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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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to miss by a cover charge to sit in the cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals, but its businesses compete for customers, the speed disturbing shift to ever more exotic species. we want to find out more about how offers have been taken from the wild. and so just in a gar, a market is a spooling hops, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species seats and tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the hot sun. ah, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london bro casenita on al jazeera ah
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the deportation flight now carrying 6 you k asylum seekers, tara wanda, will depart in a few hours time as last minute legal challenges fail. ah hello i marianna mozy in london. your watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. details of president jo biden's 1st middle east, ter, revealed, with confirmation. he will travel to saudi arabia, israel, and the occupied westbank. targeted for speaking up against hate speech. the homes of muslim protest as a demolished in the indian state of utter br dash and is russian shelling continues . ukrainian forces raised to evacuate civilians from the city of rivera. daniel ah
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hello and welcome to the program will in the next few hours, the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k to a wander is due to take off. it will mark the start of a 5 year trial in which some asylum seekers deemed to have entered the u. k. illegally a transported tre, a wonder to claim refugee status there. the plane will only be carrying around 6 passengers after dozens of asylum seekers. one individual appeals against deportation. tuesday's fly is reportedly causing more than $600000.00. by minister boris johnson says he expected the scheme would attract plenty of legal challenges and the government might need to change the law to ensure deportations can continue . what try to make a distinction between legal pathways to the u. k, which we support, we want people to be able to come here in fear that lives. we want to do it legally and safely. and that's why we have all the safe and legal roots that are open to,
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to people. what we want to do is to show the people track because that, that they're breaking the law. they're risking people's lives and it will work anyway. now, if will it be necessary to change some laws to help us as we go along, it may very well be on the bobbers and following his story joined us now from outside the home office in central london, we understand there's been an intervention and the european court of human rights. any more information about that, nadine? yes, maria, this is a significant move. it seems in the last couple of hours a judge and out of our judge. european court of human rights issued an injunction blocking one person who was on the list for that deportation flight to rwanda. later on tuesday, and there are very associates suggesting that in fact the same now could happen for what we believe is the remaining 6 people on the list. all other avenues,
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legal challenges had actually failed. although over the last few days, individual challenges in the court here in britain have got dozens of people off the plane. on tuesday, several individuals failed to get taken off. now, the situation is that the court of appeal on monday backed an earlier decision to block an injunction, a blanket band, if you like, on the flight. but that court stress that if a further investigation of further hearing into the wider legality of this game, which is due next month, rules that the random pennies unlawful, then asylum seekers could and should be flown back to britain. so the court here have certainly not ruled that the government's plan is legal if you like. right? so this, this intervention by european court of human rights could potentially affect
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whether or not this flight goes ahead nadeem. how are all these legal challenges affecting the u. k. government's policy of sending asylum seekers to east africa will marry him. you heard the prime minister there and his cabinet had been stressing that all along. they expected legal challenges and they're ready for them . the prime minister was actually asked whether he would consider withdrawing britain from the european convention on human rights that was part of his on. so he didn't rule it out. his foreign sex release truss has called the plan a moral policy. the right thing to deuce. insisting in the last 2 hours, the significant numbers of a sudden secret will be making their way to wander. as part of this scheme announced with the call the government in april human rights activists here say
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that they will push ahead with that. why to look into the legality of the scheme and their back to their criticism by people like the archbishop of canterbury in the senior clergy in the church of england, privately, by the prince of wales. prince charles, sorry, prince charles m saying that he didn't approve of this scheme. there is a lot of criticism here, but on the other hand, it might appeal to some conservative voters. and that's what the government seem to be banking on. while they meet these legal challenges, thank you very much. should involve reporting to us on the story from london. as rhonda for pastor received the 1st group of refugees from the u. k. many of those already in the country say the new arrivals will face many challenges. mom in law has more on that one than also the chief se, everything. he said the, for the 1st group of refugees being sent from the u. k. they'll be brought to these hostile in the capital kigali,
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the deal between the u. k and the london government has been heavily criticized. but both are defending the agreement is not a fizzle. and as you see out of a defense asset fifties saw means that we are led. what day them is made shows journalists the services awaiting the arrivals, fully furnished, bedrooms dining spaces, spots, facilities. but these are and thinks refugees leave their homes for here at another center. lawanda refugees from south sudan, sudan, each opiate area, and somalia. talk about their frustrations to me. there's nothing i can say. i want to stay here. no, i just want to go ahead. what is it all boykin and i would just go back to knoxville statement. pete and yoni was 13 when he fled the civil war in south sudan in 2014. he says 2 of his brothers who were with him, were killed during the escape. he ended up in
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a detention center in libya for 7 years. last year, who was moved to lawanda with the help of the you and refugee agency. but for uni mia survival isn't the gold the u. k. g of many there, my missy to the me, that human being i only you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism is not, because if they feel better in u. k, u k is better for them. they should be accepted the way the has normally refugees here say the new arrivals will face legal challenges and for wonder they will have to apply for asylum with no guarantees about their welfare or future lives. mom had fun. al jazeera, ah, now president joe biden will make his 1st trip to the medley since taking office as you, as president next month. the 4 day tool will include a visit to israel,
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the occupied west bank, and to saudi arabia. biden is expected to meet saudi arabia's crown prince. mom had been some on the trip comes just a year after the bite administration concluded that saudi arabia's crowned prince ordered the brutal murder of the journalist jamal shoji. so let's go straight to our white house correspondent, kimberly how get and so what is the reaction likely to be, to the biden administration engaging in this way with a state it had once deemed a pariah. yeah, well versa, trip is fraught with controversy. and so it is not playing well domestically already given some of the statements that the u. s. president made prior to becoming the us president. as you point out as sen, he called the saudi kingdom of prize state. he pointed the finger at my haven't been solomon, and he really underscore the human rights record of the saudi kingdom and said the
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human rights would be the foundation of his foreign policy. but now as there are rising oil prices at sky higher gas prices in the united states, that all seems to be swept to the side. and now he's going to be sitting down face to face with the crown prince of the saudi king. to encourage them to pub more all to bring those prices down. really sort of sweeping under the rug. any concern about human rights. and this is really something that bothers a lot of people in the united states, particularly given the fact that the us intelligence point to the fact that my haven't been solomon is the mastermind behind the killing of the washington post journalist iraq has shoji. but it's not just that, it's also when it comes to israel, the fact that there really is no difference between the president's policies and that of his predecessor, donald trump. the us president joe biden promised to be very different than donald
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trump, but when it comes to israel doesn't seem to be a lot of difference. the he's not condemned the illegal settlements by israel. he's also not made good on a promise to bring her back and restore the consulate in jerusalem for palestinians . and one of the big concern for americans is the fact that he has done nothing to really press the israelis for an independent or incredible investigation into our, the assassination of our own. c sharina, lastly, the journalist was killed in the west bank count of janine all indications and investigations point to her death by the news really bulletin the fact that she's an american citizen the, your president has nothing to use his leverage to have that investigated. so these are all issues that the u. s. president is expected potentially to bring up, but he's being heavily criticized domestically at
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a time. what is popularity here in the united states is already plummeting. thank you very much. from the white house. kimberly alcott l as growing anger across india where authorities have demolished the homes of muslims in the state of or to per dash. they say they were targeted off to taking part in recent protests. the demonstrations were held off to 2 officials from the governing b. j. p. posse made comments about the prophet muhammad, that many considered offensive poverty, mental reports now from sa herancha, in northern india. ah mama that he cries in pain, he says his arm is broken as it leads from mercy. he was recently arrested for allegedly taking part in a protest. his mother says the accusations of false and authorities are threatening to demolish families home, re bobby godaddy. it no more than what they had gave. my sister in law visited him
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. she said his hands were swollen, he told her the swelling was even worse. a few days ago, he begged her to get him out. he was crying like a child what i thought, but oh, hundreds of thousands of people across india recently protested against the push on mom. she was suspended from the governing bgp for making islam before rec remarked . now the b g p, run government took their, put, the state is cracking down on dissenters. authorities have demolished at least 4 homes belonging to muslims. they said the houses were built illegally, part of the top floor of bosh at home. it's a horrible town has been destroyed. his mother says, authorities threatened the family as the arrested him. there's a delivery the remember that when the law we were terrified, i locked the door but they demanded we openers. i went to the terrace and asked them why they had already arrested my son. i asked if they wanted to kill me. that's when they switched on the bulldozer. at least 300 people have been arrested
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nationwide. others have been booked for hate speech. many of them are hindus, local authorities say they receive names of dozens of protesters and will begin examining their homes for irregularities that's walking filling this child that more demolitions could be carried out. gods have recently condemned similar demolitions, but authorities said these are part of a larger and encroachment drive in the state. it is going on. and the people who hard to serve any legalities in that houses or in the official premises, the list is already on the bill. to print authorities, the civic authorities, keep on making action against them. it is done as it will be measured. and it has been done a gaze of one of the mean accused one of the instigators of the whalers. yes, many people are protesting against is demolitions. they see the government is
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trying to intimidate dissenters and is singling out muslims. yeah, bahama. then his mother is trying to free him. she says she has faith, the law will side with her family. pardon him, then i'll just either so horrible in northern india with al jazeera life from london still had on the program tensions re surface over disputed boundary between lebanon and israel in the mediterranean sea. why talks have been complicated by the wine you crying? ah, how i re change sunshine really ramping up across a kid pass if you put them by what did you see? largely clear sky said with the, the sun, a fair way north, now we're really going to get good value for that to hate though we have got some ways to weather some slightly cooler weather up towards the northwest and some very
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wet weather i, which was ne, just around laugh yeah, right. voice in force. hey for some very heavy rain. so something to watch out for . but as i said by large it is about the hate but it's a round. iberia, orange. one is enforced. of course. good parts of southern spain. little further north as well. one is in forced to, into southern areas of france. we go wanting to wear thursday that heats not to push little further north 29th 30 celsius there for paris. getting up to around 30 in london as we go on into friday. so pretty much all sport scandinavia yet. right . daniel. see some positive. you see some very warm sunshine. not quite as warm in the southeast. we have got a few showers there for turkey. longest spells of frame still coming into that eastern side of europe. just clearing the boat, it stays, we go through wednesday. hopefully that will push out as we go on into thursday, some very heavy and foundry showers just around the out, just around switzerland, austria pushing up towards southern parts of poland by last part of the week. meanwhile for north africa, sludgy dry but heavy showers for the west. ah
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lou ah ah ah, wherever you grow in the world, warmer line goes to make it for you exception. katara always going places today. ah ah ah,
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welcome back and look at the main stories now. a 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k. to a wander as you to take off in the coming hours. the plane will only be carrying around 6 passengers, though often dozens of asylum seekers. one individual appeals against being deported. flight is reportedly costing more than $600000.00 is going hung across india, where authorities have demolished the homes of muslims in the state of a to per dash official site. the buildings were constructed illegally, but rights group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. joe biden is going to make his 1st trip to saudi arabia next month. as u. s. president, he is expected to meet with the crown prince. mom had been sell mom a year after his administration concluded, the crown prince ordered the murder of the jealous jamal shop j. so joining us now, monsieur alger senior plesk honest water won't be shiara an my one,
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it's been clear since president biden came to office, that the middle east was really not ever his. the priority on his foreign policy agenda has worn ukraine and sort of on the developments now. changed that i think to some degree or they have certain in the war in ukraine and the energy crisis. and despite his or denial that the earl is an important factor of why he's going to the region, i think it is certain he would expect the olives and the golf to pump more oil. but i think also it's because america's regional ally, notably i would not be until aviv have been for bolder than previous years and decades. i would say they are moving in such an aggressive way to act at times, even without the united states in coordinating security and strategic cooperation among them for the time being not to bleed the emirates, bahrain, and israel as well as others. so,
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so much so that they are drawing the united states in because as we know, rush has interested, china's interested a lot of global powers enters them, at least. so i think it's more of a case over the tail wagging the dog if you will. america's allies, drawing america back into the region with the hope that it could, if you will lead a new regional structure with israel and so called our moderates. so how is that going to work? because on the one hand we see that the present mind is making this visit. that's significant. but what we have seen, the trend has been us disengagement from the region. and so we see alliances shifting. we see the region has changed in terms of a diplomatic ties between israel and arab countries, strengthening economic ties there as well. and i suppose also there is that the so normalization of president assigned but, but that's also a separate issue. absolutely. i think a lot of things have been going on the last 2 years without direct american
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involvement. and your question is it's spot on and a sense of how will this work out? when america kid continues to say, we need to disengaged from the hot spots and focus on the global powers, russia and china. and i tell you, i think, to, at our large degree what i would not be until of eve are proposing. and perhaps we're so dear abby and others is that we will take care of it, meaning we regionally will coordinate. we will, we will create a secret to structure all what you need to do. you, the united states is help us fight finance at some of it. support some of it arm, some of us in order for us to stand up together. very much like the united states has done for euro, against russia and others in the sense of great original structure. so what they're doing exactly, in fact, is biden building on trump's diplomatic progress progress. why creating strategic progress among the olives so much that they would fight to
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fight while the united states leads from behind. but is it necessarily an equal partnership between israel and the way it because from the u 8 point to the their vulnerabilities been exposed to k with these rocket enjoying attacks from the who sees in yemen. and on the other hand, we have seen just recently at damascus, airports in syria being bombed. obviously, these rallies that comment on this, but this escalation of violence in syria suggests it at least rightly have the upper hand in his relationship with the arab allies. they are able to act with impunity and syria and elsewhere. absolutely, there is, there is no question about israel's military superiority in the region. but also there is no doubt about the images, ambition in the region as well. of course, as the capacity of surgery, but to spend on defense for the time being the 3 leading countries in terms of defense, in terms of military spending or so is, is on saudi arabia, in the united arab emirates. so i think the idea is that they have the money,
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they have the will, and clearly they have the intention to walk together. now, of course, as you started with the report, the problem is there's a lot of human rights issues that the united states is ignoring. it understands all to well that israel ob, without the sodium and everyone else is involved in numerous variations. but once again, the human rights violations are not an issue except against adversaries when it comes to all eyes human rights. while this is not an issue, may be sometimes to blackmail m ally as was with saudi arabia. and that's why i think by them is going to be very interested in, in the way to try to bring so with the israeli relations closer more to the open. and i think in that sense, america would lead from behind some sort of original such a, some sort of middle east nato, as it was called once upon a time in order for them to stand up to yvonne, god knows. hm. all right, thank you very much. thank you. as you're sending personal alice marana be shy,
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joining us. well, ukraine is saying that it forces are trying to evacuate the last civilians from savannah. don yeske, including 500 people sheltering inside. the chemical factory. korean forces are still fighting to push back the rush military a day after they destroyed the last bridge, thinking the city to neighboring las a chance. so there are dani. ask is russia's focus in the battle for east and ukraine and control of the eastern don't bass region. i'll just, dearest child stratford has this report. members of ukraine, security services run for cover as the sound of a shell cuts through the air and explodes close by in the basement. a group of elderly residents is hiding during a brief low, they emerged from the shelter, dazed and terrified. the police tell them to get into the vehicle quickly. another show explodes, the car policies a body on the street. just
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a few kilometers south the wreckage of what we're people's homes still burns. this is lucy chance, one of the 2 remaining cities that russia doesn't control the lucas region. the ukranian army says russian forces have destroyed the loss of 3 bridges. they used to connect the city with neighboring cfo, the netscape over the river to the north, potentially making it very difficult for soldiers volunteer units. and what the ukranian military says on. many civilians refusing to leave or trapped in side one that we are civilians. why are they showing us as if junior, we don't have any one here. no soldiers, why? of a bombing says a friend, or they stand by a grave where one of their 2 neighbors was hastily buried in recent days. but you more than you see the trouble of them. they all asked this question, why don't you leave? but where are we supposed to go?
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this is our land. we grow up here. we live here. our mothers and fathers are buried here in the cemetery. these residents line up to get water from a fire truck ukrainian or sorry to say there's been no water electricity for days on exploded rockets of stock in the earth and rubble. people here say russian shilling is increasing all the time. and that's interesting. after that, they started shooting very hard just as many people began to leave the warrant here thought, or at least the ones who had somewhere to go military. analysts say, most of ukraine, soviet built weaponry has been destroyed. crane, an army says it needs more long range artillery and tanks. if it is to stop the russian advance, ukraine's western partners have already sent or promised to send military hardware worth billions of dollars. ukraine says it's no insufficient, and it's not getting to the front lines fast enough. as nato defense ministers are scheduled to meet in brussels on wednesday,
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there are many ukrainians increasingly asking whether the west can sustain or even build upon its level of military support. charles, travel al jazeera give. russia had banned dozens of british citizens and journalists from entering the country. canada saying this is in response to western sanctions and pressure on russian media organizations abroad. phoebe seat sky nears the guardian and the times are among the news outlets included in this, and several people linked to britain's defense industry have also been blocked. if you appears prime minister abbey on that is saying his government has formed a committee to negotiate with forces in the northern ted gray region. it's the 1st public confirmation of a key step towards peace negotiations. nearly 2 year conflict. integra is killed thousands and displaced more than 9000000 people. the announcement was made during a parliament meeting way where abba were also expressed concern over the possibility of more devastation us envoy mediating
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between lebanon in israel over there, disputed maritime borders. met lebanese president michelle. our own talks focused on finding a solution to rising tensions between the 2, over the boundary between lebanon and israel in the mediterranean sea for months, have been disagreements within lebanon, over how big the disputed area is. st. hodder reports from bay route lebanon's maritime border dispute with israel has resurfaced, after an offshore drilling platform, arrived at the korean gas field last week was condemned as a hostile act by the leadership here. but israel says the waters are not contested . lebanon's leaders invited the u. s mediator amos hostile to present proposals to israel for resuming indirect talks. they're waiting for a response, but they also seem to be offering what some called a compromise level response has not been officially disclosed,
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but it is believed the country's leaders have dropped their claim to line $29.00. that is where the charisse gas field is located. sources close to the president said negotiations will instead focus over an 860 square kilometer area of c and an additional 300 square kilometers that include the qana gas fields. talks between lebanon and israel. in february, nearly collapsed after hushed. i made clear line $29.00 shouldn't be included in negotiations, and courage wasn't near a disputed area. men, but animals of. busy are from the beginning, the demand of the negotiating team was for the authorities to sign the decree to modify the map and send it to the un. this will have made our claim legal level. many people in lebanon are angry. they say those in power gave away the country's wealth to secure their own interests and political future. with the man the
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amendment of decrease 6433. so that line $29.00 becomes the line on which indirectly should be base. we demand international law, which is on their side to be respected. the president says the line $29.00 claim was not formalized so negotiations could be kept open, but an eminent deal is not expected. let me show how much to eat. sure. what, what kind of compromise, what size will agree on or so i think given the local political will end up on a, given the regional corporate and giving also the dishes of israel. the rig is weeks away from producing gash from cut each. the field is a resource that could help fill the needs of western nations as they try to reduce reliance on russia for supplies following its invasion of ukraine. that means lebanon's demand to stop production until there is a final deal on boarders runs counter to their interests. then.


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