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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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because congo as we slide towards the south, plenty of sunshine to be found here, but some showers for that east coast of madagascar. some that what weather may leak into and san an arrival on thursday i will jazeera with ever you. ah, oh, i. ready malia is in operating a snoo president hassan shake. muhammad faces several challenges including restoring security. ah.
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hello them, laura kyle. this is al jazeera live from dough, also coming up, ukraine's president says his forces are engaged and a difficult and brutal battle, and several, jeanette. today we stand for lexi and as her voice, we demand action victims and survivors of the last shooting of the school in texas thief a gun reforms in the us under warning of dangerous conditions facing thousands of asylum seekers on the move in search of a better life in the us. ah somali present hassan shake muhammad as being inaugurated at a ceremony in mogadishu. mohammed made history last month by becoming the 1st president to be elected twice. you want to landslide against the incumbent mohammed
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abdulla? he mohammed, well, so then as for manager, the new president will have to tackle security threats, rising inflation, severe drought, and conflict between central and regional governments. because they have a to malcolm where peaceful and all of the developments from ny ruby and malcolm festival look at this integration ceremony, which leads as are attending. and what does that say about relations within the region where the related from turkey, bahrain and several from this region, notably the president of kenya who kenyatta follows the deterioration and relations between kenya, i'm somalia on the hassan's sake freed assessor president, form of president mohammed abdulla he saw my relations between the 2 countries and sour dotted negatively affected trade and security cooperation with the maritime board, a dispute over offshore oil resources at the heart of it. but it looks like we can
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to present the present at the inauguration that those relations a back on track. also interesting, the prime minister made to be is that he had a good relationship with the former president for my jo. looks like even though powers change, the morbid issue i be seems to be seeking to continue that relationship with sonata . so my mom and he won the election in middle of last month. what you've done since taking office. well it looks like he's trying to put some win back into the sales with the government fight with the on our ship. bob, he's purged the national security agency of people who are seated allies is of outgoing president for my job. and it will say, see my many security expert who have been infiltrated by people connected to the
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group. i'll show bob shortly after half and shake with was it out the window of the election, the u. s. and that it was sending back some troops to help with training and military assistance. so bob was in a relatively strong position by the end of my house and shaking looks like you might be trying to, to change things. that one thing that people will be waiting to see if he tackles is corruption when he was in office. busy before his mom was lighted with major corruption scandal you had investigated, showed the significant sum of money had been withdrawn from the central bank and gone straight into the personal accounts of people connected to have me to say he had some family members. no one was really held 2 accounts at the time. something that a lot of people are going to be waiting to see if his, if his new government is going to show any willingness to tackle me
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a lot of expectations weighing on him. okay, malcolm for the moment, thanks very much. the ukraine's president says the fight for the eastern city of sarah dunn esque is brutal and tough. it's now mostly under the control of russian forces after weeks of fighting. but the governor of law hands regions as ukrainian troops are still facing from the outskirts of the city. he says, battles continue on the streets and has accused rational forces of destroying many buildings. that light em just shows significant damage in severity. don't ask and, and neighboring says he, she little da niche key about a gun. it has remained the epicenter of fighting. i don't vase at the end of the $100.00 and 5th day of the large scale war we are defending our position such and inflicting of the significant losses on the enemy, said durham forestall is very dreadful and difficult for it. but i have asthma,
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it's the one of the most difficult battles during these war. i am thankful to each and every one who is defending in this direction. to a great extent, the fate of don buses is being decided. they're now an 11 year old girl in the u. s. as described how she smeared herself with classmates blood to avoid being killed during a mass shooting 19 children and 2 teachers were shot dead at her school in validate texas. last month, the attack was the worst in the series of recent gun massacres. as mike hannah reports from washington into lawmakers on capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. t. i n o i n. i e j o,
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because when i oh i gotcha. after her record a testimony, the father of the 11 year old school shooting survivor told members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh, good. today. i come because that girl of my baby girl a she is that the same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything cuz she was that is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything not only for me, but her siblings and her mother. but i wish something will change, not only for kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother up a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo,
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new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and our trust it to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th. it's it a domestic terrorist, just 2 minutes to shoot and kill 10 people and injured 3 others can still see her walking windows toward the exit. this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in new faulty texas. when this moment, we asked for progress, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age is seek red flag loss stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun
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manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian needs, an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. it's time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is all to clear. republicans wary of what they call an assault on the right to bear arms, calling full added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation to after tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for lack radical left wing policies or to beatrice. their campaigns to get elected a division reflected in the senate to where 9 republican votes would be needed to
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pass any meaningful legislation. votes that are unlikely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tepid of measures. mike hannah, ouch is era. washington or the u. s. house of representatives has passed a sweeping package of gun control measures bots. the bill has little hope of being approved in the senate as patty calhane reports from washington. late on wednesday, the u. s. house of representatives past what is easily the most aggressive gun control legislation in years if not in decades. some of the things that the house passed basically raised the age for someone to be able to buy an assault weapon from 18 as it is now to $21.00. they want to ban the sale of large capacity magazines. basically, if a clip can hold a 15 bullets or more, they want to get rid of that. they also want to create safe storage requirements for people who keep firearms in their homes. the legislation would also ban ghost
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guns. those are basically guns that can be made from kits. they're pretty much untraceable, and they want to ban bumps stocks. those are tools that can turn basically a rifle into what appears more to be a machine gun. the vote was fairly partisan. 5 republicans voted with democrats. 2 democrats voted against it so easily passed the house of representatives, but it is not going to become law the vast majority. if not all the republicans in the senate have said that they are opposed to this kind of strict gun control legislation. so it will, it pass the house. it will not pass the senate and it will not make it to the president for his signature. a man has been charged with the attempted murder of u. s. supreme court justice brett cavanaugh and 26 year old was arrested nick havins home in the state of maryland. on wednesday it was armed with a gun and a knife. he told police he planned to kill cabinet, was motivated by his views on gun control and abortion rights. to lead here on out as president joe biden opened the summit of the americas,
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hoping to drum up support on migration and, and cynical outrage of allison candidates who contests next month, le collections. ah, with got a minute 15 to bring you up to speed with your weather for europe in africa. hello everyone. so we've got rain being whipped around all sides of the adria attic, see on thursday, particularly bad for that east coast of italy and western areas of the balkans. we're going to power up some thunderstorms, some of which could be severe, and some lively downpours in hungry, including budapest. there could be some flooding here, showers in thunderstorms, in the forecast for his stumble. once again on thursday, we take a peek at the next 3 days and showers and thunderstorms never really too far away.
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we'll see those winds pick up on sunday as well. not the winds, but temperatures that are picking up for southern sections of spain. so seville wall to wall sunshine, thursday, 30 degrees. here's your next 3 days, up to 44 on sunday, closing in on the june temperature record of 45 degrees. gloomy conditions for the islands of ireland. britain rate through into the low countries. some on and off again, showers to be expected. now here's the situation for africa. we've got our storms across the gulf of guinea, particularly bad for sierra leone and liberia, as we saw toward the south, plenty of sun here, but a few showers for that east coast of madagascar. looking to see some of those showers creep into and 10 and a revo on thursday that shot that soon. ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change. the problem in lebanon is actually true. lebanon needs and use of contract in order for it to solve this
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problem, informed opinions, international communities on the goals security that creates a government, has knowledge to be seen in depth analysis of the days global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members. inside story on al jazeera lou . ah, again, you're watching al jazeera, his reminder of our top stories. this, our somali present hassan shake, muhammad is being inaugurated. as a ceremony in mogadishu, mohammed made history last month by becoming the 1st president to be elected twice
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after weeks of fierce fighting russian forces have taken control of most of the eastern ukrainian city of severity. jeannette resident for him is zalinski said it's a difficult and brutal battle that will decide the fate of the dumbass region. and you as legislators, have heard testimony from an 11 year old school girl who survived last month's school shooting in texas. the house of representatives lay to pass gun control measures which the senate is unlikely to approve me as president joe biden has stressed the importance of investing in supply chains. during his opening address at the summit of the americas in los angeles, ivan wants to engage regional leaders and discuss ways to curb migration at some not attending because washington refused to invite cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, citing the human rights records. rob reynolds has more from los angeles in a speech opening the summit of the americas here in los angeles, president joe biden challenge the participants here to work together on
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a long list of initiative. everything from improving health care in the region to ensuring food security, disrupting criminal gangs, and ensuring up democracies in the region. by far, of course, the top issue here is migration. there's record numbers of people seeking to go into the united states, fleeing problems in central america and elsewhere in the region. here's some of what biden had to say about that. safe and orderly migration is good for all of our economy, including the united states. it can be a catalyst for sustainable grow. when all on lava migration is not acceptable. we will enforce our borders, including your innovative coordinated action with our original partners. we've come a long way together says united states hosted the 1st summit of the americas 20 years ago. there is no reason why the western hemisphere shouldn't be secure,
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prosperous and democratic from canada, northernmost riches to the southern tips of july. now this summit meeting is overshadowed by the fact that several leaders from mexico, from honduras, guatemala el salvador and elsewhere countries that are actually essential to figuring out the a solution to the migration problem. boycotted the summit. they sent their for foreign ministers instead. and that's because the, by the ministration did not invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. nevertheless, bite and said that the people who are here, the leaders who are here will by the end of this summit, this week sign what he called the los angeles declaration. that is a attempt to manage in an orderly way. he said the flows of refugees and to increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration, while at the same time disrupting gangs of criminal traffickers. human traffickers
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who pray on desperate people over crowding an extreme. he's are creating dangerous conditions for thousands of asylum seekers making their way towards the us through mexico. i know rapid reports from the southern chapel state. ah, a public gymnasium in southern mexico has been temporarily transformed to house thousands of migrants and asylum seekers. it's crowded and many people here are starting to get sick. medics from a humanitarian group say they're treating hundreds of people every day, but they can't tend to everyone. northeast in the port again, it's not enough. the flow of migrants is constant and it's big. we always need more support, more hands, more resources, conditions at the camp are also unsanitary. the risk is especially high for children. observers from unicef. see the situation here is extremely precarious
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offense. what am bad i game would have been us on and what's happening. you can see there are money people here, money, boys and girls are sick. they have fevers, their bodies covered with insect bites, and the heat is affecting small babies and particular adamant that migrants rights, advocates organized this caravan to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place this week in los angeles, hoping to call attention to the plight of thousands of migrants who have been stuck in southern mexico for months. while most people here seem unaware of the political motivations of the caravans organizers, many or hopeful, the u. s. government will open its doors when they eventually arrive at the u. s. border. hello, fame. and hi, you were asking them to help us to be allowed to pass without so many obstacles without having to spend so many days sleeping on the floor. we would do anything for them to help us. there's rain on the horizon,
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adding to the worries that more people at the camp could also become ill. the day is coming to an end here in southern mexico and migrants are starting to look for space among the crowd to get some rest. but there are simply too many people here and not enough room to accommodate them all. it looks like many others will be forced to spend another night without a roof over their heads. though hundreds of migrants have broken away from the caravan and continued north on their own, it could be several weeks before this group reaches the us border. organizers have asked them not to grow desperate and leave on their own. adding that there are worse dangers in mexico than getting sick. manuel rebel al jazeera, we sla mexico, as well as presidents, has wrapped up a 2 day visit to turkey after being excluded from the summit of the americas. nicholas maduro is on a tour of several countries after being stopped by washington. on wednesday,
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he was welcomed by turkish president jap. type ado on the 2 countries have deepened . ties since the u. s. place sanctions on venezuela. when were you as president donald trump and 2 of his adult children have agreed to testify in a civil investigation into his business practices. after losing a court appeal, new york state's attorney general says her inquiry has found evidence that trump organization, which managers, hotels, and golf courses misreported the value of its assets to get benefits including loans and tax breaks trumps as the investigation is a witch hunt. the algerian bank association says, a ban on all imports from spain has begun, after algeria ended as 20 year friendship treaty on wednesday, spain's backing of morocco on a disputed territory in the western sahara desert. as angered algeria back the palace sorrow independence movement, and rejects more marco's annexation of western sahara. spain's foreign minister has called the decision regrettable. to don's military rulers have begun direct talks
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with political parties. that's the 1st such meetings as the army sees power in october. important pro democracy leaders refuse to participate as have been. morgan reports from cartoon, sudanese, political parties, and the army are coming together for talks. they haven't done this since the military took power 8 months ago. the participants said they want to end the political impacts created by the takeover, which has left sudan without to fully functioning government. and in political and economic turmoil, the united nations, the african union, and the regional body, i, god, are facilitating the talks. aim of this dialogue is to reach a consensus on the constitutional arrangements, agree on a prime minister and prepare for elections, which i parted mechanism is only a facilitator. it's up to the sudanese who are the stakeholders to decide on the outcome. so dance transitional period was derailed when the military took power last october. it dissolved a 2 year government that was meant to lead to down to democracy after 3 decades of
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one man rule under president obama del bashir. it also sidelined the political coalition known as the forces of freedom and change with whom it had signed a perishing agreement. after bashir was forced out, the coalition was absent in wednesday stalks a group which split from it and had called for the military to take over attended. we've participated in this session to agree on how the transition should be and complete the transition period as what is prepare for elections. it is very important. we will also talk about how to form a government to lead during the remaining transitional period and implement the p steel signed. we don't want to cite, dine any one and hope those who are not attendings will join. prior to the start of the talks, the head of the army issued a statement of unity describing it as a historic opportunity to achieve the demands of for the nice people walkable num go. you're not on what the lever. i request all the concern components to respond to this dialogue. a lot storm is an obstacle in the pop of democratic change. i'm
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transition navarro. the people in the country deserve to be put above our differences job and we should place the unity and security of the country above political and personal desire. i wish i know, but the forces of freedom and change coalition is not the only group that is chosen not to attend. the groups known as resistance. committees, which have been organizing regular protests for months are also absent from these thoughts. they have been vocal in their opposition to negotiate a compromise since the military took over last year. they were more protests on wednesday against the military's rule. more than a 100 people have been killed in anti military demonstrations and hundreds of others have been wounded since the take over those behind a protest fate. only when the military is removed from the equation. will they be ready to negotiate on house, to dance, transition to democracy, should continue. he by morgan al jazeera hutton. thousands of protesters in santa gold capital have come out to support the opposition coalition, that angry that the electoral commission rejected candidates for next month. local
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elections, it means main opposition figures won't be able to run. it was huck has more from decor. up until the very last minute there was fear that this demonstration of this protest would not take place. there was a sense from the opposition that the government would yet again bound this demonstration, but the police of the car allowed it to take place. there is heavy security surrounding the vis, protest and authorities here did not expect the number of demonstrators and protesters that are taking to the streets to day thousands of people have gathered in protests to the decisions taken by both the election commission and the constitutional court that is not allowing the list of candidates from the opposition to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election. why does this matter? because it is a test of legitimacy for president mckee,
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self who's come under increasing pressure while the economy is booming for some, for many here, they feel that their lives are getting worse. they're struggling to pay for bills. and then there's the rising cost of basic necessity, whether it be cooking oral or sugar. the prices have doubled here, and that's why we're seeing so many people out on the streets. the political opposition led by it was one sancho accused president mikey sell of using the courts the institution to eliminate the opposition ahead of this parliamentary election that's expected to take place on july 31st. brazil has deployed helicopters to a remote part of the amazon. so, such for an indigenous expert and a british journalist disappeared on sunday. the government has been under pressure to step up efforts to find bruno pereira and dumb phillips. ferrera had received death threats full, his work, helping to protect indigenous groups. a man is being questioned in connection with
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that disappearance. as is there, a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists in the occupied west bank showing up to act. there was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storms of the procession and started beating mourners, closing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. a black there was without a 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. thailand has become the 1st country in asia to decriminalize marijuana. now people are allowed to grow and possess cannabis, but the government's warning, smoking in public could land people in trouble,
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alexia bryan reports lining up to get high at the highland cafe. some camped out overnight in bangkok to ensure that get an early as thailand removed marijuana from its list of band. now come 6 already i law. i don't have to hide the fact that i use canvas anymore. i don't have to worry about the officers who are always looking out for people using cannabis. i don't have to worry about corrupt cops who try to ask for a bribe. but while you can now grow and carry marijuana lighting up just anywhere is still a no, no. the government says it's promoting cannabis for medicinal use only wanting that smoking in public could get you a 3 month jail sentence, or $780.00 fine. and the amount of tetra hydro can of an all o t h c. the chemical that makes people hi will be limited in commercial products, such as these ganja gummies. within upon the how when the of the real world,
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one of the main discussions of cabinet was about the way people should behave. people can consume and smoke both cannabis and hamp, but certain behavior has to be controlled while the government doesn't want thailand to be seen as a weed. wonderland, the public health ministers planning to hand out 1000000 marijuana seed links to encourage growth in the industry. authorities hope the trade will boost agriculture and tourism. what you've been stunted by the pandemic tile. and with this happening now, after covert after they hollow me, going to down the drain. oh, really do need this to can i get back up on their feet? good news too. for small time canvas farmers like tanner santa mon claimed it who used to grow illegally nor hibler would have liked. this industry will put more money in people's pockets. the new cannabis bill will create a more welcoming environment for new business owners. they don't have to be stressed out about legal issues or who they can sell their products to se it is
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known for its strict drug laws. the changes mean about 3000 prisoners serving time for canvas crimes will be released activist se they'll keep pushing for the rules on recreational use. to be east alex here brian al jazeera former us and, and pick gymnast including simone biles have filed a $1000000000.00 lawsuit against the f. b i. around 90 claimants say the bureau miss handle. it isn't handled as investigation of former team, dr. larry nasa. he's serving decades and present for sexually assaulting the athletes. the f. b, i is accused of failing to act when it 1st received allegations of misconduct about nasa. ah, who without his era, these are our top stories. the somali president hassan shake muhammad is being inaugurated as a ceremony in mogadishu.


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