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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 1:00am-1:30am AST

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to gain exposes and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on out there. in just under a year's time, castle is now bait stadium will host the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the ira cup for many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next november 10th, 22. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. biggest ever sporting event next year for the castle national team. it's like it used to playing in front of expected home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. ah, the,
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a bipartisan group of us senators say they've agreed a limited deal for gun control measures following a spate of recent shootings. ah, i'm learn taylor. this is al jazeera life in london was coming up. france votes for a new parliament with seat projections, putting emmanuel in my cause party ahead. despite a surge by the left, russian forces blow up a bridge linking several don't ask with a nearby city, cutting off a possible evacuation route for civilians and tr lanka. limits the amount of fuel motorists can buy it weak as it struggles to deal with severe shortages. and it will begin in the u. s. where group of republican and democratic senators as agreed on a framework for new gun control laws aimed at curbing rising gun violence. the main
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proposals, including include funding to help the states enact red flag laws, which make it easier to remove weapons temporarily from people considered potentially violent buyers under 21 years of age would be subject to tougher background checks where their juvenile records made available and funding would also be provided for enhanced mental health services in communities and schools. it comes a day or 2, tens of thousands of people took part in matches across the country, calling for strict a gun controls. following a spate of recent shootings last month, 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in an attack on a primary school in texas, and 10 people at a grocery store in new york state. both the gunmen were 18 president, joe biden has held a proposals as important steps, even though they fall far short of the measures he's called for. mike hannah's live for us in washington dc. like how much of a breakthroughs this well,
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let me just start by saying those incidents that you refer to, those mass killings in new vaal, the, and in buffalo, new york were carried out by 18 year olds wielding a off 15 automatic weapons, which they had bought legally, now that being said, as this is a significant development, given the fact that there has not been a bipartisan agreement on gun control in decades. so this is the 1st time that that is happened for a long period of time. it has been welcomed by president biden himself, who says that it's a step in the right direction. he notes to though that it doesn't contain everything that he wanted. president biden was one of those along with tens of thousands demonstrators in the course of saturday. calling for example, for a ban on automatic weapons, a total ban, and on high capacity magazines, along with raising the age at which an individual can buy a rifle from $18.00 to $21.00,
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which is the federal age limit for somebody wanting to buy a hand gun so the irony is you could get an automatic weapon when you are 18 but not a hand gun. so there are still issues invoked here. the, the republicans are some are still deeply opposed to any form of gun control measure. but as president biden said, the fact that there has been some form of bipartisan agreement on this issue would appear to be a step forward. and is it possible that this might lead to further con, control measures in future? well, it is unlikely if the political situation remains as it is at present. by that, i mean the fact that the republicans have 49 senators in the senate. now to pass any gun control legislation, you need a super majority. which means that you have to get 11 republican boats to pass any gun control measures in the senate. along with the 50 democrats who are in place.
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so this is an issue that has not been overcome to date. this bipartisan agreement is the 1st sign that there could be some measures that will get those signatures from their needed republicans. but anything more significant is unlikely to get any republican backing at all. and that is why gun control advocates are looking increasingly towards those midterm elections. in november, i was at rallies yesterday where the call was made very strongly vote. the amount vote them out. the threat from many is that if republicans do not come along with the democratic proposals for meaningful gotten reform, then they should be voted out to come the mid term elections. but as it stands at present, it's unlikely if the political situation remains as is that there would be any more significant gotten changes in congress. my can i thank you very much. indeed. chris brown is president of the organization brady,
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united against gun violence. she says people in the u. s. don't feel safe. they want congress to address this issue. americans have seen a record number and shoot, seen children's router almost a decade ago in sandy hook. and they saw efforts to fix that through expanding background check die on the senate floor since then. a generation of children has grown up with locked down drills. that's our legacy. our children are going to school terrified and they're on the front line. and the legislators haven't taken account of what that is done, inter jenerette intergenerational lee, but for parents and across the country, i can tell you is the see change what we've seen since the last round heretic shootings in buffalo and you've all day people don't feel safe and they want congress to do something to address these issues and activeness and that care about this issue. brady activists march for a live gift for every town,
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a whole host organization that worked every day in black and brown. communities like coalition is not done violence and many other i call us the coalition for justice are moving forward. he gather, we are stronger and we've never been stronger. but it's because we have far too many victims in the country. and survivors you've listed lifted their voice for change, and i think the political calculus shifting. a lot of these senators are looking at folks who are tired and have had enough ah prompts. now we're president emmanuel, my calls centrist coalition, and it's left wing rival, a neck and neck after the 1st round of voting for the next parliament. there were 577 seats in the national assembly. 289 seats are needed to win and absolute majority. the new parliament won't be clear until next sunday's 2nd round. but the
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latest projections have president my cause on some lines, looking like it will when between 255 and 295 seats. his hopes of retaining majority are threatened by a surgeon support for new perez, a left wing alliance, led by zoning mental show, which is predicted when 15290 seats. the u. d. c lines. the union of the writing center is on close to in between 50 and 80. well, mine depends far right. san ramon, us united or national rally and it's and eyes are and course for $20.00 to $45.00 seats. dr. butler has more from paris. while for the french president, a minute micro, what is at stake is how he'll be able to govern the over the next 5 years. the makeup of the parliament is absolutely crucial. now the estimated results from this 1st round in parliamentary in this parliament re election indicate that his centrist,
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the lions certainly seems to be ahead in terms of the amount of seeds that it would be able to win in the parliament offer a 2nd round. perhaps next week, however, what he does or what the result also show is that michael may note when the majority phase paul is party, may not when the majority of that would be a problem for macro, because he wouldn't necessarily then be able to push ahead with his reform, if the agenda, the main, a challenger, really to a minute, mike roles centrist lives, is this new left wing block, this new left wing alliance that is made up of the socialist, communist and greens that was created by the far less leaders only mental show off to the presidential election, which came a 3rd and it's captured. the imagination is particularly younger voters because it's very much focused on issues such as climate change, but also the cost of living. now, of course is left with lines on looking at the results. it is a huge victory for them tonight. they are hoping very much that they can build on
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those results on the momentum and possibly push through to the 2nd round. russian forces have blown up a bridge that linked the embattled eastern ukrainian city. several units with lucy, charlotte across the savanski, next river, divert and esque is in the loo, hence region of ukraine. russian attack leaves just one of 3 bridges in areas, still standing, cutting off a possible evacuation route for civilians. hundreds of fighters and residents, a thought to be sheltering in the as aut chemical plant, which takes up a larger area along western side of the scenario. denette sk, a russian state news agency, a shad footage. it says, shows smoke rising from the plant. the governor of lou hands province says fuel storage and chemicals there have caught fire. he also said, russian shelling has killed one woman and destroyed 4 houses and a shopping center in lucy shells. char stratford has more from keith. we came off the phone to
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a ukrainian deputy commander inside that city. several the next one of only 2 cities. now that is not under full russian control in the loo. ganske region of don bass, that deputy commander saying to us that yes, there had been heavy shilling of that chemical plant and that it was on fire that chemical plant, a vast, great soviet built industrial complex that before the wall used to produce fertilizers and building material it's located in the south east of the city. we understand close to the river close to the river that separates the town several. the next from the town of lucy chanced, which he tells us is also getting heavily shelled. we asked him whether he could firm reports that we've been hearing of the last couple of days about hundreds of civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plant. in several minutes, he was unable to confirm that he estimate stood up to 2000 civilians,
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may have died in silver the next amidst this heavy fighting. now this comes at a time when the ukrainians complaining again that they don't have enough weapons from the west and those western weapons that they have been allocated are not getting here fast enough. so there are huge concerns yet again to day for um, basically, ukrainians ability to be able to defend that city. and for the up to what we understand could be around $10000.00 civilians, either trapped inside that city or unwilling to leave. even at the knocking, rush a day, a new train dumbass region, large parts of which are controlled by moscow, back separatists russian flags arranged in new hands for the national day, which commemorates the country declaration of state sovereignty from the soviet union in 1990. meanwhile, crowds lined the streets to watch a parade of military bands and a concert in sebastopol, crimea, which russia annexed in 2014. as a criminal, russian president vladimir putin presented stage awards to workers from the culture,
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art, science and technology sectors. he described the day as a reminder of how important it is for russians to be united and said he was proud of the country's accomplishments. my good gym says the good thing, we are proud of the accomplishments and victories of our ancestors of all who aspired and we're able to lead forward, discover anything, achieve progressive fatherland, defend the homeland in fact. and it's nice and role in the world. the golden arches are gone, but american style cheeseburgers are on the menu in moscow. again, the 1st mcdonald's restaurant russia has reopened on a new branding and ownership. the chain is now called because no into shaka, which translates, is delicious. full stop. mcdonald's shot, all 850 russian outlets in march, following the invasion of ukraine, the new restaurant owned by a local licensee. but the american company has the option to buy back locations within 15 years. now i am glad to present
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a new name is called delicious stone. we have been thinking about the name for a long time to decide it. we want to keep it simple and memorable for all the guests of our 850. alexander now tells me it was only yesterday that we decided on that yet. so i did. so i am and bishop man, i don't just plan to open all of these 850 risk for what you know. so to develop new ones. of course, just before we will closely monitored for quality of the product, the services that we offer, i guess still to come this half hour houses have more muslim actors to demolished or to protest. so were controversial comments by india's ruling party officials plus o friends and family of a missing british journalist and brazilian indigenous expert hold video on rios cooper, cabana beach. ah
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hello there, let's dot don under. and we've got weather warnings out for a stray leah and new zealand as the wet and windy weather continues for the next few days. it's cleared up, however, for the southeast corner where when winter has certainly arrived, but temperatures have improved slightly. the wet weather however, isn't very far away. we've got a system sweeping across the bike that's going to bring the rain and briscoe wind to coastal areas, but will be a rather wet week for perth, with a bit of sunshine breaking through the cloud. now further north, it is a finer picture. we got high pressure in charge, keeping things largely fine and dry dough and seen 33 degrees celsius. so i lot of warmth to be found here. just some rain nibbling at the very edges of the north. now it is going to get wetter, as i said, for the southeast corner, and it's going to remain very wet for much of new zealand. we've got warnings out
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from strong winds, and wintery weather, affecting western areas of the south island, but the rain will arrive in wellington. if we have a look at the 3 day, we are only going to see some improvement. by the time we get to the mid week and as we headed to southeast asia, it is business as usual, with a mix of sunshine and showers. we are expecting some heavy rains to fall. in the south of thailand we could see up to 100 millimeters for in the next 24 hours. ah, the reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news as it's breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia to hungry to rep one day, i might be covering politics and we're actually, i might be covering photos. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here douglas 0. we believe everyone has
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a story worth hearing. lou. ah, or one of the top stories here known to 0, a bipartisan group of us senators as agreed on a framework for new gun control laws aimed at curbing rising gun violence. it includes tougher background checks for under 20 ones and support for state red flag laws which remove weapons from potentially dangerous individuals. emmanuel vehicles, coalition and its left wing rival and neck and neck. in the 1st round, a french parliamentary elections projections suggest michael's on som or together
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alliance will win more seat. but a search by george marshall's left is block could to private of its majority. and a russian use agency has shared video. it says shows smoke rising from a chemical plant in the ukranian city of several internet's where hundreds of people are thought to be sheltering. russian forces have also blown up a bridge that linked the battle city with near by it. lucy, chance to anchor has announced that it will start rationing the amount of fuel people can buy each week. tens of thousands of drivers or spending hours, sometimes days in fuel cues, as the countries offers it's worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. been al fernandez reports from colombo mercy pereira, is struggling to keep the home fires burning for 35 years. she has been making and selling string hoppers a popular sri lankan staple. but with food prices skyrocketing, cooking as an kerosene, unavailable, she's struggling on like
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a loaner car. i don't have that. and i have to look after 8 people i, i manage all the expenses as what i make even the water and electricity bells like it costs increase more than this. hello. i just can't go on like music, not alone. marshal. anchors are reeling as food inflation has raced past 50 percent . i han ha, my donahoe border 3 days more than no human last week. yeah. so it is are already every day to bring argument that momentum again. i the in alarm. i think the person who bought kilos before now buys 250 grams. things are at rock bottom of the united lation says the countries economic crisis has affected food security, agriculture, livelihoods, and access to health services. it's world food program says 3 out of 4 families are badly affected by cutting back on meals. they're cutting back on the portions of
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those meals and they're buying food that's much cheaper, but much less nutritious, which the u. n. a non government organizations are appealing for almost $50000000.00 for what they describe as life saving assistance to the worst hit people. but they're a bigger concerns. my fear is that there is are, are much larger portion of the population who will very soon need the same kind of assistance unless there is a fundamental change in the situation here. there's little sign of that at present . fuel supplies are running law, thousands of sri lankan q for hours, sometimes days, energy minister, continent reducing. it says he has no choice, but to introduce a weekly quarter for registered consumers. many people waiting in queue is too large a 0. they don't believe this will work. oh, another group fed up with george's took to the streets,
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banging pots and pans and kitchen utensils. demanding resident got our b roger boxer and his latest government stepped down. the government is trying desperately to find a solution to the crisis, but must meet stringent conditions before we can secure a bailout. these don't mean much for the 10s of thousands of people struggling to put food on the table. miller fernandez al jazeera, colombo, m, p. 's from the largest political block and iraq's parliament have resigned on mass at their leaders request in protest against 7 months of deadlock, are reforming. a government shia cleric, lieutenant sanders party $173.00 seats in elections last year is seen as a populist and a critic of both iran and the united states. is been set on forming a majority government with his allies, which excludes his iran back. she arrivals, but he hasn't been able to get the 2 thirds majority needed to elect iraq's next president. which must happen before
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a cabinet can be chosen. more properties linked to muslim protest as have been demolished in the indian state of utter pradesh. the destruction of all his days of rally is against 2 former bp officials who made remarks about the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive adore again miracles. a bulldozer demolishes the home of a muslim politician and activist authorities in the state of utah pradesh. say mohammed javin didn't have planning permission to get door your to people involved in the violent protests have been identified and it was found they had a legal constructions and bulldozers bruce and we will also charge them under the national security. yeah, a lot javits family say he wasn't at the protests and accused the governing b. j. p. of trying to intimidate them even being our house tax. but around 20 years and not one how we received any information by any of gavin chapman at
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harvey soccer law. that our house is illegal, are leaking. ok, why would they didn't give it? i would even take my acts as it was it illegal house and eat prophecies linked to muslim protests as were also demolished on saturday. oh, the demolitions followed days of protests against 2 former b. j. p. officials, you made remarks against the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive protest as won't one of them. the poor sharma arrested for hate speech. the parties headed media in new delhi in a vain qu margin. dal is also accused of making insulting remarks. some protest turned violent on friday, but legal experts say authorities cannot use that as a justification for destroying people's homes. you cannot demolish a man's house for prognostic. you cannot link it to look this be like a different thing altogether. so it is in my view,
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it isn't my view and abuse of the b j. p says it's strongly denounced his insults against any religion sector, ideology, but protest is, don't believe that statement and say these demolitions speak louder than words, victoria gate and be al jazeera having her house demolished weeks before her wedding has failed to spoil. the plans are one palestinian bride a or be her raj, be and her groom, we're heading estrella began their wedding ceremony as planned in the ruins of her family home in c, one in occupied east. jerusalem is ready. authorities demolished the 5 story building last month, saying it was built without a permit. local se permits are almost impossible to obtain. the building was home to 35 people. i'm new to days, the happiest day,
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the sweetest joy that will go down in history. the wedding is taking place after they demolished the house. my sister's dream was to leave for the wedding from the house and so she did. thank god, a great happiness and reception. thank you all. although they demolish the house, she walked out of it. thank god, reporters without borders is calling for an end to impunity. following the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina berkeley, it says one month after she was shot in the head by israeli forces one on assignment in jeanine. a proper investigation has still not been carried out. on the day of a funeral is really forces stormed the procession and started beating. mourners nearly causing pull bears to drop her coffin, members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. i work lay was without her 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of pastime . an asian security summit in singapore has wrapped up with warnings from china, but its military will crush any attempt to make taiwan independent. china's
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increasingly tense relationship with united states and the war and ukraine featured and nearly every session of the shangri la conference. jessica washington reports from singapore had a security summit in singapore. the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the stage with forceful words, die yet europe will he, he, we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if anyone dares to attackers the people's liberation army would not hesitate to fight. chosen a sure speech that covered a range of regional flesh points. and you will, we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwan independence. if anyone does, to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. quite analysts say, way fung, huh. has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience about
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what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes for the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as a meddling power, one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his woods one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. oh, i'm sorry, a strategy is new defense minister has told out a 0. there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd mobile. i'm and, and it's really important that that occur on a transparent wise the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging. where really, richard malls says estrella is revitalizing its relations with those countries. if we go out and see if going, countries to the work
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a place their interests at the center of our engagement and then the rest takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner choice. we are eventful for these opportunity vgm defense minister, one of the few representatives from the pacific fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing minutes meeting with a chinese. of course, everybody knows that we met the americans. we met the japanese. we met the time is we met the australians, you know, it has organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regents future. it remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to see jessica washington al jazeera singapore. 9 people have been arrested in china over a violent attack on several women in a restoral, which is caused widespread outrage surveillance footage shows a man slapping
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a woman who had rebuffed him. she fought back then a group of men entered the restaurant intention in northern her bay province attacking her and the other women with her. the woman who rejected the man's advances was then dragged outside and beaten while others looked on. the video has gone viral, renewing discussion about him. so jeanie and the treatment of women in china. a vigil has been held on rio de janeiro as cooper cabana beach for leading brazilian indigenous expert, bruno barrera. and a british journalist, don phillips, who are missing in the amazon family, friends and members of the public, were t shirts for the 2 men's faces on them and held up signs and placards to mock a week since they were last seen. ferrera and philips disappeared near the jewelry valley indigenous territory in an area bordering peru in columbia. they were returning by boat to the nearby city of at elia donati, but never arrived. possible human remains have been found in the search area. news
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your call is up, but it's still more soon though, so much on the 1st. when he disappeared, we had his crazy hope that he was on blue note. it was a love that, you know, he had been living that many years going to meet with indigenous tribes. we dealt with it. i thought it picked up on something and somehow wormed his way through the forest string, 2 of them. but with the passage of time and the things we heard in the press is no longer any hope of human being among us. them as real britons queen elizabeth the 2nd has become that the world's 2nd longest reigning modern monarch crowned in 1953 . she is now overtaken, thailand's former king will me go. andrea, who reigned for 70 years and a 126 days until his death in 2016. francis louis the 14th remains the longest ruling monarch he spent 72 years and a 110 days on the throne.


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