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former advisors to president tram tell the january 6th committee, they told him his claims of widespread election fraud. what? unfounded with you thought i was wrong. told me so. ah, hello, i'm marianna massey and london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. pro moscow separatist, tell ukrainian forces into that are done yet to surrender or die off to russia, destroys a loss bridge out of the city. despite west and sanctions, a study shows russia made almost a $100000000000.00 from oil and gas in the 1st $100.00 days of the war. plus i protested last minute legal challenges fail to stop britton's 1st deportation. flight to a wander on tuesday, but it's expected to be virtually empty. ah,
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welcome to the program, our top story, advisors to for me you as president donald trump say they told him that his claims of widespread voter fraud would not legitimate and would not reverse his 2020 election loss. statements were part of video testimony shown on monday at the house of representatives hearing into the january 6th capitol hill attack. i call the democrat lead panel argue trump's falsehoods provoked a mob of his supporters to storm a government building last year. his campaign manager at the time says, trump was told repeatedly on election night that he did not have the numbers to win by belief. my recommendation was to say that, oh, it's for still being counted too early to, to, to tell too early to call the race. but you know,
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we are proud of the race we, we run, you ran and we, you know, think where they were in good position. what more to say about this, you know, the next day or the next day, whatever we had something to say. and did anybody who is a part of that conversation, disagree with your message? yes. who is that? the presence agree with that? i don't recall the particular words. he thought i was wrong. he told me so. go live now tiny joe castro, washington. tell us more about the testimony hudson today from president trump's advises to mariam. you really got a sense that you could be a fly in the wall on the of these private conversations that were taking place on election night 2020, at the white house. and in the weeks afterwards, as you heard,
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was from trump's advisors. many told them told him over and over again that the data showed he was losing and have lost the presidential election, but that he refused to listen. we heard testimony that on election night itself, the trump instead chose to listen to the advice of his private attorney, rudy giuliani, who one witness said was obviously in need rated during that evening. and giuliani and trump together decided that the president should go on television and declare victory despite all the ever, all the evidence otherwise. then this, this committee meticulously went on to, to document how trump tried to. so this disinformation and continued election falsehoods, using the conservative media, and then pressuring election investigators in georgia and in philadelphia,
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pennsylvania to try to find a motor fraud, which was thoroughly investigated and debunked with that, despite that the fight, then attorney general william bar telling trump that this was a bunch of b, s that the president simply would not accept that as truth and you continue to push these election lies, which the committee says then lead to the writing that was felt here so keenly on january 6th. establishing what precisely happened that day and what prompted it is very important. and particularly in terms of accountability that have already been some shocking revelations from these hearings. what has been the reaction that from the american public, how much attention of a paying to these developments right. the 1st hearing which aired on prime time last week, garnered some 20000000 viewers in the us, which is a significant number is comparable to a big sporting event. you would say, however,
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it was with more telling will be, who were those americans that watched which side of the political spectrum they fell on? because we know that people who opinions over who is responsible for january 6 is so big in, at this point, nearly a year and a half after that occurred. and polling has shown that now if you are a percentage of americans, believe president trump was responsible for the riot. now that number is down to 45 percent. it's interesting though, that today's 2nd hearing actually aired on fox news, which is the network of choice for american conservatives. that's different than the 1st, during which box decided not to carry live. today they made a different decision, perhaps because one of their former political editors who made the call on election night the things are not going trump way. he was one of the witnesses today. he was actually asked point blank whether trump had any chance of winning after election
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night as the male in results came in and he said point point, no, there was no chance. very i'm all right. thanks very much heidi joe capture the latest on those hearing. so far, washington ah, must go back set, protest is saying rusher is destroyed the last bridge out of the eastern ukrainian city of savannah, don. yes. which is the at the center of the battle for the don bass region. russia says ukrainian troops on now effectively blockaded insufficient on the and should surrender or die. ukraine says there is another way out, but it's been severely damaged. is there destroyed bridge across the surveyor sky daniel river linking the city to neighboring? las chance roches continued took pommel the opposite chemical pont with artillery fire. hundreds of civilians including children,
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afford to be sheltering now. a situation reminiscent of the siege of the adult style still works in the city of mary of paul rebellious work. this glibly durham was little girl, severed in its cause practically been blocked her to the blue of the last bridge, which connected it to losa shank. those ukrainian divisions that are there are there forever. they have 2 options, either to follow the example of their fellow servicemen and surrender or to die. there is no other option which is aris, charles staff, it has more in this now from cave. potentially a very dire situation in that city sivilton. it's one of 2 cities that the russians are not in full control of. in the region of lou ganske in don bass. we've actually spoken to a deputy commander who is serving a ukrainian deputy commander serving insubordinate. he saying that indeed that 3rd and last bridge had been hit this morning we understand by russian forces. but we cannot confirm as to whether that bridge has been completely and utterly destroyed
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. now, if indeed it has, it has huge implications, obviously for the ukrainian of forces military and fighters in the site that the city in terms of getting military supplies across that river to them and potentially for an xscape route if they retreat. and it also has huge implications for what we understand to what we being told are up to around $10000.00 civilians inside the city. now according to the head of who ganske regional administration, military regional administration, he saying that there are around about 500 civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plot. the assault chemical plant that we know is come under heavy shelling according to the ukrainians in recent days. he's saying that there could be also 14 children, also in and amongst those civilians are now turning to other developments and the
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fossil fuel exports are helping present night in puts in finance, rushes invasion of ukraine. despite the effects of us and european sanctions. a report from a think tank based in finland says russia and $97400000000.00 in revenue from fossil fuel exports. in the 1st 100 days of the conflict, the u. the u. a counterfeit 61 percent of this. the largest importers were china and germany, who both paid more than $12000000000.00 to russia. and india and other asian countries are becoming a vital source of revenues. india has bought nearly 60000000 barrels of russian oil in 2022 so far compared with 12000000 barrels in all of 2021. moscow's been able to take advantage of the spike in oil prices after their invasion of ukraine, offering steep discounts of $30.00 to $35.00 compared with bank crew, but then other international oil which and now running at about $120.00 per barrel
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with laurie miller, voter is a lead author on the report from the center for research on energy and clean joint just now from warsaw. poland. does this report suggest that the sanctions on russia and not effective, and even if they are working to some extent, there are ways of getting round them? the sanctions or the ben imports of russian oiling to europe is only going to be effective in december. we looked at the 1st 100 days of the invasion and the ban was only agreed right after that. so the fact that you did manage to reduce invoice by about 20 percent without any kind of a formal then being in place is somewhat encouraging. that said, given the urgency of the situation, any crane it's important to move much faster, but we do expect a much more pronounced back towards the end of the year. how serious is that impact
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going to be? there is simply no way to re route all of the oil that is going from, from russia to the european market. it's still about 50 percent of precious exports, and the entire infrastructure is heavily tool towards exporting to europe. the other thing is that up for cargoes going to india, about 80 percent of those cars are carried aboard european tankers. so this is a crucial area for you to take action. and we like to see action on that for the end of the year. then the pressure is certainly going to be there if we see more um, more of the oil that used to go to europe being re routed to other markets and our european shipping companies enabling that trade of it. ready would be imperative to take action on that is of course going to be another duck war inside
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the is going to be now the tug of war, i suppose, because we're already in an energy and cost of living crisis that is affecting many countries, including and developing countries around the world, any further punitive action against russia is likely to have an effect on every one that's certainly something to manage. one thing that we're pointing out is that a lot of european countries already announced new actions in the power sector, which will help with, with colon goss measures like increased renewable energy. the energy efficiency measures very few countries have oust measures that would use the pressure on oil, the mot by increasing savings or a clean energy. so that's the way to manage the impact for consumers. since president biden speech in february about punishing rush,
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oil and gas prices have hit the highest level in more than a decade. are we going to see other washington western countries simply turn to nations such as saudi arabia to make up for that loss in supply. and all they capable, do they have the capacity to do that? the essential thing would be to ramp up measures that reduce the mot by increasing clean energy vehicles, energy savings, and so on. and using district, did you quote reserves as much as possible to caution being backed up in the meanwhile. but of course it's, it's a complicated situation to manage. one way to, to do that might be a 2 percent price gap on the force of oil from russia while they continue in order to, to lay meet the revenue to the wind full to russia and bring it to pressure on
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price. it's all right, thank you. very much for breaking it down for us to appreciate it. laurie many of our lead also on that report from the center for research on energy and clean. and thanks for joining us. thank you so much. you're watching al jazeera ly from london . much more. stella had on the program, all us inflation and recession phase drive down markets and quit to currencies around the world. such goes on for an indigenous ex, but and john left missing in the amazon on to that backpack and laptop found ah, how i, we got some extreme weather sat
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present, but it's about the heat. as we go on through the next couple of days, we really need to be focusing. we have got a tab which is getting up into the forty's across parts of spain. am fortune court go. and we will see that he just making his way a little further northwards. as we go on through the next couple of 31 celsius in paris by wednesday, london could see that got a temperature by the end of the week 27 there. as we go on into work thursday, lots of very high temperatures and with the heat of course, big storms, you've got some very heavy rain pushing across towards eastern parts of europe, down towards the southeast from showers there across. so the bulk is pushing down into grease into turkey will, unsettled over the next hour or so. and the skies opened up across central and western puzzled at one or 2 showers noticed just a round, austria around swiss helps as well. we run across northern africa. it is largely dry and plenty of hate around here as well. we have got some very, whether the seasonal rhinestone very nicely across a good part of west africa. ah
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ah, the shake hammered award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah ah oh oh,
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come back, look at the main stories now. top advises to form a u. s. president donald trump say they told him his claims of widespread voter ford when not the treatment. i would not reverse his 2020 election loss. statements were part of video testimony shown e january 6th committee hearing on the capitol hill attack. ukraine is saying russia has destroyed the last bridge out of the eastern city of savannah. done yet . must go back separatist, assign ukrainian troops, and affected me blockaded in the city and should surrender or die despite western sanctions. a study is found that russia and $97400000000.00 from fossil fuel exports in the 1st $100.00 days of the war. and ukraine, the e u accounted for 61 percent of this. meanwhile, stock markets across the globe have slumped once again, the fear in the global recession, driven by soaring us inflation, which is now running. it's 8.6 percent. the dow jones in new york has been trading
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around 2 percent down with markets closing in just under an hour time. european markets dropped 2.4 percent on monday and the hung sang in hong kong closed almost 3 and a half percent down. kristin salumi joyce is live now from new york update us on the the state of play that kristin yes, all, it's not looking good. all 3 of the major us stock indices are significantly down. you mentioned the dow jones from the nasdaq is down more than 4 percent. the s and p 500 more than 3 percent. and if it stays that way, when the market closes in just over an hour's time, then we are in what is known as bear market territory. that's when stocks are 20 percent lower than their peak. the peak in this case would have been january 3rd, and it looks like that's where the markets are heading and these declines are happening across all sectors of the economy, particularly energy discretionary consumers spending,
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crypto currencies are way down. and so are the market heavy weights like apple, microsoft and amazon all trading significantly lower today. and this is being driven by those inflationary concerns that you mentioned. on friday, the consumer price index came out and the inflation rate in the united states was 8.6 percent. that was significantly higher than what economists were expecting. and that is what started this decline. and the, the reason being that investors are worried that the fed will raise interest rates even higher than they were and faster than they were already signaling that they were going to, as a way to try to rein in inflation. the concern being this could push the united states into a recession, and the last time that we entered a bear market was in 2020. not too long ago. it was during the pandemic, but that was short lived thanks to stimulus measures that the government and acted
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it's was worried that there is worry that this time around the fed doesn't have as many tools and it's tool bucket to help the economy along. there's worry about china again closing down sectors of its economy and affecting supply chains. there's worry about the war and ukraine as well. again, all of this signaling a possible recession and that has investors concerned alright, thanks very much. kristen salumi, new york. the authorities and bikini fasfa sang armed men of killed 55 civilians, not attack in a rural district in the north. this happened around the city of se tenga, near the border with new year. so i still released this video online shortly after burkina. faso has struggled with attacks by armed group since 2015, more than 2000 people have been killed since then, and nearly 2000000 displaced. meanwhile, tribal clashes in sedans, da,
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for region over the past week of left more than a 100 people dead. their violence began overland dispute between nomadic arab and african tribes in the town of columbus armed men later attack several villages in the area, setting them alight and forcing thousands to flee. the magic tribes often clash of access to land and water for their livestock. you, case, court of appeal is reject a request to hope the 1st flight to putting refugees in migrants tore a wander. o human rights groups and campaign hazard asked the court to block the flight, which is scheduled to leave britain on tuesday law suite. the i court ruled the fight could go ahead saying the legality of the government plan of processes asylum seekers in rwanda will be tested at a separate hearing next month. but it's thought no more than 11 people will be on board. out of the 130 who had been notified after a series of individual legal challenges on the dean,
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bob has moved from outside. the high court in london. with this decision removes the final obstacle in the way of deportation, floyd to rwanda from during your herds on tuesday, north local time. what it doesn't do is tell us exactly how many people, if any, will be on that flight. the government has been insisting in the last few hours, who anonymous briefings to the press, that the plane will take off, even if there's one asylum seeker still on the list. but what's happened since friday, when the judge originally refused to issue that injunction, is that there are been individual cases, lawyers representing individual claimants who are in detention here in the u. k. and who received letters saying that they're going to be sent to rwanda. so those challenges have carried on and they've been successful people, for example, arguing that they are at risk of being sent home to a 3rd country if they're
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a saw him claim is rejected by rwanda. but beyond that, the wider if you build a galaxy of the scheme, is going to be looked into a 2 day hearing here in london next month. the judge here in refusing the appeals said, but the short time scale between now the possible flight and that look into the legality of things is so short that even if there was a ruling against the whole scheme, that would give time for people to actually be returned from rwanda in theory, but this is a big blows for migrant support groups. well, you in high commission for human rights michelle bash let is calling for israel to open a criminal investigation to the killing of sri number play. the algebra jealous is shot in the head by israeli forces while covering on israeli rage in the occupied westbank. i call on these radio for this to open
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a criminal investigation into the killing. are generally children of to probably make compressions and findings probably going to hope that portrayed us accountable under international law is what should investigate an issue or appropriate accountability for every case of death and serious injury inflicted by israel force . the prevailing climate of impunity is fueling further bias and play shows the no chronically high levels of killings and injuries of policy as good children by israeli forces in the policy to have continued in the 1st 6 months of 2022 in iraq. leaders have to move forward with efforts to form government despite $73.00 politicians affiliated with total souther resigning. now the move by the country's largest political blog follows 8 months of deadlock, are forming a government and electing a new president bound to under wide reports from baghdad. prompted by 8 months of
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political impasse, iraq's major parliamentary blog has resigned. it includes $73.00 politicians affiliated with the shia cleric mach to the southern. the resignation was accepted by the parliament speaker, m. i would laugh at the law as for replacements, legal procedures will continue according to the law. and parliament mechanisms will replace the members of the site or a block of resigned will be the run is up there to destroy us. we will now proceed with the formation of the government. the coming steps may happen quickly and those runners up are most probably the parties that support iran along the southern had wanted to form a majority government. he was backed by suddenly coalition led by the parliament to speaker. and the could this turn democratic party, his rivals, the iranian bagged parties, including former prime minister. nor is malik eat, wanted a consensus government there allied with the patriotic union of kurdistan party. by
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taking this move, i'll saw that is likely putting pressure on his rivals to end the deadlock. and molly, mom over alice, if the resignations are fine all then the outsider will side with a protest as to imbalance. any government formed by the iranian backed lawmakers about so either they except the conditions regarding a majority government or go on their own and faced the masses. them legislative elections held in october were marked by controversy virtually counted in many constituencies after supporters of the iranian backed parties occupied areas near baghdad. the green soon the election was prompted by major protest against corruption in 2019 that asked it former prime minister, added abdul. maddie jobs and better services were also top demands
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since 2005 that has been a political convention to choose a kurdish president. she are prime minister and soon the speaker of parliament. but over the past 8 months, political rivalry between she are politicians has disrupted 3 parliament sessions, intended to elect a new president of the state. if a solder is rivals move on with forming a government, a supporters will most probably take to the streets that would bring the situation back to square one before the elections. or even worse, if armed with groups affiliated with both get involved. man would abdougla had al jazeera but that now police and brazil are denying reports at the bodies of 2 men missing in the brazilian, amazon have been found leading indigenous rights acts, but bruno perrera journalist don phillips disappeared a week ago while on a research trip local media, quoting phillips, his wife said 2 bodies were found,
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but they have not been identified. on sunday, some of their belongings are found in the search area, including a backpack and a laptop on a kiana key of his falling developments from rio de janeiro. there are hundreds of indigenous tribesmen that are meeting and not the liable not to. this is the very, the small city in the amazon are close to the place where dom phillips and little nor bit it disappeared. they're paying a homage to these are 2 men. now, who have really are both have been fighting a lot to defend and the protection of the amazon rain forest. and they're all so protesting against the policies of ah, the government of president able sonata to open up the amazon for to commercial exploitation. and meanwhile, everybody is just waiting the family, the friends for the federal police to confirm whether they've found bodies or not. and whether they do belong to these 2 men. now the fact that they've found these
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belongings there in this, in the middle of this remote area, is very concerning because those yes were identified with being a backpack and belongings of wound video and dom phillips, millions of people being tested for cove at 19 in their chinese capital, they ging, after a new outbreak lent linked to the cities night life. health officials say at least $183.00 people have been infected off to one coven, positive purse, and went to several popular bars in the sissy. bars and clubs were only just reopened a week ago, but have been shot again by the government. part of china 0 cove at policy. a 143 new infections reported nationwide in the past 24 hours. 51 of them in beijing says more and everything right here al jazeera dot com is the address.


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