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i believe in a post that is bigger than that, ah, away among the middle of my city around the state representative, they put themselves on space to make the changes. some that we've done collectively has learned. it said, i've taken this long a, this culture to slash and born to create you areas. we have to change to sculpture . i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave and establish myself outside, but all the people and on that majority these legal m, as we're talking about just good, hardworking people that want to live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands of refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and more. ah
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ha! outraged as muslim holmes demolished to protest against comments about prophet mohammed made by india's governing party. ah, hello am i dreaming something up? this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up demands for liberty in cambodia as a court convicts government, critics of treason the u. k. sent to the port asylum seekers to lawanda after a legal challenge against the policy fails. at a 2nd, they have volatility in asian stock markets as fears grow, the u. s. economy could slide into recession aah! demonstrates as in new delhi have been protesting against the demolition of homes
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owned by muslims. a local government says the buildings have been constructed illegally of rights groups say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. last week, protests were held in several cities against 2 former officials of the governing b, j. p. they made remarks about the prophet mohammed that many considered to be offensive, or desirous. probably the tal report style from the state of utah pradesh. there is some fear, but mostly immense anger against prime minister in the winter. mo, these cartridges are party or b, j. p. r, we are in a town course. a harder and poor in northern indian were actually outside the mosque where protest began last friday. now these protests were part of larger movement against the b. j. piece to spokespersons not made blasphemous comments against the prophet muhammad, a protest us, we're demanding that new push our, my former spokesman off the b. j. p. b, arrested for her comments. now cross india,
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about 300 people have been arrested for those protest in this town. about a 100 people have been arrested. police say they've also wrested about 18 people for hate speech. most of whom have been hindus. not 3 homes in the state of water for this where we are have been at least partially demolished. 2 of those are here in the heart, and both these home belong to people who are protesting and lawyers and activists point out that it is completely illegal and that the government is particularly beach of the state governments govern by the b j. p. are using or rather misusing the law to intimidate minorities specifically, muslims. they see as this as an extension of an anti minority sentiment that has been fueled by the b j. p. they've been hate speeches and now you've seen a bulldozers been used. i, in fact, a prominent lawyers have pointed out that millions of people in india live in homes
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that could, could be considered illegal. so for calm, my mom is the managing partner of the law firm m c m. he says what courts are previously condemned. these kinds of demolitions, the narrative that is being played in relation to the bulldozing of the properties which, which belong to the alleged writers, is, in my opinion, a complete miscarriage of justice. and something which has been found about by judicial in india in the past. as well, and you will recall that in a similar issue in new delhi, some time ago, the honorable supreme court intervened and stayed on these bulldozing of properties in another issue there by sending a very strong message for the concerned authorities that these actions prime of issue are extra judicial and that these steps have no place in a state which is governed by a rule of law. these are within 2 things. one is the, the offense of commenting, riding or damaging public property,
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has to be addressed in a very different manner. and if that is an illegal property of belong to anybody that needs to be addressed in a very different form in a different procedure or together these properties that have been bulldozed or demolish of, you know, even if they were illegal. there has been observation by the honorable high court in the state of the provision that certain guidelines have been given that a 30 day window needs to be provided for. busy for the a, b, b, even if a demolition order has been placed. now the case that most of which is most talked about right now, belonging to an activity which has happened. it's very clear that's what is on record right now that, that falls under the 30 day period. so i'm sure petitions will be filed. all of these matters will eventually come to the court. cotton cambodia has convicted a prominent lawyer of treason. charity sang faces up to 1012 years in prison, become bodie and american lawyer was charged in connection with the failed attempt
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by opposition took a sam ramsey to return from exile in 2019. they've denied all charges. i am ready for the sham a verdict that will be announced this morning, which will be a guilty word. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious keyboard in prison for my political opinion, full my belief, i for my belief in democracy for my belief in freedom, i am ready to pay the price of prison in order that i live out my conscience and my belief in freedom in justice, fill robinson is the deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch. he says, here these things conviction does not have any legal grounds. this is a politically motivated, a kangaroo court trial, really going after people that the ruling party and the government identified as
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being connected with the opposition. this is the 2nd of 2 mass trials and, and you know, these draconian sentences just proved that, you know, cambodia is becoming more dictatorial. by the day the defense lawyer said that he will be filing an appeal. but the reality is you're talking about the same kind of, you know, politically controlled courts as the one that ruled in this instance. i mean, if we look at what terry saying went through, i mean, she repeatedly asked for the evidence to be produced. that was the basis of the charges against her and she got nowhere. she requested from the court. she requested from the prosecutor, no clear evidence was actually presented against her on. so the reality is that this is, again, you know, a court system that is completely captured by the government and the ruling political party and will do their bidding based on whatever that ruling party
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decides when i saw the u. s. ambassador in cambodia has tweeted about this. i expect there will be other statements for terry saying, but let's not forget that we're talking about well over 50 people who were convicted in this latest trial. and again, they were all victimized in the same way without any evidence based on very vague charges of incitement to treason. the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u . k to rwanda will go ahead on tuesday. events of the you case, court of appeal reject to the request by rights groups to hope that he potations. it's thoughtful, that only 7 people will be on the flight out of around $130.00, had been notified after a series of individual legal challenges. lisco live for london, i'll to say was charlie angela is there. so it started with around $130.00 people who were due to be on this flights. it's dwindled fast as is anyone actually going to be on it today? while like you said, 7 people are on the list,
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but 4 of them are actually challenging the deportation orders. the high court today and earlier, the prime minister took an extrude and remove to actually criticize the lawyers, representing them, saying that they are undermining everything. we're trying to do to support safe and legal channels into the u. k. and oppose the illegal and dangerous routes. so it's not yet clear how many, if any, will be on that flight, which is due to leave in just 9 hours time. the 42nd street is trust was doing the morning media around today, and she was pressed on this question and she said, the flight will leave. and if there aren't any people on it today, they will be on subsequent slides because it's important. we establish the principle and to, to these people, trash can gang from the human misery that they are dealing. and now it's estimated that the boeing 767, that the government have charted will cost you k tax, but some $600000.00. that's been paid for, it's not refundable,
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and that's part of this larger $150000000.00 package. so even those people who aren't shuddering at the morality of this policy, all going to be at the thought of sending a new empty flight to rwanda at a time when most people in the u. k. a trying to choose between whether or not they fill up their cars or hate the home as energy prices and fuel prices reach apps. the record highs. there's been a lot of criticism of the government's policy, including charlie, from britain's, our house of parliament. yes, the criticism has been sustained and to day 25 archbishops and bishops in the house of lords signed a letter with some very strong words for the government, calling it in a moral policy that shames britain saying that the christian heritage of britain should inspire us to treat asylum seekers with compassion again,
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the foreign secretary hit back, knows what we're seeing from the government that they're responding to every single allegation of criticism on this and she said it is completely legal. it is completely moral. and those who criticize it should come up with an alternative. will aid agencies say that is an alternative? and that is to establish and expand the safe routes into the country so that people don't have to risk their lives trying to get here. we just had prime minister in a cabinet meeting earlier. also coming out defending this policy is obviously getting to him this barrel of criticism. he said that we're not going to be deterred by the criticism even though some of it's coming from unexpected sources. we're going to get on and deliver, they will have to see what happens out there. as charlie angela reporting live from london, charlie many thanks and teach survivors of the 1994 genocide in rwanda of welcome the u. n. z decision to but one of the alleged finance is on trial for this year. kabuki is accused of helping to create the interest while me,
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who to militia the made armed group involved in the massacres. google's lawyers for the attempted to get the proceedings thrown out on the health grounds due to the 87 year old state of health and estimated 800000 people. most of them from the ethnic tootsie group were killed in the massacres. is the opiates prime minister abbey ahmed says that his government has formed a committee to negotiate with forces in the northern t gray region. the announcement was made during a parliament meeting where i'm at also expressed concern over the possibility of more destruction and devastation. fighting in the to gray region has displaced more than 5000000 people. greece has released on a rainy, an oil tanker that had seized nearly 2 months ago according to local media in iran . the crude from iran on board is also being sent back. a greek court overturned a ruling that it allowed the u. s. to confiscate part of that oil in may,
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over alleged violations of sanctions. iran's para military revolution regard cease to greek flag tankers last month. in retaliation. we've got a weather update mixed here on out as he read them. and he report from human rights watch marks 15 years of israel's blockade of garza with a dia assessment. it includes police use force on the 1st day of a nationwide strike led by an indigenous peoples movement. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package today. hello there. let's look to east asia and more heavy rain to come for southern areas of china. you can see the dense cloud. that's the may you front posting those pockets of heavy rain for the out east. we could see some
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flooding long coastal areas where that rain falls heaviest. but up north it is a much clearer picture. a lot of warms. coming back in, we're going to the temperatures here in places like whoo hand. pick up above the average in the days to come. but for beijing the temperature remains below the average. we will see some rain, but it is an improving picture as it is for the korean peninsula. and for japan, you saw 19 degrees there. well, we are going to see the wet weather skirt. it's wait for the east and north, and it will be some improvement of about 10 degrees. by the time we get to does a touching, it's 30 by friday, but mostly cloudy. now, speaking of won't be so got that extreme heat across the north of india and pakistan, but temperatures are going to be coming down as we go towards the end of the week. we also see some wet weather thanks to the monsoon, creeping its way north up that west coast of that. edging into raja sun was a weather arriving in delhi as we edge towards the end of the week. so friday. but for that northeast corner, we read warnings out for via thunderstorms. some of those are rolling north and
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south into bangladesh. that should weather, update the castle, airway official airline of the journey. we town, the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes a police fin here, guys my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your net out here. ah, ah, ah,
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hello jim, this is l 0. let's remind you of the main news. the saw protest as in india of denounced the demolition of homes owned by muslims. government officials say the buildings have been constructed illegally. the brights group say it's an attempt to intimidate muslims protesting remark against remarks about the prophet mohammed by officials of the governing b. j. p. a caught in, cambodia has convicted prominent loyalty had he sang and thousands of members with disbanded opposition, party of treason. they face up to 12 years in prison on the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to lawanda will go ahead on tuesday. the court of appeal in london rejected a request by rights groups to hold the deportations. the u. k is private as devoris, johnson has again defended the policy at a cabinet meeting. my message to everybody to day is that we are not going to be in any way deterred or abashed by some of the criticism that is being
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directed upon this policy a some of it from slightly unexpected courses are we are going to get on and, and deliver and the objective, the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction that i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support that uphold and protect. because we will understand, are the benefits that it brings, and distinguishing that from dangerous and illegal cross channel migration, which we intend to stop a 2nd day of volatile trading as affecting global stock market. on monday, wall street ended what's known as bare territory. that's when markets for more than 20 percent. from a recent high, the nick a index in japan ended in the read off to the yen, slid to a 23 year low against the dollar. charlie robinson, as the author of the book, the time travelling economist, he explains what it means to be going into
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a bear and to bear market territory. what is telling us is that the markets were ready pricing in every session in germany that the i, 5, a survey of german industry was telling us that german manufacturing companies expect really bad times. and 6 months on china we were hoping was coming out of the, on the, on the coast lock downs for them to go back into them. and this is the biggest, obviously, the biggest manufacturer in the world, which means more supply shortages for the rest of the world, which means more inflation. and it was that inflation figure on friday, which really upset the market because it tells us the u. s. now is probably going to go into recession, it's going to have to keep on hiking interest rates to get inflation bad. but this whole is consistent with with recessions. and what is it's telling us, but we're going to see, it's going to be tough for people. i mean, it's already tough with, with impressions already causing pain. food prices are up. my face doubled in the
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last month, mostly because my son is come back university and eats like a horse. but when everyone's having this problem of fuel bills going up or utility bills are going up. certainly less common restaurants, less spending on a new car, less spending on new items. so it's going to be hurting most people. but it hurts the poor, the worst, because they're the ones you want. we're already struggling to cope with income and, and trying to match that with expenditure, but not a cost to shop. they don't have to spend reserves, so inflation has to be full, and the fed has to hurt the economy to get inflation dam. russia has destroyed the last bridge out of so that it and that's a city at the heart of the battle for ukraine's don bass region. it was one of 3 bridges leading out of the city. many, many civilians are now trapped. hundreds of sheltering inside the as
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a chemical plot that's come under heavy shilling. rushing back separatists of warns ukrainian soldiers, they can surrender or die out of service. charles structured reports now from cave . we also know that russian forces pushing up towards the she chance come areas that they control around the town of papa's nor incremental gains being made as reported by, by our sources in that area as they try and basically push up from the know from the south and the knolls down towards sloppy, and in this pinch, some movement to try and cuts off those ukranian forces. the ukranian defense experts and the government members here making statements. this is all about weapons. they say they are not getting enough west and heavy long range weapons into ukraine. quick enough, there are huge logistic problems already west and donors, western nations, donating, giving millions of dollars worth of long range artillery and multi launch
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rocket systems as well. the problem is, is the huge distances that they have to travel to get to those eastern fronts. then there's problems of having to train ukrainian forces to give them the know how and how to use them. and precedents, liskey is saying that around $200.00 up to $200.00 ukrainian soldiers dying each day. so you know, obviously we cannot confirm these kind of statistics. but there are many people now who was saying the ukrainians are basically have their back up against the wall militarily in that area more so than they have done. since this will began on february 24th. reopening roads and supply routes in yemen as part of a u and broken truce between warring sides the deals put in place since april, but a siege of a city of tires by who the rebels is ongoing and that's compounding hardship for those stuck inside. i'll just here as capielo has her own reports, living under
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a blockade and the demons, 3rd largest city, ties is a burden acme has been dealing with for years. the challenges are many visiting relatives who live beyond sit limits is just one of them. must have a little convenient way, natalie and i live about one kilometer away from my family. but because of the blockade, i have to go through rough and dangerous roads. it takes me about 5 hours to get to my parents house to see my mother and father alice road closures have left thousands of people with limited access to medicine. proper medical services and international aid. the blockade imposed by who the rebels in 2016 has essentially closed off the main routes. the lead to the city making an already dire humanitarian crisis worse. c i protest demanding an end to the blockade have failed. a recent un brokerage truth was extended in early june for 2 months. it's noticeably reduced tensions between who the rebels and the saudi led
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coalition. but the city remains closed and its fragile economy is feeling the hit where you can still get road closures have led to a spike in the price of goods. transporting costs with trucks is a serious problem. drivers have to go through rugged terrain and distant roads. it's yet another added burden about about 600000 people live here. i solution from the rest of the country and the world has taken its toll. take it that mother helped me go to advance if a motion to order $100.00 boxes of eggs, he can expect about 10 of them to be damaged because of the rough roads. that automatic feelings, extra costs. and then there's the money that must be paid. checkpoints, for years, people living here have been shut out. now they hope the truth will help change that kathy a little, this is again, i'll just hear a report from human rights watches condemned israel's blockade of gossip. it says
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the c h was devastated garza's economy a block nearly 2000000 people's access to work and education. the u. n says the humanitarian crisis in gaza has reached unprecedented levels. human outside reports, the 14th of june marks 15 years of an israeli lan air in sea blockade of the gaza strip. that's one of the most densely populated areas in the world. 2000000 palestinians live in what has been described as the world's largest open air prison. since how much to cope with the cost to strip in 2007 after legislative elections. israel has imposed a full siege on the enclave. it strictly controls every one and every thing going in or out. it's further damaged causes bleak economy and the dire living conditions of it's 2000000 people. and that's been worsened by both israel and egypt,
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keeping the reporters closed. israel allows passage through the air is crossing only in what it considers exceptional human carrying cases in human rights watch. latest report on israel seat. it states, the closure has devastated the economy garza contributed to fragmentation of the policy, t and people, and forms part of eas, really, authorities crimes against humanity, of appetite and persecution, against millions of palestinians israeli authority should lift the closure of casa and the generalized travel ban. and permit freedom of movement, subject to at most individual screenings for security reasons. more than 60 percent or refugees, depending on the united nations therapies agency, for food, education, and medical aid, there is not a moral actually here in because of. i will give you one figure about the number of
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people who used to receive food from on rockwood copeland's from iraq in 2000. the number was to been 3000 people. now we are talking about 1100000 people. this is how the number are, you know, a rising. while i was saying once i want a factory producing medical and industrial equipment, but is really official stop materials and turing garza, they say, can be used for dual use, meaning civilian and military. he says that's left him and more than 30 other workers without jobs. manon law, the court model, many essential materials from our factory were banned from entering garza, this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now, and we were forced to send all workers home since israel imposed it's located, it's also launched for military assaults on casa with the siege. preventing
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construction materials such as steel and cement. from reaching garza reconstruction has been near impossible. the un warrant in 2015, that living conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become end inhabitable by 2020. now in 2022 palestinians in garza are still living under israel. blockade deny per bay to cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future. you may see it al jazeera garza. cuba has had a dance sentences to 381 people who took part in last year's antique of protests, most was sentenced to be between 5 and 25 years in prison. thousands of people to parson, country wide demonstrations last year, angry over shortages of food medicine power, as well as a wave of covert by t infections. police of arrested the leader of ecuador made indigenous peoples
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movements on the 1st day of a nationwide strike. ah, offices used to augustus don grenades to dispose union members who are taking part in march in the capital quito. our latin america editor lucille newman movies. this is the beginning of the national strike that could paralyze ecuador, la molly, these assume the correct if not you're not the mobilization is national, it's regional and the mobilization is indefinite. i'm or if the president gives his answer today, then we will stop. if the president does not give answers to any of our demands, we will continue indefinitely. one ah, demonstrations led by ecuador is powerful indigenous confederation almost 3 years ago, nearly overthrew then president lehman moreno. forcing him to backtrack on plans to raise fuel prices. to day their demands are far greater. not only to these protested won't fuel prices lowered and frozen,
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but they also want the same for essential goods and services. again, who somewhat embedded i meant we are literally starving for death. there is no work farm products. how many mice there is no proper support from the kaufman with the rise and fuel prices? everything is more expensive with us. when will they be? will be in the government, the government doesn't, harrison. they're here to perform a no. it doesn't of it. know the price of fertilizers mode and our products are already cheap. how are we going to survive to feed our children? road to being blocked in at least 10 of ecuador is $24.00 provinces. conservative president, he had molasses, says he will not tolerate further disruptions, aura, can passamore at the back just now as we were beginning to get back on our feet from the pandemic that we cannot allow political groups, he wanted to stabilize ecuador and profit from the chaos that paralyzed our country are real, with the government is already struggling to control rampant violence and drug trafficking and me the severe economic crisis. but unless there's
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a break till the strike by the well organized indigenous confederation with the support of other trade unions could present the most serious challenge to ecuador stability. to see in human al jazeera, the world food program says that it has to cut some food aid to south saddam because it doesn't have enough funds. the you and body is launched, a humanitarian appeal saying that it needs $426000000.00 in aid for the next 6 months in order to avoid the risk of salvation. for some 1700000 people, the well to youngest country has struggled with conflict famine. since it's split from saddam, a video has captured the moment that a house fell into the yellowstone river. in the u. s. state of montana. the area has suffered unprecedented flooding and rock slides which forced many people from their homes. yellowstone national park as close to the public as an investigation is carried out. that is, ah.


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