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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to use out as they are generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling, obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny siena lloyd community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests, ah. ready this is al jazeera
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ah hello, hello rob and watching the news on the line from my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, rallying for nationwide gun control, americans out on the street for what's being called a marge from live. also the average price of petrol in the u. s. top $5.00 a gallon the 1st time in 14 years, adding to inflation and squeezing consumers. iran and bet is layla signing 20 year agreement to strengthen their relations. i think faith us sanctions and demanding justice for sharina, actually one month old since it's rainy full to shot and killed the al jazeera gentleman about them to the sports and other basketball. moss, the classroom said curry, he scored 43 points for the golden state warriors to level up the in b,
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a finals against the boston celtics. ah! welcome to the program. people across the united states, a gathering to march as part of a renewed push for gun control. that's all. it's a series of mass shootings including attacks that primary schools in texas and a supermarket in buffalo, new york. last month, the rawlings were organized by the march for a live movement. it was founded in 2018 after school shooting in florida. us president, jo by miss also tweeted, in support of the protest. is he getting called on congress to pass common sense gun safety legislation supported by the majority of americans and gunners. while gabriel is under joyce, we know from buffalo in your class. i got an open file at the grocery store just last month, killing 10 people, a huge presence and a huge voice to be heard. but all the politicians across the country no matter
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where they are. certainly well attended, where you are, gabriel. that's right. there are several 100 people here in buffalo right now. you might be able to see them behind me where they've gathered in a little park. that's right across the street from the tops supermarket. we're just about a month ago, a racist gunman shot and killed 10 african americans here. a crime that has shocked the nation and shocked this city of buffalo, new york. and so they're out marching to day to call for better gun safety and saying enough is enough and they want their voice is heard. and we want to speak to someone who is out here i having their voice her to day when it bring in. liz bosley right, liz, you're a buffalo resident, thank you for joining us. or you're here as part of the march for our lives or event calling for better gun safety in america. this tell me why is it so important
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for you to be here today? is important for me to be here today because we're losing too many about children is out here in the streets. and oh, so i'm a victim of this young man. he's my son that has baton shot, his peer alive. but he did gesture, been, i've like his man, her, you know, and i'm out here, ask him for justice. we want just live. we were a child to these people getting killed and get no way when your son was shot, a victim of gun violence. yeah. when was that and 2018. and he survived, but you said he's paralyzed. yes, he's paralyzed from the waist. thou all because a gun violence are because a gun violence i don't mean to cry beat that i'm a strong woman, but it hurts the even talk about it because my son was innocent. he was the
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innocent young man coming out so. so i'm a harmony and i'm tired enough is enough. is you are telling me that you are a victim of a 2nd act of gun violence as well because the day of the shooting here at the top supermarket a month ago, you were went to the scene. right. what was that like? what did you see? it was horrible. it was unbelievable. i was sitting in our community meeting for gun violence when we got the call. so i jumped up, we all jumped up and ran out. and when i got to the sea, i wouldn't wish that thing. i don't know what you were saying. 3 bodies laying out in park parking. lot tops parking lot went blank. is wrapped over and one of those big thumbs was one of my schoolmates. one of the victims at the top supermarket shooting was one of your schoolmates. yes. so sad, so sad. do you hope that this march happening here in buffalo and around the
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country to day will bring about real change in the gun loss? i'm hoping this will bring a change. ah, the people that got killed went to the cap auto this week to force their pennies on these guns. some has to be done. some has to be done. this was absolutely a shame you her mother's grandmother's, aunt uncles, cousins that got caught up in here. we k, let disco we can't let this go. something got to be done about this is been going on too long in buffalo, new york. we got so many murders that has not been thought. it's got to be done. something got to have. are you hopeful that washington will do something this time? where are you pessimistic? how do you feel? i'm hoping this time. washington a ne here. those voices that went down near spoke for their mother. they sisters at
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their brothers, their cousin. ah, washington. heard the voices. i'm just hoping something be done up in washington dc is thank you for joining us on al jazeera. we appreciate it. sorry for your son, that was was shot as well and your friend at the market. you so thank you for joining us. oh, that is a sampling of one victim of gun violence here in buffalo. she heard her son was shot a few years ago, paralyzed and then a friend of hers, a schoolmate, to a classmate for many years ago. also a victim at the supermarket here. these are the voices that are out throughout the united states day protests and marches throughout the country. the big one expected in the next hour. so in washington, dc where the expect over 50000 people cable is on do that in buffalo, thanks very much. well, thing in the us, the average price of petrol in the country has hits more than $5.00 a gallon the highest since 2008 price is
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a well above average. in some states with fuel in california hitting $6.43 a gallon, americans are facing a whole the country's highest inflation rates in 40 years is being blamed on the war in ukraine. the cobra, 1900 pandemic count, surging demand. now the federal reserve incited to high interest rates again next week in an effort to head off rising inflation, particular reports not from washington d. c. inflation and america is beginning to bite. now the highest, it's been in 40 years. prices rising 8.6 percent over the year through may. and it isn't just about numbers. it's about sacrifice. it's rough. i mean this, everybody is so high. taking all your money in. just have to sit down and eat less . but it means americans paychecks simply don't go as far as they used to flying cost. 37 percent more rent. that's up almost 7 percent and food is across the board
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. more expensive. the price of chicken up 5 percent in a year. you might find typically one price for the same weight and they go back on the different higher, you know, the biggest increase by far gas. it is up by almost 50 percent in just a year, according to gas money that the website, the track cost, the average gallon of gas in the u. s. is $5.00 the highest, it has ever been. there are numerous reasons for the rising prices. a spike in food and energy costs resulting from russia's invasion of ukraine is one prudent price, i guess in america hard. but other prices are rising because of the ongoing supply chain issues triggered by the covet pandemic. there's too much demand, not enough supply and a shortage of transportation capacity. president joe biden is also blaming company consolidation for many of the increases for $99.00 major ocean lines shipping
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companies that ship from asia to the united states. 9, they form 3 consortium. these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1000 percent worse is poised to pass a bill that would give us regulators more power over the shipping companies. but that likely will have an immediate impact. and next week, the federal reserve is poised to raise interest rates again, meaning debt will be that much more expensive for americans and when interest rates keep rising, people feel, well, credit is bus easy to access. targeted by a home. that's also, you know, a negative, but these are the sorts of things that have to happen. i do say the central bank needs to take action. it is taking action in attempt to stabilize the u. s. economy with americans pain, a heavy price. patty, gall haine. al jazeera washington, iran, and but his whaler have signed a 20, a cooperation agreement during president nicholas,
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missouri stripped at her on the deal means all worked together in areas including oil, petrochemical, tourism, and culture. now the 2 countries have expanded their relationship even as they face us sanctions, victoria gayton, because more venezuela's, president nicholas madura and iran's president abraham racy, meet into ran and degree on a 20 year cooperation. deals with this government cooperation has taken place in the fields of energy, economy, science, agriculture, and defense. the signing of this agreement is another step in expanding relations in the coming years. venezuela close ties with a ran date back to its former president you, they, chavez. but under missouri, the to opec members have become closer since both was sanctioned by the united states by nancy and we will be witnesses in the coming years. our countries will confront the difficulties they face and create a new world. the youth in venezuela, the youth and iran must know that the world of the future will be
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a just world without imperialism. iran already supplies venezuela with crude oil and provides technical support to its oil industry. but analysts say missouri's trip is also about solidarity. i do think that it is significant that the 2 countries are trying to join up against american pressure arm, and we have to remember that they're not alone. we also have countries such as russia and china at the same time. however, we have to remember that all of these 4 countries they have different grievances when it comes to the americans. missouri's trip to iran, coincides with the summit of the americas that's taking place in los angeles. washington didn't invite him to the high level meeting. speaking at the summit, u. s. secretary of state anthony blink and said that his well, his president should resume talks with the countries opposition. in our judgment, venezuelan lead negotiations between the majorities and the unitary platform. are
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the best path that we can see are to trying to restore to venezuela and some of democracy that they clearly deserve and clearly want. it's a call that's almost certain to be ignored. instead he ran and venezuela united against a common enemy appear closer than ever victoria gate and be al jazeera or latin america. dissolute c. a newman is in santiago, chile with more on the timing of nicholas maderos visit. clearly, nicholas mother is making a point. i think it's no coincidence that he arrived in tehran just as that some of the americas in los angeles was wrapping up his face saying basically to the united states, if you don't want me, i don't need you either. i will become closer even more close to washington's foes to your foes. he also needs the help of iran. both countries are suffering under our economic pressure from the united states. very, very har sanctions, but iran at least has petrol. and the of the venezuelan oil industry is in such an
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array right now that it can not even provide a petrol for the people of venezuela. iran has been very generous and descending that to that country. and so he wants to make sure that that solidarity that help will continue to flow. and apart from the un sanctions, they both consider themselves revolutionary governments. they both consider themselves anti imperialist. and i'm quoting them, and imperialist, anti fascist. and so what i found very interesting in that, in the, in the joint press conference between nichol asthma, ludo, new bracey, they talked about leading a called resistance lead a group of countries that are under pressure from the united states and its allies . and that they will find new and imaginative ways to resist these kinds of economic and diplomatic sanctions. peter crowley is
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a former us assistant secretary of state, enjoys not from alexandria in virginia, myself on the program again. mr. crowley, i just begin with a meeting of minds on the economy. how concerned all the u. s. that these countries have struck? it seems a pretty decent agreement between the well, i will give nicholas ma douro credit for political gamesmanship. since he was invited to the summit of the americas, but it's hard to see how this agreement, you know, changes the status quo for either country. and it's certainly, in my judgement, not a step towards a quote unquote new world. you know, the current world is dominated by the united states. obviously, you know, china is very influential. but there's a limit to how much influence these countries have. so both nations have shown in their own independent ways that they can 2nd, navigate, 2nd, navigate sanctions to washington's frustration. but what more can washington
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do all want to do right now when its focus, really, as ukraine, and also the influence of china in asia pacific? i mean these, this is an alliance of to be more heavily sanctioned countries in the world. you know, they certainly share a sense of grievance and, and, but what they've just demonstrated is that, you know, they can survive in this environment. obviously, iran is become very skilled at, at sanctions evasion or resistance economy. you know, similarly where venezuela, you know, but the united states is the most influential and powerful economic power in the world. and so it can be very difficult see how they attract a great deal of international support. you know, for this, you know, resistance movement. various analysts and economists have recently been talking
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about sort of washington overtures to crackers over its oil reserves, knowing that there is a war in ukraine, a general supply shortage. and we're any you might say 6 months away from sort of the, the winter spell. what's your understanding of what's going on right now with any potential conversation between caracas and washington d. c? yes, last month there was an initiative at the encouragement of the venezuelan opposition to try to find ways to selectively lighten the sanctions burden on venezuela's energy sector. and likewise, you know, obviously, you know, iran is a significant energy export or, and is found ways even with sanctions, you know, to export its energy as well. so i think given the, you know, the economic inflationary environment that we're in there by demonstration is probably not going to clamp down hard on,
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on steps that actually in the next bring more energy to market with the idea that it may begin to moderate the price of gasoline here in the united states and elsewhere, you know, but by the same token, there's not any let up in terms of the, you know, the political pressure flipping lice, lation that both that as well. and iran continue to experience. you complimented nicholas madeira and if you want to say gamesmanship by turning up into her on that lovely phrase, isn't there that you keep girlfriends close? you keep your enemies close. did the united states misjudged? not inviting. but it's wailer and a couple of other countries to summit in the americas. would it have not been an opportunity for a very low level and the sidelines that summit to have had a much more perhaps intimate conversation? is that even possible in the political environment here in the states? it was not possible. certainly, i think the byte industry was surprised at the decision by the president of mexico for example, to forego the summit. you know, that put a judge in, in the,
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in the discussion in los angeles. but, you know, certainly the, by the ministration and its predecessors have taken a principal stand there. some of the americas is about the democratic institution building, you know, in the hemisphere. and so, you know, you're not going invite cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, who have steadily undermined democratic institutions. so the bite administration has taken a principal stand even while recognizing that that principal stand has not necessarily resulted in a change in venezuela behavior. it's always good. good to get your insight to mister crawley. thanks so much for joining us from alexandria and virginia. thank you. always a pleasure. still had here on the algae, is there a news washing to the cases, china or aggressive plans in the pacific region, raising tensions between the world to biggest economy also create some change for future generation. how a small community in columbia thing, what it can, the same,
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the amazon rain forest lake transport a full masters champion. it's edging towards a $4000000.00 pay day at the new golf series bank by saudi arabia. ah, the whole process of being held in india after the full mistake, sullen for the ruling b. j. p. was accused of making offensive comments about the prophet mohammed ben violence with some protested setting fires of property as they demanded the arrest of nipple sharma on friday to protest as were killed. and $130.00 arrested during major demonstrations rallies were also held, was focused on bangladesh and indonesia or police in the state of prudential, responding to violence. during the recent protests, by demolishing the properties of several muslims who participated in the demonstrations, they say the targeting illegal buildings linked to those involved. dozens of people
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have been arrested rights groups of previously accused the ruling b. j. p of carrying out demolitions to intimidate muslims. saturday marks one month since sharina. apple actually was shot in the head by israeli forces. while she was on assignment in janine and occupied west bank. al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist. sharing was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. and she was known as the voice of palestine. and as a man con reports from ramallah, she is being honored and remembered in more ways than 11 month gone from the killing of al jazeera during the sharina barclay, and calls for an investigation into her death. continue to be ignored by the israelis, the u. s state department has said it once an open independent israeli investigation, despite the fact sharina was an american citizen. but investigation or not here
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hasn't dim the impact above and she was born hours after sharina block. lee was killed by israeli soldiers after shrines death. there was never any doubt what her parents wanted to kill than me born sheree in abu acclaim. ron was born at mid day on may. the 11th, let the hidden liquor sitting wallclear we called her should in a blackly in order to honor her. i was in the hospital the night before, before i entered the operation room, my husband told me she had been killed and he wanted to call our daughter at and i was shocked and said she didn't get them. we were going to call our baby elma. but we didn't hesitate to change the name at 2 weeks old. she's already seen israeli settlers attack a village while she won't remember this attack is likely she will see many incursions like this in her life. the kind of witness that sharina journalist would seek out and report on what time. and she was doing just that in jeanine when she
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was shot in the head on may 11th by israeli soldiers. ah, on the day the funeral israeli falls and storm the procession. and started to beat mourners, causing pul barrison, any drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied eastern, useless to take part in a funeral. and bearing this is bridget university, the most prestigious educational institution in palestine. this is where sharin helped the next generation of journalists, her losses at the campus. hard. the university is announced a number of ways to honor and remember her, including the shriek of walkley scholarship. one of her best female journalist sharon is an example that needs to remain alive for the students in order to continue learning from and is inspiring from from gaza to the occupied westbank across palestine shrink killing. there's not any
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shock to be united palestinians here and abroad in grief. this is sherry and office office is now a temporary shrine to her. oh boy, everyday people are coming into this office with floral arrangements. and some i have to say very touching work, but this is about her being a journalist. this is much more than this. and now common saying about an hour late that she was a daughter of palestine. iraq hung out to their room on the adult feel. so tele, hannah is a greek orthodox archbishop. in janine, he hopes that condemnation of sharina death will lead to long term change. he has allowed whether it was killing sharina black here or the attack on her funeral. i hope reaction won't be limited to condemnations and announcements. i hope they move beyond that to question and hold the occupation. which targets are people in here in jeanine and elsewhere accountable. those are horrific crimes that are not imperceptible. we're proud that martyr serena bu ucla is
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a palestinian christian. this proves for those who need proof that palestinian christians are part and parcel of this people. they belong to it and its cause that they defend, we reject turning it into a religious conflict because it's not a religious conflict. sala josie is a palestinian human rights advocates enjoys me now from ramallah. good talking about this on the program. that's condemnation. all round evidence submitted by the palestinian authority and i'll just say to the international criminal court, but conscious begin with a quote from the american secretary of state where he says, we are looking for an independent credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead. it's as straightforward as that. so the question is, is it really straightforward? what does the 2nd row say? the justice delayed is justice denied. we know how the, by mission, we know they're they clearly what happen that agenda from the job, this rate of what is on engineering, on that day. what we want now is
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a criminal investigation. it was a bullet fired bivens really soldier orders from his commanders that led to the killing of shooting offers. and of course the injury off the of for is what it was, a targeted killings and this is murder. and we should now have a criminal investigation. open us up position is just shameful. so can you tell me what then, what the problems are with israel denying the charges that they intentionally targeted sharina. and it was the palestinians to be part of a joint prob, why weren't the palestinians joined, joined prey, but any, a human rights groups that well, we're looking at an independent investigation and there is a all eyes are law on that international court officer. the prosecutor has had submissions from the judge here, from the authorities, from journalist groups and others are showing the acts of what happened that day.
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we want now a criminal investigation we want, we know that it is really sorta fire that but it a lot, but it took orders from his commanders. this is where we should put the focus a month is too long after the facts have been so clear for so long and after so many organizations, including respected media organizations like al jazeera, associated press and, and cnn, and others have highlighted what happened. no didn't last name is joan pinion, which is not a good. would you then not agree? then if there are, if there is so much evidence present. and so much evidence submitted to the i c. c that we've heard of, that they will want to, as you would say, get that ducks in a row before they then move forward. i mean, you're saying a month, it's too long. what it, what sort of time span do you think it's acceptable now a one month vaughn, what we want to see was issued by this to not from the court. we want it for the also office of the prosecutor to indicate that his office is moving in an
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investigation into a killing of a journalist in occupations. and this war crime has to place in a context of a larger crime against my view of art. there is no with or ability in israeli institutions who are all complicit in the crime against humanity of apartheid to get the truth out and to all of those who are responsible for this murder accountable. this is why we're looking towards international justice. i see is one, but also all countries that are opened the jurisdiction to what is called universal jurisdiction. there prosecutors, the prosecutors in these countries can also move with opening a criminal investigation into a worker. and this is a work item that took place in the context of a crime. guest remarked, we see this is a turning point. this is why so important. of course, it's important. the killing of anybody should be had look out of them should have justice for anybody who was murdered. but this is
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a prominent journalist. she's an icon in the sky. her giving was so clear that it is not the killing was so clear. and we hope that this is a starting point in his was it okay, mr. darcy, that i have to pay the devil's advocate. that's part of my job as well. you talk about an independent inquiry, which is what al jazeera media network want, as well as well. as many of the organizations and politicians and interested parties to this, palestine isn't occupation, a israel controls access to the scene of the crime. so would you not than agree that any independent investigation into what happened on that fateful day on may the 11th would have to go through the israelis can't, can the i c c circumvent that in any shape or form? look, this was a private state. israel is an apartheid state, it will not cooperate willingly with the justice, a process or the she's invited to russia from court. it has to be forced on his way
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to provide the evidence and to cooperate with this, with this investigation. and the way to do in the sections is really to move and break the circle of purity to start holding his red until the same standard as any other country that violates human rights. so systematically, perpetrates crimes against humanity. this is not just a single incident. it follows that very serious of a lot of getting that gets, understands and against those human rights defenders and journalists or working on cover the truth document. the violations and the crimes by apartheid is ready to hold that accountable. so we should not be waiting for his ready to do anything good in the sense it has to be force, it could be forced through sections, it could be forced through a boycott divestment and section. there is a need for serious action. i just thought really seeing that, expecting this goodwill from a state that imposes a crime in
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a continuous crime against reality until people and there we see what happens in the coming days for the moment. sela had josie joining me from ramallah. thank you very much for your time. if you will still had here on the altar, they were news. i'm in support, a full masters champion attaching towards a $4000000.00 pay day at a new gold series bank by saudi arabia. also, washington. the keys is china of aggressive plans and the in de pacific region, raising tensions between the wells, 2 largest economies. ah, while the winds blowing again is of course hot and dusty in the middle east throughout most of the summer has been quite a strong breeze. the last 2 days,
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the temperature that brought with it was in the high forty's, and even now you can see on sunday we got 45 and 47 q. i picked up more dust running down the eastern side of saturday, and then break yet probably into you as well. but it's circulation hints, there's not much wind in abu dhabi, for example, $37.00. and i think we're back to the wind 10, drop out altogether. changing direction means it'll feel different in the levant with showers like to come on shore and drop temperatures in israel, in lebanon. but further south, the pictures was lighter winds and still higher temperatures. in fact, the heat is, has been, is most intense in iraq, west in iran. and it's really up to the capitol as well to tear on itself. and that, i think might see a new record. the, the record standing is $37.00. we've full costing 79 or when the asking on tuesday for attempt to start to drop back. once again. there's been some good news in somalia recently with rain falling there, a few more showers full cost on sunday. i want to in kenya too. but it's precious
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little, frankly, in this drought written part of africa. ah, what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's the home of the united nations. it's a center of international finance, international culture. to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people to normal people, not just power brokers, and that's where al jazeera is different. the mayor of the city announced that he was doing away with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in and then pulling back out again. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others cannot. i wasn't done but i fear god. by that, put it on purpose. i'm 0 had the time and it programming go live on the i'm a go live to work. another story that may not be made for you is happening
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a by the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou . a book about watching now that renews with me. so round the reminder of all top stories, demonstrations of being held across the united states as part of a renewed push for gun control. the march straw alive follows the state of mass shootings including an attack at a primary school in texas, but also be more protests in india. after this form a spokeswoman of the ruling beach,
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he was accused of making offensive comments about the profit and hamlet. some crowds of buildings or effigies of new pool of shadow, demanding her arrest. iran and venezuela. on sunday 20 a cooperation agreement during a visit to the wrong by prison nicholas to do right. the country worked together in the fields of oil, petrochemical, tourism, and culture. folks are under us sanctions now, 20 countries at the summit of the americas have reached a deal to tackle migration, the so called los angeles declaration creates incentives. them taken more migrants, but with some regional leaders like nicholas madeira, either not invited or boycotting the event. it's not clear how effective the measures will be. rob reynolds has moved from los angeles across the western hemisphere, millions or on the move, fleeing poverty, crime, repression and climate change. this was the focus of the final day of the summit of the americas. with this declaration,
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we're transforming our approach to managing migration in the americas. each of us, each of us is signing up to commitments recognizes the challenges we all share. the los angeles declaration on migration includes burden sharing with countries of central and south america, agreed to streamline the path for migrants to resettle. the us is putting up more than $300000000.00 to finance the effort. countries have agreed to absorb higher numbers of refugees and temporary workers. for example, mexico will integrate 20000 refugees into its workforce. the u. s. will resettle $20000.00 refugees next year. a small number given the enormity of the problem. migration is a humanitarian crisis and a political problem for president joe biden, but it's not only the us that is grappling with the surging human tide in columbia . i'm or if you me, the own up on thoughts on me younger than me. good aunties, been columbia. we have received 1800000 venezuela,
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migrant brothers and sisters that have fled the worst oppression. and we have received them without being a rich country. the us pledge to improve its efficiency and fairness in processing people arriving at it's bordered and will lead a law enforcement effort targeting human trafficking gains. if you pray on desperate and vulnerable migrants for profit, we are coming for you. we are coming after you. no one expects these measures to stop migration. the reasons are many causes are deep and the pressures are strong. but it's actually most insecurity. my country currently is subject to great insecurity. there are armed groups that are dealing raping, killing and kidnapping it. haitians are foreign citizens by these criminal activities, they have prevented free circulation of people and goods in the country. the declaration is unlikely to satisfy every one. despite the smiles and the hand shakes, relations in the americas are acrimonious, but it is
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a step forward and given the controversies disagreements and no shows that have marked this summit, it is perhaps more than many may of hope for rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. the or secretary defense has warned that taiwan is facing increasing intimidation and aggression from beijing. addressing a regional security conference, lloyd austin, pledged to defend us interests. jessica washington has more from singapore, a flurry, a diplomatic activity. as the rest seeks to emphasize its commitment to the security of the asia pacific, no region will do more to set the trajectory of the 21st century than this one. the defense secretary lloyd austin, how talks with several he is from asian countries during his visit to singapore, including his chinese counterpart general way from her at what's called the shangri la dialogue. austin told delegates chinese military activity around taiwan is
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a threat to the region and we remain focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo across across the taiwan strait. but the p. r c's moves threatened to undermine security and stability and prosperity in the endo, per surety we've seen allies. analysts say the defense chief speech underscored major differences between us and china, liberal sector asking most and a lot about the size, no order, especially the movies, all r z for the chinese. the question is, who's rules and who's order more than a dozen defense chiefs from around the world or in singapore for the security summit that's considered the most important in asia with regional stability on the agenda. defense chief stepped up to share their vision for the asia pacific, while lloyd austin's speech was the main event of the day. all the speeches also caught the attention of attendees managing, including one by indonesia,
6:40 pm
defense chief pebbles to be unto. we have come to our own de, a, shouldn't we off resolving these challenges, whereas it was, i was like them as a very much because it goes the law. we're the chinese positions at a shows asian facia to be unto told, al jazeera his country and many others. don't want to take sides. the united states health help us many, many, but ah, in our, in our own credit go, oh, moment. let china also, china's also help us diagnose also defended a thank you very much for officials from the 5 power defense arrangements packed, also met on the summit side lines, believe the defense ministers of malaysia, singapore new zealand, australia, and the u. k. say the historic pact has modern relevance in the face of tensions in the region. a world where either pre complex strategic challenges,
6:41 pm
china's defense minister will address the summit on sunday in a speech that's expected to outline be chinks, vision for meeting those challenges. jessica washington al jazeera singapore. you couldn't present lot of midland scared, russ, the singapore security meeting, calling for international pressure to end russia's naval blockade of its black c ports. he says the blockade has choked his country's gray next falls, threatening a global food crisis. it is due to the russian blockade. we are unable to explode our food stuff, which is so solely missing in the global market. the world will face and acute and severe food crisis and famine, famine in many countries of asia and africa. the shortage of foodstuffs will inexorably lead to political chaos, which can result in the falling of many governments and the asking of many politicians. and you can already see the threats approaching by just looking at the
6:42 pm
sky, rocketing prices for basic products on the world markets and in certain countries. this is the direct consequence of russia's action. now the european commission presidents and she expects to finalize the assessment of ukraine's request. so join the you by the end of next week as level delay and made the comments in key where she met with the president. it's her 2nd visit of the capital in russia invaded ukraine in february. now she says the pair also spoke about working to get the investment needed to rebuild the crane culture. problem. mobility is former interim president, janine and as has been found guilty of planning a coup in 2019. the court sentenced her to 10 years in prison, and was accused of orchestrating the removal of a previous se. morales, she said she's innocent. and as was inattention for a year before the trial. lydia, we bought your story, shane, growing, deforestation in columbus. amazon rain forest. hundreds of thousands of hector's
6:43 pm
are being destroyed each year to make space the mining cattle, ranching and drug trafficking. in the 2nd part of our series aren't as a result under ramp. yeti visits complete chill where people are trying to change things for the better route b. charlie's stopped cutting 3 or 5 years ago. like everybody here. she used to log and burn the forest to make space for cows and farming despite it being protected lane. but now she tends to are growing plant nursery part of a community forestry program aimed at changing the ways of farmers living in the colombian, amazon. and i last, i called it, they always have a new life nursery because it's about giving new life to the trees that many have cut, mistreated and burned in the project financed by norway, along with columbia. foundation for conservation and sustainable development involved over a 100 families living in the northern areas of the colombian, amazon. they promised to end logging in exchange for sustainable alternate if they
6:44 pm
are also former coca farmer own ms. garcia is leading a number of these projects. we met him as he was working on a live fence made of trees away. he says, to rebuild connections between parts of the for it. as far as these trees grow, they stick together and monkeys and other animals will use them to cross from one section of the forest to the other. it's just an example of the change in mentality of how we can live protecting the forest. most of these projects were created following the signing of a piece deal with 5 rebels 5 years ago before a station sword. as the gallery you left the territory, opening up more land for cattle ranching and other damaging activities. but it's an uphill battle. criminal groups are destroying huge swats of the forest deeper into the jungle, while many local farmers who abandons profitable cooke of farming after the peace deal say they need more land for food. not far from route to be farm,
6:45 pm
we found people planting seeds in a recently cleared area. lonely. come on it. the only way we have to survive is cut . tumble and plant what you see. duco, corn planting. we don't have an alternative. no support from the government. they made many promises. we got rid of cocoa, but nothing happened in exchange. but all may say the real enemies are powerful businesses that are clearing much larger plots of land. he cautiously take us to another huge devastated area. and yet we haven't, i mean knowing aqona until the government arrives with technical assistance and land titling an organization in a way that protects the population and the environment. unfortunately, the for station will continue the community for as the program is small and does not offer a long term answer, but it shows that there are alternatives to the devastation of the rain forest. and that those who live here can be part of the solution for future generations.
6:46 pm
allison and just the capital. the chinese government spokesman says beijing is facing an explosive cove at 19 resurgence connected to a single venue. all 61 new cases reported in the city on friday, being linked to the heavens, supermarket far. the warning follows every new tightening of credit virus restrictions in beijing since thursday. trying to commercial hub of shanghai has resumed mass testing to contain a jump in cases tied to a poppy. the beauty salon, he said to gambia, facing a spending squeeze after maybe 50 percent rise in basic food items in 3 months as ever digits reports now from said kinda the high cost of wheat flour has for some bakeries to close. yes in jetta comes to sorta couldn't a market to buy flour. sugar and rice says her last visit a week ago. she says the price of some commodities have increased by 15 percent. as
6:47 pm
a result, she's had to strike some items off high shopping list. please. the cool thing couple of right now really uses the fan bottle price yet because we cannot afford it. my father kind of have what he thinks are very effective. gubbins are reliant on import for nearly everything they consume, including the main staples of flaw and rise. as inflation falls worldwide, many gumby its way yet to fully recover from the economic fall out of covered 19 struggle to put food on the table. with an economy dependent on impose the gambia is vulnerable to even the slightest disruption in the global supply chain. the war in ukraine, in particular, has to post the prices of basic commodities like flower and rise to levels. many families come to more baker's. yes, i had to embark on strike, to demand that government intervenes to make flower affordable. bakers who continue to make pay stress, say they had to increase prizes and content with fear. customers. economies say the
6:48 pm
government must in the medium term, quickly find alternatives to import. without this, they say the economy which relies remittances from work as a broad and torso cont, was ton prolonged disruptions. and these external shocks are due to gumby and not being a, produce a nation, but a consumer nation. so if you look at our balance of payment, we are a net importer rather than a net exporter. so this is what's driving inflationary tendencies in the gambia. i'm beckett's sort of going to market. yes, in is done shopping. she leaves with one concern on her mind where the prices will again be higher when she returns next week. i'm edris al jazeera, cedric under the gambia. the one ukraine is pushing european union nations to diversify the energy output. the blog ones half of its needs to be met by renewable resources by 2030 frances investing in technologies to increase its production of
6:49 pm
bio gas latasha. butler reports from rumbly in the countryside. south of paris, a new by a gas plant almost blends into the horizon. it was set up by 6 local farmers, including luke general time to convert their from waste into energy. each day they dump crops vegetables and other organic matter into the system. to ensure or may fail every day, we put 30 tons of waste into this container. it goes up into the grinder, water is added, and then it's all pumped into the for mentor, where the gas is produced loc. the plant is an extra source of revenue for the farmers whose work says luke is at the mercy of an increasingly unpredictable climate. but it's also now playing a role in helping europe to reduce its reliance on russian gas lagrano law. the government, 5 years ago, said a girl that france would produce a 100 percent of its gas by 2035. we're not there yet, of course,
6:50 pm
but what we're doing helps us become more thomas, in terms of our energy needs or for the gas is purified into by me. thing that is cleaner than natural gas. if then fed into a pipeline to the nearby town of home we, the gas produced at the farm helps to heat hundreds of homes in this town as well as the swimming pool and the hospital. in france, 3 new bio gas plants is switched on each week as private and public investment in the sector is increased in recent years, val, prevalent in for the aquila was one that we need to develop these types of energy as part of the work we're doing in his region to transition to more sustainable sources locked by a gas. as the e. u tries to wean itself off, rush and gas in response to the war in ukraine. bio gas alone can't fulfill the blocks immediate energy needs, but is clearly part of the picture and a step towards a more sustainable future. natasha butler al jazeera homer. you,
6:51 pm
france, a helicopter is crashed in northern italy, killing all 7 people on board via craft came down in a mountainous area as it was heading towards the northern city of 3. so those on board included 4 turkish citizens and 2 lebanese nationals is unclear what caused the accident, but where the conditions were poor at the time of the crash while still had on these are sports coming up and that includes action from the n b a finals does one of the lease greatest players delivers another last class to stay with the whole dna of al jazeera is to deliver news on behalf of people who are subject to the decisions made by the pound. when you feel about will the general electric december that fall for the old, anything. when you see big groups of people walking through europe,
6:52 pm
they're all individuals with children and lives with back story is places become a complete track record. there is simply no way to put all these people up to here, all of them, and to treat them with something that's in respect while i'm half scottish and half life and ease. so diversity is really important to me and i'll jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and necessities brought together in this one, these organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength for balances here. ah
6:53 pm
ah, look back to his book, his peter. right, so thank you. let's begin with another masterful performance by step carry in the n b a finals. he scored 43 points for the golden state warriors to help them draw level with the boston celtics at 2 games apiece. david stokes, half the action. how painful was the last one of those dogs? there were doubt steph curry could even play this one after injuring his foot in game 3. but he did, and it didn't take him long to find destroyed in front of a hostile boston crowd. hurry steps back reporter got hit with his golden state team in danger of falling 31 behind in the series. he set out to make sure that didn't happen. scoring 12 points in the 1st quarter. still it was boston who led a half time. oh boy, off the heard the war is for oh, i back vote. and with both 3 point is from curry curry. if i don't,
6:54 pm
and some assistance as well, they managed to edge ahead. in the 4th quarter, far as a group of warriors go off, i warn hurry, ensure they never willing quick that lead. and they won by 10 the to time and be paid. finished with a personal tally of 43 points along with 10 rebounds, his 2nd highest output ever in a finals game. i think this is the strongest physically that he's ever been in his career. and it's allowing him to, to do what he's doing is conditioning a 2nd unknown in this league. so we're stuff put incredible to 2 way better and 3 wong on home. so, ah, you know, jar we're done. and i, the celtics will be kicking themselves having lead for large chunks of this game, missing the chance to move within one victory of a record. 18th m b, a title. oh, we never said it was supposed to be easy. so we just get ready for the next game. so it's now all square it, t 2, but curry and the worry is half the momentum is the best of 7 series. heads back to
6:55 pm
their home. caught in san francisco curry, quick warner watson, david stokes, out a 0. charles schwartz all is getting closer to the $4000000.00 1st prize on off at the 1st of a love gold series events. the south african whose own 21000000 in he's 20, a korea date is top of the leaderboard. 6 holes into his final round at 10 on the park. his 5 shots, clear of compatriots, haney, diplomacy and peter who line this. busy tournament at the center and club near london is the 1st of 8 competitions backed by the saudi arabian sovereign well fund . with more than $255000000.00 on offer pga to has suspended all members who have chosen to play on the rival series. well this is masters runner up, rory mcelroy has stuck with the pga tour and is one stroke behind the leader at the hardware stage of the canadian opened. the northern irishman is alongside for others. on 6 under par mcelroy won the title in 2019, before the coven pandemic,
6:56 pm
forced back to back cancellations. he's one behind leader windham clerk. in for me to one, charlotte clare has qualified, fastest for the azerbaijan grand prix. the for our a driver taking po position for the 4th consecutive race. sergio perez will start in 2nd with championship liter max for stopping in 3rd in the lead up to qualifying the wind around the circuit. who's more than a few problems for some drive, as he struggled to turn at the corners, and off the 7 races, they still the problem of called bouncing up and down because of an aerodynamic effectiveness papason. ah, right is i put it okay. i never felt that was what i think this doesn't feel nice with the car. andy, mary will move inside the world. stop 50 for the 1st time. in 4 years of the reaching the final in stuttgart, the former will maebelle undefeated australia,
6:57 pm
nick curiosity in the semi finals. you'll now play last year's wimbledon runner up . mateo bennett teenie in the final rel, madrid of some young france midfielder already and too many the 22 year old joins from monaco on 6 seasons deal. spanish media is reporting the fee to be $105000000.00. he joined fella french international carrying benjamin and edward to come a finger in the madrid squad too many will be presented on tuesday once he passes his medical examination. when a bulgaria is national, theme plays total needle. a phase recovering from brain surgery of the fire was involved in a bus crashing georgia on friday. the team were traveling to the hotel in the capitol tbilisi in 2 buses. when the accident happened, bulgaria are due to play georgia in a nation's league game on sunday. the federation says the other plays and stuff. fine. chilly have lost their appeal to replace ecuador at the fuse world. cup.
6:58 pm
fever rejected evidence. they had submitted claiming equals byron castillo, was actually colombian. had they been able to prove that the in ecuador would have forfeited all of their 8 games and chilly would have clenched an automatic place at cost of 2022? should he say they will appeal and could take the case to the court of arbitration for sport will even if not most both needs with me again later, sir. thanks very much, peter. and you follow those stories on all? what flagstaff david dot com? i'll be back to more news on the other side of the break for them to learn from peter 7th me. i don't know the news. our thing, thanks for your time. and your company. ah. ah, what does that they've been doing with the money that it's boring? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in argentina's. congress is debating and bill seeking to raise billions of
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dollars from the super rich poor families. hit hard by counting the cost on al jazeera when the news breaks, the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be heard, no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar and indian administered kashmir. people here say they're living in fear. al jazeera has teams on the ground. we never ate this type of food back home. we simply don't know if we can teeth to bring you more award winning documentaries and live needs on air and online. we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others stone we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. i believe we have fan, sir. got my eye. and power in pasha. we tell your stories,
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we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera, you don't lose with, i don't have a narrative. i have um, i should join me. rochelle, periodic fraud is my guess from around the world. take the hard copy and we have basically stopped doretha pricing issue here on now. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current to fast that matter to you count his arrow. ah.


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