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la la la la, la, la, la, la, many essential materials from our factory war bound from entering gazelle. this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now, and we were forced to send all walkers home. since israel imposed its blockade, it's also launched for military assaults on casa with the siege. preventing construction materials such as steel and cement. from reaching garza reconstruction has been near impossible. the un warrant in 2015, that living conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become any inhabitable by 2020. now. in 2022 palestinians in godsa are still living under ease rails blow. kate deny per bay to cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future. you may see it al jazeera garza ah,
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this is our desert. these you top stories. the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to rhonda will take off in the coming hours of the legal appeal by rights groups to stop the deportations failed. only 7 migrants will be on the flight which is reported to be costing more than $600000.00. has been widespread criticism of the scheme, though spokeswoman for the round government has urged critics to give it a chance. give all the suffering. ah, the sound system is broken to be taken advantage of by criminal guns. the exploiting people. um prost leaking false promises. oh, people are risking their lives. oh, in these dangerous crossings. so somebody has to give and we are happy to be working on this solution. linda with all u. k partners. charlie angela has more from london. it's going to be interesting to
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see if this covenant policy actually does get off the ground 7 people. as you said on the list for that flight due to be leaving in 6 hours for them, a challenging those deportation orders at the high court at the moment. we've just heard that 2 of them have lost their appeals. it's also not looking hopeful for the flight overall. they were challenging that with the court. but the supreme court judge has just come out and said if the government's policy of removing asylum seekers to rwanda is found to be unlawful, steps will be taken to bring them back, protested the new deli, have denounced the demolition of homes owned by muslims. government officials say the buildings have been constructed, illegally ruins, group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslim activists and protesters caught in cambodia has convicted the prominent lawyer, terry sang and dozens of members of a disbanded opposition party of treason. they face up to 12 years in prison.
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joe biden will make his fuss trip as u. s. president, the middle east, next month, he's expected to meet a saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed been summoned. it comes just a year to the bud and ministration concluded that saudi arabia is de facto leda, ordered the murder of the jealous jamal ca, shoji. those headlines nice continues here now to sarah to the stream. the latest news, as it breaks there, an estimated 20000 li gold miners just in the younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage. the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing. lives are being in danger from around the world. residents, zalinski says, but coming days will be crucial for you. great. with the expected renew. defensive release.
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aah. i as i me okay to down the stream. 3 stories in the headlines from around the world in the united states for january. the 6 hearings are underway, but can be in debt investigation of the attack on the west capital influence public opinion. and in a pole, a former child actor a model went public with her story of rape and spots a movement to overhaul the countries antiquated, sexual assault law. but 1st, to warn ukraine as it enters, it's both map to worry green is not over. so it makes it very complex to see what will be the final outcome of that he made carrion character, which is very early, making it even more complex to identify those in need and provide humanitarian assistance. as we were traditionally do, in other countries are still noticing a lot of our internally displaced, seeking temporary medium to long term housing. having lost everything and unable to
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secure their winter, basically in the very harsh winter season that starts us in his october this year. we're looking at instruct his school year disrupted health care, while chorus is covering the basic needs of the eastern and southern parts of the country when it comes to providing mobile medical services, as well as covering that he needs for food, contemporary shelter. it is a very complex environment that also looks and disrupted agriculture overall economy. and the impact on the technician that will be very hard to say with us now, is i desirous charles stratford from keith at charles, you've been in and out of ukraine, telling us the story of the war as they unfold. what are the difference is that you're saying each time you go back each time you do another story? i think the main difference, certainly this time and bear in mind that we haven't been in the east yet. we're
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hoping to go in the next couple of days is just still this meant a sense of shock that this has happened to the people that the bearing the main brunt of it, which are in the east of the country. we were at say an id p and internally displaced. people centers a day in mariel. sorry, in care of people who had left, fled at mariel till speaking to people there. just as i say, just still unable to really come to terms with exactly what had happened and people who describe the bloodshed having lost loved ones and family members. some unable to still locate family members lost in the panic in leaving that message. city interestingly, also speakers speaking to a psychiatrist there who has been dealing with some of the, the most traumatized of these people. she said something that was very telling
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indeed. and something that i don't think we really talk about that often, which is this complete kind of disjuncture disconnect between people in russia with relatives in the east of ukraine, the psychiatrist saying that she had been actually she had been displaced in 2015 during the fight between separatists and ukrainian forces in donnette, she had moved to mariel. and in the beginning, days after the invasion was in contact with her relatives in russia. and these were her words. she said that they were telling her not to panic because in their words, the russian forces were coming to liberate them. i mean, this, this incredible sense, complete disconnect. and as i say, i mean just one of one of one of many stories, thousands of stories that you hear in coverage from now on another study that
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really has come to me about what a finance. so he did say you visited this russian orthodox church mclean in february, just before perkins invasion, was actually exquisite. the front line hasn't quite closer and closer since then. just going to click for it. and then that final pay is just standing. what are we seeing here? well, this is part of the russian orthodox church, complex in a town called fair tickets. 17th century russian orthodox church complex, absolutely beautiful situated on this river. and that wouldn't church, i suppose, is located about 4 or 5 kilometers to the north of it. and as you see in those photographs, we visited it in january in the, in the, in the days, weeks just before the invasion. and it was spellbinding really beautiful, something out of a dostoevsky novel if you like. and so we were very shocked to see of seeing it
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having been hit by sharing an indication that nothing is nothing is unsafe, no matter the historical significance of it. according to the ukrainian president over 100 churches, it in this war so far. and what's worrying is certainly in the last 3 or 4 days, we're seeing an increasing intensive bombardment of the last 2 cities in the loop ganske region. one of the to break away republics, don't it being the other, the other one and we are getting reports now or what, according to ukrainian sources, could be tens, at least 10000 civilian straps in the city of several. the next civilians, a deputy commodity disparity just a few hours. okay. we're just going to, i went to how you do that. how do you have you been here and then still make sure
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that you're covering the story. well, we are very lucky. we have a network of very good fixes in local journalists that we use and we've been using, frankly, since the last 8 years since this conflict really started c 20142015 . so we are very well set up as a network, and this is a deputy commander that we're in contact with inside severity, who has been stationed there for we understand a few months and you're describing a very wiring situation is a safer around 10000 people still there what's important to recognize though, for me is that these 10000 people, it's impossible to verify as to whether they actually want to leave. and we try and bring in all voices of to say we recover this conflict. and one must recognize that there are a lot of people in that area in that region that were very sympathetic to, to russia, to russia's aspirations, people who associate with russian culture and russian language. so it's difficult
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to, to be able to gauge as to how many of those estimated 10000 people are unable to get because of the severity of the fighting or literally are willing to get out. but a very wiring situation, especially in and around a chemical plant as a chemical plant in that town where we understand around $500.00 children at $500.00 people, including at least 40 children, could well be sheltering our staff. and i'm just going to have some of the most recent reporting, which has been like wayne silo in the credits here on my laptop, which gives us an idea the ripple impact of a war in ukraine. where when we started covering this 4 months ago, we were not really thinking of doing agricultural reporting at the same time because of the lack of wheat and grain from the crane. i'm not sure that is able to go out into the well, you can follow charles as extensive reporting on the war in ukraine. i came out to see i dot com. thank you so much. i next story is about right. then i want to give
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you a moment so that you have a chance to walk away from the screen if you need to. in the pool activists, according for swift, justice, for victims of sexual violence. ah no current li, she is on my thought, stayed with violence and it does not. stigma, drama on the bottom. government should consider amending the provision offer. when you start edition you're not dying submission attribution. this is also to be funded by the government legal entity laws and look at them. one is degree in line to national standards, especially ensure in gender neutral references in the law in
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a series of tick tock, puss, and now 24 year old model. an actor says that she was attack 8 years ago by a beauty contest organizer who also took photos and videos of her, and then went on to blackmail her. and this is sparked a wide spread conversation on sexual violence in nepal. joining us from kat mandy dash and lama is a human rights lawyer at the forum for women, law and development dash. and this is a really disturbing story, but it's not an unusual one for the poor. what is unusual is that the young woman has come out and told her story, but the story goes back to 2014. could you briefly tell us what happened? so um, thank you. any. ah, so um, in this case, 1st of all, it's a unique case because as you said that the skis of as does survivor, herself came out to a social media. she was viewed by
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a millions of people use human rights activist lawyers. and so many people like li person. so she was herself, was defining all the horrendous thing that happened to her, the torture, rape, sexual abuse for a longer period of time. like more than like for 6 months continuous, 6 months, she was abused, so she was the one who was telling the stories from her own mouth. so this is a unique case in the history of nevada. this is definitely a landmark case that would definitely change the, you know, the laws of sexual violence, that it would cover the loopholes of the sexual violence laws and evolve. physician that we are looking right now at some of these tick tock, revelations, from shish meta and, and i don't understand everything that she sang of, of she's not speaking english in all of these. can you explain the impact that her looking at the can? what telling her story? what that had in the pull, what do people do when they saw this?
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so when people saw this video, when it scheme of an event vital like so all the people who they shot because you know, and she was to find me the that the, like i said she was, she was defining all the, you know, the daily horrifying thing that happened early the, the continuous torture leave and she was psychologically broken. she was floss street at, you know, she was, as she kept white for all these long years for 8 years and, and she tried all the things she went to psychological, psychiatric counsellor. and you know, she, at the, the most important thing is like, she was not aware of the one year time edition statute of limitation. so in the next video like she was, she took help from all the high profile people. but you know, a very unfortunate that she couldn't be helped, or she'd say, she said, so let just disagree kat brown as through outside of nepal. so they understand if you do not report or file you'll rate case within one year of that attack happening
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. it's too late, is that, is that the case? different? so say it doesn't matter at what point after 12 months it's too late. yeah. like, hey, won't, we won't be taken in the court. you're right. so as we're though you know the national committee code of nipple, the statute of limitation to find the read keys is like one here. so if i, the limitation is crossed, then unfortunately the geese wouldn't be taken. but in this case, you know, all the human rights activist, a lawyers, you know, parliamentarians, they really supported like all the people took in the street to protest and in the parliament right after the incident and vital in the parliament, the lawmakers, you know, a registered the motion a to, you know, what are the protested or asking for, what do they want to happen? the testers are basically asking for the justice to, you know, to move the time limitation of the that that has been addressed under section
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violence law. so basically they're asking for justice, the seat environment for the women to walk, you know, you respective of anything like to to be safe. so they just want the justice for the survivor is asked what is out the whole thing. is that possible for the law to be change of a thing? any law can be changed, but the pressure of the protest as the story that came out on social media of this horrendous way. and also the alleged rapist, has other allegations against him. so that is really serious as well. it means that the perpetrator perpetrators may well go unpunished. what is realistic that may well happen. that changes sexual violence floor in the palm. a definitely very definitely the law. we are very hopeful that the look that this time the law would be changed because i'm not seeing that all that previous pieces there. insignificant. but you know, this time like, the already the bill has been,
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you know, registered in the parliament. so of the pardon, indians are very serious about, you know, extending the timely mediation, direct themselves, demanding, demanding, to, you know, extend that, i'm going be sure to move the time limitations. so definitely an end or, you know, on the read petition has an already find to extend the diagnostician. as 60 me lawyers find the repetition to are you know, extend the statute of limitation. so definitely this scared this. it will definitely change the r a, bring our bring other historic change in the sexual violence laws of noble. i'm considering the responses from everyone in the you know, whether it be like social networking side, whether it be the youth, whether it be to lawmakers, everyone like they are coming together. so that rally and kind ality the valley. and kai is a justice fish and assist meter. we need justice and me to so in many ways the protest of the saying you need to pay attention to was what has happened to assist me to where is she right now and, and,
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and how she reacted to the impact that she has made. oh, so also keeping in confidential keeping um you know, other her stages of mine and confidentiality. so actually a form of eminent not a form for law development and w l d assisted her to find that if i are in the police. so initially, other, if i had been already a virus filed, it was filed under the human daphne in transportation to human laughing and transportation control act. because a considering the fact that the standard of limitation has been already crossed. but then in this case, um, the a government attorney has, you know, requested the lawyers, our lawyers to also address the charge of leap in the job in the, in had to charge sheet. so we are very hopeful because we have been get, we are like getting a lot of support from everyone. so thank you. and literally shoot you an idea of what we're going to leave it on that hopeful night. thank you because there's so much more to say and we will be following the story. so hopefully that you will
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come back to us as it develops. we really appreciate you being on the stream to day and now to the united states where the january, the 6th committee looking into the attack on the u. s. capital, in 2021, have started public hearings. the actions of form of present donald trump had been scrutinized by a 9 member panel. and they've been tasked with investigating the deadly riots. ah, we need to remember that thousands of people fro trump supporter storm the u. s. capital, in a way that we have not seen in recent history when it comes to domestic terrorism over a 150 people who participated in that have been charged over a 140 police officers were injured, and people ended up dying as a result of that people are focusing on whether or not people will actually be held accountable at the upper echelons of our government. and also thinking about other
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political actors who played a role in this process, particularly when it comes to conspiracy charges be, know what happened. the question is going to beat, will white supremacy actually be on trial and be held accountable in a way that we rarely see in the united states of america? joining us now. hi, daisy castro, covering these hearings for audi 0. thanks for joining us, heidi. i know you've been doing live, it's all the way for the day. i was watching early on this morning and it appeared to me to be an apology tool by the trump administration. so some of the things that were happening behind the scenes and we were watching the news thinking that is really strange. why would president trump say that? and we get to hear. all of the things are happening behind the scenes. and some very bizarre things were happening, heidi, right? absolutely. but you know, if this was an apology tour for me, it's the kind where your mom grabs you by your ear and getting said and says,
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you have to say, you're sorry, because i will say, this compelling footage we've seen of the behind the closed or testimony that's happening because those witnesses are under order legally to you know, they swore their oath to answer these investigators questions so it's not an apology towards so much so as a heartening. yeah, absolutely. interesting. out of what you've heard to day. what struck you? rudy giuliani was drunk given advice to the president that stood out for me, but then that made so much more sense as to his behavior for much of the rest of the time during the time that he was advising. former president trump. so absolutely, absolutely. it was being that why on the wall, right. even though these are like conversations about what had happened, but just pretend that you were there within the white house residence. and it was described in vivid detail kind of the, the sensation of being among trumps. close as advisors and his daughter who just
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have their hearts sinking as the returns are coming in on lecture nights, especially when fox news, you know, called the race in the state of arizona, the key swing state for biden, for the challenger. and how everyone just were disappointed. but they said when he went to tron, he was livid that he had lost arizona. he would not accept that. and he would only turn to his apparently, according to witnesses, his inebriated attorney, his private attorney, rudy giuliani, who said to every one, you know, he has to go out there in public and just say that he want even though you know evidence would show otherwise. so we're getting like did what, how do we can in the behind the scenes drama, which is fascinating. this is the in a, in a circle president, trump. i am wondering who is being a pill to hear republicans, democrats, the whole of america. what are your thoughts that?
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well, i certainly, this committee is certainly hoping to appeal to all of america, and i'm sure they, their wish list is to speak to the republican voters. but that is a tall order because as we know, it happens about what happened on january 6th and who is responsible has been so baked in among the greater american population for this year and a half that i would say very few people who already think trump you know, should not be blamed for january 6. i don't believe their minds would be changed and almost every one you ask would, would say the same. but it is interesting. you can argue people are overall interested though if any, because we know 20000000 americans tune in to the opening hearing last week. that is a pretty high number. i mean it's like sunday night football. so which is really they guarantee you that's huge use, right? got here, you s t v audience for january, the 6th hearing reaches 20000000. so that's, that's
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a pretty big audience. i am also thinking out about, there were a moments that have been really fascinating for an audience. if you are a president trump fan, it probably makes you feel like okay he, he was in charge, it was all down to present trump's decision. and if you weren't a president trump signed it, it basically confirms the idea that he probably wasn't fit to be a president in the 1st place. what are you hearing from? are we hearing from republicans watching their own? give testimony. i think many republican leaders are trying to just have it away from all of this. when asked, they normally shift to a conversation directly to biden, and how he, they say he's not, you know, taking care of inflation for instance. because all are aware here. and this gets
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your question about the greater purpose and who they're talking to. there's an upcoming midterm election where the congressional majority is that stay here in washington in november. and republicans are hoping that this set of hearings, which are certainly creating huge headlines, does not invigorate the democratic base, which is of course, democrats, one so it's again, it's, everything has to be down through this partisan lens. and of course, although the committee here would not say that political motivation has anything to do with it, reality is there's an election coming up and everyone wants to play to their voters favor with doing know, heidi, what is coming up next? do you have like a program over there? so you know, program will speakers so you know who's coming up so you can watch for that might be interesting. i'll watch that particular person at the hearing is that possible to does the public and, and 2 journalists understand what the next part of the hearing will be. yeah,
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we're getting drip so that we get a little knowledge like the day before. for example, when who the witnesses are, but the bigger picture? the committee here has laid out trump. they say evidence will show that he had a 7 part plan in lying about the outcome of the election, trying to get it overturned and then assembling the mob and trying to route the benefit. so we've seen them go yes, last week's was kind of the opening argument today was focused on the beginning the election night last and going forward. there's 2 more hearing this week and we've been told that they will focus on trump's attempt to in the committee's words, corrupt the justice department. and when he failed to do so, how he assembled the mob, which they say had the intend attempted coup and trying to keep trump empower and essentially by force. so very strong arguments and they've laid it out in
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a very systematic manner over the course of these doesn't a half dozen or so hearing id. thank you so much. we will continue to what she reporting live from washington dc, giving us the latest on the hearings and all of the developments you can find them or so on. out. is there a dot com? now if there is a story that you want us to cover, it's really easy to get to us it. we are at a j stream on twitter, that's a j stream on twitter. thank you to chiles, to dash and, and to heidi for being ad guests on today's show, i will see next time take everybody. ah.
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so lamar les come, it's great to see welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloom that some people say that they say the globalization going on, but that perfect. so think of every globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, for 4 weeks, america in gulf didn't protest every day, all over the u. s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly pandemic. and it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms. sometimes it was violent, but mostly it was peaceful. we asked people to describe what america is now feeling . i think people want change. and i think people are willing to do whatever it
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takes to get there on friday. billions of people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june 18th and unofficial holiday. commemorating the end of slavery in the united states. this year in the wake of the nationwide protests, there is a growing number of calls to make it an official federal holiday. as people see it as a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be heard . ah, al jazeera, with no news.


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