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tv   The El Masri Case  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. i'll just erase correspondence. bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine and we had to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics here say he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling these evacuation now basic 3 day journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here with . hello, i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here in al jazeera, an 11 year old girl, as described how she smeared herself with a classmate blood to avoid being killed during a school my shooting. it was part of testimony presented at the u. s. congressional
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hearing 19 children and 2 teachers was shot dead to the school in a valley, texas. last month he shot i. i thought you didn't come back saying good. hey, i did. what did you gave me but the longer so you say i teach you follow, i really need song. i hold for me please. i class. and in the i was off about hearing the house of representatives passed a sweeping package of gun violence. prevention measures was just a handful of republican party members, joined democrats and approving the bill, which has little no hope of getting through the senate article here in washington.
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dc explains where the bill aimed to do when laid on wednesday, the us house of representatives past what is easily the most aggressive gun control legislation in years if not in decades. some of the things that the house passed basically raised the age for someone to be able to buy an assault weapon from 18 as it is now to $21.00. they want to ban the sale of large capacity magazines. basically, if a clip can hold a 15 bullets or more, they want to get rid of that. they also want to create safe storage requirements for people who keep firearms in their homes. the legislation would also ban ghost guns. those are basically guns that can be made from kit. they're pretty much untraceable, and they want to ban bumps stocks. those are tools that can turn basically a rifle into what appears more to be a machine gun. the vote was fairly partisan. 5 republicans voted with democrats. 2 democrats voted against it, so it easily passed the house of representatives, but it is not going to become law the vast majority. if not all the republicans in
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the senate have said that they are opposed to this kind of strict gun control legislation. so it will, it pass the house. it will not pass the senate and it will not make it to the president for his signature. the summit of the americas is now underway in los angeles. u. s. president joe biden is hoping to make progress some curbing high levels of migration. but a boy caught by certainly this has overshadowed the event that angry that washington refused to invite tuba, venezuela and nicaragua will the summit coincides with a movement of a migrant caravan that's heading north through mexico towards the u. s. the biden administration wants to address the root causes of migration from some left american countries. the eastern ukrainian city of sahara dani ask is now mostly under the control of russian forces after weeks of fierce fighting. but a local official says ukrainian troops are still holding on to the cities. industrial sent several of the niche key about
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a donnette has remained the epicenter of fighting. i don't buzz at the end of the 100 and 5th day of the large scale war. we are defending our positions and inflicting of the significant losses on the enemy, said lucia for still is very dreadful and difficult to fight. perhaps now is the one of the most difficult battles during these war. i am thankful to each and every one who is defending in this direction. to a great extent, the fate of dom buses has been decided there. now, brazil has deployed helicopters to a remote part of the amazon to search for an indigenous expert in our british journalist who disappeared on sunday. a government's been under pressure to step up efforts to find bruno pereira and dumb. phillips herrera had received death threats for his work, helping to protect indigenous groups, a man's being questioned in connection with their disappearance. but officer say they found no evidence yet of a crime. and a man's driven his car into
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a crowd of people in berlin, killing a teacher in drink. 14 of her students. police are still trying to work out a motive. but those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera. after the l master case stage, and that's what i can ah ah, with 2004 colors and must freeze arrest at you and your trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his better about 5 months later he's released in a forest in a day gums,
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indistinctly this time. so good. this will dusty cross both and see on darkness all guitar timothy nurse. so mind miss charlan. so these are parked. he shogi duncan ups, 2 buckets. she since emerged from hennington, which was finished, which been excused as he formed the co. and i'm asked we case basically revealed the entire underbelly of the secret american torture and prison system. ah, canada must be made into national headlines for years. he fought in vain for explanations, injustice. he felt abandoned by his own government as dor josh dots boob idea. agnes did fire should step honestly burning dodge london. big young jo,
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a dare themed films the west. good youth miss. ah, [000:00:00;00] lou colored elmer 3 used to live in the every off when i have known him since 2007 even then i wanted to make a film about him. but then his case took a bizarre turn. years after the kidnapping, he committed several disturbing crimes and in 2009 eat up the may alf loy. when,
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how did he come to this one who was probably most deeply involved in this story was the lawyer montfort needed from when he 1st met colored in my 3 in 2004 and sentenced by men. often a direct for the counselor to you'll lung holly baltic. my know, i know what is the gas on longest gib and and on the latter yogurt was worthy. it's from you nash. that's it. a divine and a know over the me actually at fuss. i dish for your fine side, so to not out and must be under fountain or not exact as interviewed, ordinance phenomena. can i get fault on alice? i'm a hey, here at this is rob's a dibi now as her boss. what your foot mia done? had him his m passcode site. now when seneca she did buy a d as us deutschland, not much it on your phone. but under statically saw that,
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and i know isaac and bill hutton, not matador im, are can os high assistant but are done not an o sizes template from albany in the on got to silicon bits formats it already. and i banyon will that come on. so he will legal no vin, to solicit survival, pistole is younger than most of his most listen, ah, as or longer, she should get money, shall see an order of us as well. they're at about the same time as one foot to needed to new york times became aware of the case. so it may can it, it just started working here. she was still living in germany at that time, as vine or on the continental miles continues managed on church. now map ones m
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the 911. the take of 2001 shocked the rest of the world. the u. s was determined to use all its power to fight that had had the backing of its allies behind. in my condition for the dental judge, push on anger. thank consolidated, thought francis organization ah colored is from lebanon when the civil war began in 1975. he was 12 years old. 10 years later, he minute to flee to germany. ah, in 1994 colored became a german citizen. he wanted to build up something in the country that had granted him asylum to try to trade cars. ah,
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in 1996, he got married, and 2002. he moved to a village near. at the time he lived with his wife and children in a 30 square meter basement. at the end of 2003, there were problems at home. keller decided to take some time off. he booked the cheapest ticket, he could find a bus trip to macedonia for about a $150.00 euros. a disturbing macedonian border, something bizarre happened. he had to leave the bus. hours later, he was taken to a hotel in scorpion, little dirt, so my flaw with, despite him filled the stock in admission. dr. manner, cindy, by me,
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it would seem arguably been done. i was sick fraggle bush for half been. i shouted as he opened wire. shalean or dog and brush, or vincent beer. oh dot probably been on the feeder drives, forensic dog, new bill frisky houghton. his daughter ernest telephony of an order opened vesh, a contact opened for him on this was finished by almost over ski. boylen. and i was shocked. okay. and the list contacts for the chip or chopped. donut dog. started by the daughter bowling with image question. when bell did it say an exhibitor on my by psycho finished are gonna run by. shouldn't been, shall go, stand and will suck dirt ski sh. on dan cindy m still on greg langdon and dom home had an error, but it gets organ is so much often. but she little does he she isn't on. these are
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old gonna be meal. the album that won't be in the oven, haven't dea steps is i get done or darkly about is thought i and i suck in fluke often help is justina. when i knew, i says then yes, nancy and i know you been longer brock and thought buildings here outside of those looked into to have a tool on dumb becoming share a good one. i didn't satan on a contract traffic didn't extend the haven't d mission to play at dazzle. minor minor clemens back against chick gemacht the spark on sna own dunwoody in an blue flyer? don't sure spoke until been drown. saliva
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won't influence. so the cotton danish often wouldn't give often on there. good. i'm big amish, but send them show little gun by spec. the police 1st learned about the abduction in june 2004, about 2 weeks after the master is return. mm. they checked his stories, step by step and even made a hair analysis on doc, on demand in going to be standing after and not on small another. i must like him or would our bill to estimate would have it his master think it would probably manhattan con, demand in principal could these are our song without hugs thought alman romance. who are gonna be stating, ah, ah, as a vendor, no one is going to be submitted via the current loan. got the intestine hot in the
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oven is from, you know, from house morrison does the, the she stay in ski, some streaming on cloud with the metrics building. um, super good. how about it? as he pull its i its was on or does had she had good kitchen enough. i moved but it is. she did a sneak to proceed, but i did longish play with him starts a mile to do so. to me then is globe. it does so gifted past us, past us. the happened to dish and your fun ambition, super steam. this is patricia will archivist ah sister months of research by so it can it to new york times finally decided to
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publish this story. i was calling that site all office j. c. a and ethan. he says my negotiations, especially just for an english at book bond and company. legacy to come house s desire to new york times one to cartoonish. i'm the sunspots soup. advancing out by he asked shortly nothing you can change the halls. come is rubbish for them to the following dimensions. us. but of course i to the cca or daddy west. when you go to host, come on, sang, didn't we have to absolute associate amish. ah, when i was working at the german television show, panorama, a and when the story came out in the new york times,
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that sir kennedy had done about the kidnapping. i remember feeling am shameful. that here was a case of a ca, kidnapping, of a german citizen. and you know, you have to ask yourself why we even exist ah, in 2005 journalists discovered the flight roots of ca, jets. and thus also the atmosphere flight tough gun is done to spanish police were able to ascertain the camouflage names of the c. i. a hijackers who had made a stop over in my yorker with this information. john gets scored a cool. he identified the addresses of the ca attacked us in the united states. good morning, sir. we wanted to ask you would modern the emissions enough to in fuel and fun call it? i must be fog. get it. been john goods from dodge and found in you know what we're
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talking about. this is evil. funny later, sir. want to talk about the the kidnapped by satellite, some kidnapping from college. i must be macedonian. you know what i'm talking about, sir, sir? sir? ah, the involvement of this year he was already known by journalists alexander bush enough in early 2004, shortly after the abduction. mosley, whose name was on the list of most wanted people type with a 911 attacks, however cult oh my studio looking for was a spanish citizen and this, this cult l. mosley with the same name. same surname is a german citizen or so he arised in one of 2 border studies,
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serbian border for policeman. he said to move it to scott, here in the hotel scope sky america. this is a hotel who was pleased just behind the u. s. embassy, the old place, the years since they didn't wait any information from leon fast seat of interpol to find that is the passport is generally or not. instead, they informed the us embassy is copier and the form, i guess, washington, there are superiors over there who send the airplane to, to muscle. my source officer in the military intelligence, i think that the children was too excited. there was the believe that if texas zillow big fish, they do become internationally famous by capturing one of the organizers of 911 attacks. it was just too big thing to keep. ah,
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to keep quiet for me. logan fun. abaski sch pill. see i new london. all done hummed english in einem cofer home give orphan was in that will give her signal to fetish, sundays farm and the modem with dunham diminished as give a disc the spot on to the others on tele, when the hub mission links on press and the vendor dish logging on to dinah t a little on 10 have dish is in the us
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other though my spirit in the not come by low it. i live in spiteful moment. amish de fair, certain at hand cheering kitten anzuedo on gifford and her for her home. but these are for her home saxons via the tri americana, to varnish from one shore, gusto milan severely. divorce than guns cannot. darcy sh. i'll soil in bidding on. thus in them was equal to a housekeeper or div austin. somebody should be upon them out of phone video, just out much anger amended, her niemen was to this is all dawson shanker, military, st. asa lender at on that hellish. on geometry panel was tennis as well. now this one, the thought you build boulton, all the boston from mix little finished with that
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a still little. oh, d hum. sucked. duke m. c. in this nicholas as well in spun psychiatric homes. 3 of mr. halls. ah, the law, i know somalia thomas to ha felicia and and on boy i thought the photo told the on the front out miss beyond asking. sure the i've been bus done. hm. except bulky. he did not in home gushed rum, doesn't and under oh,
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skin mocked now bought garger clinton d. i'm the initial meal. doesn't happen. d, off the hook come burnished, you bleedin would come home gush trailer and talk it sold thing in new york in 2005 the human rights organization, a c l u became aware of culottes case. they specialized in tracking this ca, ace abduction program, pallets a kind of what happened to him was a credible story about united states involvement on the sea ice involvement
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specifically. and in this program of transporting individuals to secret detention. i'm torture. despite the fact that this was the home of his torturers colored nonetheless got on the plane with mom, fred, his lawyer even even said, for city, the city of the canister. the gil, it's really been devotedly, but at least 2 of these inch would even come with color. there must be a. how did you keep that up with you? about francois you hoping years of this, the office just to talk also, but the 2 pis less successful than anticipated, the courts refused to accept khaleta masters case for reasons of national security . at least he can testify in the country of his subject us. i'm
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so proud to be able to introduce my client, colorado, missouri, please dusty if she gave us the meal foolish group, i'm home. what i really want is that they admit to me that an injustice was done to me, is who i know of level phones ins. angels, eagles, oh ah, join the debate. wonderful as it is this, the fanatic language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it
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challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera al jazeera wells meets to arabs both built successful lives. broad power of scholars have made enormous contributions to science such as a mathematics, astronomy on medicine, a cutting edge, dr. formulating new h, i, b drug treatments in south africa. and his specialist in engineering. science is changing. lives in malays, even chase, purify, polluted water from turn them to drinking water. arabs abroad. the pharmacologist in the scientist on al jazeera freefall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes. more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names
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. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately, but under the same flag. you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blur below, it's time to free fall lou and there are more carlindo. these are the top stories on the al jazeera, an 11 year old girl has described how she smeared herself with a classmate's blood to avoid being killed during
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a school mass shooting. and was passive testimony presented at the u. s. congressional hearing 19 children and 2 teachers was shot dead interval day in texas. last month. he shot i, i thought you didn't come back to ruth. good. hey, i mean what it is you can you put the longer so you see, i'm a teacher, you follow a new toner. oh, she said well then the hours after that hearing the house of representatives passed a sweeping package of dun violence. prevention measures just a handful of republican party members,
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joined democrats and approving the bill. it has the very little chance of getting through the senate secret summit of the americas is underway in los angeles. u. s. president joe biden is hoping to curb high levels of migration. the boy caught by several leaders has overshadowed the event. the angry that washington refused to invite cuba, venezuela and nicaragua. on the summit coincides with the movement of a migrant caravan that's headed north through mexico, towards the u. s. by demonstration wants to address the root causes of migration from some latin american countries. the eastern ukrainian says you have severity on that scale. now, mostly under the control of russian forces, the local officials as ukrainian forces are still holding on to the city's industrial zone. the belgian king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past, and was now the democratic republic of congo. but king philip is on a state visit stopped short of a formal apology,
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an estimated $10000000.00 congolese were killed join belgian rule. and a man has driven his car into a crowd of people in berlin, killing a teacher and injuring 14 of her students. police are still trying to work out a native. those are your headlines. we back with more news after the l mastery case . a winnable disease occurs 15 percent of all debts of children, a production launch rob. i agree to receive
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a challenge with ah, in 2004 color that must freeze arrested during a trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare. about 5 months later, he is released in a forest. in albania. kellyville must remain international headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations and justice. he felt abandoned by his own government in europe. dear mastery case
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became a topic in 2005. former says public prosecutor, dick marty. member of the council of europe was made chief investigator against ca, activities in europe. colored than musky e lay a further se, boulder book, a door type of qa. a, not my mod beth sun go. i did new up a back door, a quarterly kill and have it, you know, not to rule or can pose dick. marty proved that the c i. e kept secret presence in poland, and romania says i live more exquisitely. dca just saw, did despise shikes, tragedies. here she saw these act kimmy nell safe once at work for la d. oh wow. so so these act came in there in berlin at the end of 2005 political bomb exploded.
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it turned out that the interior minister or toshi, had long since known about the kidnapping. on which monday, 20042 days after must receive returned from afghanistan. u. s. ambassador daniel coats had informed she d about it. or 2, she had kept silent for more than a year and a half isde born as the gills, and dodger boone, and in and out on by the indian insurance file involve yet slides. vegas with arms yonder, norman saunters, also invite americana sherburne, indian films file in woodson. hastings it out of our kind of kindness, a seasoned coil in the country and outside of a type of harmony suck. ah . the government knew in 2004,
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the head of the german chancellor. read was frank fight osteen maya. it wasn't until the pressure got too big that he went public each other in uni spy 1000 unshared toys and, and that's fine, was bones and can't land them as an eagerness. fundies and fellow 1000. mm. yeah, these are mun nasties treacly. she bed eat this are the us females come as he called for fair a step, my daughter come off pet than yet dodged. i bob thompson doesn't or do you buy? i've ordered a true spanish to asthma, which still in the woods and i am a z. mm
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mm mm mm. me. to else marvel dish from that seller owner hunching on the alice. so for english from the tiller, the broken to for her home. i'm dish thought chess. i enter on the scrap kick seal won't. dear aunt it's leash. she push them at me. a dodge is a vessel duncan, the only i'm a tenant or from lincoln. yeah. or yeah, it is dish or from 50 some are going to be was finished for i'm finding so
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troubling. perfect. yes. i respect him. i saw the soul in san juan and then i sort of okay. then i search out the cindy. it's here alignment. i'm under become network, i'm inverse oregon. dot com. see how's our direct or to initial m far for us feel bessler lingo, the one own. damn. we cannot vol in mission. does human varies castile here vast? ah, in the midst of the rising suspicion against officious day, my uncle attorney manfred needed received a compelling message. a photo of sam might have surfaced satin, as massey understood no unglamorous foot and a sharp insect,
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as it said. the man who called himself sam may get an official of the german federal criminal agency, kelley doug delicate missions. at that time, his existence was top secret. unexpectedly montfort needed, and his client was summoned by the police note when it had prepared to line up the day. suppose it's sam had a german policeman, worked with the americans to him to kidnapping sam had the selby vaguely might be the in afghanistan. bon often these estate on saw or be out there to spoken it thus far. feel as anna an unhappy feather. if she is in enough, unfeigned gives him up. i will obey v heard tish thus gifts that either be sled
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or detroit before initial can be our sign act fen faint for holton phone to be verbal can be a thus far, sam. ah. is the science of miss you? the 2nd, the 20 percent in law for the op, cleared on in need him seen it doesn't in this also didn't work against the base it so on. yes, i'm at the time it be shifted. i'm finished and see. got about i'm been home. see her yet. and save her since my clot one, i'm calling the fest morgan. when dollars even saw that the applause is all cleared on an emission as a see trouble that con shante often silly for loud bow. the sharp sandfield shaft lift account that he will have the boy to train as it does. hobbies not need it contribute for in the meantime, weaknesses had emerged in macedonia. air statements cast another,
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questionable light on the german government and kept a scanner in macedonia. and oh, honey give, do ye, zach new, ny deduction burden banning from yet she hum human all still mom faded out or chaffed. gad, he post michelle for miss madison gal, please contact me. i just need to what forced end as does justice. the student wanted boffin via da mice office asked me to steal malisha, the sideshow. nice island and and mister marley's mission and the sa banished alice . you presume a danish violence act of issued her understand her? this is unfair to us by its mistake. now. what lot number issue it on the roster disc assisted miss thorpe with consequence because it is must really slow. dania is released in a forest here
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a little later is picked up by albanian officials. and without further ado, they put him on a plane to germany. and from fort wish on. com on the controller doctor on as a come to turn, no dispute. that was shown more your spirit. i see out also while yourself versus others. her beer. i'm bill pal. hums. you must under listen. do you, do you feel shame? whoa, oh, sways from post michelle kimbrough. she stopped by happening for k friend dos. dish q saw yate's,
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mom student. so gonna home on call. michelle also she is dusty. it must reset duction lasted to 5 months. almost 2 years later, the questions were so serious that a committee of investigation was set up in berlin in march, 2006. which road did the german government play? tell it unless we can tell his painful story on the grand stage. but the politicians turn a blind eye. no one approaches mastery. slowly, the wind begins to turn suddenly and mastery is openly suspected. val e. f just has often to hand them that went a zulus ostrich in vincent cleared him. he offered an app, gordon, it's not
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a mastery but toilet. as i go and lord kit kit left lord harbor vow home by their deutsch, lebanese, and was lima and gloves, though, inter sent fiddy with awe via his talent. a massey is a mastery new and an exclusive offer. there must be, is philip of oper, our best mitzy your head of an interest under present and reflect that you saw miss mendoza and determine is mr. village oh, in the southern courts, emily continental spelled. mm hm. oh, my hus, e po would see it was okay. be still the link on that. also just doub work. if one touch it would have plenty of poets. he had said to dusky, so loud, whenever the ill suleiman school weaker type as a trooper since he blew onto the nurse at the spirit or that it can easily devotee, become for some start on earth, does a leaky in and shut fin up. i will not it,
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he has on able to this inside the hinder naming. on may the 27th, 2007. cal. it is a must re set off for a wholesale market in night, william, where he intended to do as much damage as possible. he gained entry to force his started a fire colored snipped because of a trifle. he complained about a broken mp 3 player. he felt provoked, treated condescendingly ah, well, it's ain't is this asked after it. dear ali and it's like that he lost us new fish again condominiums,
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ashcroft to offer more drama after the arsenal, tech and mastery had to stand trial. the judge was understanding and had a mouth rivers given just a suspended sentence. then something remarkable happened. the munich public prosecutor's office requested a warrant for the arrest of 13 cia agents. the german government refused to even send the arrest warrant to the united states. they issued the arrest warrant for every country in the world except for the place where the kidnappers lived. the reasons that the german government best firming became clearer when vicki leeks released a document from that time in 2010
9:48 am
u. s. envoy john conic made it clear to his german counterpart that forwarding the arrest warrants would have a negative influence on did bilateral relations. the intention was not to threaten germany, but rather to urge that the german government way carefully at every step of the way, the implications for relations with the us. ah . in the same year, 2007, the u. s. supreme court ruled the better the mastery case would be admitted to court. the highest american court declined ah, a friend had given colored and neglected property. throughout the sum of 2009, he wrote to turn it into
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a garden. ah, this was the last time that i met him. ah, since september the 11th 2009 colored and must read together, that 3 of his sons entered the town hall in night, woom stormed into the office and physically attacked. maria gala new and back. the 2nd comes out of the blue for everyone who no one back was only slightly injured. from shock for life. she misses them. i'm kung, asserted bonded nothing on to do use teeth to deal to pay the credit boys. they stood. mm
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. used to offer these matters for tied to go hobbler. i trudged me out of high school districts. tut. ah, canada missouri was in prison for 5 years. as soon as he was released in 2014, he went to the airport and disappeared. the secret c, a report and his abduction became public in 2016. so some of the mysteries of this abduction others remain open. plus there was a clear conclusion
9:51 am
with whom was his devastating testimony. callous innocence was finally proven, but to public heard nothing about him. his case was versus mm. yet his story didn't easily. 8 years after our last meeting, i finally found him in austria after
9:52 am
his detention color tried to find work in different countries. in vain. germany was no longer an option for him. thus he decided to trade arab goods in austria. a morgan or 17 years have passed since the colored abduction. it had also been a nightmare for his wife asia. when he disappeared without a trace on december, the 31st 2003, she took her 4 children and return to lebanon. in desperation. then how much she had asked as an under for alden that a hierarchy or they're in boston. so as nist, when ernest can't then get it out, now had to run it by when his mer here. msn,
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savage field for admission in by any can touch it up, can i? does it a mother, answer the heart feel? ashley imand informed, alter what had angst her feel owns than can help me. the kinder vanished elaine game or daughter, akin fast muffin. m, i think gans site thinks sale to our it done. net. really now. our vine in or does a gun slow to should i am order it in fossil? yeah, on thus must awfully miss said miss aunt medford meineke in that. oh yeah, in 2009. when cal it went to prison. the family were separated again.
9:54 am
this, if it wasn't already tough enough, or you shall got into a disagreement with the authorities. they wanted to convince her to put some of her children into foster care. in 2011, the situation escalated in panic. asia fled to lebanon again. i mean by a shower, 17 years old at the time completed an apprenticeship in vienna. we're vetoed selection comes in for and it's for thousands, a centralized system y'all. a lot on my father, under rules rules you are with us are here for by the album. this is the only use on johnson man would on dish, cynthia, florida. my father them. but the other people would be by the city just to go and fight them. awesome. on that side,
9:55 am
then you seeing us of course artificial as well as well and that's i thought was punishment. comped basil outcome all ah.
9:56 am
and almost 2 decades have passed since the abduction. the tragedy has not been forgotten. the senate investigative report, the rest, had explained parts of the ca, abduction program. they never apologized. mm . last semester. don't you know the other hand, not only paid 60000 euros and compensation in 2018. the small country formerly apologized.
9:57 am
ah, germany, close the case in 2009. there to you. the committee of inquiry presented its conclusion. 3 years after 2 begun, ah ah,
9:58 am
ah, as the final 3 places at the feet, the will come, are decided, will life from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe. themes. this for all 2020 to the world qualifies special coverage al jazeera. you had a white jug, why prosecutor white cops and his black haired 16 when it happened, gets nailed, have been imprison more years than i've been pre owned. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born bad, full times travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. who juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a jazeera with them for the 2nd day in
9:59 am
a row alger har. and she waits registered the highest temperature in the world. this time, 52.7 degrees. and we really have this plume of heat stretching from bach there'd rate in to the arabian peninsula. so we'll go in for a closer look that's on thursday. because as temperatures will come up, humidity will go down and the winds will also be blustery at times. here's our shamal when that's gonna stir around that sand and dust in q 8, not back your temperature. a bit of also for the eastern province of saudi and into ohio. $47.00 degrees, but your winds will gust up to about 60 kilometers per hour. on friday, the seabreeze is picking up for a karachi so that spinning around some sand and dust elsewhere in the country to could even get it picked up the sand and dust that is in spots like lahore on thursday. with a high 45 degrees, temperatures have come down a bit in tater on to 36 degrees and showers thunderstorms in the forecasts. once again, 4 is stumble on thursday 27 degrees off to africa. we go got our usual plentiful
10:00 am
rain and storms popping up in this region more so for eastern portions of the democratic republic of congo as we slide toward the south. plenty of sunshine to be found here, but some showers for that east coast of madagascar. some that what weather may leak into an tenant arrival on thursday i al jazeera when ever you ah, oh, i. ready malia is in operating a snoo present. hassan shake. muhammad faces several challenges including restoring


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