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tv   This Is Europe Salma The Boxer  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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important to me just talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here douglas 0. we believe every one has a story worth hearing. building a new life on in the village beach. living off the sea and the lad. a dream shared by so many, but so few make it a reality of famine business led by a remarkable woman with a flare for cooking and desist for living. my tunisia, island kitchen on al jazeera move.
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hello there. i'm telling mcdonalds here in london are current top stories on al jazeera. the u. k. high court has ruled the british government can go ahead with its plan to sand asylum seekers to rwanda. the court rejected arguments from charities in human rights groups that the policy is unlawful. first, flights from the u. k. through want our scheduled for next week, protested in india, pakistan and bangladesh, demanding the rest of the form a spokeswoman for india's governing party. the b j p. the poor sharma was suspended on sunday after making comments about the prophet muhammad, the many consider offensive. sharma is a high profile figure in india, often representing the b. j. p. in televised debate b. j. p itself says it strongly denounces insults against any religion, sex or ideology, thoughts. the international backlash is growing. inflation in the united states has hit a new 40 year. high consumer prices jumped 8.6 percent in may compared to the same time. last year. the soaring cost of petrol has been blamed,
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driven by high demand persistence supply shortages. the federal reserve is expected to respond with an interest rate rise next week. this is europe, some of the bolts for us next, but 1st we leave you with memories of our colleague sherry ah abuse with another one in the future. i don't need to be over with you about how to put them in yet to be honest with most of the new also we said that the home and a tribute were resorted to. what the hell that the put up with a lot of information that
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you had obama, the possible booking for the you know, the whole one i don't wanna deal with, but we'll see, bobby, i don't want a shooting abuto to the ah ah ah, in reference to love in this love as you can to resolve in
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subject. yes, it's better books if us, when you buy books, a with a big thing with with
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a new long let it wash the event. ah, let me do some political bio children up from family bridge. of course a here. oh oh oh wow. i'm good, you're good. let's leave it on my mama. oh timothy school about her pulse. paula berks maupin kerber in m jump,
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ask her one more question: why? which more m a mega is kind of why i'm just me a a to serve it to me. not tell me says all those really men chimerical. i can see i got john. my man e, omaha, gillian, the dodgy in papa in general. see the taj mahal smith on it because because of his earliest confed boxed miss l manager, she passed him about a bulge in which you should be fixed. so some abs, britain,
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all highly quote books, and most of the capacitors affair, i reference ball. i posted dues, and mr. pajama, we saw him in the video results virus one producer back to to reduce config paramus. and it said to use it. and you know, much sort of insulation between 80 and will in the tissue a box is would be on dog cell mileage on william biggs and the survivors are for services. i think i texted lab works with a view your leisure with us,
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a man of about a man had 4 with but i was at a now in, in a day at a more he moves janitor mileage. why if you personally says i was my pin of this one of them, it's lisa pixel. it when i strong she the model is a type of or national excuse damage issue. i said mom pissed off, but no, i don't can't. because in her come, what can i says he comes to the bumper. is present coming from at nod curio shop and coach trickles dot com, a coach or a quote to pursue which kewpie the palm of more than one widely like system
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medical group. what a good one. yeah, similar to june. the susan susan glue move the missile. jim said to want to ship me, she said to talk to she may, sheila can pretty sure my box with mit would they repeat that go escalade. busy under mont glass at the moment, the console case a bonded out to the shortest amount of of them to lucy dog, a call. she gave us a credit card. the money i will try to call a little less this katrina, a box when it moves it on a for the mush debiana to the other 4 legs. all do want to pick it up. is it gonna be $232.00. so look, it is ultimate. it please do top. well let me tell about tops,
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cuz i guess i will tell you the b r i a r k. like when a quiz, you appoint kasheila nebraska and shook any fees as soon as could you see so long? it's a problem. this is always your sca again, it is so silly kind of you do, could you join to bill me? i love it. that's 2 more not to keep people was depletion. keeps one in one. is that me now since she was them or to get on to and to give some money to, to sign in us. your last name is elaine. from frontier ah ah,
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you'll get to choose from the g. the cost me living with me in brooklyn that doesn't really we're not he's on the way i can simply live on the last name is just sort of want
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a blue like for the for some ways waves. and we'll do that if you put it like you were to get this w won't unusual. me don't shut me from what i took away probably i'm going to need to to she's coca cola on the mission of israel example to tell me what to tell him to come along was not sure what to do to do it to do. i don't want that. sure. if this is consistent jumping math from this because i can
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search for 2 more like this. she said, this is what the mission the sickest. so i'm going to assume all is all on the go. so we model is good for shoes. as well, you can is like, you know, show mom was going to stay up with muslim on charlie smith here in the post office was going to put it somewhere to resist. come on, come on the back to me. come to
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me of the christoph mental saws for he said boss is law isn't a quote, was calling to see him can commute them all can give you a. ready mix it said woocommerce mall, can a room with a very a and i to send a note in action. it is suspend. there were no sessions book, so the shinall misinger
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on all consider conversion or news to take it can stand on book so that the fierce a job a miss on a very quick not he supposed shows a bunny soft vision of percentages on a donkey of area we can probably, can, i can, i mean, in the sample, not just the mall rule. ma collision is all the principals are, are a a
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c, a on a cell number, because i said there's a new teachers to be offered to skip our sister, our premier fucker all considered almost our central cell. natalie said up to me a fucking seizure lies on the wall. leisure monsieur, on the contrary, containers 72, as well as the city. so if i seem to deal with the office, what do they show me some of them. so i can help you with this you will be it will be, it will you know, my memory vickers company. everything that's on some of the spectrum will in big
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surveys from the john douglas river, we took over just cuz i just jumped on the list. you're still working on it on the phone and what
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we would do is we can start off the floor. so kinda know when the young people clocks in because you see people the box one that i speak to more of the cost be able suv to me is only go sunday before symbol. so she knew milk shall be, diminishes a villa shopping at him on the box impala every more mad you have it. tom is uncle . most it is rachel calling time to follow up a bunch of look it up. what is your typical germs?
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some, some long valley we just, you know, even show me khaki deal awfully stuff or soccer formed from of the journal. fiddler cooper sees is a bus on one perform a so see for the us, you don't. if you decide to do that, they gave him a lot think and also back to the see this stuff to see what else you need along slowly problems. she knew the level of coverage or missing a lot of the michelin, paler causal. do much more about that. sure. love it to you face a prob, i only show somebody on the buckle over region. keep pulled on some level. follow it before each, like pulling foss books or the
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me was the behind read because i know danny mo, mo, over cindy. i shan't say. so. love to lose it. a r a. oh, good. god. god, god is our dogs. so mossey comes him afy mafia. that copays physically there are more flexible. explosive
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bel sonoma, 20 boxes would be a lot cheaper to work and you box of course. so thought you got it yourself. you think i'm sorry. gosh, to secure what phone go shop. a web are going to try to go to what you punch, you punch the control of quality circle help on the 3rd. so daniel called a competitor, she did speak with
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ah with
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with a with
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with shana that there was a little bit of terrorism it don't cross it paused to notice it lovey reason why did it was oh miss. oh, shit, her the telephone to someone who's it did send me a
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huge me my school in boston that have a list of eat short thought, maybe a new o'neill for me. this was a little deeper, is used to the kids, the process on to local, to the key key yankee altogether. you get a gentleman that he opened up one day just hope at all. sorry. it is just a glut will set you up. a g davis
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skim a sick buff. the ball a guy, jimmy christian never met all solve a local, most critical we've schedule song ah
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with miss eugene witnessed clarity, witnessed family. i'm witness friends, witness the beginning. witness. the end witness life witness on al jazeera.


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