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tv   This Is Europe Salma The Boxer  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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sierra ah on the scene after with night to night and ship to invest in consistency and she investments, ah ha,
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again, i'm fully battery boy in dough. how? with the headlines on al jazeera, iran and venezuela have signed a 20 year corporation agreement during president nicholas my doors visit to tehran . deal means both countries will work together in areas including oil, petro chemicals, tourism, and culture. the u. s. has sanctioned to both iran and venezuela and in recent years have expanded their relationship by my field. we will be witnesses in the coming years. our countries will confront the difficulties they face and create a new world. the youth in venezuela, the youth in iran, must know that the world of the future will be a just world without imperialism. a world of equality, both of us have to build that future mister president. and i can tell you, and all of the people of iran that you can rely on the support of venice. we're lucky. 20 countries at the summit of the americas of announcer so called los angeles declaration on migration. it creates intent incentives for government to take in more migrants. but some regional leaders weren't invited,
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or others boycotted the vent. so it's not clear how effective the measures will be . it's been one month since sharina barclay was shot by israeli forces. while on assignment a vigil has been held at the scene of the shooting engineer in the occupied west bank, al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of a strand. this, the average price of gasoline in the u. s. has hit a historic high at more than $5.00 a gallon. americans are facing the highest inflation rates in 40 years. the fuel costs are being blamed on the war in ukraine. the pandemic and surging demand. european commission, president or sullivan de leon has returned to keep to meet with ukrainian president vladimir lensky. she says they're discussing ukraine's progress towards becoming a member of the european union search teams in brazil. her found what appears to be human remains in a river where an indigenous expert and
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a british journalist disappeared. bruno pereira and dom phillips went missing in the amazon rain forest on sunday, and oblivious former entering president jeanine 9 years has been found guilty of planning a cool in 2019 a court sentence her to 10 years in prison, for orchestrating the removal of her predecessor evil morales, she denies the charges against her. and those are the headlines on al jazeera. this is, europe is next. ah ah, ah, in reference to loving this loan as you can to result in losing the
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subject. yes. to better books to possibly buy books. a with a big fan. 6 with with trauma, potential own own that new loan play in wash the event
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with some political bother children up or something, but some possible move hi, i'm with i'm good, good, you're good. will he be good to leave it on my mama? oh timothy sco about her pulse. paula books, more banker by him jump,
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ask her one more question. why? which more m a mega is kind of why i'm just me a a complex to serve it to me. not for jeremy says all those really, man she my mental agency. i got john man e, omaha condemned dodgy in papa new jersey, the taj mahal smith wanted because because of his earliest confed, i boxed miss l manager ship asking about a budget of what you should with see some some abs between and all kalak on foot and moss, about his affair. allison's ball,
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i paused douche and mister pajama, we took him in the valley. george results virus one producer to to reduce can put on my cindy, who said to say yes. and you know, much sort of use and under me oh yeah, i'm willing to insure a box lizard p on dog silva, mileage on william bigs. the survivors are a contract with la books, with the views or leisure with a cement of about cement,
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cut for with that i was at a now, in, in a day and a my mentality, mileage a big white vickers. this is i was my pin of this lum. i'm. it's going to use your book. so it will last on she, the model is a type of or national script on that issue or some other stuff that i don't connect because in a commonwealth canal says it comes to the problem is private coming from at now to pure shop and coach to conduct my coach or to quote, to pursue which gear the palm of more than one widely like system medical group. what
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a good one. yeah. that simple jim. is it a sushi? i clue move. the missile jim said to want to ship me. she said to talk to she may, she'll a competition my box with mit will develope with echo muscular books on them, on the glass of them on the console case and bonded out to the show some more about me to lucy. he's a dog, a call. she did a few, i think on the money i will try to call a little less this katrina about $40.00 when it was it on the for the much the with the other 4 legs all due to the more the bill. is it completely clearly lately? so look, it is not an intimate image please to talk. let me tell about tops because i guess i will tell you that they are the side of the day are cur. like when
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a quiz you appoint to sheila wesley millette shook any fees as soon as could you see so long? it's a problem this. he's always your sca again, it is so silly kind of you do. could you turn to bill me a little bit more or not just to keep people was asian keyshawn in was that made no sense. she kept up with them or to get on to and to get some money to, to sign in us. your son is delaine delaine, frontier ah, ah,
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you'll get to choose from the g. o. the up, again, call me with me. when he's on the way up, which is simply the on the last name is just sort of the want the rule for the,
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for some wage waves angle depletion, stuck with if you put it like you were to get this w want unusual me don't shut me from what took away probably i'm going to need to to she's coca cola done on the mission of israel example to tell me what to tell him to come along was not about to talk to somebody to do. i don't want that much. i was concerned about math like this because i was
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more like this. she was one of the sickest. so i'm going to assume all is all on the go. so model is a good to shoes as well. you can isn't selection no show more was going to stay up with muslim on charlotte smith here in the post office i was calling to find someone to receive can you call me with the nicholas which was one of the 2
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months also i was supposed to is always to go to someone in big corpuscle, wanted to see them all can give you. ready mix so we could come in small. what can you give me one moment up up on top of that here and i never, i think he did not mention it to suspend the decisions book. so the tional ah ah,
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this engine on the question on that they can stem cell in the defense. so you don't want to keep us up. i need to know what you want to miss on the phone and i think i know the bus picks up money self decision to continue on. you can call me, i can simple, not just them all new rule collision in the canoe on who's out, appreciate the the the man look, while the minister going to get on his own,
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on the case. he said there's a new pictures of the elf, it just keep us history plumbing. a fucker who consider centrum on the public, said up to me a fucking seizure lies on the walk. leisure monsieur, on the fence containing his, somebody did, but i didn't associate it. so if i seem to deal with the office, what do they show me some of the monkeys so i can help you with the you will need it. and you know, my woman really nicholas company of it is that some of the spectrum will in big
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management. just mr. about to offer just cuz i may just jump on the list. like if i'm going to want to blow
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through news or something, i can start off on the floor. so i'm going to know in the glove box in it because you see on the box it wanted a picture more. the cost be a little suv tools. i me is only go started perform free of dental symbol. so she knew milk shall be, diminishes a villa shopping at him on the books impala every month. you have a tom is uncle. most it is rachel of time to follow up on. thanks. look it up or you can look at some some
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long valley. we just e o ya t, jackie, idea are finished. i saw the 1st or soccer form of the journal. fiddler clip was he says the bus on my past form associate up there for the e commerce. he don't if you decide to do that because i'm sitting i think he's also stupid offer, but he goes to shoot this out button to seal i will approve. would this? hello sheila, along slowly problems. she knew the look what color so sir. miss on a lot of a deal me showing marbella, puzzled about because she's having to face of i only show somebody will call on the buckle dealer over to john. keep of i saw a double follow with also reach road color foster books. harvey city. ah.
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i need to come. i know the name a cindy. why she had say school lunch with a good jack. jack is i don't. so martha comes him. afy mafia. i doubt that i computers securely. there are more flexible,
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explosive bell sonoma to support a lot cheaper to work and that you books, of course. so thought you got it to you for come. so if you gosh to secure what a go to what she wants to control the quality circle. on the 3rd, i said, daniel can fall off settled the confederacy to speak
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with ah
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ah with
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with a with
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a with law that there was a little bit of turns on it don't course it pass to know is it lovey reason why did it was oh miss. oh sure. to tell them all to someone who's it did send me a
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new all for me a kid that brought the local to the key yankee a gentleman that it was all. so let's just say i pulled up. you know, the got a seat you want to do is skim a sick,
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but the ball got me. christian, i never met whole song a song there is no channel that covers world views like we do as a roaming correspondent. i am constantly on the go covering topics from political legacy of environmental issues. scale of is campus like nothing, everything. what we want to know how to do things. people we revisit places day, even when they're no international headlines. is there a really invest in that not to privilege? as a journalist? ah,
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knowledge is era where ever you oh and he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. thereafter, i think 5 days ago, a huge amount of so snow and rain fell in the, in the chilean and these things of stayed co would. so the frost extends out through argentina, right up towards paraguay. now that's nighttime, terms by day tends to recover the still of the sea. a sudden the flow which isn't particularly warm on potential, where they should be for argentina. and virtually. and the sunny's are whereas from uruguay endorse woods up to or throughout the southeast of brazil. temps are well below where they should be there. i'm sure it feels fine because the winds are about strong. it's just a little arbitrary side. the seasonal rains when heavy in guyana and it's heavy,
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i think now south venezuela columbia. but the potential forbid of flooding, maybe even in ecuador again, and was heavy rain because an increase in the trade winds in nicaragua, maybe honduras the pacific coast of mexico's been wet recently. but what's probably more persistent is the heat is growing again in northern mexico, which ties into what's effectively a heat way to the 4 corners this desert southwest and running into the central valley of california. it's also particularly hot in texas higher than it should be that generates big thunder souls of the next day off the wet weather is probably going to be in florida. castle airway official airline of the journey. me ah.


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