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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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i know placing opportunity for companies to secure their sports for caught our 2020 to june on al jazeera. when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bed of radicalism, you have to fight to defy stereotypes in going shotgun, the stories we don't often hear, told by the people who live them in all my misery. what madman dick make it my displeasure along some of the boxes this year on al jazeera, ah, after almost a year of investigation in u. s. congressional committee is due to outline its findings into the january 6th attack on capitol hill. ah,
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hello, i'm emily. i, gwen, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. and now the blue 2 chances of reviving the iran nuclear deal. t ron plans to switch off more un monitoring equipment at its nuclear facilities. pressure mount some brazil's government to do more to find 2 men missing in the amazon and the pga to a suspends play is competing in the controversial sanity back goal series. ah, hello and welcome to the program. we begin with the u. s. congressional committee, which is about to start the 1st of 6 public hearings into the january 6th capitol hill attack. new evidence into the insurrection is being presented following a 10 month inquiry. enjoy. very last year,
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supporters event president donald trump stormed the capital to stop the certification of jo biden's. when 4 people that were in the crowd died in 5 police officers died or killed themselves in the days and months after the attack. i think to clear, flagrant violation constitution. i think bruce guys and women broke the law charger turn around result of election and restoring questions. who's responsible? who's involved? i'm not communicate, judge rappers want to know what we're gonna probably a lot of america resumes the 1st time. some of the detail recur. let's bring in hydro castro who's following developments for us sat capitol hill. hello there, heidi, what are, what are the stakes and what can we expect to see for tonight's hearings? the stakes are exceptionally hi, emily,
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especially for the democrats who have led this investigation. and who themselves would argue that perhaps the states are the very soul of the american democracy. what they have promised is to tell the american public a compelling narrative of how the january 6th riot unfolded what led to them at this effort to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election and trumps. roll at the center of it all. now this hearing will be the 1st of several. it begins in about an hour's time. us networks have cleared their programming, so this will be broadcast live into americans, phones. and to night they will be hearing from 2 live witnesses. a policewoman who was injured defending the capital on january 6th and a british filmmaker who was embedded with the pow boys that is an extremist group that was part of the plotting of the january 6 insurrection. now this will be the 1st time that the american public gets to keep behind the curtains of that
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exhaustive investigation that you laid out. and this is it extremely wrought hardest in time. there are 7 members of this committee who are democrats and 2 who are republicans. those republicans have broken ranks with the rest of the republican leadership who have stood firmly behind former president, trump in all of this. and if you just listen to how the 2 parties characterize the hearings that are about to begin, you'll hear just how at odds they are. the committee will be blay, bear the truth that the american people must know that donald trump was at the heart of a coordinated effort to overturn the 2020 elections to overturn our constitutional order and inflict permanent damage upon our democracy. there. trying to use the select committee as a trojan horse, to abolish the electoral college, to intimidate president trump's aids,
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to block him from ever appearing on the ballot. now if those 2 arguments sound familiar to you, it's because they have been cashed out before. of course, trump was impeached for this very january 6th riot if you remember at the waning days of his presidency, but he was not convicted. now trump himself is not expected to testify as part of these hearings. and of course, there's still an ongoing department of justice criminal investigation, looking into all of this more than $800.00 people, mostly rioters who were here in person that day that happened criminally charged. but there is still the potential that the former president himself may face criminal consequences. that is one of the big moving questions here with some hoping that these public hearings will vote build up the momentum and the pressure for the department of justice to act more aggressively. emily, okay, no doubt you came across all the developments. how did your castro live for us at capitol hill? thank you. a right is if south pole has revealed more than half of us
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republicans believe the false claim. the left when protest is led to the january 6 attack to try to make them president donald trump looked bad. 58 percent of republican say they believed most of the protest is where peaceful and law abiding that's despite more than $100.00 police officers suffering injuries that the poll also found. almost 2 thirds of republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from trump. judges have dismissed more than 50 law, so it's challenging the election results. multiple reviews in order to have found no evidence of widespread for fraud. let's bring in john nichols now. who is the national affairs correspondent at the nation. he joins us by skype from madison, wisconsin. john, thanks for being on the program. what's likely to be included in tonight's televised hearing what should view is the looking out for what they should be
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looking out for whether the committee has producer, coherent narrative, whether they can come on tonight with what's me understand is going to be a quite carefully produced hearing with a lot of video, a lot of audio, couple of witnesses and lead us through the events of january 6 in a new way in a way where we get a deeper understanding. not just what happened that day. not just the violence on that day, but on the planning and plotting before. and obviously that brings us to the question of whether donald trump was at the center of that planning. and if that becomes a part of the narrative tonight, which will be a very historic year, it's been almost a year long investigation. john, what's been involved in that and who has and has not given evidence. it has been one of the most thorough investigation that
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a congressional committee has ever done. you're right. it's taken almost a year. millions and millions of dollars have been poured into this. and the members of the committee as well as their staff. i've been working at an incredibly intense level. this has been the primary focus of a lot of these numbers for this almost year that has passed. most of it has been done either behind the scenes or with a relative to secrecy. and so why tonight is such a big deal, is it, we're going to see the results of all that work. but it is very important to understand that the, in my conversations with members of committee, they have said up 12345. apologies, john, we just seem to be having some audio issues. i'll just get you to repeat those last couple of sentences if you wouldn't mind. of course,
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be the important thing to, to understand is that an immense amount of work has gone into producing what will will come out tonight. what i understand from members of the committee is that there is a great deal of information that the american people do not at this point know. and so we will start tonight to see a lot of what has been gathered. again, if what i've been told is correct a lot that will point much more clearly at president trump and people around him and make for frankly, much more dramatic story line as regards january says, okay, well we appreciate that update and no doubt will cross back to you throughout the evening to find your find out your analysis on, on the hearing. thank you very much. john nichols live for us there from wisconsin . moving on and 3 people have been
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killed and one person is critically injured off to the latest mash shooting in the u. s. the government open fire at a factory in the us state of maryland. a shoot out between him and a state trooper ensued and both way injured the suspects margaret is not yet known . there has been more than $230.00 mass shootings so far this year in the us. the head of the international atomic energy agency says, ron plans to disconnect 27 surveillance cameras monitoring it's science. tehran is responding to criticism from the un watchdog for filing to explain you rainy and particles at some sites. rhetoric gave me this report. workers at in the rainy nuclear side, turned off to surveillance cameras on wednesday. it ran, says it will disconnect more. the equipment is operated by the international atomic energy agency or i. e, a it's director says to ran is making a mistake. 27 cameras are being removed. this is, of course, a poses,
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a serious challenge to our ability to continue working there and to confirm the correctness or for your answer. great number g, j, tara, to rance, as it action is in response to criticism from the i. e a, the un nuclear watchdog says around his fail to explain uranium particles at some of its sites. the latest dispute is a setback for those hoping to revive the 2015 nuclear dale. it was designed to limit terrans nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief. but in may 2018 them president donald trump withdrew the u. s. and began re imposing sanctions. only ran the following year for may rainy and president hassan re honie told the remaining signatories, his government would reduce its commitments every 60 days until they own it. they're part of the deal. iran has since limited access to its nuclear sites. they
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can not expect you wrong. so full collab delivered beyond its commitments, you know, all safeguard related cameras on the commitments. but you, ron, are being operated on there on the right. you, ron is not stopping them. iran is only stopping those voluntary measures that were supposed to be implemented under the nuclear bill. the i a e, a chief has described the situation as tents with negotiations at a low point and both sides blaming the other for a lack of progress. victoria gate and be al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera palestine foreign minister deliveries new evidence to the international criminal court. part of the case submitted for the killing of algae with general, serene avalanche and tech. he holds large scale military drills that leave great unhappy ah
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now the heavy rain in the northeast is this mash, this cloud here is coming across the great lakes as on its way out. once again, in the southern plain stays with the cold front. you can draw in there, you get big thunderstorms once more forming in arkansas in texas and then all points to the east. so that's the picture in the u. s. using the preview of these coast. and sherry one on surprisingly elsewhere on the pacific seaboard we have more rain on its way in, but it's not coming down here. phoenix, $44.00 is sitting in the middle of a, again, a southwest heat waves that even southern california, even central california seeing temperatures above where they should be. the big showers recently wants to get it repeated flooding in havana that could be more big chows in western cuba. certainly in florida, in the bahamas, they will be around in mexico. the influences more from the pacific. have some pretty heavy rain here recently and that'll be repeated on friday and probably
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saturday in south america. what was a seasonally active trough still shows itself as active in places, but it's tailed off on this path than by rio and sorry parlor where it was fairly heavy. sharon is more or less goal now. south of that argentine is enjoying the sunshine as again his most to chilly quite nicely. ah, how do you states control information in china? there's no google. if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. the headline died and that allowed the children to continue to die today. how is citizen journalism we framing the story? i am here to document the war crimes committed by what to and his resume, the listening post dissects the media on the al jazeera.
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ah ah ah, hello, you're watching over here. i'm emily angry and he's a reminder of our top stories this hour. a u. s. congressional committee will shortly begin holding public hearings since the january 6th capitol hill attack. last year. new evidence into the insurrection by supporters of donald trump will be presented following a 10 month inquiry. 3 people have been killed and one person is critically injured off to the latest machine in the u. s. a. gum and opened fire at a factory in the us state of maryland. a police officer was injured in the shoe house and the international atomic energy agency has expressed concern over
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iran's plans to disconnect 27 surveillance cameras, which are monitoring it's nuclear science. it's switched off to on wednesday to ron says it's responding to criticism by the agency. you as president joe biden says, more than $645000000.00 will be pledged in the coming days to address issues in the western hemisphere. he was speaking at the summit of america in los angeles, when many of the regions ladies have gathered. he says the funds will address food insecurity responses to disasters, and to start flows of refugees and migrants. this will bring our nation together around a transformative, new approach to invest in the region, solutions that embrace stability to increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration to crack down on criminals and human traffickers who pray and desperate
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people and coordinate specific concrete actions to secure our borders and resolve share challenges. reynolds is covering development for us from the summit in los angeles. hello. they rob, we just heard from the president about the migration crisis. what's likely to come out of the summit in relation to that well, emily, i think what you just heard in the clip that we, we played for our viewers a 2nd ago of bite and talking about this los angeles deb declaration. that is probably the most that is going to come out of this particular summit meeting on and the most specific tests, excuse me, the most specific thing i should say also that is coming. going to come out of this summit on the issue of migration, you know, migration is a very thorny issue and it's dealing with it here is made even more difficult by the fact that some of the major players in the migration of crisis,
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the presidents of, of mexico of guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. these are the countries where many people are migrating from to go to the united states. they're not here because of this boycott that we've been discussing over the last couple of days due to the exclusion of cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, from the ex, from the summit by the, by the administration. so all that being said, present by did say that he would lay out the u. s. his commitments in specific and concrete terms on friday. and the, the, the declaration is probably going to be about as close as we come to a joint commitment by these countries on the issue of migration and rob another pressing issue in that range in is alfie slate, climate change. what's being done in that area? in a climate change is as you, as you mentioned, you know, it is
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a tremendously important issue, particularly for countries like the island nations of the caribbean, they're facing ah, storms of greater magnitude and greater frequency every year. as the ocean warms, the ocean is also rising, which is, you know, an existential threat to these nation. so what today of the u. s. in conjunction with most of the caribbean nations decided on plans to, ah, try to increase the resiliency of their infrastructure to address these threats and also to wean them off of fossil fuels. these countries, although they're sunny and windy, are very, very dependent upon ben oil and gas for their, for their electricity generation. so the goal is to a get the caribbean countries and the rest of the hemisphere to adopt more clean sources of energy on this. it's interesting also, as we heard from several of the latin american presidents and maria mario abdulla
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bennett. this of a paraguay made the point that we need specific commitments to address climate change, especially from the countries which are most responsible for the emissions pointing out. that paraguay really doesn't emits a lot of a lot of greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide. it is c o 2, it is a, you know, a net of dub purveyor, or if you'd say that of oxygen to the planet rather than of the harmful greenhouse gases. so that's obviously, you know, a, a, a sort of diplomatic way of saying, united states and to the other industrial power houses in the, in the world. you guys got to pay up. all right, thanks so much. it sounds like a jam packed agenda and rob reynolds laughter. i stay in la sanchez, thank you. brazil has deployed helicopters to search for 2 men missing in the amazon british journalist on phillips and indigenous rights. defend,
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bruno pereira disappeared on sunday. their family and colleagues at urging the brazilian government to intensify its search. as charlie angela reports, urging brazil to step up, the search supported in london, held up images of bruno pereira and don phillips, who've been missing since sunday. brazil only deployed soldiers to search for them on wednesday and their families fair, precious time, may have been lost on the situation. so to end up being just another disappearance repeated by the master and not unusual. we think it is necessary that that journalist should be able to go to places like this, that tell the story of the people that without having their life threatening to be there. really, pereira is a leading indigenous rights worker and former civil servant. don phillips is a british journalist, currently writing
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a book about the uncontested tribes of the amazon. they were traveling deep into the rain forest to interview indigenous communities about the attacks they are coming increasingly under. earlier in the family had a meeting with the brazilian ambassador asking them to intensify the search for the 2 men in the amazon rain forest. specifically asking for such team more drink more and more helicopters, they were last seen heading by boat to the town of atlanta. north too, but never arrived. authorities are investigating report that they witnessed armed men threatening an indigenous patrol. one man has been detained, but no arrests having made. the region is under threat from illegal fishing mining and logging, which is increased under president gyal sonora, who appeared to blame the men for their own disappearance, kills without the man we know in the middle of their journey, they met 2 people who had the federal police already to taint, they are being investigated, but really to people in a boat, in
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a region like that completely wild. it is not recommended adventure. everything can happen an accident. they might have been executed. everything can happen charity se, brazil is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for defenders of indigenous communities and the environment. it was spending a lot of that time trying to shine a light on the very difficult intense situation. and you know, i think the failure of the brazilian government to really mobilize adequate resources in helping perpetuate that cycle of violence. families and feather journalists and politicians are putting pressure on brazil government to do more to increase its search efforts as a matter of urgency and waste no more time in finding them. charlie angela al jazeera london, the 2 british men and one moroccan man have been sentenced to death by
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a russian batch caught in a separate controlled region of eastern ukraine. the 3 men who were captured in ukraine have been convicted of mercenary activities and terrorism. the 2 british men, long serving members of ukraine's armed forces, the case foreign minister, has condemned it as a sham judgment and emphasize that they are prisoners of war who are entitled to immunity. russian forces. meanwhile, continuing their attack on ukraine's eastern city of sylvia. done yet with straight fighting and heavy artillery fire cleaning forces, say the lack of weapons to counter russian artillery is proving to be catastrophic . president for letting me zalinski says the fate of the dumbass region could be decided in severe done yet. keith says between 10200 soldiers being killed every day. the highest estimate made public so far. charles stratford has more from the
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very on the outskirts of the capital, k. heavy fighting in the east of the country, most especially around that city of sever done, etc. now this is one of 2 cities still remaining under rudimentary speaking ukrainian control. the ukranian government, though the ukrainian military now admitting that they under severe pressure on the outskirts of silver the next we understand that there is heavy shelling in the neighboring city of lucy chance, which is on the other side of a river that separates the 2 cities a river that the russians forces have repeatedly tried and thus far failed to cross . we also understand certainly, according to ukraine, the ukrainians, they sang up to $12000.00 civilians are still inside us over the next. we understand though, according to our sources, that the majority of them do not want to leave for various reasons, either loyalty towards russia or fear of leaving their properties behind. we
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understand that their own going evacuation efforts to try and get as many of those civilians out. but a very serious situation around civil don't ask. and increasingly to the south as i say, lucy chance. we also understand that russian forces are trying to push up out of towns that they control like proposals that south of lee. she chance, we understand that this is an effort by russian forces to come in from the southeast and the north in order to surround ukrainian forces in those 2 towns. as i say, several minutes can least chance a lot of heavy fighting in the east to day take his president is urging grace to demilitarize his islands. in the agency accusing athens of building a military presence in violation of treaties, edge up type. edwin made the comments while watching military exercises in is me. a problem. drills are the largest joint exercises ever held in the region. grace has criticize and then it is. the palestinian of foreign minister
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has been at the international criminal court at the hague. he's been delivering the findings of an investigation into the killing a veteran journalist, sharina who o'clock. the algae 0 correspondent was shorted by israeli forces last month. well covering raids engine name in the occupied west bank. step vestment has more from the hank. it's the 1st visit by the palestinian foreign minister to the new prosecutor of the international criminal court carton. crime. but the minister has been here many times before since 2015. he has been pressuring this court to what he says, stop the impunity by is for out. the very 1st time the minister came here. he was accompanied by al jazeera journalists, serene or clay. now, 7 years later, he brings files with evidence of her killing. now nearly one month ago, evidence that shows according to the palestinian prosecutor that she was deliberately targeted by an israeli soldier. i also conveyed the hopes and
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expectations of the policy and people and the policy of victims who look up to the court as the last and only resource for justice and art and art rightfully so, frustrated with the full skill, impunity that israel israeli officials continue to enjoy, even when there is an ongoing investigation by the court will the case of sherry and i will actually ever be here. of course, you know, we have already, you know, delivered the outcome of the investigation that we have done officially, you know, in the state of palestine. he has a requested, you know, a detailed information about the investigation itself. i will, you know, pass that request to the leadership to see, you know, how we are going to cooperate with that request in order for us not to give the court an excuse not to investigate or not to deal with this. you know,
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assassination seriously after years of judicial debate, the court decided last year that it does have jurisdiction to investigate war crimes committed against the palestinian people. an investigation started immediately but so far no suspects have been named. the palestinian minister has now invited prosecutor car to visit the palestinian territories, hoping that this will speed up the investigation. 17 professional golfers have been suspended by the pga tour for choosing to participate in a controversial sadie back to golf series. some of the big names include at phil mickelson dust and johnson, and sergio garcia. a j 2 players have already been refused permission to play in the out tournament series, which offers more than $255000000.00 in prize money. in the 1st day of the torments and opens england, south african chows schwartz tops the late abroad. saudi arabia,
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sovereign well find is behind the live series. the country has been accused of human rights violations and plays faced tough questions about their participation. if anyone wrote, you wouldn't play the flood we approved him, had a tournament, which would you player speculation call knowing that a comment on speculation a just look in the generality is anywhere you wouldn't plan on a moral basis if the money was right is only where you wouldn't play had to won't question. tory had only to answer the question. please your answer would you, i mean, would you played in part of africa for example, if you're asking us to answer hypothetical question, know which. and so my answer the question, ah hello, are you watching al jazeera these are the stories where.


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