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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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this is al jazeera ah. hello, i money inside the nissan live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ah, i get in the streets of india as demolitions continue at homes of muslims, protesting against the governing parties. anti islam remarks demands for liberty in cambodia as a court convicts government, critics of treason and a secondary volatility in asian stock markets as fee as grow. the u. s. economy could slide into recession. 15 years of seizure, new report highlights the struggles of people living in gather on the sweeping israeli restrictions and in sport. australia are heading to this year's world cup in cat are they beat through in ain't hands penalty. shoot out to reach the finals
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for the 5th time in a row soon . hello, welcome to the news. our demonstrators in new delhi have been protesting against demolition of homes owned by muslims. the local government says the buildings had been constructed illegally. the rights group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. last week, protests were held in several cities against 2 former officials of the governing b. j. b party. they made remarks about the prophet muhammad, many have considered offensive. have them at all, has more from the state of what's up in dash. there is some fear, but mostly immense anger against prime minister in the winds remote these cartridges or party or b, j p r. we are in a town called saharan poor in northern indian were actually outside the mosque
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where protest began last friday. now these projects were part of larger movement against the b j, please to spokespersons. that made blasphemous comments against the prophet muhammad, the protesters were demanding that new pasha ma, former spokesman of the b. j. p. b, arrested for her comments. now cross india, about 300 people have been arrested for those protest in this town. about a 100 people have been arrested. police say they've also wrested about 18 people for hate speech. most of whom have been hindus. not 3 homes in the state of water for days where we are have been at least partially demolished. 2 of those i hear in so hard on both these home belong to people who are protesting and lawyers and activists point out that it is completely illegal. and that the government is particularly beach bugs,
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state governments govern by the b j. p. are using or rather misusing the law to intimidate minorities, specifically muslims. they see as this as an extension of an anti minority sentiment that has been fueled by the b j. p. they've been hate speeches and now you've seen a bulldozer it's being used. i. in fact, a prominent lawyers have pointed out that millions of people in india live in homes that could, could be considered illegal to speak to his alaska memory. he's a managing partner of m. c. m law firm. he's a lawyer, joins live for ma'am. bye. thank you for joining nisa. i believe one of the houses that was demolish was at least 20 years old on what grounds? has it been classes? illegal? hello, 1st of all, i must thank you for having me on your channel. you know, before we get to that are living that if it is very important, you know, this is a very sensitive subject in india today. and there are many different versions and
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muse stewart, this is, this is there's, there's been a huge outcry by activists and lawyers all over the country regarding the subject. firstly, i must say that i am a complete believer to freedom of speech. and i also fondly believe that in the democratic state that we live in, we have a right to protest as long as the protest is peaceful, and as long as it doesn't result in any damage to any property. now digging this into consideration, the narrative that is being played in relation to the bulldozing of the properties which, which belong to the alleged writers, is, in my opinion, a complete miscarriage of justice. and something which has been frowned upon by the judiciary in india in the past as well. and you will recall that in a similar issue in new delhi, some time ago, the honorable supreme court intervened and stayed on these bulldozing of properties in another issue. thereby ascending
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a very strong message for the concerned authorities. that these actions prime of issue were extra judicial and that these steps have no place in a state to which is governed by a rule of law. having said that, the, the clarification defense by the authority is in new delhi then. and in the state of the british now put forth is that these steps have been taken because of the fact that these properties are illegal. and of course, somewhere on echoing that it is also a part of the stringent 0 tolerance action against those who participate or conspired to create a law and order situation in the society under the gar, both for best thing or whatever that he's and b. so in my opinion, these steps, if taken as a retaliatory measure gone, does these writers or the mafia or the same the, the, it has to be done by adopting due process of law and not by losing properties. even
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if it were to be a shot at the point, isn't it what, what g process has been taken? i understand many of these homes were just destroyed and people were given no notice that just happened when they weren't even home. surely that in itself is not legal. yes, because i'm sure it sends from a political not to do. i'm sure it sends a very strong message to those who are the culprits, but uncertainty. you know, that's not the procedure that can be adopted by the authorities. i've, i've learned now that multiple conditions have been filed in the export and we've been only wait to watch us towards the honorable supreme. busy court will observe in times to come, but the thing is that if a procedure has to be adopted, we must body in mind that these are pretty independent things. one is the, the offense of commenting, riding or damaging, but public property has to be addressed in a very different manner. and if that is an illegal property of belonging to anybody that needs to be addressed in a very different form in
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a different procedure altogether. ok, so these properties that have been bulldozed or, or demolished of, you know, even if they were illegal, there has been observation by the honorable high court in the film. the state of want to provision that certain guidelines have been given that a 30 day window needs to be provided for the, for the agreed by the, even if a demolition order has been bliss. now the key is that most of which is most talked about right now, belonging to an activist which has happened. it's very clear that is. busy is on record right now that, that falls under the 30 day video. so i'm sure additions will be filed. all of these matters will eventually come to the 4 and a but you, i mean, you've talked about how complicated this legal process is and there are 2 different sets of boundaries here. realistically these people who are now out of their homes, their homes, have been to demolished. what happens to them now? i mean, did they have any immediate legal recourse, any compensation?
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what options do they have? unfortunately, the indian legal system dealer that is, that is no procedure as such as any compensation. it's sad, it's a very sad truth. i mean it, it remains a paper tiger somewhere in the law. busy but but from practical. busy purposes that is no process as such. i mean, the only vehicles that they have immediately to move the course and file grid petitions or filed a grievance is to the highest sport. and then, you know, rely on the or you had orders boss or be guidelines that were resented by the record stating that how they are losing has been illegal. but the problem is not that the problem here is the combination of the student offences and these 2 different issues where the honorable chief minister on the dish with all due respect has gone on record to state that there will be stringent action against those who are or disruption in the society by real variety and damage of property by real doing these things. what they're doing, however, it has to be done in my opinion by adopting
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a course of law and not by not by building their properties, which is being done on a daily basis. now. her okay, really good to get your perspective zika, and them on managing partner of m a z m law firm speaking to was that from mom? by thank you. this been a 2nd day volatility affecting global stock markets on monday will 3 entered what is known as bad territory when markets for more than 20 percent. from a recent high into says in japan ended the day in the read off. the yen sled to a 23 year low against the donor. let's get the picture from cell from robin with bright, to the fact that the yen has got fallen to its worst her that its weakest level in more than 20 years, a 135 years to the u. s. dollar. now it always used to be the the case or that the falling d n a would be a curb would then be matched by a rise in the nick
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a that because it was considered to be good for japan, japanese export as to have a weekly and they can sell more stuff around the world, but it is a sign of the times that we are living through very strange times that we have a falling yen and a falling decay. so there is a longer term question about what this all means for the japanese economy. it does seem as though a japan is no longer the kind of exporting power house that it used to be. so while it's not been able to take advantage in terms of exports with a weaker yen, where is really being hurt is in terms of its import. because of course, everything now for japanese consumers is far more expensive or also for japanese businesses. the import of raw materials, the import of components for its own manufacturing. all of those have gone through the roof so that there is some question about the long term impact on the japanese economy. how it struggles through this. now in an ideal world, the central government would give a lot more help to the currency or to try to restrict the bur has more a cash controls or monetary controls put in place. but for years now,
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the japanese government has had a very loose monetary policy. it likes to have a lot of money swishing around in the economy to stimulate what would otherwise be a very sluggish economy. and it does seem as though it is only a matter of time before japan really has to take a tougher stand to try to restrict the flow of money and try to support the value of the n. okay, let's get more less. you can speak to charlie robertson here is the author of the book, the time traveling economists. he joins us live from london, charlotte, he a time travelling economists, you must be a very rich man. we've seen another day of market falls or with the u. s. stocks now entering into bare territory to those who don't follow markets closely. can you explain to us the significance of going into a bear market? what does it mean really? what, what is telling us is that the markets were ready pricing in a recession in germany that the i, for a survey of german industry was telling us that german manufacturing companies
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expect really bad times in 6 months on china. we were hoping was coming out of the, on the chrome, the code would look downs for them to go back into them. and this is the biggest, obviously, the biggest manufacturer in the world, which means more supply shortages for the rest of the world, which means more inflation. and it was that inflation figure on friday, which really upset the market because it tells us the u. s. now is probably going to go into a session and it's going to have to keep on hiking interest rates to get inflation bad. what kind of timeframe are you talking about? i mean, historically, are bad markets linked to a recession. they, they predict economists, i think, are famous, san marcus, but it's more recessions the much become. but this full is consistent with with recessions. and what is it's telling us. so we're going to say it's going to be tough for people. i mean, it's already tough with, with impressions already causing pain. food prices are all my fake bells doubled in
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the last month, mostly because my son is come back from university eats like a horse and buggy with everyone is having this problem of fuel booths going out there utility bills are going up. certainly less time restaurants, less funding on a new car, less spend on new items. so it's gonna be putting most people, but it hurts the poor, the worst, because they're the ones who have were already struggling to cope with income and, and, and try to match that with expenditure. but now the costs of shot up. they don't have to spend reserves, so inflation has to be full, and the fed has to hurt the economy to get in place. yeah. so let's talk more specifically about interest rates, because the worry is the federal reserve will this week put up interest rates. but the issue is it's going to be that it's anticipated that the height will be much higher than many had anticipated to tackle that higher than expected inflation. so how do higher interest rates impact consumers and businesses break it down for us?
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what the 1st thing a company is going to be doing is, is saying, you know, 2 years back a year ago, you could borrow as almost as much as you like as cheaply as you like. so you could spend more on on a house if you're a consumer that's not going to happen. so how fast is probably have to come down that you could, you could borrow even if you know short term, you didn't quite have the cash you could borrow to consume. that's going to get starts to and all the speculative money and things like that coin. you see the back on price that gets hit to. but i think what worries me the most is not just the hit to the poorest households. it's also to the poorest countries and the last time that the fed lost control of inflation in the seventy's and eighty's. that's a high price, hugely, we're not going to see quite so much this time. but when they did, it was the poorest countries, the suffered, it was the latin american debt crisis became outta i worry that we're going to see that and a lot of lower income countries across africa. i'm,
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we're already saying and saw in south asia, we've seen a lot of market volatility in recent days, and we often hear that that we shouldn't put too much plays too much attention on that volatility markets go up, markets go down, but it, it can have an impact on the ordinary pass in content like in terms of people's pension funds, etc. yeah, i mean, it depends why you are you kind of a lucky because you can start markets have held up because they're mostly exposed or largely exposed oil and gas companies, but it didn't quite welcome or, or even bass, can make a bit more. money is interest rates go up because they can charge a bit more. so, so the, you guys doing a little bit better, but the u. s. consumers will be hurt and it really, again, it really matches for the course countries because what's happened there is the bottom crisis of collapsed from, from level to saying that they could refinance their phones to levels. now $0.50 on
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the dollar where the market the same, you guys had to fulton. so you can raise you money again on that, then maybe the default more likely it becomes self fulfilling. and i'm that causes all sorts of really interesting to talk to you johnny robinson or that at the back the time traveling economists speaking to a staff in london. thanks of your time. thank you. plenty more ahead on the news hour, including ah, it could always police use force on the 1st day of nation wide strike led by indigenous peoples movement. plus the 1st fly to putting aside him seek is from the u. k to rhonda is due to go ahead. after an 11th, our legal challenge fails. uninstalled golden state warriors into closer to another and be happy to types of details coming up with foreign native
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. okay, a cambodian court has convicted a prominent lawyer of treason. theory sang face is up to 12 years in prison. the cambodian american lawyer was charged in connection with the failed attempt by opposition figures sam rains e to return from exile in 20. 19, before her convictions sang, told reporters she considered the proceedings a sham. i am ready for the shay, i'm a verdict that will be a noun morning which will be guilty word. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious keyboard in prison for my political opinions. my belief, i for my belief in democracy for my belief in freedom, i am ready to pay the price of prison in order that i live
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out of my conscience. and my belief in freedom in just fill robertson is the deputy director of the asia division at human rights watch. he joins this via skype from bangkok. thank you for joining the program. now saying and members of her policy were convicted of treason explained not to us on what grounds where they convicted of treason. so there aren't really any grounds. there was hardly any evidence presented in the trial in the 1st place. this is politically motivated, a kangaroo court trial, really going after people that the ruling party and the government identified as being connected with the opposition. this is the 2nd of 2 mass trials and, and you know, these took coney and sentences just proved that, you know, cambodia is becoming more dictatorial by the day. and so what, what options are now available 1st sang and other members of her passing. can they appeal? well,
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i think there will be an appeal. the defense lawyer said that he will be filing an appeal. but the reality is you're talking about the same kind of, you know, politically controlled courts as the one that ruled in this instance. i mean, if we look at what terry saying went through, i mean, she repeatedly asked for the evidence to be produced. that was the basis of the charges against her. and she got nowhere. and she requested from the court, she requested from the prosecutor. no clear evidence was actually presented against her. so the reality is that this is, again, you know, a court system that is completely captured by the, the government and the ruling political party and will do their bidding based on whatever that ruling party decides. and the fact that she is a cambodian american lawyer has there been any international scrutiny on this, at any one? is the any one to hold and cambodia up to account?
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well, we've certainly seen her involvement in this trial as a defendant has caused this to be much more high profile than the previous mass trial. i saw the u. s. ambassador and cambodia has tweeted about this. i expect there will be other statements for terry saying, but let's not forget that we're talking about well over 50 people who were convicted in this latest trial. and again, they were all victimized in the same way without any evidence, based on very vague charges of incitement. to treason which, you know, the reality is this is never been actually stated. what they did, ah, beyond perhaps posting some things for us to welcome sam ramsey to come back to cambodia. and, and, you know, criticizing the government, the dissolution of the c, n r p left at hun, sends cambodian people's party with all the seeds in the national assembly. is
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there any opposition? official or unofficial to his rule now? well, they just had a cot national commune. elections, ah, where the opposition? one exactly 4 seats are. there's a lot of concern about the bias of the national election commission. the, the political landscape is completely slanted towards the ruling party with its control, the media and other things. so the reality is that there isn't much political opposition except that some n g o z and other groups who are continuing to voice out concerns about human rights and the restoration of democracy. but increasingly, their voices in the wilderness and they're threatened by a government that seems to be focused on eradicating any sort of opposition, whether it be political or from civil society. okay, fell. you paint a pretty bleak picture, fell robinson, deputy director of the agent division
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a human rights watch. thank you. thank you. the former us attorney general william bah, has described watching donald trump become detached from reality, while refusing to accept his 2020 election defeat. he and the former president's family members are among the latest witnesses heard by the congressional committee investigating last year's capitol hill attack on the john casso reports from washington dc. the january 6th committee, open public hearing number 2, with a focus on election night 2020 inside the white house, where donald trump and his advisors watched the election returns with increasing worry the forces decision. dusk is calling arizona for jill. bye. that is a big get for the body campaign. did that share the atmosphere, the attitude in the white house blue. ready it was becoming clear that the
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road race would not be called, ma'am on election eye. witnesses say trump was livid and ignored their advice to wait before making a public statement. they said he instead turned to his private attorney, rudy giuliani, who was described as drunk. the mayor was definitely intoxicated. mere juliani was say, we want it, they're stealing it from us word. all the votes come from. we need to go say that we won a and essentially the, anyone who didn't agree with that position was being weak. there's a defiant trump then declared his false victory. we were getting ready to win this election. frankly, we did when this was the fox news political editor and later, fired from his job after calling arizona for by didn't after the election as of november 7th. in your judgment, what were the chances of president trump winning the election after that point?
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yes, not. if you in the weeks that followed, trump would continue to spread the lies of widespread motor fraud. despite being told by attorney general william bar, that the claim was bogus. i wish from a demoralized because i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff he ish, you know, last contact with these become detached from reality that to read over and over witnesses testified that trump refused to accept his election defeat despite the growing evidence otherwise, not only was there not evidence of a 1000 dead voters voting in pennsylvania. there wasn't evidence of fate. former president media campaign spread the election falsehoods invigorating. his based supporters donated $250000000.00 to trump, so called election defense fund. investigators testified the fund didn't exist and
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that some of the money went to trump's hotel collection and the event company that organized the january 6th rally. not only was there's a big lie, there was the big rip off. the committee plans another half dozen public hearing to connect the election lies with the violence of january 6th. they say evidence will show that from try to corrupt the justice department. and when that failed, assembled the mob that would try to keep him in power by force. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington, brazil's president says human remains have been found during a search for 2 men who disappeared in the amazon last week. jerry bolton are, says dna tests the being conducted on monday. police denied reports that the bodies of indigenous expert burner pereira and the british john this. don't. phillips had been found monica yet to keep reports from rio de janeiro. hundreds of indigenous
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testers took to the streets about the liable moth she demanded. justice for indigenous expert bruno video in british journalist don phillips, they went missing a week ago while they were returning from an expedition to their job id valley. reservation home to the largest number of on, contacted tribes in the world. we are our booth wine dom, they chanted, but the demonstrators also denounced the onslaught. they have been suffering from the legal fisherman, poachers, loggers, and miners. little no pity ada had been helping them patrol their territory and map the invasions dom phillips was accompanying him on a trip to finish writing a book on how to save the amazon. on sunday, after week long search divers retrieved a plastic bag from the river containing a backpack in some belongings of the 2 missing men. she told us that this seizure
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relative, say the backpack contained a computer, all belonging socks, shirts, shorter work tool, such as their laptop, in reports on monday morning, that 2 bodies had also been found, were denied by brazil's federal police. brazil's president abel sonata said he thought something evil had happened to them will never clear give you though the evidence leads us to believe that something bad was done to them because human viscera were floating in the river. indigenous leaders we spoke to said they will keep up the pressure to find out what happened to dom phillips and boom obeta, and that they will continue. the patrols that they did are organized to help protect the rain forest. monica nike, vall, jazeera, ridge dinero, still head on al jazeera, we'll hear from ukraine where the last escape route from savannah. daniel has been destroyed and is also why starting to wake up. we'll dive into the questions around
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a google program that expressed deep fear of being switched in spoke morocco, looking good in the run up to the 1st fif, a well cup to be held in the middle east. wonderful collection coming. mm. hello there. it's a divided picture weatherwise across southern europe at the moment. we've got intense heat affecting the southwest as the heat. waves sweeps, spain and portugal, with temperatures well above the average in cities like madrid. but in the southeast, we've had severe storms roll across turkey, causing flash flooding in central and northern areas. and that rain is set to continue. we will see some of those storms breaking out across greece and some severe storms affecting romania in the days to come. but it's largely care across much of the mediterranean,
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a sprinkling of showers here and there. wind warnings out for croatia and parts of italy. but as we head over to the west, this is where it's all about the hot and dry conditions with just a few showers, but temperatures continuing to climb, particularly in the south west of spain, and we are going to see temperature climb in southern areas of front me, i've got warnings out for the ex that extreme heat as that plume of hot air from africa rises up and we will see it start to touch up into northern areas, but headed that we have got some severe storms rolling across the baltic states pushing into western russia, in particular for latvia and improving picture of scandinavia as it is for britain, an island. we are going to the a lot of warmth and sunshine coming to london by the mid week. ah, sir lamar lake, whom it's great to see. welcome to the cutter economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said he'd love anesthesia green,
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but i prefer to think of re globalization or accomplish stickers from heads of state to business and policy. will discuss involve in technology, education, culture sustainability in on the i use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is all new mobile app is left to you. this is where we dissects analyze. what bring in, i guess, from al jazeera is mobile app available in your favorite app store. just set for it and tapped are made a new app from al jazeera news at your fingertips. hulu.
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ah, ah, welcome back. you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this hour, for just as a new jelly, a denouncing the demolition of homes owned by muslims. a local government says the buildings have been constructed, illegally rise, group say, is positive and attend to intimidate muslims. asia pacific markets have been volatile for 2nd day to wall street entered cycle bare territory. it's when markets for more than 20 percent from a recent high investment worried about a possible recession in the world's largest economy. a course in cambodia is convicted. the prominent lawyer, terry sang, and dozens of members of a disbanded opposition party of treason. they faced up to 12 years in prison.
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now the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to under is expected to go ahead this tuesday. that's off to last ditch attempt to hold the deportation failed at the court of appeals nor better motley reports. o, a chorus of an go from protest is outside london's court of appeal. as the judge gave the green lights for the 1st flight of refugees, the migrants drew one done. right, screwed. say it includes people who had escaped war in afghanistan and syria and being flown more than 6000 kilometers away, will traumatized them further. they suffered incredibly, they seen how many members killed, they've, they've had torture themselves and they are tired. but at the end of that heather, that finding detention in how do you so much high thing as the source of affair, the deportation. how fare castillo aide is absolutely terrifying for them? you k prime minister boys,
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johnson says the depot taishan strategy will undermine people's smuggling networks and deter refugees from making dangerous journeys to britain. the united nations refugee agency hits back thing rwanda's human rights record is on the scrutiny, and the u. k. is shirking responsibility. this is all wrong. this is all wrong. this deal, you know, it is the foundation of the right to asylum that people that are on it. countries territory, especially a country that is a signatory to the convention and has the institutions to deal with that. in april home secretary, pretty patel visited cook ali to finalize the project and potentially send tens of thousands of people them. the deal includes a payment of about $150000000.00 to the rwandan government. so far this year,
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10000 migrants refugees made the crossing from mainland to europe to the u. k. and 28000. last year. in november 27 people drowned when that disney deflated and many more have had to be rescued from the channels busy shipping lanes . some of those who risk their lives will leave on the 1st flight on tuesday. but there may not be many on it. a series of individual legal challenges mean only a few of the 130 people notified will leave. and the government continues to face pressure from activists rights groups and unions who insist the move is unlawful. oh, more about money. on jesse durham, north carolina attorney angela, who is in london for us. and charlie, i believe initially there were meant to be a 130 people on this flight. but that number has dwindled, hasn't it? is there actually going to be any one on the flight?
1:36 pm
well, there are now 7 people left on that list and 4 of them having their deportation orders. heard the high court today, challenging the orders. and interestingly, the prime minister seem to come earlier criticizing below is who defending them saying that undermining everything that we're trying to do to support safe and legal roots of people. quite an extraordinary new for prime minister to criticize the legal profession. so it's not yet clear how many, if any, will be on that flight leaving in just 10 hours time earlier, the foreign secretary list trust was off. if the flight could leave n t, she said the flight will leave. and if people aren't on the flight today, they will be on subsequent flights when pressed, she said it's important. we establish a principle and deter these people draft can gangs from the human misery that they're trading. and now it's estimated that the cost of this boeing 767 flight
1:37 pm
will be around $600000.00 paid for by the u. k. tax part of that $150000000.00 package. so even for those who aren't shuddering, the morality of this policy will be at the thought of an empty flight, costing over half a $1000000.00 taking off. and this is a time when the u. k. most people in the u. k. a trying to make a decision, whether they heat the homes or run that causes energy and fuel prices reach record highs. and it's absolutely incredible and the criticism is still coming from the house of lords from the church of england. it can anything be done at this point to stop this policy from going ahead. while many are trying, there was a letter signed by 25 archbishop's ambitions in the house of lords. very strong words for the government saying this is an immoral policy that shames britain. and because of all christian heritage should inspire us to treat asylum seekers with
1:38 pm
compassion. again, the foreign secretary hit back and that's what we're seeing from the government. they are, they are hitting back every time that they've been criticized on this policy. she said the plan is completely legal, is completely moral and those who criticize it should come up with an alternative. well, agency says that our alternatives, and that is to create an expand safe routes into this country so that people don't have to make these dangerous journeys risking their lives. trying to get habit oversee this borrower of criticism is really getting to the prime minister. and he's saying, we're not going to be deterred, but we are going to get on and deliver. okay, charlie angela ever us in london. thank you. the russia has destroyed the last bridge out of savannah. don't. yes. because sissy, at the heart of the battle for ukraine's don't boss region. it was one of 3 bridges
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leading out of the city. meaning many civilians are now trapped. hundreds of sheltering inside the chemical plant which has come on the heavy shilling, rushing back separatists and worn ukrainian troops to surrender or die. charles stratford at the latest cave. we also know that russian forces pushing up towards the she chance marries that they control around the town of papa's nor incremental gains being made as reported by, by our sources in that area as they try and basically push up from the know from the south and the knolls down towards sloppy, and in this pinch, the movement to try and cuts off those ukranian forces, the ukrainian defense experts and the government embers here, making statements. this is all about weapons. they say they are not getting enough west and heavy long range weapons into ukraine. quick enough, there are huge logistic problems already west and donors, western nations,
1:40 pm
donating, giving millions of dollars worth of long range artillery and multi launch rocket systems as well. the problem is, is the huge distances that they have to travel to get to those eastern fronts. then there's problems of having to train ukrainian forces to give them the know how and how to use them. and precedents, liskey is saying that around $200.00 up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers dying each day. so you know, obviously we cannot confirm these kind of statistics. but there are many people now who was saying the ukrainians are basically have their back up against the wall militarily in that area more so than they have done since this will began on february 24th. francis has criticized the invasion of ukraine, is a violation of the right to self determination. deleted the roman catholic church and lamented the death toll and destruction caused by the war. he says it's the
1:41 pm
result of an intervention by super power that wants to impose its will on people in violation of the principle of self determination or police of arrest. the leader of ecuador was main indigenous peoples movement on the 1st day of nationwide strike. ah, offices used here gases, dung, grenades, to disperse union members taking part in a march in the capital, quito, c, a niemen. this is the beginning of the national strike that could paralyze ecuador. la molly, these assume the correct is not you're not. the mobilization is national. it's regional. and the mobilization is a definite no more. if the president gives us answers today than we will stop, if the president does not give answers to any of our demands, we will continue indefinitely. one ah, demonstrations led by ecuador is powerful indigenous confederation almost 3 years
1:42 pm
ago, nearly overthrew then president lehman moreno. forcing him to backtrack on plans to raise fuel prices. to day their demands are far greater. not only to these protest is want fuel prices lowered and frozen, but they also want the same for essential goods and services. again, summers and barely development. we are literally starving to death. there is no work for farm products, are minimized. there is no proper support from the government with the rise and fuel prices. everything is more expensive, k m, as in the hub in the government, the government doesn't hair the hair to perform a no, it doesn't of it. know the price of fertilizers mode and our products are already cheap. how are we going to survive to feed our children? road to being blocked in at least 10 of ecuador is $24.00 provinces. conservative president, he had molasses, says he will not tolerate further disruptions aura, temper some of her at the back. just now, as we are beginning to get back on our feet from the pandemic,
1:43 pm
that we cannot allow political groups, he wanted to stabilize ecuador and profit from the chaos paralyze. our country are real and it was the government is already struggling to control ramp and violence and drug trafficking amid a severe economic crisis. but unless there's a break to the strike by the well organized indigenous confederation with the support of other trade unions could present the most serious challenge to ecuador stability. to see a newman al jazeera, greece has freed an iranian oil tank, had seized nearly 2 months ago. as according to local media in iran, the rainy and crude on board is also being sent back. a greek court overturned earlier the had allowed the us to confiscate part about oil in may rounds. power melcher, revolutionary god, sees to greek flag tankers last month and retaliation. a report from human rights watch has condemned israel's blockade of garza and says the
1:44 pm
seizures devastated garza's economy and block nearly 2000000 people's access to work in education. the ones as the monetary and crisis in gaza has reached unprecedented levels. im not el said reports. the 14th of june marks 15 years of an eas, railey land air in sea, located of the gaza strip. that's one of the most densely populated areas in the world. 2000000 palestinians live in what has been described as the world's largest open air prison. since how much to cooper the calls to strip in 2007 attitude legislative elections. israel has imposed a full siege on the enclave. it strictly controls every one and every ping going in or out. it's further damaged causes bleak economy and the dire living conditions of its 2000000 people. and that's been worsened by both israel and egypt. keeping the
1:45 pm
reporters closed. israel allows passage through the areas crossing only in what it considers exceptional human carrying cases in human rights watch. latest report on israel seach it states. the closure has devastated the economy garza contributed to fragmentation of the palestinian people and forms part of ease railey authorities, crimes against humanity, or of upper tide and persecution, against millions of palestinians israeli authority should lift the closure of casa and the generalized travel ban and permit freedom of movement, subject to at most individual screenings for security reasons. more than 60 percent refugees, depending on the united nations therapies agency, for food, education, and medical aid, there's not a moral. actually here in the this time. i will give you one figure about the number of people who used to receive food from on dockwood copeland from our in
1:46 pm
2000. the number was 20000 people. now we are talking about 1100000 people. this is how the number are, you know, a rising while it was saying once over the factory producing medical and industrial equipment, but is really official stop materials and turing garza, they say, can be used for dual use, meaning civilian and military. he says that's left him and more than 30 other workers without jobs. manon law alert the court model many essential materials from our factory war band. from entering garza, this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now, and we were forced to send all walkers home. since israel imposed its flow, kate, it's also launched for military assaults on casa with the siege. preventing construction materials such as stealing cement from reaching garza reconstruction
1:47 pm
has been near impossible. the un warrant in 2015, the clipping conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become an inhabitable by 2020. now in 2022 palestinians in garza are still living under israel's blockade. deny per pay to cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future. you may see it al jazeera garza, a google engineer has been placed on leave off to claiming a computer system he was interacting with is self aware. blake lemoine works on google's artificial intelligence team. he believes transcripts between himself and the company's chat book development system. the more in says the a i has thoughts and feelings similar to those of a young child. well,
1:48 pm
google and response said it put him on paid leave for breaching confidentiality policies by publishing the conversations online company spokesman told the washington post our team, including emphasis and technologists, has reviewed blakes concerns per r, a. i principles and have informed him that the evidence does not support his claims . well, emily bender is a profession of computational linguistics at the university of washington. she also doesn't believe the engineer but says his claims are prompting impulse and discussions about a i there's huge issues around transparency because we're creating systems that can produce coherence in text. and as we see, can fool people into thinking that they are santana, that they have consciousness, or that they're even intelligent. and therein lies many, many problems. so what we need is the producers of the systems to create them with transparency so that it is clear to the users what their actual capabilities are. i think there's not enough scrutiny larger because
1:49 pm
a lot of this research is happening behind closed doors in large companies that are sitting on very large amounts of data that they've collected, that are not available to the public, to explore or to outside auditors to explore and with amounts of computing resources that others don't have access to as well. we have to be very clear, but what we mean by the term, a i right now that we have pattern recognition systems, that companies and governments will use, taking large collections of data, finding patterns in them and, and making decisions for actual people that impact their lives. based on that data, and that's a big problem. we need to know what those data sets are, what the patterns are, and we have recourse if we don't like the decisions being made. but it's not actually intelligence and a i is a misnomer for all of us. there are some very nice use cases, things like automatic transcription, things like machine translation, so long as they're being used in ways where people know that it's a machine that can make mistakes and to not take everything. it says as the actual truth of what is transcribing or translating still ahead on al jazeera,
1:50 pm
i'm andy richardson at castles i'm, it's been alley stadium where australia were playing. peru is a place of issues. world come on the line. ah investigative journalism. my role in this, by the in information back global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we fail these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just dara. what happens the in new york has implications all around the world. it's the home of the united nations. it's a center of international finance, international culture to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday
1:51 pm
people to normal people, not just power brokers, and that's where al jazeera is different. the mayor of the city announced that he was doing the way with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah ah ah, it's time to school is for marlene. thank you so much. australian football fans are celebrating their national teams qualification for this year. as well cup in qatar, they made it thanks to a tense penalty shoot out when against peru. andy richardson was at the game in doha. there was
1:52 pm
a big welcome for the thousands of peru fans. he made the trip to cats off full. this will cut playoff against australia, peru hoping to repeat their exploits of 2018 when they returned to footballs biggest stage for the 1st time in almost 4 decades. i've been in russia, i've been in brasil i've been in the usa. got out is just another place of our team is going to play or whatever my team is. i will do my best to be there. our whole country is playing this chance to go to work up and we will do it. it's always something important for us, you know? yeah, i think her name is more than that where people with being if the other folk are getting, oh, you're wrong. absolutely run. these teams did meet the group stage in russia 4 years ago on that occasion, peru secured a to neil victory place time out world cup qualification was on the line with so much at stake. the 1st health passed with no more than half chance is exchanged. their defeat, surpassing the desire to take the suit many risks,
1:53 pm
and the 1st peruvian shots of the night. fools to laugh too loud. i in her stitch school, the wind, australia in that playoff against the u i. e. e. e. e. last week, he went close to repeating that feet late in the 2nd half. but after 90 minutes, the teams will looked at no meal. when close to grabbing a winner in extra time. but penalties would decide this playoff. back off the post and australia sense on goalkeeper. andrew red main specifically for the shootouts. and he, it was, he proved to be his country's match winner australia on the way to the world cup for a 5th straight time. do. c is the arrow, it's only his appearance with the national team. he drawing it him to the boy on the mental aspect for peru, the war we making that change to read that little bit of uncertainty in their brains. since reaching the last 16, the 2006 world cup australia have failed to reach the knockout rounds at subsequent
1:54 pm
world cups. in november, though, once again faced france and denmark to the seams, they failed to beat in 2018 to nicea will be the other group stage opponents on the richardson al jazeera, doha. the zealand are looking to stand costa rica when it is say sauce later, endow ha, the winner while claim the final world cup spot and joins spain, japan and germany, and group e, when he has more on new zealand quest for a 3rd world cut appearance. it was 40 years ago that new zealand qualified for its 1st fifo will cup finals beating china to one and the last qualifying game to go on to the event itself in spain. since then, the all white says that known have only been to one other world cup that was in 2010 in south africa. that team was known for its docket defense, which helped it finished that tournament as the only unbeaten team, despite the fact that it was knocked out in the group stage. this new zealand team
1:55 pm
is a lot different. it's regarded, has as having a lot more technical ability through the mid field and up front than many of its predecessors. and if the whites are to get past costa rica and go on to the finals in doha, they're going to have to rely heavily on the star strike upfront new council united chris would. there is a lot of optimism here in new zealand that the whites can qualify for their 3rd world cup finals. but that has changed with a lot of realization that costa rica will be very difficult. indeed, they are ranked 70 places higher than new zealand. on the official fif world rankings. the match kicks off at 6 o'clock in the morning new zealand time. so an early start, but they will be a lot of new zealand football fans and sports fans in general. getting up early to cheer their team on from a distance world champions france and suffered and other poor results as they prepare for count toward 2022 and star funded lineup,
1:56 pm
including both kill him. the bob bay and cream band zima went down one know at home by co way shot in the way phoenician league, an early lucca, moderate kind of sealing it from the visitors in the front shop without a win. and their last for matching already. morocco we're looking good ahead of the world. kathy: the library it's you know, to remain undefeated and qualifying for next year's africa cup of nation morocco or the content in 2nd. highest rank, teen and gas are 20. 22 will be canada's 1st world captions. 986 over a 100 and a water lumped pitch and put it really damper on their preparations, canadian suffering, and to want away loss in the clinic. half the nation now the upward surrounding the saudi back goal tour is overshadowing the build up to the us open players who defected to the live gulf invitational, which debuted in london this week or back in the us preparing for the 3rd major of the year. for my world, number one, dustin johnson, and 6 time major champion,
1:57 pm
phil mickelson, both have exemptions to play at the open lead. the defection by 17 p g members. critics accused the players are putting money before the game. i know that many of you have a strong will. many people have strong opinions, emotions about my choice to go forward with live golf and i understand and i respect that. i am incredibly grateful for the pga tour and for the many opportunities that it is provided me through the years. but i am excited about this new opportunity as well. it's a sad, i mean it's really no other way to say it is just, it just makes me sad. you know, cuz like i said, i've grown up my entire life. want to do that. and i don't want to do anything else . you know, i mean that the people that have gone it's, it's like i said, they have the decision that they're entitled to make it. not necessarily that i agree with it one way or the other, but everything's got a price. i guess i'm,
1:58 pm
the golden state warriors are inching closer to the ambien championship title. they be the boston celtics to take a 3 to lead and reza, 7 series finals. sam curry scored 16 written record street 132 st. host these games with at least 13 pointer and it as riggins started for the warriors with 26 points, leading them to 10429 for victory in 6. take place in boston on thursday. okay. and that is are you support for now? my lean back to you. thanks. fire, and that's it for me, molly inside for this news our address, but again, we'll be back in just a moment. more of the days me staging to out there. ah. to sort it difficult so i will follow up on the line. left. why is one on one the how do you to visit? well,
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cancel the yearly philistine bitten from such failure to the will at nebraska for sierra can a little sob? is it done? wilkin went to shower in the closet topics you had that of woodson thought, inactive valley vocal of coffee making the on the path on the megan a on in that a fee, or the land is like a month to help out or yeah, i mean, for the certain law in the goose chase, i can remove, bonded here either before the book. please understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera societies on live change because some people live in
2:00 pm
a post that is bigger than that. ah way, among the middle of the marcia romans, they represented, they put themselves on state to make the changes. some that we've done collectively has learned. it said, i've taken this long a, we have this culture to slash and born to create new areas. we have to change to sculpture. i'm one of the fortunate ones who can leave and establish myself outside, but all the people and on that majority these legal m, as we're talking about as good, hardworking people that wanna live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands or refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and mark blue.


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