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tv   My Tunisia Najet Werda Island Kitchen  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 1:30am-2:00am AST

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to here is that usually the people who develop this has some other issue going on, that same climate courses there needs to be depressed. so they'll either be under a lot of physical stress or some of the illness, or sometimes even emotional stress that can cause people to feel run down. they miss to become suppressed. and they get this reactivation of the buyers. be this openness madness condition is earning praise from other people with a syndrome for raising awareness. i've watched his video and i'm not gonna lie. i said a couple of tears, like i've never i never thought that i'd relate to someone so much that i didn't ny, of say justin bieber. everyone's had just been be, he's a huge celebrity and i, and i'm, i also felt so proud that it, he was starting the land. it's over on the hunts and dr.
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ah, reminder the top stories on out there are hundreds of people in marching across the united states, calling for street to gun control after the mass shooting at the texas school last month. the biggest events of in new york and the capital washington d. c. rallies were organized by the march for our lives movement. a gun safety group founded by students, survivors of the 2018 parkland school shooting. david hogue was one of those survivors. and he address the washington crowd. i'm here because i don't want anybody to live this nightmare anymore. no matter your politics. no one should. i'm here because like you, i love this country and for it's a function we need to understand that writes our power and with power comes responsibility. all americans
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have a rights to not be shot, a right to save you no, where no air in the constitution is unrestricted access to weapons, the war a dear indeed. right. as a battle for the eastern ukrainian city of similar to nest rages on, the regional governor says russian shelling has caused a major fire at a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians are sheltering. ah. meanwhile, these images have emerged ukrainian fighters and civilians across the river in the city of lucy, shanaski officials, a warning that ukraine is running out of ammunition. but president laudermill zalinski insist ukraine will prevail against russia. his thank you as president joe biden, but promising to send messages the european commission president has been ukraine to meet president zalinski,
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or sla underline says she expects to finalize the assessment of ukraine's request to join the you by the end of next week. and exactly one month after the killing of al jazeera journalist sharing abruptly, the calls with justice continued. she was shot in the head by his ready forces while on assignment in the occupied west bank. there's the top stories next to now to 0. it's my chin is year island kitchen to stay with us if you can. a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given chrisy saw issue with the smell of death is overpowering as al jazeera correspondence, that's what we strive to do with
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whole foods out. okay, let's have the or does he have huffman o guzman will deliver them? had a goodness and that lot of more. ah, and it's mean it's what i did is don't, was one of the gun. i did hate to call them out as part of man by the cookie cutter, have beat habersham, and inevitable gina calculus at all. when the school had been fully managed,
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committee met an equal che hartsville pattern, but i am on miss ian. but shell office. gotcha ah, well, it'll come in at 430 to pass out of that may have because of book area here. monday . see me here. the american, the meat cut mill comes in needle her well, yes, melissa, your math. for steve, of his step, a heart had that walk i had you had caught up now grab your home hacker. give he in though that they are we walk, did he go on the key on it's have we i'm the soft young man. oh, kadijah. and i knew about your is couldn't you hold it even a little pattern? oh, plan to play on it. have we have thrown heavily upon them on the image in the referral
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and emily fema but said a thorough knave. younger rubashaw. yeah mm hm. but as we as well, yes or the content for pushy. you're on bloss huckleberry and the talk on the helen with martha mckinney, she's lather. little other thought of you up there by the cookie is unique the on would invite when i'm as we usually am, i think i don't know. how does it navy? at martha mom got the hacker denisha janice, recover for the hvac up as lemma ally, i said with some of her food that was in my room. i heard the glass. lemme i just guess what we'd nav so for we'd math but we'd mantle with nessa thea as a part of it with
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shuffle a shelf by the neck. chiefly just this was civil cut, unequal economic. further until my i went to my i fabulous with me. they sent me a money to help her physical therapy come into the honey reviews. i be the work as well. she is now. i am a ladner wiser who a plea your machine, any minus m might even put it there. concrete as look, i think i'm never there shogun it we're love war. but if dera laws
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about it, well the see, it was a little bit worthy of it. i didn't, i'm dorski. i never learned incognito if you sent him to hark. not for my boss and his handbook. a civil cabinet is always you. it's come on. they were by the gave really look at it. say favor eliana goodness gone, fear is going. i think it was his vehicle to be honest. i'm for buffet south, many,
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not the digit, is it the good food? good food have beat. how much dot m at park that inhibition? i'm an activity, and i'm it has on hepner part. not like 20 minutes. you probably think the the bought quasi is me. natasha on come in and then head, but the tea with hebert casino on stylish law jiffy. thought they nationals ah, given me then i was gina and you asked if you can get us as you have me. i think as it nazi in you guys would please you there. what are mounted? why does will still in problem finish have a bunch of terrible bornea fishermen. i'm to younger jim by the guy did think about that that with a live. how do you live or is in order, are you good morning?
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you home. are you the corner of the the home? i am lou from a good number to didn't a mom lives in her but really it felt me. yes. ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha! ha, ha ha ha. eliza, me mind this lovely. what i'm looking for on the house i have been. i've, i've been on the grandmother. wouldn't mind there had changed my hobble mock village. ah, was it your father? i mission, friend, he said, acumen, no, he's not without kind. i'll talk rather for the
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soon as i think it could be another hung up on me. i'll tell you how many men of the thought ha ha, ha, ha ha. this is a panelist here. so if i, this is a panel, the social social to book the company to the can i look at the who you saw? i thought i came at the cause it could ballistic snow. muse could campus has got poor alexis, you're not going to women allowed your and, and you woman, her, sheffield, you women a video age you learn nice. does he not follow vala?
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yeah. little hypothetical. faith of dad's yard hillagada. not that had the logo validity. i'm the larger noah alert. the use of the black hello douglas founded haven't had changed. i was gonna say that wasn't a kind of a letter. i'm lavion copy that. maybe he'll, i'm on a phone, but i know so what i'm la, you're kind of, i'm on this, but i've gotta, i'm, there's russia, that's not the only way you can modify somebody's working to proceed with that. my hello. hello. hello. hello. my name is ha
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ha ha. says okay, centricity. fema. ah oh, well i want to give him a wrestler either or even what will happen? oh jim taylor. say it didn't tell him a phenomenon door which you have yet fully mature shape. for me, you'll fall in challenge my headache. have you challenged maggie, as you are sure, the rear zulu form the damn parapet, divisional glare. give him again. rama is the how are you going to get him versus our move? 0 moment. this is the jumps. sylvia yellow,
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my player with google is you from a desire for visit. jacqueline well has been off of her ear. i be many or oh israel and she is you have to wait for donovan. oh, what does our here as you make or i mean on by the to little there isn't them. even if you saw the raccoon, ha ha ha ha. was it all right? i reapplied for granting coalition and i'm going to listen for melissa. whichever funny with her, if she is got them would never would connect with her. most would have duleigh dog. i do love another new car garage l j bounty. never knew. i want to learn
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a little just didn't know there. the last one, plastic for me, virus you wanted it out there with her. no summer zone guys long. did you buy racquel murder here? data said get fits earlier. it doesn't really matter from there. those are barrow riscas up. only my gosh, giving you a new job. i did a freeman, but they said the accident a bit ha and miracles that she signed up for them. but did that horny after
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playbook had a little math about shame in a free at the i on that. so nice, yes, it is also if he shows the live issues with it or not with a be them with what you have now we have you going to lend me money, a money that if you live or whether i need that little shop or no money for a
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a, a loan or as me and was a know a half. and i'm sorry, i didn't have to put it in a leader, lena, management and apply lovable number of courtesy by you been have the gain has of them have done globally yet for how much that. okay, now i see it the full amount was, you know, nominal orders nationally let our, let us not at the column of how much it might not have a sub commodity with the
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public. ah, ah. i as in now. yeah. as high. and i'm a gazillion you've got bought. i don't use that either. but then i arms on like my son, my son with my id, with only that one have was you not at all or wish you you might hear me. i'm
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a good other potential for shaheer could hazard hackney i have we are with since he doesn't, he's looking up with me understand about us on that either. but out with the image map betters document although i know but you got cut off now. wish glad though i had some was capital, hadn't got me that when you have the feed, this elvita to lavish give it to each other conventions and their name, their mind, the study of the call leave out there. look at my below. they go
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well he and to buy that i'm them. if i met are bunker mom and i was rally hero here . i'm. i'm ah, father. now i'm a 2nd. was father jacqueline that has a man. i'm with his jacket. i an i'm la hucker, you've been a kilometer up here, the cur luma. thou would hell were the heath, i would hope i thought that i thought would they, they need to know how to do it. it broke it, don't that it. oh, and as the man whose experience sat give none of that of those out of your on your family who polish me. well, you know that i'm the one i'm gonna be be i'm with the army. we don't come near jacqueline, you committed?
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i'm every month, every year. oh, it is a call or mcclare country lincoln the it'll be matthew skim level. you're having with i'm a bully but shall put them out for lunch for now. had their name is your father. e ela, huddle k t as the fit neat and have bad in a mika sally. she could a medical issue that had no policy the possibly in the policy, the ever column. you show jane heather zillow, twitter,
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meaning for me to come on foot and at the same for me at all, for my family has out of food and mom. givers columbia. logistically, mileage of this ever to why the oh and that i was the more concerned that cable got . i have a last lemme a and have but i will talk to my dad is emma, how many people play ah medium and had the clinic in a
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ah, your 1000000 wouldn't be. i'm done with all the muslim mother. can honey mom and she had her share that 0 my dad. sherpa. sherpa a couple. he had an analyst at all. it was una, nancy, i begin with but i'm not gonna come and have back up. no, i'm not. what they met, the mother is mela. dia eg, a go up. when there's one of the managers i've been there by linda 0. deborah alcorda, yet there by the blade, the back garage. it a
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look. any a museum number. know how he's been using enough, wasn't mckinney and i'm, or any room lit by that the blossom the interview while. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. yeah. it's just that good. i agree, avenue, privacy and visual. well, let's see, there was a min max c, a
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good both. and keyless holly to vala loveday, the colorado from her laza. she ha, ha ha! i look the din of shoe in the side of her like a power name and for dynamite efficacy my pizza hollows eat mother. when there's la barton missouri up. i'll padre knock from arbor shenise. hold. yeah, i didn't in the yard. have nick? yup. yep. wooden fucking, bitch number this. total impala will have need you need a pack vehicle? not that we shopped on the pack. we shall gaze yet many get at mcmurry, the the japan kimbo,
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if you haven't ah well, oh, oh day is that yasser arafat on the list that will then was it a list by boat or a label as well? how to work the leg lifted, made in is being hacked or if i don't ship, cut that unless it couldn't let the go it motion. yes, go ahead. blessed the credit card and then you'll have belinda nashua,
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linda carolyn, left for a couple up. i'd have to have a little bit of an animal that in a while, but in the extension with them is i got met all the meta look is cumulative given i'm left for oh, fuck apples, delta v o job. though them all i'll do. johnny is not in a dish. my resume that i'm the daughter, lola. i'm the daughter fabian. had a, had a team to a
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a with to in his he is selling to in is he in the part of the years and years and the
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need that are the needy to miss hubby award winning programming from international so making 1000 he stayed on the bank with global fin discussion, what guarantees everybody the right 25 life giving voice to the voice here in california, almost everybody the paycheck away from being on house program that has been arrived to an alternative view of the well today, this is what the picture looks like see the world from a different perspective on out there. frank assessments, you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries. what is the situation? there's only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 informed opinions. how big is foreign policy figure in the early stages of
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a bind administration becomes its office for the huge amount of foreign policy experience in depth analysis of the data global headlines. how will a place like it live, get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest, the rich countries are fighting for the inside story on al jazeera. when all that seems to matter is the headline is always 2 sides to a story. when narratives encountered narratives obscure reality, the leader on the one hand, the enemies of the leader. on the other hand, the listening post strips away the spin. what kind of reporting have you been seeing on the ground mis information is right? place bare the bias, a lot of people believe things because they want to believe a done covers the uncomfortable truths. do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case or the listening post on al jazeera ah.


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