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tv   My Tunisia Najet Werda Island Kitchen  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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by occupying the border town of ben unger this monday, this is nothing less than an invasion of the d r. c. and the armed forces, the democratic republic of congo, will take all of the necessary measures to defend the territory. the un says the death toll from days of violence between tribes and sedans. da 4 region has reached at least 125. fighting between arab and non, our peoples began in the town of columbus in western duffle state, armed men from arab tribes. later attacked several villages in the area. conflicts is frequently broken out over access to water and pasture for livestock. a video is captured the moment how fell into the yellowstone river in the u. s. state of montana. the area has suffered unprecedented flooding and rock slides which forced many people out of their homes. yellowstone national park as close to the public as an investigation is carried out.
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ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now just here. now the 1st plane carrying asylum seekers from the u. k through wanda will take off from the coming out. that's off the illegal appeal by rights groups failed to stop the deportations, but only 7 migrants will be on the $600000.00 flight spokeswoman for the run. the government is urging critics to give the program a chance. people, the suffering system can be taken advantage off by criminal guess that exploiting people making false boxes. people are risking their lives in these dangerous coming. so somebody has to give and we are happy to be working on this edition with with our u. k. partners. britton's prime minister barak johnson has again defended the
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policy. it's a cabinet meeting we are going to get on and, and deliver. and the objective, the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support the up hold and protect. because we will understand the benefits that it brings. protests as in new delhi, have denounced the demolition of homes owned by muslim government. officials say the buildings had been constructed illegally, writes groups say it's part of an attempt to intimidate the activists in protest. joe biden will make his 1st trip. is us president to the middle east next month is expected to meet and saudi arabia the crown prince, had been some man. the trip comes just a year after the bible administration concluded the prince had ordered the murder of journalists jamal, how shoji, the leader of ecuador main indigenous peoples movement has been arrested on the 1st
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day of a nationwide strike. please say leonardo was detained on suspicion of offensive offences rather, which were not specified. because in cambodia has convicted prominent lawyer theory sang and dozens of members of a disbanded opposition party with treason. they face up to 12 years in prison headlines. the news continues after my to nicea as the final 3 places at the feet, the will come, all decided will life from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe . a seems. this falls council 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera. ah
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a shelf by them cheerfully. just at the school civil cut, an equally called him a 3rd one. so i went to my, i fabulous in they me, they sent me a money to help her therapy to come into the honey review site. the deluxe is where she is now. hannah wagner. wiser. alba for your machine. any minus m. might you on foot? is there a concrete look, i think i know that they shogun, it were love war, philadelphia, dera,
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but you have more than you home are you the color of the home? i am lou from us with normal. didn't a ha my was in her ah, kelly itself and see beneath the yes. a company of mine that he's got a man, eliza, me mind this love or to put on the think went on because i had that i've offered even i go grandma wouldn't mind the had to use your mouth problem. marketable was ah, was it your father? i mission 1st enough he said, acumen, now he's not without crying. i'll talk rather
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for this is i think it could be another hung up on me. i'll tell you how it's mainly magnetic the thought of a higher higher this is a panelist here. so if i, this is a panel, the social social to book the company to the can i look at medical you so i found her, i came at the cause, it became plastic. sure news could campus have got poor alexis, you're not alone. you wilmont allowed your new woman, sheffield, you women at video age? learn nice. at xena followed by law. yeah. little hypothetical faith tadja.
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hillagada not that had the long valley b. i'm the larger noah. learn the use of the black. hello douglas. one of them had changed. i was gonna say that wasn't a letter. i'm lady of copy then maybe he'll, i'm not gonna give his phone, but i know so, but i'm glad you're kind of i'm on this, but have laura on this. russia. that's not the only way you can reference your medical contingent of eat with hello. hello. hello. hello with her.
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mm hm. mm hm. mm. i ha says are guys interested to fill in or i'm gonna give them an address or either or it would have been her them taylor say it didn't that i'm doing on your machine yet. little mitchell shape for me. you're holding challenge. may i think it was? have you challenged maggie as you are sure, the rear zulu form. dollar down paraprofessional glare. give them again a rama is a how are you going to get it versus how to move? 0 moment. this is sylvia. yeah. my player,
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with goal is year from a desire for visit jacqueline. what happened from her year? i be maria. oh, a huge. you have to wait for the oh, what does our oh you as you make or i mean on by the hood, there is on the moon is used for ha, ha, was it all right i, we have credit for getting a little bit in the and number 2 is a, from our list that was made a funny with her if she got them would never root canal a mo who'd have dollar the talk. i do love another new car garage, l g,
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but i. ringback never knew, i want to learn a little did a little there. the last one, plastic only for us you want to do. there are 3 of her her from her zone guys, mom g her g back o'malley here. dietary get petroleum. it doesn't have her from the those are barrow riscas up on the, the, my gosh heathen. hey, we're a no a freeman but they said the accident a bit and miracles, the cheese, and with that that
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a horny f. no labor had in my math. the bad shame in a free at the are not so nice yesterday, but he's also if he shows not living with you yet or not with a month, with heal up. now we have you going to lend me money that a lot of money that if you live or what did you have any little shop or no money for a
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whole, got all it all over the as me and was a know a half. and i was often have because you know, in a liter liter managers apply live or number quality by you have the gain has at them, how does your global yet, how much is that? okay, now her id it the full amount. so your compose, you know, nominal orders let us, let us not at the column of how much it might not have come over this other commodity with
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diploma. ah, ah, i as in yeah. as high got and i'm a gazillion you've got bought. i don't use that either, but then i thought, oh my son, my son, my son with no, no my id with only that one have was you not at all or wish you you might hear me.
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i'm a good other potential for shaheer, could hazard hackney or have we are with since you did, let me look at that with me understand about a janet either. but i'll let you know smart betters. okay. all right, but you got cut off now. wish glad though i had some was capital hadn't got be done on the feed that felt leader to lavish give it to each other conventions on their name, their mind, the study of the call leave out there. look at my below. they go what
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we are he and to buy that i'm them. i promise i bunker, mom and i was allocate are here. i'm am ah father. now a 2nd was further jacqueline that has a man i'm of his hacker. i an i'm la hucker, if you've been a calamity here, the girl luma. that would help the heath. i would hope i thought that i thought would they, they need to know how to do it. it broke it, don't that it. oh, and as the man whose experience sat give now, not some of those out of your on your family who should be on you know that i'm just not sure i'm gonna have evie i'm with the army. we dont galum is jaqueline yukon been a member timothy
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leah. oh it is. take all mcclare county. lincoln that will be matthew skim level. you're happy with an attorney but shall put a model for now for let has i think is your father called e l. a heather. okay, t as the fit. neat and have that in in a make us elijah could amy michel the she didn't have no policy. the pastry in the policy, the if her column you should jane. heather zillow too. is that meaning for me to
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come on foot and the same for me at all, for my family has out of the mom he was gonna move out of houston was the mileage of this over to white. oh, and that was the monkey john burnett. cable got a letter i asked, lemme a and have a bubble up. i'll talk to my dad is emma, how many people played ah medium and had the clinic in. why a
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ah, your 1000000 wouldn't be. and i'm with adelman told the muslim mother and honey mom and she had her share that 0. my dad sherpa sherpa coupled. he had an i'm did as that old number buena, nancy, i begin with that. i'm gonna come and have back up. no, i'm not for them as a lover. as mulatto egg a whole, we're a go a dub. when there's one of the managers, i've been there by linda 0. deborah alcorda, yet there by live, live the back. good. a look.
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any a news? remember how he's been using in the fundamentally mckinney and i'm or any stop rambling farther through blossomgate interview while whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, it's just that good. i agree. yeah, but it's probably 8 and figure over with a
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an achilles halley davila la. say the colorado from a laza. she. ha, ha ha. i look that in a shoe in the side of her life, think of power name and fidel murphy, cassim pizza, whose eat mother. when there's, do i bought and as i top, i'll padre not from a russian is oh yeah, i didn't in the yard. have nick? yup. yep. would in fucking bitch numbers, total villa will have need you need a lot that we shopped on the path. we shall gaze. yep. and he can at mcmurry the, the account number
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. ah well oh oh day is that the amazon list that will then was it hello, linda. bye bye. hello bullets. we'll have a good day like lifted made to nashville hack my own if i don't ship cut that unless it couldn't let the go. it motion, let's go ahead. bless the live, and then your head below my nashua and live alone live there.
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ah, i have to have a little bit of an animal that has a hit a button in the country with them is i got metal the then let me, let me give it to me. how can i up on delta v o job though? them all i'll do. johnny is not are in a dish. my resume that i'm the daughter, lola. i'm the daughter fabian. hey, we had a had a t into a
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a a 2 in his he is selling to an, as he and apparently he is spending and the need that are the needy
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to this hobby. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter why you call al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. tv al jazeera. these men are survivors of coping 1946 year old abdul money or is the limousine driver. he's the only one here who needed to go to hospital when he became ill in early march, the breathing pro blown body of the balance body november. so deep is a $34.00 wheel drive or a fork atari family and he tested positive. my body is very good. that'll be
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a small problem you out of the health officials say the rate of new infections has slowed. the goal here is to conduct a broad survey to better understand transmission and asymptomatic cases, which in turn could help policy decisions in the future. so it would be easier for us to inform the decision making on what to do next. the goal now is to increase testing and contact tracing. the government provides retesting and medical treatment for those who need it while campaigns to raise awareness continue ah al jazeera in with .


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