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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field Mexico A Lethal Field for Journalist  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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of arrested 31 people for planning to stage a riot near and l g b t to pride event on saturday. they part of a white nationalist group called patriot front authority say they received a tip about a group wearing matching outfits, who were packed into a truck at a hotel. felice found at least one smoke grenade and documents that included an operations plan, as well as shields and shin guards in the truck. britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd has become the world's 2nd longest reigning modern monarch, crowned in 1953. she is now overtaken, thailand's former king volleyball, and we are judge who reigned for 70 years and a 126 days until his death in 2016. francis louis the 14th remains the longest ruling monarch he spent 72 years and a 110 days on the throne. from 1643 till 1715. okay, to william, catch up. any time on our website. ah,
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amount of top stories on our 0. a bipartisan group of us senators as agreed on a framework for new gun control laws aimed at curbing rising gun violence. proposals include tight, a background checks for under 20 ones and funding to help the states create and administer red flag laws, which is your weapons are kept out of the hands of dangerous individuals. president joe biden, as hale the proposals as important steps, even though they fall far short of the measures he's called for. rosalind jordan has more from washington d. c. what is notable is that tell one. this is a bipartisan agreement that was reached by 10 democratic senators and 10 republican senators. theoretically that would mean that it should be easy to pass this legislation because you need 60 votes in the u. s. senate, in order to up house, significant legislation. but there is no guarantee that the tense,
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republican senators, who took part in this negotiation will actually vote for the measure once the final text has been completed. and it's brought to the floor for vote. menu, mac horn's coalition, and it's left wing rival, a neck and neck. in the 1st round, a french parliamentary elections, but projections suggest michael's on song altogether. alons should win more seats fresh from his reelection. as president mccoy, seeking to retain a national assembly majority for his centrist coalition. if so, he'll be able to press ahead with reforms he wants to implement in 2nd term in office. he faces competition from that left reliance led by johnny middlefield. the russian state news agency has shared video. it says show smoke rising from the chemical plant in the ukranian city of several genetics where hundreds of people are thought to be sheltering. russian forces have also blown off a bridge that linked the battle city with nearby at new sessions. and peace from
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the largest political block in iraq's parliament have submitted their resignations at the leader of their lee. at the request of their leader, shia cleric from tundra sutter had threatened to withdraw from parliament unless a national majority government could be formed. coming up next, talk to al jazeera mexican media work has explained when the country has become a most dangerous place for janice mornings for you. straight after that, do say with if you can blue, what does that they've been doing with the money that it's boring. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. argentina's. congress is debating a bill, thinking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich, poor families, hit hard fight, and then counting, accomplished on al jazeera every
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year, journalists are increasingly becoming the story, as threats against them, multiply, intimidation, imprisonment, harassment, and assassinations. ah, the un says one journalist was killed every 4 days during the past decade. but killings don't only take place in countries with armed conflicts. journalism has become a lethal profession in many other countries, plate with corruption, human rights violations, drug violence, environmental crimes, human trafficking, and political wrong doing a you and report reveals that in 2019 the highest number of fatal attacks against journalists were carried out in latin america and the caribbean, they represented 40 percent of the total killings recorded world wide. and mexico
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officially became the world's most dangerous country for journalists. this year is the worst on record for news professionals with 11 being killed. violence in mexico has grown sharply since the story of the so called war on drugs in 2006 under the leadership book. then president philippe cal didn't put violence against journalists, has grown exponentially worse under president. and that is manuel. nope. is full, but other attacks against the press have increased by 85 percent since the beginning of his presidency based all although president lopez over to the old, a took office in 2018 promising to uphold press freedom. he has since developed, he combative relationship with journalists. the president has been accused of using his daily morning press conferences as
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a platform for denouncing reporters who criticize his administration against vision, dental song. but this doesn't season infinity sus ask, it will build his medicine that he has been diesel's in gun 10 below these dis bills would've been miss hernandez but i, i sitting to see as young isn't gone down. i says he's even drawn attention from the u. s. government and members of the european parliament who urged the president to tone down his verbal attacks against the press. some and yo's, here in mexico, have warned that hostile public discourse toward journalists is perpetuating violence against media workers and eroding democracy. i'm unaware that apollo and the mexican capital, and on this edition of talked to al jazeera in the field,
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we meet mexican media professionals and explore how this country has become such a perilous place for journalists. a, the killing of journalists load this maldonado lopez in tiquana, in january of this year, shot a spotlight on how reporters can still be gun down in cold blood with few consequences that despite her having special protection from state officials who gave her a security detail and i think was the death before her death. maldonado had attended a press conference in the mexican capital. she told the president she feared for her life and requested special assistance from the government a week after maldonado was killed. another tiquana journalist might get ito martinez. ascii bed was shot dead outside his home. the deaths of both journalists
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sparked protests in tiquana and the rest of mexico calls for the government to investigate their debts, have led to one of the most significant press freedom movements in mexico's history . martinez eskoville worked as a photo journalist for several news outlets. among them said, it's a weekly news magazine in the one up with a long history of attacks, and violet attempts to silence the publication. to better understand the scale of mexico's press freedom crisis, we spoke with the editor of santa avila, nevada. she's no stranger to death threats and attacks. no, i see the fussing. i say the way better these 1 may, he call resuming the been the end their commercials in my radios heifer. it drives them, his companion says he loses himself. he looked almost more chacandra last for there is they'll establish control oil. fact dykus won't drug awareness group doesn't
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throw williams from being there the that the, the alice or but his, he was eat gone dram. caterpillar's can call him the phyllis, going to be nellie's kick. went them colony, bullied alkalis. pro elm is more, is tell me he can know those put us as well. if he can make equal in which it took us a little bit of this. the system was entry, those wearables as in them, will still throw song seek gill's grandma sterile and new, almost every in when we're, when, but for the k bank i'm in the was, will be at unless you and come in, the less is to the thickness, but a chemical corner prescient, typically because they don't been amazon is that they're here. they will never like controllers, the lowest going pretty empty in the could bring any of that than me as the medical bottle. i pass the article and prissy and philip disorder those days and loss of glasses in the lower levels. does this come home really is established illness now? mika, alex kilo screaming. alice, like we're gonna be cello skeletons, so another vandal book, if he now meant this c m put up the in, in lemon ada, the digital as him thought for that either then it is implemented. but of if,
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even though in nicholas put a hempel, the get the mammals in lots of 10th us than me, i must have a courtesy mental or elephant them into the medical graphical in baja, california in, in laws nor then this thing is nam, may scholar lyla. medical political go nurse cassie, i see him then medical graphical in b. s at the head of the caribbean. nolan musk one last polish? yes. i mean colace, elderly. i think one of the wireless or given element in this is ethan. that those, but i subsisted in terms of the pessimist de la, the lens here. now go tropical. i love you, lindsay. l i medical political on the yes, our illinois enters your but the little of those millis, severe ne wellness him will assume yona gala garrett and xander amazon amazon therapy, yet them in the mean a guy with in this, in a low at the mer garrett, they kelly's conrad and then as young, if them will. zach game plan or to so 3, that is, it will be a 1000000 republica, a level is your favorite. i love please. just a tallapoosa municipal e this affordable nellum in thin leather combat didn't. could even look and which
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of the cisco put us in as is here and for both the kid on character in those if any i'm was nevertheless in said would that cost else be sierra for the for in this group policy has policy as muslim. unless a seat they, they will had e ela, a black or lynette the implement lovely linea in baja, california. what is, what does that do to a journalist when that is the work environment that they're surrounded by so far this year there have been already more than a 100 homicides in tiquana alone. what does that do? i suppose the question is to the psychology to, to the mindset of a journalist who's working in this type of environment that but in this, a sort of, in, in, in mr. came up with the noise from the noise that but could, gee, any see, emerson embedded is much jest thou, honest us, can dishonest dahlia groups in the urine fully that he s, as he now does unethical traffic on them. some of the, simply these in those is have been, there was a sort of, you mean, emilio discipline momentous. did it, but a sealed book is, is cast up us and look on the line. they were levy them the well in other knows,
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well in video. the stick is that there are handbooks that in louisiana angle we have no group. dorm logan. he says, in killing me. now, is that columbian norcross on the coral? dora this, is there. my michigan? what was the type of reporting that you were doing when you 1st began to receive threats of violence against you and is up with an m and that came around campbell last. emerson, but i live in north hills, him anerio, hit us on like group ceiling and go vietnam like lucille and in the school. but as his policy has gotten any less williams, as soon as can mean alice in this royal and i've got that, i think when a fellow him see in willows, him so tempo nor went back when the you in threat or how this is in my name is darcy misty envoy, cathy, larry dental felix in mr. momento lawyer. but i'd love to hear these young is done with misty and the captain villas had a general got the hell is gone that. and then as in kathy is in the law and seen amazon at all. now, we're us, it now or going to singly manella that the name was price. not 2 solos means more
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stem. us sympathy. i meant that book annoy mostly middle. we're not villarreal, bobby go will be illinois, that cosette consists then becomes that the, him theoretical barrack on but the little say just a little bit. but as you're miles beneath us on my val means ahead, i was, this is more if he seen a this thing here to live on lavine lepers. him. i more tim pony that case when earl's, but as he by list probably must see mr. bass, in on our master list, been in east as in canada, but our, me hico 1st almost over that look in was there will be many cylinders in my not able will gammas gain design. yes, they will, we're no one seemed to the minimum seniors also suffer, seen that those mew lentils, they say, oh, now the person that had been my listening limplin either a while killing as little as ballistics. quality means that it can make a poison found. it is that enormous of the me now, so i am, we are desperately lazy, cannot get him in his, in brazil. so they deli laws with his schedule as he knows nellums in anybody. oh the,
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the invisalign oil besought our numbers here. hillary bullock is on think they, those a nurse that i saw what little i e in this is over. this was all boys, mother, the alice erase. don't use them in propelling bonita as that illness is another numero in theater. if well, the nautilus maldonado and the one in present, there are a boy gary, see thee on thorns, us in b, i don't keep all human long though. ceasing went the persona, the look of was he saying, delicacy, pearl marina, the la fiscal year, there is a good place, i will do that, but i kick while duval and con wellness. mr. getting this enough is kelly lookin you what us will dos that the internet press listen to such as he knows in and, and he got a lot of us it to respond to some as, as he knows any customer got input. this is the basic is spa seamless, it has to fear guess basil empathy. josefina, they have been released have been on not shouting in, this is a 1000 other boy come, he can assist. now police as enough of them was going infamous. and i me, dally loose, those, but kennels and mandela keep us in the los alamitos is status. he kilman sack his
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air in control. you'll see madison police that bus with him. and i am pacin, mexico's one of the few countries in the world that relies on this federal program . it's known here as simply the mechanism, but it's a mechanism that provides protection for journalists who fear for their lives. i guess in simple terms is due despite the fact that this program exists, journalists are still being killed in mexico. does it work, interment, and not from cerner, much as him. his companion of us as he medals and make equal ester owen, a co, he'll sell mc, and his number of books lip of excel, going to foreigners, as he knows enlisted castle in docile cassie earnestness of what is here on a include not in any in we can his own with exam, ill as docile casio and there's no rush if tom was put kick in kick once his dear consists, yank me when i went on board on the bicycle on numerous and very well, your mother limit his he has until it went to alice gaskell either bullies he has faded alice. when the last bill is,
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is fair alice eric will put us in must quarterly billing base? to the said, you know, i like we the am minus be and marina say, years manifest. i don't have it back. what are the look is toya? see in than me, the idea by then that i me, gas i, when they couldn't sell me for me. maniquan, i said i misfortune, this. the goal is to say is given input, then this to friend, the less iglesia given is going to 20th the knob or the i do hourly is the data mckillop with his. yeah. for that, i'll send within movie then those novels. fiona, it lot of his mother now is fine. any mccain is meant bro, pixie on javier to well this is the wondering mac, and he's my bro pixie on which us, but he says, does noise outlook was in bucket in the system? not even listed of the him thing that i'm neu, noise out of it. they won't dawdle, barbara or this it would be that al at all as me, he cannot include the last video. these test. no wonder. i didn't get him at that in face. come on may hicho long the by listening bonnie, that is the,
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are you in the mid thought has been status. but if this does he endless? think of the 1st whimper, but you stay in if you can look wireless gloomier levied up whilst looking. the audio the audio, but get the anatomist but look up the homeless pool. you see as he put in a momento. care gone, see there, and just as mass will melanie and will mental illnesses in that area? i'm gonna switch gears a little bit to talk about the, the president of mexico embarrassment. lopez over i thought, and many journalists in mexico would agree and, and see a free and open press as a pillar of a stable and healthy democracy. i believe that president lopez over a lot of mexico, at least in theory, also believes in that the president has also been known to publicly, verbally attack journalists, calling them at times. mercenaries calling them, sell out you yourself in the past. have called his morning press conferences as system of inquisition were president lopez over the other one is the judge. could you please elaborate on that to see if you can look at life in yes, care or the epa i've yet forensic dollar lemonade of the civil nicholas is shooting
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for a massey on. i said it would be done in case you see on the policy, then there is dasanya landlord and akin a. so may i cancelled that aside? you begin a who's the feca case? it doesn't that it to the replica seen them madigan, don't know. bell too busy then think listen to the commend those. but i can paris babbling for myself. bully going on menu. look a. so you're welcome for cynthia. back i say maybe a while back i submitted easter. if president 30 gallano successes, they seated, gave him brusset sick. he woke up one coming honesty, come with a government at his state university silicon hill bessalo ill up or jom would. she seemed a weird it the needle. let us, once i really eloquent the week, i know it started the little viet going on, but at least that the mysterious impact, the glad when they look at the new care series alleys have several areas of gothic, also sierra. most of those non us come mammals, the position in cam here was a feel for president on her present applebee's when that been the thin mexico one,
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blah, blah, with the year little report that his guessing ally liquid hoops you annella's will be another forks, the called it on on them to get being any at the i is, was me most matthews. allo scale, yet back. it lost those up. we are going to throw in a position muscle dosikin was on the music scene was he worked with the canvas will be in that are ingleby illness, him yes, but i live in glen. ivan, bottled, throw them in like emily overgon, the seller said maybe this thing silly, that in many they stay at a packet of busy then they tell us a manner in if where i was to september, the line of bustle, superstore, members, i got the cable. no connection them burnett is will be they'll labianca larissa, salus, i'm in the sandal ione, or silent millennial as to say no nasty. so thank when presented last attack gentlemen, in the represent what i think with the meals of becca after his immune else, those both boys the case, the hymn book is stopping and presumed notable neda oppose me. he cannot see
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particular minute alice blue. this insecurity continues to worse in, across mexico, creating a chilling effect for journalism. the problem has grown so much that there are now entire regions of the country where news professionals no longer operate. his seuss may vena in investigative journalist from the mexican state of morales says these regions are known as quiet zones. his seuss who lives in hiding and receives special protection from the government, says the threats facing the press can come from anywhere. pasano, they lose your son or areas game or the internet pow and the young man report those young. i believe those give blank or believe local, horrible. and did you lose us sort of alimony cpr, some, some guy he and i was a fine we extensive common chihuahua and sonata in the lower than the anybody luther kiss. kiss at 31. obviously that last on his was i want you to tell us more
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about what you're going through. what happened in that period of time between receiving those 1st, our death rats and even the, the attempt on your life. and the moment where you said, okay, this is enough. i'm going to reach out to the government and request the special protection from the government as a moment. we're just out on the look over the buddha, home conflict, also cl than they did on the but better i'm not eligible yet. what then? angel, we another little both. i mean, it has never been a failure and either meaning that when the annual renewal and one is it, but i see all i'm, unless i'm in a sense i won't. i'm in nasa for a seeker, mom marie is bon daniel, lemon. nasa, your star in like out there and i'm like, i yet lend on amazon and like a like in like him. and maria said that the owner come in at day the le le vanessa, someone up at a sunny nathaniel and the man. and i'm, we are going to see what we saw. it may say came as 3 men and they musky, but congress videos can they?
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so medina calling all the other noises. amenities and the family didn't go yet. and i heard that that book were e for the common thing. they hadn't. gemelli had alyssa, the s barrios, i mean as harvey and in the salary hill and the la garza for gavin milan went back in mid balancing in the us. antis. joanna, so been in the board of hon. yes, ella manasseh but could see savvy, accurate and then william. but okay, well the amazon one is the palace, the fellow for them. jan. the horn, this is even in my last you there. may he call. he was got a hint that process of believe that i will help on a yes, and i will moment them when the yes ma'am, maybe holland on the center that check us any i can maybe call and make them his mom says, i say to that point this good that that was very of the export from hotel in mcdonough, monarch though no one any may yet. but will see maria on last last may have felt the lattice may. helena is out of the way, but if i mean another bill of i promise, if i c k has been around and not then yeah, i meant that i got and i'm finally la fontose. i remember when the m as in the amen
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or say oral for it, i that believe you know yet, but the lady was comments of them in all that, but guess have this bless. i'm in the hotel. yes. the la chinese thermos mexico, once again, is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. but it's not the same. is it for a foreign correspondent, foreign reporter, on the level of danger that a local journalist of mexican journalist is going to face? is the level of danger. the say for foreign journalist as it is for a mexican journalist, the environment that is wellness and miserable. not having the marines about, i don't buy uletha latino medical highly in the brazilian sample to handle mental mendoza several years ago. they use tex, i hate or given acid. i want to put that here. this is iraq. i'm a leap asked why hacker chip bus was a style mass kaleon then at the moment of barrel video. this time get on that.
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they'll fix that or anybody, sarah, we'll fix it again, but at least i look on the gill yelton castle, meaning we're looking kick on you up as a lover. i say the carriers are going, he goes on a bon, elena horner last week. the must. e s i e on the was be in and i will not have it. is he on his mucho visits? i'm in so so they're on guard then laurie lee, i've only got a lot of leah. i cannot bully. can you spell your we have no, no they didn't mean that he's had to put guess it didn't wanna cut him corners. got it. that it does. is it, but it is a killer. and maybe you, elena failing in the mail like, i'm really glad haskins guy in the got them is. he bullied off of the $644.00 attacks reported against journalists last year. public officials were found to have been linked to at least 2 out of every 5. so how responsible is the state for this violence? parties said, i mean viola from pro boist se beaca or civilian proposal and angio that promotes
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freedom of expression in mexico. explains may he call a asked one man, there isn't vice, much more thief at all. you must pentagon also, but i bought it, but at least more. bailey says a but the said, i know once i put the wrong in for me, they report there was in front that us up on him was in. and remember that i most of that out of us here at the very stand by he says gastorm and complete the set of miles for a family he go k as we met him, how could i see a 4 mile out of? yeah, the only last but he is he by listening to sonya and may he got a bit of a, a some funds him at his book because he has good then we'll say to that i put a limit, gave you scully, s get that our i last sort of in is been, was, will possibly me not that number specific. i mean they, they low see me says name pony that they made you least the $70.00 a specific. i mean they, in beneath though they only see the up to point thumbnails and no one thing to present the, the one that asked the way i'm going to discover yes, look,
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alesco mandavi's caliah for that i eat that i thought more so than than the dois of buddies he and the baby released us, emily says s c m 14th. and when you get your work involves helping individuals navigate mexico's very bureaucratic legal system for a journalist or a human rights worker who is fearing for their life and wanting some sort of legal recourse, what are the obstacles that they're going to be faced with? so i'm from that out, but i believe you see those who are not in the lending a e coral though. noise class, he own a lot. so what was he stopped by last week? the muslim was still vice. he alamba perceive he come and they beta released us e this was from medias into coming on was he has handle multiple floors last few scully, us race both then coordinate those a quarter of 2. they must seattle collateral, the sbc vehicles, quando, or you wouldn't come in for that, but it's fully because kwan no i am willing to come in. so that thought is that
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good men, oregon the saddle equal though? yulusef bonus one. this one was healed impulses, the western st. joseph's gun. yes ma'am. in the steeple st. deal that i stumble so they will pro avenue response harmonies. good. okay. will not let me study as much as the fees he lives it, but that, that are hiding and by you see that as must quarter. the said the sullivan. he said it is totally a bit uncle was just wondering what else could my yielding? he said that bailey says with the seen out equal mental scuttle. just wanted touch made alco cna on gary simo, probably my they're not cooperating. bruno big split customer? los ne bayless bay, big coral t on bang for me. that video lance here be for there at the and, and that was that i think one macy quantum equal i saw in us get less up going to be the one. will we ever get us up a view and a salad, gustavo with them on those little boss giving you malice? not this because say salt, seen it up, all young baby step, seen lackeys, cynthia, bailey, spousal. beneath you. i mean in this, as he almost could get you home, but i see them. oh, not proceed. and i wanted
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a little that for lead. the got glad i. e fleet mc vicky was pointless. bulletins while hand up what he be garcia did i put the key on up but he alise garcia, ornate on sissy. i last. how could i see on the scores that i left but a and son may hico nowadays tournament this almost old rumble. that video used to fiddle, so most employees can mas. they know when somebody puts one to somebody, see this in by eas, court must force us columbus, seeing us is not a got a cam in all will be evelyn or little southern most cracked. they don't pay sized maralie that contin one me she's going on with. oh, noon ah
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ah ah. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news is breaking but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia hungry to rep one day, i might be covering politics and we're actually, i might be covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human ways possible. here it al jazeera, we believe everyone has
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a story worth hearing. on the deserted streets of buttah did become familiar figures couriers on bicycles, delivering food or medicine to lockdown colombians. most of them here are venezuelan migrants during my goal, my son mother of for says, contagion is always on our mind. none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet. there may be a bright side people who look down on them as own skilled migrants. now say they're essential to control the virus. i received messages saying that, you know, i was a nurse not cooling. what i'm doing is not all, not different from my passion, helping others the.


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