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their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born bad, full times, travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a jazeera building, a new life on an tylic beach living of the sea. and the last a dream shared by so many. but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a remarkable woman with a flare for cooking and desist for living. my tune is yet island kitchen. on al jazeera with
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president trump summoned the mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack . a u. s. congressional committee describes last year's attack on capital hill as an attempt to cool oh resignation shows new video writers beating police and smashing the way into us capitol. ah, roberson, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the u. s. and brazilian presidents agree to work together to prevent more destruction of the amazon rain forest. i demanding better pay tens of thousands of people, valley and argentina. angry about the sky, rocketing cost of living. and defense choose from the u. s. and to asia said to meet at a major security summit in singapore,
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ah, an attempted coup and a brazen attempt to overthrow the government strong words to describe last year's capitol hill riot at the start of a u. s. congressional hearing in to the incident. the committee is also investigating donald trump's continuing denials that he lost the 2020 presidential election. either jo, castro reports from washington, d. c. o. this is what police saw on january 6th, 2021. when they were overwhelmed by a mob trying to overturn president donald trump's election, defeat back capital police officer. carol and edward was the 1st of many officers to be injured. there were officers on the ground. ah, you know, they were bleeding, they were throwing up, they were, you know, they had, i mean,
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i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood while riders vandalized the capital and threatened to kill members of congress. trump was watching it all unfold on t v from the white house. according to committee, investigators trump ignored please from advisors and trapped members of congress to call off the riders. aware of the rioters chance to hang mike pence. the president responded with this sentiment. quote, maybe our supporters have the right idea, mike pence quote, deserves it. committee investigators also argued that a trump tweet in december was the impetus for far right groups to plan the insurrection. showing videotape depositions of writers, confirming their motives. he personally asked for us to come to be that and i thought for everything he's known for us. if it's the only thing he'd go ask me,
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i'll do it all of us here today. then there was the ongoing effort led by trump to falsely claim the election had been stolen. the committee showed video of then attorney general bill bar testifying that the claim was in fact a lie and made it clear. i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out the stuff which i told the president was both. and i, you know, i didn't want to be a part of it. investigators say trump didn't listen, but his daughter yvonne cut told them she did. i respect attorney general bar. so a accepted what he sent was sent, according to the committee chairman, taken as a whole, the riot and the efforts to overturn the election was nothing short of a coup attempt. a 1st in american history, january 6, was the culmination of an attempted cou. a brazen attempt as one right to put
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it shortly after january 6 to overthrow the government. then republican leaders in congress remain the former president's defenders. in fact, it is the most political and least legitimate committee in american history. it is used congressional subpoenas to attack republicans violate due process and infringe on the political speech a private citizen. this was just the explosive beginning to a half dozen more public hearing scheduled for his mind. there promised to feature more testimony from former trump aid, who threatened to resign and believe trump was too dangerous to leave by himself in the waiting days of his presidency. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. richard painter is a professor at the university of minnesota law school that a former chief ethics lawyer for president george w bush. he says the evidence presented by the committee shows the capital attack
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was planned to overturn election results. a message is that this was a clear, intentional, deliberate, well play, an effort to overthrow the lot it states government. because if the united states government, the government set forth in our constitution, we elect the president every 4 years. and donald trump in his desperate desire to claim to power spread the rumor the. busy false claim that somehow he had won an election, they had lost $8000000.00 volts. his own attorney general told them he had lost the election. that was obvious. that is a fact. and yet he sought to plain to power and he instructed the justice department to issue opinions that the election, but somehow fraudulent attorney general bar resigned. and then president trump
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still insisted on trying to get those opinions. he pressured the military, you plan to use the military to intervene and hold the election again. he uh then a coordinated with his political operators who staged the rally, which turned violent any incited of violent insurrection. this was a well planned effort over 22 and a half months to hold on to power, and this is the way democracies turned it a dictatorship. adolfo franko is a republican strategist under former adviser to senator john mccain. he describes the hearings as unconstitutional. this is the 1st time in our 246 here history, where you have one party in the speaker, a point, every member of a committee in a commission and exclude at only republican members, but deny them the leader, the republican leader, the opportunity to name republicans,
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only 2 anti truck republicans are willing to sit on the committee supporting for it of yours. understand that the congress is very evenly divided over 200 republican members. oppose this commission is unconstitutional, illegitimate among them all because of its constitution being just a really a kangaroo court. a soviet style kangaroo court were only one side of a story, was told the claims from going to the merits. i'm a lawyer. the claims are nothing to do with process is who were concerned about rule of law and process. the process here is flawed in a book, something is flawed in a procedural in a procedure in court. the cases thrown out. so we have a kangaroo court let's, that's what the american people are seeing this as being the case. so you're talking about that. you're also seeing 2 things are important tonight, or the 1st is the republic. suppose so called republican on the committee was 13 percent approval in her state. i said the following, we're being selective. we're,
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we're presenting tonight. that should be frightening to every american. there were witnesses that were on conservative media today in the united states saying their point of view and their testimony under oath was never shown. nor was there any discussion of the protester who was unarmed that was shot by the police at her family. none of that, so this is a frightening one sided view. in the next few weeks, the committee hearings are going to focus on several elements of the investigation . monday's session is going to focus on donald trump and his advisors knowing he lost the election on biden's day examine chums plans to replace the attorney general so that the department of justice would spread his stolen election claims. the leaders of the u. s. and brazil have agreed to work together to stop more trees being cut down and the amazon, the been meeting during the summit of the americas. both climate change and migration, or on the agenda. rob rentals reports from los angeles. oh,
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that the summit of the americas u. s. president joe biden has focused in part on global warming and clean energy through our efforts to strengthen clean energy economy in the americas. we're committing to jest not just the energy transition, but to make communities that have been historically marginalized, are able to share equally in the gains. the u. s. unveiled a plan to cooperate and helped fund caribbean countries, trying to strengthen their vulnerable infrastructure in the face of rising sea levels and more frequent and destructive storms and to move away from fossil fuel. our member states am, are heavily dependent on fossil fuels for our energy needs. another program sets goals for boosting the regions, clean renewable energy sources for electricity. major economies like argentina and brazil have signed on ah, the president of power. why spoke for many countries in latin america and the
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caribbean, st. they are suffering from a climate crisis. they didn't help to create greenhouse gas emissions in paraguay are low. however, we have suffered greatly and we have suffered the effects over the last few years. this is seen in droughts, floods, fires, and crises when it comes to our water resources. we need specific commitments, especially from the countries who bear the most responsibility. biden is also pushing an initiative aimed at saving what's left of the amazon rain forest that could lead to awkward moments during his 1st one on one meeting with brazilian president j or bull snarl, who has encouraged more economic development in brazil's amazon basin. ah, as with any gathering of the powerful protesters also came, approach esther demanding protection of abortion rights in the us, stepped in front of biden's, motorcade, and was tackled by 2 secret service agents and taken into custody.
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migrants rights advocates demonstrated with a message for biden solutions. we demand the cancellation control with what happens when you have politicians and executives in a room is often that the people that are most directly impacted by their decisions are left down the number of migrant seeking to enter the u. s. as well as countries like colombia and sheila has reached record setting levels this year on friday, the summit. participants will sign a declaration on migration, but no comprehensive solution to the vast and complex problem is anticipated. migration is a thorny issue and dealing with it is made even more difficult by the number of empty seats at the table here. the leaders of guatemala, honduras, mexico, and other countries that are the homelands of many migrants have boycotted this summit. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles against president says the troops are blocking russian attempts to advance in the region of zeppelin ship. believe me,
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as the landscape says that also holding on to some cities in the east. ah, but russian forces are continuing that attacking veterans and yet with strict fighting and heavy artillery far ukrainian forces. so the lack of long range weapons is catastrophic. keep says between a 10200 soldiers have been killed every day. the highest estimate made public. so farm the u. k. fallen sack settlers truss is said to speak to ukraine's foreign minister a day off to 2 british men and one moroccan citizen was sentenced to death by a pro russian court. the 3 men were fighting for ukraine. they were captured and convicted of being mercenaries in the eastern done yet screeching, which is controlled by separatists trust as condemned the ruling as a sham judgment. still ahead on our 0 with black see ports my in the russians finding other ways of getting green shipments out of ukraine. and we look at why
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iraqi date orders that have been thriving for centuries at the risk of destruction . ah there's bad get quite windy in the british isles, not typical of mid june and not particularly summary. so that's not quite as it should be. however, rather more typical of summer is the thunderstorm. slow moving ones really? from the balkans down to crease, southern italy and a line that you can follow up through poland to the baltic states or the side is relatively warm. it's fairly much like some, some places it's quite hot. now the sherry rain, the thunderstorms will cross the boss for us into turkey. some the heaviest one is coming round to the holiday, so i think otherwise, it's a reason we drive pictures, the east and further south troy and quite hot. when you get down through israel in
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cross to probably northern egypt and iraq as well on that heat on this line. latitude is shown in spain, in and in lithia, with temperatures that up into the low fourties for seville quarterback got out of for example. now ignoring the heat, which is obviously ubiquitous in north africa, we got the wind picking up still the dust, which is rad. about it so hard to help the significant re no forming really role of the gulf of guinea. so nigeria, nice share and probably gap on maybe cameron as well for the west ocean, a bit less frequent that you might like ah, with frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs. and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem informed opinions, international communities on the goal was my security community. the government has
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no legitimacy in depth analysis of the days global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, you know, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera lou ah, georgia. i just need a reminder. i told stories this our a u. s. congressional committee investigating last year's capitol hill attack has been told the violence was orchestrated by former president donald trump. the panel called it an attempt to cool the presidents of the u. s. and brazil have agreed to work together to prevent more trees being cut down and the amazon, they met on the sidelines of the summit of the americas,
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where the focus has been on climate change. and migration. russian forces are continuing to attack and ukraine's eastern. the city of savannah nets with street fighting and heavy artillery fire ukrainian forces to the lack of long range weapons is proven to be catastrophic. a deadlock on grain exports from ukrainian ports is threatening a global food crisis. black c ports have been mind blocking shipments for weeks. and now officials are one of 2 rushing back to break away regions in the east, se they'll soon start shipments by rail to russia. charles tropic reports from cave . another truck arrives at this farm in the cave region, norton ukraine. thought off. the rush is on to empty. these silos of last year's harvest of maze to make space for approximately 35000 tons of winter wheat. but much of this crop may go to waste
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because of what ukraine and many countries it exports to say is a russian c blockade. at least 20000000 tons of grain is already stuck in silos across the country, contributing to rising prices and what the u. n. says is a growing global food crisis, so this might have been moved out of the silos in order to make face for the winter wheat. harvey deflecting to start in about a month from now a lot of this may have been taken to silos elsewhere. but a lot of it will begin journey through a port in romania, a journey that can take up to fremont. i leave very complicated in day one root takes the grain by train, from cube into moldova, to avoid a coastal road that ukraine says, russian forces of shell. the train then drops back into the odessa region of ukraine before being unloaded. a do romanian border on to barges in renee and
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ismael. it then hits down the river danube to the romanian black sea port of constant her analyst, se shortages and long overland export routes are pushed the consumer price of grain up in recent months. producers have been hit even harder. there's not so much the cost of transport. logistics has increased 300 percent since before the war started . we are also looking at ways of getting the green out via the baltic sea record and through hungry. but it can also take up to 2 months before the trucks take the mays away. samples are analyzed that the quality control the bar tree on the farm. the grains will be periodically inspected again in the coming weeks. because much of it will have to be stored outside silos, where rod could set in after only a month. exporting by train from ukraine is complicated because the rail track gauge is different in neighboring poland and romania, russian forces withdrew from this area a few weeks ago. this week was planted before the war started. farmers work in the
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fields of maze and sunflowers despite the danger of mines, an unexploded ordnance, and they can port number. it was very difficult because we were sewing during the invasion of our domestic market is very small. we have to sell it upon russia, which is also a major grain produces as western sanctions prevented from exporting to global markets, depriving aids of billions of dollars of revenue and making the crisis even worse. moscow says it is open to a potential turkish and un plan to allow safe passage for ships to transport grain from ukrainian ports across the black sea and out to international markets by the boss for us. but russia says ukraine must d mind the sea root 1st. ukraine has so far, refused saying it won't leave ukrainian ports like a desa exposed to a potential russian attack from the sea. no agreed solution means ukraine could
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lose millions of dollars in revenue. and according to the un, more countries across africa and asia already suffering food shortages could potentially suffer even more. cha, stratford al jazeera q yolanda would fired a factory in the u. s. killing 3 co workers and critically injuring another one. the suspect in the state trooper were injured in a shoot out. later marilyn sen, chris from holland, has repeated calls for action on gun violence. let it be more than $230.00 mass shooting so far this year in the us. columbia and presidential candidate was awful . hernandez says he's canceling the rest of his in person appearance is because of threats to his life. hernandez is a right leaning candidate in the vote set for june 19th. he's running on promises to shrink government and fight corruption. but he say they've got no information about the threats, but they are investigating hernandez is in a tight race against leftist former gorilla fighter. gustavo petro,
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thousands of people have been protesting and bona series. as argentine, as economy gets worse, inflations hit 58 percent, one of the highest rates in the world, and it looks like it's going to keep rising 37 percent of the population lives in poverty. there is a boy has more from the demonstration. where here in the center of when a site is where thousands of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the government of i let it go for amanda. if this is generated, meet your chaos in our side. as you can see, all the roads it is right in the center of when a fade is, are completely blocked by people. those who have come here today are one to more government assistance to assist the poor. the government of a lot of the funding on this is already spending millions to assist people who need distributing cash handouts, social programs, among other things. but those by marching today are saying that it's not in. 5 argentina is right now struggling with a very high inflation rate around 6 percent every month. and people here are saying
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that that is affecting the purchasing power mostly to buy food. and that's why there are protesting here today. earlier this year, argentina reached an agreement with the international monetary fund and the i m. f announced this week that this country had reached all the major target in the 1st quarter. this is important to unlock more debt or more relief dead. for argentina, there is a major economic crisis right now with exchange rate controls with very high inflation, with very high poverty. and all of this are problems that so far the government has been unable to address presenting. the authorities have narrowed their search for an indigenous rights to founder under british journalist who went missing in the amazon on sunday investigation. so they found traces of blood on the boat of an arrested suspect. authorities are looking into other hunters and fishermen working illegally in the area are connected to the disappearance. the families are bruno pereta and don phillips are been urging the government to intensify its search. age
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is top security summit is getting underway in singapore defense leaders from the us . china and the asia pacific will be sitting down for what's called the shangri la dialogue. jessica washington reports from singapore in singapore preparations are underway. as the asia pacific ski security summit returns to the city state after 2 year hiatus due to cove at 19 restrictions, it will provide a face to face encounter between senior us and chinese defense officials and made growing tensions. the summit is named for the hotel hosting the event and is organized by the london based international institute for strategic studies or the double. i double s la main topic of chevrolet dial august, the u. s. and china relations between the 2 superpowers are bad and getting worse. and so the 2 defense ministers from the country will both be speaking. now in its 19th year, the meetings have become
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a key form for debating the regions security challenges. the conference has traditionally attracted attention not just for the speeches and war public aspects, but for the bilateral and multilateral meetings that take place quietly on the sidelines. until now, the u. s. and chinese defense chiefs have only spoken on the phone. one of the big talking points of this week is whether lloyd austin, the us defense secretary, in general, away from her, the chinese defense secretary are actually going to meet each other for the very 1st time. and so those meetings are important that the way the business gets done in international defense diplomacy. washington has repeatedly stressed the importance of the indo pacific and acute paging of aggressive actions in the region, particularly over the south china sea and taiwan. beijing has also criticized the us. we're playing what he calls geo political gains with the region over issues such as a security packed between the st. leah,
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u. k. and the us known as orchestra, which will help streamline to acquire nuclear powered submarines. i think for the 1st time, you know, the analysts say middle powers in the region, hoping tensions can be resolved the same way. we need to ask whether or not competition could be the escalade. it, is it manage or is it going to be one? and i think these are the questions that are still not being fully answered, but i think from the perspective of these asian faith, at least in an ideal world, we would like to see the us trying to competition not only peacefully manage, but hopefully de escalate. it and resolve regional issues such as the violence immune ma, with hundreds of civilians killed since the 2021 who will also be discussed but with no representatives of the gender or the lawmakers in exile. invited organizes hope for productive weekend. that leads to solutions rather than further tensions. jessica washington out 0, singapore. or the 3000 prisoners in thailand have been released because most ways
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of using marijuana one no longer illegal people are now free to grow cannabis and consume hamp and food drink. but smoking marijuana is still against the law, the ty government eased restrictions to increase agriculture and tourism. the palestinian foreign minister is urging the international criminal court to bring to justice those responsible for the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharyn ob laughlin, we had mark him, has delivered the findings of an investigation into our barclays death. she was shot by his really forces last month while company reads and janine in the occupied west bank marquis has questioned the icy seas delay in investing crime. investigating crimes against palestinians is accusing the international community of double standards. iraq has long been a large scale exporter of dates around the world, but water shortages of wars and sanctions of latin, nearly 50000000 trees being lost in the past 3 decades. and the lives of
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a lot of people are changing like mood otherwise had reports from badger. for centuries, pun mcgrooves, he thrived in the town of barbara. people took pride in the quality of variety of dates. they produced ali al ones, the family has grown palms for generations for droughts and salted water. have damage much of his orchard as many of the waterways flown in from here on have been dan, dan tried up for alba. about 15 little a half. we've been relying on ground water since 2007, but it has harmful chemicals which impacts the quantity and quality of dates. many trees have been ruined by pests and diseases. there are no more steed sponsored pesticide campaigns. us or harvest is severely savaged in what? 30 years ago iraq had more than 30000000 palm trees, but only about half of them have survived. many will cut down during the iran iraq
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war in the 1980s. others gave way to the expansion of towns and cities after the invasion of iraq in 2003, u. s. forces burned, pol mcgrooves, that could hide fighters. and there have been other challenges. dozens of palm orchards in bedroom town have been destroyed by fire. fueled by scorching summer temperatures and water shortages war sinned by the damning of rivers in neighboring iran have contributed to the destruction that has all resulted in not only a fall in production, but also the extinction of unique varieties of dietz. along with other middle eastern countries, iraq has long been one of the world's top day producers. but it's output plunge it
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after the u. s. led invasion and has only slowly begun to recover. the more aware an oil color, many types disappeared, others have decreased, but the regular types have survived the. in the past, we used to send special varieties to other provinces across the country to neighboring countries and further abroad why american the agriculture ministry is backing the creation of new upon forests in several provinces and the capital baghdad. but for now, the loss of old palmer trees means there are fewer airable lands to raise livestock and support jobs. back in his orchard alley continues working. george, trying to preserve siblings of the old rail varieties.


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