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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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analogy, sierra building a new life on any tylic beach living of the sea and the last a dream shared by so many. but so few make it to the end of a family business led by a remarkable woman. with a flare for cooking and desist for living. my tunisia, island kitchen on al jazeera ah turning off the cameras, the international nuclear watchdog says the wrong plans to disconnect the valence at its nuclear power plants. ah,
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i'm civil robin watching. i was, they were like, my headquarters here in doha. also coming up ukraine's president warns millions of people could star because of russia's blockade of its black see ports. food shortage is a major challenge facing somali as me president along with security. as hassan shake, mahmoud is inaugurated and in sport, the pga told suspends players competing in the controversial saudi backed gold series. ah, welcome to the rug on the head of the international atomic energy agency says iran plans to disconnect. 27 surveillance cameras monitoring it sites to her on is responding to criticism from the un watchdog for failing to explain uranium particles at some sites. victoria gayton b has the story. workers at in a rainy
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a nuclear site, turned off to surveillance cameras on wednesday. it ran says it will disconnect more. the equipment is operated by the international atomic energy agency or i. e, a, it's director says he ran is making a mistake. 27 cameras are being removed. this is, of course, a poses, a serious challenge to our ability to continue working there and to confirm the correctness or for your answer. great number j, tara terence as it action is in response to criticism from the i am, the un nuclear watchdog says around his fail to explain uranium particles at some of its sites. the latest dispute is a setback for those hoping to revive the 2015 nuclear dale. it was designed to limit terrans nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief. but in may 2018 them president donald trump withdrew the u. s. and began re imposing sanctions only
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ran the following year for may rainy and president hath m re, honie told the remaining signatories his government would reduce its commitments every 60 days until they honored their part of the deal. iran has since limited access to its nuclear sites. they cannot expect you wrong, so full collab delivered beyond its commitments. you know, all safeguard related cameras on the commitments are by iran are being operated on their, on the right. you, ron is not something them. iran is only stopping those voluntary measures that they're supposed to be implemented under the nuclear bill. the i. e. a chief has described the situation as tents with negotiations at a low point, and both sides blaming the other for a lack of progress. victoria gate and be al jazeera working or colton crane separatist control dynette region has sentence 3 foreign scientists
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to death. 2 british citizens and american men were found guilty of taking action towards a violent overthrow of power. they had been fighting on the side of ukraine. they announced that to face a firing squad. but we'll have a month to appeal their sentences. the ukrainian president is wanting the millions of people around the world could starve because of russia's blockade of his country's black c port of ms. lewinsky says ukraine is enabled to export large quantities of wheat, corn, and vegetable oil, and he's calling for russia to be expelled. from the us food and agriculture organization. so it will be with the account to be any discussion on prolonging rushes membership and the if i owe the food and agriculture organization of the united nations. what is the for russia to do if they're causing hunger for at least a whole 100000000 people, or potentially more than a 1000000000? let's take a closer look at what options ukraine has,
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the getting its grains to the world market. well, usually kev would use its ports on the black sea and the sea of angels. well before the war, those would have handled run 90 percent of its food exports. but now that either blockaded or in russian hands. another option is overland to remain as black sea port of consent to keep has already sent more than 600000 tons of grain there, but that 73 percent of what it needs to move before the next harvest in july. and that isn't easy. all of it has to be sent by barge train, and truck rail could also be used to poland and other parts of europe, but the average waiting time for freight train crossings. now in the u is 16 days. kristen slay me. looks at you in efforts to help strike a deal on ukraine's ports. the secretary general has been attempting to help broker a deal between russia and ukraine to bring more grain and fertilizer to market. noting that the number of severely food insecure people in the world has more than
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doubled in the last 2 years. at 1st it was coven. and now it is the conflict as well. the fact that so much ukrainian grain remain stuck in silos, unable to leave port. it's not just food prices that are going up. it's also fertilizer and fuel prices as well. un is warning that more than half of the developing world is little debt distress. but even rich countries are feeling the pinch. now at a time when they're being asked to contribute more humanitarian assistance. i think western debt from out for worried that the global coalition of countries that originally condemned russia's aggression will fragment. and we're definitely seeing arab countries in african countries tending to step back and avoid condemning russia now because they are very concerned about what the conflict means for that. recall to me there's also a lot of concern that western aid is going to dry up because a money is being diverted to ukraine. and in some countries,
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these economic factors could actually lead to social unrest. now, russia's blamed sanctions for the price increases. the west points out that there are no sanctions on food or fertilizer to children. is partly caused by the ukraine . more or one of the biggest challenges facing somalia. as it in olga rated new president hassan shake. mahmud international leaders gathered for the ceremony, including the kenyan president and the 3 prime minister, her mood secured a landslide victory against the incumbent mohammed abdullah. he for mad you last month now, he'll have to deal with security threats rising and ation severe drought and conflict. malcolm web has more from nairobi. the ceremony took place in an aircraft hangar inside morbid issue green zone, which is one of the few parts of the country that fully under the control of the somali federal government and the foreign forces that it depends on. it did not same room as just a few weeks ago. her son shake one that election,
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but it's just members of parliament who got to vote the general public didn't get to vote in political process by which tamale's leaders are selected. now of note that this ceremony for the inauguration with canyon president who kenyatta this follows a couple of years of fairly sour relations between kenya and somalia. on the hot sun shake, treat assessor former president mohammed up the law. he saw my relations became quite tense, around a maritime borders. this is the oil beneath the sea, but people in both country, the, it's up trade, deteriorated, security cooperation, deteriorated but the president who kenyatta was that today and talked about redeeming trade resuming flights and so on. so it looks like the touring relations on the card there. a us congressional committee is to begin public hearings into
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the capitol hill attack in january last year. the supporters of the then president donald trump storm the building encouraged by his false claims. but the election, he'd lost the action he'd lost was actually stolen. had your castro reports. yeah, a congressional panel led by democrats have been investigating the january 6 right now. after conducting nearly a 1000 interviews and collecting $250.00 terabytes of data, the panel will finally begin to reveal its findings to the public. trump was prepared to seize the presidency and likely to invoke the insurrection act and declare martial law. so we're going to tell the whole story of everything that happens. here's jane will be the 1st of several public hearing. the features my witnesses and previously unseen videos from january. i think people would want to see some new information. and particularly new striking information about trumps
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involvement. videotape depositions of trumps, daughter and son in law may be shown at the hearings, but from himself is not expected to testify. we fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. last year, he was impeached for inciting insurrection, but was not convicted among the answers that may be revealed. what trump was doing as a supporter from the capital. and why you waited 3 hours to call them all. you have to go home. now, we have to have peace truck has not criminal charges. whether that changes after these public hearings is uncertain. the hearings will also del further into security failures in the days ahead of january, 6th, and efforts by trump and his age to overturn the election. the january 6th was a very dark day in america history. i think it's important to have a full accounting of what happened and making sure that through these hearings we
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ensure that it doesn't happen again. the republicans call the democrat lead investigation, a sham a recent m b. c. news poll show the percentage of americans who believe trump was responsible for the riot has dropped to 45 percent. and it's unclear how many people entered this round of hearing loss. but democrats are hoping for another chance at a public reckoning that may help the party in november, the mid term elections. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. a vigil for 2 men missing in the amazon has been held in london, friends, family and colleagues of british journalists, don phillips, and indigenous work. brunet pereira held the demonstration outside. the brazilian embassy, though demanding that the brazilian government step up its search for the men who disappeared on sunday. charlie angela reports urging brazil to step up the search supported in london, held up images of bruno pereira and don phillips,
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who been missing since sunday. brazil and deployed soldiers to search for them on wednesday and their families fair, precious time, may have been lost on the situation so. so to end up being just another disappearance separated by the investor and not unusual. we think it's necessary that generally should be able to go to places like this that tell the story of the people that without having their life threatening to be routed. pereira is a leading indigenous rights worker and former civil servant. don phillips is a british journalist, currently writing a book about the uncontested tribes of the amazon. they were traveling deep into the rain forest to interview indigenous communities about the attacks they are coming, increase singly unda. earlier. his family had a meeting with the brazilian ambassador asking them to intensify the search for the
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2 men in the amazon rain forest, specifically asking for such team more drink more and more helicopters, they were last seen heading by boat to the town of atlanta north too. but never arrived. authorities are investigating report that they witnessed armed men threatening and indigenous patrol. one man had been detained, but no arrests had been made. the region is under threat from illegal fishing mining and logging, which is increased under president gyal sonora, who appeared to blame the men for their own disappearance, kills to keep them without the man. we know in the middle of their journey, they met 2 people who the federal police already detained, their being investigated, but really to people in a boat in a region like that completely wild. it is not recommended adventure. everything can happen an accident. they might have been executed, everything can happen charity se, brazil is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for defenders of
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indigenous communities and the environment. it was spending a lot of that time trying to shine a light on the very difficult intense situation. and you know, i think the failure of the pavilion government to really mobilize adequate resources for helping perpetuate that cycle of violence. families and feather journalists and politicians are putting pressure on brazil government to do more to increase its search efforts as a matter of urgency and waste no more time in finding them. charlie angela al jazeera london. well, still here on out there will look as a new idea for us to solve it. supply problems, moving manufacturing and shipping from asia to latin america. also, the celebrations in thailand does, it becomes the says country an agent to legalize the growing and possession of marijuana to stay with us here onto there. ah,
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here's your weather report for the middle east and africa. hello everyone. good to see you. so the forecast on friday we see the temperature is pick up across the gulf. same goes with the wind. this is marsha mall when, so that's a northerly wind blowing out of iraq. we go in for a closer look around the golf stays. this is going to spin around the sand and does incorporate that eastern province of saudi and guitar as well. when you consider in doha wind gusts of about 60 kilometers per hour on friday and worse yet on saturday . gusting up to 70 kilometers per hour. now as we take a look at august on those winds or pick up the seabreeze, so that's pushing in moisture there. so that could trigger some showers and thunderstorms. in karachi, we also see the dust picked up along eastern portions of the country. so a bit of a dusty pitcher and the hor, on friday with the high 45 degrees off to turkey, thundering down for seemed likely for its sample with the hive. 31 degrees and off
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we go to central africa. it's actually fairly quiet here. we've got it's plug of rain long that border with nigeria and cameroon. also quiet for southern africa as well. a lot of sunshine, southerly when for the eastern cape means your temperature is at 19 degrees, but those winds will shift around out of the north. so that bumps up your temperature to 27 degrees on sunday. that's it for me. see soon, the frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go to my security, and that creates a government, has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera.
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oh, the the me look like you're watching. i'll just there with me. he'll run the reminder of our top stories, the head of the international nuclear watchdog says ron plans to disconnect $27.00 surveillance cameras and it's nuclear sites in a statement wrong said it made the decision because of what it call the agencies unconstrained to approach the ukrainian president is wanting millions of people around the world could star because of russia. blockade of his country's black fi pulls. lot of ms. lewinsky says ukraine is unable to export large quantities of wheat, corn, and vegetable oil. and some of the president has some shake. mood has been sworn in
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mogadishu secured a landslide victory against the incumbent moment of the life much it has to deal with security threats, rise and inflation and severe drought us present. joe biden has called on latin american leaders to help make supply trains more secure. and resilient, he made the comments for the opening of the 9 summit of the americas taking place in los angeles. but the u. s. is exclusion of cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, over rights violations has overshadowed the talks. mexico's president and a number of other leaders are boy coughing the 5 day meeting in protest. well, many trade experts, the latin america and the caribbean, would benefit from shortening us supply chains, which would mean moving some manufacturing away from asia to countries nearby. rob reynolds explains this week's summit of the americas takes place amid continuing
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global supply chain in problems which president joe biden will address at. the port of los angeles on friday is, is really a spectacular golden opportunity. economic policy analysts say the solution to those problems lies in a concerted effort to shift manufacturing and shipping away from asia to neighbors of the us, the so called friend shoring of supply chains. we could be talking about several millions of jobs that could move into those countries, linked to supply chains, and that would be transformative in those economies. but on linking the existing supply chain would not be easy. will require both the hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure. and what do i mean by soft infrastructure? governments, the policy, the trade policies? what, how do align to adopt the new ways of looking at teens? be relations between the u. s. and countries like mexico, who's president has decided not to attend the summit or tense,
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even if the political good will for more trade integration could be found. the job of building a vast industrial infrastructure and port facilities would take many years and hundreds of billions of dollars. but if friend shoring were realized, it would have benefits far beyond improving the fragile supply chain. it could reduce poverty and migration, curtail criminal gangs and narcotics trafficking, re good jobs, good labor conditions, environmental security. and that means your employ workers who would then be much less inclined to decide they have to get out and migrate the united states or join a local drug trafficking. get the time experts say is now. companies are already talking by doing it right. there is a serious conversation in the boardroom, hadaway, a diversified or supply chain. how do we make it shorter? so they're much more effective in terms of the cost, resiliency,
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sustainability and america has a great opportunity to take advantage of this momentum. because if we don't do, no one really reconfiguring supply change could be a potential win win for the us and its neighbors, but would require political will. and a level of trust that at the moment doesn't seem to exist. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, went away from the summit, thousands of refugees and migrants, the heading north through mexico towards the us in search of better lives. but as men will repel, it reports crowding an extreme heath creating dangerous conditions. the reports are from chaper state. ah, a public gymnasium in southern mexico has been temporarily transformed to house thousands of migrants and asylum seekers. it's crowded and many people here are starting to get sick. medics from
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a humanitarian group say they're treating hundreds of people every day, but they can't tend to everyone. ne, in the game, it's not enough. the flow of migrants is constant and it's big. we always need more support, more hands, more resources. conditions at the camp are also unsanitary. the risk is especially high for children. observers from unicef. see the situation here is extremely precarious. also embed game what's happening. you can see there are money people here, money, boys and girls are sick. they have fevers, their bodies covered with insect bites, and the heat is affecting small babies in particular. migrants rights, advocates organized this caravan to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place this week in los angeles. hoping to call attention to the plight of thousands of migrants who have been stuck in southern mexico for months. while most people
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here seem unaware of the political motivations of the caravans organizers, many or hopeful, the u. s. government will open its doors when they eventually arrive at the u. s. border. hello, fame. and how you were asking them to help us to be allowed to pass without so many obstacles without having to spend so many days sleeping on the floor. we would do anything for them to help us. there's rain on the horizon. adding to the worries that more people at the camp could also become ill. the day is coming to an end here in southern mexico and migrants are starting to look for space among the crowd to get some rest. but there are simply too many people here and not enough room to accommodate them all. it looks like many others will be forced to spend another night without a roof over their heads. though hundreds of migrants have broken away from the caravan and continued north on their own, it could be several weeks before this group reaches the us border. organizers had
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asked them not to grow desperate and leave on their own, adding that there are worse dangers in mexico than getting sick. you are now on day 4 of the migrate caravan that set out from the city of a near mexico border with, with guatemala. the migrant care vend. there's a few updates that we can give on the actual size of the group. first of all, more than half of them have now split off from the main caravan group and continued north. what we're seeing happening behind us is the rest of the, not the rest of the care of them, but a good chunk of the people here. many of them have been sleeping outside of this office building in the city of weeks, la since last night. they're asking for humanitarian visa. these are transit visas that allow them to move freely through mexico without these visas. they run the risk of being a being detained on their way north towards the u. s. southern border and being
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said back here to, to, to southern mexico, the vast majority of people here or from venezuela. but we've also encountered people from other parts of a latin american continent from central america, from columbia, from roof from countries in africa. so there is a mix of people here. there it is a desperate situation because again, without these transit pieces, they do run the risk of being said back to, to southern mexico. many of the people that are part of this care event are actually quite sick. the heat is starting to set in here the morning and if we and we know of at least one child that was convulsing, his father was sort of desperate for help. another group of individuals who are threatening to soak their mouths shut. if immigration officials don't provide them the necessary humanitarian pieces to continue on their way again, people are very desperate and nevertheless committed to returning north. many of them saying that they will continue their march north toward the border with or
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without these transit visa, the palestinian foreign ministers in the international criminal court at the hague, where he's been delivering the findings of an investigation into the killing. a veteran journalist having about actually the algebra correspond it was shot dead by ready forces last month while covering raids in jeanine in the occupied west bank. 17 golfers, including 3 former world number one's been suspended by the pga tour for taking part in a controversial new saudi bank. gold series. those format number ones are said garcia, dustin johnson and b, westwood, saudi arabia, sovereign wealth fund is behind the series. the country has been accused of human rights violations on the play is face tough questions about their participation ahead of the 1st event. if anyone in the world wouldn't like to be approved and had a ton of money, which would you player speculation call going to comment homes to adjust to
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the generality? is any way you wouldn't plan on a moral basis if the money was right? is there any way you wouldn't play onto that question? i don't need to answer that question please. you know what i mean when you played in south africa for example, you just have to answer that question which horrible? and so my answer question lou. all those who stayed behind on the pga tour have spoken about what's being described as a fracture in the world of golf. we got the best players in the world. they were 5 of the top 10 players week. and so that's why as the world around here playing golf and i'm looking forward to compete against them this week and i don't, i don't really know what's going on over there. so i don't really have much to say, you know, it's speaking to a few people yesterday, and one of the comments was anything, any decision that you make your life that's purely for money usually doesn't end up
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going the right way, i guess for me, right. and i, i can only speak personally, it's not something that you know, i envision ever doing. and you know, i'm happy playing on the p. j. her thailand has become the 1st country nature to decriminalize by reward. if now people are allowed to grow, possess cannabis. but the government's warning that's making him public could still land people in trouble. alexia bryan explains, lining up to get high at the highland cafe. some camped out overnight in bangkok to ensure the case in any yeah, thailand removed marijuana from it's mr. banner. now, 6. now what do you want? i don't have to hide the fact that i use cannabis anymore. i don't have to worry about the officers who are always looking out for people using cannabis. i don't have to worry about corrupt cops to try to ask for a bribe, but while you can now grow and carry marijuana lighting up just anywhere is still and no, no. the government says it's promoting cannabis for medicinal use. only warning
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that smoking in public could get you at 3 months jail sentence or $780.00 fine. and the amount of tetra hydra. kind of an all o t h c. the chemical that makes people hi will be limited in commercial products, such as these ganja gummies. within upon the higher when the of the real world, one of the main discussions of cabinet was about the way people should behave. people can consume and smoke both cannabis and hamp, but certain behavior has to be controlled while the government doesn't want thailand to be seen as a weed. wonderland, the public health ministers planning to hand out 1000000 marijuana seedlings to encourage growth in the industry. authorities hope the trade will boost agriculture and tourism, which have been stunted by the pandemic tile. and with this happening now, after covert after they hollow me, going to down the drain. oh, really do need this to her,
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get back up on their feet. good news too. for small time, 10 of us farmers like tanner sat, the mom claimed it who used to grow illegally, nor hibler will have this industry will put more money in people's pockets. the new cannabis bill will create a more welcoming environment for new business owners. they don't have to be stressed out about legal issues or who they can sell their products to. southeast asia is known for its strict drug laws. the changes mean about 3000 prisoners serving time for canvass. crimes will be released. activists say they'll keep pushing for the rules on recreational use to be eased. alex here brian al jazeera ah, here just bear with me, sir. robert, reminder of our top stories, the head of the international nuclear watchdog says iran plans to disconnect. 27 surveillance cameras at its nuclear site.


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