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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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next day or so, as you can see, the orange tops there and that spreads back towards the west coast as well for the next 2 days, or bring those shares into the sale north of that. well, the winds east, the still dust in the air, but no arc shock, which is 10 degrees below normal is back up to normal hatter air weight issue and line of the journey. when the news break side is tornado destroyed everything it touched in mayfield. when people me to be heard and the story town, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports i get on my right the wind. b. j 0 has teens on the ground tip when you award winning documentaries and lives on air and online ah,
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strengthening of relations with iran, venezuela as president, is in tech run after being snubbed at a major american summit. leaders at that summit to reach a deal to address migration affecting many of their countries ah, about this and this is all the 0 live from don't have also coming up demanding justice for sharina r block lab one month after is ready, forces shot and killed the al jazeera journalist, the u. s. accuses china of provocative military activity near taiwan. that's d, stabilizing the region. ah, but as well, and iran has signed a 20 year corporation deal. it includes collaboration in the energy and tourism sectors. president, nicholas maduro. his intern for talks with iranian leaders, b,
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u. s. a sanctioned iran and venezuela, and in recent years they been expanding their co operation. but it was trip, coincides with the summit of the americas that is being held in los angeles. washington did not invite him to the high level meeting, benefee and we will be witnesses in the coming years. our countries will confront the difficulties they face and create a new world. the youth invent willa, the youth and iran must know that the world of the future will be a just world without imperialism. a world of equality, both of us have to build that future mister president. and i can tell you and all of the people of iran that you can rely on the support of venezuela to a low nation. venezuela has shown that in the face of sanctions from enemies, they stand strong against imperialism and colonialist. countries with this government cooperation has taken place in the fields of energy, economy, science, agriculture, and defense. this is evidence that opportunities are available within venezuela and
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we are willing to facilitate cooperation. the signing of this agreement is another step in expanding relations in the coming years. joining me now via skype is 100 will saudi. he's a professor of political science at the university of tacro, and thank you very much indeed for being with us. both man, they're talking about taking a stand against what they regard as imperialism. is this something that these countries can do on their own? well, i do think that it is significant that the 2 countries are trying to join up against american pressure. and we have to remember that they are not alone. we also have countries such as russia and china at the same time. however, we have to remember that all of these 4 countries, they have different grievances when it comes to the american. also perhaps more importantly, each of these 4 countries has a different internal ideology. so this is very different from what we had during the cold war, where the east and west had 2 different very distinct ideologies. right now i think
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what we are witnessing is the formation of a anti american coalition of consisting of, perhaps in russia, china as well as countries such as iran in venezuela. and i think if we're talking about this from an american perspective, i think it's very bad policy from the americans of pushing away countries such as iran and venezuela, into the cap of the russians. and the chinese we mentioned before that they had both signed this 20 year cooperation deal both and were talking about the mutual corporation but between both countries. but when odyssey was carrying life pictures of the press conference, it sounded very much is that would be emphasis was on what iran can bring to venezuela. and talk to us about what, how iran is going to benefit out of this deal. so when ever i me re se to call for a less than a year ago, his foreign policy doctrine was that he was,
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he was saying that he would balance uranian foreign policy between the east and the west. nevertheless, the nuclear negotiations between iran and the americans have so far not yielded any results. and as a result of that, iran is under a very heavy sanctioned by the americans. and currently there is very little economic cooperation in trade between you on the western countries. and because of that you're on, is turning to alternatives. and these alternatives are primarily the russia in china, where you on has also signed similar agreements 25 year agreements. and now iran is turning to venezuela. what you're on is seeking in this agreement is almost the economic cooperation in terms of construction roads, technological cooperation, and also tourism. iran is really trying to bring up its tourism to the
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pre sanction level, the pre sanction level tourists it had for most of the western countries which has dried up in recent years. and perhaps then as well that could be a source of tourists for you want. as i mentioned before, nicholas madrid whose trip comes at the same time as the summit of the americas which has been held in los angeles. and he was not invited to that trip. there is a sense that his current tour, if you like, he started off kentucky, was pretty much organized at the last minute. how much do you think the meeting that is happening in tucson is as much down to, to symbolism as much as signing cooperation agreements. i think symbolism is a very important part of this, and this is not on the, on the part of the venezuelans also on the uranian part. we have to remember that just a few days ago, the e a passed a resolution against the wrong. and also, as you mentioned that as well or not,
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been invited to the americas conference. so i think both countries are trying to demonstrate that they are not isolated internationally. and this is primarily directed at the merrick and you're trying to say that we do have alternative countries that we can trade and we can have cooperation which and even though we are under heavy american sanction, what the 2 presidents actually mentioned in the press conference was this phrase of resistance, they mentioned a few times that they would resist american power. so i think symbolism definitely plays an important role. i'm sorry, professor of political science at university of tech, ron. so thank you very much indeed. 20 countries at the summit of the americas have reached the deal to tackle migration, the so called los angeles declaration creates incentives for them to take in more migrants. but with some regional leaders, like nicholas due to either not invited or boycotting the event,
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is not exactly clear how effective the measures are going to be runnels reports from the sundries across the western hemisphere. millions are on the move, fleeing poverty, crime, repression and climate change. this was the focus of the final day of the summit of the americas. with this declaration, we're transforming our approach to managing migration in the americas. each of us, each of us signing up to commitments recognizes the challenges we all share. the los angeles declaration on migration includes burden sharing with countries of central and south america, agreed to streamline the path for migrants to resettle. the us is putting up more than $300000000.00 to finance the effort. countries have agreed to absorb higher numbers of refugees and temporary workers. for example, mexico will integrate 20000 refugees into its workforce. the u. s. will resettle $20000.00 refugees next year. a small number given the enormity of the problem.
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migration is a humanitarian crisis and a political problem for president joe biden, but it's not only the us that is grappling with the surging human tide in columbia . i'm or if you me, the own up on thoughts on me younger than me. good aunties, been columbia. we have received 1800000 venezuela, my brothers and sisters that have fled the worst oppression. and we have received them without being a rich country. the u. s. pledge to improve its efficiency and fairness in processing people arriving at it's bordered and will lead a law enforcement effort targeting human trafficking gains. if you pray on desperate and vulnerable migrants for profit, we are coming for you. we are coming after you. no one expects these measures to stop migration. the reasons are, many clauses are deep and the pressures are strong. o, e at dr. mostly an insecurity. my country currently is subject to great insecurity
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. there are armed groups that are stealing, raping, killing, and kidnapping. be it haitians are foreign citizens by these criminal activities. they have prevented free circulation of people and goods in the country. the declaration is unlikely to satisfy every one, despite the smiles and the hand shakes. relations in the americas are acrimonious, but it is a step forward. and given the controversies disagreements and no shows that of mark this summit, it is perhaps more than many may have hoped for. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles saturday marks one month since sharina blacklight was shot by israeli forces while she was an assignment in janine r. does it a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation and the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. a barclay was with val, does it of a 25 years governing the story of this really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine and his enron con reports. she's being honored and remembered in
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more ways than 11 month gone from the killing of our desire, a germ, the sharina, barclay, and calls for an investigation into her death. continue to be ignored by these railways. the u. s. state department has said it wants an open independent is really investigation. despite the fact serene was an american citizen. 7 but investigation or not yet hasn't dimly impact above the. she was born hours after sharina block, lee was killed by israeli soldiers after screens death. there was never any doubt what her parents wanted to kill than me born serene abu acclaim. ron was born at mid day on may. the 11th let the hood and they can assume i wallclear, we called her should in a black lane order to honor her. i was in the hospital the night before. before i entered the operation room, my husband told me she had been killed and he wanted to call our daughter at at,
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and i was shocked and sad should im with guess we were going to court our baby elma . but we didn't hesitate to change the name at 2 weeks old is already seen israeli settlers attack a village while she won't remember this attack. as likely she will see many incursions like this in her life. the kind of witness that sharina the journalist would seek out and report on her. and she was doing just that in jeanine when she was shot in the head on mainland by israel soldiers. ah, on the day the funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pul barrister, nanny, drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in a funeral and bearing this is bridget university. the most prestigious educational institution in palestine. this is where sharin helped the next generation of journalists, her losses hit, the camp is hard. the university is announced
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a number of ways to honor and remember her, including the sharing of walkley scholarship. one of her best female journalist sharon is an example that needs to remain a life for the students in order to continue learning from and is inspiring from from garza to the occupied west bank across palestine. shrines killing is not only short to be united palestinians here and abroad in grief. and in runs brought us the latest from jeanine, where people have been gathering to mock our barclays death. i'm just going to get out the way and show you there's a memorial service going on at the location where serene was actually killed representatives of the church, the family. ah, here i will get to see these, this kind of thing throughout the day as mo moon is come in, people come in into jenny. now where am i? she standing is the western outskirts of janine refugee camp,
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where these ready forces have been mounting several incursions into the area where sharina was standing is like i said, just behind those people that these railey soldiers were about 500 meters up the road. it's a very narrow road, it's very difficult to see what target there may have been. particularly sharina was actually wearing a blue vest on the blue helmet with press clearly written on it as were the people that were with her. so it's a very difficult to see how this would have been anything other than what people are saying is which was a targeted killing. but the investigation hasn't happened and we keep talking about this or is there a media network? as i said that it once that investigation take place that's falling on deaf, israeli is indeed there is pressure mounting from the us state to pump new say they want an independent israeli investigation, but that's even closing constellation, remember sharina blacklight was actually an american citizen. if this had happened
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to an american citizen, any other part of the world is like a, b, b, f, b, i would be here on the ground. still ahead on al jazeera, my judge has done a decision about the u. k. is controversial plan to send asylum seekers to rwanda. i'm from product to power. we're going to tell you how waste is helping france in itself is to reduce reliance on russian gas. ah. the area to watch for sunday in particular, i think is, was not quite showing up on the satellite picture. but worse is hinting from cambodia down through bonia towards job. or i think it will be the wittiest area where these thunderstorms could produce some flooding. there's not much chance of that, even though it will be your course afternoon, thunder in singapore column and some parts. i think of sumatra, australia has got
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a completely different tenet to the weather. it's been very cold overnight because the antarctic has worked a long way north woods. so there was a frost, a genuine frost in land, in many places, temperatures at their lowest 7 in brisbin, 7 high. well, this is pretty much on the cold side. for tropical australia that the cold can be east by the sunshine, the real cold wind even leaving tasmania heading towards d. zaden. there is rain still to be had is not quite as cold and purse as to be said. the rain, i suspect to be welcome as it runs across wi, now, new zealand itself. now i know it looks like a lot of snow in the settings. are warnings out for the mountains. the mountain passes, not really for a lower level, but it's only about another to $15.00 to $20.00 centimeters or so. however, a sunday and monday and tuesday, the system just keeps supplying. ah, ah,
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ah, which is 0. when ever you are oh, i care about healthy you left engaging with the rest of the world. we're really it didn't take you into a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there. lou. ah, what you all just did a reminder, what top stories this are iran and valensuela have signed a 20 year cooperation agreement. as part of the deal though,
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work together in the fields of oil, petro chemicals, tourism and culture. president nicholas mottos in tech, on 4 talks with the iranian president, abraham bracy, 20 countries at the summit of the americas. how about answer the so called los angeles declaration on migration. it creates incentives for governments to take in more micros. but some regional leaders weren't invited of the boycott at the event . it's been a month since sharina block that was shot by is ready for 6 fall on assignments in janine, i'll just get a media network continues to demand a record independent and trans sparren's investigation into the killing the u. s. secretary of defense. it says china is becoming more aggressive and destabilizing in the asia region, including around taiwan, light. austin was speaking in singapore, at a meeting of security officials, moran, the world called the shangri la dialogue. it comes a day after austin met china's defense mercer way, franklin way said beijing won't hesitate to start
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a war if time one declares independence we see growing coersion from beijing we rit witnessed a steady increase in provocative and destabilizing military activity near taiwan. and that includes p l, a aircraft flying near taiwan in record numbers and recent months, and nearly on a daily basis. and we remain focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo. a cost across the taiwan strait. but the p. r c's moves threatened to undermine security and stability, and prosperity in the end of pacific. jessica washington's at the summit in singapore. don't you see the u. s. china relations, a key focus of the shanker law dialogue, which is the leading security summit in the asia pacific to get some analysis
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regarding china's foreign policy approach and defend. i'm joined now by unison from the student center. she's the director of the china program, and thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate your time. any thoughts on the u. s. secretary of defense, lloyd austin, address a few messages directly aimed at china. what do you think the response to those messages would be? well, i think more time, you certainly do not appreciate that the what they will perceive as a tag on the chinese position in the region. and also on china's foreign policy on defense policy in the region. so it will be very curious to see what the chinese defense minister will say tomorrow. but i thought was what was interesting was also the presentations and the speeches by other ministers that we have seen her a secretary of state speech and a lease to buy the donation depends minister he was saying about there's an h away
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and you as well show operating asia, you asked me respect authorization, where i think the chinese like them as a very much because it goes the line with the chinese positions at a shows ation facia. and he was, wants to play a role asia and then used to obey the rules that are made by the asian countries. so that the child, the 2nd child being mentioned a lot about the national order, especially the movies. all there is a for the chinese, the question is will through and who's all there? north korea's promoted its top nuclear negotiator to foreign minister, chosen high has led told so the united states on pyongyang, nuclear program or promotion comes as washington as warning that north korea is preparing a 7th nuclear test. countries leader can go on as place to meet power with power. ukrainian officials made another plea for heavy weapons from the west as the eastern city is valid and yet continues to command a russian fire mccraney military. he says there is no chance of holding on to the
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city without the delivery of weapons that have been promised. authorities and keep say that up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers are being killed on the front line each day down the menu on the regular aquila currently it's more cam this area, but it all started here. 5 grad missiles landed on the skull. it's difficult for us . the house is bent down, the shells were flying them up again. let them bumble bella, needy screech, a bomb hit our house. it fell through the roof, penetrated the ceiling in the hall. it's now lying there. somebody needs to take a look at it in case it explodes. russia and china have opened a new cross border bridge and the far east to boost bilateral trade. most is transport minister says the bridge will help push annual trade to more than 1000000 tons of goods. china is a major buyer of russian natural resources in agricultural products. moscow is seeking beijing's help as it faces sweeping western sanctions. following its
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invasion of ukraine. gun fighting between armed groups erupt in and libya's capital tripoli on friday. soldiers were deployed and police helped civilians take shelter . at least one person as reported have been killed. violence is increased in tripoli recently as divisions deepened between rival government groups. iraq is hosting a conference to discuss the role and integration of iraqi women and society. early marriage and women's education are also in the agenda. the conference was organized by the iraqi government and the united nations population fund knocking with the warhead as follow the developments at the conference. we have seen here at table leaders from rural areas have been invited n g was presented this and also represent as from ministers of education and health, to speak about the consequences of early marriage in era. because you know that according to the united nations, about 25 percent of iraqi curves were married before the age of 18. and to
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have been a lot of consequences on the many luck live. many life aspects impacting their lives and many dropped out of education. many had physical and psychological effects impacted or caused by marriage despite the fact that the civil status law of a rock band, the marriage before 18 years old. but there's a lot of violations of the law in many areas across iraq, especially in rural areas. so that come for us today and tomorrow is addressing these sectors of the iraqi society trying to raise awareness of the impacts of the consequences of any marriage. as i mentioned that representatives from the ministry
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of. ready education of health advocates, human rights advocates, and also none governmental organizations, representatives in haiti, gangs that reported of kidnapped 36 people. there were living in the capitol portal, pranced by bus and heading south to meadow. guanine, experts, a criminal gangs had become more powerful since president voices of an owl was killed last year. they forced schools and businesses to close search teams in brazil have found what appeared to be human remains in a river where an indigenous expert and a british journalist disappeared. bonaparte ada, a specialist and isolated tribes and journalist dom phillips, went missing in the amazon rain forest on sunday. they were on a reporting trip, but he said they'll test the remains against blood found on a fisherman's boat. olivia's former interim president jimmy 9 years has been found guilty of mounting a coup in 2019 a court sent, inserted 10 years in prison,
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and yet was accused of orchestrating the removal of her predecessor even more dollars. she says she's innocent, and yours was held in detention for nearly a year before her trial. a legal challenge to a u. k. government plan to send asylum seekers to her wander has failed. but his judge rejected arguments from charities in human rights groups that the policy was unlawful. the 1st flight is planned for tuesday. that in bother has more a defeat for opponents of the government's ruin the program, at least in the short term, the u. k. hi, court says next tuesday's flight to porting the 1st group of asylum seekers. took a gully can go ahead. pro refugee groups had argued the policy was unlawful, and they were backed in court on friday by the you and refugee agency, the you and hcr. she outlined the hopelessness of the judicial system. i. englander, it doesn't have facilities that doesn't have lawyers. it doesn't have interpreters, it simply doesn't have the capacity to deal with this. but of course that is not
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the issue or the fact is that we're one that is unsafe. it's a place where any opposition to the county government is often locked up. we don't want to see refugees locked up. we want to see refugees look off the safely, but the judge here said it was important. the home office be able to implement immigration control decisions. he's allowed the groups to appeal vote. that's going to happen on monday. all along. the government's accept it that they would be legal challenges to its plan while insisting it would soon be sending people to rwanda. but it's still possible. it could face a white, a judicial review, including into whether a wander, in fact, is a safe country to send vulnerable people. the u. k. in rwanda announced the agreement back in april. the 1st stages involved a payment of more than $150000000.00 to the rwandan government. the british government hopes the scheme will deter people from crossing the english channel from france in small boats. last year 28000 people made the dangerous journey. say
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for this year, more than $10000.00 people have done so. but experts doubt that the rwanda scheme will change much. you take government has already been in the range of what had been described as hostile environment policies toward my guns and assigning seekers . and the said now people come across the board, and on the contrary, reducing the goals for, for cleaning upside them, increases the document you go for now, the flanks to run the account in theory, begin in the next few weeks, opponents of the rwanda scheme will try to convince the court that the entire policy is unlawful. the dean barbara al jazeera london, france is ramping up its production of bio gas to reduce reliance and gas from russia. and so after you impose sanctions and moscow for invading ukraine, the block once renewable resources, to meet nearly half of its energy needs by 2030 latasha butler reports from lumber . you in the countryside, south of paris, a new by
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a gas plant almost blends into the horizon. it was set up by 6 local farmers, including luke general time to convert their from waste into energy. each day they dump crops vegetables and other organic matter into the system. to ensure all may take every day, we put 30 tons of waste into this container. it goes up into the grinder, water is added, and then it's all pumped into the for mentor, where the gas is produced loc. the plant is an extra source of revenue for the farmers whose work says luke is at the mercy of an increasingly unpredictable climate. but it's also now playing a role in helping europe to reduces reliance on russian gas lagrano law. the government, 5 years ago, set a goal that france would produce a 100 percent of its gas by 2035. were not there yet, of course. but what we're doing helps us become more tournaments in terms of our
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energy needs or for the gas is purified into by me. thing that is cleaner than natural gas. if then fed into a pipeline to the nearby town of home we, the gas produced at the farm helps to heat hundreds of homes in this town as well as the swimming pool. and the hospital in france, 3 new by a gas plaza switched on each week as private and public investment in the sector is increased in recent years. fell prevalent in for the aquila was one that we need to develop these types of energy as part of the work we're doing in this region to transition to more sustainable sources loc buyer gas. as the e u tries to win itself for fresh and gas in response to the war in ukraine, bio gas alone can't fulfill the blocks immediate energy needs, but he's clearly part of the picture and a step towards a more sustainable future. sasha butler al jazeera homer, you france.


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