bring some international credibility. you took office 2 and a half years ago after elections. that lead documents appeared to show rig. ready belgium's prime minister, who so on the visit without critical at the time relations have since improved walker, who had to read them. i believe that for the democratic republic of congo and i have always said to the gateway to europe. i am talking about diplomatic and political europe, business or belgium, belgians, ruling congo with one of the bloodiest captors of european colonialism. and one of
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its most profitable with vast amounts of wealth looted. but belgium has been among the slowest of european powers to even start to acknowledge the path. malcolm web out to 0, thailand is rebuilding its tourism industry, also losing millions of dollars during the pandemic with the government out easing and re restrictions. visitors are once again flocking to one the world's most popular destinations, but things are still far below pre covered levels as katia has held a young ripples. a train squeeze us through this 500 meter stretch of railway, just west of van cock, about 6 times a day. and every time, hundreds of shopkeepers who set up a market directly on the tracks have to put away their tense, produce, and merchandise to make way. for locals, it's business as usual at the mike long railway market,
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even when the train is so close back. cobra ha, tourism is picking up again as thailand ease as it's covered, 19 entry restrictions. more people and money is a welcome change. and i don't the pandemic lead to a huge drop in customers. it was drastic. those who visited bought less than usual . so i only managed to make up heard of what i made before coven 19. before the pandemic thailand saw nearly $40000000.00 visitors a year. now the government is hoping for $15000000.00. despite the trop tourism, can bring in roughly $18000000000.00 into the economy. to attract more people, the market has safety measures in place. mainland want bought. hi, how are when we sell the horn, the vendors know the most clear. they're stalls off the rail track. every one is safe because the train slows down. so it's not coming out of full speed or it cruises through the market slowly. from inside the train. it's
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locals who are cruising through seeing how foreigners, once again walk to the market. it's been around since 19 o 5 shopkeeper se tradition is part of the attraction. oh, hello ma'am. yes, bill wind is only use umbrellas not tense. there is no electricity or water in the market than most people started to visit, said the number of mendez also increased as the government tries to rebuild its tourism industry leaders, hope foot traffic in this market will be part of a wider trend across thailand. katya locus of a young al jazeera ah, the advocate chicken. the headlines here on the al jazeera, an 11 year old girl, has described how she smeared herself with classmates blood to avoid being.


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