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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests, the latest news as it breaks there, an estimated 20000 really gold miners just to the younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage. and the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing lives are being put in danger from around the world . president landscape says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renew defensive in ah,
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this is al jazeera ah, hello money inside this news, our life coming up in the next 60 minutes, asian stalks full sharply on phase the u. s. could announced another rate hike off to higher than expected rise in inflation outside london court hearing a legal challenge to block the government from deporting to sodom. seek as to why police find personal belongings. the missing journalist and an indigenous experts in the amazon is hopes fe to finding them alive. and women in zimbabwe move heaven enough for a better future in the face flag economy. and in sport, excitement is building ahead of the crucial focus matching counter crews. fans are in good spirits as they get ready to watch their teen face
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australia spot in the world comp on the line. ah, asian markets close down across the board on monday. it's off to the u. s. federal reserve reported record high inflation. it's expected to announce another interest rate rise in the coming days to try to limit cash flow on kong, sang sang index is down more than 3 percent. the indian rupee fell to a record low dipping below 78 to the u. s. dollar. and both the cosby index and south korea and japan's benchmark nick a loss close to 3 percent. the japanese yen is at its lowest of the dollars since 1998 go through a 100 of the new filter on to it's important. the currency rates move staley, reflecting fundamentals, iowa. but recently, they have been sharp yen declines,
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and we are concerned about it. the government will continue to work closely with the bank of japan and stay on guard, paying close attention to currency movements and the impact on the economy and prices on. well, mcbride has the latest from so yeah, it does seem as though the asian markets have had the weekend to digest this increasingly bad news out of the us confirmation on friday that the inflation rate has hit at 40 year high as so as soon as trading started monday, they have the chance to react, and they have been reacting very negatively. all of the major indices showing marked drops. we had the nic, a in tokyo down 3 percent on the day, monday, 3 and a half percent down on the cost. be here in south career, a similar fall on the hang sang index in hong kong, and also the mum by market as sharply down in india. there are other concerns as well, a driving sentiment here in asia. we've had another koby 19 outbreak in beijing
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that is raise concerns that once again, the chinese authorities following this policy of 0 cove, it may take the decision to close down parts of the chinese capital, which again impacts the recovery of the chinese economy. but in the background, of course, is this ongoing concern that the, the u. s. federal reserve may, once again raise interest rates as a way of tackling inflation. and we'd likely to see those concerns affecting the way the market's move. as we get into this trading week. and all of these moves by the fed, of course, are increasing the value of the us dollar quite, quite sharply against all of the asian currencies. for example, at one point on monday, the us dollar was buying $135.00 japanese yen and the us dollar has not been that strong in more than 20 years. haven't met our has the latest from new delhi in just currency and the stock market are responding to global concerns. the biggest worry is the situation in the united states. the worry is that the high interest
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rates over there could end up increasing interest rates are higher fission over there rather could end up impacting the interest rates. the other situation that is causing concern is the outbreak the cobra. 1000 outbreak in china, particularly in beijing and shanghai and what this could mean for the chinese economy as well as the global economy, the engine ruby is now trading at its lowest levels in history. this has wiped off hundreds of millions of dollars in diaz, our foreign currency resolve. investors have lost millions of dollars in the stock market, and in the us top companies have also lost billions of dollars in their valuation. now all of this is playing out as there are concerns about uneven growth domestically food. inflation is at a record high. there is an unprecedented heat wave that has damaged crops in
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central and northern india. the government says it expect themed an economy to grow at about 9 percent, but economist point out that hundreds of millions of one reuben engines are not are going to benefit from this growth or as we just heard, there's been reco breaking hate the spring in india and pakistan, it's hurting both markets and mine go crops. production in parts of the countries is down by at least half, and that's pushing up prices. poverty metals also been looking at how farmers and traders have been affected. it's one of the most anticipated activities of the year harvesting mangoes that there sherry variety is native daughter, probation in northern india, or some of them are jeanette hurry. these family has owned orchard for centuries. he says a scorching hot summer has destroyed at least 30 percent off his crop. his work is of very me, howard. leave it most unprecedented. he to sting the weather,
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destroyed a crop at all stages from floating to the opening even door. we give a lot of water, we didn't get the output, we usually get the impalas also being low. se shows the world's largest producer of mangles, but the march peak growing season was the hottest in a century, and average temperatures in april, 1 much higher than normal traders here production is down by nearly 70 percent in india, and by nearly half in pakistan, this is just one of the 1500 varieties of mangled found across india the some of the red is locally called the king of root and older men social value. they're also globally renowned, but the pandemic has disrupted the multi $1000000.00 trade, and this year exports are expected to decline even further. less produce, has pushed our prices and sanitary inflation, has also impacted their incomes. mild beginning, we are able to sell, but the business is not as profitable. even the pharmacy they are not making as much money. the seo the season is about to end in about 20 days. we have stock,
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but the prices are much higher than the one that exports. the rapid openings ation in the region has also degraded orchard and climate change is making them even more vulnerable. when we talk about solutions, we are actively talking about adaptability and in pakistan. unfortunately, we do not have an actual adapt vision plan which has to be in place for us to kind of introduce our climate smart agriculture to me so that we can actually for pub with the changing environment. this also was for capacity building off a local comma, so that they can adapt to the changing environment. global warming is expected to make extreme weather events more common and intense, and jeanette for easy says he can only hope the government will do more to help farmers like him. that new metal al jazeera new delhi human rights groups have launched an 11th our appeal to try to stop the u. k, from sending asylum seekers to wander. and now
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on friday, the high court approved the government plan. but on monday, campaigners will ask the court of appeal to reverse that judgment. the 1st flight is shad you'll to leave tomorrow tuesday. in my u. k. prime minister bars johnston again defended the policy head of that court decision. this is about making sure that we break the business model of criminal gangs who not only risking people's lives, but undermining public confidence in legal migration. i'm a bit if my family's beneficiary of legal, a migration to this country. lots of businesses have legal migration to this country. we want to stop the illegal migrants and county and we wanna, we want to deter the criminal guys because they're not only day during their lives . they're ripping them off. as go straight to nadine baba is life for us outside of that court in london. so nadeem, what are the chances that this appeal will succeed well,
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the migrant support groups that are involved in it, along with the pci union, representing many people who work for border force, they're extremely hopeful because of what's happened between friday and now the numbers actually on the flight have gone down consistently from a originally more than a 100 we believe. and then it was around 31 on friday, but individual challenges are carrying on on friday i should correct. um the, the interpretation that the judge approved the plan, what he really did was refuse an injunction to block tuesdays fright ahead of a 2 day hearing next month into the wider legality of the u. k. rwanda agreement will to talk a bit more on what's happening right now. in court. i'm joined by claire mosley from the group care for kelly. claire, can you just tell me exactly what you've seen today on whether that's
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a raised your hopes that there won't be a flight? it's whole. the evidence that we had to guide was incredibly strong and you and hcr with that. and they sat, they made it very clear that they had advice for him, for sure that they do not believe that you and as a safe country or that the asylum house, or that is sufficiently the best for the case to have college all its obligations under human rights law. so yes, it does make us feel more hopeful that we might get the injection that release. and to exactly where are we at you know about and what when and if the flight will actually happen. man, just standing, isn't it? if we don't get the injunction, it could happen tomorrow evening, out, but we are still whacking on all the individual's cases. we're now down to just 8 people on that flight. so i hate and i pray that the flight might be taking off. tell me a bit about who they are, these people who are still at risk of being deported. well, at least 4 of them have indications of trafficking torture which is harass heck, all the people on the flight path, hovel, stories of what's happened to him in that him countries they suffered incredibly,
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they've seen how many vendors held they've, they've had so themselves. they are tired of the angel that heather, that finding detention incredibly traumatizing and those of a further deportation, half way across, surveyed, is absolutely terrifying for them. so, you know, we absolutely pray that this will not cover hard. it's incredibly and humane. and bob iraq, there were, there were other things that we can suggest from we don't want to see the pay down the street. now, the u. k. government has said that there's a public interest in this plan in terms of stopping people taking the juniors journey across the channel. but we've just heard from the prime minister as well saying that it's positive fighting, illegal immigration. what's your response? we are the last people that want to say refugees getting in smell about semester in their lives. but we believe this other ways to stop them. so if for example, other refugees, but given these this to cost the channel in the same way ukrainians have been. we don't see any ukrainians getting in small bites or paying people smugglers. so
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there's other ways to address this. and this really is pop eric, it's so cruel. i'm talking about people who suffered the worse things in the wild to we as a country really wants to put these people's, refer the trauma. i mean i, i talk to them in the detention center. they're talking to me about killing themselves before it goes through. i'm sorry, i cannot believe that this is what we as a country want to do to people you already suffered so much. claire mostly from care for kelly. thank you very much for your time. as i was saying before, the individual challenges a continuing, so whatever happens without flight scheduled for tuesday night, it's possible, but in flights they won't be anyone left on the list that it could be empty by the sergio departure time. okay, thank you for that. in the deem bob of that for us in london, the us house of representatives is set to hold a 2nd public hearing over last year's attack on capitol hill. members of the select committee investigating the january 6 insurrection will focus on former president
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donald trump's false claims if election fraud the committee was supposed to hear from trump's former campaign manager. but william step yan declared, he couldn't testify due to family emergency. i speak now the haughty jo castro's following the hearing at the at capitol hill. heidi, i believe there were more people who watched the hearing the 1st hearing than there were those that watch the oscars. so what are we expecting today? something similar that's right. well, the 1st hearing some 20000000 americans tune in moline, which as you said, was significant. today, we're, we're expecting something a little more understated. this is no longer prime time television viewing time in the us. however, the committee is promising that today they want to lay out the case that they believe trump knowingly spread the false claim that the election haven't stolen from him. which so chaos in the days in which was the groundwork for the riot that later unfolded here on capitol hill. we didn't do that leading to death and injury
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. now, as you mentioned, the star witness who was supposed to be trump campaign manager bill set the and he now that he no longer testifying that morning. this will be a significant low to the committees plans even yesterday, as they were briefing reporters, it appeared they were putting a lot of stock in what he would likely have said he was supposed to appear here under a legal subpoena. so there's a lot of breaking news unfolding that he's no longer going to appear, but we are still faxing testimony from a former fox news political editor who had made the call on election following last night. that the state of arizona was going to joe biden, which in enraged trump reportedly, and which led to this editor's firing from the conservative media channel. so we'll hear him have questions about how trump and his allies in the committee. i use the conservative media to show their election lies. following that, as asked later,
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is there will be a 2nd channel. witnesses that include the us attorney from georgia and a former city commissioner from philadelphia for both local special stood up the trunk supplies and were expecting to hear a contrast between what the committee says was a legitimate g o. p republican campaign campaign legal challenge in the, in the sense of the year 2000, the bush versus gore election challenge. we will be hearing from the attorneys in quite a central role. and that in contrast to what many have said was completely illegitimate campaign to try to claim that this election falsely had been stolen. so that's what ahead of what we had today. malays were now that they lost their star witnesses a lot that we may not expect. interesting that coming up in about an hour's time, heidi joe castro, there for us in capitol hill. plenty more heads on the knees now,
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including the french president, him on my call, central majorities hanging in the battle following the 1st row of legislative elections. and the biggest block in iraq, parliament resides after months of deadlock, forming a government will have the latest from that in full to goal for the rest of the books far will fill you in on all the details in chapter ukrainian military command as say the last bridge out of the city of savannah, don, yet has been destroyed. bridge was one of 3 that connected the city with lisa chunks. it was the last evacuation route for civilians last week ukrainian president ballade miss lensky said the fate of the anti don't bass region will be decided in the fight for savannah don't. yet. spite past and full pro ration
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separate is in the don't yet region said that the city is now nearly surrounded. 0 then yes, we're disclosable in the room was little girl should ever dynette has practically been blocked out to the blue of the last bridge, which connected it to like a shank because they knew those ukrainian divisions that are there are there forever. they have 2 options, either to follow the example of their fellow servicemen and surrender, or to die. there is no other option in charleston. it has the latest from keith, potentially a very dire situation in that city. several of the nets could one of 2 cities that the russians are not in full control over in the region of lou ganske in don bass. we've actually spoken to a deputy commander who is serving a gradient deputy commander serving insubordinate in the last half an hour or so. he saying that indeed that 3rd and last bridge had been hit this morning we understand by russian forces. but we cannot confirm as to whether that bridge has been completely and utterly destroyed. now, if indeed it has,
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it has huge implications, obviously for the ukrainian of horses, military and fighters in that site that the city in terms of getting military supplies across that river to them and potentially for an xscape route if they retreat. and it also has huge implications for what we understand to what we being told are up to around $10000.00 civilians inside the city. now according to the hate of lou ganske regional administration, military regional administration, he saying that there are around of route $500.00 civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plot. the assault chemical plant that we know is come under heavy shelling according to the ukrainians in recent days. he's saying that that could be on some 40 children, also amongst those civilians. in france, president emanuel microns majority in the national assembly hangs in the balance.
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preliminary results suggest his interest. coalition is neck and neck with its left wing rival after the 1st round, parliamentary elections. and as natasha butler reports, the president's party is likely to win the most seats. but that may not be enough. the french president looked to relaxed as he voted in the coastal resort of little k. but emmanuel, my call face is a challenging week after the 1st round of france's parliamentary elections. his centrist alliance is on track to windlow seats, but not necessarily the majority. he needs to push ahead with his reform agenda, who from the 3rd cross for the judge, we are the only political movement and a position to win a majority in the national assembly. we have one week before us to rally our forces one week to persuade one week to win a strong and clear majority. only such a strong and clear majority will enable us to respond to the urgent issues which affect the daily lives of french people. who are new left wing block that includes greens,
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communists and socialists created by far left leadership. incremental shaw has emerged as the main rival to macros party. it's attracted. voters concerned over the cost of living and climate change. japan, not appropriate. i call on are people viewing this result and this opportunity for our personal lives and for the nation. i column people to go out and reject once and for all the funeral projects with macro do more. the far right and conservative parties trailed the centrists and the left in an election that's largely fail to capture photos. imagination. turn out was that in historic low, with less than half of those eligible costing their pallets. this phone comes less than 2 months after the presidential campaign, so there's definitely a sense of election fatigue. it's also the case though, that a growing number of people in france feel fed up with politics and politicians, and increasingly disengaged from the political pro with a tight race ahead, the parties will step up their campaigns in a critical test for the president. the big lesson of this 1st round for him and
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erin mccoys, that he is not certain to have an absolute majority in parliament, and that will make his life more difficult if he hasn't got one. so he is tried to hummer this message in the last few days or before the 1st run and he will be trying to push that message for the 2nd raw. give me a majority. in one week, voters will return to the polls for the 2nd round of the election and will determine how france is governed for the next 5 years. whether there will be a swing to the left or more of the same. all natasha now joins us live from paris. miss hatcher, this is not an ideal situation for president macro. what happens now? yes, no ideal a situation for the present? who would sony of hope for more favourable results? i think what we're going to see over this next week before the 2nd and final round
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of this parliamentary election is both mackerel centrist alliance and of the left. his alliance of sharlack, mineral shaw campaigning very hard indeed to try and rally more supports. and when crucial votes next sunday, of course, what the president wants is to try and win an absolute majority in the parliament at the moment as it stands, it looks as if his party and his allies would would when more seats, those are projected estimates. but if he doesn't have an absolute majority in the parliament, he simply won't be able to govern with a free hand in the way that he wishes. he would have to look for other alliances, most likely on the right in order to push ahead with his agenda, you know in 2017, a manual macro, a one, a landslide majority in the parliament. and that is what allowed him over the past 5 years to push through some very controversial, often controversial reforms on a workplace law. for example, on the railways that often sparked
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a st protest. but he was able to forge ahead because he had that crucial absolute majority. so we're going to see a lot of campaigning over the next week. there is no doubt though the for those on the left for the left us allies, they are seeing the results as a real point of celebration. they are seeing it is a real victory, a real proof that they can become a nice to the main opposition force in france. if not more because we have ready heard a from shouldered menache all the leaders that left this alliance. today he is still very much somebody who hopes to be a prime minister in france if the left could win a majority. thank you for that. natasha butler there in paris to iraq now as 73 members of the biggest political block have resigned from parliament. lawmakers belong to a party led by the shia cleric, mcdahl solder. the move means more uncertainty up to 8 months of political deadlock
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. lower bed and manly reports looked harder on father is considered one of the most popular politicians in iraq. his party with the biggest winner in october, the election with $73.00 of 329 feet. but after a month of no party being able to form a government thought it announce he was considering stepping down. 3 days later, his party followed for the elderly. phoebe harder to learn what luck. iraq does not need the formation of a government, but ineffective government has majority, serves its people. it turns as glued into obedience to god. so little beloved said was pluck, members, right, fair resignations from parliament unless say the loose is confusing. asada is a staunch opponent of a reigning influence in rocky politics. yet the supreme court rules, the next party with the highest votes, will gain seats. and that party is closely allied with a run. this means a more seats to be gained by the state of law group,
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which is headed by miss said norion mckee, by groups that are affiliated with the popular mobilization forces. so it's going to strengthen the hand of this coalition, which is april iran coalition. october's general election having pushed forward after large protests shook the country. ah, 2 years earlier, crowds, math in bucked, are 30 square, as people demanded jobs, better services, and an end to state corruption. they swelled, i'm spread south leading to the resignation of prime minister until after lottie by may tens of thousands of supporters of our father also turned out in the show of political clout the media websites which are affiliated with the sud. wrists. i have already started to call for protest. i mean, so that is
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a fear that we might go back to the kind of violence that was present in 2019. asada had failed to jokey for majority coalition in parliament. but many now questioned whether he will influence his supporters to mount political pressure from the streets. lore about a manly onto syrup. local media and brazil is reporting that the 2 bodies happen found by investigators in amazon. their identity has not been verified. indigenous rights expert, bruno pereira and the german dom flips disappeared together. a week ago, they were on a reporting trip in a remote jungle area near the border with peru and columbia. let's bring in sam cow . he's a journalist base in south palo and a friend of both dom phillips and bruno perrera. what are you hearing about? you know, the whereabouts of fuel friends?
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well, we know that these men disappeared on a stretch of the river, the color of the north. she and la sunday they supposed to arrive on sunday morning and they never arrived to the nation. i feel i know what she is, the way you see to the 2nd largest business in the whole, brazil, japanese valley. and in recent years to be a budget by the government region, i've seen an arctic in organized crime in the region. it's working most overlapping shadow economies, leaking, fishing, and even poaching of the logging and the mining and g to its position next with colombia route. well, the 2 largest produces, it is also become an even greater access, a waterway or cocaine. this huge is sending their products into reduce the largest
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city, which are then often repackaged and sent on to europe. and u. j. a. both sonora has been accused of emboldening these gangs that you are referring to through his environmental policies. jesus, that's true. well, we have to look at the back to the fact mastery is that on limits both narrows presidency, essentially declared the amazon business. what we've seen is huge costs and more than car using up to the be in an environment section buddies. but we've also seen these bodies stacks with lewis and both mr. bolton, r o, who so share the same view that you, amazon should be developed more than it is preserved basically, you know, in our way, says review is the country, but most of the environment and stuff. and that's true to an extent, but it's also
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a country that accounts for. ready going to shoot him out or drug deforestation. and with this, these huge deforestation you have greater risk on global warming as the amazon and amazon at least, you know, as a carbon c which protruded as much as they nation. but they were even as much as china, but you know, brazil's responsibility in the global environmental right. this is to maintain as far as standing and bolts and what we've seen. deforestation increased by huge amount. and we've also seen, you know, you know, schools though violent evasions of indigenous land. that should be fine. okay. sam, kirk cowley, i appreciate your time, and i hope your friends are found well alive very soon,
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and just to be clear, we are hearing and from authorities in the region that those 2 bodies are not off of these geminus. and don't phillips and bruno pereira, they're denying reports that are these journalists ah, the same let's get some whether hello there. let's look to south asia and we're seeing the arrival of some welcome, wet weather. by the time we get to the middle of the week, but the heat is still dominating the story across much of pakistan and northern india, with temperatures picking up to the early to mid forties. people trying to escape that hot and dry weather. now we have got warnings out across the north animals to trying to escape those condition. we will see some rain creeping in. however, on wednesday, if we have a look at the 3 day for new delhi, we've seen the temperature dip down to the average. by the time we get to friday, sunshine and some light rain. but the rain is going to pick up across the west
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coast of india, pushing across central areas. the monsoon rains, dominating here in the days to come for the north east. we have got some warnings out for severe thunderstorms in places like a some, and a lot of that wet weather is going to trickle up towards and paul, to baton and down into bangladesh. some fierce thunderstorms to come. now was we move to east asia, it's very wet once again across southern parts of china. thanks to the may you front. it's not only here that we are going to see the intense rain but also southern and eastern areas of japan. tokyo seen some of that rain rolling, but the temperature managers to hold at 21 degrees celsius that to weather. still ahead on algebra, american senators clench a bypass them deal on a plan for types of gun control. as anger grows after series of shootings, british government is about to change, its post breaks at tre, deal with the u. opponents. they move is illegal and in sport this former,
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well number one golfer takes a swipe at one of the sports legends details coming up. ah so so it is on lind change because some people believe in a post that is bigger than that. ah, i want to make a little, all of them are sitting around the say, representative. they put themselves on state to make the changes. some that we've done collectively has learned. it said, i've taken this long a, this culture to slash and born to create you areas. we have to change this culture . i'm one of the fortunate ones who can me and establish myself outside, but all the people and on that majority these legal m, as we're talking about just good, hardworking people that wanna live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands,
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refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and more hulu. ah, ah, welcome back. watching out there emily's auto stories, the salad agents stalks have fallen sharply falling, a rise in inflation in the united states by japan's nick a and the cost be in south korea. fallen around 3 percent indian repeat also hit record low, low against the us dollar. given rise groups of launched an 11th our appeal to try to stop the u. k from sending assign him seek is to wanda 1st flight to schedule to
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lead on tuesday. the brazilian federal police denying local media reports that the bodies of the 2 men missing in the brazilian amazon happened personal belongings of britain herrera out of british jealous. don't phillips happen let's get more now. and our top story, the market slide in asia, is being mirrored globally with europe. i'm the u. s. seeing stokes hit over inflation concerns. steven oaken is a senior advisor at mc, lottie associates. he explains what governments are doing to tackle the economic challenges. here's the problem, you have all the factors, none of which any particular government can control climate change in which is leading to that excessive heat leading to flooding, leading to drafts you have the crisis resulting from the russian invasion of ukraine, which is of course driving up you know, commodities prices because of the inability to get that ukranian wheat and,
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and into purchased from russia as well. you've got china in the u. s. in which, resulting from those trade tensions, you've got cove it in the, in the shut down, especially in china. so government can't control any of this yet. a government can't tell its own people, there's nothing we can do. so what they're doing is putting in place some export bands now, which is actually going to make the problem a lot worse. even though it, they think they're going to get short term political game for like a mattress india. india's got its export ban on wheat. you've seen indonesia band for a while, palm while you've had malaysia banding, the export of chickens. and so all of these governments want to get that political game by showing it to a domestic audience that they're helping them. but it is, it really probably isn't even in the short term, and in the long run it can really get government. so for example, in malaysia, you had a lot of companies come in and make malaysia a regional hub, especially for, you know, for chicken and poultry. and what's happened is that domestic and, and for,
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and production are intertwined. so when you say you can't ship outside of malaysia, you're costing jobs in malaysia. so it is, is governments really have to be thinking through is this worth the short term political gain of trying to show their, their public that they're doing something? the british foreign secretary less trust is expected to introduce new legislation to change parts of the northern ireland protocol. you as well in the u. k, against trying to alter the post briggs and trade deal on the phone. no, been on pro bush democratic union. this policy is strongly opposed to the existing agreement to fear they could be tried with no solution is found as keisha tale angela, who joins us now from outside parliament in london. charley, what is the government proposing? oh no, the full text for another hour say, but boys don't and has been playing it down, calling a relatively trivial set of adjustments and we understand them what the government is proposing is a new system of border check. so that goods going from great britain into northern
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ireland, we'll go through what they call a green lane with no checks compared to those that were going in here to the republic of ireland. and then the e u, which will go through a red lane and much more stringent checks. and they say they need to do this because under the current rules, which is still yet to fully kick in trade is going to be so disrupted that some businesses will simply stop trading. and just to give you an example, if, if a business wanted to send a sandwich from the u. k to northern ireland, they would have to fill out individual forms for each separate ingredient. the cheese, the butter, the bread, the letters, it's costly, it's impractical. and it's a bureaucratic nightmare that the u. k. government here say the you is not bending on. but of course this is causing a lot of anger, not just in the but also here toria. and he's a number of them say that this bill could be breaking international law and undermining everything the britain and what the conservative party say they stand
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for the anger and the e. u is understandable because they feel like they've already compromised on this issue. in signing up brett's. it trade dealt with boris johnson who agreed to it. and they've said that if this bill does go through, it would break trust between the 2 sides and could see the e, you retaliate with some further trade restrictions. now this legislation could also jeopardize the relationship between the u. s. and the u. k because president biden has said that the stability of northern ireland is of paramount importance to him. and that's absolutely key. her concerns about the good by day agreement, the compromise t still between the 22 sides and ireland, that ended years as sectarian violence. but interestingly, both the u. k and the you are saying their versions of the protocol is what's going to protect that stupidity. so it looks like there is a deal to be done here. but at the moment, political grandstanding is just getting in the way. charlie angela there for us in
4:40 pm
london. thank you. a bipartisan group of senators in the united states has agreed on a framework for new gun control laws. it's aimed at curbing rising violence and would keep weapons away from people deemed to be a threat. the critic say the measures don't go far enough. my kind of reports from washington. the framework agreement follows weeks of closed door negotiations in the senate. it's one of the 1st bipartisan gun control agreements in decades. we haven't had significant federal legislation in nearly 30 years. so having a framework announced, having 10 republican senators, long with 10 democrats binding off on that, which would avoid the filibuster in the united states senate. it's a really big deal. the tentative agreement has been welcomed by president fight and who's tweeted. i want to thank senator chris murphy and the bipartisan group for
4:41 pm
the guns safety proposal that does not do everything that i think is needed, but it reflects important steps in the right direction. with bipartisan support, there are no excuses for delay. let's get this done. but some don't want it done. i think it's deeply disappointing that republican leadership decided to get in lead with the democratic conference in the senate to put together a gun control bill. you know, that should be a huge red flag for republican voters going into the fall. significant proposals include incentives for states to pass so called red flag laws, which allow a judge to decide whether a gun via or owner poses a potential threat to others. federal background checks and buyers under $21.00 would include access to their records as minors and federal funding for mental health care and increase school security. so, but these measures for well short of what's being demanded by gun control. advocates including president biden himself
4:42 pm
at rallies across us saturday. calls were made for a bad on the sale of semi automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. and for the age at which an individual can buy a rifle. res, from 18 to 21. to match the existing federal law concerning hand guns, assault rifles, we used in the mess, shootings, and you valve the texas and in buffalo, new york. in each case they were wielded by 18 year olds. the senate to subset an informal goal of passing the book before the 24th of this month. when congress goes on a 2 week recess back with the legislation still not fully written. it's unlikely that this goals will be met and a certain that the mother suggestions will do, little to ease the mounting pressure on politicians to pass meaningful gun control
4:43 pm
measures or place the consequences in the midterm elections. mike, hannah, i'll just 0 washington. the un high commissioner for human rights michelle bass lay is calling for israel to open a criminal investigation into the killing of the palestinian geminus serene. a block lea i call on these radio. so this to open the criminal investigation into the killing are generally children to probably make concussions and findings public and hope that portrayed us accountable under international law is why should investigate an issue or appropriate accountability for every case of this and serious injury inflicted by israel force, the prevailing climate of impunity is feeling further bias and populations than now chronically high levels of killings and injuries of latino good children by israeli forces in the policy to have continued in the 1st 6 months of 2022 wild as her
4:44 pm
immediate network continues to demand the rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of sharina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on the assignment and to me on the day, if a funeral is ready for the storm, the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barrison any drop her coffin. i didn't stop thousands of palestinians for marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral. them as if the international community of condemned to killing and continue to call for investigation. sure, it was without reserve 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine mining ins and bob way is usually a male dominated industry. but in one rural area in the north and operation is being run and soft entirely by women is providing much needed income in a country where millions of people are living in poverty. however, matessa reports. so this isn't an ordinary mine in zimbabwe. only women were
4:45 pm
cath women like 15 emma cooper. 3 years ago she was struggling to look after her children while working as a farm laborer. let us know if we can come here morning is better than growing to martyr's onions and other vegetables are used to. so vegetables, but the money was very little. now i'm earning a bit more and i can send my children to school if you and none of these women had any experience in mining, they learned on the job in a country with a very high unemployment rate. these aqua marine gemstones have created new opportunities for them. they plan to start a jewelry line making pieces like these from the gemstones. the women say working at the mine is empowering. most of them i survivors of abuse and a bed circumstances at home. in this hes been a safe place for them to come to lay this. i mean that's when they come to work here. they are able to get out of situations that they've been in because before
4:46 pm
they were depending on their partner and they couldn't get out of situations in this places provide a little that's over. she made she to get out of always economy has been in crisis for years in place and jumped to more than 130 percent in may. families are struggling. this is mainly a farming area. each family has a small piece of land with the go crops to eat or sell, but they still struggle to make ends meet like if we're out of the country. finding a proper job is difficult, patina. cooper's husband is too ill to get a job working at the mind. she's now a family's breadwinner. some people tell her and her colleagues that men can do their jobs better and foster, but they say that doesn't bother them. they're grateful they can provide for the children during these tough times. harder matessa al jazeera, who, wrongly zimbabwe. the number of nuclear weapons around the world is set to eyes for
4:47 pm
the 1st time since the end of the cold war. that's the warning coming from the stock home international piece. research institute. the think tanks as warn you cry and will make it hard to convince countries to disarm the research. a say. recent signalling by russian president vladimir putin has made all the countries think again about the nuclear strategies. the latest figures show there more than 12000 nuclear warheads around the world, russia, the u. s. have 90 percent of all those weapons institute also notes that china is expanding its nuclear arsenal. satellite images show the construction of 300 new missiles. joining us now from vienna as terry grove. he's the former head of verification and security policy at the international atomic energy agency. thank you for joining the program. for decades. the number of nuclear weapons, well, one was decreasing steadily, but last year, according to sit pre that trend reversed. why the shift?
4:48 pm
well, partly it is because china wants to push back the united states from the issue of pacific region. also, india, pakistan, and north korea are building up. there are slowly and we don't know whether it's rarely they're adding nuclear weapons to their us. and finally, the united kingdom will not go down to $180.00 nuclear warheads. they will remain that a ceiling of about $260.00. so that explains, in a sense the small arise which countries could potentially pose the biggest threat. is that china? well, for us, any country with nuclear weapons, those is a big track because any one of the 9000, please with nuclear weapons, good use nuclear weapons deliberately or by accident. even the united states said that their comp administration had a policy of using nuclear weapons, due restore strategic stability in russia. they talk about using their weapons to deescalate the conventional conflict in india and pakistan also have rushed out by
4:49 pm
using nuclear weapons if they are losing a conventional war. so i think the danger is from all 9 countries. so what can be done to reverse this trend? the think tank, it's not very optimistic and says the war ukraine will make it hard to convince countries to the song. do you think that's true? yes, this is true, but goes north korea would be looking at how the united states unit actually just to get to send the joint comprehensive plan of action with there are limiting neurons, nuclear program, and now with the, the rush shoot invasion of ukraine and february ukraine. had given up soviet nuclear weapons on its territory in return for security assurances which have been violated. so the message today is that if one needs to preserve one security, perhaps 1 may need if the weapon and briefly we've seen nuclear talks with iran stole over recent months. how critical is it that the west do come to some sort of
4:50 pm
deal with iran? what options have they got left? while the sticking point is that iran wants the revolutionary dodge to be removed by the united states from a foreign terrorist organizations place the us are not prepared to do that. so we are stuck in a more asked at the moment. unfortunately, tara grove, a former head of verification and security policy at the international atomic energy agency. thank you for your time. still ahead on al jazeera in sport, a history making rights for this nascar driver. all the details are coming up with these men are survivors of cope with 1946 year old abdul. one year is a limousine driver, is the only one here who needed to go to hospital when he became ill in early march briefing, bro, blown rodeo the balance for the november. so deep is
4:51 pm
a 34 year old driver for atari family, and he tested positive my body of that. it won't, that'll be snowball you. out of the health officials say the rate of new infections has slowed. the goal here is to conduct a broad survey to better understand transmission and asymptomatic cases, which in turn could how policy decisions in the future. so it would be easier for us to inform the decision making on what to do next. the goal now is to increase testing and contact tracing. the government provides free testing and medical treatment for those who need it while campaigns to raise awareness continue. lou ah
4:52 pm
ah. 5 this is farrah, marlene, thank you so much. excitement is building and cats har. is proofs, australia, later on monday with the spot at the world cup on the line, ah, thousands of peruvian fans and made the trip to doe how to support their team. besides, do have some recent world cup history with the south americans beating australia to nail at the 2018 tournament peru our heavy favorites to advance team cats are 2022 . they are 20 places ahead of their opponents in the fee for rankings. given was essentially what we want is to keep growing as a team. we've known each other for 7 years now and it's a squad that's gone through some tough times. and we've managed to overcome those moments. we know the road is hard,
4:53 pm
but that's what we want to live. it's what we're ready for. we're all prepared for these types of matches. south american football. ready eyeball is so technically good. i am predictable. so you've got to be, we've got to be ready for any think that individually the peru throw at us. but look, i just really believe in applies and making sure that applies are ready. we've been speaking to former australia, goalkeeper, mark, boston edge. he says mental strength will be key for his countries. players as they try to pull off and upset. i think the most important thing for australia will be that that 1st 20 minutes, that they impose themselves on the game that they don't concede early on. and that led peru getting to any type of rhythm. and also from, from a mental perspective, regardless of the fact that they're under dogs, they've, they've got to go out there playing like they expect to win. they've got a rattle, peru, they're going to attack them, attacked their weaknesses, old game,
4:54 pm
and show them that regardless what's gonna occur during that game illustrate. gonna keep going and going and going. and i believe that that's going to be the key to this. he says, of a small footballing nation like australia, it's always gonna be an issue when i don't qualify for woke up. i didn't qualify for 32 years from 90. 70 full to 2006 and it's, it's not good. and, and especially like i said with the fact that it's not number one support here in australia, they need to qualify every full years because it brings a lot of attention on to this full and also inspires a lot of young kids. we have the women's woke up here next year as well. i'm so i think it's very, very important that the men seem to qualify. it's not the end of the world. it can't be. but yeah, if, if you gave us a choice, of course, i would take it 9 times out of 10, but 10 times out of 10 for us to qualify. any way of making off side decisions should be in place for this year's world cup. a body that regulates the rules of the game, have been meeting and kept harm,
4:55 pm
so called semi automated v. r allows an off site to be detected in seconds. he's his automated ball detection and instantly creates 3 dimensional models of the player's position. trials are said to continue in the coming months. we as a new visualization of the off site. so not any more the images of the field of play with the line. but the new graphical, which is a, it's a seem not who did it off if you have used the, you have sienna already put, go like technology showing exactly the position of the player, sir. not only in today, but also in 3. the rinaldo less portugal have earned themselves an unwanted piece of history. they conceded the fastest call ever recorded in the wafer nations league as the last one nel away to switzerland. paris suffer, which scoring after just at 57 seconds porch when switzerland had pulled flight for the walk up. another team isaac sass encounter is being exchanged. it's,
4:56 pm
you know, nation league when over the czech republic bank had a slightly tricky world cut through which includes germany, japan and potential is also premier league champions. manchester city of completed the signing of norway striker earling holland on a 5 year contract 21 year old's worth has grown due to his prolific form at wendy's league. aside, beraskigy dorman, holland has scored 86 goals in all competitions for dormant since his debut and january 2020 i was born in england. i've been a city venmo life. i know a lot about the globe her. and i think in the end to things i, i feel a bit holier, i think. and also i think i can develop her and get the best of my galan in city. when holden begins in 2 weeks and is said to take place without the
4:57 pm
world's top rank menace player. because daniel, madame has replaced novak chocolate as well. number one on sunday, the russian finished runner up at the t p tournament in the netherlands over due to the war in ukraine players from russia. and bela ruth are barred from taking part in the 3rd grand slam of the year. move that sled to the event being stripped of ranking points or mcelroy has won the canadian opened to quench his 21st title on gold's pga tour. the northern irishman finished at 900 under 2 shots clear of tony for now to win tournaments for the 2nd street, your mac, where he's been an outspoken critic, the founding back to break away tour that's being run by his rival. greg norman live tournament is currently taking place in london. so that was a big part of it. i think you're going up against the best and beating the best is, you know, always makes it extra special. and then i like, i alluded to that, you know, i had extra motivation, you know, of what's going on across the across the pond,
4:58 pm
the guy that's spearheading that term has 20 ones in the p. jeter and i was tied with them and i wanted to get one ahead of them. and i did. so that was really cool for me just a little, you know, sense of pride on that one. and daniel florence has become the 1st mexican born driver to win, and nascar cup series race, the 30 or 30 year old finally won his 100 and 95th career. start at nascar. top level is also the 5th foreign born cut theory perhaps. okay. and that is how you support for them back to you. molly, thanks fire. and that's it for me. from this news. i'll be back to the top. yeah. ah, joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clear air after weeks of toxic smalls stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard,
4:59 pm
say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the corona virus and more depth from it. and no way in india's situation, worse than in delhi, the number of cases auto record was. and what in a desperate situation, the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of air pollution across 5 north indian states. health experts and environmental had been warning for months, so the easing of the locked down would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those of course 19 we understand the differences, celebrities, of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. to you, al jazeera ah
5:00 pm
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