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tv   Witness Ewolo  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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here at al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing on the deserted streets of bull gotta, they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles, delivering food, or medicine to lockdown colombians. most of them here are venezuelan migrants during my gomez. so mother of, for says, contagion is always on our mind, none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet. there may be a bright side people who look down on them as own skilled migrants. now say they're essential to control the virus. i received messages on the app saying that we are heroes. i was a nurse back. cool. what i am doing is not all that different from my passion, helping others. ah. ready i am learned tainer in london. the top
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stories are now to sierra. a bipartisan group of us senators has agreed on a framework for new gun control laws and having rising gun violence. the main proposals include funding to help states create and administer red flagged laws, ensuring weapons are kept out of the hands of dangerous individuals. president joe biden has hailed the proposals as important steps, even though they fall far short of the ones he's called for. rosalind jordan has moved from washington dc. well, it's the 1st significant effort to change gun laws in the united states in about 30 years. and that is a long time because we have seen so many mass shootings starting with the shooting at columbine high school in colorado. back in 1099. but this is a matter of trying to actually get this agreement between 20 senators, 10 democratic, 10 republican from an agreement,
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a handshake as it were to actual legislation that is housed both in the senate and in the house. the u. s president joe biden wants to see quick action on this so that he can sign the measure. there is of an effort of people who are supporting gun control efforts to try to make this happen. we've seen the organizer of the rallies on saturday, around the u. s, david hog say it's a good 1st step. we've also seen a gun control group such as the brady organization, also praising this 1st effort. but it's a long time between actually going from an agreement to actual legislation. and that's really what's happening right now. a rational state news agency and shad video it says shows smoke rising from the chemical plant in the ukrainian city of surround annette, where hundreds of people are thought to be sheltering. russian horses have also blown up a bridge that linked the battle city with nearby lucie chanst shall. stratford has
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more from keith. we came off the phone to a ukrainian deputy commander inside that city. several denounced one of only 2 cities. now that is not under full russian control in the loo, ganske region of don bass, that deputy commander saying to us that yes, there had been heavy shilling of that chemical plant. and that it was on fire. that chemical plant, a vast, great soviet built industrial complex that before the wall used to produce fertilizes and building material. and it's located in the south east of the city. we understand close to the river, close to the river that separates the town several, the next. from the town of lucy chanced, which he tells us is also getting heavily shelled. we asked him whether he could firm reports that we've been hearing of the last couple of days about hundreds of civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plant. in several minutes,
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he was unable to confirm that he estimate stood up to 2000 civilians, may have died in silver the next amidst this heavy fighting. now this comes at a time when the ukrainians complaining again that they don't have enough weapons from the west. and those western weapons that they have been allocated are not getting here fast enough. so there are huge concerns yet again to day for room, basically, ukrainians ability to be able to defend that city. and for the up to what we understand could be around $10000.00 civilians, either trapped inside that city or unwilling to leave. manually my calls coalition and its left wing rival or neck and neck, and the 1st round of french legislative elections. but projections suggest michael's ensemble or together alliance should win more seat fresh from his re election. as president mccoy is seeking to retain a national assembly. majority for his interest coalition. if so,
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he'll be able to press ahead with reforms he wants to implement. and his 2nd term in office is competition from left wing alliance, led by georgia, gwinnett marshall who has gained in popularity since the presidential election and wants to become prime minister. second, stage voting will take place next sunday. coming up next witness, a man search for his family takes him from switzerland to the republic of congo. i'm about with more news after that. thanks for watching. bye. for now. ah.
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with go gun. graham brazilian popular assault took a comb, finnegan kinshasa, but also by the way, i said what they said to duck with that bark the choir with miss campbell bad thought. well, it was, you know, he said. and he told madam,
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go the bull jemerson bizarre to him. so you care go simpler, walter. abum b no, no. when the snow so subtle, stop by the year that are the i'm your familiar can will mike will shoot a lot of communi there. so like a symptom, what are they in dorcas, walter wonderful matter in english, so across from rudy's little 2 grand, that he couldn't couldn't nobody got along and the new papa and in your mom, mom, no kid from chick saw defeated a lot of fires and all here need than don't, can me go with the to swing eyes. marcie. sorry, i keep with us when we got to the door to door pop. our mom will get on susie gould or lean will out in the sausage and corral. and we don't want to keep bothering to put in all black one minute donati. nearby is it. i'm, can you also do i did it. go to dr. rockwell lawyer. i was in the top of florida.
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oh, oh, cool. no shoot. okay. still a blue manjens. melissa penny. hey, nicole. peter was glad to spit little awesome yuki lord, have he got a switch from the tech foot? and i this isn't the sort dois. oh, no for to load on opera. poster will had either contact me las was stored here in can building me in that model thinking switch. so notes here, lady or just all bus there where the bungalow it, it made it there. i know it bother. no one young girls come order. me a footstep fed rattling, confess, sadly, presumed soon d bully of note that eat it will as one of those pivotal so the just wow, we think the more into buell to the feature that i mean fancy of the live gum gut
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and green chill is sort of both fuel concept be awarded the that i dealt out so many complicated gossip boss though, but i'm going to do that this will teresa whisper me odd 0 simpler via a quin meters. him when are those? so for the missiles full, nobody's way to start ceiling. bye. take you all. did to london the squab lin chia right monday, which is a 40 garza oh, i would have to put a jordan. me to go out to no keyboard and if you could on a separate them into shadow now, senora and jonathan dar applied meaningfully, jo in thinking boy, yeoman's will no, but let the corner malcolm brandy score an arc of blood when so mild, 0 fina so under a city water meal master the mentality, given our democracy,
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lead up our to my get some point when she is in my i was going to put it into school or, or what he put my goal. and so, so my 2nd because i can buy your, you know, what i can get out of when doors jamel do landscape will be able to convert into our own the squalor if i didn't get nearer to liter kissell wound up really about me crying in for up to the like with miracle robina up in altar summer, the auto kaiser because i had already your somebody out as well. you'll get your praise or deny you'd like me to call about the tank quad, delete all our li, a yogurt myself. i saw it should be able to leave, but say, do i go to tommy more? yep. okay. to talk while okay. doing capital, paranoid up of in tiny little bit more. lucy, i'm all digital journey. can you know how the, the that is in all m u m m, already it paramita quarter was assaulted and idea. it appointed sierra or simply
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trimming in on a lot of media employer. she alluded according to their committee called the current multiple, multiple diva. she some, quite a bit of sort of equal said as a to medicaid, in this case, the call me or if he's going to know after by today dear, it's hard to clean out robles dow butcher mall to school long to pick up was it got to you or no, no thought, no it up you in the school. so the task was, it's elaine on that, but the way it, you know, charter school, it was incredibly co pecan police. that is check, but i'll creep with eddie walked away. so i don't paul, to aspire to talk to or freed up an apology. yes. if authority report as yet with on platforms. if you reset it a little under 2 d, v d, even in mitchell, guided one lady to the visit coming to cordova from chicago to level track toilet seat up left branch up on it on if you to the may. so in my mind that comes from
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puzzle my lip up when i see on the point of will this and so said one quarter for causal. what do you prefer to pauline to eat my wedding queer momento. melody calls will be in it to the person that gives you compelling details. seeing the owner binnacle and took me locate to foresee on north and okay for city out. and he said, i mean not a need of solar. i mean, t to know very simple to, to reset it for you every single to put into it. that's why the j, but he had a pet left and my to the courage and he thought it was a sign in to i would with your lab. probably not too much, but it's a big one that didn't get you and it will be loaded on the
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inside. but you will know, do you want me to send it to them, but they need a bus. boy we'll click on cd that they do need to be sent to us, but i know
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a with that a longer for the let me put in a new sent the men of regarding the lot of course don't digital moment the diesel regular to put the law in more than the father with a c. let's go out of the legal on the
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needle. ah long as you say, i suppose you wanna watch when the us reese. so since it doesn't put, if you see leslie is above been though, it probably will lead to the most of the rules. oh no, none of the closer to none can we ought to be. now she thought the little nanette available and you have to be nice with us. no, no, no, no. we'll see what it does. you have any for support to reapply?
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is that the the new ones done? no neck were loaded. you know, when i pull up a little ball, you know, yeah, i will business. i went to court for the discrete though, you're not gonna get out of the modem and you're going to need to, but you need to move to one of these. oh no. you be so sensitive, i put up what will be done and i was going to send a ah ah, with
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we was yours. it was i was was just more so more dolly soon, just a placebo message. wondering if i have a blessed a local leg monday. that bill is not there, but i know we're missing. you came up there. i'm a bus was up at the same level guy like a local old able and it's a thing. mm
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we. oh, shit. hello. yeah, who was in the room, who is the margin you will was you who was okla elder. you mean, don't get relational i did it, but as soon as i get okay, final let dekessa limited by support. but on a that we put it in found orlando bordeaux was the local main thought you put on, put it on man years old. think
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good. i got to put you need yet these and you put it me so bit free. marian it by is no letter either one cousin. he's been jupiter coming charity, but he is it called cause his piggyback control. has that been cut it better said the security was yamuna martinez. photographic i could feed him. care to the re put in there if you may call me proper. good. no later happy did it. did
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she tell them that she got it? i don't the lady whether it's human english updated on my web yet martha could change on a minister within today's more pedal for pearl. alan, the zillion mini still probably min tippett cuz here most vinyati seen there is some noise right now. right. no, i mean, is there a limit? i know so many cars at the unit that took a lot to do it sooner. pretty pretty soon. we'll turn on quarter. my no, not been there chimney or i'm or less story of the i don't know that he has to do. let me, mr. she shook printing abilene. could it be greatly appreciate it? thank you. oh god. oh god, you call for all sheep?
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well, for your, for work with your, for a look here. you know, we thought we knew there were no see no, you know. no, you know that because they were talking shop well. oh yeah, they will know what you know nobody what me 000000000 no, i don't know if i know well i know i you know he's been here all now and
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i don't know if you have to do so that he left for the sauce amount. he sees that they will not really no more miss arnold palmer, my son, the owner is a day with mobile phone. you got medicine for this year and performance with keller williams. how about the deposit for you to let you call me please on my web
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cast as well, with some devices with a new lease with their money. so one from your choice, you can go over some you will see one funding. i thought when we
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come down there, there's a lumber said do you have a boys elect issue, disclosure and not fall off trees to remove this is happening. judicious sick who move player one down your play? oh no fool managed leash. i mean 3 he did i followed easy passage or could you please stop as soon as you learn okay. oh wow. who told me was
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similar to what bit there has to move bad bruises or been or the some of the still do a lot grief go there man. man. no telling me is in the street tunnel. the center utility on you. oh she, she looked up to failing morgan. we are condemned them provide. we'll talk on that . i will i get that. so hail is yours. does i just feel she lives up? she can very long do lose what it was. and he said, oh, really, chris won't, sorry, you shall lose a lot of blogger ne, i'll amazon. so this will, is this break key? was all got manella. oh, laura with
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no, no, this is debbie. my so me, jen. so we did a little i, we are really we is there say move on. she won't be any less reason over just you don't. well, you said there must. so a lot o. she'll rule as tomba. papa, a post come on. delivers. please a way to keep up with that didn't go well she did with my family just got back with me. did you? did you keep up with cb go so it's really a
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little received or a chinese some camp and my penny i before i level boy and i want to say your product with family, not the this one and once you back to do so once you conform for on the summit, remember many of brookfield deshauna to sit on the pack on kayla due to the sub just call while we work on the was on the cell when i called self inflicted mom, mary walked out and i'll call you to figure it out. so long realtors, all the lights in blairsville, we just go swamp. we'll call you if you can with going to be nominated club that go with awesome. is there a different font like along only the pilot in some modern year obama
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and you can put me offense when you finally will be coping heat in fee that benefits energy cd and then this is the alaskan taught on our journey valley last young called naughty dan is on you, pamela. i may let you go, sir. there sir? yeah, about the book that you don't sit there episode, eric, am i mostly, i mean, he was lemme there v for p. c a. m a market dealer group took a for me, the let them are mostly villa. i maybe i knew that by the neutral we've also been eladio until monday. one is of one to the share. you know, the more see him or 5 actually schaeffer irish. no for oh no,
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he really need here though . see if he couldn't be in the saw that movie rich reporting the field means i also get to witness not just news is breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from for the hungry to rep one day, i might be covering politics and what actually i might be covering full test. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. judges era. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. there is no channel that covers world views like we do as a roman correspondent. i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics. the conflict is environmental issue. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen health care. so what we want to know is how do these things affect people?
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we revisit places and stay, even when there are no international headlines. there are really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others and on i wasn't done but own here guy by that put a youth on purpose. i'll give 0 had the time in it programming. go live on the on the go live, the were another boy that may not be may, 3 is happening. it bars. i said i'm going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou?
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lou, i'm lauren taylor in london. the top stories and andrew sierra sh, a bipartisan group of us senators has agreed on a framework for new gun control laws aimed at curbing rise, gun violence proposals, encouraged ty, to background checks for under 20 ones and funding to help the states create and administer red flag laws which ensure weapons are kept out of the hands of dangerous individuals. president joe biden has hail to proposals as important steps . rosalyn, jordan has more from washington d. c. what is notable is that tell one. this is a bipartisan agreement that was reached by 10 democratic senators and 10 republican senators. theoretically that would mean that it should be easy to pass this legislation because you need 60 votes in the u. s. senate in order to pass significant legislation. but there is no guarantee that the tense, republican senators, who took part in this negotiation will actually vote for the measure once the final
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text has been completed. and it's brought to the floor for vote. ammonia in mac, holes coalition and its left wing rival, a neck and neck in the 1st round, a french parliamentary elections, but projections suggest my cause ensemble, or together alliance should win more seats fresh from his re election as president my coin seeking to retain a national assembly majority has central coalition. if so, you'd be able to press ahead with reforms he wants to implement in his 2nd term in office. the 1st is competition from a left wing alliance lead by johnny commercial. russian state news agency has shad video. it says show smoke rising from the chemical plant in the ukranian city of several jeanette, where hundreds of people are thought to be sheltering. russian forces of also blown off a bridge that linked the city with nearby and as he sions and peace from the largest political block in iraq's parliament to resigned at their lead. his request after 8 months of deadlock, it before me,
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a government shia cleric with tara sutter had threatened to withdraw from parliament unless a national majority government could be formed. entered anchors, limiting the amount of fuel. people can buy each week at times to impose rations to deal with a severe fuel shortage. the government is under intense pressure after months, approaches of the worst economic crisis since independence. witness continues, now i'll be back with a news are straight after that to me, then if you can, bye for now. me. oh, i read what you're saying you to past lafond, l l l l amazon, and have it more elaborate? no political to do pamela up
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a key piece of our political as i stood or pass or not, but hello. hello momma. liza warm among the learned donald de la, the blue him to move my long as your mortgage. this is your 37 sister was the only move done don't she will need simple does she said to sir, wow,
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you can just browse the problem most most the only one pretty low moon view. this is love on the either mom or the full lead since so from don't worry. it doesn't. you follow the wall. my mom is still more than usual while the wires still move with the war which is good. dogs. people don't come south bus. my mom announcement bob limit no. the mess
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up a medium box of course up billy. ok. do well, we'll see those, you know, but bye bye bye. it comes to, you know, i've got a good he's a good guy, came up for me with it cause got my german a very i mean i luck and started battles. and then when i did in their location in the middle of the day to with about their school,
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i've underneath it contractor for about 2 years and they're only i did it just a big go home don't cuz i'm calling the shots and i found the gong ginger married and so she will, and i wanted to, i shall the glue, the answer. but you said a very to some a disability someplace in addicted in law. and did you and i me, i'm a mom or was, is i miss lindy on this matter? i don't write very well the song noon to one particular say well then there's no proof to some oh my mont alicia. nearly see
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oh this is a 20 something more normal this much. did this come on my way. good. don't leave me a last a few yesterday. my mom said good luck with a fake, a grassy. don't beat my wrong. no, i agree. gigante bianco, ma'am. see, we're oh, i can we do our own. what's it to want to have it on the more content. ok with. ready
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last one is to shift the 0. me lose you left me. you said one or village. joel monterey. le let senior or village oma. don't me look. dubois de beneath 2 suitcases on de la for me all. well, sim or no phone is yeah, get it there. build you lou mini mom should go your show voya or kisses. soft on break over over fair lu.
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the little vinny. well, isn't it door? well, for some one so fatal papa ily de la puerile de la for me. ah, if it was unreasonable ferraro and craft the good to live well, willa berry who's up on remem song and murmur, lemon compatible. you're super my ladder. i'm born suddenly.
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so known to a medium to combat toller bell. now mamma unhappy she said, jo, killer goodness had p some slow go to a v as in to pass on a trip is shot t it to be entered. this was for them violent the whole year put to put the swap. so back to the slow, really super lover, bella
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to inquire, i would go sheet by say, butler good. there was just that i found me with some among consumer been re mama glass in the world. my mom did i said yeah my mom, my mom and dad to should don't put me to sla bob miami by level book. i'm not alam, isn't them? is it l m is on the other? her swore is she said no, says he would tear from steady bid is okay or not the army medical will oversee well to little bit. it will generally shy maley demco after our badge didn't go to should and love it at the top. there's
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also more i wanted a more recent blue malady week for my lady for mileage over 5th. so could i be chairman that movie leisure on fe while she knew glenda lynmore place, won't of young bachelor don't garage? i'm pretty sure that on fisa let to fits of a car on diesel is shush it. he le alec v jim. elsie knew that toby will contact men le clue was on facia. facebook as a poor, fair booker iraq. recover that?
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see, i need to de la fabia. come cheer miller, beer j. m nissan. colon fit to do to, to toss it or not to improve. what will turn it about t r? i know appeal. other contenders on goes i talk to la, monique, i'm the producer of monarchy or yeah. but she also is it for those? it's not informed it don't. so those are the noise was on burger's mom. just
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circuit still totally. it's only spray vital to let it warm at no vocally so keep their eyes. yamma murphy, the mom your mom's actually for, for what is the.
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ringback let them with my delivery of a st. you mom. i was a know if i could so spoke with. 6 0000000000000
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. oh oh oh, a similar message with the with
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the lucas i oh you oh do oh yeah. all good. i live lou. oh hey. you do a a a
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a good both both. thank you. thank you. okay. good. all she thought of was on the hill and culture truly not mother. a movie. shit. a point to record with a sales you
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a. yeah, with ever comes up also about the grids, but that was here with your mother that are joanna 1st among honors gala vision was supposed to leer hill official vision to pick out on thank yes i put that. oh good some wrong content, vo fit good. yeah, i'm going to see what it should just be like, don't keep up there because it seems like you don't mark or when watching will have better as you did. did mom flip? see them very gently there. i stayed on the me just to sit my feet long since this
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is her when i'm clara pasco lol. i. superposition of a building company was kumato, the bellows. she get back with her mother by say, any don't fail. i moved from bed to phone surgeon my bell vocal said purple boys, one could recall with what bay milt was. reuben mo. mm. see shipping as well with the sherry the just in a poke her she possibly can read on fella m. i've had quarter city talking volleyball. she's been in for season milford balance. she just know from concert a one woman wishes him of a quinn, lover, seesaw, chunky lucia applicant of our is the only way to motion to him appreciative and picked up in my vicious la missile. you vision copied people there. key level of
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why the cornerstone is gone game like this. it popped up with the contract. you get to come see if lemme once and you can tell if numer pallets that come save. lemme one se, knowledge deter, giovanni called a long fight to bo, less more parts of i will know from it doesn't about will be near it more. she did a lot of which is in my so she did it back. a good drama failed. you man, almost confront good dollars, don't come to engine fuel sent the power aunty to and my brother, louisiana, they know lived there were more and marcia grammar, hopefully a lipper packet. well, good. since not on conference, as long pushing fee, as if you read on amazon love, you don't miss him. she walked away to tell you why you had got to think on says of all my bel. yeah, in the sake of pinky my bell. oh no, lena will our best suit to select cheap women to denver. just as soon here she left
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there soon was lamb pursued nebraska a lamp. america newly looked with a 1000 or under a sam dubois don't. yeah, i got my see a thing on that go play by young about them when i meet valid question by don't need it could be bizarre. well, no particular to corbet best suited to perform a lot from. i know you better in the deliveries. they say that believe her and connie neighborhood and now i've been on my own now. she's good young sierra now with william silk, aka. if way to quote a little mafia, seymour, i put one on the rear but he sees my molly a bit for the problem. most i'll do. do you, did you johnny fuzzy das? i don't, i vaguely, 2nd of all, this was somebody if he levied chief, of course we do need to mo, mo, don't remember, there could just roam. not she must hit that if kilobit is killer mom is
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low to to, to read did. if you can dig low, she stick. if we're digit christy, it's i don't capacity elect values because lots of article sent you back when will submit not submit to footing. so i took a show before the system in my left was at the top, giddy tablets. you as young talking to did twice a month when it under my door to door. me see how it was 211 for 2 years though that got ah
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rick with cool. and then you know, set up for local news. i'm in the south. so by a customer a i check, i'm sorry ma'am. i'm with a bunch
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a not a luca will just send you all my she'll book she's in. ms. bomb is also a little bit more go do that. could fit you visit with jim? no, not fun to move back in. don't, don't move on. most of the most legal i'm most comes to sit there for a
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day with me. i need the pin for to do that for to go get back to the defeat a didn't know, could you? i think it took me a ah, i will just whenever you oh, i wish a hands on journalist washing and asian africa that be day is where i'd be choosing and editing myron stories and a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now we're confronting some of the
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greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because up the only way we can try to solve any of the problem is together. that's why it's so important we make those connections. oh, we've never had a president who has literally for 4 to 5 years repeatedly a task of democracy, a compliance. we don't have a narrative. i have a question. you're hitting the link where people can't get treated for even further . join me, rochelle, carry on up front as my guest from around the world. take the hot seat and we debate to weeks hospital ethan pressing issues here on al jazeera hello there. let's start don under and we've got whether warnings out for
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a stray leah and use zealand as the wet and windy weather continues for the next few days. it's cleared up, however, for the southeast corner where when winter has certainly arrived, but temperatures have improved slightly. the wet weather however, isn't very far away. we've got a system sweeping across the bike that's going to bring some rain and briscoe winds to coastal areas, but will be a rather wet week for perth, with a bit of sunshine breaking through the cloud. no farther north, it is a fine, a picture. we got high pressure in charge, keeping things largely fine and dry dough and seems 33 degrees celsius. a lot of warmth to be found here, just some rain nibbling at the very edges of the north. now it is going to get wetter, as i said, for the south east corner, and it's going to remain very wet for much of new zealand. we've got warnings out from strong winds, and wintery weather, affecting western areas of the south island, but the rain will arrive in wellington. if we have a look at the 3 day, we are only going to see some improvement. by the time we get to the mid week and as we headed to southeast asia, it is business as usual, with
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a mix of sunshine and showers. we are expecting some heavy rains to fall. in the south of thailand we could see up to a 100 millimeters for in the next 24 hours. ah ah i with ah.


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