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tv   Witness Ewolo  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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we understand the differences, celebrities, of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, i counter 0. how do you states control information in china local go? if you tried to search the word tenement will find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion? the headlight died and that allowed the children to continue to die to power. a citizen gen lithium leaf framing the story i am here to duck you man, the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera, i'm darian obligated with a check on your world headlines. 20 countries at the summit of the americas have announced the los angeles declaration on migration. it creates incentives for nations to take in more migrants, but with leaders either an invited or boycotting the event to. it's not clear how effective the measures will beep, or reynolds reports from los angeles. across the western hemisphere, millions are on the move, fleeing poverty, crime, repression and climate change. this was the focus of the final day of the summit of the americas. with this declaration, we're transforming our approach to managing migration in the americas. each of us, each of us is signing up to commitments. it recognizes the challenges we all share . the los angeles declaration on migration includes burden sharing with countries at central and south america, agree to streamline the path for migrants to resettle. the u. s. is putting up more
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than $300000000.00 to finance the effort. countries have agreed to absorb higher numbers of refugees and temporary workers. for example, mexico will integrate 20000 refugees into its workforce. the u. s. will resettle $20000.00 refugees next year. a small number given the enormity of the problem, migration is a humanitarian crisis and a political problem for president joe biden. but it's not only the us that is grappling with the surging human tide in columbia. i'm or if you me the own up on thoughts on me younger than me. good aunties, been columbia. we have received 1800000 venezuela, my brothers and sisters that have fled the worst oppression, and we have received them without being a rich country. the u. s pledge to improve its efficiency and fairness in processing people arriving at its borders and will lead a law enforcement effort targeting human trafficking gains. if you pray on desperate and vulnerable migrants for profit,
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we are coming for you. we are coming after you. no one expects these measures to stop migration. the reasons are many causes are deep and the pressures are strong. but it's actually most insecurity. my country currently is subject to great insecurity. there are armed groups that are dealing, raping, killing, and kidnapping. be it. haitians are foreign citizens by these criminal activities, they have prevented free circulation of people and good in the country. the declaration is unlikely to satisfy everyone, despite the smiles and the hand shakes, relations in the americas are acrimonious, but it is a step forward. and given the controversies disagreements and no shows that of mark this summit, it is perhaps more than many may have hope for rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles . the u. k. high court has approved a controversial government plan to send asylum seekers to wander. but human rights
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groups are appealing the ruling. the 1st flight with 30 migrants is scheduled to leave on monday. a cord in bolivia has found the central president jeanine any as guilty of mounting a coo and 2019. she's been sentenced to 10 years in prison. and he was accused of orchestrating the removal of her predecessor, ever morality. she denies the allegations. the us secretary of defense lloyd austin, says china is increasingly engaged in the stabilizing military activity near taiwan . austin was speaking in singapore, at a meeting of security officials from around the world. it comes a day after, often met with china's defense minister, ukrainian officials have made another plea for heavy weapons from the west as the eastern city of sir verizon. yes, continues to come under russian fire up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers are being killed there each day. it's been one months and shitty and a barclay was shot in the head by is really forces. while she was on assignments and janine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent,
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and transparent investigation into the killing. if it's journalists than the occupied westbank search teams in brazil, her found what appeared to be human remains in a river where an indigenous expert and a british journalist disappeared. police say they'll now test the remains against blood that was found on a fisherman when they suspect was involved in the men's disappearance. there's the headlines witness is coming up next. let me. ready ready
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good with what i said, a little prayer. garza and gold gonna be a brazilian popular assault program. fina couldn't kinshasa but. ok, so our lawyer said, what was said to duck whispered bark. the quorum william simple bear thought. well it was your he still it'll let him go. the bull
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and with sympathetic saw you go simpler walter. abum b. no, no. when the snow stopped by the year there are no for me or can you will. mike will shoot a lot of call. no one need to saw like is in the water they do it was worth or while your call matter in at the so a call from it is literally 2 grand but he couldn't, couldn't nobody got along at the new papa and in yo momma knock it fun, she saw defeated a little fire at all. he only dan door. can you go with the to swing eyes? marcie saki keep with us when we got to the door. a cigar. pop our mom. while i got on since you called on the new alarm. and associates and carouse. we don't want to keep bothering to put in all black one minute donati. nearby is it. and can you also to, i did a glow dark day rockwell lawyer. i was on the top of auditor o'connor
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suitably still a blue manjens. ne ray penny a mere cold beetle was glad the spirit little awesome new caloric figured as one fluttering food. and i visited the store toys. oh, no fat to load on a proposed quill adida contact me. les was stored in cambria, damien government, in case we're sure no sir bailey or just or it was there. well, it bungled order. it made it there. i know a bother. no one young girls come with me. are for sale, fed rattling, confess, sadly, presumed soon give a little to eat. it will, is one of those pivotal wow . listen to more into fuel for the feature that i mean on sale. though with gum
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gallon cooling, chosen for fuel consult, be awarded the, the adult out so many complicated gossip boss to learn to be done to so fraser wisdom, yard, z like zebra. equal in the mid are simply among those. so from the missiles for nobody's way to start ceiling, but it was, did the land or their school lunches, right? a minor, which is, or 40 garza, i would, i could put a jordan in need of god know chemo. and if you put on a separate them into sugar now, senora and chiana and are appellate meaningful. joe didn't think it boy yeoman's or no, but i had to con, i'm now compare the score an arc of blood on. so my glare athena, so mindlessly worked on meal master the mentality. given our them up as a lead up on the market. some point french's and welcoming my i was didn't want to
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put it into school or, or what he put my goal in. so, so my 2nd bar jojo in what a con data point doors jermel the julian skus, will be of all kinds of country and throw on the squire delila for dinner. the nearer to liter kissel went up to live out in the choir in to pull her up to the other with zia though melody could have been it up. your think of some of the auto kaiser because i had already you're somebody else. well, you'll get your praise or deny. yet let me recorded out the tag, quad daneen, all our lea, a yoke or myself i saw it said to able to lead, but say, do i go to tommy more? yep. okay, good. took a look at doing capco, paranoid up of in tiny little demo. lucy, i'm diesel. jerry, can you know how the data is in all m u m m? already see it paramita quarter. it was assaulted and idea. it appointed zia or
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simply to maintain on a lot of media employer. she alluded according to the committee called the current immortal montague, at dba to some, a quite a bit of sort of equal said there's a to medicaid in this class. he will call me or if he's going to know after bali, dia, according to colorado booth. dow butcher walters belong to pick if was it got to you or no, no thought, no it up, you disco? so the task would i, tater lane on the party way. it showed us all of that incredibly close, pecan pal to reset it, but i'll creep with eddy walked away, so i don't bother to aspire to to our door. breed open on pollards. yes. if authority report as yet on platforms, if you reset it a little under 2 d, v to the dividend, mitchell guide at one lady to the visit coming to cordova from chicago to level tract oil left and shop on it on the fuel to that that may so in my cubby
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that the man can soon possible my lip up when i see m. choctaw point or can we simply won't discourse, it would have to warn, quoted for kaiser. what are you with the input from the command to read? so my wedding quinn, ma main thought, low melody, cod robinette, to killer personally critical panel detail. sin indiana been a court took care of me look at to foresee or now or north and ok for sedio to ms. reed said, i'm not a need of solo ultimate to normally simple to, to the study for you every single to put into a 12 ali j plus t. that left branch my to the equation. he thought it was a side a ninty your lot, but denija done too much by the final sport, the one that didn't get it loaded
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up inside it. but do you know, do you do? we didn't get it done, but i didn't need a bus. boy, we'll see, you need to put in a no a
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in a longer room, but let me put in a new sentimental regarding the law to close me. don't digital mom at the diesel particular the law more than the father with a tool that the the, let's go out of the k l. a. nicholas neal ha.
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long this is the only person i suppose you when i was was in the us reese. so since it hasn't been, if you see leslie is above been though you can say, oh really? so the most of those are no. none of the consultant. camille, now she does a label and you have to be nice. no, no, no, no. we'll see what it does. it was the real players. it's not the,
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the new ones done? no, no, no, we're loaded. you know, i'm gonna pull up a little all gonna yeah, we'll business. i'm going to court the discrete though. you're not gonna get out of the lot. i mean, you're going to need to use these. oh no. you be so sensitive. i put up with you tonight. okay. my son was going to sign a a with
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a we was or is it was i was just just more so more dollars, just a placebo. mess it up. how many additional not increase my mom. you yeah that, but it's a bit go and the local collect, my d, the police are not there, but i look, we're missing you came up there. i'm a person was up at the same level guy to the left was and then do want to why, why local old able a you've been with
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we oh hello. yeah. who was in the room, who if you will, when you have my who was super elder, you mean don't get relational, i don't feel a bit as soon as i never can finally dekessa for the very by support, but i wanted that to put it in found orlando bordeaux was the local main thought you put on, put it on the needle. i've
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got to put you need to get these and you put it me so bit free. marian it by is no letter, even quite cousin. he's been jupiter coming charity. but is it called cause it is his piggyback control, has that beta cut it better? said it. the security was yamuna martinez, photographic. i could feed him, care to the re put in there if you may call me proposal. no later happy that it did
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. she tell them that she got but i don't the lady whether it's human finger separated on my web yet martha could change on a minister within today's more pedal. so pearl ali, the zoe, many. so probably meant a bit because here most vinyati seen there is some noise right now. right. and i mean, is it reasonable for well, when it i know so many cars are the italy that took electrodes it sooner, pretty prison or turn on colder minor painter. chimney or more, la storia, the ivana that he has shown a de la minister cheese cert, printing out the link, ready to connect to now, but it was awesome. thank you. 41. 0 god, god. oh god you,
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paul. well, your horse who built you for a good, you know, you live know we thought he did the more no. see no, you know. no, you know they were talking shop. well, i got a will know what you know. nobody to walk me. 000000000, no, i don't know if i know well, i know for the,
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you know he's video are going to know if you have to do so that will be left on that for done doing the sauce him out. he sees that there was no more, i mean to sound on some of them. the owner is a young man with a would probably get it. i'm a feel for you said you call me please on my web back.
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yes. good. yes sir. so from the aliases with a new little ones. lemme see one from your choice. so can walk away from you will see one funding with 3 dogs
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there, lumber said good gil. i've impose elected. she'll disclosure an awful all she's to move this up in the room. felicia sick who move player one down your play and no full message live. i move 3 it at 5. 0 easy passage or could you please tell me as soon as sheila okay. oh oh, don't know what similar
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to what has to move but as a work order. some of us to do a lot. grief. go up there. man, man naughty laney. it's in the street tunnel, the center, the tilly down you oh, she should have gotten fairly morgan we are conducting, provide you with oh like that. so he is yours for the i just real should live up. she can then we're all on do lose when it was unsafe. lee addressed won't, sorry. you shall. we do the a lot of blogger, ne, i'll amazon. so this will, is this big key, was all about manella. oh, laura with
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natalie, this is debbie. my so me jen, so marie, i'm a little i we, i really we is there. say move on. swaby reasons. oh, just you don't. well, you said there must. so a lot. oh, she, the rule is done by a propose come live with cuba. probably. yeah. cuba. uh huh. yeah, it didn't go well, she did. it is crucial to my family. just got back with me. did you, did you seem to be gone so long for a
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school in c or a chinese some camp and my penny? because i they for tour i level boy and i want to say to park with family, not the this one. and once you pass this one to conform such on this, i'm at the memory. many of brookfield just wanna just sit on the back home keela. well, teaching the cell phone just called while we were told the was on the cell, not call cell yankee cookie more men walk out and i'll call you to figure it out. so they don't really know if there's always a life in glendale. we'll discuss while the vehicle with b wanted to plug and play with them on song it balsamic long read the pilot in some modern year. don't that that
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and you can put me a phone when you finally will be coping. he's only in fee. so if you deep energy cd and then this is the alaskan, taught on our journey. i left them pamela. i mean, that you know, she did a movie, i mean, it was the see if you do that took a for me and i maybe we going to do monday. what do you know? the mostly here mostly who knows. you will need
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to, if you going to be and you saw that really wish i did. you want to help save the world needs into your own ah, do on al jazeera as wash as invasion of cream approaches. the 100 day moving. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you, 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in europe in museums. today. the g 7, a nato hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to its self proclaimed
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ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies on mil blasing opportunity for countries to secure their support for cotton. 2022, june on al jazeera. ah ah, ah.
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the house of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health, delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world. our latin america editor is in santiago and she says latin american leader has had hope the summit would deal with the source of the migration. there is a sense and certainly the biden administration had said that it was very, very important to, to put money into development in these countries when, when he 1st took office right now, what we're hearing is that it's more sort of to, to try to help the countries that are receiving the migrants like cut like columbia,
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which has millions of venezuelan so $7312000000.00 is not going to do the trick. so it is better than nothing, but certainly not enough both in terms of helping countries that are taking the majority of these migrant which is not united states and canada. interestingly enough, they really offer to take very few considering the size of both those countries. and also in terms of dealing with the source of the problem, the u. k. high court has approved a controversial government plan to send asylum seekers to rwanda. but human rights groups are appealing the ruling. the 1st flight with 30 migrants is scheduled to leave on monday. a cord am bolivia has found the accent or am president janine uneasy. guilty of mounting a coon 2019. she's been sentenced at 10 years in prison. and he has was accused of orchestrating the removal of her predecessor ever. morales. she denies the allegations. the u. s. secretary of defense lloyd austin says china is increasingly
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engaged in destabilizing military activity near taiwan. austin was speaking in singapore, at a meeting of security officials from around the world. it's been one months and shitty and block lay was shot in the heads by is really forces while she was on assignments. and janine, i'll ge 0 media network continues to demand their rapid independent and transparent investigation into her killing. those of the headlines, it's back to witness. next, on al jazeera by the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across buddhist to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs
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w. h o. making the healthy a world for you that everyone i reach out to you to pat lafond, l l, a l l, amazon, and i have a mazda 11. no political to do pamela up a key piece of our political passa. now we're not back. hello. hello mama.
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we've been mo mo, learned donald de la, the blue, him to move my long civil felicia mortgage. the 37 cisco was eli move done, don't chairs she will need cymbalta. she'll say to sir. wow, she says she's broad ramos moments. the bar hello.
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dolly can put the low moon on the little more to the full lead since. so i don't from don't maria valinda while mom was there was still one that will follow them. i don't know. she still more do with the wash it go. don't think i'm so my mom and i was met bob limit. no, no man, up let me deal by some call. stop billy. okay. a zillow's yellow olympic bye. bye bye. that's all it as
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it comes to talk to, you know, i've got a he's a guy came up for me with it cause good. my geometry a with a view more c i n i, j a n i e and their location in the end of the day to with about their i've, i've, on the net, it goes up to 3 bucks. yeah. and they're only i did the city just got home don't cuz i'm calling the shots and i found the gong. ginger married. and so she will and
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i wanted to, i shall literally the answer a on a this a victim law. and i think you and me, i'm a model. i miss leon. i leased my tooth. fairy la. it was a song noon tuan, pass glasser. oh, i see them. no proof to some oh my mont alicia. and you see a need something more with this much didn't come on my way. good. got me
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a last with you yesterday. my mom said good luck with good. i have a chance, you know, fed a grassy don't eat mom. no ali gigante bianco ma'am. so you are oh, i clearly we do our own. it's well. so rather than the more content. okay. in a class, one is to shift the 0. me lose you left
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me, you said one or village joel. more to lately late senior or village. oma. don't me look over the, the been here 2 suitcases on de la for me all. well i said well no fall is. yeah. get it. they build you the minimums regardless of what. okay . just thought i'll pay that over for over fair lu. the vinny? well, i thought, well, i said what the fit on proper elected of purell de la fo me. ah, if it was i resemble. oh,
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crap. the good to live well well, what was that one? remember song. and ma'am her little compatible. just super my ladder one. so please so nanda to come back to order bell now mama and now he she
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said your killer goodness, be some slow don't to of need asian to pack a trip is shot t it to be entered. this was for them relative the whole year to put the swap for about to go so that we should go over. bella soon, quiet go. yes, she was a butler. good. there was just that after me with my mom, consumer been re more love the lives. my mom. no. my mom. my mom and
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that's or should don't for me and me. why? 5 my m a power level book. no elementary a l m is on her. so is she said no sensitivity. studies are not the local level, she don't, they don't it will be georgia military flow. does it go to her love a bit at the conners on film. how we going to lemme we simply malady. we were malady for mileage. the all that's s a could be chair to move that movie lateral fee. while she lou
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going out of the limo, place a one of the battle. don't show that the fisa la to face of a car on diesel is jeff elite v jim. elsie knew that all the content miller was on face to face because with f, booker either read through over the thing i need to know, let me go to mila pierre. j. m. decide golf at $20.00.
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22264, no, to improve to or to turn the tip of t r. i know appeal other could they do is on goes i don't lavadini the producer of monarchy origin but she's also here is it for those reformulate on. so those are the viva when i was, was on burger's mom, jessica, still toley toley spray vital to genetic one with no, probably suki there as yamma. nelson, mom,
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humans. yeah, he's also. ready the stuff back in and let them up
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with my delivery of a lesson if a if i the chris i spoke with. 6 i oh oh oh oh oh, who do?
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oh do 000-000-0008 busted with a fella cuz i lose you. oh do
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oh yeah. oh good. i live lou: oh hey. do i have a a with both both. oh, thank you. oh, thank you. good. all
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she saw oh, the prolonged culture proving to norma with muggy shit. a normal good looking at a point to record with the home council from school. they do this with really good coverage with the sales you with what comes up on the grid. but that was here
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with your mother that joanna 1st and my mom. i'm just going to vision to suppose lear hill, official vision to pick out on here said no, i'm not going to run count them phone. i'm going to see what it lose you could just be like don't you? because it seems like you don't want, you will have better casualty in mom flip sit down with me, discuss it. i think at home loans, we're one of our postcolonial, superposition of a 1000000000 and company was kumato. let the fellows get baffled when you're suspended. margaret by say,
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you don't fail, i'm no flatbed to phone, says my bell book. who said papa, quite frankly. the girl mcbay booth is ruben mo. mm. see shipping in my room with the share the, just in a poke her she possibly can read on fella m r v corpus. it did talk in volleyball. she didn't as him for susan milford balance. she just known from cancer to come on, bob. ha ha ha, ha ha! one woman miss him when left seesaw, chunky lou feel up quite a while. it might be motion to them appreciative and picked up in my vicious la missile. you vision copied people there key, available on the corner, and i was going to let you slip up. thank you. get to come see. lemme once out. a little numa valley comes in limbo, han se knology dot good. giovanni got a long fight to ball less. won't box it up
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a lot from it doesn't about will renew it. my she did a lot of, she said my so she did it back. a good mama felt you might want to confront good dollars. don't come to engine fuel sent the hobbit aunty to and my brother john lucas, you know, lived up in the law and mash se upgrade my whole p a lip about it. well, good. since milton conference actually long was seen the fee, as if you read on amazon. you love, you. don't you measurements you, will they to tell you this late consequences of all my bel? yeah. political pinky, my bell. oh no, early. no, no. well, our best suit to select the jeep women to denver, just as soon. yeah, she left there soon. or sheila pursued nebraska alarm from albuquerque newly looked with a 1000 of on number by, by sam dubois don't. yeah, i got my see a thing or not go play by young about them one. i mean valid question by don't.
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yeah, we did commit bizarre. well, not particularly well, big best suited to perform a not for i maybe tell emma done that was they say that believe her and connie neighborhood or not. well, i've been on my own not to stay until now when we had silk, aka. if were to quote a little mafia, seymour, i couldn't will all be there. but you see why molly? a bit for the problem. not on tv. do you need any fussy thus? i don't, i vaguely, 2nd, the more vis or somebody. if you let me cheat, of course we do need to mo, mo, don't remember they're going to some documents. hit that if kill deep is killer more is low chip to read did. if you can stick low, you stick with with digital d it's i don't care plastic elect for lucas. lots of pasco, city,
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buffalo cement. no. saba, blue food. having to go through the phone system to come back in my life was at the top, gary tablets, you as young sophisticated did 20 a blue and we will look at a demand. so don't miss the how much do you want to use those? that got a i said,
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look for the summit server. so bad. a got a. i love it. i feel comfortable with a bunker le mars a luca. what does the y'all my? she'll book, she's in ms up home is also
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a little bit more go do that. could constitute visit with jim or not funds anyway, but don't, don't move on. most of the most the, the most you could come to sit there for a day with didn't know. could you go? i think it will not cause
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a witness. the ocean witnesses, claim witness. differences, witness change. witnesses, happiness, witness. blood, witness. sunlight, witness the flood witness. last witness, charity, witness, confusion, witness. clarity, witness. family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness. when al jazeera or carrots temperature have been in the fifty's the last 5 days. it's been very hot and the wind blowing down from kuwait. his diary start to pick up the dust of already sitting outside so sat is not particularly pretty picture hot dry and dusty
9:59 am
is fairly typical at this time the throughout the arabian peninsula, not through iraq back towards sometimes as far west as the mediterranean coast, which is the case at the moment though, it is cooling down here, for example, the focusing gathers 34 on saturday, but it comes down to the 27th. the wind direction, changes in the wind, picks up to some degree. now i said this is going to get hot and dusty, but the heat is going to be tempered to some degree because it as it come across the water doe house, $48.00 degrees goes down to 42. so it's dusty still hot but not as hot if you like . but it's very typical for this time, the year. the whole of africa. optically, somalia has seen some rain recent, they could see a bit more line of light is blue, it's not much i know, but it's something the few shows up in these years. you highlands mostly that rain and truck graft crews, further west towards the gulf of guinea in southern africa. take the south have just been very quiet recently. looks lovely. cape towns at 24 degrees. that is about to change. the forecast the weekend looks pretty good,
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but afterwards think of what a windy from the west. ah . join the debate, wonderful as it is, the the plan matic language. it really means nothing on the ground. annette or online at your voice queen is be removed as out of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journals that look like? need to listen to those voice perspective. even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this green on al jazeera, ah .


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