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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h of making the healthier world for you for everyone. ah,
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china says it's worth ah, no about this and this is our da 0 live from doha also coming up. oh. protestors rally across america, calling for gun law reforms after recent mass shootings, warnings that ukraine is running out of ammunition in the east. as the commission president makes a surprise visit to key and replanting the rain forest, we visit columbia communities trying to bring their surroundings back to life. ah, we're going to begin with
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a stalk warning from china's defense minister of foreign interference, and taiwan is doomed to fail when fail hose comments of the shangri la dialogue and singapore bod, the latest, and a spots between washington and beijing over ty, ones future on saturday. us defense secretary lloyd austin, accused beijing of intimidation and aggression towards the island. china says it's, we're unification with the mainland is inevitable. john, during your, we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwanese independence. let me make this clear. anyone dares to see taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs and we will fight to the end. this is the only choice for china. jessica washington is joining us now from singapore. jessica, some strong words in china's defense minister, but perhaps no surprises. that's exactly right. we heard some strong words from china, defense minister,
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no big surprises, but i do want to bring in just for her excellent analysis may now was from the international institute for strategic studies with who has a focus on chinese defense policy. we had some very strong comments as i just mentioned, but was there anything new or particularly interesting that stood out to be super hard to taiwan? in particular, what we saw from general away from her counselor, we was reiteration of trying to stand on the issue of taiwan and how it is independent. and i think in some ways that was a reaction to what we've heard from president biden a few weeks ago. in terms of the question, whether or not the united states would intervene militarily in taiwan scenario and let or not, the united states has moved on from a strategic ambiguity with regards to a stance on taiwan and general. and of course, strategic signal that can be unity hadn't changed. and of course that there wasn't support for taiwan independence and that,
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that policy was doing place. but at the end of the day, i think the general way and trying to felt the need to re emphasize, restate how strong their feelings on this point are. what i found particularly interesting though with at the end of talking about the last position in regards to shy one, there was a small comment with regard to other countries who might support taiwan as well. and that's able, politically, also not from dinner, always prospective and that i think quite acute, perhaps the interest in the region are a problem. you made an interesting observation that there was an implication within the speech that asian security matters are for asia to decide. could you explain a bit about that? so we 1st of line from the chinese government before and we see that almost reflected in, for example, as effort to agree, a code of conduct on the south china sea with other countries in se, asia and age. and the concept here is really that the u. s has no say in the region,
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extra regional country, this kind of calls and aren't here to determine regional security. and that it's up to countries within the region to determine that. of course the, the countries within the region also have an interest in having extra regional countries and the united states at present and active and engage in the region as well. so there is a contradiction there. these trails in defense minister richard made a comment that transparencies important regarding matters with military build job. not only for china, but for all the countries as well. do you think that is possible transparency on the transparency of course on trust? and i think at the moment we're at a point to really low trust between particularly the united states and china. however, china says that it's military modernization, and it's military is a force for peace in the region and globally. i don't think there was any convincing argument made by president way that reassured other countries in the region that that's actually the case. he could have for example, gone into greater detail into kind of nuclear forces modernization,
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which he did not. and thank you so much for those very interesting in size general away from her speech had been flagged by animals as the speech to watch over the course of the 3 day summer. now is the summit wrap stuff. people are still talking about the forceful comments that he made during his address to shangri la dialogue . and to summit is wrapping up jessica, thank very much. did jessica washington talking to us from singapore? hundreds of marches demanding tougher. gun laws have been taking place across the us. the protest follow a series of mass shootings including one at a primary school in texas and a supermarket in buffalo, new york. last month i can reports from washington, dc. rain kept away many, but had little to diminish. the spirit of the thousands that came to protest about more than $19000.00 people in the united states have died in gun related violence this year alone. and after the recent massacre of elementary school children in new
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vaal, the texas, those here insist that enough is enough. why not asking for a lat washington dcs mayor summarizing the feeling of all at the rally where demanding change your demand in change? now we need a new american, a majority of americans who share our bow used to let their senators know that they need either need to make change now or get out of our way. for too often, we've had so many mass shoes across the country and we're not gonna sit around our houses in just let ahead, we're gonna come out. we're going to, so congress and everyone, one of our elected officials, there we, we need them to do their job. many traveling from out of state to attend this rally to lula, came from massachusetts to attend this rally. what do you want to see?
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why did you come? you know, i came here because of my school. and they found bullets like bullets in the bathroom. the boys bathroom, so it made me feel like i needed to be here for that reason and cause that this gun violence is becoming a huge problem. oh, the rallies took place across the country before i read, ron car, including buffalo, still reeling from a racially motivated attack in may. that took the lives of 10 black people at a local market. it has shredded or our very existence. people are scared to go into stores. our kids are scared to go to school. it was the day on which hundreds of thousands of americans came together with one common message. my cana al jazeera washington
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fighting continues around the eastern ukrainian city of savannah den, yeske, the original governor of law. hans says, russian shelling has ignited a fire at a chemical plant where civilians are sheltering me while president vladimir zalinski insists ukraine will win the war. but he's asking allies for more ammunition and weapons, shall strive for his more from the capital, keith, the governor of the mccullough of state, actually m mc alive region, sorry, in the south of the country today saying that the ukrainian forces down there were running out of ammunition, he was saying that sir, western suppliers of weapons were not being quick enough in getting those weapons am over to ukraine. and of course, this comes at a time where there is incredible, according to the ukrainians, credible intense fighting in the east of the country. specifically around that city of several done at one of 2 cities in the loo,
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ganske province. that is. so they're the only 2 cities that are not under full russian control. we know the fighting is on going. there is a similar scenario to the south in the town of lucy chanced as well. a lot of heavy shelling there, ukrainian ministry saying that there were multiple cities and villages also in the de next region. today we're coming under heavy shilling, just to give you some idea though about the level of support that ukraine's western backers have given ukraine in terms of weaponry so far. i mean, the americans, for example, if given what believe to be at least 4000000000 worth. so far at least pledge it that pledged it. that includes you know, more than a 100. how wit sir canons it sir malden, for at least for m. r i m l r s. the systems these all these multi launch rockets systems. european commission president. i serve on the line has meant of lot music lensky to discuss. ukraine's
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request to join the european union, vonda lyons, as she expects the decision will be made in the coming days. she also spoke about support for ukraine to rebuild cities. when the conflict ends. the pass is known. it is a merit based path forward. it is a path where i must say, i highly appreciate the enormous efforts and the determined mission of ukraine in this process. the people of ukraine have proven incredible strength and motivation and stamina. so i am deeply convinced that we will, together, you will overcome this horrible, atrocious warm we will, and you will rebuild this beautiful country. and modernize your claim, rush unchallenged, caused extensive damage to ukrainian warehouse complex housing. 300 tons of grain. bees before and after satellite images show the damage to the buildings in the
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black sea. port of michel i of ukraine is one of the world's largest suppliers of grain and sunflower, oil, but exports of all, but stopped because of the war is receivable. god is due to the russian blockade. we are unable to export our foodstuffs, which is so sorely missing in the global markets. the world will face an acute and severe food crisis and famine, famine in many countries of asia and africa. the shortage of foodstuffs will inexorably lead to political chaos, which can result in the falling of many governments and the ousting of many politicians. and you can already see this threats approaching by just looking at the sky, rocketing prices for basic products on the world markets and in certain countries. this is the direct consequence of russia's actions, poles, o'connor across france in the next hour, for the 1st round of voting in legislative elections. some 48000000 citizens are eligible to hold for the 577 members of the national assembly. it follows aprils
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presidential election for sorry, manual macro, when the 2nd term run off ballot will be held if required. next, we can still ahead on al jazeera ah tons of reinforces other tins of time to force both sides out of their love to make way for doing hard and pain that the palm gas prices in the u. s. top 5. busy dollars a gallon for the 1st time ever. ah . hello there, let's look at the weather across the middle east, and it's a story of exceptional heat, particularly for places like q 8 as well as the rock and west and iran. now, temperatures here are gonna continue to rise in places like baghdad. but across the
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event we're seeing a bit of a cool down. we have seen heat wave conditions for places like israel and the occupied palestinian territories. but as that wet and windy weather skirts its way east, across turkey, we will see temperatures drop down. they'll drop down as well for gulf states more south. but the wind continues to be a bit of an issue here. blustery winds, kicking up a lot of dust and affecting visibility. now as we move to north africa, we've seen some extreme heat across algeria will continue to see temperature pick up across coastal areas of u showers, dribbling into northern areas of morocco. but for much of a wet weather, we have to head to that central band of africa, some intense showers for nigeria and cameroon showers, as well for kenya and tanzania. the the wind here continues to be a problem. we have got coastal warnings out and it's going to be the wind that poses an issue farther south. for cape town, we got cold front, sweeping in, bringing in some disruptive conditions. and we could see waves of up to 4.5 meters and a wet outlook ah,
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with overnight success story at night after night. the anyway. invest in consistency. and she investments from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific. with diverse cultures and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah ah ah,
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you're watching out, is it a reminder of or top stories? the sour, china's defense minister says tie ones were unification with the mainland is inevitable, and that fallen interference is doomed to fail way. fingers, comments and singapore are the latest in the spots between washington and beijing over tie. once future hundreds of marches have been taking place across the u. s. calling for stricter gun laws that were organized after a state of shootings and couldn't one last month in texas for 19 school children and 2 teachers looked as fighting continues in and around the eastern ukrainian city of savannah. yet president lot of new zalinski insists his forces will win the war with russia. but he says keith needs more ammunition and weapons from its allies. loosen shanicea have arrested a journalist for comments made on al jazeera above the president. selassie i said, president car you said has asked their gar me to close the headquarters of the
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powerful union eugene t t and put some of its leaders on the house arrest. the union has called for a general strike against the president because of proposals to remove food and energy subsidies and fees wages. shanese is military prosecutors investigating at his remarks. a da 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation and the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. serena barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was an assignment in janine on the day of a funeral, is really forces stormed the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community of condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. sharon was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of
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palestine. iran and venezuela have signed a 20 year cooperation agreement during president nicholas muldoon's trip to to run a deal means their work together and sectors including oil patrol, chemicals, tourism and culture. the 2 countries have expanded the relationship even as their face. you our sanctions. victoria gave me reports racism, venezuela's, president nicholas maduro and iran's president abraham racy, meet in tay ran and agree on a 20 year co operation. deals were lava. oh matter with this government co operation has taken place in the fields of energy, economy, science, agriculture, and defense girls. the signing of this agreement is another step in expanding relations in the coming years. venezuela's place ties with the ran date back to its former president hugo chavez. but under missouri, the to opec members have become closer since both was sanctioned by the united states. by massy handle, we will be witnesses in the coming years. our countries will confront the
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difficulties they face and create a new world. the youth in venezuela, the youth in iran, must know that the world of the future will be a just world without imperialism. iran already supplies venezuela with crude oil and provides technical support to its oil industry. but analysts say missouri's trip is also about solidarity. i do think that it is significant that the 2 countries are trying to join up against american pressure arm, and we have to remember that they're not alone. we also have countries such as russia and china at the same time. however, we have to remember that all of these 4 countries they have different grievances when it comes to the americans. missouri's trip to iran, coincides with the summit of the americas that's taking place in los angeles. washington didn't invite him to the high level meeting. speaking at the summit, u. s. secretary of state anthony blink and said, venezuela's president should resume talks with the countries opposition. in our
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judgment, venezuelan lead negotiations between the majorities and the unitary platform are the best path that we can see to trying to restore to venezuelan some a democracy that they clearly deserve and clearly want. it's a cold, it's almost certain to be ignored. instead he ran and venezuela united against a common enemy appear closer than ever. victoria gate and be al jazeera iraq is hosting a conference to discuss the role and integration of woman and society. early marriage and woman's education are also on the agenda. the events was organized by the government and the united nations. mackwood of the war had as at the conference in baghdad, raising awareness of iraqi people about the negative impact of early marriage is on top of their agenda today. as you know, this conference that has been organized by the united nations population fund in iraq along with that have been
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a lot of international and local organizations taking part and supporting and backing this conference, including the unami, united nations assistant mission for iraq. you n h t r and also local authorities including the ministry of education in order to raise people's awareness about the negative impacts about early marriage. people, females especially losing the schools. they drop out of the schools because of early marriage has officials here have been speaking about physical and psychological impacts of early marriage that the survivors or the girls suffer from when they get married at an early age. now, as you know, 25 percent of the iraqi girls were married before the age of 18. a. according to the at you knighted nations. hundreds of oil industry workers demanding full time jobs of blocks from major iraqi highway. the
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process is set up roadblocks between baghdad and the city of bus. for most of them are daily wage workers who are recently laid off. they said the government had promised them a full time jobs. a process of taking place in several cities across sudan, calling for a return to civilian rule. security forces fired tear gas, and cartoon after demonstrate was barricaded streets with burning tires. talks aimed at ending political deadlock began a few days ago on thursday, delegates from the main pro democracy alliance mats, military leaders for the 1st time since last year's qu, natalie, the, we believe this is an opportunity to end the cool and ensure a safe exit for both the military and the people towards democracy, justice and a new society now. and then i know we didn't go to these talks to reinstate a new partnership with the military. we went to put an end to any partnership, was love you really 2 forces she returned to the barracks to do their job. but this
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is obvious, this is the peoples de ma'am, and the democratic regime should be established. the real civil authority even love, other heseman, has been killed and a confrontation between security forces and marci herders and ne tanza near the mass. i were protesting the demarcation of land to create a wild life reserve and lowly on door near the southern getting national park act of his say, some demonstrators were injured by live rounds. they say communities are under pressure to leave that i assessed or lands to make way for private hunting expeditions. the government says it wants to protect the region from human activity . i don't product one is the director of angels for them. it's an organization working to defend the rights of indigenous people in turns, and here is, as the government has not followed clear procedures, their lender under the dominion law that all the land that is our. we didn't that much, marcia simply now in his village now. and many of these villages have been purchased
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and endo recognized by the land laws that are unfortunately law. the land is also again portfolio and in many students was for whoops, natural resources. i have a great growing daddy land. so there have been a lot of diversity and i think that they have never been down in one said that part of the story in the budgeting is that are difficult to be into the case of in the start from justice, which is to be on the 2nd, and before even the combination of the case, the government is plan to be on the land and at least a 100 percent. pass that productivity to really be difficult to get all the information on our area. because nobody is free to talk about because of the unforeseen, but i thought i would be very, very sure that we belong to them. and the government is saying that the land is the
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government plan. so that is really where the probably me, i think if it was to me, they're very clear procedures in the last year or, and how to, how to protect and learn from change a category from the learn to learn that they shoes and they will, procedures are not being followed. the average price of petrol in the us has hit more than $5.00 a gallon. that's the highest is $28.00 prices one above that in some states with fuel in california, heading $6.43 a gallon. americans are 1st of the country, highest inflation rate in 40 years. as being blamed in the morning ukraine, covered 1900 pandemic and surging demand. given i was under has more from buffalo in new york state. the price of just about everything is going up in the united states, including the cost of petrol for the 1st time in 20 years, one gallon, or about $3.00 leaders of petrol is averaging more than 5 dollars. here at this gas
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station in buffalo, new york, it's just under that it $4.99 a gallon. just in the last month. the price has gone up about $0.63. and in the past year about $2.00, there's a whole host of reasons on why it's going up so fast, but it's primarily comes down to 3 things. it's this sanctions on russia due to the war in ukraine. there's also just more people traveling by car this summer here in the united states as well, pushing prices up, and then even the threat of a hurricane or a tropical storm, reaching the south east of the united states. this time of year it's fairly common that shuts down refineries and also will drive up prices as well. but the bottom line is, is that gas is becoming much more expensive in the united states and really everywhere around the world. but people here are really feeling it, their pocketbooks. you as president jo biden's plans to assistance for new mexico
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off to the largest wild fire in the states history. official se pfizer bern through 1300 square kilometers of land, destroying hundreds of homes. plan burns was started by federal officials in early april, but then spread out of control. the degree of responsibility as a government who's had to deal with the communities who were put in such jeopardy and good today, announcing the federal government covering 100 percent of the cost whom you protected measures for the next critical months of the ruins. recovery hundreds of thousands of factors of columbia as amazon rain forest are being destroyed each year to make space for mining, capital, ranching, and drug trafficking. and the 2nd part of our series odyssey it is allison ron petty visits our company, cham but people are trying to change things for the better ruby. charlie's stopped
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cutting 35 years ago, like everybody here. she used to log and burned the forest to make space for cows and farming despite it being protected lane. but now she tends to are growing plant nursery part of a community forestry program aimed at changing the ways of farmers living in the colombian, amazon. and the last i called it, they always has new life nursery because it's about giving new life to the trees that many have cut, mistreated and burned in the project financed by norway, along with columbia. foundation for conservation and sustainable development involved over a 100 families living in the northern areas of the colombian, amazon. they promised to end logging in exchange for sustainable alternate if they are also former coca farmer own ms. garcia is leading a number of these projects. we met him as he was working on a live fence made of trees away. he says, to rebuild connections between parts of the for
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a lot of money. but as these trees grow, they stick together and monkeys, and other animals will use them to cross from one section of the forest to the other. is just an example of the change in mentality of how we can live protecting before us. most of these projects were created following the signing of a piece deal with 5 gravels, 5 years ago before a station sword, as the gallery. yeah, left the territory, opening up more land for cattle ranching and other damaging activities. but it's an uphill battle. criminal groups are destroying huge swats of the forest deeper into the jungle, while many local farmers who abandoned profitable coca farming after the peace deal say they need more land for food. not far from route to be farm, we found people planting seeds in a recently cleared area. lonely, come on in the only way we have to survive is cut. tumble and plant what you see. duco, corn planting. we don't have an alternative. no support from the government. they
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made many promises. we got rid of coca, but nothing happened in exchange. but all may say the real enemies are powerful businesses that are clearing much larger plots of land. he cautiously take us to another huge devastated area. and you know what, i mean knowing going on until the government arrives with technical assistance and land titling an organization in a way that protects the population and the environment. unfortunately, the for station will continue the community for if the program is small and does not offer a long term answer. but it shows that there are alternatives to the devastation of the rain forest. and that those who live here can be part of the solution for future generations. allison that i'm under capital one. ah, this is.


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