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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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ah, al jazeera, when you ah
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day to all hearings on capitol hill in washington, d. c is the january 6th senate committee investigate former president trump's role in the attack on the u. s. capital aah! hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is al. does are alive from dover, is are coming up. good, now. you guys court of appeal rejects or request a whole to plan deportation of a group of migrants to wonder? well, markets and turmoil us stopped dead on opening as fears, bro, of a rising inflation that could send americas economy into recession. and search for answers continues belongings of a missing germ listen. indigenous expert a found in brazil's amazon
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it began in washington, d. c, where the us house of representatives is holding its 2nd public hearing over last year's attack on capitol hill. members of the select committee, there are investigating the january 2nd insurrection, and focusing on a former president. donald trump's false claims of election fraud. because he was supposed to hear from trump's former campaign manager, but bill step in declared, he couldn't testify due to a family emergency. so let's then, what they have got said to include in the record of this hearing reports issued by the department of homeland security's cyber security and infrastructure security agency, otherwise known as caesar that addressed and rejected the claims of manipulation of voting machines in the 2020 election without objection. so i thank you mister chairman. i also ask unanimous consent to include in the record
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a report prepared by the michigan senate oversight committee that disprove claims of election fraud in michigan. as well as a statement by 59 of the country's leading election security scientists noting the absence of any credible evidence that the 2020 election had been altered to technical compromise. and 5 other reports from organizations and individuals confirming there was no wide spread fraud in the 2020 election or describing the spread of the former presidents lies without objection sorted. thank you mister chairman and i yield back but so into the order of the committee for the day, the chair declares the committee in recess for a period of approximately 10 minutes. ah
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and though we've been listening to the house of representatives, select committee, they are investigating the capital attack by a mob on january the 6th in 2021. this is the 2nd hearing that they have been giving. we are focusing on former president. trump's false claim on election for discourse over $200.00 castro. she's following the hearing the at washington d. c. and capitol hill. and how is he just to give us a brief up some of what you've been hearing the char laura, the with a sent it. we just, her live was this committee crossing their teas dotting their eyes in being meticulous and having documented evidence to back up the testimony that we have been hearing from its witnesses today. as you mentioned,
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there are headlining live witness today was supposed to be former president trump's last campaign chairman. now he dropped out of the hearing at the last minute he does, his wife went into labor and instead we saw the videotape testimony that he's already previously given to this committee with arguably powerful of fact, we saw the committee start this thing off today by placing the american public who have been invited to tune into this warily inside the white house on election night, the atmosphere, the feeling of being with president trump. that night, as the results were coming in and they were not coming in, in the president's favor, particularly when fox news, the conservative news channel in the u. s. called the state of arizona for press important if for joe biden and not for trump, which infuriated the president at the time than we sought a very lashley edited video sequence with at the best. if you would say,
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you could say that from their videotape testimony of these witnesses, president trump campaign advisors, as well as family members, including yvonne trump, who were there on election night who says they were disappointed to hear arizona called for trump challenger. and who told trump to hold off on making any announcements because it wasn't looking good for him that night. well that he listened to them. he did not. according to this testimony, rather he turned to rudy giuliani, his favorite advisor at the time of his private attorney who witnesses day was in me. read it that evening at the white house who told trump that he should go on ashes television and declare victory despite all the evidence otherwise. and of course, that is exactly what from did that night, giving a news conference to the american public saying that he frankly, quote, did win the election, which was a lie. afterwards we heard from the committee talk about more of the conspiracy
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theories that despite all of the advice from his election campaign and experts, trump continue to spread to the american public, claiming that voting machines have been tampered with were fraudulent, all of which was bogus, and which he was told clearly that they were that this claim was false from then attorney general will bar. who you remember that that all of this was just b s. and his words to the president, but the president did not listen. ok, heidi, for the moment. thanks very much. let's go down to steve clemens. he has the bottom line here on out of there under founding, a large digital media platform from a full he joins as 5 guys from washington, eagles. i've been listening into these proceedings. i'm wondering what you make of them. they seem to be building a picture of a man. donald trump, who stood very much alone in his delusions, well with the exception of rudy giuliani. he stood alone in his delusions. i think
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heidi did an excellent job of recounting what has happened this morning's hearings . but i, what i think is important for observers of this to understand is these are not democrats giving testimony. these are not critics or rivals of president trump or the republican party. this is the anchorage, this is the, you know, the central trump land corps giving testimony, having given previous testimony, basically saying they had all advice president trump get lost this election. that there was not a pathway forward that the results were not going his direction. it's a remarkable and riveting set of accounts because it does mean as you just said, that president trump, himself, individually, within the neeb rated former new york governor rudy giuliani, his favorite attorney. and we've heard, you know, subsequent testimony that perhaps there are a few others in there may be cheaper staff, mark meadows, maybe advisor peter navarro, who became a small group of people within the franchise of the trump white house that decided
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to go a different direction. and to create something that was odds with the realities that those people giving testimony felt and saw and reported to him. do you think though that this will have much impact or any impact on those trump supporters who will still believe that that november 2020 election was stolen from president trump? it look. i mean, i think this is always complex. it will have some impact at the fringe, but we're going to have to wait and see because a lot of trump supporters are very, very committed to him. and his narrative be that you know, the devil's bit, you know, the details be damned, the details the logic so much of what we're hearing has been, you know, previously reported in bits and pieces. nothing is riveting. but you have to understand that what, what we've heard before,
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even i think what was most interesting to me were the accounts of those people that headed vice president trump, to encourage his supporters to mail in their balance. i remember writing about a time i did a show and i'll just your english on the bottom line. looking at why donald trump may have resisted asking his own voters to mail in balance because democrats recruited to it, asking the question of, was he trying to lay the groundwork to argue that this was fraudulent, that the male in ballots were fraudulent? well, before the election happen, as you get the sense that donald trump had this plan in mind, well before november, well before the testimony that we're hearing now about what happened in transpired election night. but that in his mind he. busy always had this feeling, he might not win. so what was going to blame it on? very interesting indeed. save clemons for the moment. we'll leave it there. we'll come back to in the coming out of thanks very much. now the u. k. is cause of
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appeal has rejected a request, a whole to plan deportation of a group of migrants to rolanda charities. and a trade union had asked the court to block the 1st flight, which is scheduled to leave on tuesday. on friday, the high court ruled in favor of the flight same. the legality of the u. k. government scheme will be tested at a separate hearing next month when u. k. prime minister boris johnson again defended the policy head of the court decision. this is about making sure that we break the business model of criminal gangs who not only risking people's lives, but undermining public confidence in legal migration on the bed of my family's beneficiary, legal, a migration to this country, lots of businesses, how legal migration is discovery. we want to stop the illegal migrants and county and we will, we want to deter the criminal guys because they're not only day during their lives . they're ripping them off. nothing. barbara is live for us outside the court in
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london. so not even to expect this 1st flight to still leave on tuesday will any won't be on it off well as to whether it's going to take off the home or face or interesting, but it will as long as there is even one person on board. but right now we don't know whether that will be anybody on board that flight scheduled for tuesday evening, local time to, to take off for kigali. that's because since friday, in fact, over the last few days, there have been individual challenges by lawyers representing claimants who are in detention have been sent letters telling them that that be put on a plane to rwanda. those challenges have been successful. so just a couple of hours ago, catholic kelly, one of the groups that were bringing this appeal against the injunction being refused. they said it was down to the list of people still on the flights now the
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home office in the last few hours have been briefing the press here that they actually expect most, if not all of the people still on the list to be taken off. but because of things like the fact that people are survivors of torture has been brought up, the home office hasn't fully considered what could happen to people if they are sent to rwanda and then the case process for asylum in re wonder is rejected. for example, according to the you and hcr through that lawyer here in court today, it's very possible that the refugees from the middle east would actually be sent back home to countries like syria. so the government will be very happy that this appeal has failed. but the why you to issue of the legality of their agreement with ro under, as you said,
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will be examined next month. this doesn't have any real bearing on, but it's fully possible that even if a light does take up in the next few weeks, there could be some kind of order. and that saying that that hosted that the deportation should be reversed. the judge, in fact, referred to about saying that because it's a shortage room. he doesn't think that anybody should be stopped from being sent to ramin, to rwanda, pending a decision on the legality of the whole scheme. okay. nadine bobbing as late as that from london. thanks very much that im still a had her on out as sarah, the british government is about to change us post breaks at trade deal with the in you opponents say the move as a legal plus why mango production could be down as much as 50 percent in india and pakistan
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the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to a catholic book. your travel package today. hello there. let's look to south asia and we're seeing the arrival of some welcome, wet weather. by the time we get to the middle of the week, but the heat is still dominating the story across much of pakistan and northern india, with temperatures picking up to the early to mid forties. people trying to escape that hot and dry weather. now we have got warnings out across the north animals to trying to escape those condition. we will see some rain creeping in. however, on wednesday, if we have a look at the 3 day for new delhi, we've seen the temperature dip down to the average. by the time we get to friday, sunshine and some light rain. but the rain's going to pick up across the west coast of india, pushing across central areas. the monsoon rains, dominating here in the days to come for the north east. we have got some warnings out for severe thunderstorms in places like
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a salmon. a lot of that wet weather is gonna trickle up towards an, a paul, to baton and down into bangladesh. some fierce thunderstorms to come. now was we moved to east asia. it's very wet once again across southern parts of china. thanks to the may you front. not only here that we are going see the intense rain but also southern and eastern areas of japan. tokyo seen some of that rain rolling, but the temperature managers to hold at 21 degrees celsius that show other official airline pitcher a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera, we understand that al jazeera ah
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ah ah, ah. and again, you're watching out is there as reminder of our top stories this hour, he has congressional committee investigating last year's attack on capitol hill is holding its 2nd hub. lake herring is posting on former president donald trump's pulls claims of election for they've just come back from a recess. and the case court of appeal has rejected a request to hold a plan, deportation of a group of migrants to lawanda charities. and a trade union had asked the court to block the 1st flight, which is scheduled to leave on tuesday. head high commissioner for human rights.
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michelle, it miss michelle bachelor, is calling for israel to open an criminal investigation into the killing of palestinian journalist, serene apple. i, claire, i call on these radio authorities to open a criminal investigation into the killing or journalist she ran a bore to promptly make concussions and findings public and to hold perpetrators accountable under international humorous law. his read should investigate and assure appropriate the accountability for every case of death and serious injury inflicted by his railey force. the prevailing climate of impunity is fueling further bias and violations there now chronically high levels of killings and injuries of palestinians. he grew children by his radio forces in the occupied palestinian territory, have continued in the 1st 6 months of 2022 out 0. media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing. showing that black rover shot in the head by israeli forces was on assignment in jennine. on the day
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of her funeral israeli forces, storm and processions are had beating. mourners hauling pul barrison, a drop her coffin that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation about clothes without reserve for 25 years. covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. you are stalks have dropped sharply. aftermarket in asia, posted heavy losses earlier on monday. as of the year's federal reserve reported record high inflation. that's expected to announce another interest rate rise in the coming days to try to limit cash flow. hong kong hung sang index is down more than 3 percent. the indian rupee fell to a record low dipping below $78.00. so the u. s. dollar. and both the cosby index and south korea and japan's benchmark nick aid last close to 3 percent japanese yen is at its lowest to the dollar since 1998 plus 2. oh $1000000000.00 the new so
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it's important. the currency rates move stable, reflecting fundamentals, but recently they have been sharp. yen declines, and we are concerned about it. the government will continue to work closely with the bank of japan and stay on guard. paying close attention to currency movements and the impact on the economy and prices on looking for brian has more from sol. yeah, it does seem as though the asian markets have have the weekend to digest this increasingly bad news out of the us confirmation on friday that the inflation rate is hit at 40 year high as so as soon as trading started monday had that they had the chance to react and they have been reacting very negatively. all of the major indices showing marked drops. we had the nic, a in tokyo down 3 percent on the day, monday, 3 and a half percent down on the cost. be here in south career, a similar full on the hang sang index in hong kong,
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and also the mumbo market sharpie down in india. there are other concerns as well, a driving sentiment here in asia. we've had another covey 19 outbreak in beijing that has raised concerns that once again, the chinese authorities following this policy of 0 cove, it may take the decision to close down parts of the chinese capital, which again impacts the recovery of the chinese economy. but in the background, of course, is this ongoing concern that the, the u. s. federal reserve may, once again raise interest rates as a way of tackling inflation. and we're likely to see those concerns affecting the way the market's move. as we get into this a trading week, and all of these moves by the fate of course, are increasing the value of the us dollar quite, quite sharply against all of the asian currencies. for example, at one point on monday, the us dollar was buying a $135.00 japanese yen. and the us dollar has not been that strong in more than 20 years. india and pakistan have both experience record breaking heat. this spring is
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hurting both markets and mango crops production. and parts of these countries is down by at least half and the pushing up prices that limited reports on how farmers and traders are being affected. it's one of the most anticipated activities of the year harvesting mangoes that there sherry variety is native daughter, probation in northern india, or some of them are generic. sorry, these family has owned us orchard for centuries. he says a scorching hot summer has destroyed at least 30 percent off his crop. his work is a very me, howard leave it most unprecedented. he to staying the weather destroyed or crop at all stages from floating to deepening. even though we give a lot of water, we didn't get the output, we usually get the impalas also been low. se shows the world's largest producer of mangles, but the march b growing season was the hottest in a century, and average temperatures in april, 1 much higher than normal trader. see production is down by nearly 70 percent in
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india and by nearly half in pakistan, this is just one of the 1500 varieties of language found across india. the some of the read is locally called the king of root and older men, social value. they're also globally renowned, but the pandemic has disrupted the multi $1000000.00 trade, and this year exports are expected to decline even further. ness produce has pushed our prices and sanity inflation has also impacted the incomes. mile beginning, we are able to sell, but the business is not as profitable, even the pharmacy they are not making as much money. the seo the season is about to end in about 20 days. we have stock, but the prices are much higher than the one that exports the rapid organization in the region has also degraded orchard and climate change is making them even more vulnerable. when we talk about solutions, we're actually talking about adaptability. and in fact, i found, unfortunately, we do not have a national adaptive plan which has to be in place for us to kind of introduce
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climate smart agriculture techniques so that we can actually pull up with the changing environment. this also falls for capacity building off a local comma, so that they can adapt to the changing environment. global warming is expected to make extreme weather events more common and intense and generic. very the says he can only hope the government will do more to help farmers like him. but the new metal algebra, new delhi, ukrainian military commanders say the last bridge out of the city of severity and that has been destroyed. the bridge was one of 3 that connect to the city with lucy chanced and was the last evacuation route for civilians. i'll speak ukrainian president vladimir lensky, said the fate of the entire don boss region will be decided in the fight force to very done ask spokesperson for the pro russian cept system. the don't ask region said that the city was now nearly surrounded to run your sort. this was a book you run was little girl should ever dynette cast practically been blocked
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out of a blue of the last bridge which connected it to life. the shank. those ukrainian divisions that are there are there forever. they have 2 options, either to follow the example of their fellow service men and surrender or to die. there is no other option. at least 50 people have been killed in the attack on a commune and became a far so it happened in the northern city of se tenga, near the border with niger. i saw posted this video shortly after the attack, violence by armed groups has killed more than 2000 people, displaced nearly 2000000 un says into tribal violence in sudan has killed at least a 100 people in the past week. the fighting between arab a non our tribes began over land dispute near the capital of western dom 4 state armed men from arab drives attack several villages in the area. the region is infrequent clashes, they have access to water and posture for livestock. please, in brazil are denying reports of the bodies of 2 men missing in the brazilian,
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amazon have been found indigenous rights expert, bruno pereira and journalist don phillips, disappeared a week ago, a sort of research trip local media. quoting phillips, his wife said 2 bodies were found, but have not been identified. on sunday, some of their belongings were found in the search area. monica, again, a key of is live for us in rear dish and there is still a confusing picture. monica, what do we know? yes, it's still confusing and very distressing at this very moment. ah, there are hundreds of indigenous tribesmen that are meeting in not the liable not. this is the very, the small city in the amazon are close to the place where dom phillips and, but oh no bit. it had disappeared. they're paying a homage to these 2 men now who have really a both have been fighting a lot to defend and the protection of the amazon rain forest. and they're all so
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protesting against policies of law, the government of presence able so not to open. 7 up the amazon for to commercial exploitation. and meanwhile everybody is just waiting the family, the friends for the federal police to confirm whether they've found bodies or not. and whether they do belong to these 2 men. now the fact that they found these belongings there in this, in the middle of this remote area, is very concerning because those yes were identified with being a backpack and belongings of buena fietta and dom phyllis. ok, monica many thanks for the updates that from brazil. now, british foreign secretary list trust is expected to introduce the legislation to change parts of the northern ireland protocol. the u. s. one, the u. k. against trying to alter the post brake set trade deal on its own oven
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islands pro british democratic union. as policy has strongly opposed the existing agreement as fed. that could be a trade war if no solution is found to answer joins us now from outside parliament in london until the what's the government proposing well, they reveal their proposal and it seems like they want to alter majority of the northern ireland protocol. they said there's 4 key issues and they will be protecting just 3 articles of that protocol. so it's an the suite much more sweeping changes. and actually most people were expecting essentially what they're trying to do is create a new system of border checks. they want kids that are going from the u. k and to northern ireland to go through a green channel. so they went, we checked and he goods, obviously going to the republic of island would go through a red channel. so they would be subject to more stringent to to, to more stringent jacks. but the reaction really has been one of anger. we've heard
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from the irish prime minister who said that it is this bill will destroy and damage so many key relationships. not just with ireland. but with the you are with the us and also with many of our boys. johnson's own, m. p, 's, a number of consumptive m, p. 's are saying that they plan to block this because they believe that this bill is actually a threat to international it. it would fundamentally go against what britain and what the conservative party say they stand for. obviously we've heard from the e u commissioners saying that this bill will break trust between the 2 sides and they are willing to take a legal action. we'll have to see what other kind of retaliatory measures they plan to take, but there are rumors that this could start a trade war. there's also a putting at risk the relationship between the u. s. in the u. k. no, president biden has said that the stability of peace in northern ireland is fundamental for him. and this new bill could put that and the good friday
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agreement in jeopardy. so anger from all sides. and the reaction to this bill. charlie angela, thanks very much for bringing that from london. heavy thunderstorms have disrupted traffic and alarmed people in china's capital hailstones, strong winds and rain pummeled many areas in beijing. and stormy weather is expected to continue for another day. and excitement is building in cat r as peru face australia later on monday with a spot at the world cup on the line. ah, ah, thousands of peruvian vans. i have made the trip to doha to support 13. besides, do have some recent world cup history with the south americans beating australia to nil at the 2018 tournament through our heavy favorites to advance the cattle 20.


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