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look inside the parent. when i finally get to that place to build a home for these children and they see them become, somebody used to fall in the society fending for themselves. it would give me satisfaction. the great thing about being in these presented annette book like al jazeera is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child to see, or you're seeing news from parts of the world that other networks just don't cover . you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, forms in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera ah
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outrage as muslim home. you said demolished off to protest against comments about the prophet muhammad made by india's governing party. ah, hello, i'm a variance. and again, this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up. volatility continues on global markets as fee as grow, that the u. s. economy could slide into recession, demands for liberty in cambodia as a court convicts government, critics of treason. 15 years of occupation on the report highlights the struggles of people living in gauze up on the sweeping israeli restrictions. but been demons ations in new delhi against the demolition of homes owned by
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muslims. the local government says the buildings have been constructed illegally at white's group, say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. last week, protests were held in several cities against 2 former officials of the governing b, j. p. they made remarks about the prophet mohammed that many considered to be offensive or to serious poverty baton has more now from the state of utter pradesh, there is some fear, but mostly immense anger against prime minister in the winds. remote, these party gentle party, or b j, p r. we are in a town course. a hot and poor in northern indian were actually outside the mosque where protest began last friday. now these projects were part of a larger movement against the b j piece to spokespersons. that made blasphemous comments against the prophet muhammad, the protesters were demanding that new pasha mar, former spokesman of the b. j. p. b, arrested for her comment. now cross india,
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about 300 people have been arrested for those protest in this town. about a 100 people have been arrested. police say they've also wrested about 18 people for hate speech. most of whom have been hindus. not 3 homes in the state of order for this, where we are have been at least partially demolished. 2 of those are here in so hard on both these homes belong to people who are protesting and lawyers and activists point out that it is completely illegal and that the government is particularly big. the state government govern by the b j p. are using or rather misusing the law to intimidate minorities, specifically, muslims. they see as this as an extension of an anti minority sentiment that has been fueled by the b j. p. they've been hate speeches and now you've seen a bulldozer is being used. i, in fact,
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a prominent lawyers have pointed out that millions of people in india live in homes that could, could be considered illegal, is for the 2nd day of volatility on global stock markets. on monday wall street entered what's known as bare territory when markets for more than 20 percent. from a recent high japan's market ended lower after the yen slid to a 23 year, lo against the dollar. out as there was robert bride reports from sol. the fact that the yen has fallen to its worst, the weakest level in more than 2800 to 35 in to the u. s. dollar. now it always used to be the, the case that the falling again would be a good then be matched by a rise in the k. that's because it was considered to be good for japan. japanese export is to have a weekly and they can sell more stuff around the world. but it is a sign of the times that we are living through a very strange times that we have a falling again and of falling the k. so there is
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a longer term question about what this all means for the japanese economy. it does seem as though a japan is no longer the kind of exporting power house that it used to be. so while it's not been able to take advantage in terms of exports with a weak again, where is really being hurt is in terms of its imports because of course, everything now for japanese consumers is far more expensive. also for japanese business is the import of raw materials, the import of components for its manufacturing. all of those have gone through the roof. so there is some question about the long term impact on the japanese economy . how it struggles through this. now in an ideal world, the central government would give a lot more help to the currency to try to restrict the has more cash controls or monetary controls put in place. but for years now, the japanese government, it's not a very loose monetary policy, it likes to have a lot of money switching around in the economy to stimulate what would otherwise be a very sluggish economy. and it does seem as though it is only a matter of time before japan really has to take
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a tougher stand to try to restrict the flow of money and try to support the value of again a court in cambodia has convicted a prominent lawyer of treason jerry sang, faces up to 12 years in prison. cambodian american lawyer was charged in connection with a failed attempt by opposition figure sam ramsey to return from exile in 2019. before her conviction sang, told reporters, she considered it a sharp trial. i am ready for the sham a verdict that will be a noun that morning which will be a guilty wording. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious keyboard, imprisoned for my political opinions full my belief. i for my belief in democracy for my belief in freedom, i am ready to pay the cra price of prison in order that i live out my conscience and my belief in freedom, in just the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to lawanda will go
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ahead on tuesday. that's after a last ditch attempt to hold the deportation failed at the appeals court now to sierra laura, but manly reports. oh oh, a chorus of anger from protesters outside london's court of appeal. as the judge gave the green lights for the 1st flight of refugees, migrants true, one dumb writes. good. say it includes people who had escaped war in afghanistan and syria and being flown more than 6000 kilometers away. will traumatized them further. they suffered incredibly, they've seen how many members killed, they've, they've had talked to themselves and they are tired. but at the end of that heather, that finding attention incredibly traumatizing and those are the fair, the deportation half way across the way. it is absolutely terrifying for them. you k prime minister boys, johnson says the deportation strategy will undermine people smuggling networks and
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deter refugees from making dangerous journey to britain. fiscal, the united nations refugee agency hits back thing rwanda's human rights record is on the scrutiny. and the u. k is shirking responsibility. this is all wrong. this is all wrong. this deal, you know, it is the foundation of the right to asylum that people, the car on a countries. perry perry, especially a country that is a signatory to the convention and has the institutions to deal with that. in april, home secretary, pretty patel, pacific ali, to finalize the project and potentially send tens of thousands of people them. the deal includes a payment of about $150000000.00 to the refund and government. so far this year, 10000 migrants refugees made the crossing from mainland to europe to the u. k. and
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28000. last year. in november 27 people drowned when that disney deflated and many more have had to be rescued from the channels busy shipping lanes . some of those who risk their lives will leave on the 1st flight on tuesday. but there may not be many on it. a series of individual legal challenges mean only a few of the 130 people notified will leave. and the government continues to face pressure from activists rights groups and unions who insist the move is unlawful. oh, laura, that money on to theorem. russia has destroyed the last bridge out of so that on that scarcity of the heart of the battle for ukraine's dog bass region. it was one of 3 bridges leading out of the
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city. many civilians are now trapped, hundreds of sheltering inside the amazon chemical plant. let's come under heavy shilling. wash and back separatists of warned ukrainian troops to surrender or die else. odyssey was charles stratford is in ukraine's capital cave. we also know that russian forces pushing up towards the she chance come areas that they control around the town of papa's nor incremental gains being made as supported by, by our sources in that area as they try and basically push up from the know from the south and the knolls down towards sloppy, and in this pinch, the movement to try and cut off those ukranian forces, the ukrainian defense experts and the government embers here, making statements. this is all about weapons. they say they are not getting enough western heavy, long range weapons into ukraine. quick enough,
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there are huge logistic problems already west and donors, western nations, donating, giving millions of dollars worth of long range artillery and multi launch rocket systems as well. the problem is, is the huge distances that they have to travel to get to those eastern fronts. then there's problems of having to train ukrainian forces to give them the know how and how to use them. and presidents uminski is saying that around $200.00 up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers dying each day. so you know, obviously we cannot confirm these kind of statistics. but there are many people now who was saying the ukrainians are basically have their back up against the wall militarily in that area, more so than they have done since this war began. on february 24th. reopening rhodes and supplier routes in yemen as part of a you and broke a truce between the warring sides. the deal has been in place since april, but a siege of the city of tires by hootie rebels is ongoing,
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and that's compounding hardship for. bows stuck inside. i'll just here is capture lopez and reports living under a blockade in the emmons. 3rd largest city ties is a burden ock. mit has been dealing with for years. the challenges are many visiting relatives who live beyond city limits is just one of them. must avenue the for the home, mainly when i leave and i live about one kilometer away from my family. but because of the blockade, i have to go through roth and dangerous roads. it takes me about 5 hours to get to my parents house to see my mother and father elac. many road closures have left thousands of people with limited access to medicine. proper medical services and international aid, the blockade imposed by who the rebels in 2016 has essentially closed off the main routes that lead to the city making an already dire humanitarian crisis. worse. oh ha, protest demanding an end to the blockade have failed. a recent un brokerage truce
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was extended an early june for 2 months. it's noticeably reduced tensions between who the rebels and the saudi led coalition. but the city remains closed and is fragile. economy is feeling the hit. what axia would have been, so good, ro, closures have led to a spike in the price of goods. transporting costs with trucks is a serious problem. drivers have to go through rugged terrain and distant roads, as it's yet another added burden. i viewed about young, about 600000 people live here. isolation from the rest of the country and the world is taking its toll decade that mother the her, me, i've gotten very if a motion to orders a 100 boxes of eggs. he can expect about 10 of them to be damaged because of the rough roads. for that automatically unions, extra costs. and then there's the money that must be paid at checkpoints. for years, people living here have been shut out. now they hope the truth will help change
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that katya little missile again, al jazeera, still to come here on al jazeera. ah, kudos felicia's force on the 1st day of a national stride. led by the indigenous peoples. is our software starting to wake up? we'll dive into the questions around a google program that expressed a deep fear of being switched off. ah hello, then let's have a look at the weather across southeast asia and as the usual seasonal rains. we are seeing some intense cloud across northern areas that thanks to a weather front, across southern parts of china that is going to chuck some heavy rain into northern vietnam in the days ahead. we've also got the enhanced monsoon rains pulling in to
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me and might as well as thailand, and we could see some heavy falls. by the time we get into wednesday, we are expecting up to 50 millimeters of rain here. so we could see some flooding issues by the time we get into thursday, it's borneo many in northern areas that see the heavy falls and java as well. we have some wind warnings out here. now speaking of wind as we had down under, we have got warnings out for much of southern australia as that when windy weather sweeps as way once again towards the southeast. we've got another system behind that bringing in some rain to southern areas of western australia is a pretty wet for perth as we go into thursday. we also see some unsettled conditions continue for victoria tasmania. we've got some coastal warnings out for new south wales, eastern areas there seems very large waves and that is the story for new zealand as well. we have seen wind gusts of up to a 120 kilometers per hour. we are expecting more snow to fall in the south island in the days ahead. ah,
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with, with god. ah ah ah ah.
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again, this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the main news. the south protest is in new delhi, have denounced the demolition of homes owned by muslims, local governments, as the buildings have been constructed illegally. but whites groups say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims, asia, pacific stock market and do another follow tile day off to wall street entered what's called bare territory. that's where markets for more than 20 percent from the recent. hi. a court in cambodia has convicted prominent loyalty sang of doses of members of a disbanded opposition party of treason. they face up to 12 years in prison. a report from human rights watch has condemned israel's blockade of gossip. it says the c just devastated goes, was economy a block lately? $2000000.00 people's access to work and education. the u. n. says the humanitarian crisis and gaza has reached unprecedented levels. yuma, l. fire report. the 14th of june marks 15 years of an eas,
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railey land air in sea, located of the gaza strip. that's one of the most densely populated areas in the world. 2000000 palestinians live in what has been described as the world's largest open air prison. since how much to cope with the calls to strip in 2007 attitude legislative elections, israel has imposed to full c, shall include. it strictly controls every one in every pink going in or out. it's further damaged causes bleak economy and the dire living conditions of it's 2000000 people. and that's been were sent by both israel and egypt keeping their porters closed. israel allows passes through the air is crossing only in it is considered exceptional humans, terry, in cases in human rights watch latest report on israel seat. it states,
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the closure has devastated the economy garza contributed to fragmentation of the policy, t and people, and forms part of ease, really, authorities, crimes against humanity, of appetite and persecution, against millions of palestinians israeli authority should lift the closure of casa and the generalized travel ban. and permit freedom of movement, subject to at most individual screenings for security reasons. more than 60 percent or refugees, depending on the united nations refugees, agency for food, education, and medical aid. there's not a moral actually here in the gaza strip. i will give you one figure about the number of people who used to receive food from on dockwood copeland from iraq in 2000. the number was 20000 people. now we are talking about 1100000 people. this is how the number are, you know, a rising while i was saying once all the factory producing medical and industrial
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equipment but is really official stop materials and turing garza, they say can be used for dual use, meaning civilian and military. he says that's left him and more than 30 other workers without jobs. milan law alert the hold, while the linear essential materials from our factory were banned from entering garza, this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now, and we were forced to send all walkers home. since israel imposed its plough, kate, it's also launched for military assaults on casa with to cease preventing construction materials such as steel and cement. from reaching godsa, reconstruction has been near impossible. the un warrant in 2015, the clipping conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become any
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inhabitable by 2020. now in 2022 palestinians in godsa are still living under israel. blockade denied per beta cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future gymnast. see it al jazeera godsa. former us attorney general william ball is described watching donald trump become detached from reality, while refusing to accept his 2020 election defeat. he and the former president's family members were among the latest witnesses heard by the congressional committee investigating last year's capitol hill attack al jazeera hydro. castro reports from washington. the january 6th committee, open public hearing number 2, with a focus on election night 2020. inside the white house, where donald trump and his advisors watched the election returns with increasing worry the forces decision, dusky calling arizona for jo. by that is
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a big debt for the body campaign. did i share the atmosphere? the attitude in the white house. ready employed it was becoming clear that the road race would not be called home on election eye. witnesses say trump was livid and ignored their advice to wait before making a public statement. the said he instead turned to his private attorney, rudy giuliani, who was described as drunk. the mare was definitely intoxicated. mere giuliani was say, we wanted there still hear from us word. all the votes come from, we need to go say that we won a and essentially the, anyone who didn't agree with that position was being weak. there's a defiant trump then declared his false victory. we were getting ready to win this election. frankly, we did when this hello. this was the fox news political editor and later,
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fired from his job after calling arizona for by didn't after the election as of november 7th. in your judgment, what were the chances of president trump winning the election after that point? yes, not in the weeks that followed, trump would continue to spread the lives of widespread voter fraud. despite being told by attorney general william bar that the claim was bogus. i wish so much demoralized because i feel if he really believes this stuff, he ish, you know, lost contact with some detached from reality that to read over and over witnesses testified that trump refused to accept his election defeat despite the growing evidence. otherwise, not only was there not evidence of 8000 dead voters voting in pennsylvania, there wasn't evidence of 8. ah, the former president's media campaign spread the election falsehoods invigorating
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his base supporters donated $250000000.00 to trumps, so called election defense fund. investigators testified the fund didn't exist and that some of the money went to trump's hotel collection and the event company that organized the january 6th, the rally, not only was, there's a big law. there was the big rip off. the committee plans another half dozen public hearings to connect the election lies with the violence of january 6th. they say evidence will show that trump try to corrupt the justice department. and when that failed, assembled the mob that would try to keep him in power by force. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington police of arrested the lead of ecuador was made indigenous peoples movements on the 1st day of a nation wide strike. ah, offices used tear gas and stung grenades to disperse union members were taking part
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part of the march in the capital cutover or latin america editor. you see a newborn report. this is the beginning of the national strike that could paralyze ecuador. la molly, these assume is that correct? this? matthew, not the mobilization is national. it's regional and the mobilization is indefinite . i'm ok if the president gives his answer today. then we will stop if the president does not give answers to any of our demos or what we will continue indefinitely. one ah, demonstrations led by ecuador is powerful indigenous confederation almost 3 years ago, nearly overthrew then president lehman moreno. forcing him to backtrack on plans to raise fuel prices. to day their demands are far greater. not only to these protested won't fuel prices lowered and frozen, but they also want the same for essential goods and services. again, who somewhat embarrassedly did i meant? we are literally starving to death. there is no work farm products are minimized.
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there is no proper support from the kaufman with the rise and fuel prices. everything is more expensive than they will. they will be in a given to value. the government doesn't hair. the hair to perform as no, it doesn't of it know the price of fertilizers mode and our products are already cheap. how are we going to survive to feed our children road to being blocked in at least 10 of ecuador is 24 provinces. conservative president, he had molasses, says he will not tolerate further disruptions, aura, can passamore at the back just now as we are beginning to get back on our feet from the pandemic that we cannot allow political groups, he wanted to stabilize ecuador and profit from the chaos paralyze our country are real and it was the government is already struggling to control rampant violence and drug trafficking and made a severe economic crisis. but unless there's a break through the strike by the well organized indigenous confederation with the support of other trade unions could present the most serious challenge to ecuador
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stability. to see a newman al jazeera, brazil's president says that human remains have been found during a search for 2 men who disappeared in the amazon last week. jaya balsam arrow said the dna tests are being conducted. on monday, police denied reports that the body of the indigenous expert bruno put era, and the british journalist. don't phillips have been found out to serious monica anarchy of reports now from real hundreds of indigenous bo testers took to the streets of other liable, mossy, he demanded justice for indigenous expert bruno video in british journalist don phillips, they went missing a week ago while they were returning from an expedition to their job id valley, reservation, home to the largest number of and contacted tribes in the world. we are our boone, one dom, they chanted, but the demonstrators also denounced the onslaught. they have been suffering from
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the legal fisherman, poachers, loggers, and miners. for all, no pity ada had been helping them patrol their territory and map the invasions dom phillips was accompanying him on a trip to finish writing a book on how to save the amazon. on sunday, after week long search divers retrieved a plastic bag from the river containing a backpack in some belongings of the 2 missing men. ship those discuss a seizure relative say the backpack contained a computer, all belonging socks, shirts, shorter work to and such as their laptop and reports. on monday morning, that to bodies had also been found, were denied by brazil's federal police. brazil's president abel sonata said he thought something evil had happened to them. luckily, i give you, though, the evidence leads us to believe that something bad was done to them because human viscera were floating in the river alone. indigenous leaders we spoke to said they
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will keep up the pressure to find out what happened to dom phillips and little bitty ada, and that they will continue the patrols that faded out, organized to help protect the rain forest. monica and i give al jazeera rear scenario. a google engineer has been ordered to take leave after claiming that a computer system he was interacting with is self aware. blake lemoine works on google's artificial intelligence team. he released transcripts between himself and the company's champ, bond development system. the moines says the a, i has thoughts and feelings that a like those of a young child or google says it put lemoine on paid leave for publishing the conversations which breached confir. yet confidentiality, confidentiality t policies online accompany spokesman told the washington post. our team, including ethicists and technologists, has reviewed blake's concerns per r. a. i. principles of informed him that the evidence does not support his claims.
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emily bender is a professor of computational linguistics for the university of washington. she also doesn't believe the engineer of says his claims a prompting important discussions around a i there's huge issues around transparency because we're creating systems that can produce coherence in text. and as we see, can i fool people into thinking that they are santana, that they have consciousness, or that they're even intelligent. and therein lies many, many problems. so what we need is the produces of these systems to create them with transparencies that it is clear to the users what their actual capabilities are. i think there's not enough scrutiny and liked it because a lot of this research is happening behind closed doors in large companies that are sitting on very large amounts of data that they've collected, that are not available to the public, to explore or to outside auditors to explore and with amounts of computing resources that others don't have access to as well. we have to be very clear, but what we mean by the term i.


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