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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field Mexico A Lethal Field for Journalist  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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assistance to the worst, heed people, but they're a bigger concerns. my fear is that there is a much larger portion of the population who will very soon need the same kind of assistance unless there is a fundamental change in the situation here. there is little sign of that at present . fuel supplies are running low, thousands of shalon guns, q for hours, sometimes days. energy minister gone to the v. jessica says he has no choice but to introduce a weekly quarter for registered consumers. many people waiting and cues to lodge a 0. they don't believe this will work. oh, another group fed up with georgia just took to the streets, banging pots and pans and kitchen utensils. demanding resident got our b roger boxer and his latest government stepped down. the government is trying desperately to find a solution to the crisis,
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but must meet stringent conditions before we can secure a bailout. these don't mean much for the 10s of thousands of people struggling to put food on the table. miller, fernandez al jazeera colombo. ah, hello, you're watching out as the are these the top stories this our a bipartisan group of us senators has a grade on a framework for modest gun restrictions in the wake of a series of mass shootings. under the tentative deal authorities would keep guns away from people deemed to be a threat. mike, hannah has moved from washington dc. president biden has issued a tech saying, welcoming the announcement, saying that more could be done, but it's an important step forward. and certainly this is the general reaction from many groups that it is an important step forward that it is a signal that bipartisan agreement on this issue can be reached. but it falls far
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short of what many, including president biden were demanding. for example, there is no outright band on automatic weapons. busy no raising the age at which one can buy a rifle from $18.00 to $21.00. french president, emanuel microns coalition, and its left wing rival. i'm nick and nick in the 1st round of france's legislative elections across faces. competition from a left alliance led by john luc mellon, shown iraqi politician look kinda al satta has resigned from parliament with 72 more members of his political party. he says it was to break an 8 month political deadlock. brazilian police say they've found a backpack, a laptop and an id card in the remote part of the amazon rain forest, where 2 men went missing. a vigil has been held in re diginero. mikey one wakes in brazilian indigenous expert burnham pereira and british journalists don't phillips
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when missing a russian state news agency has shed footage. it says shows smoke rising from a chemical plant in the eastern ukrainian city of city on yet. the governor of lou hands could province as fuel storage and chemicals have caught fire putting the lives of those hiding there at risk. those are the headlines i'm emily angland. news continues here on elisha 0. after talk to al jazeera stay with us investigative journalism. my role in this by pride, the in information about the global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we fail these stories. what jonathan beth is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al jazeera
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with every year, journalists are increasingly becoming the story as threats against the multiply them, intimidation, imprisonment, harassment, and assassinations. and the un says one journalist was killed every 4 days during the past decade. but killings don't only take place in countries with armed conflicts. journalism has become a lethal profession in many other countries, plate with corruption, human rights violations, drug violence, environmental crimes, human trafficking, and political wrong doing a you and report reveals that in 2019 the
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highest number of fatal attacks against journalists were carried out in latin america and the caribbean, they represented 40 percent of the total killings recorded world wide. and mexico officially became the world's most dangerous country for journalists. this year is the worst on record for news professionals, with 11 being killed. violence in mexico has grown sharply since the start of the so called war on drugs in 2006 under the leadership. then president philippe gal didn't put violence against journalist, has grown exponentially worse under president. and that is manuel. no physical but other attacks against the press have increased by 85 percent since the beginning of his presidency. our best all although president lopez over the world took office in 2018 promising to uphold press freedom. he has since developed
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a combative relationship with journalists. the president has been accused of using his daily morning press conferences as a platform for denouncing reporters who criticize his administration. against vision, dental song video. this just sees open at his us ask it will build his medicine that has been diesel's in gun 10 below these, this building madison and i sitting beside as young as and gone down nice to us. he's even drawn attention from the u. s. government and members of the european parliament who urged the president to tone down his verbal attacks against the press. some and g o is here and mexico have warned that hostile public discourse toward journalists is perpetuating
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violence against media workers and eroding democracy. i manuel that apollo and the mexican capital, and on this edition of talk to al jazeera in the field, we meet mexican media professionals and explore how this country has become such a perilous place for journalists. do the killing of jo willis load this maldonado lopez in t juana in january of this year. shun a spotlight on how reporters can still be gone down in cold blood with few consequences that despite her having special protection from state officials who gave her a security detail inadequacy death before her death, maldonado had attended a press conference in the mexican capital. she told the president she feared for her life and requested special assistance from the government
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a week after maldonado was killed. another tiquana journalist might get ito martinez eschew bed was shot dead outside his home. the deaths of both journalists sparked protests in tiquana and the rest of mexico calls for the government to investigate their debts, have led to one of the most significant press freedom movements in mexico's history . martinez eskoville worked as a photo journalist for several news outlets. among them said that it's a weekly news magazine in the one up with a long history of attacks and violate attempts to silence the publication. to better understand the scale of mexico's press freedom crisis, we spoke with the editor of santa avila, nevada. she's no stranger to death threats and attacks. noisy, the fussing ass anyway, better these men may, he call middleman the ban. ninfa come with us. am i right,
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is heifer if there is them is combine, you know, something off. if enough, a luchella's mutual con carlos for that, if they listed gland growth boyer fact on travel. the atlas group doesn't travel. we adams from theme visit that the, the alice or but his. he was econ dr. carter police control him to finish getting me nellie's kick. went them only bullied alkalis. pro elmore is tell me he can just put us as well if he can me. he called in which it took us in it was pretty nice. the system was introduced wearables, asking them of the songs he kills gilmore federal under almost every in one, but for a k bank. i mean, those will be, are not even come in the list of figures, but a hamper when i presume definitely pick a little been amazon is throughout the here. they will not get the controllers are always going to present it in we could bring any of that than me as the medical bottle up us, you're going to proceed. billups. what are those digital services in the wells? does the scale? no, they use establishing really nat mika, alex kilo, screaming nellis latino gonzales gardens. so i know that daniel,
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but if he not meant this c. m put up the annella manila, the dad as him thought for that either than it is implemented. but of if any law in nicholas put a hempel the get the mammals in lots of 10th us. the near most of it gets the mental or a lesson the mental and medical graphical in baja, california in in laws no vendors. the national nam may scholar, villain article political donors, casey. i see intern medical graphical in b s at the head of the group soon? no, no, i'm just gonna police yes. i mean, call us all to the, i think one of the williams work if you know maintenance is he than that those but i subsea still imposes the bus. i was there like the lens here now go. traffic will allow you. lindsay l, a medical political on the yes, our low interest, you know, but the little of those millis severe name or nothing, will assume yonah gave other darken zana ram has the name of some kind of thing. yet the name of the main character, this in a law america think halley's garage, i mean i see on it the name was jack gameplan auto sultry. that is, it will be
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a millionaire republica, a lot easier for that. i literally just a tallapoosa municipal e this a for to never meant in. well, didn't screaming look in which this group put us in as you see on for both the hit on gotten in those. if they me, i must level incidence. that will do that because those be sierra for the finances group policy as well. you see as muslim, unless i sit there the will had e ela, a black or lynette, the implement valencia in back of the for me, what is, what does that do to a journalist when that is the work environment that they're surrounded by so far this year? there have been already more than a 100 homicides in tiquana alone. what does that do? i suppose the question is to the psychology to, to the mindset of a journalist who's working in this type of environment that but in this a sort of, in, in, in mr. came up with the noise from the noise that but could, gee, any see i'm listening video that is much jest, i missed as can dishonest. gavia group sony, jo ann pooley that he, yes. is he now does he have any medical traffic on them?
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some of this in policeman. and does this have been there was a sort of, you mean a menu? definite momentous did it, but a seal, but it is kissed up us and look when the, when they were levy than the well, the never knows. well in video, the stick is the 3rd hand. looks that in seattle on go, we have no group dorm, no guns, as in getting me now. is that gonna be in nor kissell nicole, dora this, is there my michigan? no. what was the type of reporting that you were doing when you 1st began to receive threats of violence against you? and as i've written them into came around come b, l. a last. emerson. but i live in north hills, him and that he has hit us on like a group ceiling and go vietnam like, or lucille and then the school. but his, his policy escal many lots of rooms as soon as could mean alice in this area that and i got that i think on his fellow him see and willows him. so tempo no went under your internet or how does this im anerio is darcy, misty envoy. cathy, larry general. felix in mr. momento boyd. but i love seeing these young is demos in misty, and the captain villas had
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a general capitol hill is connect him in as in the other thing is in the law and seen amazon that all. now could brass it now or going to simply manella that then will stress, not to solos means most them us seamless. is he a mentor? but can no, mostly middle. we're not villarreal, bobby, go will be illinois, that'll get 2nd c se then becomes that the, him, the radical back on. but the los angels in a little bit. but if you're miles beneath us on my val means ahead, i was, this is more if he seen a this thing here to live on the vienna leprosy and i am watching pony that gazing urls. but as he balanced bob, lemme see mister bass in on. i must bonus bitterly stressing him out. but i may, he cal, 1st almost i will look in was there will be many cylinders, him, anerio, bubble gum was, came to his annual stable yet no one seemed to the minimum seniors also such as he nat, those mere lentils. they say, oh, now the person that had been my messina limplin either he was getting castillo's police to quality men's hadn't. can me he got boys. my found produced an enormous with the me, 9 percent. or i mean, we are desperately isaac,
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another minutes in brazil for the daily laws with this cuz he says he knows nellums in anybody. oh, there the and this one will be sort our numbers. he is hillary bullock on think they those a oh not that i saw what little i e in this is or what is so, so thought his mother. yes, erase. don't use them in propelling bonita as that elicit in other numero infertile if. well, in order this maldonado and the one in percentile are buccheri, see thee on thorns, us in b, i don't to keep all human log lantus in went to persona, the look of where she, sandy, mackenzie de la marina, the la fiscal year louis a good place i will do that, but i kick while duval and con, wellness. mr. getting this enough, is kelly looking you? what else will does that the we're gonna press listen, such as he knows in and, and he gets a lot of is it to respond to some as, as he knows mckesson margarita input, this is the basic is spa seamless. it was this year. guess basil empathy. josefina? there have been at least have been on not housing in this is
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a 1000. 0 boy. come he can assist you. now police as enough of them was going infamous. and i mean, deli low, the stove. but kennels and mandela keep us in the los alamitos is status. he came in, sack his hair inclin, daniel c, madison, teresa, both of them. and i am pacin, mexico's one of the few countries in the world that relies on this federal program . it's known here as simply the mechanism, but it's a mechanism that provides protection for journalists who fear for their lives. i guess in simple terms, is do despite the fact that this program exists, journalists are still being killed in mexico. does it work, interment? and often sooner, much of them is companion of as, as he nelson me, he call is 1000 a co, he'll sell mc and his number of chit, wip of excel, going to foreigners, as he knows enlisted castle in docile kasey earnestness of what is here on a include not in any in, in, within his own with exec, ill as docile kathy. and there's no rush if tom was put kick in kick. once his dear consists yanked me when i went on board on the bicycle on numerous and very well,
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your millennium in his his aunt eloquent. do alice gaskell either please he has faded alice when the last, what is your service? eric will put us in a mascot loop, double bass to the said, you know, i like we the am molina spirit marina say ye when a persona duck, whatever the look is, toys in the media, by then tell me gas. i want to consider me familiar manacles and i miss fuentes to go. believe the site is given important is to form the less iglesia, getting this going to winters the knob for the i do areas that are macalucio federal, semi, the median. there was no phone sooner. it lot of his mother now's finally mac and his mom brought dixie on how he had a well this is 200 mic and his mom pro pixie on motors, but he says does noise. i look, it was in a book it in the system, nor you mr. the. him to get an noise room, no asperity, they won't dawdle. barbara, will this it would he that i will oppose me. he goes into the last bit of these
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testament, although i'm going to kill him at that in place. come on, may hicho long. the braver, literally pony that is elegant dinner thought has been touches, but to discuss again the thing to pers quinta, but to start it. and if you can look while is lena the reader, well as to the near area, the area, but get the anonymous booklet book, the homeless, boise us. if we can in momento k can see there and guess the muscle and then just a moment ago. and this is enough to switch gears a little bit to talk about the, the president of mexico. and it is when we look over the many journalists and mexico would agree and see a free and open press as a pillar of a stable and healthy democracy. i believe that president lope is over a lot of mexico, at least in theory, also believes that the president has also been known to publicly, verbally attack journalists, calling them at times. mercenaries calling them, sell out you yourself in the past. have called his morning press conferences,
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a system of inquisition where president lopez over the word is the judge. could you please elaborate on that to see if you can look for the s k. i the $20.00 money native. this is only shooting for my fee on i said it would be done in case you see on the policy, then there is dasanya landlord and akin there. so may i canceled that aside? you get a hosty feca case if that, than that to the replica siena madigan no nobel could busy them. there were some physical members, but a converse babbling for muslim bully going on menu. look a. so you're welcome to cynthia. back i say maybe a while back i submitted easter. if president 30 gallano successes, they seated gave him brusset sick. he woke up one can mean honesty. com was a government at his state university. silicon hills bessalo ill up or jom. would she seymour a weird it the needle. let us once i will. yeah. like one the way going know, it started the little little vietnam going on, but at least the mysterious impact the glad when they look at the new care series
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alleys have several areas of gothic. also sheila, most of those non us can mammals, the position in come here was a feel for it. but if you then on her present, apple young billy's, when that been the thin me, he cook one, blah blah, with the yellow. the report that this is in your la la groups, you annella's will be another forks, the called it on, on him to get being and he had thought, i, it was me, most males, aloe scale yet back it lost those up. we are going to throw in a position muscle dosikin was on the music scene was he worked with the canvas will be in bed or in gabriella. marcello, yes, but i live in glen allen. bottled throw them in like amelia overgon, the seller said maybe this thing silly, that in many they stay at a packet of busy then they tell us in manner in if where i was to september, the line of bustle, suggested members, i got the little nerve conduction damn burnett is will be they'll labianca larissa, salus, i'm in the sandal ireland near asylum elaine, you know, as to say no nasty. so thank well presented. last attack gentlemen. in their
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present level, i think with the meals becca after his immune else, those both boys the case, the hymn book, a supplemental policy not will mirror at all of them. he cannot see particular method. alice, buddhist, us. insecurity continues to worse in, across mexico, creating a chilling effect for journalism. the problem has grown so much that there are now entire regions of the country where news professionals no longer operate. his sues . medina, in investigative journalist from the mexican state of morales, says, these regions are known as quiet zones. his seuss, who lives in hiding and receives special protection from the government, says the threats facing the press can come from anywhere. pasano velez here san luis arias came, was in to he barrow and the young man reported that i was young, i believe just give blank or believe, look a horrible and daniel is us. so it goes on, when you see your son soccer,
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he and his i was fine, we extensive common chihuahua and sonata in the lower than the anybody luther kiss . kiss at 31 have, is it that last on his was i want you to tell us more about what you're going through. what happened in that period of time between receiving those 1st our death rats, and even the, the attempt on your life. and the moment where you said, okay, this is enough. i'm going to reach out to the government and request the special protection from the government as a moment. we're just out on the recorded lula, hong kong fleet, docile cl than they did on the better, better idea of all the adamant from what then angle the another lest thou both dominant that we never been offered an ether. meaning that when the angle we are no one is he but i see all am unless i'm in a sense i won't. i'm in as a sequel. mom marie is montana, lam anessa your star in like out there. and i'm like, i yet lend on amazon and like a like in like a mom, maria said that the owner come in, it de la la la la vanessa. someone up at
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a sunday miss danielle and them and, and i'm will, yeah, the receiver. warsaw is may say, came as to him again and them ascii, but congress videos, but can they so medina can involve yet or not as, as emily's and the family didn't go yet. and i heard that that book were e for the common thing. they handle gemelli had alyssa, the s barrios, i mean as harvey and, and the fellow hill on the la garza, the frog iris moran went back in mid balancing in the us. antis. do or not been in the bottles on the ball? yes, ella. manasseh, but could see, sorry, i could have been william, but okay, well the amazon, what is the ballast, the benefit of yamaha the see that in my letter there may he call. he was kara, into the process of believe that that will help on a level momentum when they are, ma'am, maybe all, and on the scenario check. yes. anyway, i can maybe call and make them his mom says i, you know, i say to the point this good that that on was ready of the export from hotel in mcdonough or any marietta barrel, cb, our last last may i felt the letters may helena is out of the way,
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but if i'm enough of those, i promise you for i c k. not a spit out in them. yeah, i haven't forgotten them. formula finance momentum when the m, as in the, are men or say all for it, i that believe you know yet, but the lady was comments of them in all that that but guess have this because i'm in the for so yes, the la chinese thomas mexico once again, is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. but it's not the same. is it for a foreign correspondent to foreign reporter, or the level of danger that a local journalist, a mexican journalist, is going to face? is the level of danger. the same for foreign journalist as it is for a mexican journalist. the environment delivery is one i said minimum knows i'm in. maria's won't by don't by your least other latino medical i'll in the proven sample to handle mitchell mendoza several years ago they use text. i hate or given i said,
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i don't want to put that here. this is, i wrote them a leap as what had got. yep. as well as dollars master calendar. and at the moment they released and get on that they'll fix anybody that's ever he thinks of together . but at least i look at the gill ethan again, mentally as looking cake one year up was a lover. i say the carriers are going, he goes, he on a born, elena horner last week, the must. e s i e on the bus be in, and i want to see on this, which i visit, i'm in so, so they're still on guard at the league. i've only got a lot of leah, i cannot bully. can you tell what we have? not the time to get him in alice active but guess at the nickel when he got home corners. got it. that was in process. it is akila and matthew elena failing in the mail like emily glenna sims client gunther's. he bought it because of the $640.00 for a tax reported against journalist last year. public officials were found to have been linked to at least 2 out of every 5. so how responsible is the state for this
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violence body shut? i mean viola from proposed icbc or civilian proposal, an angio that promotes freedom of expression in mexico. explains, may he call a asked one man, that isn't vice much more thief. why don't you must pentagon also, but i parted video. he's more bailey's does a book to sit on your contact with the one in any form available. there will seem from that us up as homeless and remember that most of that out of us here at the very stand by you system and complete the set of miles for an family. he okay, is from animal. could i see a 4 mile out of the alley last but he, he finally saw that i saw him in may he got a bit of a, a some for him at his 4 weeks. it could then we'll say that, that i put, lemme gave you scully as get that our i'm, i'm sort of in is been, was, will possibly mean that number specific. i mean they, they, lucille, he says saint pony that they made your, these, the saudi, those a specific i mean they, in and beneath,
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though they only see the op cut up on thumbnails and no one thing to policy. and the, the money that asked the way, some boy, he scudder yes look alesco one nothing. scully of it. i eat that. i stumbled so then billy toys have bodies here that been released us in the and he says this he and 14th. and when he at your work involves helping individuals navigate mexico's very bureaucratic legal system for a journalist or a human rights worker who is fearing for their life and wanting some sort of legal recourse, what are the obstacles that they're going to be faced with? so i find that out, i find out when you see those who are not in the lending a corporal noise class, he own a lot said what was the zip i last week, the must him, was terabytes yolanda perceive he come in, they, they video these to us even switch from medias into coming or see us handle multiple floors. last me scully, us grace boat and in order map bose,
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the coral to they must seattle collateral dfcs equals one door. you wouldn't come in for that, but it's fully because kwan no, i immortal, come in. so that thought is that good min, oregon the saddle, eat one though. no soft bonus, one. this one us heals, interested out of western sailors. we scan the yes, ma'am. in the steam present deal that i stumbled so they will response obviously could ok will not let me ski as much as the fees he lives. it, but that, that i'm a hiding and by you see that as much cordova said miss sullivan. he said in this, tell them i was just wondering, was herself going my yodi. he said that bailey says that the seen out equal mental scuttles was made up close to noon. very seaman problem mother not complete. bruno fixed because we lost me wayllace bay bankruptcy on bank bonnie: that video lance here be for the ask at the end of quarter. i think when macy quantum, he go, i saw on us the less up going to be the one will we are looking at us up a new and a solid gustavo, that amanda knows what he was getting in alice. not this week. i say salt,
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seen it up for you on the list that seems like you sense? yeah. vaguely. spousal between a few. i mean been missy thomas could get you know, but i see them. oh, not proceed. and i wanted a little better or lead the got glad i a fleet omit vick over there was pointless. putting some balance for him. the holy be garcia. did i put a big see on up video least ornate on says say i last. how could i see on me on that i left but and this time may equal. notice when i'm in this almost hold on the live video used to fiddle. so most employees when months. they know when someone puts form to somebody in by eas, gordon must force us columbus seen us. oh my god. okay. i'm in. oh, vietnam or level southernmost, or are they okay size and that really that contin one me going on with oh, noon noon.
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ah ah ah when the news break oh, came through the building trying to see if there's anybody else chopped inside when people need to be heard. and the story tones, i feel like i wasn't really awake until you went to morocco. it definitely changed
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my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports of not hardly him, but he left her because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice when all that seemed to matter is the headlines always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality. the leader on the one hand, the enemies of the leader. on the other hand, the listing post strips away the spin, what kind of reporting of the machine on the ground mis information is right? place bare the bias. a lot of people believe things because they want to believe a don covers the uncomfortable truths. do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case or the listing? boast alo, jesse era. ah .


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