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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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i the one 0 one a's made the victim. it exposes the business on al jazeera for generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, community board a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny, seemingly community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is that he is alive from doha. coming out for the next 60 minutes. outrage spreads across asia. thousands to mount the arrest of a former member of india's governing policy. after comments about the prophet muhammad president trump summoned the mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. a u. s. congressional committee describes last year's attack on capital hill as an attempted coup. taking the you case, of course, human rights groups seek an injunction to stop the government's plan, the sand asylum seekers to rwanda. plus i found that i gave him the columbia an amazon where deforestation is rising at an alarming rate, putting at risk the world's most important in forest. i'm john,
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i guess roscoe's force and claiming a power struggle in the game of golf. fast of the pga tour suspend 17 of its members were playing in the break coil leak series, backed by saudi arabia. ah, protested in india pakistan at bangladesh, demanding the arrest of a former spokeswoman of the governing b. j. p. have been several protests in india's capital, new delhi, and in other cities against local sharma. she was suspended on sunday after making comments about the prophet muhammad, but many consider to be offensive. international backlash has been growing with many majority muslim countries condemning the comments. al jazeera is probably baton report, so from new delhi that immense angle on the streets of india. a massive protests have erupted in various cities. one of the largest have been here in the national
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capital, in some other cities as when stone pouting. and authorities have also responded by firing tear gas. overall, those authorities say that the law and order situation is under control. now, protesters are demanding that form a spokeswoman off the b j. p. no push arma, be arrested from making blasphemous comments. these comments were made during a tv debate on national television network and basically sparked an international control of a c, a diplomatic well, particularly with countries in the gulf region. countries like yvonne and cut their summerland indian ambassadors demanded a public apology in places like amman and quade they were called to boy caught indian made goods. now the b j b has responded by suspending newport sharma. it has also expelled another top politician who made the last one was a statement on social media. it says it
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a respects all religions and has issued new guidelines for party, lead us to engage with the press. but critics say that the response is too little too late and have blamed the b, j p for fueling anti minority. an anti muslim sentimental india will thousands of joints similar rallies, taking place in pakistan. large crowds took to the streets in the hall. i'm karachi, demanding the country sever diplomatic ties with new deli, let's speak to wants to do is come, i'll hide his lunch for us now, and it's not a buy board salute that today. where did it go visually? i'm go bigger dad, you heard from bob ne. that is a growing feeling or head as read that day or 2 men. dr. martin ordered, including the muslims has been very ralph when it comes to the b. j. b government. i'd have been protest across august on earlier the buckets. i need prime minette
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dollars co condemning. they sang idea already spoken about to play off their treatment of the muslim in india. and he said that they thought something had been denied and community should be ignored. all now important go so because today, august on to find the mentality and rent in front of the indian i commission to law law, judge strong, rotate, and as we speak where door that debt is a large profession taking place in the city of raw will been did not re far from it at rest, so deep anger and anguish, i thought as bug astonished concern and deep concern about the play all 4 hundreds of millions that are over 200000000 much lived in india. and of course not to speak about the other minority houses there has come up high, the reporting live there from islam about commodity. thanks indeed alpha economy. swati is a senior editor at the indian use and opinion website the while she joins us now live from new delhi. good to have you with us. how does the government com,
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the outrage over these comments post domestically and internationally? can it be calmed? see? first of all, any kind of violence in the name of sod demoss titian and protest should be condemned because any kind of protest and demonstration should be within the 4 walls of indian laws and prostitution. but, you know, we should really understand the source of this anger infestation and why it does now spilling on through the streets. it is an accumulated anger and frustration, you know, because of the failure of the state and because of the week of the floor in the last few h. u, as we've seen laws which were outright lead a disconnect tree against, from a since we've seen wilander on the streets, whether it comes to lynching or the was him houses big windows to these by the state agencies to all of this is now accumulated into this angle, which is spilling onto the streets. i think what, what can be done right now is some part of it i think has been taken care of by the
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government when they decided to expel the to the does, would responsible for making those dental get treated moss. but then also many police. they filed and f i r a b against these 2 people. but i think what i was, it was on now demand demanding is also not just this particular case in sight, but also the in general, that most filler and the climate. all of the you know, hatred of the state policies that now gothic mama was integrity to slum. now he's an alternate be sped. so and you understand this emotional and religious attachment to profit, mama, i feel at this point in time, the government should start with of the drawing. the cases in con for read more than 800 people, a book the of people who what, who have unfairly been booked. that's one to the feminist with india, a should thumb all and address the nation. i would say a particularly the 200000000 muslims,
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and i've tried to assure them that they will be advice and freedoms will be protected in india as guaranteed by the constitution. but i come back to the original question. is it possible for the government to keep a lid on this or have things already gone? gone too far? you used? you said that it's not just that the comments that were made last weekend offensive though they were, it's a long held belief that the government in india is anti muslim. well, i think what a muslim sneed right now, and what should be state policy at this moment? is healing. touch? what indian was since, really need from the government of india, from the prime minister, who's a very popular prime minister by the way, that he should give assurance that was since rights the property the right to to life and will be protected. and also david not to be discriminated against. and now what i'm trying to say here is that prime minister him sent something on screen and a shortening people of india, especially the most since should suffice for some of thank us. but then it has to
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be more institutional than just lip service than just try to, you know, do on the, there's a sailor like it was done in case of expanding these 2 spokespersons. because remember everything, whatever the b to be spokesperson said that while it's in the law of which a clearly says that he should not be a you know, that does it just sentimental, almost since for heart. so it should have been taken care of legally, not just internally expelling these people from the body membership it this came through late and through little and that is why you see the anger spilling onto the streets. but i feel even previously what i, what has been done a vendor formally by the union empty most in laws on informally, by the if the sole support network, which is the b g, b and assess these, they do nationalist organizations who switch for support. so just a day keep harassing me since they used violence. they use just cabinetry practices
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. i think prime minister as also be one of the member of thought assess member of the b g b and also the prime minister of india. he should try to a shore people of india, especially muslims, that you know, these discrimination and a disconnection of that they would be noticed future discrimination on he would take care of it legally. good structure personally for being with us. overcome shawanda attempted to a brazen attempt to overthrow the government. that's how a u. s. congressional committee as described last year's attack on capitol hill. the hearing is also investigating donald trump's continuing denials that he lost the 2020 presidential election that he won. rather the presidential that he lost, rather, i'm sorry, hydro castro reports out for washington. oh, this is what police saw on january 6th, 2021. when they were overwhelmed by
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a mob trying to overturn president donald trump's election defeat capital police officer carol and edward was the 1st of many officers to be injured. there were officers on the ground. ah, you know, they were bleeding, they were throwing up. they were, you know, they had, i mean, i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood while riders vandalized the capital and threatened to kill members of congress. trump was watching it all unfold on tv from the white house. according to committee, investigators trump ignored please from advisors and trapped members of congress to call off the riders. aware of the rioters chance to hang mike pence, the president responded with this sentiment quote, maybe our supporters have the right idea. mike pence quote,
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deserves it. committee investigators also argued that a trump tweet in december was the impetus for far right groups to plan the insurrection. showing videotape depositions of writers, confirming their motives, he personally asked for us to come to dc that. and i thought, for everything he's known for us. if it's the only thing he can go after me, i'll do all of us here today. then there was the ongoing effort led by trump to falsely claimed the election had been stolen. the committee showed video of den attorney general bill bar testifying that the claim was in fact a lie. i made it clear. i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out the stuff which i told the president was bolt. and i, you know, i didn't want to be a part of it. investigator say trump didn't listen, but his daughter yvonne cut told them she did. i respect attorney general bar. so
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a accepted what he sent was sent, according to the committee chairman, taken as a whole, the riot and the efforts to overturn the election was nothing short of a coup attempt. a 1st in american history, january 6, was the culmination of an attempted cou, a brazen attempt as one right to put it shortly after january 6 to overthrow the government. then republican leaders in congress remain the former president's defenders. in fact, it is the most political and least legitimate committee in american history. it is used congressional subpoenas to attack republicans violate due process and infringe on the political speech a private citizen. this was just the explosive beginning to a half dozen more public hearing scheduled for his mind. there promised to feature
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more testimony from former trump aids who threatened to resign and believe trump was too dangerous to leave by himself in the waiting days of his presidency. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. let's go live to capitol hill out here is was la jordan is there for us, sir. rose? it's a bipartisan committee, but with months from november's mid terms. and let's not forget there's another presidential election in a couple of years. what is this hearing trying to achieve? well, the hearing is basically trying to set out for the u. s. publican and d, the global public. what happened on january 6, 2021. and in the select committees view, this was an attempted coup. that date was the j set aside to was certified the elect doors in, in the 2020 presidential election. and the point according to the select committee,
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was to disrupt that process and try to make it possible for donald trump to remain as this country's president. instead of handing over power peacefully to joe biden, who ended up winning the 2020 election, the select committee is basically revealing a summary over 6 hearings of the evidence it has collected. that includes interviews with people who worked in the trump white house. people who were witnesses to the scenes outside of the u. s. capital and inside the u. s. capital on january 6th. as well as other evidence. we're trying to put together what the select committee believes was an overarching conspiracy to try to disrupt the democratic, a transfer of power. so whether people watched or didn't watch, certainly, you know, they were reacting to it on social media. we saw the members of the republican minority here on capitol hill pre butting or rebutting the committee's findings
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before the 1st of the 6 hearings happened on thursday evening. so what happens next rose? well, there are 5 more hearings. the next one will be this coming monday, the june 13th. and we are expecting to hear from the select committee. more information about how the former president donald trump, was trying to both put pressure on his vice president mike pence as well as undermine his authority. because it is the vice president who presides over the process in the house of representatives to certify the election during the transfer period in the united states. so there's going to be much more information coming out. and the question will be whether more of people in this country actually believe that what happened on january 6th was an attempt to disrupt the democratic process. i'm serious. rosalind jordan reporting live from capitol hill,
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rose. many thanks to date. here with the new sal from al serra, still to come on the program, us in chinese, defense officials, trade tents, words over taiwan. as asia's top security summit gets underway and singapore and why, but either by in senegal, attracts sushi pilgrims and students seeking knowledge and spiritualism. i will hear from quarterback tom brady on his return from a 6 week retirement that's coming up late is ukraine's president says that his troops of blocking russian attempts to advance in the region of zapper as yet followed him as zalinski says that also holding on to some cities in the east the boston horses are continuing their attack on some other than that's with street fighting and heavy artillery fire. ukrainian forces say
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a lack of long range weapons is catastrophic for them. keep says that between 10200 soldiers being killed every day, the highest estimate made public so far. the you case foreign secretary list trusts as the death sentences against 2 british men by a pro russian court, a breaches of the geneva convention. the 2 men at a moroccan man are fighting for ukraine. they were convicted of being mercenaries and a separatist held region in the east of ukraine. trust discussed ways to secure their release with her ukrainian counterpart rushes foreign minister says the man committed crimes on the territory of a self republic trip proclaimed republic will not only my meal for at the moment the process mentioned is based on the legislation of the done yes, people's republic because the crimes we're talking about were committed on the theory of the d. p. r. everything else is the subject of speculation. i would not want to be getting involved with the work of the judicial and law enforcement system of the don. yes,
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people's republic nicole at at on gray exports from ukrainian ports is threatening a global sued crisis. lexi ports up in mind, blocking shipments for weeks. now officials in one of the 2 russian bank, breakaway regents in the east say that they'll soon start shipments by rail to russia. shall stratford reports from keith. another truck arrives at this farm in the cave region of northern ukraine. thought the rush is on to empty. these silos of last year's harvest have made to make space for approximately 35000 tons of winter wheat. but much of this crop may go to waste because of what ukraine and many countries it exports to say is a russian c blockade. at least 20000000 tons of grain is already stuck in silos across the country, contributing to rising prices and what the u. n. says is a growing global food crisis. so this might have been moved out of the silos in
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order to make faith for the winter wheat. harvey deflected to start in about a month from now. a lot of this may have been taken to silos elsewhere, but a lot of it will begin journey through a port in romania, a journey that can take up to 3 months. and the very complicated in day one root takes the grain by train from cube into moldova to avoid a coastal road that ukraine says, russian forces have shelled the train, then drops back into the odessa region of ukraine before being unloaded. a do romanian border on to barges in renee and ismael. it then hits down the river danube to the romanian black sea port of constantino analyst, se shortages and long overland export routes of push the consumer price of grain up in recent months. producers have been hit even harder. there's not so much the cost
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of transport and logistics has increased 300 percent since before the war started. we are also looking at ways of getting the green out via the baltic sea record and through hungry. but it can also take up to 2 months before the trucks take the mays away. samples are analyzed that the quality control the bar tree on the farm. the grains will be periodically inspected again in the coming weeks because much of it will have to be stored outside silos, where rod could set in after only a month. exporting by train from ukraine is complicated because the rail track gauge is different in neighboring poland and romania, russian forces withdrew from this area a few weeks ago. this wheat was planted before the war started. farmers work in the fields of maze and sunflowers. despite the danger of mines, an unexploded ordnance port number, it was very difficult because we were sewing during the invasion of our domestic
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market is very small. we have to sell it upon russia, which is also a major grain produces as western sanctions prevented from exporting. to global markets, depriving aids of billions of dollars of revenue and making the crisis even worse. moscow says it is open to a potential turkish and un plan to allow safe passage for ships to transport grain from ukrainian ports across the black sea and out to international markets by the boss for us. but russia says ukraine must d mind the sea root 1st. ukraine has so far, refused saying it won't leave ukrainian ports like a desa exposed to a potential russian attack from the sea. no agreed solution means ukraine could lose millions of dollars in revenue. and according to the un, more countries across africa and asia already suffering food shortages could potentially suffer even more. cha, stratford al jazeera q channels,
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defense minister, minister way fung her, says the beijing will not hesitate to start a war over taiwan. he's been meeting you as defense, secretary, lloyd austin, and singapore the u. s. as their 1st face to face talks focused on the territory, which china views as a break away province. washington has called on bay ging to refrain from further destabilizing actions. i was here as jessica washington is at that summit in singapore. this focus as has been in the past with shangri la dialogue, is very much on tensions between the us and china. but it is important to note of course, such many other countries from the asia pacific will also be represented at the summit. and i'm just going to bring in an expert, aaron connelly to work with the july double s with a victim of focus on south east asia. is that correct to say that all eyes are on us and china this weekend? would you say that? i think a lot of the meetings that you'll see take place will be theme through the prism of
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us china relations. so the 2 defense ministers just met. but there are a lot of other meetings happening that where that will be a topic of conversation, the us china relationship, singapore and prime minister leap in long when is that what singapore is most important bilateral relationship? it often says it's the us, china, bilateral relationship, that they can all the other countries in the region as well. there are some developments in the asia pacific typically relating to security, specifically specific countries like to solomon islands. but also more recently, cambodia that has caught the attention of defense officials around the world. what comments you have on the aging really has united states on the back, but they're developing these agreements with video and for example, and also with the call of an island, both of whom are here at the conference will be speaking tomorrow, trying to arrange for their courses to be based on those countries or perhaps short periods of time, perhaps long periods of time. a little bit unclear. and i think other countries in the region are going to want clarity from the solomon islands. think embody on what
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those agreements actually entail. thank you. so much for those very important insights. we do expect to hear from the chief of both of us and china in the coming days. those features will be watched very closely by not just the delegates present here today, but leaders around the age of the united nations says that cheryl anchor could be facing a full blown humanitarian emergency. a group say that at least 5700000 people need urgent help in 25 different regions across the country. on thursday, thousands of students protested against the economic crisis in colombo shrine cans have endured months of electricity, blackouts, and supply shortages with food. fuel and medicine was effected a delegation from the international monetary fund. was it later this month for talks on a loan program? heavy rain has drenched parts of china, sullen gong don't province, causing landslides and flooding across the region. rescue teams had to pull several
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people from a landslide on thursday morning after they were buried by mud and debris. a group of factory workers also had to be rescued after they were trapped by flood water. let's get a check on the world whether his jeff, a blast of heat across the middle east. hello everyone. another spot hit 50 degrees . this time it was the man in saudi arabia in the eastern province. so let's give you a wider look right now on saturday. what's going on is we had this pool of heat and iraq. it's been shut down into the radium peninsula by some pretty powerful when we go in for a quote. so look around the gulf. this is going to swirl around the sand in dusting q 8. the eastern province of saudi, including demand, also for buffering and cats hard. so her looking for windows on saturday, up to 65 kilometers per hour and then those temperatures will begin to fall off the other spot. temperatures have been kicked back. a bit is tater on at 32 degrees, but still high temperatures inch rise. coming in at $38.00 off to turkey, we go, there's been some flooding in the capital region. about
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a 100 people were strand. it needed to be rescued in ankara. and it's really this western side of turkey that continues to be unsettled. we do have some showers for the ethiopian highlands concentrated rain, southern edge area into cameroon. and it's nice for how for the western cape, the northern cape. but that is about to change as we head toward sunday evening. this weather maker marches in winds up to 80 kilometers per hour and about 80 millimeters of rain. be careful out there will cease and take care jeff, any thanks still to come here on these. i will report from south africa where a money laundering scandal has the president facing pressure in the national assembly at why iraq, he'd, they tortured sort of, been thriving for centuries, are at risk of destruction. then lifelink strikes on the ice in a tense playoff game between tampa bay and the new york rangers. the details coming up with joke, ah,
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african narrative from african perspectives now, but now we're about his big daily. my shift, a short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo, and one back there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you ladies. what made the intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and matching and certainly africa direct on al jazeera cutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the world, ah, the cause of needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a p, middle east and trade and wanting skillfully mcdonald 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future,
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won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah ah, ah, it's good to have you with a solo, adrian finnegan, here in doha. with the news out from out to syrup, the headlines protest as in india, pakistan of bangladesh, demanding the rest of the suspended spokeswoman of the governing b. j. p. before sharma was suspended on sunday. after making comments about the prophet muhammad, that many consider to be offensive. a u. s. congressional committee investigating last year's capitol hill attack has been told the violence was orchestrated by former president donald trump panelist, calling it attempted coup shot as defense. vanessa has said that beijing will not
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hesitate to start a war over taiwan. during a meeting with the us defense secretary, the to met of asians biggest security summit, washington is calling on basing to refrain from further destabilizing actions. south africa, as president says that due process must be followed after he was shouted down in parliament by opposition, lawmakers of allegations of corruption of bribery. so ronald closer is accused of trying to cover up a robbery at his game farm in february, evolving millions of dollars. he says the funds will private and not public money and that he won't be responding to insults or speculation. i will do all these matches consideration against the backdrop of the advise i have. but this meta should be ventilated in the proper enact procreate forums. and i repeat that hello must take its course
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and due process should be the order of the day in this. and as a result, i will not right now be responding to all these matters that have been raised around to this, out of their us. finally, to mila esa. following this, she's with us now live from johannesburg. he's facing a pretty tory time right now in, in parliament. why? what's going on all this goes back to the alleged criminal activity at his farm in them. popo province, back in 2020. and the main concerns really around that is that allegedly are based on a criminal complaint laid by author frayza. he's the former intelligence, bossier, in south africa. he has said that between $4.00 and $8000000.00 was stolen from the president's home. in paula paula,
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this was not reported or when it should have been given this sum of money that was allegedly stolen. and not only that, but also members of the presidential protection unit track down the thieves, interrogated them, potentially tortured them and then paid them off to keep quiet. and so now opposition parties, south africans in general, are wanting answers from the president. because of that large sum of money and how he may potentially be implicated in money laundering. it's really needed to be understood by many here why the president had so much money at his home. and if that a theft happened and, and, and what the implications are of not reporting it to the police. he has admitted the theft did indeed take place. but that he can account for all of that money in his home. it was due to the sale of game off his farm in limpopo and that he had declared that to parliament at the time. the president though, has maintained this line for out this latest scandal in that he will not answer
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specific questions at this time. but he's also prepared to stand before the african national congress. that's his party's ethics committee to answer whatever questions they might have. but he says, as you mentioned earlier, due process should follow. and he's willing to cooperate or how dangerous is this for the president? from it is a very difficult political. your fossil rama pasa and the african national congress at large. it's an elective congress here, and this is when they will pick a new president of the party. he is certainly looking for a 2nd term, given the level of corruption in south africa and the stance that the president has taken against corruption. this is certainly not a, could a good british position for him to be in, in that he is now a facing these type of allegations. given that he is the face of the fight against corruption and has called this period of the a and see the new dawn but seems to be falling short of that constantly. the,
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it's politically they will be some difficulties for the president, especially given the history with the former president, jacob summa, and the allegations of corruption that he faced and the ongoing inquiries into corruption in south africa. so for prison, sl ramah bossa and the african national congress at large a very difficult time. but given the due process and the legalities around it, it may be some time before we hear anything more from the president or having face criminal charges specifically, or perhaps see his position with the agency affected. alpha 0 from emitter reporting live there from johannesburg from albany. thanks. and it the u. k. government's plan to send asylum seekers to lawanda is facing a legal challenge. london's high court is hearing arguments from human rights groups which say that the policy is unlawful. the calling for a court injunction to stop 1st flights from the u. k to rwanda, which is scheduled for next week. let's go live with the high court in london
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houses here for the baba is sir, but him. what exactly is the argument against the government from these charities? well, what these charities and it should be added to the union, which represents 80 percent of the you case or agency called border force, or are they trying to convince judges here? and that term, in the 1st instance, the deportation fights are a wonder scheduled for next tuesday should be stopped because they say it is unlawful. now they were representing in this challenge for asylum seekers. the, the home of his here has now told the court that 3 of them have been taken off. the list for deportations are a wonder that leaves one, but the greeks won the injunction against that flight to cover all of the 130 or so who have received letters warning them of imminent removal. they say that term, the whole, the whole scheme in fact is unlawful because it will breach the un refugee
4:36 pm
convention because it doesn't assess each person's claim individually. they say that people are being punished simply for claiming asylum because the government's approach is that anyone who arrives after january the 1st in the u. k, as they put it illegally by crossing the english channel and a small boat mainly can be sent to rwanda. they're also, i'm querying the governments assessment of rwanda as a safe 3rd country to send people to saying it doesn't have the capacity. it doesn't have the of the proper human rights record that they would wish i'm talking about political persecutions. crackdowns on l g b t q people. and they're mentioning the distress that it's already cause people who've been put on the list there have been hunger strikes in detention centers here and saying that it could cause wide problems with hundreds of people potentially affected. why, nadine, does the british government want to send asylum seekers to render?
4:37 pm
well, the background is that last year 28000 people crossed the english channel or via small boats but dangerous coursing, which sometimes has led to drownings. and of course, involved people crossing numerous countries in europe, paying people smugglers to do so to eventually arrive here this year. so far, the number is over 10000. the government says it's trying to crack that business to stop the people smugglers and to stop people having to risk their lives to reach britain. but the charities in the human rights groups will point out that for most nationalities, there is no other way for people to apply for asylum in the u. k. a may want that the possibility of people to actually upright abroad in other countries, to put in an asylum claim legal roots is what they're stressing. the government
4:38 pm
here in, in caught on friday at the home office. actually a was accused by the charities of misleading people by suggesting that the united nations refugee agency batch their plan will. in fact, a lawyer for the you and hcr then stated that they had told pretty patel the home secretary twice, that it was unlawful and distressing that in no way do they a give the this and plan their green lights. i think that could be crucial. were expecting a decision in the following hours. i'll just, there's nothing barber at the high court in london. many thanks to them. 10 human rights groups of criticized shanicea as president, the sacking dozens of judges last week. judges and lawyers in june as you are on strike over the move and say that their protests will continue for a 2nd week. president, case side fired, 57 judges accusing them of corruption in a joint statement. the rights group say that remove is a deep blow to judicial independence. the palestinian foreign minister is urging
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the international criminal court to bring justice to those responsible for the killing of al jazeera journalist, shaheen abu, our claim rehab. malik. he has delivered the findings of an investigation into a barclays death. she was shot by israeli forces last month while covering raids in janine in the occupied west bank. aleki has questioned the i. c. c's, delayed and investigating crimes against palestinians. he's accusing the international community of double standards in columbia presidential candidate rodolfo. hernandez says that he's cancelling the rest of his in person, campaign events due to threats to his life, had and as is a right cleaning candidate in the vote set for june, 19th, he's running on promise is to shrink government and fight corruption. the police say they have no information about the threat spot, but they're investigating hernandez is in a tight race against the leftist former gorilla fighter gustavo petro authorities
4:40 pm
in brazil have narrowed their search for an indigenous rights defender and a british journalists who went missing in the amazon on st, on sunday investigator so that they found traces of blood on the boat of an arrested suspect authorities looking into where the hunters and fishermen who are working illegally in the area are connected to the disappearance. deforestation of fires in columbia's amazon rain forest, an a destroying hundreds of thousands of hacked as of jungle every year to make space for cattle. launching mining and drug trafficking last year, more than $170000.00 hector's were lost. that's more than double the size of the us city of new york. and the 1st of 2 reports out here is alessandra grumpy. he flies over the amazon to assess the damage and the legal road cut through what used to be priests, the rain forest, around the cemetery of centuries, old trees reduced to dust. look,
4:41 pm
those are big patches and most likely for cocoa fields or cattle ranching, which will definitely disconnect this area with data rent and n g o that protects the colombian amazon, he brought us an a 5 hour long flight across 5 national parks and supposedly protected indigent flames, none or intact criminal hands or grabbing lands and burning trees for intensive agriculture, cattle ranging your coca farming, le, let me to the length of the magnitude and the intensity of the destruction that we are able to see over 5 national parks on the most bio diverse area of colombia in the middle of the fragile transition between the andes and the amazon is a warning call not only for columbia, but for humanity as a whole. the colombian amazon is lost over a 1000000 actors of rain forest in the last 5 years. and the area larger than the island of cyprus, rodrigo says, a complex web of interest are to blame, pre medicate all i use. first of all,
4:42 pm
this has to do with the international conglomerate. interested in cheap land for the world agro commodities market. more than a 1000000 heads of cattle have been introduced in this area, surrounding the cheery be kept a national park alone. that is because it is also a way to longer money from drug trafficking and illegal mining. the level of deforestation accelerated after the government signed a piece deal with fight rebels in 2006. today. huge ranches extend for as far as the i can see. one of the 1st things we notice as you walk through the spurn patches of the jungle is the silence. gone are the sounds of the animals, the birds, the in 6 that live in the forest. all that amazing biodiversity turned into ashes. colombian president, divan. duke a pledge to cut deforestation by half by the end of his term in august. i know virtually optimistic promise row, yet the military until the for a station initiative and you lost targeting dose,
4:43 pm
causing environmental devastation or starting to pay dividends. mostly middle sonya, this open at the 1st years of this operation have been questionable because the military exclusively went after the core people logging and not the master. we also had an outdated legal framework because believe it or not grabbing land wasn't a crime here. but under pressure internationally, things have started to change in recent months. a major land grammar and 2 local mares were run for the changes that offer a glimmer of hope that things could improve before it's too late for all alison that i'm just some quizzes guava. in our 2nd report from the amazon, we visit a community working to conserve the most sensitive and important areas of the rain forest by supporting other ways to make money and the region you can catch that throughout the day saturday, here on our era inflation in the united states us hit a 40 year high consumer prices jumped 8.6 percent in may compared to last year,
4:44 pm
even more than economists that expected, soaring petrol prices have been blamed. with demand colliding with persistence supply shortages or rate rises expect to come next week. in response and again in july, putting even more pressure on us households. japan is opening its borders to tourist again under a lightly controlled application process. for travelers only allowed to visit with guided package tours. they must wear masks and have health insurance. japan limits daily arrivals to $20000.00 people that includes citizens, foreign students, and business travelers. sophie muslims make up the majority of the population of senegal, described as islamic mysticism. soup ism focuses on spirituality and in a piece and as al jazeera, as i said, beg reports now from medina, by city, it's flourishing as a hub for african soupy pilgrims and international students studying islam.
4:45 pm
once he paused these gates door, entering the town of medina by no alcohol and smoking is not permitted on its streets. ah, considered to be a holy place by those who visit here. this remote town, 200 kilometers from synagogue, capital decker is a strong hold of to johnny se they had the roots in algeria and morocco, and gained popularity during the anti colonial struggle against the french medina by is now a place of spiritual pilgrimage for stupid across africa, and it's also attracted black american students to come and study at school. us african americans as a place or a safe haven for us to practice our religion and learn our religion are also a source, an invitation back home, given us a piece of ourselves that we were there was lost or taken away from us. on the bottom of the procuring slavery, not many of those enslaved came from west africa. so for some there's a sense this has been a journey of return. when the plane landed,
4:46 pm
as soon as my feet hit the ground, i began to cry. this is the 1st time that i have ever been home. what made you cry? the fact that i was home after 500 year journey. wow, the town and the soupy order a significant and a golf. since independence, every president that's been elected has visited this small town every year. hundreds of thousands of pogroms flock here is the beating heart of the spirituality in senegal. ship, my c say is responsible for western students. he doesn't shy away from how influential the movement is and says synagogues president mackie sally is well aware of their importance. yeah. citizen like us citizens. but we have dis medina, we have this follows that my casela,
4:47 pm
he used to live here in cham. so he knows his medina, he know what's going on in medina, he not us. medina is there but where important, but in synagogue i i but for those who moved here from the united states, it's a spiritual quest with its own challenges. joy fast on is from atlanta. she came here with her children, you know, the language barrier, and they were worried about making friends missing some of the fluids from home, getting used to the food here. but now they love it. they love the freedom. ah, there's no doubt the stu, fees are a social and political force where religion also plays a central role in people's lives. and although in other countries, religious influence may be considered a negative aspect. here it's c as a positive, even a central oh, i said big algebra. medina, by synagogue still to come here on the these are action from the rebel don't series
4:48 pm
that. so put up a fracture of the hospital game that's coming up with joe and spin ah
4:49 pm
ah ah ah, again, iraq has long been a large scale export of dates, but water shortages, wolf, and sanctions have led to nearly 15000000 trees being lost over the past 3 decades that spent, but a lot of lives have changed. mach bowed up a while, had reports from barbara for centuries, par mcgrooves,
4:50 pm
it thrived in the town of bud draw. people took pride in the quality of variety of dates. they produced ali al ones, the family has grown palms for generations, for droughts and salted water. have damage it much of his orchard. as many of the waterways flown in from iran have been damned and tried up for abo, about 15, whatever we've been relying on ground water since 2007, but it has harmful chemicals which impacts the quantity and quality of dates. many trees have been ruined by pests and diseases. there are no more state sponsored pesticide campaigns or harvest is severely savaged in water. 30 years ago, iraq had more than 30000000 palm trees, but only about half of them have survived. many were cut down during the iran iraq war in the 1980s. others gave way to the expansion of towns and cities.
4:51 pm
after the invasion of iraq in 2003, u. s. forces burned, pol mcgrooves, that could hide fighters. and that have been other challenges. dozens of palm orchards in bedra town have been destroyed by fire. fueled by scorching summer temperatures and water shortages war sinned by the damning of rivers in neighboring iran, have contributed to the destruction that has all it is altered in not only a fall in production, but also the extinction of unique varieties of dates. along with other middle eastern countries, iraq has long been one of the world's top day producers. but it's output plunge it after the u. s. led invasion and has only slowly begun to recover. the more lawyer,
4:52 pm
an oil color, many types disappeared, others have decreased, but the regular types of abs arrived in the past. we used to send special varieties to other provinces across the country to neighboring countries and further abroad. a y m in the agriculture ministry is backing the creation of new upon forests in several provinces and the capital baghdad. but for now, the loss of old palm trees means there are fewer airable lands to raise livestock and support jobs. back in his orchard alley continues working. george, trying to preserve siblings of the old re, varieties issued to keep a remnant of their halcyon days ma'am, or that there were had al jazeera in butter, a town near the iraqi iranian border transport his tro. adrian thankful.
4:53 pm
17 gulf has in gaining formal well them once and major champions have been suspended by the pga talk. that's after they break ranks to play in a rival series bank by saudi arabia. david stokes reports a new era in gulf has begun and it shaken the game to its cool just half an hour after the 1st ever t shirts in the live series, the pga tour suspended all 17 of its members. that had taken part against its wishes. although 10 of those players had already resigned before taking off, it doesn't bother me. i'm. i'm very happy where i am. i resign a week and a half ago. so whatever the pigeon to says doesn't, doesn't now, doesn't go with me because because i'm not a member, i didn't want to resign. i love the pga tour. it's been grates me. i this is not a bite. this is not about the pga tours about sorta says about wanting to be able
4:54 pm
to add on additional opportunities to to my golf career live golf, organize the say the p j is being vindictive and only deepening the divide with its players impulse her is not resigned and says he'll appeal his suspension as he believes he's done nothing wrong. phil mickelson is another place. standing his ground, the 6 time major champion says the pga punishment change is nothing. i am going to play all the of the live in that. so to answer your question, i'm, i'm going to play the 8 this year. i'm going to play to 10 next year. i can tell you, ha, ha, ha, ha. oh, the pga clearly view the brake way live series is a threat. hence the strong reaction. it's an 8 tournament competition backed by saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund. despite being seen by many as a vehicle for saudi to sports wash, it's human rights record. the series presents a lucrative opportunity players with more than $255000000.00 of prize money on offer. the winner of this 1st event in england alone will pocket $4000000.00 more
4:55 pm
than any tournament on the pga circuit. played all over the world for 20 years. um pretty much where oh on a 2. and ah yeah, this is another opportunity for me to play um on on, on a different her. yeah. i mean i, like i said, i respect the turn, respect your of interest and it's like all the tours. it's out there. changes one, but several rebel players last sponsorship over that decision to bright ranks. even bryson sham, boe. he's not even officially announced he's joining up has already been dropped by a pga tour partner company. but as he and other big names follow, and the pga tour continues to stand firm, the fracture the heart of gulf isn't likely to heal anytime soon. david stokes out 0 me more on the pga tour, defending canadian opened champion roy mcelroy stole the show. mcroy who's been
4:56 pm
a critic of the live to hit 6 buddies and he's opening round in toronto on thursday . the northern irishman says 3 shots behind the leader windham clock. mccoy's had to wait 3 years to defend the title because the coven 19 pandemic. the tampa bay lightning, and one went away from the stanley cup finals of certain pasture game against the new ranges. the lightning 153100 pilot. with the go ahead. goal was left to minutes, remaining 3 to leave. it ended in the fall between lightning some coffee and young vine. just stuff would be funny. i don't have time to regain the cool things. fix the final zone saturday damsels tom brady's been speaking about his return to the nfl office 6 week retirement. brady who turns 45 in august decided he wasn't done yet. mutates in a super bowl trophy when the season begins. in september,
4:57 pm
the tampa bay buccaneers called buck have been taking part in many training camp with the rest of the team, shrugging off questions as to why he reversed his retirement office. just 41 days is a long time ago that's happening between now and then. yeah, it's just a lot, lot of different things. so there's a while ago i feel like it's kind of pass out for me to be honest, but i'm happy i'm back. happy back to my teammates and can be great year read both such a paris is gone fastest in opening practice to sundays as a by john chrome pre. the mexican picked up where he left off off to his when in monaco there was hamilton with 6 quickest in his eighties. the 7 time formula, one will jump in, is also saudi speech herself to being made an honory, brazilian citizen, brazil's lower house, passed the bill on thursday after proposal following his when at last he has grown pre at the interlocal circuit. in sao paolo i've had sudden
4:58 pm
just over years, just amazing times. there was one more 1st of all championship in brazil, and it did since then, 14 years later, whatever it is that the epic or race that i had there last year in the moment. i had with the brazilian flag so, and i mean that's my like biggest followings in brazil, so i'm very, very on it and grateful and i can't wait for more time there. all right, that is, i guess book for now or later. adrian, germany is actually a, but is it for the news? well, but of course the years never saw. i'll be back in just a moment with more all phrase news. i'll see you ah, in the early hours of the morning, these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these are the military sometimes uses this area and the north of you occupied
4:59 pm
westbank as a training ground. explosions, like these often break the piece here and i fear for the children they get scared and i tried to calm them down there, but we're scared to these really are me told them just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during the exercises. but there's really officers previously said that trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called zeek. now, there are only 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return to their home. after midnight, the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again, twice this week. when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bed of radicalism, you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in going shampooing
5:00 pm
the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them, know my leisure when they make that reservation along some other boxes. this is year on al jazeera building, a new life, unadilla beach, living of the sea, and the last a dream shared by so many. but so few make it a reality of family business led by a remarkable woman. with a flare for cooking and desist for living. my tune is yet island kitchen on al jazeera. ah.


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