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you are senators agree on a bipartisan gun control deal, but it falls short of tough a step sought by president by ah, alarm darn jordan. this is al jazeera ly, from de, also coming up france votes for a new parliament with projections, putting him on the old macros party, neck and neck, with a united left wing alliance. more political uncertainty in iraq, the biggest block in parliament, resigns of the formation of a new government and nearly half a 1000000 people have fled ukraine's war for moldova. but is the former soviet state in so under threat. its prime minister speaks to rogers ah, a bipartisan group of us senators as agree than a framework for new gun control laws. it's aimed at curbing rising gun violence and would keep weapons away from people deemed to be a threat. but critics say the measures don't go far enough. my counter reports from
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washington dc. the framework agreement follows weeks up close door negotiations in the senate. it's one of the 1st bipartisan gun control agreements in decades. we haven't had significant federal legislation in nearly 30 years. so having a framework announced, having 10 republican senators long was 10 democrats signing off on that, which would avoid that fellow buster in the united states senate. it's a really big deal. the tentative agreement has been welcomed by president biden, who's tweeted, i want to thank senator chris murphy and the bipartisan group for the gun safety proposal. it does not do everything that i think is needed, but it reflects important steps in the right direction. with bipartisan support, there are no excuses for delay. let's get this done. but some don't want it done. i think it's deeply disappointing that republican leadership decided to get in lead
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with the democratic conference in the senate to put together a gun control bill. you know, that should be a huge red flag for republican voters going into the fall. significant proposals include incentives will states to pass so called red flag laws, which allow a judge to decide whether a gun via or owner poses a potential threat to others. federal background checks and buyers under $21.00 would include access to their records as minors and federal funding for mental health care and increase school security. so, but these measures for well short of what's being demanded by gun control. advocates, including president biden himself at rallies across us saturday calls were made for a bad, on the se, looked debbie, automatic weapons, and high capacity magazines. and for the age at which an individual can buy a rifle range from $18.00 to $21.00,
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to match the existing federal law concerning hand guns, assault rifles, we used in the mess, shootings, and you valve the texas and in buffalo, new york. in each case, they were wielded by 18 year olds. the senators have set an informal goal of passing the bill before the 24th of this month when congress goes on a 2 week recess. but with the legislation still not fully written, it's unlikely that this goal will be met and it's certain that the modest suggestions will do little to ease the mounting pressure on politicians to pass meaningful gun control measures or place the consequences in november's mid term elections. mike hannah al jazeera washington for christina delgado was a gun reform advocate. she says there are opportunities for congress to do more. these measures are really fantastic measures. they are incremental movements
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forward and are also vitally necessary. but, you know, be coming from a community that actually survives one of these for rick school shooting. it definitely makes her feel like we're still left in the dark. i do feel that we can do more, you know, i just, i don't think family meet these, these practices that we're asking for, such as ethan for kimberly, for the education in the storage indication in responsible ownership and penalty for those individual who are acting in negligence. would not affect any responsible gun owner that i know or even my family. it's really kind of hard for some of us to understand why it's so difficult for you. it will be then to really define those negligent people from us, responsible gun owners. you know, it's an unfortunate reality that we live here in the us, but it does not have to be this way forever. these are incremental changes that are
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vastly important that we do come through and pass that just as you know what was discussed prior to coming here to this moment. this is that if we address this is not the final, the final draft to be passed right away. so there is still time for these members of the senate to have discussions, to really take into consideration other ways that we can improve these different titles in this bill for presidents and manual macros coalition and it's left wing rival on neck and neck. and the 1st round of frances legislative elections. projections suggest macros parties should win more seats, but could lose its overall majority. as natasha butler reports, the president faces competition from left during alliance that by john look, millennial the french president looked relaxed as he voted in the coastal resort of little k, but the manual, my call faces
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a challenging week after the 1st round of frances parliamentary elections he sent tristan lions, his own track to windlow seats, but not necessarily the majority. he needs to push ahead with his reformer, gender, who some the 3rd cross for the judge. we are the only political movement and a position to win a majority in the national assembly. we have one week before us to rally our forces one week to persuade one week to win a strong and clear majority. only such a strong and clear majority will enable us to respond to the urgent issues which affect the daily lives of french people. a clara or a new left wing block that includes greens, communists, and socialists created by far left leadership incremental. sean has emerged as the main rival to macros party. it's attracted, voters concerned over the cost of living and climate change. japan not appropriate . i call on are people viewing as result and this opportunity for our personal lives and for the nation. i column people to go out and reject once and for all the funeral projects of macaroni do more to fall right. and conservative parties trail
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the centrists and the left in an election that's largely fail to capture photos. imagination turned out was that in historic, no, with less than half of those eligible costing their palate. this phone comes less than 2 months after the presidential campaign. so there's definitely a sense of election fatigue. it's also the case though, that a growing number of people in france feel fed up with politics and politicians, and increasingly disengaged from the political process with a tight race ahead, the parties will step up their campaigns in a critical test for the president. the big lesson of this 1st round for him and then mccoy's that he is not certain to have an absolute majority in parliament. and that will make his life more difficult if he hasn't got one. so he is tried to hammer this message in the last few days or before the 1st run and he will be trying to push that message for the 2nd run. give me
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a majority in one week. filters will return to the polls for the 2nd round to the election and will determine how france is governed for the next 5 years. with it, there will be a swing to the left or more of the same. natasha butler. don't you sarah? paris, members of the largest political block in iraq's parliament have resigned after 8 months of deadlock, over forming a government. it follows a request from the leader, the sheer carrick mobility solder on thursday. he threatened to withdraw from parliament if a national majority, government can't, can't be formed. i sunday he and send it to him. p stepped out for the elderly. the be hard at the limit. iraq does not need the formation of a government, but ineffective government has majority serves its people. it turns as glued into obedience to god so little beloved said was pluck, members, right, the resignations from parliament, what the hell will run to slim as a senior fellow at the middle east institute in ohio? she says this latest move will plunge the country into deeper crisis. it threatened
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to push the country in 2 k was and 2 civil unrest into street violence. it's so it launches the country really into a dark tunnel even after this month of stalemate, which we thought where it period i think where the country is heading is maybe even darker periods, according to the ruling by the federal supreme court. in november 2021, every member who has been resigned and who is resignation has been accepted, which is the case with the 72 members from the southern correlation. it will be replaced by the highest ward getter after after that member. and if you look at, at the, at the election outcomes, definitely this means the more seats to be gained by the state of law group, which is headed by mr. mckee, by groups that are affiliated with the popular will be lives asian forces. so it's
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going to rank then the hand of this coalition, which is a pro iran coalition in the bottle, in the parliament and may be eventually saving the way for this coalition to form the next government. nicaragua has authorized russian troops, planes, and ships to be deployed in its territory. president daniel ortega says a small contingent of russians work as emergency responders and law enforcement rushes. foreign ministry spokesman says the forces will help combat drug trafficking and organized crime. nicaragua was excluded from last week summit of the americas hosted by the us like police in brazil say dave identified the belongings of 2 men missing in the amazon indigenous rights ex, but bruno pereira and the british journalist dom phillips disappeared a week ago. the items found along the river for a backpack clothes, a laptop, and an id card. the men were reporting trip in a remote jungle area near the border with a route and columbia. monica not. you have reports my vigil and re edition
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remarking a week since they were last seen. the vigil was held here and got back up on a beach where journalist dom phillips used to paddle serve before he moved to by. yeah, he moved to the northeast of brazil because he was writing a book about how to save the amazon, and this was supposed to be his last trip, both dom ah, and bruno video, that was the indigenous expert who was accompanying him up. they disappeared. exactly a week ago, his mother in law, his sister in law, family of his wife and his son, that a some by you and friends, and journalists whom you dong ah, and also who knew little nor met here to ask to put pressure on the government. just so they could, ah, really look for them right now. i'm here with the president of the court foreign correspondent association here in brazil. and he's gonna tell us
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a little bit more about this. why is this vigil happening? it's happening because the family and his friends and also we the community off fighting corresponding to numbers. you weren't to know who went to press the compet, dental tory, choose to find out where our d, we need to know. that is, that simple was, was for question. we need to know, we know they'll tardy to has our did conditions of fine at all. so we are here to make sure that we are mobilize it, and we won a news in i'm talking about not only the family in the name of the family and friends, but also about audi. farting correspondence al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. sharina utley was shot in the head by his writing forces
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while she was an assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral radio forces stores the possession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. a barclay was without vizier for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. not all still to come here and deserve including india's routing parties accused of using intimidation, tactics of buildings, mint and wisdom protested or reduced to rubble. and china uses and asian security summit to warn that its military will crushed and he attempts to make taiwan and foreigners ah, richard. he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the cutter route.
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your travel package today. hello there. it's all about the intense heat across north africa and the middle east, and that's going to continue over the next few days of places like iraq, the temperature in baghdad, sitting in the high forty's. but they'll be somewhat of a cool down across parts of the levant, such a lebanon as that wet and windy weather works its way further east. the heat, however, continues to dominate across eastern areas of israel. we have got some warnings out here for the south. we'll see a call down for some of the gulf states with a change in the wind dough has seen the temperature sit in the mid thirties on tuesday. that was a move to north africa. it's all about the heat for the likes of our jury. if we have a look at the 3 day for algiers, will be touching up to the mid thirty's, with plenty of sunshine on tuesday, just the trickle of rain edging into coastal areas of morocco. now we're going to see the thunderstorms intensify for the west of africa as well as more central
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areas such as the south sudan and pretty fierce thunderstorms expected to roll across here by the time we get into choose day. but farther south of this, it's a much quieter picture. however, there is a change to come for cape town, we've got some cold front pulling and bringing some disruptive conditions. and we are going to that rain roll east. by the time we get to choose day that she, whether official airline, the journey, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others stud, ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fear god from my eyes and power and pasha. we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera. ah,
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ah, ah, welcome back into your mind about top stories here. this, our a bipartisan group of us senators has agreed in a framework for modest gun restrictions in the wake of a series of machine. things. under the tentative deal authorities would keep guns away from people deemed to be a threat. french president, emmanuel macros coalition and its left wing rival on neck and neck. in the 1st round of france, his legislative elections. he faces competition left wing alliance meant by tional movement. under ocoee politician locked out asada as resigned from parliament with 72 more members of his political party. he says it was to break in 8 months political deadlock up and no party could form. a majority of
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russian forces had blown up a bridge that linked the embattled eastern ukrainian city of sara donnette with lice. a chance of our don yes was in the hands region of ukraine. the russian attack leaves just one of 3 bridges in the area. still standing officials say that's limiting possible evacuation roots for civilians under russian state news agency has shed footage. it says show smoke rising from the nearby as a chemical bond. hundreds of fighters in residence are thought to be sheltering in the plant, which takes up a large area along the western side of sabera don. it's joel stratford. as more from keith we came off the phone to a ukrainian deputy commander inside that city. sivilton ask one of only 2 cities now that is not under full russian control in the loop. ganske region of don bass, that deputy commander saying to us that yes, there had been heavy shilling of that chemical plant and that it was on fire. that
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chemical plant of boss, great, soviet built industrial complex that before the wall used to produce fertilizes and building material. and it's located in the south, east of the city. we understand close to the river close to the river that separates the town several than exc. from the town of lucy chanced, which he tells us is also getting heavily shelled. we asked him whether he could firm reports that we've been hearing of the last couple of days about hundreds of civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plant. in several minutes, he was unable to confirm that he estimates that up to 2000 civilians may have died in several dynette amidst this heavy fighting. now this comes at a time when the ukrainians are complaining again that they don't have enough weapons from the west. and those western weapons that they have been allocated are not getting here fast enough. so there are huge concerns yet again to day for room,
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mostly ukrainians, ability to be able to defend that city. and for the up to what we understand could be around $10000.00 civilians, either trapped inside that city or unwilling to leave. one ukraine's neighbor to the west, moldova fears it could be drawn into the conflict. the former soviet state already has russian soldiers on its doorstep, about 1500 are stationed in the moscow batch breaker region, a trans mistrial. moldova is one of europe's poorest countries and is reliant on cheap russian gas as government wants to change all that, and has linked, it's padded with the use. the half a 1000000 ukranian refugees it's taken in is the highest number per capita of any european country. will earlier my colleagues i, her rahman spoke to moldova, and prime minister natalia carlita. he asked about the challenges to moldova as neutral stance. it is a very difficult situation, and moldova has been hit by a shocks or multiple shocks,
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and one after another. ah, you know, the kind old countries were facing the consequences of the coven demik. in october we had a, an energy crisis, and a, we were seeing high inflation, even before the war. and now, of course, the consequences of the war are extremely dire. we do need to, ah, you know, maintain a balance or we need to, um, you know, help our people understand how to get through these difficult times and oh, you know what comes next. so, are we, we are very certain about our european choice. and we hope that are the european union member states agree? russia obviously it says it's defending its russian ethnic speaking moldova, in trans mystery. and i come back to that question that the ra russian troops,
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us and apparently there for peacekeeping duties, yet there's never been any conflict to waive the majority of moldova and trans mistrial. so have you not told russia to remove its troops off your land? we need to have international law upheld and we need countries to be certain that their sovereignty and territorial integrity is protected under international law and the current multilateral framework of corporation. and moldova has used this framework to constantly and consistently call for the withdrawal of the russian troops from the mold of an territory. there has been an agreement on this, and this has not happened. and i, you know, we continue to say that the troops are stationed on our territory illegally.
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and we continue to appeal to the international community to support us in ensuring that that international commitments are upheld. we are a neutral country and this neutrality is not only enshrined in the constitution but is largely supported by our population. but of course we do have to consider, you know, what other guarantees of this neutrality on how this helps our moldova, to maintain it. sir, security and stability. now the golden arches are gone, but american style cheeseburgers are on the menu in moscow. once again. what was the 1st mcdonald's restaurant in russia as reopened under new branding and ownership? the change is not called delicious, full stop, mcdonald shut all of its $850.00 russian outlets and march, falling the invasion of ukraine. it has the option to buy back its locations within 15 years. a human chain has been formed in solidarity with ukraine outside the
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european commission in brussels, president of columbia lensky submitted an application of a membership. 4 days after russia launched its invasion in february. the im executive will make a recommendation next week, but the process could still take years. johnny's defense minister way thing is warning that begging will crush any move towards independence and taiwan. he made the comments on the last day of ages, top security summit and singapore. the shangri la dialogue, jessica washington as more from the conference at a security summit in singapore, the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the stage with forceful words darya, durable. he. we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if any one dares to attackers the people's liberation army would not hesitate to fight buck troy, a short speech that covered a range of regional flesh points and your we will resolutely crush any attempt to
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pursue taiwan independence. if anyone dares to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. quite analysts say, way fung her has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience about what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes for the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as a meddling power, one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his woods one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. and sorry ester alias, new defense minister, has told al jazeera, there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd mobile. i'm and,
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and it's really important that that occur on a transparent wise the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging. where really, richard malls says estrella is revitalizing its relations with those countries. if we go golf country, do the work, place their interests at the center of aaron casement, then the risk takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner of choice. we vent full for this opportunity. the g defense minister, one of the few representatives from the pacific fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing minister for that meeting with the chinese. of course everybody knows that we've met the americans. we met the japanese, we met the chinese, we met the australians, you name it organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regents future remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to
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see jessica, washington algebra, singapore. venezuelan opposition leader. one guy though says an attack on him on saturday with an ambush by associates of the governing party. quite a was visiting a rural community in san carlos and he was physically attacked. he has repeatedly called fair elections. iran's currency has dropped to its lowest value ever against the dollar talks on reviving the nuclear deal with world powers remain stalled. the realities now trading a $332000.00 to the dollar. it was at 32000 when tara reached a nuclear deal with powers back in 2015. i will have to early last week. they asked for 317000 re us for one euro. the next day to close to 225000. to date i want to buy euro's, but it's not available at all done. in the us ruling b, j. p has been accused of intimidation. that's off. a profit is linked to a muslim protestors were demolished and the state of utter pradesh it follows days
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of rallies against 2 former bp officials who made remarks about the prophet muhammad. many consider offensive to try again to report a bulldozer demolish is the home of a muslim politician and activist authorities in the state of a topper. dash, say mohammed javert didn't have planning permission again. door your to people involved in the violent protests have been identified and it was found they had a legal constructions and bulldozers liberals. and we will also charged them under the national security. yale or javits family. say he wasn't at the protests and accused the governing b. j. p. of trying to intimidate them, or even being our house tax. but around 20 years and not one how we received any information by any of gavin chapman at harvey's or collaborate, that our house is illegal. i'm like, you know what? i will, they didn't give it. i would even take my access. it, it,
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it was it illegal? how's it each property is linked to muslim protests is, will say, demolished on saturday. oh, the demolitions followed days of protests against 2 former b j. p. officials, you made remarks against the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive. protest is wont one of them, the poor sharma arrested for hate speech. the parties headed media in new delhi in a vain qu margin. dal is also accused of making insulting remarks. some protest turned violent on friday, but legal experts say authorities cannot use that as a justification for destroying people's homes. you cannot demolish a man's house for prognostic. you cannot link it to the focus be let go, doesn't go to get. so it is in my view, it is in my view and abuse of our b. j. p says it strongly denounce his insults against any religion sick to ideology,
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but protested, i don't believe that statement and say these demolition speak louder than words. victoria gate and be al jazeera i south korean steel producer says it stopping production at some of its facilities because of a truck, a strike. steel make a pasco says it has no more space to store finished product truckers are demanding an extension to pay subsidies that guarantee minimum wages as fuel prices rise. subsidies are due to expire later this year. the strongest prompted production cox by automaker highlander. britain's queen elizabeth has become the world's 2nd longest reigning modern monarch crowned in 1953. she's now overtaken thailand's former king, who rule for 70 years and a 126 days until his death in 2016. francis louis the 14th remains the longest ruling monarch expense, 72 years, 910 days on throne. during the mid 16 hundreds.


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