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o, w h l is the guardian of global health, delivering life saving tunes, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine. working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. advocating for everyone to have access to a central health services. now more than ever, the world needs w h m. making a healthy a world for you. for everyone. ah,
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the case that to deport asylum seekers to rhonda up to legal challenge against the policy fails. ah, hello learning site, this is out there a life and to how was that coming up? outrage is muslim homes are demolished on to process against comments about prophet mohammed made by india's governing policy demands for liberty in cambodia as a court convex government. critics, a treason and j biden is to visit israel saudi arabia in july and his 1st trip to the region as with
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fast flights carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to wanda will take off in the coming hours after a legal appeal by rights groups to stop the deportations failed. but after a series of legal challenges, only 7 people will be on board the flight, which is reported to be costing more than $600000.00. that's nearly $75000.00 a passenger. well, that's been widespread criticism of the scheme, but a space woman for the rwandan government has large critics to give it a chance. people the suffering of a certain system is broken to be taken advantage of by criminal guns. exploiting people prost making false pros. oh, people are risking their lives in these dangerous crossings, so somebody has to give and we're happy to be working on this solution with k partners. that's going to charlie angela in london. charlie,
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what else did the rwandan spikes? person have to say? well, obviously, well briefed by the home office. she said the rwanda is a safe haven. they will be welcoming these people with open arms. they hope that they will stay bought. crucially, they can leave if they choose to as the other options saying that the system is broken. the critics of this policy say, there are other options. they say that that includes establishing safe route to the u. k. that will mean that they don't have to make these dangerous journeys, but 1st it's going to be interesting to see if this government policy actually does get off the ground 7 people, as you said on the list for that flight to, to be leaving in 6 hours for them a challenging those deportation orders at the high court at the moment. we've just had 2 of them have lost their appeals. it's also not looking hopeful for the flight overall. they would challenging that with the court. but the supreme court judge has just come out and said, if the government policy of removing assigned them seek has to rewind is found to
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be unlawful. steps will be taken to bring them back. basically saying this flight can go ahead and that does seem a little bit of a backwards way of doing things. and it's obvious that the government is getting irritated by these repeated legal challenges in quite an extraordinary moves. the prime minister himself seemed to criticize the legal profession, saying that lawyer is undermining everything that we are trying to do here. so the government saying that if the flight is empty, it will still leave. and the, the reason for that is because they want to establish the principle of this. and what's important here is not just for british people, not just the morality if this policy, but also like you said, the cost just over half a $1000000000.00 for this. boeing 767, that's a hard sell during the cost of living crisis. the government would argue that that's nothing compared to the $6000000.00 a day that spending on accommodating asylum seekers in,
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in hotels. at the moment. earlier we heard the prime minister hit back of the criticism we are going to get on and, and deliver, and the objective, the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support uphold and protect because we will understand the benefits that it brings. tale we also understand has been criticism from the health of lords over the policy. what are they saying? yes. and very strong. last a 25 bishops and archbishop to sit in the house of lord laid out the feelings on this policy saying they think it is completely immoral. and it shames britain and christians. we should not be turning away people in dire need. these asylum seekers, again, the foreign secretary hit back at this criticism,
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saying this policy is completely legal. it is completely moral. and if you can think of any alternatives, then come up with them. like i said, agencies say there are alternatives. establishing those say fruits to this country . what's interesting is that this policy has really changed from when it was 1st floated. the idea initially was to send asylum seekers to rwanda to have the applications process. that is no longer the case. the prime minister said this is now basically one way ticket they will be sent to wanda. and the idea is that they will build their lives, that there isn't a chance of them coming back, so it's essentially extinguishing their right to seek asylum here in the u. k. okay, thank you for that charlie angela 1st in london. let's take a closer look at the challenges asylum seekers facing in the winder. as we had already hosting about 130000 migrants, am refugees from neighboring countries. many are struggling to find a job. rod,
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as unemployment is 16.5 percent. that's 5 times higher than in the u. k. the small countries home to 13000000 people making it the 2nd most densely populated in africa. competition for land and resources has contributed to decades of ethnic and political tensions. mohammed val passes report lowanda north. all it is say everything is ready for the 1st group of refugees being sent from the u. k. they'll be brought to this hostile in the capital k. got it. the deal between the u. k and a one government has been heavily criticized, but both are defending the agreement that is not official. and as you see out of the fifty's saw mills that we are led. what take them is made shows journalists, the services awaiting the arrivals, fully furnished, bedrooms dining spaces, spots, facilities,
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but these are on thinks refugees leave their hopes for here at another center. lawanda refugees from south sudan, sudan each opiate every 2 year and somalia. talk about their frustrations to me. there's nothing i can say i want to stay here. no, i just want to go ahead. if it is it'll go can and i will just go back to natalie statement. pete and yoni was 13 when he fled the civil war in south sudan in 2014. he says 2 of his brothers who were with him, were killed during the escape. he ended up in a detention center in libya for 7 years. last year, who was moved to lawanda with the help of the you and refugee agency. but for uni, mia survival isn't the gold the u. k. g of many, her my message to them is that human being, i unity. you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism nor
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because if the field but are in u. k, u k is better for them. they should be accepted the way the house will be. refugees here saving you arrivals will face legal challenges and for wonder they will have to apply for asylum with no guarantees about their welfare or future lives. how much fun i'm 0. there is anger on the streets of india, against the demolition of homes owned by muslims. couple officials say the buildings had been constructed illegally, arise group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. are sweet protests were held in several cities against her former officials of the governing b, j. p. they made remarks about the prophet mohammed that many have considered offensive. poverty. metal has more from the state of pradesh. there is some fear, but mostly immense anger against prime minister in the winds. remote these party gentle party, or b j. p r. we are in a town cor saharan poor in northern indian were actually outside the mosque where
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protest began last friday. now these projects were part of a larger movement against the b j piece to spokespersons. that made blasphemous comments against the prophet muhammad, the protesters were demanding that new pasha, my former spokesman of the b. j. p. b, arrested for her comments. now cross india, about 300 people have been arrested for those protests in this town. about a 100 people have been arrested. police say they've also arrested about 18 people for hate speech. most of whom have been hindus, not 3 homes in the state of water for the where we are have been at least partially demolished. 2 of those are here in so hard on both these homes belong to people who are protesting and lawyers and activists point out that it is completely illegal and that the government is particularly beach of the state governments govern by
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the b j. p. are using or rather misusing the law to intimidate minorities, specifically, muslims. they see as this as an extension of an anti minority sentiment that has been fueled by the b j. p. they've been hate speeches. and now you've seen a bulldozer it's being used. i, in fact, a prominent lawyers have pointed out that millions of people in india live in homes that could, could be considered illegal. verifica memo is the managing partner of m. c. m, law firm. he says, courts have previously condemned these kinds of demolitions. the narrative that is being played in relation to the loathing of the properties which, which belong to the alleged writer, is, in my opinion, a complete miscarriage of justice and something which had been found a bond by visually shooting india in the past as well. you will recall that in a similar issue we knew delhi some time ago,
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the honorable supreme court intervene and stayed the loading of properties in another issue. thereby, of sending a very strong message to the concern authorities that these actions prime of, if you were extra judicial and that these steps have no place in a state which is governed by a rule of law. these are the wedding dependent team. one is the, the offense of committing riding or damaging public property has to be addressed in a very different manner. and if there is any legal property of belonging to anybody that needs to be addressed in a very different for them in a different procedure, altogether, these properties that those are demolish, you know, even if they were illegal, there has been obliteration by the honorable high court in the food suitable that certain guidelines have been given that a 30 day window needs to be provided for the, for the party, even if a demolition order has been bliss. now the case that most of which is most talked
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about right now, belonging to an activity, which doesn't happen, it's very clear. that's what is on record right now that, that falls under the 30 day period. so i'm sure petitions will be filed. all of these matters will eventually come to the fort campbell in court, has convicted a prominent lawyer of treason. terry saying faces up to 12 years in prison, become bodie and american lawyer was charged in connection with the failed attempt file position figure sum range the to return from excel in 20. 19. before her conviction sang, told her pauses. she considered the proceedings shown. i am ready for the sham a verdict that will be a noun morning which will be guilty wording. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious keyboard, imprisoned for my political opinions for my belief. i for my belief in democracy for my belief in freedom, i am ready to pay the price of prison in order that i live
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out my conscience and my belief in freedom in just the still ahead on al jazeera, the u. s. envoy is in beirut to try and solve a maritime puerto spot between lebanon and israel. and 15 years of seizure, ne report highlights the struggles of people living in gaza on the sweeping israel . ah, hello, there will have a look at south asia satellite image. you can see the cloud bringing the rain as the monsoon advanced is not just to southern areas, but also to most central and eastern areas, we will see the rain pick up here. now we've got severe warnings out for thunderstorms, for the north east of india, a lot of weather,
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reaching down into bangladesh and up into an a pole and bhutan. now it is rather dry up in the north west for places like new delhi, the temperature sitting in the early forty's, pakistan seeing a lot of hot and dry conditions, the temperature in the whole remaining in the mid forties. but we will see the temperature down slightly in you dealt with the chance of a shower or storm and was move across to east asia. it's very wet. indeed for southern areas of china, we could see some flooding where we have already seen floods. thanks to the may you front that's pulsing those pockets of heavy rain out to the east. for the north of this, it's wyatt temperatures picking up across central areas. but the temperature in beijing remaining below the average. we have got some rain here, though it will be an improving and improving picture as we head towards the end of the week. this isn't a story for japan, the temperature in tokyo expected to touch up by about 10 degrees with some spells of sunshine. that sure weather update
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it watching out their mind of our top stories of our 5 flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k. toronto will take off from the coming hours and legal appeal by rights groups to stop the deportations failed. only 7 migrants will be on the flight, which is reported to be costing more than $600000.00. protests is a new data denouncing the demolition of homes owned by muslims, local governments, as the building had been constructed, illegally arise group say it's part of hamilton. today. the course in cambodia convicted the prominent lawyer, terry saying, and dozens of members of a disbanded opposition party of treason. they faced up to 12 years in prison. joe biden will be making his fuss trip as us president to the middle east next month. the full day tool will include a visit to israel, the occupied west bank. saudi arabia,
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let's be told whitehouse. corresponding company hawk. it can be what can we expect? fuzzy from his trips to israel? well, we know is that so whether it's israel, whether it is saudi arabia, this is going to be a difficult one domestically for the u. s. president to as well as the meetings on site in the region. and that is because of many of the past statements that the president has made. the u. s. president really criticized his predecessor donald trump when it came to his policies. but when it comes to israel, there really isn't much daylight between the former president to and the current president when it comes to israel. what we know is that the u. s. president joe biden has not restored the bipartisan policies where that sort of predated donald trump. on really condemning the illegal israeli settlements that have continued. he also has not made good on his own promises to re open palestinian consulate
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in jerusalem to really sort of serve the needs of palestinian. so these are some of the finer points that are going to be brought up as the president does go to visit the region. he's going to be, we know, having a virtual summer with the israeli prime minister, but also with the indian leader as well as the leader of u e. and we also know that he will be meeting with palestinian leaders, including buffer to boss in the west bank. we are sure exactly what the location will be that is still to be announced, but regardless, this is going to be a controversial visit. and again, it is because of many of the presidents past statements. but also it is because the president has not pressed the israelis on one of the most pressing issues of all. and that is on for an independent investigation and to the death of our own sharina black clay who of course,
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many investigations have concluded that was killed by it is really bullet. she is an american citizen, is yet the u. s. president has not pushed the israelis for an independent investigation and kimberly, that was a loss of coming in on over whether this trip would actually include saudi arabia. but it looks like that is going to happen. no. yeah, our sources are telling us that natalie is this is going to be happening, but that has been confirmed by the press secretary acreage on pierre that just spoke on air force mind the u. s. president now headed up to philadelphia for a labor meeting and speech there, but she did say that there is expected to be a meeting with the king solomon as well as we expect his, his son, the crown prince mohammed ben solomon. and that's going to be a little bit touchy given some of the comments of the president, particularly the fact that he has called the saudi came to
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a prize state. also the fact that he has a really pointed out their human rights record, but now he's going to be having this meeting to really try and bring down oil prices, domestic prices here and kind of turning a blind eye to the human rights record of the kingdom thank you for that can be home at the 1st white house. it's been a 2nd day volatility affecting global stock markets. on monday, we'll st. entered what's known as battery. that's when markets for more than 20 percent from a recent high. and this is in japan, ended in the read off the n sled to a 23 year low against the dollar. charlie robinson is the author of the book, the time travelling economists. he explains what the market slide means for the global economy. what is telling us is that the markets were ready pricing in every session in germany that the i filed a survey of germany industry was telling us that german manufacturing companies
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expect really bad times in 6 months time. china we were hoping was coming out of the, on the, on the coven look downs for them to go back into them. and this is the biggest, obviously, the biggest manufacturer in the world, which means more supply shortages for the rest of the world, which means more inflation. and it was that inflation figure on friday, which really upset the market because it tells us the u. s. now is probably going to go into a session. it's going to have to keep on hiking interest rates to get inflation bad . but this whole is consistent with with recessions. and what is it's telling us, but we're going to see it's going to be tough for people. i mean, it's already tough with, with inflation is already causing pain. food prices are up, my think, doubled in the last month, mostly because my son is come back to university like a horse. but when everyone's having this problem of fuel, those going up or utility bills are going up. that means less common restaurants,
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less spending on and you car less spend on new items. so it's going to be hurting most people. but it has to pull the worst because they're the ones you have. we're already struggling to cope with income and trying to match valid expenditure, but not a cost to shop. they don't have to spam reserves, so inflation has to be full, and the fed has to hurt the economy to get inflation dam. grease has released an iranian oil tanker sees nearly 2 months ago according to local media in iran. the crude from iran on board is also being sent back in the great court overturned to ruling the had allowed the us to confiscate part of that oil in may, over alleged violations of sanctions. iran's paramilitary revenue, 3 guards, seas to greek flag tank as last month. in retaliation. the u. s. and boy mediating between lebanon and israel, is in beirut to discuss
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a maritime dispute between both countries. the talks has stalled for months because of disagreements within lebanon, over the size of the speech area. they are called a report lebanon's maritime border dispute with israel has resurfaced. after an offshore drilling platform arrived at the korean gas field last week was condemned as a hostile act by the leadership here. but israel says the waters are not contested . lebanon's leaders invited the u. s. mediator amos hostile to present proposals to israel for resuming indirect talks. they're waiting for a response, but they also seem to be offering what some called a compromise. fleming on response has not been officially disclosed, but it is believed the country's leaders have dropped their claim to line $29.00. that is where the charisse gas field is located. sources close to the president said negotiations will instead focus over an 860 square kilometer area of c and
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an additional 300 square kilometers that include the qana gas fields. talks between lebanon and israel. in february, nearly collapsed after hushed. i made clear line $29.00 shouldn't be included in negotiations, and courage wasn't near a disputed area. men, but animal follow up from the beginning. the demand of the negotiating team was for the authorities to sign the decree to modify the map and send it to the un. this will have made our claim legal level. many people in lebanon are angry. they say those in power gave away the country's wealth to secure their own interests and political future. with the man the amendment of decrease 6433. so that line 29 becomes the line on which in direct should be demand international law, which is on their side to be respected. the president says the line $29.00 claim was not formalized so negotiations could be kept open. but an eminent deal is not
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expected really should how much richer, what, what kind of compromise was supposed to agree on or so i think, given the local political will end up on a, given the regional corporate and giving also the mission of israel. the rig is weeks away from producing gash from cut each. the field is a resource that could help fill the needs of western nations as they try to reduce reliance on russia for supplies following its invasion of ukraine. that means lebanon's demand to stop production until there is a final deal on borders, runs counter to their interests. then they're also sita, they route the united nations as the death toll from days a violence between tribes and see dogs. da 4 region has reached at least 125. fighting between arab and non arab peoples began in the town of coal, both in west for state armed men from our tribes later attack. several villages in
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the area fighting is frequently broken out in the region of access to water and pasture lice, dog the you and food aid body, the well food program says it has to cut some food aide to sell to general because it doesn't have enough money the program has launched a humanitarian appeal thing, needs $426000000.00 the next 6 months that would have the risk of salvation for one point. 7000000 people. while the youngest country is struggled with conflict and famine, since a split from su, donna cheese day marks 15 years since israel imposed in air land and sea blockade on the golf strip. or a pool from human rights watch says its devastates and causes economy and blocks. nearly 2000000 people access to work and education. the un says the humanitarian crisis in gaza has wheat on precedent levels. you know, said reports,
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this is how much to cobra because the strip in 2007 attitude legislative election. israel has imposed a full seizure on the enclave. it's strictly controlled everyone in every thing going in or out. it's further damaged causes bleak economy and the dia, living condition of its 2000000 people. and that's been worse and by both israel and egypt keeping their porters closed. israel allows passes through the air is crossing only in what is considered exceptional humanitarian cases in human rights watch. latest report on israel feet estates, the closure has devastated the economy garza contributed to fragmentation of the palestinian people and forms part of ease, really, authorities, crimes against humanity, of appetite and persecution, against millions of palestinians is really authority should lift the closure of
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casa and the generalize, travel, ban and permit freedom of movement, subject to at most individual screenings for security reasons. more than 60 percent refugees, depending on the united nations refugees, agency for food, education, and medical aid. there is not a moral extra here in, in because if i will give you one figure about the number of people who used to receive food from on dockwood copeland from in 2000 and the number was 70000 people . now we are talking about 1000000, 100000 people. this is how number are you know, a rising. why? a little saying once own to factory producing medical and industrial equipment, but is really official stop materials and turing garza, they say, can be used for dual use, meaning civilian and military. he says that's left him and more than 30 other workers without jobs. manon law alert the court while the linear essential
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materials from our factory were bound from entering garza. this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now and we were forced to send all walkers home. since israel imposed its plough, kate, it's also launched for military assaults on casa with the siege. preventing construction materials such as steel and cement, from reaching garza reconstruction has been near impossible. the un weren't in 2015, that living conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become an inhabitable by 2020. now. in 2022 palestinians in garza are still living under israel blockade denied per bay to cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future. you may see it al jazeera garza.


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