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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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diesel rains when heavy in guyana, and it's heavy. i think now some of that is whaler columbia. but the potential forbid of flooding, maybe even in ecuador again, and was heavy rain because an increase in the trade winds in nicaragua may be honduras. the pacific coast of mexico has been wet recently, but what's probably more persistent is the heat is growing again in northern mexico . which ties in from what is effectively a heat way through the fall calls this desert southwest and running it through the central valley of california. it's also particularly hot in texas, harvard, it should be that generates big thunder souls of the next day or so. the wet is weather is probably going to be in florida. cats are airway issue and line of the journey with
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this is al jazeera ah hello. this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to go live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. iran and venezuela sign a 20 year agreement to strengthen their relations as they faced us sanctions. demanding justice for serene abu, our clay one month since israel forces shot and killed the al jazeera journalist. also the sour rallying for nationwide gun control protests are getting underway across the us in what's been called a march for our lives. and at washington accuses china of aggressive plans in the indoor pacific region for the raising tensions between the world's 2 biggest economies. i'm do want to get your oscar with sports, including another basketball mastercard from steph curry. he school 43 points to the golden state, warriors to level up the n b,
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a coin or series at 22 against the boston. so ah, thank you very much for joining us. iran and venezuela have signed a 20 year corporation agreement during president nicholas morals trip to day. ron. the deal means they will work together in areas including oil, petro chemicals, tourism, and culture. the u. s. has sanctioned both countries and in recent years they have expanded their relationship. victoria gate and b begins are coverage with this report. venezuela's, president nicholas maduro and iran's president abraham racy, meet in tay ran and agree on a 20 year cooperation deals were love all the matter with this government co operation has taken place in the fields of energy, economy, science, agriculture and defense girls, the signing of this agreement is another step in expanding relations in the coming
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years. venezuela's place ties with the ran date back to its former president hugo chavez. but under missouri, the to opec members had become closer since both was sanctioned by the united states. by massey handle, we will be witnesses in the coming years. our countries will confront the difficulties they face and create a new world the youth and venezuela. the youth in iran must know that the world of the future will be a just world without imperialism. iran already supplies venezuela with crude oil and provides technical support to its oil industry. but unless same dories trip is also about solidarity. i do think that it is significant that the 2 countries are trying to join up against american pressure arm, and we have to remember that they're not alone. we also have countries such as russia and china at the same time. however, we have to remember did all of these 4 countries, they have different grievances when it comes to the americans. missouri's trip to
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iran coincides with the summit of the americas, that taking place in los angeles. washington didn't invite him to the high level meeting. speaking at the summit, u. s. secretary of state anthony blink and said venezuela's president should resume talks with the country's opposition. in our judgment, venezuelan lead negotiations between the majority and the detroit platform, or the best path that we can see are to trying to restore to venezuela and some a democracy that they clearly deserve and clearly want. it's a call that's almost certain to be ignored. instead he ran and venezuela united against a common enemy appear closer than ever victoria gate and be al jazeera on a snob bringing our latin america editor. lucy in human, who joins us live from santiago, chile, lucille. what is venezuela then hoping to achieve with this visit? to yvonne, how does it benefit from the relationship whether clearly
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nicolai's mother is making a point. i think it's no coincidence that he arrived in tehran just as that some of the americas in los angeles was wrapping up his face saying basically to the united states. if you don't want me, i don't need you either. i will become closer even more close to washington's foes to your foes. he also needs the help of iran. both countries are suffering under a economic pressure from the united states. very, very har sanctions, but iran at least has petrol and i, the of it the been is wayland, oil industry is in such an array right now that it can not even provide a petrol for the people of venezuela. iran has been very generous and descending that to that country, and so he wants to make sure that that solidarity that help will continue to flow. and so why do they have such a strong alliance thing? well indeed they have
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a lot in common apart from the u. s. sanctions. they both consider themselves revolutionary governments. they both consider themselves anti imperialist. and i'm quoting them, and imperialist, anti fascist. and so what i found very interesting in that, in the, in the joint press conference between legal asthma, ludo, new bracey, they talked about leading a, quote, resistance lead a group of countries that are under pressure from the united states and its allies . and that they will find new and imaginative ways to resist these kinds of economic and diplomatic sanctions. they are going to restart to a direct flight between i could act as and to iran. i understand next month starting with one regular flight for a week and then increasing that to perhaps much, much more. so the, the iranians, for example, have supermarkets in got act as. so we're got where we should expect to see a lot more exchange. not only in the oil and petrochemical area,
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but also in other areas as well this year. thank you very much for that. lucy newman is on latin america editor, live there in santiago, in other worlds. news. it's being called the march for our lives. protests are getting under way across the united states as part of a renewed push for gun control. it follows a series of recent mass shootings including a primary school in texas and a supermarket in buffalo, new york last month approach as part of the same movement that held around the 2018 after school shooting in florida live to gabriel. elizondo was in buffalo, new york, where a government recently opened fire, a grocery store, killing 10 people. so that will be a march in buffalo where you are game and cities across the us tell us what we can expect and how big the crowd will be. yeah, we're expecting marches in all 50 states organizers are saying it could be marches
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as many to 3 to 400 different marches throughout the united states. of course, the biggest one is expected to be and a few hours from now in washington dc where organizers are expecting an upwards of 50000 people all calling for better gun safety and better gun control in the united states. and nobody knows that better, unfortunately, than the people here in buffalo, new york, where in about an hour. so we're expecting a protest in march here as well. we're outside of the supermarket in buffalo, we're just about a month ago, a gunman shot and killed 10 people. here at this supermarket, and when we talk about gun safety and gun control in america, this debate that's going on in the united states right now. you can really see what it's about. it's about people that have died in the united states, especially with the recent mass shootings here in texas in buffalo. elsewhere
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throughout the united states just here in buffalo, 10 people were killed. they ranged in age from 32 years old to 86 years old. and this is a memorial site that's outside of this supermarket to remind people every day as they passed by about what this gun gun safety debate in america is all about right now. it's about the lives of people that have lost their lives due to gun violence here in america for years now, but especially in recent weeks. so that's the picture in buffalo, new york, i want to show our viewers gave some images from parkland in florida where march against violence is also under way. that's where the march for life in fast movement was founded by survivors of the school shooting. marjorie stolen and douglas high school in 2018, a former student there opened fire and killed 14 classmates and 3 teachers. so the march, again, gun violence under way in pumpkin florida. they gave tell us where things stand
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politically when it comes to gun control. we've heard present biden cough a tough a gun laws including raising the minimum a shoot approach, a semi automatic weapons. what is the latest on, on all of this at the federal level in washington. they're talking about trying to push through some legislation as early as next week. but it's kind of a mixed bag if you will. the republicans in congress, especially in the senate, are not going to agree to everything that the democratic lead congress once, but they're trying to reach a compromise. so it depends on what kind of compromise they reach is really the question now talking about raising the age for people to buy automatic weapons. there's some agreement on that. but on other issues, such as a red flag law that calls for where anyone can call on their name,
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call the police on their neighbor for example, and say someone's dealing with the mental health issues. the police can then go and seize their gun immediately. this has been successful in many different states, but the republicans in congress in the u. s. simply say they will not agree to that . so it looks like there will be some sort of gun legislation passed, but it's not going to be everything that the democratic control congress wants. so with the absence of federal legislation states such as new york, where i'm at now, and other states are pushing through their own laws trying to increase gun safety. this has been an issue that has been going on for many, many years in the united states. but the bottom line is when it comes to politics in the u. s. there are republicans, it simply will not agree to all of the guns safety legislation that the democrats or joe biden want. thank you for that. gabriel elizondo reporting their line from buffalo, new york mass morehead on this ologist here. and use our including work,
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how you, how people in the gambia are improvising as in facial pushes up grocery prices from patio to power. how bio guy is helping, trying to reduce its reliance on russian gash. and in support. we'll show you a player closing in on the 1000000 dollar 1st 5, when you call serious spat by saudi arabia. ah, saturday marks one month since serene apple actually was shot and killed by israeli forces. while she was an assignment in janine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of his journalist in the occupied westbank. sharina blankly was without his era for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine and as him round con reports from ramallah. she is being honored and
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remembered in more ways than 11 month gone from the killing of o da, 0 german, the sharina barclay, and calls for an investigation into her death. continue to be ignored by the israelis. the us state department has said it wants an open independent israeli investigation despite the purpose. sharina was an american citizen. oh, but investigation or not. it hasn't dim the impact of our book. but she was born hours after sharina or block late was killed by israeli soldiers after screens . death. there was never any devil what her parents wanted to kill the new born jury in abu acclaim ron was born at mid day on may. the 11th let the hidden thicker st. wallclear we called her should in a block lay in order to honor her. i was in the hospital the night before. before i entered the operation room, my husband told me she had been killed and he wanted to call our daughter at at.
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and i was shocked and sad should im with guess we were going to court our baby elma . but we didn't hesitate to change the name at 2 weeks old. she's already seen israeli settlers attack a village while she won't remember this attack. as likely she will see many incursions like this in her life. the kind of witness that sharina journalist would seek out and report on her. and she was doing just that in jeanine when she was shot in the head on may 11th by israeli soldiers. ah, on the day the funeral israeli falls and stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pul barrison every drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in a funeral and bearing this is bridget university. the most prestigious educational institution in palestine. this is where sharin helped the next generation of journalists, her losses at the campus hard. the university is announced
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a number of ways to honor and remember her, including the sharing of walkley scholarship. one of her best female journalist sharon is an example that needs to remain a life for the students in order to continue learning from and is inspiring from from garza to the occupied west bank across palestine. shrines killing is not only short to be united palestinians here and abroad in grief. visual has been held at the scene, ashleen skilling and jeanine in the occupied. wes, bank him on con, is therefore acellus about what happened today in ron and where we are with the investigation into sharing skilling throughout the day. people have been coming to the location of where serene was actually shot and paying their respects from seen. senior members of the christian clergy also come here to pay their respects and to lead a prey that was all earlier on. but let me just show you exactly where i am right
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now. this is where sharon was actually shot problems, going to get out the way. i give you a better look. now you see where that yellow taxi is on this. so my group of people, that's actually where sharina was shot, where we're filming from is where the israeli soldiers were about 200 or 200 meter distance. we've corroborated this with eye witnesses who tell us that this is a documentary as well. busy so just work with various videos that we've seen and uh, from the investigations that have taken place, that when the shots rang out or there is the trees that are just above her, go ahead height screens about my height that is pockmarks in those trees. so clearly these really soldiers were shooting at the people. she did what she was supposed to do, she duck and she tried to find some cover and that's where she was killed. now, if we can do this, we can show you this. clearly,
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what had happened on may the 11th, then it does beg the question, why isn't there a transparent independent investigation taking place? well, for the israeli perspective, it's something they simply can't do. they cannot open a criminal investigation into a serving israeli soldier in an active military. so that's something that's never happened before. and it will be politically untenable for them. however, this hasn't come as a surprise to palestinians who of long said that they don't expect to be as railings rehabilitate mount and independent investigation, but they would like international truancy community to do so. now alyssa moody was sharina producer and her friend for 25 years. and even he reiterates the fact that this sets a dangerous precedent. but he's not surprised by of a steady that i am you connecticut, that you guys did if this no just investigation and no follow up to prosecute the killers. hadley, this is an international greenlight for israel to carry on. it's killing targeting palestinians, including journalists, chicken halls, here in,
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in the 25 years that have known sharina so love, she's been a torch of giving a candle that doesn't dom young a month on. we're still crime for her. and her last is not only a loss for al jazeera, it's also lost for palestine, the world, and the truth to see what she was the league of her own and ethical, courageous he rode. yeah. principle to we've known home, different fields yet. and she was always at the forefront. jennifer said now despite the fact the palestinians aren't expecting an investigation to be done by the israelis, we are hearing much more international pressure come through on these rallies or to allow them to have an in it's a national investigation. however, that's been slightly dumping by the usa default, remember, serene, was the american citizen. normally when there's a violent death of an american citizen abroad, it does trigger an f b i investigation. we haven't heard about any sort of investigation coming from america. our indeed the f b i. so that's another question for the remains ah unanswered right now. however,
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it does feel like the israelis simply won't melt an investigation and they are just waiting for this to kind of blow over. but given how popular serene was in, not just palestine, but across the world as well as not any journalist, but somebody who spoke truth to power, it's likely that her legacy will live all thank you for that. iran can lie for his sand in jeanine in the occupied west bank. well, we now want to speak to a close friend of shaheen, abu, our play a man hambury, who joins this life from ramallah. a man very good to have you with us on al jazeera, it's been one mind since she reads killing, and a, as in ryan said there, we've heard widespread international condemnation. and course when investigation, do you think any progress has been made or can be made at all? to bring about justice? i mean, the only progress that can be made is the lobbying from the american administration and in the international community. because imagine that the american, if it was a,
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it was a, an israeli, was holding an american passport. how would they deal? this double standard cannot continue with the palestinian or who are american palestinian citizens. not only a citizen. this is a war crime against a journalist and she has been seen in front of all the word that she was doing her job. she didn't have. she was doing only being a journalist, palestinian journalist. so if this double standard continues, ezra will not is there. edward, continue escaping with its war crimes against palestinians, including journalists, including artists, including the different a people, different people in palestine. we've seen palestinian stand together, united to demand justice for sharina from gaza to the occupied by spank. what do you feel and see what her legacy for palestinians, what,
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what will be her legacy for palestinians? i mean cities, legacy was she united? she united as you said, every one, every palestinian, all ages. i mean from children to a youth, to elderly. everybody was united. everyone was united the from garza to the west bank to jerusalem. everybody eh, so should, in, as an icon, as an icon of the palestinian voice as an icon. who really, they looked at her as a leader. she was really a leader who went from a house to house in order to show or from home to home. in order to assure the suffering of palestinian people. so every one knew this a journalist and they saw her as a lead. they're not the only a journalist who did her job because a scene was ethical, even in her job. she was a human. she never asked the when, even when she went to
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a family's in martyr's family, she didn't want to get a scoop at the expense of the a feminism emotions and she always respected the people she met even she is. she did her best to help them a so she was a unique, she was not only a unique journalist, but also she was a unique friend. she. she was an icon, the voice of palestine. in many people knew her as a journalist and for the work that she did. but you him on you her personally, she was your friend. what would you like people to remember about her besides, you know her work and what she's done for the palestinian cause i as i said, i mean i had the great time with city and she's fun to be with her. we travel together and city and she or as she made a lot of charity without even announcing it. not only that, but she always asked not to mention, not to have her name mentioned. so, i mean,
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this is, this should be really remembered about shitty and she had as well, a thought them a sense of humor. and she had a nice sense of humor that people, even some friends who did not her of mine who did not know her. they told me, hey, your friends, she is very serious on tv and so on. but the once they knew her and talked to her, they said, wow, she is a very nice person and we like her to be with her. and we enjoy her company and her sense of humor. thank you so much, man for talking to us and sharing your experience, the man how maria, close friend of a late colleague, sharon avalon. thank you. and the u. s. secretary of defense has warned that taiwan is facing increasing intimidation and aggression from bay gene addressing a regional security conference, lloyd aust, in place to defend us interests. jessica washington reports some singapore
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a flurry of diplomatic activity as the us seeks to emphasize its commitment to the security of the asia pacific. no region will do more to circle trajectory over 20 for surgery than this one. the defense secretary lloyd austin hell talks with simple. he is from asian countries during his visit to singapore, including his chinese counterpart general way from her at what's called the shangri la dialogue. austin told delegates chinese military activity around taiwan is a threat to the region. and we were marine focused on maintaining push stability and the spirit of co, a quarter across to taiwan st. but the p. r c's moves, threatened to undermine security and stability, and prosperity and the endo passivity. we've seen allies, analysts say the defense chief speech underscored major differences between us and china liberal and a lot about the size of the order is likely to move. it's all there for the chinese,
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the question, and who through whose order more than a dozen defense chiefs from around the world are in singapore for the security summit that's considered the most important in asia with regional stability on the agenda defense. she stepped up to shed the vision the asia pacific while lloyd also beach was the main event that day. other features also caught the attention of attendee managing, including one by indonesia, defense chief pro. so beyond though, we have come to our own the ation ways of resolving these challenges. whereas it was, i was like amazon grandma's because it all goes. eli was how these positions at asia, asians, asia to biando, told al jazeera his country and many others don't want to take sides. you know, the state health help us many, many bugs in our,
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in our own credit go woman. but china also, china's also help us gardeners also defend a thank you very much for officials from the 5 power defense arrangements packed, also met on the summit side lines, leave the defense ministers of malaysia, singapore new zealand, australia, and the u. k. say the historic pact has modern relevance in the face of tensions in the region. a world where either pre complex strategic challenges, china's defense minister will address the summit on sunday in a speech that's expected to outline beijing's vision for meeting those challenges. jessica washington al jazeera singapore. the european commission president says she expects to finalize the assessment of ukraine's request to join the e. u by the end of next week or so on. de leon made a comments in cave where she's met the ukrainian present, but amused lensky. it's her 2nd visit to the capital since russia's invasion in
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february. they also spoke about working to reconstruct the country. the past is known. it is a merit based path forward. it is a past where i must say, i highly appreciate the enormous efforts and the determination of ukraine in this process. the people of ukraine have proven incredible strength and motivation and stamina. so i am deeply convinced that we will, together, you will overcome this horrible atrocious war. we will and you will rebuild this beautiful country and modernize ukraine. they have been more protests in india after the former spokeswoman of the ruling b. j. p potty was accused of making offensive comments about prophet muhammad. some crowds have burnt buildings or effigies of no, portia are demanding her rest. on friday to protesters were killed and
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a 130 others arrested during major demonstrations. there were also rallies across pakistan, bangladesh, and indonesia. time not for a check on the world, whether his rom. now it may be no surprise to you to learn the hottest place in the world. was in the bit lease q a to b on this in fat, consistently, everyday from sunday to thursday this week, last gone. the temperature here recorded just west of the bay was above 5050 celsius. in fact, we got on tuesday 52.7. i think that's going to be a new record. not a world record to record for q 8 in june. now, the baton was passed this on friday just across the war to to sudden iran which hit 50 c as well. of course as competition between iran and california, which is the hottest place ever recorded that this is causing the world. but jose africa and europe were also significant in algeria $47.00 in civilian tennessee of
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$40.00, which is the hottest part of spain. and here, twos are thinking show because a heat wave warning because a consistent rise in temperature is taking place in seville land surrounding cities, up to 44 by monday. and then more traditionally, and he, we are his, he argument hottest place and will was it somewhere and he will certainly is hot at the moment in the desert southwest and in central valley in california. but phoenix again, gets pretty hot by sunday. still head on al jazeera girls and knobs, brides activists in the government be to discuss how to end early marriage in iraq past creating change for future generations. our small community in columbia doing what he can to save the amazon rate and in sports, some of the formula, one drivers a bumpy ride. in fact is what he asked by john graham 3 that coming up later in ah,
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with witness difference is, what is change? witness happiness. with witness lice. witness to witness. last witness. charity witness. you witness. clarity, witness. family, witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness, life witness, algebra. every pie thing in that we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. it's the consequence of war. the human suffering that we report on, we brave bullets and bombs and some of the world's most troubled regions. the army fled in the face of eiffel advance. it is one of the most curious about the violence in recent years. in some instances we are the targets because we give voice to those demanding freedom the rule of law. and we always include the views
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from all sites newer ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. remind her of our top stories on this use our iran and venezuela has signed a 20 year corporation agreement during president nicholas maderos visit to taylor on the 2 countries will work together in the fields of oil, petrochemical stories m m culture. both are under us sanctions. rallies are being called a held across the us are calling for better gun laws. thousands are taken to the streets in a number of cities. the protests have been organized by the march for our lice
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movement, which was founded in 2018 after school shooting in fog. and florida. is ronnie's come after a string of recent shootings, quasi and a vigil has been held any occupied westbank to mock one months since the killing of our colleague sharina. i will actually, she was shot by is really forces want on assignment. in janine al jazeera meeting network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into her death bound to avenues and 20 countries. at the summit of the americas, have reached a deal to tackle migration, the so called los angeles declaration creates incentives for governments to take in more migrants. but with some regional leaders like nicholas madura, either not invited or boycotting the event, is not clear how effective the measures will beat rob reynolds reports from the sanctions. across the western hemisphere, millions are on the move, fleeing poverty, crime, repression and climate change. this was the focus of the final day of the summit of
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the americas. with this declaration, we're transforming our approach to managing migration in the americas. each of us, each of us is signing up to commitments that recognize the challenges we all share . the los angeles declaration on migration includes burden sharing with countries at central and south america agreed to streamline the path for migrants to resettle . the u. s. is putting up more than $300000000.00 to finance the effort. countries have agreed to absorb higher numbers of refugees and temporary workers. for example, mexico will integrate 20000 refugees into its workforce. the us will resettle $20000.00 refugees next year. a small number given the enormity of the problem, migration is a humanitarian crisis and a political problem for president joe biden. but it's not only the us that is grappling with the surging human tide in columbia. i'm all right. see me the own up
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on dodge, on the unit. let me get on this. in columbia. we have received 1800000 venezuela migraines, a little brothers and sisters that have fled the worst oppression. and we have received them without being a rich country. the u. s pledge to improve its efficiency and fairness in processing people arriving at its borders and will lead a law enforcement effort targeting human trafficking gains. if you pray on desperate and vulnerable migrants for profit, we are coming for you. we are coming after you. no one expects these measures to stop migration. the reasons are many causes are deep and the pressures are strong. o, e at dr. mostly an insecurity. my country currently is subject to great insecurity . there are armed groups that are stealing, raping, killing, and kidnapping. be it haitians are foreign cities, ends by these criminal activities. they have prevented free circulation of people and goods in the country. the declaration is unlikely to satisfy every one,
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despite the smiles and the hand shakes. relations in the americas are acrimonious, but it is a step forward. and given the controversies disagreements and no shows that of mark this summit, it is perhaps more than many may of hope for rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. the average price of petrol in the us has hit a historic high of more than $5.00 a gallon. prices are one above the average. in some states with fuel in california, hitting $6.43 a gallon. americans are facing the countries high inflation rate in 40 years. it's being blamed on the war in ukraine. the coven, 19 pandemic, and surgeon demands. people in the gambia are facing a spending squeeze after near 50 percent rise in basic food items in 3 months. as i'm ready to raise reports for of the high cost of wheat flour has force some bay creased to close. yes. in jetta comes to sorta couldn't to market to buy flour,
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sugar and rice to so last visit a week ago, she says the price of some commodities have increased by 15 percent. as a result, she's had to strike some items of high shopping list. we used the full 15 cook authorize. well now we reuse if the fan copyright yet because we cannot afford it. my father cannot afford it. things are very expensive. ws are reliant on imports for nearly everything they consume, including the main staples of flaw and rise as inflation souls worldwide. many computers who are yet to fully recover from the economic fall out of covered 19 struggle to put food on the table with an economy dependent on impulse, the can be a vulnerable to even the slightest destruction in the global supply chain. the war in ukrainian particular post the prices of basic commodities like flower and rise to levels many probably come to more baker. c. s a. had to embark on strike to
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demand. the government intervene, make flower affordable. bakers who continue to make pastries, say they have to increase prizes and content with fear. our customers economy say the government must in the medium term, quickly find alternatives to import. without this, they say the economy which relies remy tenses from work is abroad and corridors of count with tons per long disruptions. and these external shocks due to gumby and not being a, produce a nation but a consumer nation. so if you look at our balance of payment, we are a net importer rather than a net exporter. so this is what's driving inflationary tendencies in the gambia. beckett's that kinda market. yes, and he's done shopping. she leaves with one concern on her mind whether prizes will again be higher or she returns. next week, i made it read al jazeera, sort of kinda the gambia. iraq is hosting
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a conference to discuss the role and integration of iraqi women in society. hello, marriage and women's education are top of the agenda. the conference in baghdad was organized by the government and the united nations mom or dad. then why had his covering it for as he joined his line from the rocky capital. so what exactly is this conference this dialogue, has it been called hoping to achieve willfully? as you know, this conference is going on for 2 days. it will continue also to morrow and it's aiming at raising people's awareness, especially in remote areas rural areas under privileges. districts across iraq where early marriage is common is common by tradition is coming by may lack of awareness and is common also by poverty. the numbers have been worrying recently or in recent years to or across international organizations. as representatives have
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been telling us here today, that 25 point point to 5 of iraqi percent of iraqi girls were married before the age of 18. that's by the way again, is that personal status law, the iraqi law. but it's to be late that 18 year old is the the formal or official age for marriage. now this conference is sponsored by the united nations, the population formed and is also supported or backed by authorities here. when the concluding the planning ministry, it's supported also by the united me the united nations assistant mission for iraq, us aid. and also you and hate see, are many representatives of the foreign embassies have been speaking here today. backing the conference and the message of the conference and also iraq and jose
4:40 pm
advocates rights advocates, especially women empowerment organizations. and they say that this is the 1st time this kind of conference is being held and they will continue reaching out to the most areas where the early marriage is common. thank you for that smooth abdel while hunt lives in baghdad. well, let's discuss the situation of women in iraq further now with z knobs sabi, who's an american iraqi activists, and is the founder of women for change. any channel organization, a dedicated to supporting female survivors of war. thank you very much for being with us. so this national dialogue focusing on women in iraq. tell us 1st about the state of affairs. what's the place of women in iraqi society were sort of challenges to they face? well, folly a woman in iraq's women's rights in iraq have been the gracing steadily in the last few decades. and the easiest thing it would be to blame culture for that for
4:41 pm
regression and specially disappearance from the public spheres where women where i grew up in an iraq where women were very active in, in the employment sector. there was a 90 percent educational rate, a literacy or a they were in the public sphere and driving walking the whole thing. and you see the steady regression and disappearance of women from the public sphere to the private sphere. now easiest would be to like just you know, blame culture. oh, this is an iraqi culture and all of that. and while cult to have some role in that as an yes it is a patriarchal culture culture cannot exclusively be blamed at all for that. there was a cannot mcquease ins and there were political reasons, as you know, the country went through a turmoil. and in the last few decades, studying would be economic sanctions. and the u. s. invasion. been in our fighting and with all of that, it's really impacted women's rights in iraq and women safety in iraq. and so you
4:42 pm
have a very bad situation at the moment. right. so you see a regression of women in the public sphere because of a number of issues, not just because of culture. now, early marriage is one of the issues on the agenda of this conference is deeply rooted. i understand in iraqi society why, why, why is that? why have you seen an increase in the practice over the last years and what's being done to, to raise awareness about well, i don't see early memories. is there different iraq's right than the rock i? i grew up it where early merge was not earlier, rooted in iraq to science society. you see these traditions and these behaviors happening with the pressure of economic and political situations in iraq, which is not good improvement. a lot. you know, it has been a lot of pressure in the last decade. so what families do then, you know, protect their daughters and try to force them to emerge as a way of protection. now, i just want to say,
4:43 pm
but it's not only early marriage and you have now a quarter of iraqis, a women who are illiterate. you have 36 percent of women, married women complaining of domestic violence, different kinds of domestic violence. you have no protection of women, all women's shelters for them as a for those who are escaping from domestic violence. and the was the most severe cases. you know, the police are putting them in women prisons as a way to protect them. so this is not a matter that it's very important point in here. this is not a matter of iraqi constitution because iraq constitution does say women and men are equal. does say that no one has the right to conduct violence on others, but it has no, the iraqi government has not shown any will to implement it. it's still an impunity on all those who air force violence against women and girls, whether it's early marriage or domestic violence, or any kind of bonus, including on l g, b, t, q, community. so how do we change things?
4:44 pm
how do we improve the situation of women? in iraq, across all provinces and, and how important do you think is it to include tribal and community leaders in this movement? you know, i believe it to, you know, call you know, things that possible to change, right? it takes political will because because iraq was a country that once upon a time, women were thriving, members of the society economically, politically, socially and culturally we can go back. this is only 30 years ago. i'm talking about where women are worth writing. so i do believe, 1st of all, it is possible to, to push forward for women's rights in iraq. and that means taking political wills and cultural will. of course, you know, but political will, you know, again, we have a constituent right. we do not, but the government has to have lifted the immunity, impunity that it has practice over any violations of women's rights. so there has to be an implementation of the law of constitution law. there has to be,
4:45 pm
frankly release some religious leaders have played a very bad role in terms of trafficking women and girls illegally. so that has to be lifted and there has to be a political world to arrest them and to stop these violations in the name of any culture or religion whatsoever. and it does have to have a cultural shift. gutter shipping doesn't mean it. the people are stuck in these things that we just need to utilize the media. we need to have influences. we need to have the president that prime minister, everyone in iraq to say this is important. women are bellwether for the society when women progress and women are doing well. the whole society does well when women regress and are not doing well, the whole society does not do well. and so investment in women's rights in iraq is a prior to right now for the whole country to thrive. thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your insight, xena sabi, founder of women for women international. joining us from the of be, appreciate your time. my pleasure. thank you. earlier we brought you
4:46 pm
a story showing growing deforestation in columbia as amazon rain forest. hundreds and thousands of hector's are being destroyed each year to make space. so mining cattle, ranching and drug trafficking in the 2nd part of our series entre 0 is alexandra m, p a t t visit l, cap. rachel, where people are trying to change things for the better route. mitchell is stopped cutting 3 or 5 years ago. like everybody here, she used to log and burn the forest to make space for cows and farming despite it being protected lane. but now she tends to are growing plant nursery part of a community forestry program aimed at changing the ways of farmers living in the colombian, amazon. and i last, i called it, they always has new life nursery because it's about giving new life to the trees that many have cut, mistreated and burned in the project financed by norway, along with columbia. foundation for conservation and sustainable development
4:47 pm
involved over a 100 families living in the northern areas of the colombian, amazon. they promised to end logging in exchange for sustainable alternate if they are also former coca farmer. all ms garcia is leading a number of these projects. we met him as he was working on a live fence made of trees away. he says, to rebuild connections between parts of the for it. if thought about it as these trees grow, they stick together and monkeys and other animals will use them to cross from one section of the forest to the other. it's just an example of the change in mentality of how we can live protecting the forest. most of these projects were created following the signing of a piece deal with 5 gravels, 5 years ago. deforestation, sword, as the gallery. yeah, left the territory, opening up more land for cattle ranching and other damaging activities. but it's an uphill battle. criminal groups are destroying huge swats of the forest deeper into
4:48 pm
the jungle, while many local farmers who abandoned profitable coca farming after the peace deal say they need more land for food. not far from roots be farm. we found people planting seeds in a recently cleared area. lower. they come on it up only way we have to survive is cut tumble implant. what you see duco corn planting us. we don't have an alternative. no support from the government. they made many promises. we got rid of cocoa, but nothing happened in exchange. but all may say the real enemies are powerful businesses that are clearing much larger plots of land. he cautiously take us to another huge devastated area. and yet we haven't, i mean knowing aqona until the government arrives with technical assistance and land titling an organization in a way that protects the population and the environment. unfortunately, the for station will continue the community for if the program is small and does not offer a long term answer. but it shows that there are alternatives to the devastation of
4:49 pm
the rain forest. and that those who live here can be part of the solution for future generations. allison and as you guys capital can ahead and use our action from the n b a finals, including a master class. one of the game great is coming up with a me, you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own ah. do on al jazeera, as was invasion, cream approaches, the 100 day moving. we bring you the latest on the ground and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism,
4:50 pm
and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 and later hold key summits with the water ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies a middle boise opportunity for countries to secure their support for katara 2022. june on al jazeera lou. ah ah, welcome back. the war in ukraine is pushing countries in the european union to diversify their energy output. the block wants half of its needs to be met by
4:51 pm
renewable resources by 2030 to reach that goal. francis investing in technologies to increase its production of bio gas. natasha battle reports from the humbly. in the countryside south of paris, a new by a gas plant almost blends into the horizon. it was set up by 6 local farmers, including luke general time to convert their from waste into energy each day they dump crops vegetables and other organic matter into the system to ensure or maintain every day. we put 30 tons of waste into this container. it goes up into the grinder waters at it, and then it's all pumped into the for mentor, where the gas is produced. the plant is an extra source of revenue for the farmers whose work says luke is at the mercy of an increasingly unpredictable climate. but it's also now playing a role in helping europe to reduces reliance on russian gas lagrano law. the
4:52 pm
government, 5 years ago said a girl that france would produce a 100 percent of its gas by 2035. we're not there yet, of course. but what we're doing helps us become more tournaments in terms of our energy needs or for the gas is purified into by me. thing that is cleaner than natural gas. if then fed into a pipeline to the nearby town of home we, the gas produced at the farm helps the heat, hundreds of homes in this town, as well as the swimming pool and the hospital in france, 3 new bio gas plants is switched on each week as private and public investment in the sector is increased in recent years, val, prevalent and for the economy was one that we need to develop these types of energy as part of the work we're doing in this region to transition to more sustainable sources loc buyer gas as the e u tries to win itself for fresh and gas in response to the war in ukraine, bio gas alone can't fulfill the blocks immediate energy needs,
4:53 pm
but is clearly part of the picture and a step towards a more sustainable future. natasha butler, al jazeera homer. you france and after what is joe fully thank you. as for him and another masterful performance by steph curry in the n b a finals, he scored a 43 points for the golden state warriors to help me draw level with the boston celtics at 2 games apiece. named stokes has the action movies, the little blue star. there were don't steph curry could even play this one for injuring his foot in game 3. but he did, and it didn't take him long to find destroyed in front of a hostile boston crowd. hurry shops back reporter joe with his golden state team in danger of falling 31 behind in the series. he set out to make sure that happened, scoring 12 points in the 1st quarter. still it was boston who led a half time. oh, boy, off of the warriors fought away back vote. and with both 3 point is from curry,
4:54 pm
hurry i and some assistance as well. they managed to edge ahead in the 4th quarter, far as a group of the warriors door. forewarn hurry ensure they never relinquish that lead and they won by turn the 2 time and be paid, finished with a personal tally of 43 points along with 10 rebounds, his 2nd highest output ever in a finals game. i think this is the strongest physically that he's ever been in his career and it's allowing him to, to do what he's doing is conditioning a 2nd unknown in this league. so we're stuff put incredible to 2 way better and 3 wong on home. so ah, you know, jar we're done and i, the celtics will be kicking themselves having lead for large chunks of this game. missing the chance to me within one victory of a record 18. m b, a title. oh, we never said it was supposed to be easy, so we just get ready for the next game. so it's now all square it, t 2,
4:55 pm
but curry and the worry is half the momentum as the best of 7 series heads back to their home. caught in san francisco, curry, quick warner hot david stokes out a 0 south african gulf. michel schwartz all is closing in on a 4000000 dollar 1st prize and live golf invitational he shot for on the past 66 on friday to sit 3 strokes. i had a fellow south african henny dipped a seat inaugural event on the saudi back. tor ends on saturday. both players are on the same team, which is also leading way to share the $3000000.00 prize. tis i made you champion dust, and johnson's sits and tie for 15. he scheduled to play the us open next week and is hoping to compete at next. his masters, which he won in 2020 i definitely talk to him by the year you're going to have to ask my friend master, see, i can't comment on anything. i've said my client has no clue delivered soon. you
4:56 pm
know, did you have few major soon? you know the sir. we are with us dollars the whole, the whole reason i was a whole resorted boy and on your learners. good. my last golf lot more. this is masters run a robbery. mcroy has stuck with the pga tour and his one stroke behind the leader at the half way stage of the canadian opened. the northern irishman is alongside for others. and 6 on par, mcelroy won the title in 2019, before the cove. it pandemic forced back to back cancellations. he's one behind leader windham park chilly, have lost their appeal to replace ecuador. at this, she is, woke up fever rejected evidence. they'd submitted claiming ecuador, byron casio was actually colombian. had they been able to prove that than ecuador would have forfeited all very games, and chile would have clenched an automatic place, a cattle 2022, shall i say they'll appeal and could take their case to the court of operation for
4:57 pm
sports. and which will, it will stop here, we will collect more evidence. we are very, very sure of what we are doing. we don't have the slightest doubt. the player was born into marco in columbia, so we need the strong hand of fever, one, a bulgarian national team players total. another left is recovering from brain surgery after the site was involved in a bus crash in georgia on friday. the team were traveling to their hotel in the capitol tbilisi in 2 buses. when the accident happened bulgaria, due to play georgia in the nation's league game on sunday, their federation says the other players and staff are all fine. for always, chelsea kirk will be looking for poll position for the as by john grown pre, shortly. he was fast as in friday practice, around the streets of back who a clerk has qualified on poll for the last 3 races, but hasn't been able to convert those into winds red balls. sergio paris was 2nd quick, quickest in practice had of well champion and t mate, max the steppin. but the wind around the circuit cause more than
4:58 pm
a few problems for some of the drivers who struggle to turn at the corners. and after 7 races, they're still the problem that the cars bouncing up and down because of an aerodynamic effects known as poor passing. ah, the medical. but they're both sick. this doesn't feel like the car. all right, that is all your spot for now. more later falling, joe, thank you very much for that. that's it for this news our on al jazeera, but do stay with us. i'll be back in just a few minutes with more of the diesel. ah, the developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political upheaval, some of those we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that
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other villages had been attacked. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance this stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, tell it as it was, and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. as you tell their stories, join the debate, wonderful as it is this the pun, matic language. it really means nothing on the ground or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera. mm. me each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better. oh,
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we are. we could do this experiment and if biodiversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in getting these people begun to collect the segregated sales. the re saying this is extremely important service that they provide to the city or we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can love beyond ah.


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