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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field Mexico A Lethal Field for Journalist  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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and we don't know whether there's railways or adding nuclear weapons to their us. and then finally, the united kingdom will not go down to $180.00 nuclear warheads. they will remain at a ceiling of about $260.00. so that explains, in a sense the small, arise for us, any country with nuclear weapons, those is a big track because any one of the 9th and please with nuclear weapons, good use nuclear weapons deliberately or by accident. even the united states that they're crump administration, had a policy of using nuclear weapons, due restore strategic stability and russia. they talk about using nuclear weapons to de escalate it. conventional conflict. india and pakistan also have rushed out by using nuclear weapons if they are losing a conventional war. so i think the danger is from all 9 countries, north korea would be looking at how the united states unit actually just to get to send the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran limiting iran nuclear program
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. and now with the, the russian invasion of ukraine and february, ukraine had given up soviet nuclear weapons on its territory and return for security assurances which have been violated. so the message today is that if one needs to preserve one security, perhaps 1 may need nuclear weapon. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories. u. s. dogs have dropped sharply off markets in asia, posted heavy losses early on monday, storing inflation and rising interest rates of raising fears of recession. human rights groups have launched and 11th our appeal to try to stop the u. k. from sending asylum seekers to wander on friday, the high court refused to block the 1st flight which is scheduled to leave on tuesday. campaigners are hoping to robust the decision you a problem at a subarus. johnson has again defended the policy
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a whole ahead of that court decision. this is about making sure that we break the business model of criminal gangs who are not only risking people's lives the undermining public confidence in illegal migration. and the bet if my family is beneficiary of legal migration to this country, lots of businesses have legal migrations. in this country. we want to stop the illegal migrants and come here. we want to, we want to deter the criminal guys because they're not in the day during that lives that ripping them off. the us house of representatives is do you to hold it 2nd public hearing over last year is attack on capitol hill. the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection will focus on former president donald trump's false claims of election food. we are expecting it to start soon. iran experimentally, speaker has accepted the resignation of $73.00 members of the country's biggest political blog follows a request from their leader, the shia cleric,
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title solder after 8 months of political that lock police in brazil say they've identified items belonging to reporter on an indigenous rights expert who went missing in the amazon, a backpack, a laptop and an id card, or found in the it's a coin river. indigenous right, 6, but bruno pereira and the british john as don't phyllis face disappeared a week ago. those headlines and he's continues here now deserve the talked al jazeera from the wells, most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse cultures and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera with every year, journalists are increasingly becoming the story as threats against them,
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multiply them, intimidation, imprisonment, harassment, and assassinations. ah, the un says one journalist was killed every 4 days during the past decade. but killings don't only take place in countries with armed conflicts. journalism has become a lethal profession in many other countries, plate with corruption, human rights violations, drug violence, environmental crimes, human trafficking and political wrongdoing. or un report reveals that in 2019 the highest number of fatal attacks against journalists were carried out in latin america and the caribbean. they represented 40 percent of the total killings recorded world wide. and mexico officially became the world's most dangerous
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country for journalists. this year is the worst on record for news professionals. with 11 being killed. violence in mexico has grown sharply since the start of the so called war on drugs in 2006 under the leadership. then president philippe cal, they don't put violence against journalists, has grown exponentially worse under president. and that is manuel. no physical but other attacks against the press have increased by 85 percent since the beginning of his presidency. our best all although president lopez over to the old took office in 2018 promising to uphold press freedom. he has since developed a combative relationship with journalists. the president has been accused of using his daily morning press conferences as a platform for denouncing reporters who criticize his administration. against
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vision, dental song video, this just sees open. it is just ask it labella is medicine that has been diesel's in gung 10 below these. this gives would've been miss hernandez. but i, i sitting beside as young this and gone down my service. he's even drawn attention from the u. s. government and members of the european parliament who urged the president to tone down his verbal attacks against the press. some and g o is here and mexico have warned that hostile public discourse toward journalists is perpetuating violence against media workers and eroding democracy. i manuel that apollo and the mexican capital, and on this edition of talk to al jazeera in the field, we meet mexican media professionals and explore how this country has become such
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a perilous place for journalists. do the killing of journalists load this maldonado, lopez in tiquana, in january of this year, shot a spotlight on how reporters can still be gone down in cold blood with few consequences that despite her having special protection from aid officials who gave her a security detail that the illegals he does. before her death maldonado had attended a press conference in the mexican capital. she told the president she feared for her life, and requested special assistance from the government. a week after maldonado was killed. another tiquana journalist might get e dot martinez ascii bed was shot dead outside his home. the deaths of both journalists sparked protests in tiquana and the rest of mexico calls for the
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government to investigate their debts, have led to one of the most significant press freedom movements in mexico's history . martinez eskoville worked as a photo journalist for several news outlets. among them said that it's a weekly news magazine in the one up with a long history of attacks and violate attempts to silence the publication. to better understand the scale of mexico's press, freedom crisis, we spoke with the editor upset abil inevitable. she's no stranger to death threats and attacks. no, i see the fussing. i say the way better these more may he call resume in the been the enter. come with a similarity of hipaa. it is them. is companion something off if he knows it, know tom was more took on carlos for that. if they listed gross oil fact, nicholas won't travel. we haven't lost quote, doesn't trouble. we hadn't been busy that the, the alley's or but his,
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i must level incidence that will do that because those be sierra for the finances group policy as well. yeah, cuz most muslim, unless i sit there the will had e ela in black or lynette the impulse valencia in baja, california. what is, what does that do to a journalist when that is the work environment that they're surrounded by so far this year there have been already more than a 100 homicides in tiquana alone. what does that do? i suppose the question is to the psychology to, to the mindset of journalist is working in this type of environment that but in this a sort of, in, in, in a sticky upper can noisily annoy that bucket. gee, any, see i'm listening video is much jest, i missed as can dishonest w groups in the urine. pooley that he, yes. is he now? does he have an article that i think on them some of this in policeman? and does this have been with us, or do you mean a menu? disciplinary momentos did it, but a sealed book is, is guessed up us and look on the land, they will levy them. the wiley never knows well in biddy. the stick is to throw a hand, looks by the new saddle and go we have no quarrel dog. and he says in killing me.
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now, is that gonna be in nor kissell nicole, dora this is there my michigan. what was the type of reporting that you were doing when you 1st began to receive threats of violence against you at this have written them into came around campbell last. emerson, but i live in north hills, him and that he has hit us on like a group ceiling and go vietnam lacquer lucy on there did ask about his, his policy act, escal many lots of rooms as soon as could mean alice in this area that and i thought that he couldn't follow him. she had me lows in so 10000 went under your internet or how is this him anerio establishing mr. young and catherine. larry daniel. felix in mr. momentum. boyer but i love the these young is thomas misty amber captain villas. had a general capital helical neck, and then in the other thing is in the lawn and seen amazon at all. now, cobra, now we're going to simply manella that the memo stress, not to solos means most them, us. cbs, is he a mentor book, an oil mazda? neither. we're not, the law republic own will be illinois,
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that cosette consists then becomes that the, him, the radical particle. but the los angels. in the letter, the barithium owls beneath us on madame means ahead. i was, it is more if you see a, this thing here to live on the vienna leprosy on. i'm watching pony that case girls because he ballast probably must be mr. bays in on. i must be a little bit of the stuffing him it out, but are me he call 1st almost i will. i look in was there will be many cylinders in minority probably gum was came to resign. yes they will. we are no one seemed to the milam seniors are also seen that those be lentils. they say, well now the person that had been my listening limplin either a while getting castillo's been released us quality min 2nd. can me go boys? my found be released at enormous at the me 9 percent or i am, we are desperately as a cannot get him in his, in brazil for the day loss. but it's because he also seen that was another mess in a video. the the, and this one will be sought, our and empathy is hillary book it to something they, those a on north teresa. what'll i in this is over there,
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so so thought his mother, the alice erased on is stunning palin. paulina asked that elicited another numero in theater. if well, then lot of his maldonado and the one in percentile are a boy gary c the o and dances in b. i don't a keeper, human log lantus in went to persona, the look of where she, sandy, mackenzie, doyle, on marina. they left escalated us a good place. they would either buy like a quite do bad and con wellness. misty getting us enough, is kelly lookin you what us will does that the we're on that threat. listen, such as he knows in and, and he got a lot of is it the rest but it's on present as, as he knows mckesson margarita input, this is the basic is for seamless. it was this year. guess basil it. but a josefina, they've been in the stuff, but on not out in, in this is a 1000, a boy come, he can assist. now police as enough of them was quite infamous. and let me dally loose. those. but, you know, salmonella keep us in the los alamitos a status. he came in sac, his air in con, daniel, c, madison, teresa,
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both of them. and i am pushing mexico's one of the few countries in the world that relies on this federal program. it's known here as simply the mechanism, but it's a mechanism that provides protection for journalists who fear for their lives. i guess in simple terms, is do despite the fact that this program exists, journalists are still being killed in mexico. does it work, interment, and nothing sooner. much of them, his companion of us, as he nelson mexico, is found a co, houston mac, and his number of chit, wip, a pixel going to full enough as he knows enlisted castle in docile kasey earnestness of what is he at on a include not in any in within his own with dixon, ill as docile cathy on this no rush if dan was put, kick in, kit consisting consist, yanked me when i went on board on the bicycle on numerous and very well, you're millennium id hands here on telic one through alice gaskell either bullies he has faded alice when the las please. yes sir. alice eric will put us in must quote, a little dull base through the serial number. and we the adam may i miss be ad
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miriana. say ye when up us i don't have a back. what are they, the look is toys he and lend me the idea by then that i mean ga. so i think one was in, i mean, familiar. maniquan said emmy's point is the goal is to say is get an important this to form, the less iglesia, getting this going to swim with. the not for the i do early is the data macalucio for that same at the end? mean i know there was no phone sooner. it a lot of his mother now is fine. any mic amusement brook? dixie on javier to well this is the one in mckinney is my bro pixie on which was but he says does noise outlook will 0 book it in the system? no, you missed that of the hang thing that i am noise, noise. but if they, they won't dawdle quite a bit away this, it will do that. i will, i fall as michigan was included the last bit of easter ah, breaking into programming now to take you to washington d. c. where the u. s. house of representatives is just about to start it 2nd public hearing on last year's attack on capitol hill. members of the slack committee of
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investigation january 6th insurrection. that will focus on former president donald trump's false claims of election for. let's take a lesson n o . the select committee to investigate january 6 attack on a united states capital will be in order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare the committee in recess at any point, but so into house deposition authority, regulation 10 to cheer analysis, the committees approval to release the deposition material present at dawn. today's hearing. good morning. last week, the select committee laid out
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a preview of i initial findings about the conspiracy overseen and directed by donald trump. to overturn the results that a 2020 presidential election and blocked, to transfer a power a scheme unprecedented in american history. my colleagues and i don't want to spend time talking about our fails during these hearings, but as someone who's run for office a few times, i can tell you at the end of a campaign, it all comes down to the numbers. the numbers tell you the winner and the loser. for the most part, the numbers don't lie. but if something doesn't add up with the numbers, you go to court to get resolution. and that's the end of the land. we accept those results. that's what it means to respect the rule of law. that's what it means to
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seek elective office in our democracy. because those numbers aren't just numbers. they are votes, they're your vote. the other will and the voice of the people. and the very least we should expect from any person seeking a position of public trust is the acceptance of the wheel or the people. when a looms down trump did. he didn't have the numbers. he went to court, he still didn't hear the numbers. he lost. but he betrayed of trust of american people. he ignored the will of the voters, he lad, to his supporters and the country. and he tried to remain in the office after the people had voted him out in the courts of hale, the will of the people. this morning will tell the story of how donald trump lost an election and knew he lost an election. and as a result of his loss,
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decided to wage an attack on our democracy. an attack on american people are trying to rob you of your voice in our democracy. and in doing so, lit the fuse that led to the heretic balance of january 6. when a mob of hill supporters storm the capital sent by donald trump to stop to transfer a power to day, my colleague from california miss lofgren and our witnesses will detailed of select commuters findings on these matters. but 1st, i will recognize our distinguished vice chair miss cheney of wyoming, or any opening statement she'd care to offer. thank you very much, miss chairman. last week, as the chairman noted, our committee began outlining a 7 part plan overseen by president trump to overturn the 2020 election. today we will begin looking at the initial part of that plan. president trump's effort to
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convince millions of americans that the election was stolen from him. i over whelming fraud. a federal court has already reviewed elements of the committee's evidence on this point and said this quote, in the months following the election, numerous credible sources from the president's inner circle to agency leadership and statisticians informed of president trump. and dr. eastman that there was no evidence of election fraud. close quote, sufficient to overturn the 2020 presidential election. the court's opinion methodically documents each of the principal reasons for that conclusion. and i would urge all those watching to read it. to day we will begin to show the american people some of our evidence to day you will hear much more from a former attorney general bill bar's recorded testimony, and you will hear in greater detail what others in the department told president
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trump that his claims of election fraud were nonsense. you will also hear much more from president trump's own campaign experts who had also concluded that his fraud claims could not be supported. let me focus briefly on just 3 points now. first, you will hear 1st hand testimony that the president's campaign advisors urged him to await the counting of votes and not to declare victory on election night. the president understood even before the election, that many more biden voters had voted by mail, because president trump ignored the advice of his campaign experts and told his supporters only to vote in person. donald trump knew before the election that the counting of those male in ballots in several states would not begin until late in the day and would not be complete for multiple days. this was expected, reported,
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and widely known. you will also hear testimony that president trump rejected the advice of his campaign experts on election night. and instead followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated rudy giuliani. to just claim he won and insist that the vote counting stop to falsely claim everything was fraudulent. he falsely told the american people that the election was not legitimate. in his words, quote, a major fraud. millions of americans believed him. second, pay attention to what donald trump and his legal team said repeatedly about dominion voting machines, far flung conspiracies with the deceased venezuelan communist allegedly pulling the strings. this was quote, complete nonsense as bill bar said. president trump's own campaign advisers, his department of justice and his cybersecurity experts,
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all told him the same thing. here for example is white house lawyer eric hirschman . his view was shared by many of the trump team, whom we interviewed. i thought the dominion stuff woof. i never saw any evidence whatsoever to sustain those allegations. and 3rd, as mike pence is, staff started to get a sense for what donald trump had planned for january 6th. they called the campaign experts to give them a briefing on election fraud and all the other election claims. on january 2nd, the general counsel of the trump campaign, matthew moore, again, this is the campaigns, chief lawyer summarized what the campaign had concluded weeks earlier. that none of the arguments about fraud or anything else could actually change the outcome of the election. generally just just on that topic
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was whether the fraud maladministration abuse her irregularities. if aggregated and read mostly ro leads of exam pain, would that be out of the term? and i think everyone assessment in the room, at least amongst the staff or shore myself in great jump was that was not sufficient to be outcomes. the turban, as is obvious, this was before the attack on the capital, the trump campaign legal team knew there was no legitimate argument fraud irregularities or any thing to overturn the election. and yet president from went ahead with his plans for january 6th. anyway. mister chairman, hundreds of our countrymen have faced criminal charges. many are serving criminal sentences because they believed what donald trump said about the election and they
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acted on it. they came to washington dc. at his request, they marched on the capital at his request, and hundreds of them besieged and invaded the building at the heart of our constitutional republic. as one conservative editorial board put it recently, quote, mister trump betrayed his supporters by conning them on january 6th. and he is still doing it another conservative editorial board that has long supported president trump said last week, donald trump quote won't stop insisting that the 2020, that 2020 was stolen. even though he has offered no proof that that is true. and this donald trump now quote, clings to more fantastical theories such as the net to sous as debunked 2000 mules, even as re counts and arizona,
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georgia and wisconsin confirm trump loss. those are the correct conclusions to draw from the evidence gathered by this committee. we have much more evidence to show the american people on this point than we can reasonably show in one hearing. but to day we will begin. thank you mister chairman. i yield back without object. without objection, the chair recognizes gentlewoman from california. miss lofton on opening state. well, thank you mister chairman. in our opening hearing, we gave an overview of our investigation into the january 6th attack the plot to overthrow the election. it was complex and had many parts which will explore in remaining hearings. but today we examined the false narrative that the 2020 election was quote, stolen for president trump's plan to overturn the election, relied on a sustained effort to deceive millions of americans with no only false claims of
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election fraud. all elements of the plot relied on convincing his supporters about these false claims to day will demonstrate the 2020 election was not stolen. the american people elected president joe biden will present evidence that mister trump's claims of election fraud were false. that he and his closest advisors knew those claims were false, but they continued to paddle them anyway, right up until the moments before a mob of trump supporters attacked the capitol. well, also show that the trump campaign use these false claims of election fraud to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters who were told their donations or for the legal fight in the courts. but the trump campaign didn't use the money for that. the big lie was also a big rip off. the former president laid the groundwork for these false claims well
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in advance of the election. as early as april 2020. mr. trump claimed that the only way he could lose an election would be as a result of fraud. you know, the things with bundling and all of the things that are happening with a vote by mail where thousands of votes are gathered. and i'm not going to say which party does it, but thousands of votes are gathered and they come in and then dumped in a location. and then all of a sudden you lose elections. if you think you're going to win, the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rig. remember that the only way we're going to lose the selection, this is going to be a fraud. like you've never seen, did you see what's going on? take a look at west virginia melman selling the valid. they're being sold, they're being dumped in rivers. this is a horrible thing for a gun. her is miss is not, is no, this is not going on. and, well, mr. trump decided even before the election,
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that regardless of the facts in the truth, if he lost the election, he would claim it was reg. mr. trump was right about one thing. it did not in well on election night, mr. trump claimed even before the votes were counted, that his loss was a result of fraud. on thursday, we had testimony from attorney general bar about the department of justice investigation of mr. trump's fraud claims bartold. trump directly that his claims were be ass. yet after hearing for the truth and that warning from the ag, mr. trump continued to peddle the false claims of fraud. you'll hear detailed testimony from attorney general bar describing the various election fraud claims the department of justice investigated. he'll tell you how he told mr. trump repeatedly that there was no merit to those claims.


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