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then relatively sleepy place, not a law of violent crime. and so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as bloody massacres, this was due to tracks a lot reporting. a task force of 80 police officers was created to find out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds altogether, the victims. ringback with awe
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pro moscow secretary sworn ukrainian forces in several don yet to surrender or die after russia destroys the loss bridge out of the city. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is angela are alive from doha. also coming up. he's on detached from reality. donald trump's attorney general describes how the former president clung to dangerous theories of election fraud before the attack on congress. after a failed legal challenge, britain will start to porting asylum seekers to rolanda under deal. it's promote criticism on the u. n. d c scheme wrong. these he's, he wrong, this deal and australia beat peru in a dramatic penalty shootout to confirm a place of the will come in, cut russia
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has destroyed the last bridge out of sabera don. yet sca city at the heart of the battle of ukraine's dumbass region. civilians are effectively tramped to the eastern city with no means of escape. russia has warned ukrainian troops to surrender or die. rush on its allied forces have been attacking a chemical plot with artillery that many civilians. a sheltering geraldine authority, scribbler, durham, was little girl. she was ever done. it has practically been blocked out to the blue of the last bridge which connected it to life. the shank, those ukrainian divisions that are there, are there forever. they have 2 options, either to follow the example of their fellow serviceman and surrender or to die. there is no other option which all stratford is covering those developments from the capital peak potentially a very dire situation in that city. several of the nets could one of 2 cities that the russians are not in full control over in the region of lou ganske in don bass. we've actually spoken to a deputy commander who serving a gradient deputy commander serving insubordinate ski,
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saying that indeed that 3rd and last bridge had been hit this morning we understand by russian forces. but we cannot confirm as to whether that bridge has been completely and utterly destroyed. now, if indeed it has, it has huge implications, obviously for the ukrainian of forces military and fighters in slight that to city in terms of getting military supplies across that river to them and potentially for an xscape route if they retreat. and it also has huge implications for what we understand to what we being told are up to around $10000.00 civilians inside the city. now according to the head of lou ganske, regional administration, military ritual administration, he saying that there are around about 500 civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plot. the adult chemical plant that we know is come under heavy shelling according to the ukrainians in recent days. he saying that there could be on some
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40 children, also amongst those civilians. when he claims president is again asking western allies to send more advanced weaponry to counter the russian offensive. well, yes, i've done, but i've only personal battles and dunbar will surely go down in a military history as one of the most brutal in europe. the ukrainian army and intelligence technically still beat the russian military. and we are the attention of our partners on a daily basis to the fact that only a sufficient number of modern artillery for ukraine will ensure our advantage and finally, and russian torture of dunbar. meanwhile, amnesty international as accuse russia of war crimes, which will end a shilling of ukraine's 2nd largest city car keith. the rights group says it found evidence that moscow use cluster munitions and landlines. they cited one attack on a playground that killed 9 people and wounded 35. throughout the war, russia has denied committing atrocities. khaki has been under the constant bombardment invasion began. many of the strikes where launched, you're seeing
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a cluster munitions which are widely ban as well as other indiscriminate weapons such as artillery shells and rockets and scattered wall and names which are indiscriminate when used in urban areas and such indiscriminate attacks. when they result in civilian deaths and injuries, as well as the destruction of civilian objects, what crimes, what energy exports are helping vladimir putin finance rushes invasion of ukraine despite west and sanctions. a finish thinktank incentive research on energy and clean air or korea has tallied the numbers. it says russia and $97400000000.00, oil and gas during the 1st $100.00 days of the war. during that time, the largest importers with china and germany, who both paid more than $12000000000.00, an india is becoming a big customer, buying almost $60000000.00 barrels of oil from russia. so far this year, a lot,
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many verda is the reports lead author. he thinks things will change dramatically ones that you all embark stuff to bite. we looked at the 1st 100 days of the invasion and that then was only agreed right after that. so the fact that you did manage to reduce invoice by about think 20 percent without any kind of a form of then being in place is somewhat encouraging. that said, given the urgency of the situation in the crate, it's important to move much faster. but we do expect a much more pronounced back towards the end of the year. there is simply no way to re route all of the oil that is going from, from russia to the european market. it's still about 50 percent of russia's exports, and the entire infrastructure is, is heavily tool towards of exporting to europe. the other thing you stepped up for, gar, goes going to india,
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about 80 percent of those cars are carried aboard european tankers. so this is a crucial area for you to take optional. former us attorney general william boss describe watching donald trump become detached from reality while refusing to accept his 2020 election defeat. he and the former president's family members are among the latest testimonies heard by the committee investigating last year's capitol hill riot. under cast a report from washington d. c. the january 6th committee. open public hearing number 2, with a focus on election night 2020. inside the white house, where donald trump and his advisors watched the election returns with increasing worry, the foreigners decision, dusky calling, arizona for jo by that is a big get for the biden campaign. did that share the atmosphere? the attitude in the white house. ready complete it was becoming clear that the
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road race would not be called tom on election eye. witnesses say trump was livid and ignored their advice to wait before making a public statement. they said he instead turned to his private attorney, rudy giuliani, who was described as drunk. the mare was definitely intoxicated. mere giuliani was saying, we want it. they're still here from us word. all the votes come from. we need to go say that we won a and essentially the, anyone who didn't agree with that position was being weak. there's a defiant trump then declared his false victory. we were getting ready to win this election. frankly, we did when this was the fox news political editor and later fired from his job after calling arizona for by didn't after the election as of november 7th. in your judgment, what were the chances of president trump winning the election after that point?
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yes, not. if you, in the weeks that followed, trump would continue to spread the lies of widespread motor fraud. despite being told by attorney general william bar, that the claim was bogus. i wish from a demoralized because i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he hash, you know, lost contact with these become detached from reality that to read over and over witnesses testified that trump refused to accept his election defeat despite the growing evidence otherwise, not only was there not evidence of 8000 dead voters voting in pennsylvania. there wasn't evidence of fate. the former president's media campaign spread the election falsehoods invigorating. his base supporters donated $250000000.00 to trumps, so called election defense fund. investigators testified the fund didn't exist and
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that some of the money went to trump's hotel collection. and the event company that organized the january, 6, the rally. not only was there the big law, there was the big rip off. the committee plans another half dozen public hearings to connect the election lies with the violence of january 6th. they say evidence will show that trump try to corrupt the justice department. and when that failed, assembled the mob that would try to keep him in power by force. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington, a butcher's jaw just thrown out last ditch, attempt to hold the deportation of refugees and migrants to rolanda. but more legal challenges planned. the 1st flight schedule to take off on tuesday, nor button on the report. oh, oh, a chorus of an go from protesters outside london's court of appeal. as the judge
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gave the green lights for the 1st flight of refugees, migrants drew one dumb writes. good say it includes people who had escaped war in afghanistan and syria and being flown more than 6000 kilometers away. will traumatized them further. they suffered incredibly, they've seen how many members killed, they've, they've had talked to themselves and they are tired. but at the end of that heather, that finding attention incredibly, show him a tie thing, and those of a fair, the deportation half way across the way. it is absolutely terrifying for them. you k prime minister boys, johnson says a deportation strategy will undermine people's smuggling networks. and deter refugees from making dangerous journeys to britain. fiscal, the united nations refugee agency hits back thing rwanda's human rights record is under scrutiny, and the u. k. is shirking responsibility. this is all wrong. this is all wrong.
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this deal, you know, it is the foundation of the right to asylum that people that are on it. countries territory, especially a country that is a signatory to the convention and has the institutions to deal with that. in april home secretary, pretty patel visited by golly, to finalize the project and potentially send tens of thousands of people them. the deal includes a payment of about $150000000.00 to the refund and government. so far this year, 10000 migrants refugees made the crossing from mainland to europe to the u. k. and 28000. last year. in november 27 people drowned when that disney deflated and many more have had to be rescued from the channels busy shipping lanes . some of those who risk their lives will leave on the 1st flight on to say. but there may not be many on it. a series of individual legal challenges mean only
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a few of the 130 people notified will leave. and the government continues to face pressure from activists rights groups and unions who insist the move is unlawful. oh, laura, about molly on to 0. the entire leadership of the church of england says, britons planned to deport asylum seekers to rolanda is immoral. in a letter to the times newspaper, the archbishop of canterbury and york, along with 23 other bishop stated, those to be deported to orlando have had no chance to appeal. they've had no consideration of their asylum claim recognition of medical needs, or any attempt to understand their predicament. must must letter coming now to 0, including a look at why an indigenous farmer strike is presenting a serious challenge to ecuador security. and how a truce in yemen fails to end the siege and suffering in tights. martin
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with which he has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello, hot and dry sunset. the weather across sir, middle east, at the moment. no great change is here. no, great surprise is either lots of hazy sunshine coming through one or 2 showers there into turkey. once again, central past is pushing up towards the black sea just around the cork, says, and it will remain that way over the next day or so. temperatures into the forty's there for back that i'm for q. wait it to the thirty's therefore couple. hi thirty's here in dough has a dental recent values such a bit of an easterly wind more in the way of humidity, but elsewhere she could see this lassie dry and hot. we have got one or 2 shower that shows her the outside chance of a shower. that western parts of yummy, but nothing too much to speak of. the majority of the showers. well, they're across the central boat, they're salsa dancing. a few showers,
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shouts at central african republic. some really wet weather though, went to the gulf of guinea, some big and fun. read our pause there in to night. cheerier. gotta sing some live . he shout, sierra leone. sing some very well the showers pushing up into a good part of guinea and also into worse. and he gall and we have got a few showers into our south south africa just around the southern cape, the western cape, somewhere to weather coming through here. disappointing though. across that eastern side of africa to the east of the riff valley. not too many showers here in the coming days, cats are airway official outline of the journey. we know what's happening in our region. we know happen. get to places that others and on. i don't hear guy by the police on purpose. i did 0 had the time in it programming. go live on the, i'm go live, to work. another boy that may not be me. 3 is happening. if i said i'm going on
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with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah ah, welcome back to pick them out about top stories here on al jazeera, ukraine's, as russia has destroyed the laws bridge out of the eastern city of sara don. yet moscow, back separatist se ukrainian troops and are tramped and has warned them to surrender, will die. top advisors to donald trump said they told him his claims of widespread election and food were not legitimate. but the former president seemed detached from reality. these statements were part of video testimonies shown at a committee hearing it to last the other time on capitol hill. and the case court of appeal has rejected
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a request to hold the 1st flight to voting refugees and migrants to rolanda human rights groups ross the court to block the flight to schedule. to meet on tuesday, the u. k. government has introduced new legislation to change post briggs, trading rules for northern ireland, the e u, as warned, it will take legal action if the u. k. tries to old to parts of the northern on and protocol on its own northern islands, pro british democratic humanist party is strongly opposed to the existing agreement . german chancellor left sholtes as about a unified response from the eve and their affairs. it could be a trade war if no solution is found. thus assigned a zip battalion child. it's a very regrettable decision. the british government has taken here its departure from all the agreements we made between the european union in great britain. it's also unjustifiable because the european commission made many pragmatic proposals on how to achieve a good co existence as part of the agreement. we reached to ensure a good transferred goods between great britain and northern islands. but you and
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human rights council as assess that israel has no intention of ending its occupation of palestinian territory. it also says discrimination against palestinians is one of the root causes of tension and instability in the region. israel as dismissed the report as biased. bernard smith reports from occupied east jerusalem demolitions of palestinian homes, force displacement settlement construction, and the blockade of garza all this and a failure to hold israel accountable a why there are recurring cycles of violence in the region. that's according to the 1st report from the u. n's international commission of inquiry on the occupied palestinian territory. impunity is a key factor, fueling conflict and violence compromising chances for sustainable peace coexistence and ultimately security. it exonerates the perpetrators of past violations and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law and
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encourages future violations and abuses. ah, the enquiry was prompted by the garza war in may 2021, 250 palestinians in garza and 30 people in israel were killed. in the most recent spate of violence which included the killing of al jazeera, corresponded sharing our atlas, the palestinian representative on the human rights council says israel is following its standard practice of trying to block an investigation into her death. when honest, amir yomi young, there had been cause for an independent investigation into sharon's debt, but they had come up against the campaign of fake information from those who don't . one who cathy these, how the occupying power to is the commission of inquiry as well. you drop out the occupying power has stopped at the fury of the palestinian people through each collodion occupation. had each racial segregation an opportunity to lead. i gives a fault, was
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a distinct represent for israel. israel boycotted the inquiry and bought entry to its investigators. i know the foreign ministry said the report was biased and tainted with hatred for the state of israel served the rest representative said, the human rights counsel gives a disproportionate scrutiny to israel. to be clear, this latest report goes on top of a pile of hundreds of others done by international organizations shining a light on his railey conduct during 55 years of occupation. i have little practical effect on the ground. israeli settlements continued to expand and as little accountability for when security forces kill palestinians. bernard smith, alger 0, occupied east jerusalem al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied west. bank. serene clay was shot in the head by ready forces while she was an assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is ready for his storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing poor bearers to almost drop her casket. didn't stump thousands of palestinians
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were marching through bodies to slim to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. our claim was without jazeera, for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known of the voice of palestine. reopening blocked roads and supply routes is all part of the un broke a truce between humans, warring factions, but who the rebels siege of time remains in place. compound, in the misery of those stuck inside the city council has heard a young reports living under a blockade in the emmons. 3rd largest city ties is a burden acme has been dealing with for years. the challenges are many visiting relatives who live beyond city limits is just one of them. most avonlea political, mainly when ally and i live about one kilometer away from my family. but because of the blockade, i have to go through roth and dangerous roads. it takes me about 5 hours to get to
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my parents house to see my mother and father eloquently hum, road closures have left thousands of people with limited access to medicine, proper medical services and international aid. the blockade imposed by who the rebels in 2016 has essentially closed off the main routes that lead to the city making an already dire humanitarian crisis. worse. oh ha, protest demanding an end to the block. he'd have failed. a recent un brokerage truce was extended an early june for 2 months. it's noticeably reduced tensions between who the rebels and the saudi led coalition, but the city remains closed and it's fragile. economy is feeling the hit. what axia would have been, so good, ro, closures have led to a spike in the price of goods. john sporting cos with trucks is a serious problem. drivers have to go through rugged terrain and distant roads as it's yet another added burden i viewed about young,
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about 600000 people live here. isolation from the rest of the country and the world is taking its toll decade that mother the her math go to verify. if a motion to order a 100 boxes of eggs, he can expect about 10 of them to be damaged because of the rough roads. for that automatically unions, extra costs we and then there's the money that must be paid at checkpoints. for years people living here have been shut out. now they hope the truth will help change that patio little missile again. al jazeera tuba says it sanctioned 381 people who took part in last year's anti government protests. nearly 300 of those was sentenced to between 5 and 25 years in prison. thousands of people turned out across the country last year, angry about shortages of food, medicines and power as well as a wave of coven 19 infections above the u. s. and you and have criticized the trial saying they lack transparency. eco doors president is wanting to use force to break
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up a national strike. the largest indigenous farmers union is blocking highways and protest against we are molasses economic policies. protest as want the government to reduce the cost of fuel of lucy newman air force. this is the beginning of the national strike that could paralyze ecuador, la molly, these assume the correct if not, you're not. the mobilization is national. it's regional and the mobilization is indefinite. them or if the president gives us answers today than we will stop if the president does not give answers to any of our demands, we will continue indefinitely. went by, ah, demonstrations led by ecuador is powerful indigenous confederation almost 3 years ago, nearly overthrew then president lehman moreno. forcing him to backtrack on plans to raise fuel prices. to day their demands are far greater. not only to these protested want fuel prices lowered and frozen, but they also want the same for essential goods and services. again,
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who somewhat embarrassedly did elementary, we are literally starving to death. there is no work farm products are minimized. there is no proper support from the kaufman with the rise and fuel prices. everything is more expensive than below the hub in the government. the government doesn't hair the hair to perform a no, it doesn't of it. know the price of fertilizers in and our products are already cheap. how are we going to survive to feed our children? road to being blocked in at least 10 of ecuador is $24.00 provinces. conservative president, he had molasses, says he will not tolerate further disruptions. ora gimme some of her at the back. just now, as we are beginning to get back on our feet from the pandemic, that we cannot allow political groups, he wanted to stabilize ecuador and profit from the chaos paralyze. our country are real and it was the government is already struggling to control rampant violence and drug trafficking amid a severe economic crisis. but unless there's a break through the strike, by the well organized indigenous confederation with the support of other trade
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unions could present the most serious challenge to ecuador stability. to see a newman al jazeera, more than a 100000000 people have been warned to stay in doors as possible. as high temperatures hit the east coast of the us. several cities are under excessive heat warnings with temperatures forecast to reach about 40 degrees celsius. officials say the heat wave will last until wednesday. many cities have announced plans to open cooling centers, and the mayor of chicago has suggested that people can go to public libraries, the food off. thousands of fire fighter from california to new mexico are struggling against hot and dry weather to contain massive while fires. large blazes are burning in new mexico and areas around los angeles. spain's enduring, another suffocating heat, wave hot air from north africa has pushed temperatures above 40 degrees celsius and central and southern areas, sand and dust on the sahara desert. a worsening conditions. some sports news now
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and australia have qualified for this year's world cup and cattle beat peru in a penalty shoot out in a moment. marianna sanchez were report on the disappointment and lima. but 1st though andy richardson wraps up the game from doff. there was a big welcome for the thousands of parade fans. he made the trip to cats off full. this will cut playoff against australia, peru hoping to repeat their exploits of 2018 when they returned to footballs. biggest stage for the 1st time in almost 4 decades. i've been in russia, i've been in brasil i've been in the usa that that is just another place. my team is going to play or whatever my game is, i would do my best to be there. our whole country is playing this chance to go to work up and we will good. so it's not important for us is low. yeah, i thought i think her name is more than that. were people who are being is just a soccer game. oh, you're wrong. absolutely. run these teams did meet the group stage in russia 4
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years ago on that occasion, peru secured a to neil victory place time out. world cup qualification was on the line with so much at stake. the 1st half past, with no more than half chance. his exchanged fear of defeat, surpassing the desire to take the suit, any risks, and the 1st peruvian chance of the night. fools to laugh too loud. i in her stitch school, the wind, australia, in that playoff against the u. e. e. e. e. last week, he went close to repeating that fate late in the 2nd half. but after 90 minutes, the teams were locked it. neil neil peru went close to grabbing a winner in extra time. but penalties would decide this playoff. the post and australia sense on goalkeeper and you read main specific we fool the shootouts read and he, it was, he proved to be his country's match winner australia on their way to the world cup for a 5th straight time. andrew. c made is the arrow made suddenly his appearance with
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the national team, he drawing it him to the boy on the mental aspect for peru that why are we making that change to add that little bit of uncertainty in their brain since reaching the last 16, the 2006 world cup australia have failed to reach the knockout rounds at subsequent world cups in november that once again faced france and denmark, 2 of the things they failed to beat in 2018 to nicea will be the other group stage opponents and he richardson al jazeera, doha, with the last penalty q. like, wow, the huge rout. thousands of fans here in the center with, with the game. with the silent there was this believe and dear father, for many after we long not breaking hours of this game, there was so much expectation to win. this entry head to the next world cup. that time to me was mainly paralyzed. the government declared a holiday. and for many,
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it wasn't the most important day of the night. maybe here is it, you know, i feel disappointed. i expected much more from ruth. australia is not the greatest socrates. the truth is, i feel very sad that it takes away the illusion of everything about about i think we could have done much more in this country as far as in political upheaval. many say that this love will be significant for the fun. today it was a special day, right. the so great is, is a moment for their fun for the there we on file, on a forget, forgot their social problem, the economy. economy that, well, if you guys do a sure, because it's very difficult today. ah.


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