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ah, i will just here with stay calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate. my main characters are women. when no topic is off the table, the laws and you ask, allow child marriage to happen legally. these are basically archaic walls that often legitimize and legalize penicillin on an online jumping to the comment section. and we tend to be part of the discussion this stream on out his era. ah,
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as in stocks for sharply on phase the u. s. could announced another right hike of the higher than expected rise in inflation. ah, my money inside this is out there, lie from dough. so coming up. good. now, where it says outside logged in court hearing a legal challenge to block the government from supporting asylum seekers to one of the 8 months of failing to form a new government in iraq, 73 members of the parliament largest flocks submit their resignation. we live in baghdad, the latest i'm beneath find personal belongings of a missing journalist, an indigenous expert. the amazon is hyped faith, finding the life ah
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ah. you are stalks have dropped sharply off to markets in asia posted heavy losses earlier on monday. it's after the u. s federal reserve reported reco high inflation is expected to announce another interest rate rise in the coming days to try to limit cash flow on kong. hang saying, index is down more than 3 percent. the indian rupee fell to a record low dipping below 78 to the u. s. dollar. and both the cost be index in south korea and japan's benchmark nick a loss close to 3 percent. the japanese yen is at his lowest to the dollar since 1998 goth hula honeymoon, but other than he thought that on it's important, the currency rates move staley, reflecting fundamentals, iowa. but recently they have been sharp yen declines, and we are concerned about it. the government will continue to work closely with the bank of japan and stay on guard, paying close attention to currency movements and the impact on the economy and prices on looking. rob mcbride has the latest from so yeah,
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it does seem as though the asian markets have had the weekend to digest this increasingly bad news out of the us confirmation on friday that the inflation rate has hit at 40 year high as so as soon as trading started monday, they have the chance to react on they have been reacting very negatively. all of the major indices showing marked drops. we had the nic, a in tokyo down 3 percent on the day, monday, 3 and a half percent down on the cost. be here in south career, a similar fall on the hang sang index in hong kong, and also the mum by market as sharply down in india. there are other concerns as well, a driving sentiment here in asia. we've had another cobit 19 outbreak in beijing that is raise concerns that once again, the chinese authorities following this policy of 0 cove, it may take the decision to close down parts of the chinese capital, which again impacts the recovery of the chinese economy. but in the background,
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of course, is this ongoing concern that the, the u. s. federal reserve may, once again raise interest rates as a way of tackling inflation. and we'd likely to see those concerns affecting the way the market's move. as we get into this trading week. and all of these moves by the fed, of course, are increasing the value of the us dollar quite, quite sharply against all of the asian currencies. for example, at one point on monday, the us dollar was buying $135.00 japanese yen. and the us dollar has not been that strong in more than 20 years. and pardon a missile has the latest for new delhi in just currency and the stock market are responding to global concerns. the biggest worry is the situation in the united states. the worry is that the high interest rates over there could end up increasing interest rates are behind flashing over there, rather good end up impacting our interest rates. the other situation that is
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causing concern is the outbreak the coven 19 outbreak in china, particularly in beijing and shanghai. and what this could mean for the chinese economy, as well as the global economy. the engine droopy, is now trading at its lowest levels in history. this has wiped off hundreds of millions of dollars in diaz, our foreign currency reserve. investors have lost millions of dollars in the stock market. and in the us top companies have also lost billions of dollars in their valuation. now all of this is playing out as there are concerns about uneven growth domestically food. inflation is at a record high. there is an unprecedented heat wave that has damaged crops in central and northern india. the government says it expect themed in economy to grow at about 9 percent, but economists point out that hundreds of millions of one reuben engines are not
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are going to benefit from this book. whereas we just heard, there's been record breaking heat the spring in india and pakistan, it's hurting both markets and manga crops. production in parts of the country is down by least half, and that's pushing up prices. poverty, mattel has also been looking at how farmers and traders are being affected. it's one of the most anticipated activities of the year harvesting mangoes that there sherry variety is native daughter, probation in northern india, or some of them are jeanette ari. these family has owned us or church for centuries . he says a scorching hot summer has destroyed at least 30 percent off his crop. his work is, are very me, howard. leave it most unprecedented. he to staying the weather, destroyed or crop at all stages, from floating to ripening. even though we give a lot of water, we didn't get the output. we usually get the impalas also been low. se shows the world's largest producer of mangles, but the march peak growing season was the hottest in
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a century and average temperatures in april, 1 much higher than normal trader. see, production is down by nearly 70 percent in india and by nearly half in pakistan, this is just one of the 1500 varieties of mangles found across india. the sum of a red is locally called the king of root and older men, social value. they're all to globally renown, but the pandemic has disrupted the multi $1000000.00 trade, and this year, exports are expected to decline even further. less produce has pushed our prices and sanitary inflation, has also impacted the incomes model beginning. we are able to sell, but the business is not as profitable, even the pharmacy they are not making as much money. the seo the season is about to end in about 20 days. we have stock, but the prices are much higher than the wonder it exports. the rapid openings ation in the region has also degraded orchard and climate change is making them even more vulnerable. when we talk about solutions,
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we are actually talking about adaptability and in pakistan. unfortunately, we do not have a national adaptive plan which has to be in place for us to kind of introduce our climate smart agriculture techniques so that we can actually for pub with the changing environment. there's also pause for capacity building off a local comma, so that they can adapt to the changing environment. global warming is expected to make extreme weather events more common and intense. and jeanette for evie says he can only hope the government will do more to help farmers like him. but the new method algebra, new delhi to the u. f. now where in the next hour or so, the house of representatives is due to begin its 2nd public hearing over last years attack on capitol hill. members of the select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection will focus on former president and donald trump's false claims of election fraud. the committee was supposed to hear from trump's former campaign manager, a william step young declared he couldn't testify due to
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a family emergency. let's go straight to heidi joe castro, his life for us in the capitol hill. said that news just coming in to us in the last hour or so about william step here and tell us a bit more about who he is and how much of a blow is it that he's not going to be testifying today. unfortunately, we don't seem to have a connection with heidi joe castro in capitol hill at the moment. a soon as we do get a, we will return to the story a while human rights groups have launched an 11th our appeal to try to stop the u. k. from sending asylum seekers to rwanda. ah, on friday, the high court refused to block the 1st flight, which is scheduled to leave on tuesday campaign as are asking the court of appeal
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to reverse that judgment. u. k. prime minister bars johnson has again defended the policy ahead of the court decision. this is about making sure that we break the business model of criminal gangs who not only risking people's lives the undermining public confidence in legal migration. i'm the been, if my family is beneficiary of legal, a migration to this country. lots of businesses have legal migration in this country. we want to stop the illegal migrants and come in, we will. we wanted to turn the criminal guys because they're not only day during their lives, they're ripping them off. as sketching a deep up as lifeless outside the course in london, the team. c when are we expecting a decision from the course, and is there a chance that this appeal could even succeed? or would that definitely is a chance if you speak to the through migrant groups and the union representing some
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border for staff who wrote this case here on friday, just to explain on friday, the judge refused an injunction, stopping that deportation flight to rwanda, which is scheduled for tuesday night, originally there over a 100 people on the list, it was reduced by the end of friday to around 31 because there are individual legal challenges by lawyers representing people in detention and that continuing. now, those groups are appealing that refusal to grant the injunction where they say new information about who these people are and the risks that they could face. they're saying there are, for example, a syrians who could be sent if they do get sent to rwanda for their asylum claim to be processed there. if that is rejected and allowed to stay in syria, they will be a possibly sent back to syria where they face further abuse now and the number
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we're being told by one of the groups here in court care for kelly who is still on the list for tomorrows flight is now down to 8. they say government sources have been quoted in the last few hours. in the u. k. prices saying the flight would take up even if there is one person left on board. we don't know exactly what the numbers will turn out to be. we're expecting results or in the next few hours here at the high court. but let's not forget the judge on friday also said that be a 2 day hearing in july to look at the holy galaxy of the agreement between the u. k. and rwanda, you just heard from bar is johnson talking? well, stopping the dangerous journey. that's one argument, the government put which their critics safe, a not likely to stop or even to be reduced. if the plan goes ahead, it was also to talking about legal or immigration woke. these companies, you, behind me point out that most people are majority of people who cross the channel by boat, are successful in their asylum claims. here in the u. k. of what the government's
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now proposing is not off shoring that process. it's simply removing people from the country and they will never have any prospect of being able to stay in the u. k. beyond that, they're talking about the, the morality of it. but on their side is the you and hcr the refugee agency who made it clear the last few hours here. but they believe the plan to be unlawful. thank you for that nadeem bob. their 1st outside that london court still head on out is aaron, the british government is about to change its pace pranks at trade. deal with e opponent st. live is an eagle. ah hello there. let's look to south
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cross much of pakistan and northern india with temperatures picking up to the early to mid fourties. people trying to escape that hot and dry weather. now we have got warnings out across the north animals to trying to escape those condition. we will see some rain creeping in, however, on wednesday, if we have a look at the 3 day for new delhi, we've seen the temperature dip down to the average. by the time we get to friday, sunshine and some light rain. but the rain is going to pick up across the west coast of india, pushing across central areas. the monsoon rains, dominating here in the days to come for the north east. we have got some warnings out for severe thunderstorms in places like as some and a lot of that wet weather is gonna trickle up towards an, a paul to baton and down into bangladesh. some fierce thunderstorms to come. that was we moved to east asia. it's very wet once again across southern parts of china . thanks to the may you front. not only here that we are going to see the intense
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rain but also southern and eastern areas of japan. tokyo seen some of that rain rolling, but the temperature manages to hold at 21 degrees celsius. that you ever, ah lou ah, ah, ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you exceptional cut. all right, we're going places to go. ah ah
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ah, okay, back he watching out. as a reminder, if our top stories this, our us stalks have dropped sharply off to markets in asia, posted heavy losses earlier on monday. soaring inflation and rising interest rates are raising fears. the 1st session given rise groups have launched and 11th our appeal to try to stop the u. k. from sending asylum seekers to wanda. the 1st flight is shed your to leave on tuesday and the u. s. house of representatives is holding its 2nd public hearing of last year's attack on capitol hill. the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. we're focused on a former president. donald trump's false claims of election. ford. escape heidi j. castro live for us in the capitol hill. i. d, just hearing in the last hour or so that william step in trump's former campaign
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manager will no longer be testifying. how much of a blow is that to the committee while moline, stephanie was supposed to be headlining, witness of the day? so this is a significant set back. it was announced with just under an hour prior to the schedule beginning of this hearing that sappy and has a family emergency that he is attending to. and so now we have been pushed back a half hour or so from the scheduled start time with the committee likely now discussing what plan be will be they are. so they say that that the end attorney will still up here and read a statement from stepping himself and 2nd has given video tape depositions to the same committee previously. and so there may be clips of those videotaped parts of his interview that are shown now to the public. now he was going to be integral in today's hearing and that he had key conversations with trump on the night of the
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election. and in the weeks following, in which the committee says step in his campaign chair had clearly told the former president that the data did not support trump's claims of election fraud. and that the there was not enough to overturn the election in any way later. we're also expecting to hear live from a employee, a political director of fox news, the conservative media that had declared arizona when war biden, which had endanger, which had enraged trump reportedly. and led to this fox news producers firing that for some local election officials and an attorney us attorney who resign rather than go with trump big. why? okay, many thanks for that for hardy jake house, for the 1st in capitol hill and we are watching out for the start of that hearing, which is you start in the next half an hour or so which hold. iraq's parliamentary
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speaker has accepted the resignation of 73 members of the country's biggest political block follows a request from their leader, the shia cleric, mcdonald solder of the 8 months of deadlock, over forming a government. on thursday he threatened to withdraw from parliament. if a national majority government couldn't be formed for the elderly, phoebe harder to leave. iraq does not need the formation of a government. but in effect of government, his majority serves its people who turns as glued into obedience to god. so little beloved said was plucked members, right, fear resignations from parliament. what the aldo, i speak to my made up there why he does live in baghdad for us, my made wine, t thing thought, oh, sada resign. what is he going achieve by this move? well, he wanted to end 8 months of political estate made as you know, that his rival political parties do, especially backed by iran. the wanted to form
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a consensus, a government, they insisted on forming a consistent consensus government to include them. he, on the other hand, refused that and said that because of the fact that he has the majority of seats in the parliament and then he has the right to form a majority government. also, he wanted to get rid of them because the accused of corruption and mismanagement. but now since he has his parliament members to resign and now the question is whether or not there is this resignation is going to be fine. and if it is going to be a file and then the department will proceed further with the replacing them with the run or the runners up in the constituencies because the parliament speaker. mm hm. and had, was he today spoken in a presser, in a man, georgia, and he said that the parliament will have to move forward with form and get
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a government. and also he also said that to the southern movement should have been a part of the government, but since they have chosen to leave the parliament, then the parliament has no other choice but to proceed forward with the form of the government. now, a months of political stalemate, and 3 times the parliament failed to choose a president of the states. all these are factors behind the decision taken by the father. thank you for that. made up the what he that 1st live in fact that now police in brazil say they've identified items belonging to reporter and indigenous rights expert who went missing in the amazon, a backpack, a laptop and an id card with found in the it's a co river. indigenous rice ex but bruno perrera, i'm the british journalist don't. phillips disappeared. a week ago. the men were on
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a reporting trip in a remote jungle area near the border with peru and columbia. monica yanna keep reports from ria dish. nearer oh, it blew a vigil through british journalist dom phillips and indigenous expert. good bit, eda, family, friends and colleagues of the peer gathered in rio de janeiro, demanding to know what's happened to them. so they went missing a week ago in their job id valley in area, in the amazon twice the size of japan and home to the largest number of un contacted tribes in the world. the vigil was held unpopular on a beach. the place where phillips used to paddle serve before moving to more these 2 in brazil to write a book about saving the amazon. he was on his way back from an expedition with bid eda, when both men disappeared. human remains were reportedly found where the pair was
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last seen, but they are still being identified. what a good but is that i was when this was dams. last trip there he told my sister, his wife alessandra that he needed one more interview to finish his book. i think dawn went to the amazon because he belong there. he's an englishman who was born in the wrong place. he loved the rain forest and their inhabitants. my little bit aid, i used to work for food i the government agency responsible for protecting brazil's indigenous people in the prison that i'll do it. okay. lenovo bruno was forced to leave the agency because he did not agree with prison. jabal sonatas policy of opening up the amazon for commercial exploitation, and leaving its unprotected illness, was the only 1400 people in our agency. and we have to protect 1000000 indigenous people occupying an area of veteran presents 15 percent of brazil's territory for the spirit started working on his own with their shoddy tribes. we accompanied him
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during an expedition several months ago in the same area where he was last seen with dom phillips video was already being threatened because he was helping local tribes collect evidence of the invasions to their territories and report them to local authorities. here both of them are 1st, we were very hopeful that both men were alive because don was with bruno, who is very experienced. the family thought they must have been ambushed by managed to hide the boat and escape through the forest. but our week has gone by and our hopes are diminishing. all we will now is for them to be found. we have a right to know what happened to them. this march is not only to put pressure on the government, flying rider. don phillips, i'm indigenous extra little bit it. so for a bigger cause, people here say both men defend saving. the amazon monica in ocoee of al jazeera rio de janeiro. the u. n says at least
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a 100 people have been killed and fighting between rival tribes over the last week and see dawned. the fighting started of a land dispute between nomadic arab and african tribes and west doth for providence . armed men later attack several villages in the area and mighty tribes want access to water and grazing for their livestock and became fossil at least $100.00 people have been killed in an attack in the north happened around the city of se tenga, in the border with near the slamming state released this video or line shortly after the attack became faster, has struggled with attacks by our group since 2015 or the 2000 people have been killed. and then nearly 2000000 displaced. the british foreign secretary lives trust is expected to introduce new legislation to change parts of the northern on and protocol e has worn the u. k, against trying to alter the post breaks it,
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trade deal on its own little the non ins. pro british democratic union is party strongly opposed to the existing agreement. it's fade, they could be a trade war if no solution is found. let's get attorney angela. he joins us from outside parliament in london. so charlie, what is the government proposing? who will have the full text in about 10 minutes. but boy johnson has already been doing the rounds today talking it down saying it's a relatively trivial set of adjustments. but that is not how it seen by some here. some in the e u. and in northern ireland and fact the know that on government has just come out saying they strongly reject little possible terms. this new legislation that the government is proposing which goes expressly against the wishes of most businesses and most people in northern ireland. and that's going to be a real blow to boris johnson because one of his arguments for these new proposals has been that under the current rules,
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the protocol will undermine trade between great britain and northern ireland and cripple some of the trade that so to have that contradicted by the know them government is going to be quite brutal for him. now what the government is proposing is essentially a new system of 4 to check. so 2 routes for goods to go from here to, to on. and if they go to northern ireland, they'll go through a green lane where they won't go through checks if they go to the republic of on a go through read label, they'll be forced to undergo much more stringent checks. but there is a considerable pushback from many conservative m p 's here, who fear that this bill could break international law. the treaty that boris johnson himself pushed for unsigned and agreed on in 2019. so what they're saying is it will undermine what everything that britain stanfull this understand that the anger in the you, the commission has said that it would break trust between the 2 sides. and they
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could be forced to north legal action against the u. k. and perhaps even retaliate with some trade restrictions, it could also put into jeopardy the relationship between the u. k. and the us because president biden has said what his priority is stupidity in northern ireland . and at the crux of this is that good friday agreement that is enshrined and protected hope. what was press meant to be protected by the brick set deal changes to this protocol could undermine, thus will find out the, the full details in the next 15 minutes. it seems that might be a deal to be done between the you and the u. k. a, but at the moment it's gonna take a lot of good will and the move that the government are about to make, could undermine that. thank you for that tale angela in london. the number of nuclear weapons around the world is set to rise for the 1st time since the end of the cold war. it's the warning coming from the start comb,
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international piece research institute. the thing time says the when you craig will make it hard to convince countries to disarm the research, to say, recent signalling by russian president vladimir putin has made all the countries think again about that nuclear strategies. the latest figures show there more than $12000.00 nuclear warheads around the world. russia and the u. s. have 90 percent of all those weapons. the inter cheat also notes that china is expanding its nuclear arsenal. satellite images show it's building 300 new missile silos. to re graph is the former head of verification security policy at the international atomic energy agency. he says nuclear armed countries are developing weapons to counter other nuclear powers. partly it is because china wants to push back the united states from the issue a pacific region. also, india, pakistan, and north korea are building up. there are snow slowly,
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and we don't know whether this railways are adding nuclear weapons to their us. and then finally, the united kingdom will not go down to $180.00 nuclear warheads. they will remain at a ceiling of about $260.00. so that explains, in a sense, the small rise for us, any country with nuclear weapons, those is a big threat because any one of the 9 countries with nuclear weapons, good use nuclear weapons, deliberately or by accident. even the united states said that there prompt administration had a policy of using nuclear weapons, due restore strategic stability and russia. they talk about using nuclear weapons to deescalate the conventional conflict. india and pakistan also have rushed out by using nuclear weapons if they are losing a conventional war. so i think the danger is from all 9 countries, north korea would be looking at how the united states unit actually just to get to send the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran limiting around new.


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