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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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as soon as they produce gas patricky, mika, eric will do. the intro to hong kong across the initiation of flight between they have on in caracas is also facilitating trade development. and will also kind of expand the relation between the 2 nations. either in campbell by uses as m as in movie me into, into the did with you that a little more later man, you got to a decreasing into less unit economy. classical ms. ellison campbell basis. he asked the car was last year a show around on i'm from push on my dad, and i would like to once again when the come, his marable, president in the head,
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the negation. and i hope that it will be another step in expansion of relations between 2 countries within the and i was that they had companion. and so b c dan is phase is better because we down to the inflection in less and less unison read. anyone. it's on the car, he's been you're wondering how does it? we've been bringing your life pictures from teracon of a press conference being held between iran's president, the burglary sea and the venezuelan president and nicholas my daughter who's on a tour of the country. they have just signed a 20 year agreement across a range of issues including energy around it's been supplying venezuela with crude
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oil, despite us sanctions imposed on the 2 countries. president madura had been talking about the various elements that both countries had been sharing the was talking about oil and defense. it was talking about the benefits of tourism from iran to venezuela as well. i want to bring in some more stuff. he's a professor of political science at the university of turnaround. he's been with us last that press conference has been happening. good to have the weather. so thanks very much indeed for your patience. one of the things that both men did refer to and they were speaking off the cuff, that didn't appear to be any prepared notes. was the element of joint stones against what they regard as imperialism. how much do you think that this meeting was symbolic of that as much as embedding if you like the, the cooperation between the 2, the 2 countries? yes, i also did notice that i think both president saw talked extensively about standing
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up to american imperialism and colonialism. and i think they want to project an image, the, an alignment of a standing up to american hegemony is taking place. and i think such a strategy possibly could be successful if bigger countries, such as china and russia, also join in. also, i think was significant. then the press conference, something i noticed was that delegations of both countries were mostly an economic delegation rather than military or security oriented. most of the economic ministers and economic aids in both presidents. they talked about economic cooperation extensively in terms of tourism and new g construction, etc. president, missouri had said that the 2 countries were and i hope i get this quote right, the vanguard of an emerging global order in which the u. s. no longer has military
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dominant going back to the point you made about, it depends on whether not china and russia steps. and what do you make of that dynamic? what do you think the chances are that china and russia and possibly other countries as well might step in? i'm joining venezuela and iran. while in the past few months, the global order has been changing as a result of the war and ukraine. russia has become under very severe heavy sanctions by western powers, especially by the americans. and iran has also been distant from the united states as a result of donald trump leaving the nuclear deal. so both iran and russia have more incentive to joined the so called eastern camp. and china has a very different story. i mean the chinese are a very rapidly rising power. so they do have a lot of interest in challenging american power in the long run. whether this
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actually for and an alliance between these countries, we'll have to wait and see. we have to remember that each of these countries have different grievances when it comes to the united states. so it's sort of more the in alliance of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. nevertheless, i do think that in the case of iran in venezuela, if the 2 countries are able to help each other economically, then in terms of the sanctions, the euro being under the united states of sanctions, then that's going to help the 2 countries very much for example, in the case of tourism both because of american sanctions, as well as the coral and pandemic tourism in iran has been on the decline severely . the 2 presidents, for example, talked about direct flights between the 2 countries, which are, it's quite a distance. so it's going to be a very long flight, but in fact, if such
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a flight will help kickoff tourism between the 2 countries. then i think that will also help in regards to withstanding american sanctions. i want to ask you about the economic balance of this because both presidents have been talking about the mutual cooperation between the 2 countries. but we went through the list of what was being covered by the 20 year agreement. for example. the emphasis appears to be more on what iran can do for venezuela rather than what venezuela could do for iran . so tell me what in your, what your analysis is of hi, venezuela can benefit iran. so i think what the venezuelans want from iran is mostly in regards to the energy sector when it comes to iran. i mean, iran is an ex border of oil and gas, so a doesn't really need any, any assistance in regards to the energy sector from brand as well. but i think for you on getting construction project road projects. i mean, i saw in the video con,
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for in the press conference that the minister of rhodes in urban construction, ross time cost me for example, was present. also i saw that the vice president for educational and technological affairs was there. so getting i think our projects, especially construction projects in venezuela would be in iran interests. also we talked about the issue of tourism. i mean, if tourism can succeed between the 2 countries, then that would help iran make up for western tourism, which is actually dried up since the core on the pandemic started. and also because of american sanctions on iraq. really interesting to get your thoughts on this. so thank you very much indeed, comments. most of it, we appreciate you being with us and i'll just thank you. the secretary of defense. it says china is becoming more aggressive and destabilizing
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in the asia region, including around time one, lloyd austin was speaking in singapore, at a meeting of security officials from around the world called the shangri la dialogue. comes a day off to austin, met china's defense minnes and wife in class. ways, said beijing won't hesitate to start a war. if taiwan declares independence. we see growing coersion from beijing. we really witnessed a steady increase in provocative and destabilizing military activity near taiwan. and that includes peel a aircraft flying near taiwan in record numbers and recent months, and nearly on a daily basis. and we remain focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo across across the taiwan strait. but the p. r c's moves, threatened to undermine security and stability, and prosperity and the endo pacific. jessica washington's at the summit in
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singapore. oh, be savings us china relations, a key focus of the shangri la dialogue, which is the leading security so much in the asia pacific to get some analysis regarding china's foreign policy approach and defense. i'm joined now by unison from the student center. she's the director of the china program, and thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate your time. any thoughts on the us secretary of defense, lloyd austin's address a few messages directly aimed at china. what do you think the response to those messages would be? well, i think my chinese certainly do not appreciate that the, what they will perceive as a tag on the chinese position in the region and also on china's foreign policy on defense policy in the region. so it will be very curious to see what the chinese defense minister will say tomorrow. but i thought was what was interesting was also
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the presentations and the speeches, but other ministers that we have seen her a 2nd throughout speech and a lease to buy the donation depends minister he was saying about there's an h away . and if you as well show operating asia, you asked me to respect to for observation, wasting the chinese like them as a very much because it goes along with the chinese position that a shows ation facia. i need, he was, wants to play a role in asia and then used to obey the rules that are made by the asian countries . so that the child, the 2nd child being mentioned a lot about the national order, especially the new based all there is a for the chinese. the question is who through and who is all there? north korea promoted its top nuclear, negotiated to foreign minister, chosen has led towards the united states until young nuclear program or promotion comes in washington as warning. north korea is preparing
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a 7 year test. the country's leader kim jong has place to meet power with power still had an al jazeera girls on north brides activists and governments discuss how to end allie marriages in iraq. i'm alison that, i'm get in the colombian, amazon, where deforestation is rising at an alarming rate, putting the at risk the world's most important rain forest. ah believes that the result of this great and historic presidential election, if i, when a lot of people felt the world was being turned upside down the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that
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citizens have political and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. runs a slave and the farmer for you will be able to sit down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrim, some visitors from around the world. hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crofts. people. this entry, those sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on, but hearing that splashes of color shows signs of a fight back resigns obese donny decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if me and another person opens the work that can be here was talked
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here again, it's lee, it's will open by itself. young palestinian is really designers, and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let them all at once. there were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now there were just 50. the old cities always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because it city still have very much for lou. ah, we want to go to 0 reminder about told stories this hour. iran and venezuela. i'm
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signed a 20 year cooperation agreement. the deal means the work together in the fields of oil, patrick chemicals, tourism and culture. president nickos motto is in tech. ron for talks with iranian president abraham lacy, 20 countries at the summit of the americas have announced a so called los angeles declaration on migration. it creates incentives for governments to take it more migrants, major regional leaders, boycott at the event. it's been a month since 3 and a block lay was shot by as many forces. one of the assignments in jimmy al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation. insta, killing ukrainian officials have made another plea for heavy weapons from the west as the eastern city of some gerald, and yet continues to come on to russian fire ukrainian military. he says there's no chance of holding the city without the delivery of weapons that have been promised by the wes authorities. and keith, i say,
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up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers have been killed on the front line each day. is donald williams a somebody doing ms. mcqueen, it's currently it's more common this area, but it all started here. 5 grad missiles landed on the school. it's difficult for us. the house is bent down, the shells were flying them up. a goody them. bumble paula. new discovery show a bomb hit our house. it fell through the roof, penetrated the ceiling in the hall. it's now lying there. somebody needs to take a look at it in case it explodes. as of a, today's conference is taking place in baghdad to discuss the role and integration of a rocky woman and society. early marriage and woman's education are also in the agenda . the conference was organized by the iraqi government and the united nations population fun mackwood. although head is following developments from the conference in baghdad, we have seen here at table leaders from rural areas have been invited in g or presented this and also represent as from ministers of education and health,
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to speak about the consequences of the early marriage era. because you know that according to the united nations, about 25 percent of iraqi girls were married before the age of 18. and to have been a lot of consequences on the many luck live. many life aspects impacting their lives and many dropped out of education. many had physical and psychological effects impacted or caused by the early marriage despite the fact that the civil status law of a rock band, the marriage before 18 years old. but there's a lot of violations of the law in many areas across iraq, especially in rural areas. so that come for us today and tomorrow is addressing
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these sectors of the iraqi society trying to raise awareness of the impacts of the consequences of the early marriage. as i mentioned, that representatives from the ministries of education of health advocate, human rights advocates, and also none government organizations representatives in fashion, united states has had a 40 year high as being driven by the rising cost of food and petrol. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates again next week. article hand reports from washington d. c. inflation and america is beginning to bite. now the highest, it's been in 40 years. prices rising 8.6 percent over the year through may. and it isn't just about numbers, it's about sacrifice. it's rough. i'm in this area is so high that taking all your money in just have to sit down and eat less. but it means americans
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paychecks simply don't go as far as they used to flying costs. 37 percent more rent . that's up almost 7 percent and food is across the board. more expensive. the price of chicken up 5 percent in a year. you might find picking a one price for the same weight, and then go back with different higher, you know, behind the biggest increase by far gas. it is up by almost 50 percent in just a year, according to gas buddy. but the website, the track caught the average gallon of gas in the u. s. is $5.00 the highest, it has ever been. there are numerous reasons for the rising prices. a spike in food and energy costs resulting from russia's invasion of ukraine is one prudent price i consider in america hard. but other prices are rising because of the ongoing supply chain issues triggered by the coven pandemic. there's too much demand, not enough supply. and
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a shortage of transportation capacity. president joe biden is also blaming company consolidation for many of the increases for 99 major ocean line shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states. 9, they form 3 consortium. these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1000 percent. congress is poised to pass a bill that would give us regulators more power over the shipping companies. but that likely won't have an immediate impact. and next week, the federal reserve is poised to raise interest rates again, meaning debt will be that much more expensive for americans and when interest rates keep rising, people feel well, credit is less easy access. it's harder to buy a home. that's also, you know, a negative, but these are the sorts of things it has to happen. as you say, the central bank needs to take action. it is taking action in attempt to stabilize the u. s. economy with americans pain a heavy price particle haine, al jazeera,
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washington. bolivia is former interim president, jeanine and yours has been found guilty of mounting a coup in 20. 19, of course sentenced her to 10 years in prison. and hers was accused of orchestrating the removal of a predecessor evil morales. but she maintains her innocence when years has been held in pre trial detention for almost a year. hundreds of thousands of factors are protected, jungle and columbia is amazon, rain forest are being destroyed and nearly every year. trees have been burned or cut down to make space for cattle ranching mining, a drug growing operations. in the 1st of 2 reports, i'll just hit as alessandra ramp yet he flies over the amazon to assess the damage and illegal road cut through what used to be pristine rain forest. around the cemetery of centuries, old trees reduced to dust. look, those are big patches and most likely for cocoa fields or cattle ranching,
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which will definitely disconnect this area with data runs and n g o that protects the colombian amazon. he brought us on a 5 hour long flight across 5 national parks and supposedly protected indigent flames. none or intact criminal hands are grabbing land and burning trees for intensive agriculture, kettle ranging your coca farming le, let me to the length of the magnitude and the intensity of the destruction that we are able to see over 5 national parks on the most bio diverse area of colombia in the middle of the fragile transition between the andes in the amazon, that is a warning call. not only for colombia, but for humanity as a whole. the colombian amazon is lost over a 1000000 actors of rain forests in the last 5 years. and the area larger than the island of cyprus, rodrigo says, a complex web of interest are to blame, pre medicate, all i knew. first of all, this has to do with the international conglomerate. interested in cheap land for the world agro commodities market. more than
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a 1000000 heads of cattle have been introduced in this area, surrounding the cheery be kept a national park alone. that is because it is also a way to longer money from drug trafficking and illegal mining. the level of deforestation accelerated up to the government, signed a piece deal with 5 rebels in 2006 today. huge ranches extend for as far as the i can see. one of the 1st things we notice as you walk through the spurn patches of the jungle is the silence. gone are the sounds of the animals, the birds, the inn 6 that live in the forest. all that amazing biodiversity turned into ashes . colombian president, divan. duke a pledge to cut deforestation by half by the end of august, and virtually optimistic promise. yet the military entitled for station initiative and new laws targeting dose, causing environmental devastation,
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are starting to pay dividends mostly middle tanya, this open at the 1st years of this operation have been questionable because the military exclusively went after the core people logging and not the mastermind if we also had an outdated legal framework because believe it or not, grabbing land wasn't a crime here, but under pressure internationally, things have started to change. in recent months, a major land grabber and 2 local mares were ready for the changes that offer a glimmer of hope that things could improve before it's too late for all alison. and yet the l. just some quizzes and the 2nd boat from the amazon alessandra around p s e. visits a community work to conserve the most sensitive, unimportant areas of the rain forest by supporting other ways to make money in the region. you can see that at 13 gmc on saturday here on auto 0, do you think government is being allowed to go ahead with a controversial plan to send asylum seekers to rwanda? a british judge rejected arguments and charities, and human rights groups of the policy was unlawful. the 1st flight is planned for
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tuesday. that baba has more a defeat for opponents of the government's rwanda program, at least in the short term. the u. k. hi, court says next tuesday's flight supporting the 1st group of asylum seekers took a gully can go ahead. pro refugee groups had argued the policy was unlawful, and they were backed in court on friday by the you and refugee agency, the you and hcr. she outlined the hopelessness of the judicial system. i grew under, it doesn't have the abilities, it doesn't have lawyers, it doesn't have interpreters, it simply doesn't have the capacity to deal with this. but of course that is not the issue. or the fact is that re wonder is unsafe. it's a place where any opposition to the current government is often locked up. we don't want to see refugees locked up. we want to see refugees look after safely. but the judge here said it was important. the home of his be able to implement immigration control decisions. he's allowed the groups to appeal vote. that's going to happen
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on monday. all along the government's accepted that they would be legal challenges to its plan while insisting it would soon be sending people to rwanda. but it's still possible, it could face a wider judicial review, including into whether a wonder in fact, is a safe country to send vulnerable people. the u. k. and rwanda announced the agreement back in april. the 1st stage is involved a payment of more than a $150000000.00 to the rwandan government. the british government hopes the scheme will deter people from crossing the english channel from france in small boats. last year 28000 people made the dangerous journey so far this year, more than 10000 people have done so. but experts doubt that the ruined a scheme will change much. the u. k. gavin, the re. busy what had been described as host telling bottoming policies toward my guns and seekers. and the said now that people come across the board. and on the contrary, reducing the goals for, for cleaning upside them,
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increase if the document you go for now, the flanks to ruin the account in theory begin in the next few weeks, opponents of rwanda scheme will try to convince the court that the entire policy is unlawful. the dean, bob al jazeera london, the war and ukraine is pushing european union nations to diversify the energy output. the blog, one half of its needs to be met by renewable resources by 2030 france is investing in technology is to increase its production of bio gas in the cash bottle reports for one year in the countryside south of paris, a new by a gas plant almost blends into the horizon. it was set up by 6 local farmers, including luke general time to convert their from waste into energy. each day they dump crops vegetables and other organic matter into the system to ensure or maintain every day. we put 30 tons of waste into this container,
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it goes up into the grinder waters at it, and then it's all pumped into the for mentor, where the gas is produced. the plant is an extra source of revenue for the farmers whose work says luke is at the mercy of an increasingly unpredictable climate. but it's also now playing a role in helping europe to reduces reliance on russian gas lagrano law. the government, 5 years ago, set a goal that france would produce a 100 percent of its gas by 2035. were not there yet, of course. but what we're doing helps us become more tournaments in terms of our energy needs or for the gas is purified. into by me, thing that is cleaner than natural gas. if then fed into a pipeline to the nearby town of home with the gas produced at the farm, helps to heat hundreds of homes in this town. as well as the swimming pool and the hospital in france, 3 new bio gas plants is switched on each week as private and public investment in
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the sector is increased in recent years. fall prevalent in for the aquila was one that we need to develop these types of energy as part of the work we're doing in this region to transition to more sustainable sources loc buyer gas. as the you tries to wean itself for fresh and gas in response to the war in ukraine, bio gas alone can't fulfill the blocks immediate energy needs, but is clearly part of the picture and a step towards a more sustainable future. natasha butler al jazeera homer. you france, that's all for this news arm. i'm me back in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories, sir. bye. ah . and he has begun the faithful walls, copies on its way to castle book. your travel package today. right. not
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quite as windy in saturday as it was yesterday, but you still see the thing. it looks nothing like summer blowing through towards scandinavia. now everybody else is enjoying what you might expect was significant deep showers than the southeast corner. so really from romania down towards turkey and greece between these 2 elements. it's relatively wall, fairly sunny hot in places. i think particularly of spain this last into sunday with the showers, probably easing a little bit in romania and serbia. and then towards albania, but still pretty heavy in turkey. that normally breeze doing some cooling action. 25 nice down bull. but to be honest, that's not bad at all. is it compare that with the forty's in an to the fear. this is typically a hot part of spain and he remains a hot pause by the bit of relief from the heat for the north, while 2 showers in the higher grounded northern spain in africa. look at this plume of cloud. here, there is a big shout running out through togo, bernini, and nigeria. they could easily be repeated the next day or so. as you can see,
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the orange tops there, and that spreads back towards the west coast as well for the next 2 days, or bring those showers into the sale north of that. well, the winds east, the still dust in the air, but no act shock, which is 10 degrees below normal is back up to normal. a line of the journey. when creekside is tornadoes, everything it touched in me. when people me to be a stop to tell us what to do with exclusive interviews, and i get on my right to with teams on the ground with award winning documentary on m a
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