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tv   Witness Sri Lankas Rebel Wife  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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with this happening now, after covert after the economy going to down the drain. oh, really do need this to can i get back up on their feet? good news too. for small time canvas, farmers like tanner sat them on, claimed it who used to grow illegally nor keep lamb, and how like this industry will put more money in people's pockets. the new cannabis bill will create a more welcoming environment for new business owners. they don't have to be stressed out about legal issues or who they can sell their products to. southeast asia is known for its strict drug laws. the changes mean about 3000 prisoners serving time for cannabis crimes will be released activist say they'll keep pushing for the rules on recreational use to be eased. alex o'brien al jazeera ah, your child deserve me so wrong. a reminder of our top stories,
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the head of the international nuclear watchdog says wrong plans to disconnect. 27 surveillance cameras at its nuclear sites. iran already switched off to cameras on wednesday in a statement around said it made the decision because of what it call the agencies unconstrained to approach the i. e. a chief says the cameras must be reconnected soon. this of course poses as serious challenge to our ability to continue working there and to confirm the correctness of iran's declaration. i'm going to show we thought, just as i announced the set of measures beyond, as you say when this took place in back in february, i believe 2021. now we are seeing this as being sent and
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since dismantled and of course we've with possible consequences. smalley, president hudson shake, and her mood has been inaugurated in mogadishu. international leaders gathered for the ceremony in the canyon president of the therapy in prime minister. her mood was a landslide victory against the incumbent mohammed abdullah have from you. last month. the eastern ukrainian city of several jeanette's cause been the site of heavy shelly and st. battles. much of the cities now under the control of russian forces, but ukrainian troops are fighting back from the outskirts turkeys president has called on greece to stop on the islands in the g and see which of type o do i made the comments while observing military exercises in its new province, the drills are the largest join text sciences of the held in the region. greece has criticized the maneuvers. the palestinian foreign minister is at the international criminal court where he's delivering the findings of an investigation into the killing a voluntary agend machine. actually shot dead by israeli forces last month while
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covering rates in geneva in the occupied west bank. those were the headlines. i'll be back to the board years and half are here on out there. next, it's witness to stay with us. ah, a a
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with i am the witness. so be silly book survey. i am a bit naturally were and maybe we still good thing for my husband who are subject to input this weekend. may the ceiling a military discount to lend? or th, i the good to see the failure. i am uniform with a battles he liked what all the people watching austin was on the original facility
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he didn't was on the phone. if we go along with that allows you money. oh, key line been about since the end of the and also bought it in 2009. 8 years have passed during the last 8 years. sucks and i'll demographic and cut down again. i was, i had been in the okay, by timing, homeland b. it's miss assembly to appoint a commission of inquiry. * early for the case of international criminal investigation through security council order assembly, thank you. a didn't, and i'm gonna give them a video. i'm going to go here done. and i did a delay on the board on
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a board number on the line that are doing the same for me, not the end that i am under a particular security going so about another one with a lot of amazon people with a gun got about a quarter down a little bit about the bottom of one of one of them. a bugging
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elena bought them at a la the committee paper, the without me home to little martin little media near me. and i don't know a little beat or not a on a sunday that i'm on old. all that i need in the regular he a had it in an analogy that'll do you know, to the point. but what i'm going to put them a little bit a little, you know, say you know, and i'm not exactly lend me a hold on way. i didn't want to belittle down, but again, i know you're good been already did with the yeah. come to live and literally i did well, the way i did go or no more does only do not. you're going more of a day,
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get a little body in the kind of dumb data to get them on the but i know legal, whatever you want on any part, does anybody broadening of done any? i will. i will go back and i'm going to get a break with them dot b them that, you know, i'll be a one of them. but them way you're not coming up on to go back up what i was on the modem and i got the body and is all you would linda? it's a lot of the media and then the late on that again, got a lot of them on a day maybe on the me all the way that they know that the i'm a big one. do they not one little come out of the one of them. so i'm not in the phone. i'm gonna make a bed a bed
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with a carnival now mama a bit, a guy that go with and until god, yes, been remodeled, and even the just about so god, yes, me, no. mattie mal amana this, i cannot have a sub ala, that i will get in. and the lady on the notably, i'm the grandmother and then the company. and i wanted to find out about that the like the body money and, and then it could be the kind of that a galion, the bucket, the long and several days that they not even the need. i mean, it would allow you to come in many countries on the road. the people
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drive the investigation of disappeared, of the families of the disappear, particularly the passes. in countries like argentina, the mob insert, change the rules. what we need to do is to be able to work together and to make sure that your voice is good heard. because we have to make sure that you know, and the bible is able to tell you stories to the world. i need that way. we can force the government to give on, says down the road. i believe when i'm glad to get the read out. i'm going to get there though to write any music. you know, miller, my, me put this on a new building envelope. we're near that mike. the my getting, i mean i'm gonna reality is going to say, you know, is it better in this isn't gonna work out of order. yeah. i was isn't got a meeting all the money doesn't good. i'm glad i did. i wanna let none go. i'm not
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on the one that a good me on the for the monday the when you're buying a time i live on the never did you bought the rad miss, it will be available to get it. i mean, go on me that i'm a hold on one of the board, but need to, i don't, but i do. mm hm. i have another a been a little bit a
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they go ahead and out with a little later, but out and then a level that number your down and the a bit about i was ago, i'm a member that, that ah, you know, with
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a good and i did that, i want to know that i was going to be a little on the one thing that i gum avoid a lot of other media medical and bill to back. i'm with a, with a
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ah, above a yellow, a at the edge of the desert is a refuge for weary travelers. most are crossing africa looking for a pathway to europe. some are coming back the other way and their stories are a chilling reminder of the dangers that my ahead. a safe haven
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at the crossroads of hope and despair. the mos shelter. witness on a jessia. ah . and join the debate. wonderful as it is this little magic language, it really means nothing on the ground, on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard and when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera
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building, a new life on in the tylic beach, living of the sea, and the last a dream shared by so many. but so few make it a reality of family business lead by a remarkable woman with a flat for cooking and desist for living. my tunisia, island kitchen on al jazeera ah turning off the cameras, the international nuclear watchdog says the wrong plans to disconnect the valence at its nuclear power plants. ah.


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