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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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40th that it won't let me snowball you are with health officials, say the rate of new infections has slowed. the goal here is to conduct a broad survey to better understand transmission and asymptomatic cases, which in turn could help policy decisions in the future. so it would be easy for us to inform the decision making on what to do next. the goal now is to increase testing and contact tracing. the government provides free testing and medical treatment for those who need it while campaigns to raise awareness continue. ah al jazeera with national chapel with
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the okay government moves forward with it. busy staple taishan of asylum seekers for a wand off to almost all legal challenges are exhausted. ah, i'm sammy's day, dad. this is al jazeera live from dell, also coming up, i outrages most of them homes are demolished off protest against comments about the prophet mohammed by india's governing party. joe biden is to visit, is driving savvy rapier in july, and his 1st trip to that region. as u. s. president demands for liberty in cambodia as a cold convict. government critics of treason ah . the 1st slide carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to wander is due to take
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off in the coming hours. that's after an appeal by rights groups to stop the deportations failed. but after a series of individual legal challenges, only 7 people will be on board the flight. these the live pictures of what believe to be the plane. it's reported to be costing more than $600000.00. that's nearly $75000.00 per passenger. the spokeswoman for the rwandan government is urging critics to give the program a chance give all the suffering. and the same system is broken to be taken advantage of by criminal against their exploiting people. um, prost making false procedures. people are risking their life and in these dangerous crossings. so somebody has to give and we're happy to be working on this solution with with o u. k partners. britton's prime minister boss johnson is again defended. the
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policy is a cabinet meeting we are going to get on and, and deliver. and the objective, the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support that uphold and protect. because we will understand are the benefits that it brings them baba is live for us outside the home office in london . so 1st of all that start with those flights. what's happening to them was, i mean, you were just talking about the, the playing believe to be ready to take a solemn segers to kigali later on tuesday. and well, as far as we know, the number of detainees who are in detention centers here in the u. k. ready to be sent to rwanda and who have not been taken off the list because of legal challenges
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on an individual basis that have been ongoing. the number we believe is still at 7 that's been going down gradually, steadily since before the weekend because of m individual applicants making their case. in general though, there has been a refusal by the courts to put a freeze on the flight on friday, the high coach rejected an injunction for a blanket ban, and then on monday the court of appeal up held that decision on tuesday, the supreme court refused to rule on the court of appeals ruling saying that neither of the courts had actually done anything wrong in law. the. the court of appeal on monday stressed that part of its thinking was that if and next month when, as a today hearing into the wider legality of the ruin the repatriation scheme. if then it is rules to be unlawful. there is time for anyone who's deported now to ra
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wonder, to actually be returned to britain or i, and i will leave it there. thanks so much that the bob how there's growing anger across india where authorities of demolish the homes of muslims in nasa for dash state. they say they're being targeted. also taking part a recent protests. the demonstrations were held off the 2 officials from the governing b. j. p. policy made comments about the profit hummer. many considered offensive of natal recalls from sat on poor in northern india. oh, mama lee cries in pain. he says his arm is broken as it leads from mercy. he was recently arrested for allegedly taking part in a protest. his mother says the accusations of false and authorities are threatening to demolish her family's home. claim bobby godaddy. no more than what
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had you. my sister in law visited him. she said his hands were swollen. he told her the swelling was even worse. a few days ago, he begged her to get him out. he was crying like a child out of it. oh, my god. oh, hundreds of thousands of people across india recently protested against the push and more. she was suspended from the governing b. j. p for making islam before rec, remarked. now the b g p, run government up there could they state is cracking down on dissenters. authorities have demolished at least 4 homes belonging to muslims. they said the houses were built illegally, part of the top floor of bushes home. it's a horrible town has been destroyed. his mother says, authorities threatened the family as the arrested him. that's not the only dilemma . manette when the levant, we were terrified. i locked the door but they demanded, we open it. i went to the terrace and asked them why they had already arrested my son. i asked if they wanted to kill me. that's when they switched on the bulldozer . at least 300 people have been arrested nationwide. others have been booked for
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hate speech. many of them are hindus. local authorities say they receive names of dozens of protesters and will begin examining their homes for irregularity that walking fill in the shower. the more demolition could be carried out, the court have recently condemned similar demolitions, but authority said these are part of the larger and 100 close drive in the states. it is going on. and the people who had been the legalities in their houses or in the official promises the list is already the front of the holidays. the civic authorities keep on taking action against them. it is done as it will be measured and it has been done again. one of the mean he was one of the instigators of the oil, is the many people are protesting against the demolitions
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they see. the government is trying to intimidate dissenters and singling out muslims, homer than his mother is trying to free him. she says she has faith the law with side with her father, bob, and then i'll just see the holland in northern india job. ivan will make his 1st trip as us president to the middle east. next month. the full day toys will include israel, the occupied by bank and saudi arabia, 5 and is expected to meet saudi arabia's crown prince, but haven't been sell mine. the trip comes just a year after the bible ministration concluded, the prince had ordered the murder of journalists, jamal shop, g whitehouse, correspondent, kimberly, how can i move from washington d. c. what is notable is that when it comes to the policy that predated donald trump, namely that there is this sort of bipartisan condemnation of israeli illegal settlements. and that is something that was done under donald trump. it sort of
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remains that way under joe biden. there's no clear condemnation and if we don't expect that there's going to be when he sits down with the israeli leader, a know that we're having a virtual summer that is going to be held to it. he's going to include the indian leader as well as the way leader, but no mention of any sort of change of policy. we know that he's also going to meet with my boss in the west bank. we don't know what the location will be, but again, no indication of any shift in policy. now, the other thing that we are hearing is that he's not going to make good on a promise that he had initially pledged that was to reopen the u. s. consulate in jerusalem to serve palestinian. so in terms of any shift, it's clear that we're not seeing any when it comes to any sort of plans by the u. s . president on this trip to israel still had an al jazeera,
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we're in ukraine where the last escape route from the seattle don't. yes, region has been destroyed. and the restaurant boys in beirut trying to solve amount of time border dispute between lebanon and israel. ah. with hello, they will have a look at africa in a moment. the 1st the middle east and remains very hot and dusty across the rock. as another sandstorm rolled into baghdad, affecting visibility and bringing suffocating conditions. now a thing about one of these a week and those conditions are set to continue over the next few days. the heat dominating here as it is across the levant. we're seeing temperatures in israel and syria pickup in the days to come. and we will see a recovery of the temperatures. once again is some of the gulf states like could tar dip down slightly? it's back up to the mid forties. by the time we get into thursday, we have
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a look at the 3 day. we're going to see some blustery winds continuing those dusty conditions for the wet to whether we have to hop across to more central areas of africa. but one of africa remaining largely dry, which isn't helping drop conditions, but seems more severe. thunderstorms roll across south sudan and into the central african republic by thursday. but south of this is a largely quiet picture with chilly conditions for cape town, we've had a cold front sweep through towards the east of south africa, although affected las su to with the temperature in maceo root dipping right down. but there is going to be some recovery by the time we get to friday, sunshine will be back and it will be a rather nice weekend that sure weather. ah . when the news breaks, looking through the building towards anybody else inside. when people need to be heard and the story told,
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i feel like i wasn't really aware until i went to it definitely changed my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports is not hard. because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. lou ah, come back, you're watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. the 1st slide carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to rwanda will take off the coming hours and that's after a legal appeal by rights groups to stop the deportations failed, but only 7 migrants will be on the flight. protest is new delhi of denouncing the
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demolition of homes owned by muslims. local government says the buildings have been constructed illegally rights groups, say it's part of an attempt to intimidate them. joe biden make his 1st trip as u. s. president to the middle east, next month before they tore will include his round the occupied west bank and saudi arabia, where he's looking to reset relations. let's get more on our top story now and take a closer look at the challenges asylum seekers are facing. and rhonda, and as we've heard, it's already hosting about $130000.00 migrants and refugees. neighboring countries . many is struggling to find a job. ron, this unemployment is 16.5 percent. that's 5 times higher than in the u. k. small countries home to 13000000 people, making it the 2nd most densely populated in africa and competition for land and resources as contributed to decades of ethnic and political tensions are at. val
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has our report. we're wanting authorities say everything is ready for the 1st group of refugees being sent from the u. k. they'll be brought to this hostile in the capital kit. got the deal between the u. k and the london government has been heavily criticized. but both are defending, the agreement is not official. and as you see out of a defense asset fifties saw means that we are lead or take them is made, shows journalists, the services awaiting the arrivals, fully furnished, bedrooms dining spaces, spots, facilities. but these are on thinks refugees leave their homes for here at another center, lawanda refugees from south to then sudan each opiate every 2 year and somalia. talk about their frustrations to me. there's nothing i can say. i want to stay here . no, i just want to go ahead it is it'll boykin and i will just go back to knoxville
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statement. pete and yoni was 13 when he fled the civil war in south sudan in 2014. he says 2 of his brothers who were with him, were killed during the escape. he ended up in a detention center in libya for 7 years. last year, who was moved to lawanda with the help of the you and refugee agency. but for uni mia survival isn't for gold the u. k. g of many there my music to the me that human being i unity, you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go and buddhism who is not. because if the field but are in you, k, u k is better for them, they should be accepted the way the has normally refugees here, say the new arrivals will face legal challenges and for wonder they will have to apply for asylum with no guarantees about their welfare or future lives. mom had fun and chisel.
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russia has destroyed the last fridge out of soviet don. yes, one that connects it with neighboring dissent. chance both heezer at the heart of the battle of the cranes dumbass region. many civilians and now traps, charles strafford as this report, members of ukraine security service, his run for cover as the sound of a shell cuts through the air and explodes close by in the basement of the group of elderly residents is hiding. during a brief, lo, they emerge from the shelter, dazed and terrified. the police tell them to get into the vehicle quickly. another show explodes, the car policies a body on the street. just a few kilometers south the wreckage of what were people's homes still burns. this
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is lucy chance, one of the 2 remaining cities that russia doesn't control the lucas region. the ukraine, an army says, russian forces have destroyed the loss of 3 bridges. that used to connect the city with neighboring sivilton esque over the river to the north. potentially making it very difficult for soldiers volunteer units. and what the ukranian military says on . many civilians refusing to leave or trapped inside. we are civilians, while a shilling a says if junior, we don't have any one here. no soldiers, why? of a bombing says a friend, they stand by a grave where one of their 2 neighbors was hastily buried in recent days. but jim was, i knew you at the top of the band, they all asked this question, why don't you leave? but where are we supposed to go? this is our land. we grew up here. we live here. our mothers and fathers are buried here in the cemetery. these residents line up to get water from a fire truck ukrainian or sorry to say there's be no war troll tricity for days on,
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exploded rockets are stuck in the earth and rubble. people here say russian shilling is increasing all the time. and that's interesting that they started shooting very hard at this many people began to leave orders, or at least the ones who had some way to go. the military only say, most of ukraine, soviet built weaponry has been destroyed. crane, an army says it needs more long range artillery and tanks. if it is to stop the russian advance, ukraine's western partners have already sent or promised to send military hardware worth millions of dollars. ukraine says it's no any sufficient, and it's not getting to the front lines fast enough. as nato defense ministers is scheduled to meet in brussels on wednesday, there are many ukrainians increasingly asking whether the west can sustain or even build upon its level of military support. charleston, but al jazeera cave,
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russia's ban dozens of british citizens and journalists from entering the country. moscow says it's in response to western sanctions and pressure and russian media organizations abroad, bbc sky news, the guardian and the times are among the news outlets included in the back. several people linked to britain's defense industry have also been blocked. grease has released in iranian oil tanker. it sees nearly 2 months ago according to local media in iran. the crew from iran on board is also being sent back. a great court overturned the ruling that allowed the us to confiscate part of that oil in a over legit violations of sanctions. the rounds power military revolutionary god sees to greek flag tankers last month, and retaliation of the us and void mediating between 11 and this routers in, by route to discuss a maritime dispute between both countries. the talks have stalled for months because of disagreements within lebanon, on the size of the disputed area. so hold the reports from beirut. lebanon's
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maritime border dispute with israel has resurfaced, after an offshore drilling platform arrived at the korean gas field last week was condemned as a hostile act by the leadership here. but israel says the waters are not contested . lebanon's leaders invited the u. s. mediator amos hostile to present proposals to israel for resuming indirect talks. they're waiting for a response, but they also seem to be offering what some called a compromise. flemming on response has not been officially disclosed, but it is believed the country's leaders have dropped their claim to line $29.00. that is where the charisse gas field is located. sources close to the president said negotiations will instead focus over an 860 square kilometer area of c and an additional 300 square kilometers that include the qana gas fields. talks
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between lebanon and israel. in february, nearly collapsed after hushed. i made clear line $29.00 shouldn't be included in negotiations, and kurdish wasn't near a disputed area. men, but animal follow up from the beginning. the demand of the negotiating team was for the authorities to sign the decree to modify the map and send it to the un. this will have made our claim legal level. many people in lebanon are angry. they say those in power gave away the country's wealth to secure their own interests and political future. with the man the amendment of decrease 6433. so that line $29.00 becomes the line on which in director should be demand international law, which is on their side to be respected. the president says the line $29.00 claim was not formalized so negotiations could be kept open. but an eminent deal is not expected. we should how much to each? what kind of compromise both sides will agree on. so i think,
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given the local political will end and give them the regional corporate and giving also the mission of israel. the rig is weeks away from producing gash from cut each . the field is a resource that could help fill the needs of western nations as try to reduce reliance on russia for supplies following it's invasion of ukraine. that means lebanon's demand to stop production until there is a final deal on boarders runs counter to their interests. then they're also sita, they route. the united nations is trying to avoid a huge oil spill in the red sea by crowd funding. it needs to make up a $20000000.00 shortfall in 2 weeks. so oil can be removed from a tanker off the coast of yemen. before the 5 year old ships started to decay because it's had little maintenance since the war and yemen began. 70 years ago. the u n's warning it could explode. the u. n. food aid
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body, the world food program has it has to cut some food day to south sedan because it doesn't have funds. the program has launched the humanitarian appeal. it says it needs $426000000.00 in aid for the next 6 months to avoid the risk of salvation. for 1700000 people. the world's youngest country has struggled with conflict and famine. since it split from sedans. p. m. 23 rebel griffith seized the keyboard. a town in the east in democratic republic of congo, bona ghana in north give a province is one of the main crossings into neighboring uganda. military spokesmen is denounce the attack, calling it a violation. the rebels were lost. active in the area in 2012 more than 25000 people have fled since the group launched the renew defensive last month. what guns that they did no matter there. after witnessing huge setbacks offered by the
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soldiers on the ground, the rwandan defense forces have this time and in the open decided to violate the intelligibility of our border and the integrity about territory by occupying the border town of ben unger this monday. this is nothing less than an invasion of the d r. c. and the armed forces, the democratic republic of congo, will take all of the necessary measures to defend the territory move a 2nd day of volatility is effecting global stock markets. on monday wall street entered what's known as bad territory when markets for more than 20 percent from a recent high in this is in japan, ended in the right and also the n slid to a 23 year low against dollar. prop mcbride has more from so the fact that the n has fallen to its worst, the weakest level in more than 2800 to 35 in to the u. s. dollar. now it always used to be the, the case that the falling in would be good then be matched by
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a rise in the k. that's because it was considered to be good for japan. japanese export is to have a weekly and they can sell more stuff around the world, but it is a sign of the times that we are living through very strange times that we have a fall again and the falling the k. so there is a longer term question about what this all means for the japanese economy. it does seem as though japan is no longer the kind of exporting power house that it used to be. so while it's not been able to take advantage in terms of exports with a weak again, where is really being hurt is in terms of its imports. because of course, everything now for japanese consumers is far more expensive. also for japanese businesses, the import of raw materials, the import of components for it's manufacturing, all of those have gone through the roof. so there is some question about the long term impact on the japanese economy, how it struggles through this. now in an ideal world, the central government would give a lot more help to the currency to try to restrict the has more cash controls or
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mandatory controls put in place. but for years now, the japanese government has had a very loose monetary policy. it likes to have a lot of money switching around in the economy to stimulate what would otherwise be a very sluggish economy. and it does seem as though it is only a matter of time before japan really has to take a tougher stand to try to restrict the flow of money and try to support the value of again our cambodian court has convicted a prominent lawyer of treason. cambodian american was charged in connection with the failed attempt by opposition figures sam rangy to return from exile in 2019 or before her conviction sing told reporters she considered the proceedings a sham julian wolf has more outspoken lawyer, an activist, teary seeing, one of dozens of opposition, figures convicted in a mass trial. critics day it's part of an attempt by cambodia as long serving leader to crack down on descent ahead of next year's elections. dressed as
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a statue of liberty sang declined to enter the court room. i am ready for the sham verdict that will be announced that morning. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious board in prison for my political opinion. while my moments later, the verdict was announced, a 6 year prison sentence for treason. it won't just be me teary thing or will be found guilty. but all that cambodian law just is the prominent moyer with the way sang and any others were charged in connection with the 2019 failed attempt by an opposition leader to return from exile allegations. they all deny emotions rang high outside the courthouse, as the borders were escorted away sang lawyer speaking out,
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i am wondering how this verdict is not fair. that was why she was protesting for dissolution, but the court did not give the solution. they punished her and jade her in set. the country's leader has been in power since 1985 and is one of the world's longest serving prime ministers. several other opposition figures are behind bars, while many more have fled the country joined, move out as ever. oh, phil robinson is the deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch. he says terry sings conviction. does not have any legal grounds. this is a politically motivated, a kangaroo court trial, really going after people that the ruling party and the government identified as being connected with the opposition. this is the 2nd of 2 mass trials and, and you know, these draconian sentences just proved that, you know, cambodia is becoming more dictatorial. by the day the defense lawyer said that he
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will be filing an appeal. but the reality is you're talking about the same kind of, you know, politically controlled courts as the one that ruled in this instance. i mean, if we look at what terry saying went through, i mean, she repeatedly asked for the evidence to be produced. that was the basis of the charges against her and she got nowhere. she requested from the court. she requested from the prosecutor, no clear evidence was actually presented against her on. so the reality is that this is, again, you know, a court system that is completely captured by the government and the ruling political party and will do their bidding based on whatever that ruling party decides when i saw that u. s. ambassador in cambodia has tweeted about this. i expect there will be other statements for terry saying, but let's not forget that we're talking about well over 50 people who were convicted in this latest trial. and again,
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they were all victimized in the same way without any evidence based on very vague charges of incitement to treason. the leader of i co dollars main indigenous peoples movement has been arrested on the 1st day of a nationwide strike. and they say, lee and i, this is o was detained on suspicion of offences which i've not been smith to find is a has led to protest, demanding. the government does more about high fuel prices. roads have been blocked in several provinces or google engineers in placed on leave after claiming a computer system he was into interacting with is self aware. blake la mine works on google's artificial intelligence team. he released transcripts between himself and the company's chat box development system. my video is captured the moment.


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